The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 27, 2000 on Y&R
Christine agreed to form a law partnership with Michael. Victoria flirted with Gary. Diane plotted to use Victor's stolen sperm sample to become pregnant. Sharon accused Tricia of murdering Tony. Olivia tried to keep Dru from finding out about her illness..
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 27, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, March 27, 2000

Victoria's Office:
Paul Williams is on the telephone while Victor Newman is standing by looking oh too kewl in black leather jacket. Victoria comes in asks Paul and Victor what they are doing there. Victor tells her they are trying to get a search warrant to search Ross Lee's apartment. Paul says that the Assistant D.A. is tied up in court. Victor wants to know why they can't just get the damned thing, and Paul explains that the D.A.'s office has to go before a judge first. Victor says that time is of the essence and that they all want to find out if Ross is the stalker. Paul tells Victor that he will get back to him as soon as he finds out anything and leaves. Victoria wants to know why time is so critical. Victor tells her that Ross is still in custody and that Paul wants to search his apartment before he has a chance to destroy any evidence. Victor asks his daughter how she is holding up after hearing what kind of man they are dealing with from the Profiler. Victoria says she just wants it all to be over. Victor offers to take her out to dinner to take her mind of things for a while. She declines and he asks her if she has something important to do. There is a knock at the door and Gary comes in.

The Penthouse:
Marissa is telling Diane that she can't believe that Diane wants to use Victor's sperm herself. Diane agrees that it is a bit extreme, but she wants to keep her options open and she doesn't want Nikki to get it. Marissa reminds her "how well" things are going with Vic. She says that if they do get together and Diane is pregnant, she will have a lot of explaining to do. Diane says he might be pleased. She says his attitude about having another child might be changing. Marissa says, "why, because he didn't order the sample destroyed?" Diane thinks that on the other hand Vic might be furious with her for not discussing it with him. She tells Marissa to get her bag and that she is going to take her to dinner. Marissa's says that she has other plans and Diane gets miffed and tells her to go. Marissa shrugs her shoulders, gets her bag and leaves.

Michael Baldwin's Office:
Michael is printing off the revised contract. Christine says that if there are any more changes to made that they will come from her. Michael tells her not to get too heavy with it. He says they are starting one of the finest law firms in Genoa City. She asks what if they fail and says that at least they will have tried. Christine tells him that he has no one to consider but himself in this deal. He says that she has a husband who hates him, which must make it difficult for her ... or does it? She gives him a look of exasperation.

The Abbott House:
John and Jill are giving Billy a talking to. Jill starts by saying how much they love him, which makes what they have to say so hard. Billy tells them he will make it easy and admits what happened was the stupidest thing he has ever done. He promises that he will never do it again. John is glad to hear it, but says that they are just getting started on this conversation.

Crimson Lights:
Sharon and Nick are back from Milwaukee and are telling Cody they did a survey of the kids and got great feedback. Nick says all they have to do is make an offer and find a good manager. Sharon says they may have to send Cody out there for staff training. Sharon and Nick talk about the problems of travelling and being away from the kids. Sharon says what about Newman Enterprises. Nick says he called in and has stayed on top of things while they were away. Sharon wonders what Victor would do if he were aware of what they are doing. Nick says he's not worried. Sharon reminds Nick that they haven't signed the papers on the Milwaukee deal yet. Nick tells her not to even think about backing out of the deal. She says she doesn't want to tear the family apart. He says the family has other problems and they wonder if there has been any progress on the stalker situation.

Legal Aide:
Paul arrives to find that Christine is not in her office and hasn't been there all afternoon. He says that he will wait. While he is waiting Nina arrives and he tells her that Chris is not there. Nina allows as how this upsets Paul. She asks him what is the matter. He tells her that Chris is thinking of leaving Legal Aide and partnering with Baldwin. He says he knew she was getting restless here and he didn't do anything to help the situation. Nina tells him that he didn't do anything to drive Christine to Baldwin either. Paul says that if the offer was with a credited firm he would see merit in it, but he can't understand Christine thinking of pairing up with Baldwin. Nina says that Cricket must have her reasons. Paul asks what reasons and how could she possibly become a partner of Baldwin's. He says Baldwin is using Chris and her spotless reputation to dress up his law firm and make him look legit. Nina says that Baldwin is legit. She says he has a lot of clients that pay him big money to win cases for them. Paul asks Nina whose side she is on. She tells him she's on both sides. He tells her to talk Chris out of this lunacy. Nina tells Paul that she and Chris have already discussed this and that she does not support the idea. She tells him that Chris needed someone to talk to because she knew what his opinion would be. Nina tells Paul that if Michael Baldwin wasn't involved ... this would be a dream offer for Chris. Paul says that Baldwin will be involved and that Chris will be working with him every day. He says that if it were anyone but Baldwin, he would be thrilled with the idea. Nina questions if he is really ready for ANY kind of change regarding Christine.

Bradley is eating dinner and Gina comes up and asks him where his date is. He tells her he is dining alone. Diane charges in and sits down saying that she can't believe Brad is there. She asks Gina to pour her some wine. Brad raises his eyebrows at her and sarcastically tells her to make herself at home. She says she will do just that. She says that she's surprised that he is there ... she thought he was leaving town. He tells her he changed his mind. She asks if it is because of Nikki and he glares at her. She asks if he is enjoying his life of leisure. He says, "yeah right" and asks her if she has gotten over her tizzy about a certain sperm sample.

Baldwin's Office:
Chris tells Baldwin that Paul's feelings about this make it difficult for her. Michael says that he is trying to understand what she's going through. He wants her to tell him that she's not going to pull out. Then he asks if this is just about her husband or is she worried about other people's opinions as well. She says Nina was pretty shocked about the possibility. He allows as how it would be hard for the people in her life to accept it. She reminds him that they have had quite a history ... most of it unpleasant. He says he is a different man than he was 7 years ago. She agrees that there have been some changes, but much remains to be seen. He tells her that she has to make the ultimate decision on how to proceed with her life.

Crimson Lights:
Sharon asks Nick what Victoria had said about the stalker the last time that he talked to her. Nick tells her that he's out of the loop now that Victor has taken over. All he cares about is busting the psycho. Sharon says that she is sure that Victor is going to do just that. Nick says he will do whatever he can to help and says he'd better get over to the office and check things out.

Victoria's Office:
Gary tells Victor that it's good to see him again. Victoria reminds her dad who Gary is and Vic remembers him. They shake hands. Victoria says that she and Gary have a lot to go over regarding Brash & Sassy and that dinner won't work out tonight. Victor tells her that he has a lot to do also and that he will wait for her. She tries to tell him to go eat, but he won't take the hint and tells her he is in no hurry and for her to give him a call when she's ready. He heads out the door. Victoria smiles at Gary and rushes after her father. She catches up to him and tells him that she already has plans for dinner. Victor questions if it is with Gary and she smiles and says yes. Vic finally gets it and smiles at her and tells her to be careful. He turns to the bodyguard and orders him to keep an eye on his daughter. Victoria goes back to her office and points out to Gary that he can see why she was reluctant to have her father involved. He can be a bit much! Gary says he can see that Victor loves her very much. She says if anyone can track down the stalker, her dad can. Gary asks why she called him over. Victoria tells him that her dad overturned his decision to fire the ad agency under the condition that Gary will be their only contact. Gary is blown away by this and asks Victoria if she has told his boss about this. She says not yet ... she wanted to tell him first. He is amazed that Victor would put that kind of trust in him. Just then Nick barrels in asking what's up.

The Abbott House:
Billy tells his parents to let him have it. John says that they had hoped that after being caught in a lie about the ski trip that Billy would have learned his lesson. Billy had been grounded because he deceived them and then he turned around and deceived them again. He says that Billy made a decision that almost cost him his life. Jill asks Billy how he could do that to them ... how he could do that to HER. She turns away in tears and Billy looks honestly sad. Billy tells his mom that he is really sorry. She says that she is too. She asks him again why he blatantly betrayed their trust in him. John says that they tried to meet him half way by allowing him to go to McKenzie's party, but again he betrayed their trust. Billy says that he screwed up and that he is sorry. Jill says that she screwed up too by taking him to the party and then leaving. John tries to tell her it wasn't her fault. He says that she didn't make Billy go to the other party. She says no, but she left the door wide open. Billy agrees that it is not her fault. John asks Billy what he thinks they should do about it.

The Local Precinct:
Ross Lee meets with his lawyer who tells him that the judge he is trying to meet with is still in chambers. Ross demands to know how long he's going to be in this hellhole. His lawyer tells him he is doing everything that he can and there is an excellent chance that he will be released tomorrow. Ross insists that he has to get out tonight!

Brad asks if Diane is over the ridiculous notion that Nikki took the sperm sample. Diane says that there is no evidence either way. Brad asks her how things are going with her "roommate." She says that things are going quite well actually. She thanks Brad for not dropping by now that Victor is there. He tells her that he doesn't want to see Victor any more than Victor wants to see him, but he's having trouble buying into the happy home life she is eluding to. She says that she's not blind ... she can tell that there have been some positive changes in Victor. Brad says that her hooking up with Vic again ain't gonna happen.

Legal Aide:
Paul admits to Nina that he is not happy about Chris leaving Legal Aide, but that they are talking about Michael Baldwin and he can manipulate Chris. Nina wonders if Paul is giving Chris enough credit. He asks if she thinks this is a good idea. Nina says that when she and Chris discussed it that Chris was re-energized and confident she could accomplish a lot. Paul asks if Chris couldn't accomplish all of that in a firm without a Michael Baldwin. Nina reminds Paul that Chris is a strong, intelligent, capable person and he is going to have to let her be that person. She says that if Chris makes the decision he should try to keep it in perspective. He says that it is affecting their marriage. Nina says that he has to accept that Chris is capable of making the choice. He says, "this choice? With this man?" Nina tells Paul that it is not his choice, it is Chris's and only she can make it.

Baldwin's Office:
Christine asks Michael what will happen if she doesn't accept the offer. He says that he will be forced to make other arrangements. He tells her that whoever he chooses won't have the capability that she has. He goes on to butter he up ... "professionally speaking." He says that if she is going to turn him down, she should do it now.

Victoria's Office:
Victoria tells Nick that Ross is still in custody and Paul wants to get a search warrant to search his place. Gary says that it blows his mind that Ross could be a suspect. Victoria says that the profiler seems to think that Ross fits the profile. Nick says that he knew that Ross had a thing for his sister, but he can't see him writing the letters. Gary says Ross did have a thing for Victoria and it really pushed his buttons when Victoria showed Gary any attention ... but he just thought that Ross had a crush. He says for them to keep and open mind until there is proof. Victoria asks them to change the subject. Nick wants to brainstorm on Brash & Sassy. Victoria tells him not tonight and smiles at Gary. Nick catches on, smiles at the two of them and leaves.

The Abbott House:
John asks Billy again what they should do. Billy guesses they think he deserves some kind of punishment. John asks him how he could put himself in a life threatening situation by drinking, knowing that his mother lost another son through alcohol. They keep telling Billy how horrible it was of him to use them. Billy agrees that he violated their trust. He knew it that night and it was probably what made him get so wasted. John asks if he thinks they should let him off the hook because he is being open and honest now. Jill says they thought at his age he would be more responsible up, but he's not and they are reduced to treating him like a child. She says that they have to use punishment as a sort of parenting tool ... that he has left them no choice. John tells Billy not to make any plans outside of school for the foreseeable future. Billy says he doesn't blame them and apologizes again for hurting them.

Diane tells Brad that Victor's attitude is changing toward her. He tells her to give him an example and she tells him that they have had "lovely talks." He asks what about, the stock market? She says he has opened up to her over dinner. Brad is aghast that Victor is dining with her! He tells her that things are never what they appear to be with Victor. She asks why Victor would put on an act for her. Brad says who knows! He says that Vic is probably just keeping peace in the house, knowing she will be out of the apartment soon. Brad tells her to be realistic or she will be crushed when Newman gives her the boot. He gets up, drops money on the table for his dinner and leaves. Diane wonders to herself if she and Victor have a chance together and what she should do.

Victoria's Office:
Gary tells Victoria that he couldn't be in business with his family ... he needs his space. Victoria wants to get to know him better. He tells her to ask anything she wants to. She says not here. He says lets go out to eat and she tells him she thought he would never ask.

The Precinct:
Victor strolls in and tells the desk Sargent that he is looking for Paul Williams. The Sargent tells him that Paul isn't there yet and Vic says he will wait. Vic sees Ross Lee being taken back to his cell and tells them to wait. Ross asks if Victor remembers him and Vic glares "the look" at him and says he knows who his is.

Legal Aide:
Paul is still waiting in Christine's office, but Nina has left. He does not look happy at all. Christine comes in and crosses the room to her desk. Paul looks at her expression and says, "you've done it haven't you? You're in partnership with Michael Baldwin?" Christine says yes, and Paul says, "God help you Christine!" They stare emotionally at each other ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, March 28, 2000

After Victor runs into him at the police station, Ross tries desperately to assure him that he would never bring harm to Victoria. Later, Ross begs his lawyer to get him out of jail that night, but is disappointed when he is told that the judge will not see him until the morning and he will be forced to spend the night there. When Victor goes to see Paul, he again asks him to enlist Christine's help with the case. Still angry over her decision to work with Michael, Paul snaps and Victor and threatens to withdraw his services if Christine's name is brought up again. The two then learn from the District Attorney that the judge will not be available to issue a search warrant for Ross' apartment until the next day. At the same time, Victoria dines with Gary at Gina's. Jumping at an open opportunity, Victoria plants a kiss on him. A stunned Gary pulls away, but admits that he has feelings for her. In Paris, Jack pays a visit to Christian in hopes of getting him to come back to the states and reuniting with Ashley and their unborn child while back at home, Ashley informs an admittedly jealous Brad that she is pregnant and that he doesn't know the father. Over at the Abbott's, Jill breaks down to Billy and admits that he is terrified of losing another son to drinking. As Billy assures his mother that she has nothing to worry about, Mac decides that he shouldn't be told that Brittany lied to him about what happened the night he ended up in the hospital. When Raul questions her motives, Mac tells him that she wants to give Brittany another chance for Bill's sake because he really likes her.

Wednesday, March 29, 2000

Vicki and Gary are in her office discussing the recent sales figures and the current ads running for Brash & Sassy. They discuss if they should return to the old ad campaign featuring Victoria. They then discuss the date they had last night and how much they enjoyed each other's company and agreed to take things slow and get to know each other better. Victor arrives with news about Ross as Nick walks in. He tells them that Ross will be in court this morning trying to reduce his bail so he can get out of jail. In the meantime, Paul will be trying to get a search warrant for Ross's apartment so they can search it before he can destroy any incriminating evidence. They then discuss the sales figures and the ad campaign for Brash & Sassy. Victoria suggests they become more aggressive with the ads because "Glo by Jabot" is gaining on them. They should prepare for a counter attack. Victor disagrees saying he likes the ads that are currently running and they will leave them as they are for now. Victor gets up to leave telling them that he will let them know when he hears any news from Paul. Gary also leaves telling Vicki that he is going back to the office to work on new ads in the hopes that Vicki will be able to convince her father to change his mind. Later, Nick comes back to Vicki's office commenting how they've decided not to second-guess their father anymore. Nick also comments that Vicki and Gary seemed awfully chummy with each other. Vicki admits that they are friends...for now. She decides to call Gary but is surprised that he's not at his office. He told her when he left that he was going directly back to the office. Meanwhile, at the police station Ross can't believe the judge didn't reduce his bail. He doesn't have anyone he can go to nor does he have any available credit on his credit cards. He needs $7,000. As his lawyer leaves, Gary walks in. Ross asks Gary, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Jack walks in the boardroom and greets Ashley. She tells him he looks terrible....he rushed out in a hurry yesterday. She wonders where he was. Jack tells her they were having some problems with their foreign distributors and went to take care of it personally. She's surprised....he tells her that nothing is more important to him than Jabot. She tells him she can think of one thing... bothering the father of her baby. He feigns ignorance but she tells him she knows he went to Paris to see Christian. Did he actually think Christian wouldn't call her and tell her that he was there. She asks him when will it stop....why won't he stay out of her's none of his business. He counters that it is his business. He knows that she wants to have a happy home with a husband, and a baby. Ashley tells him that life isn't always perfect...sometimes you have to make compromises. However, she doesn't feel her baby is a compromise. The bottom line is she's always wanted a baby and he should respect her decision to do it alone. Jack admits that he was just trying to help....just in case she and Christian didn't really give their relationship a chance. She assures him that they did but it didn't work out. She tells him that she needs his support and his understanding. When the news gets out to the public, she's going to need both he and their dad more than ever. He agrees and tells her that nothing should get in the way of her happiness.....not even him, they hug as Jill walks in and sarcastically comments that they look warm and fuzzy....she thought this was a place of business. Jack comments that she should have knocked before entering. She counters that she was invited to a meeting in the boardroom. They settle down and get down to business. They discuss expansion of the "Glo" line and the fact that Brash & Sassy's sales figures are down. Jack feels they should take advantage of this. Jill counters that they should take a step back and reevaluate their situation. They are on the brink of defaulting on their loans and expansion is not a good idea at this time. Jack and Ashley don't agree. You have to spend money to make money. Jill again tells them that Jabot is being barely held together with a "safety-pin." Jack says he is tired of chasing his tail. Jabot will move ahead with the expansion.

Ryan is on the phone with his secretary canceling his morning appointments. Tricia walks out as he's getting off the phone. He hugs her and comments about what a great night they had last night. He tells her he has a surprise for her....he's taking the morning off so they can spend some more time together. She tells him she can't because she has a dentist of her teeth is bothering her. He tells her she can make it up to him tonight. After Tricia leaves, she leans up against the door with a "relieved" look on her face. Meanwhile, at Gina's, Sharon is sitting at the bar looking at a menu when Gina walks up and comments that she's out early. She tells her that Nick took off early this morning and she decided to order some take out and bring him breakfast. In the background, Tricia walks in and sees Sharon at the bar. Gina tells Sharon to keep looking at the menu and she'll be right back. She tells Tricia to wait just a minute....she'll get a waiter to seat her. Sharon turns around and they stare daggers at each other. Back at Ryan & Tricia's, Megan walks in yelling for Tricia. Ryan walks out. She apologizes...she thought he'd be at work already. He tells her that he took the morning off to be with Trish but she had a dentist appointment. Megan comments that she had a dentist appointment two weeks ago. Megan asks Ryan how Tricia is. He comments that she's great, that their relationship is better than ever in all areas. Megan has a worried look on her face. At Gina's, Tricia walks over to Sharon and comments that she started to leave but if she didn't she wouldn't be able to tell Sharon what she thinks about her. She tells Sharon that she was callous and irresponsible for telling Megan all her "unfounded accusations." Does she realize how much she hurt Megan? She had no reason to tell Megan anything. Sharon counters that she's wrong and deep down inside, Tricia knows it. Tricia tells her that what she knows is that Sharon is a "despicable witch." She went out of her way to spread her poison out of vindictiveness and hate just because she didn't think Tony was right for her sister. Now she's trying to get back at her because she can't come to terms with Tony's death. The only thing she has done is hurt Megan, and made both she and Megan suffer. Sharon tells her that she may have hurt Megan but it pales in comparison to what she's done. Tricia tells her that she can't believe what she's accusing her of. She didn't realize Sharon was that kind of person. What she's doing is cruel and sick. Sharon tells Megan (patronizingly) that maybe she's right. Maybe she is wrong about what happened that night. Maybe it's time to bring in a third party who can be objective. Tricia asks her what she's talking about. Sharon tells her that maybe she should go to the police, tell them everything she knows, and let them make an objective opinion. The camera cuts to Tricia and she has a stricken look on her face. Back at Ryan & Tricia's, Megan questions if Tricia is really all right especially with everything that's going on. It's hard to believe. Ryan asks her what she's talking about. Megan tells him about Sharon's accusation that Tricia "murdered" Tony.

Malcolm comes downstairs while Dru is sitting with Lily and asks how Lily is doing. She comments that she's doing okay in spite of her fever. Malcolm tells Dru that he's glad she was there last night to help with Lily. Dru comments that she's glad she decided to stay in Genoa City to be with Lily. Lily asks to go back to bed. Dru sends Lily upstairs and tells her that she will check in on her later. Malcolm comments that he knows it's not easy for Lily, and he knows it wouldn't be easy for Olivia either if she got the chicken pox as an adult; it's the last thing she needs. Dru again wonders what everyone is keeping from her. Malcolm tells her that no one is hiding anything from her. He only meant that Olivia is a doctor and she needs to be "well." Dru wonders if Olivia really has a cold or if it could be something else. Malcolm mentions her anemia and Dru comments that it could be a serious condition. Mal tells her that Neil promised him that he would let him know if it was serious. Dru's not so sure. Mal changes the subject asking Dru when she is going to let Olivia and Neil know that she didn't got out of town. Dru comments that she'll let them know eventually. She's sure Neil will call to check on Lily eventually and he'll find out then. Mal asks her if she's avoiding Neil. Every time he brings up Neil's name, she gets defensive... if she didn't have feelings for Neil, that wouldn't happen. Dru comments that he should be at work. Mal relents and leaves. As he walks out the door, Dru has an exasperated look on her face. Meanwhile at Olivia's, Neil brings Liv breakfast. He asks her how she slept and she tells him that she slept very well. They discuss how Lily is and wonder where Dru is now. Olivia tells Neil that she's glad Dru is gone....if she would have stayed any longer, she would have figured out that something is really wrong with her. Neil comments that he knows why she doesn't want Dru to know....she doesn't want it to interfere with Dru's career. Neil asks about her treatment and what comes next. Olivia tells him that she will stay on the drug therapy for six months and see what happens after that. He doesn't understand why she doesn't just go ahead with the bone marrow transplant. Olivia explains to Neil the steps involved in getting a bone marrow transplant. The first step is finding a match. Dru stands 1 in 4 chance of being a donor. If Dru is a match, she'll then have to go through heavy chemotherapy to kill off the old bone marrow so the new can work. This chemo will be worse than the first time; she will have no immune system. The procedure won't be a picnic for the donor will take a long time to recover. She will only tell Dru as a last resort. Neil walks up and takes her hand and tells her he understands everything now. She thanks Neil for taking care of her. Neil's phone's Victor....he asks Neil to come to his office. Neil tells him he'll be there as soon as possible. After Neil leaves, Liv calls Malcolm and is surprised when Dru answers the phone. Dru tells her that she couldn't leave Lily. Liv asks her when her next photo shoot is. Dru comments that it sounds like she's anxious for her to leave. Liv tells her that it's not true. They say goodbye. Dru silently comments to herself that staying in town will give her a chance to check things out for herself and find out what's wrong with Olivia.

Neil arrives at Victor's office. Victor confronts Neil for keeping Victoria's stalker situation from him. He comments that he owns this company and he does not want to be kept in the dark about anything. Neil tells him he understands. Victor comments that he and he alone knows that he is his right hand man and that he is moving closer to striking Jack Abbott down. He wants to make sure that Neil will tell him if anything gets in the way of that. He tells Neil that he has taken him into his confidence and into the inner workings of his business. He has to be sure where his loyalty lies. Neil assures Victor that his loyalty is with him. Neil asks Victor if he's aware of the recent sales figures. Victor tells him that he is and he wants everything to stay exactly like it is. His strategy is to let Jack believe that Brash & Sassy is failing. Jack will become over confident and expand at the wrong time, putting the company further in debt, and when he does... Jack will walk right into Victor's trap.

Thursday, March 30, 2000

Victor and Jack continue to plot against each other and enlist the aide of their employees. Neil is commended by Victor for his hard work, then receives a phone call from Dru asking him to meet her. When the two get together at Gina's, Dru informs her ex-husband that she canceled the modeling job in Paris so that she could stay in Genoa City with Lily. She then asks him what exactly is going on between him and Olivia. At the same time, Olivia receives another visit from Reese. She tells her doctor that she is feeling fine and wants to go back to work. He is against is, but she explains that if she doesn't start working soon, Dru will get suspicious and figure out that something is wrong. After Reese leaves, Olivia panics when she coughs up some blood. Elsewhere, Nick and Victoria discuss her budding relationship with Gary. Victoria admits to her brother that she is very interested in Gary and Nick tells her that he thinks it's great. In the midst of their discussion, Nick receives a phone call from Sharon asking him to come meet her. When he arrives, he asks his wife what is wrong. Sharon tells him about her run-in with Megan and how she threatened to go to the police about what she knows. While Nick tells Sharon he'll support her in whatever decision she makes, Megan goes back to Ryan and tells him what happened. The two discuss Tricia's situation and the accusations Sharon is making against her. Ryan doesn't want to believe it, but he admits that Tricia's doctor told him that she needs help. As the two contemplate what to do, Tricia has more memories of her conversation with Tony at the hospital before he died. As she grows more and more upset, the phone rings. When she answers, she is surprised to hear her father on the other end. Over at the prison, Gary pays Ross a visit. Ross assures him that he is not Victoria's stalker and explains that he was just trying to help her out by making sure that Warton got put back in jail as fast as possible. When Ross asks him to pay his bail, Gary says he wants to help him, but he doesn't have that kind of money. Later, Ross gets news from his lawyer that a check to cover his bail has mysteriously appeared. Ross says he has no idea who his benefactor could be, but he's delighted to be getting out. At the same time, a mystery person is seen typing a new "fan" letter to Victoria! gl

Friday, March 31, 2000

As Christine begins to pack up her stuff at Legal Aide, she ponders whether or not she has made the right decision to leave and go into business with Michael. At the same time, Diane pays a visit to Michael only to find him packing up his office as well. Surprised, Diane asks him what's going on. Michael tells her about his plans to go into a partnership with Christine. Diane can't believe it and questions him on his motives. Michael informs his old flame that he is simply looking for redemption.....he's a changed man and he wants to prove it. Over at Gina's, Dru and Neil continue to discuss their situation. Dru tells Neil that she hasn't changed her mind about letting him spend time Lily and that she doesn't even know if and when she'll being leaving for another modeling job. She then tells him that she feels like an outsider in her own family and doesn't think it's fair. When she confronts Neil on Olivia's health, he dodges the question and she grows even more angry. Neil suggests to his ex-wife that Olivia may not want to let her in because she doesn't know how long she'll be around. Elsewhere, Ryan confronts Sharon and asks her if she is going to make good on her threats to go to the police about Tricia's involvement in Tony's death. He tells her that she better have some hard evidence or else drop the whole thing. As those two argue, Megan asks Tricia why she didn't tell Ryan herself about her run-in with Sharon. Tricia tries to convince her that Ryan's career could be jeopardized, but Megan doesn't believe her. In the meantime, after posting bail with the anonymous benefactor's money, Ross returns to his apartment only to be visited by the police. As Paul informs him that they have acquired a search warrant, the police begin to tear the place apart. When they come up empty handed, Paul is convinced that Ross had time to get rid of any incriminating evidence before they got there. In the meantime, Victoria's "fan" continues typing another letter. In it, he explains that he can't stand the thought of losing her and that he doesn't know what he'll do if he does. As he goes on, we finally get a glimpse of the true "fan."'s Gary!

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