The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on Y&R
Tricia could not get Tony's accident out of her mind. Christine agreed to become partners with Michael in their own firm. Drucilla went back to Paris. Brock was concerned about Mac's feelings for Billy. Diane considered getting pregnant to hold on to Victor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 20, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, March 20, 2000

Nina showed up two hours late to join Christine and Paul but couldn't find Tomas. Seeing how shaken up his sister was because of the latest fan letter, Nick took Victoria and Sharon home. He then called Paul with the news. Tomas also showed up late at the Colonnade Room because he'd had car trouble. Christine left a note explaining that she had gone home. Tomas and Nina ended up spending the evening together.

Paul heard from Nick that Larry was at the coffeehouse and warned him again to stay away from the ex-con. Stunned by her kiss, Tony asked Tricia if she had lost her mind. He insisted that they were going to forget it had ever happened. Back at home, Ryan announced to his wife that they would not be going out with Megan and Tony again. Meanwhile, Tony told Megan that he loved her more than she would ever know.

Billy called Kay's house, but when Raul answered, he hung up. Billy then called his dad and explained that he was going to crash at Kelly's place. John warned him to be careful. Billy had a beer and fell asleep on the sofa. Jill advised Mackenzie that the difference between Raul and Billy was class.

Tuesday, March 21, 2000

When Sharon and Nick discovered that Nikki was gone, they went to the main house to make sure that Victoria was okay. They talked about the possibility of Warton being Victoria's stalker and agreed that she should stay with them until the mystery was solved. Later, Nick went to Paul's office and told him about his suspicions while Sharon and Victoria had a heart-to-heart.

Victoria admitted to being scared to even leave the house but felt that it might be her own fault that everything was happening because she had put herself out there by posing in the ads. Sharon said she understood how Victoria was feeling because she had done the same thing to herself after she had been raped. After a while, however, she had realized it hadn't been her fault, and Victoria needed to do the same.

When Billy appeared to have a hangover, John questioned him about his evening out. Billy admitted that there had been drinking at the party but said he hadn't taken part in it until he had gotten permission to stay over. He thought that because of that, it was okay. John said it wasn't but dropped the subject when Ashley returned home from her cruise. She told them that she had run into Diane Jenkins while she had been away but had still managed to have a great time. Billy welcomed his sister home then left.

Later, Billy met up with Brittany at the coffee shop. He also ran into Raul, who apologized for the way he had been acting, and the two decided to make up. At the Chancellor estate, Brock gave his approval of Raul but questioned Mackenzie about what was going on between her and Billy. When Jill walked in, Mackenzie seized the opportunity to leave before she had to answer any more questions. Jill told Brock that she wanted to make a real effort to get along with Mackenzie. He was reluctant to believe it, but she said she was willing to give it a try for the sake of their relationship.

Later, Jill stopped by the Abbotts'. She and Ashley discussed the decline in sales at Newman Enterprises and speculated as to what was going on and why Victoria wasn't in the ads anymore. When Ashley expressed concern, Jill accused her of still harboring feelings for Victor. Ashley denied the accusation then tried to track down Brad, who was in Italy with Nikki.

Enjoying their last night there, Brad asked Nikki to extend their trip another week. Reluctant at first, Nikki agreed but said she had to call home to check in so that they wouldn't be worried. When she called, she spoke with Sharon, who informed her that Victor had been home since the night Nikki left.

Wednesday, March 23, 2000

Sharon was talking to Nikki on the phone, telling her that Victor had been home for Christmas, but he had left shortly after. She asked where Nikki was, but Nikki didn't say. She asked if Nikki wanted to talk to Victoria, and Nikki said no. She had just called to say that she was okay.

Nikki was in a hotel room. Brad walked into the room, draped in nothing but a towel. He asked Nikki if she had called home, and she told him that she had talked to Sharon. She said that maybe they should head home. She and Brad had been talking about extending their trip, so he was rather taken aback that she suddenly wanted to go home.

Brad asked Nikki what Sharon had said on the phone. She said nothing, but she felt that she should go home. He said he would make the arrangements. She thanked him. However, he warned her that they were "together," and he was not going to let her fall into her old patterns with Victor again. There was no turning back.

Callie arrived at the photo studio, looking for Malcolm, but he didn't seem to be around. She called Michael Baldwin to make an appointment to see him. He told her to stop by in an hour, and she said she'd be there. In the background, Malcolm entered the room. He walked up behind Callie just as she was hanging up the phone.

At Paul Williams Investigations, Paul spoke to Leo Sylvester, Warton's parole officer. He set a meeting with him and hung up. He told Nick that Leo was on his way to the office, and Nick said that he wanted to be in on the meeting. Paul tried to talk him out of it, knowing that Nick was a time bomb waiting to explode. Lynn showed Leo into Paul's office for their meeting.

Paul introduced Leo to Nick and then told him about what was happening to Victoria. Nick butted in and started mouthing off about Warton being at his coffeehouse and making threats. Paul interrupted and asked Nick sternly if he could explain the situation to "Mr. Sylvester."

Diane Jenkins strolled into Michael Baldwin's office. He asked her if she'd had a good time on the cruise, and she told him it had really been very nice and that she had a gift for him. She handed him a gift-wrapped package. He told her that she could show her gratitude in a much better way. She said, "Oh?" and he pointed to his lips. She gave him a small peck.

Diane told Michael that Ashley had been on the cruise. She asked if he had set it up that way and if that was why he had bailed out at the last minute. He promised her that he had done no such thing and asked how they had gotten along. She said that they'd had a very interesting conversation about Victor. Michael didn't look too happy about that.

Ashley went to visit her old friend Olivia in Olivia's office. Olivia said that Ashley was looking positively great. Ashley said she had just gotten back from a cruise that Jack had given her as a Christmas gift. Olivia said that she and Cole had to have had a great time, because she looked radiant. Ashley revealed that she and Cole were getting a divorce. Olivia was stunned.

Victoria went downstairs at the ranch and asked Sharon who had called. Sharon said it had been Nikki, and Victoria asked if Sharon had found out where Nikki was or gotten a number. Sharon said that she had tried to, but Nikki had refused to tell her. Victoria grew very upset that Sharon hadn't called her to the phone, and Sharon said that she had tried, but Nikki had said no. Victoria was furious.

Back at Malcolm's studio, Callie jumped when Malcolm slipped up behind her. He asked who she had been talking to, and she said she had just been checking for messages and that she had gotten him a latte. He said she was his "sweet thang." Neil walked in clearing his throat. He told Malcolm that there had been a "misfire in communications," and he wanted to clear it up. Callie made her excuses and left.

Neil told Malcolm it was about Brash N' Sassy. He had noticed that Malcolm had a "shoot" with Victoria scheduled for that afternoon, and he told Malcolm that Victoria wouldn't be doing any more of the ads. Neil told Malcolm about the letters and said they couldn't take any chances. Malcolm agreed. Malcolm then asked if that was the only reason Neil had stopped by. Neil said he had wanted to see how Malcolm was doing. They had a little brotherly love thing going on, and they were getting back on track.

In Paul's office, Leo Sylvester said he believed that Warton had become a law-abiding citizen since his parole. Nick busted into the conversation and said, "Give me a break," and then went on a tirade about how Warton had threatened him at his club and that he was a snake. Nick made a long list of Warton's transgressions. Sylvester said that they had no hard evidence. Nick told Sylvester to do his job and haul Warton in.

Sylvester told Nick that it wasn't done like that. He had to have hard evidence before he could even consider picking Warton up. Then Sylvester asked why he should even bother to talk to Warton because Nick was pre-judging him. Sylvester turned and walked out. Paul was livid with Nick and said that he was not sure he even wanted the case anymore. Paul said that he had been in the business since Nick had been in diapers, and Nick was trying to tell him his job. Paul, who was generally pretty cool, blew his lid.

At the ranch, Victoria chewed Sharon out for not getting a number for Nikki. She thought that Nikki was with Brad, and she was afraid of what would happen when Victor found out. Sharon asked how much Victoria really knew and how much of what she was saying was just projection. Victoria said she just knew that Nikki was with Brad, and she hoped Nikki began to think sensibly. Sharon asked if Victoria could be wrong by assuming the worst. Victoria said they had to be realistic, and it could be an enormous disaster.

In his office, Michael was upset because he thought Diane was thinking too much about Victor. She poo-pooed the idea and said she had to go, and she left. He opened up her gift, which was a paperweight. He said, "How romantic," with a sneer on his face. He said to himself that he was competing with "Mr. Charisma." "What's he got that I haven't, and how can I get it?" he asked.

Olivia told Ashley that she was really sorry about the divorce. She asked why Ashley hadn't cried on her shoulder. Ashley said that the cruise had really done wonders for her and had given her a jump-start toward a new life. Ashley asked Olivia how Christmas had been, and Olivia told her about collapsing. Ashley asked her how long Olivia had been in the hospital and if she should be back at work already.

Olivia said she was taking it slowly and that she was okay. She said that she and Nate had had a great Christmas. Ashley said Olivia needed to slow down and lean on her friends, pointing to herself. Olivia asked about Ashley and Cole. Olivia said Ashley had a certain glow about her. She asked, "What's his name? You met someone!" Ashley said there was a man involved. Olivia started quizzing her again, and then Olivia's pager went off. Ashley said, "Saved by the buzzer!"

Paul told Nick that if he was going to stay on the case, Nick would not be part of it. He said Nick was too emotional and blew up too quickly. Nick he said that he would stay out of it but that Paul had to catch the guy -- and he would hold Paul personally responsible for whatever happened to Victoria. Nick left, and Lynn entered. Paul asked if she had heard it all, and she said yes. Lynn said she thought all the pieces fit together for Warton being the bad guy. Paul told her that Sylvester thought Warton was clean.

Olivia's doctor paged her and wanted to see her. Ashley left, and Olivia went to her doctor's office. He gave her the reports on her test results. She was upset and said she had thought it was over with. Her doctor said that the positive trends hadn't continued, and the profile indicated that she had taken a step back and that her condition was borderline. She told him not to gloss over it. He wished he had better news. She said she could be rational when she was telling her patients news of that kind, but she was having trouble when it was Olivia.

Neil told Malcolm that Olivia was moving on with her life. Malcolm said that he had wanted to tell Olivia about his engagement to Callie, but he didn't think the time was right. Neil said that he thought she could handle it, and Malcolm said that he was going to bite the bullet and go tell her.

Paul went to Warton's workplace to talk to him. Warton said he smelled cop. Paul said he was a P.I. hired by Nick Newman. He said Nick thought that Warton had been harassing Nick's sister, and Paul just wanted to hear Warton's side of the story. Warton said he had nothing to gain by telling Paul, and Paul said he had nothing to lose either. He straight-out asked if Warton had been writing letters to Victoria.

Victor called the ranch, and Sharon answered the phone. He asked if Nikki was there, and Sharon said that Nikki hadn't returned yet. She asked if he wanted to speak to Victoria, and he said yes. Victoria got on the phone and blasted at him, "Where are you? When will you be home? How long is this going on?"

He said he was still away on business, and he would be home soon. Victoria snidely said, "For good?" He asked where Nikki was. Victoria said she couldn't tell him that. He asked if she'd been in touch, and Victoria said yes. He got mad and demanded to know where she was, and Victoria said she couldn't say. Victor told her to stop playing mind games with him. She yelled at him that when he got home, he could discuss it with Nikki. She said she was not about to get in the middle of their mess. She hung up.

Thursday, March 23, 2000

Victor called Christine at work from New Mexico. He wanted her to look over some documents for a deal he was working on. He faxed them over and then asked her to go there to discuss it with him. She agreed to fly out on the Newman jet and meet with him that afternoon. Before she left, Nina visited her and wanted to discuss her evening with Tomas. Nina told her friend that she'd had a great time but wanted to take things slowly so that she could be sure about her feelings.

Later, Nina met up with Tomas at the coffee shop. He asked if she wanted to talk about what was going on between them. Nina said she didn't want it to look like she was pursuing him, and he said it didn't. The two agreed to have lunch together at her place.

Back in New Mexico, Romana considered telling Victor how she felt about him. She was afraid that it would be too hard for him to leave his family in Genoa City behind. Still, she decided that it would be better to know and get on with her life either way. Later, Jack paid her a surprise visit.

Malcolm went to see Olivia and told her that he and Callie were getting married. He said that they would always share a bond because of Nate. As he talked about their son's future, she hid that fact that she feared she wouldn't be around to see it because of her illness.

In the meantime, Michael told Callie that he had devised a plan for her to receive a divorce from Trey. He told her about the "File and Publish" plan that would involve her putting an ad in the classifieds, trying to find him. If he didn't respond in three weeks, she could divorce him without his written consent. She agreed, provided the ad went in a Detroit newspaper...not one in Genoa City. Michael agreed and told her that if all went as planned, she'd be free to marry Malcolm sometime over the summer. An elated Callie later told her surprised fiancÚ that she was ready to set a date.

Sharon and Victoria told Nick that both Victor and Nikki had called while he had been gone. He said that he hoped his mother returned before Victor did. Sharon and Nick ended up telling Victoria about their suspicions that Warton was her stalker. Nick explained that there was no proof -- it was just a hunch on his part.

As Nick discussed his theory with his sister, Paul phoned and told him about his meeting with Warton. He said he was still not convinced that it was their guy. Warton had admitted to hating Nick and being jealous of the fact that Nick got whatever he wanted, but he had said he had not sent the letters to Victoria. Warton had thrown Paul out but not before slipping that he knew Victoria's name. Later, Warton pulled a magazine ad with a picture of Victoria in it out of his locker.

Friday, March 24, 2000

Christine met Victor in Albuquerque to help him with some papers. She questioned why he couldn't have done it in Genoa City and then realized it had something to do with Ramona. Jack tried to explain to Ramona that Victor was a dangerous person and wondered just how involved she was with him. Ramona didn't want to believe anything bad about Victor.

Tony told Sharon about Tricia kissing him at the Colonnade Room. He didn't know how to handle the situation. Tony made a decision to ask Megan to marry him. Ryan let Tricia know that the doctor's office had told him that she was the one who had been canceling the appointments. He wanted her to see a therapist, but she refused. A frustrated Ryan went to Nina's place to discuss his situation. He burst in on Tomas and Nina talking.

Jill called Billy at the coffeehouse to invite him to dinner. Billy saw it as an opportunity to see Mac. However, when he arrived at the Chancellor estate, Mac gave him a hard time for treating Raul poorly. Malcolm wanted to discuss wedding plans with Callie, but she was reluctant to do so.

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