The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on Y&R
Raul found out about Billy and Mac's relationship, and he hit Billy. Tricia wanted to get things back on track with Ryan. Victoria admitted to Ryan that she had feelings for him. Tomas felt he had lost his writer's touch.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, October 2, 2000

Victoria welcomes Victor home. Victor immediately asks about "Brash and Sassy," and Victoria explains that she was able to hire Jabot's web site producer. She tells Victor that the producer is Phyllis, but assures him that Phyllis has changed her evil ways. When Victoria asks Victor about Diane and the baby, he tells her that he's ordering a paternity test as soon as the baby is born. For now, Diane will stay at his apartment. Whether the baby is his or not, Victor plans to make Diane pay. Diane decides to give Leanna her exclusive story, but only if Leanna agrees to wait a while before broadcasting the story. Leanna agrees to the deal and asks Diane if the baby is really Victor's. Diane assures Leanna that the child she's carrying is, without a doubt, Victor Newman's baby. As the final call is made to board the bus, Raul begs Mac not to leave. When Mac asks Raul why she should stay, Raul reminds her that she has family and friends in Genoa City who care about her. When Mac arrives home, she finds Billy at the house with Kay. Billy demands to speak with Mac and he tells her that he watched the tape and he cannot deny that he slept with Brittany, but he still doesn't remember anything. Mac tells Billy that Brittany told her they have been sleeping together all summer and that she never wants to see him again. Rianna asks Brittany what she did to make Mac leave. Gina tells Phyllis that Danny and little Daniel are in Europe. Phyllis asks Gina to deliver a birthday card to little Daniel for her and Gina tells Phyllis that she'll think about it. Hugh breaks the news to Tomas that he's been dropped as a client. Tomas tells Nina that this will give him more time to help with her book. Phyllis and Malcolm share a night out on the town and talk about their past losses.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

After telling Neil that he and Ashley are through, Victor turns the subject of the conversation to Newman's newest employee: Phyllis. Victor tells his right-hand man to keep a close eye on Phyllis. In the meantime, a hung over Phyllis gets her first day off to a rocky start when she awakes in Malcolm's photo studio. Malcolm assures her that nothing happened between them accept some well deserved relaxation and fun. When Neil stops by for a visit, he is greeted by Phyllis who has just emerged from the shower in a towel. The two are introduced and Phyllis, not realizing she is speaking to a Newman executive, tells the Winters brothers that she is off to her new job. After she leaves, Neil questions his brother's intentions and comes to the conclusion that he is not over Drucilla. Back at Newman, Ryan pops in to discuss work with Victoria after telling Tricia that she should keep her father posted as to her whereabouts. Not willing to brush the personal stuff aside, Victoria insists she be told what's going on with Ryan and Tricia. Annoyed at her demanding attitude, Ryan tells his ex that Tricia is his problem and not hers and to but out. Over at Gina's, Victor runs into Ashley. He tells her that it is possible that Diane is indeed carrying his child, but assures her that he did not sleep with her. Victor wishes Ashley well and the two painfully part ways. Over at the coffee shop, Billy continues to grill Brittany about what she told Mac. Billy is furious, but has no comeback when Brittany tells him she knows that he and Mac were sneaking around all summer. An angry Brittany admits to lying about them sleeping together all summer, but continues her charade and insists that they slept together the last night of the web site. Not knowing what to believe, Billy heads back over to the Chancellor estate to confront Mac. At Mac's request, Esther turns him away. Refusing to give up, Billy waits outside and then sneaks in to find Mac crying in the living room. When she orders him to leave, Billy refuses, insisting that she's going to hear his side of the story.

Wednesday, October 4, 2000

Brittany peppers Rianna with questions about Mac which makes Rianna speculate to Raul that Brittany's angry with both Mac and Billy. Meanwhile, Billy tries to convince Mac that he didn't make love to Brittany all summer but just once which he doesn't even remember. Mac points out how many times he's lied and runs upstairs, crying. Phyllis announces to Victoria that she'd like to meet with Victor on her first day but Victoria warns her against it until she can prove to her father that hiring Phyllis was a good idea. Phyllis ignores the advice. Nick welcomes his father back. Victor admits he's pleased that Nick worked extra hours while he was gone. Nick voices his approval of Victoria's hiring of Phyllis but Victor responds with a warning about the woman. Later, Phyllis surprises Victor in his office. Ryan confides in Neil about Victoria's overt interest in his own marriage. He assures Neil that he intends to do all he can to help Tricia. Though Tricia asks him not to come, Keith makes arrangements to fly to Genoa City. After turning to Gina for advice, Tricia decides to make a special dinner for Ryan in hopes they'll make love afterwards.

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Thursday, October 5, 2000

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria and Neil talked about Victor's reaction to Phyllis and about her attitude toward Tricia and Ryan. Victoria assured him that Phyllis is being obedient and will stay away from Victor as she was told. Neil warned her that she is alienating Ryan with her insistence that Tricia is dangerous. She stood her ground citing the things that Tricia did in the past to Tony and Megan.

In Victor's office, Phyllis asked him if they could start with a clean slate and insisted that she was a different person than she used to be. He pretended to be open minded then put her in her place, threatening to send her to Afghanistan if she didn't behave. Victor said that he was aware of what she did to Jack Abbott and did not plan on such things happening to him. He accused her of planning the whole thing and manipulating her way to Newman. She denied it and reminded him to read her contract. After she left the room, he put in a call to Victoria.

Ryan stopped in at the apartment to pick something up and found out that Tricia was planning an intimate evening for the two of them. He stopped her in her tracks, saying that he didn't think that it was a good idea. She tried to make him feel guilty about it, but he insisted that they should take things one step at a time. He left for work and she went to the coffee house feeling dejected. Carter had been thinking about her and was poised for the kill when she walked in the door. He offered a friendly ear and she finally took him up on it. They left because she didn't want to run into Sharon and he was due for a break.

Nina and Tomas finished the book after staying up all night. They talked and kissed, then Nina experienced a revelation about herself and how, by writing the book, she could now be free of the incessant wondering and waiting to find her lost child. He was very happy for her. She left to pick up some coffee after the long night. As she was telling Sharon the good news, Tomas agonized over his own situation, taking a bottle from the liquor cabinet and drinking directly from it.

At Walnut Grove, Rianna was worried about Raul who continued to get more upset about the possible reason that Mac wanted to run away. First he confronted Billy who acted like he had no idea what he was talking about. Billy escaped for class before saying anything, saved by the bell.

Mackenzie stopped in the coffee house before 2nd hour classes to ask Sharon for her job back. Brittany waltzed in showing fake relief that Mac was back with them again. The tension mounted and Mac asked if she could sign the forms in Sharon's office. Sharon asked her about it and Mac revealed that the summer hadn't gone as well as it appeared and that she had been hurt in some way. Sharon assured her that of anyone, she had the courage to get past it. Mac then said that someone else had been hurt and it was her fault that it happened.

Out on the patio, J.T. tried one more time to connect with Brittany, knowing that she had been successful in getting her revenge on Billy and Mac. When she told him to shut up, he realized that she had no intention of being his girlfriend and threatened to tell Billy that the whole thing was a set up. She tried to tell him that it wasn't and that no one would believe him anyway. He said, "Brittany, when you got nothing, you got nothing to lose!" and walked away from her. She was left with a worried look on her face, wondering what he might be capable of doing to her.

Raul cornered Mac as soon as she arrived at school with questions about whether or not Billy had something to do with her running away. He asked her point-blank whether something had been going on between the two of them and insisted that he had a right to know. She agreed that he deserved an answer and that he should have been given his answers a long time ago.

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Friday, October 6, 2000
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Kissing her, Brad invites Ashley to dinner after finishing their final Lamaze class. Olivia interrupts for her lunch date with Ashley but then is called away by Malcolm. Later, Ashley's surprised when Victor sends her a silver baby's rattle. Sid stops by Malcolm's for more photos of Dru and boasts that the Paris showing was brilliant. He then lets slip that Dru wanted to stay in Genoa City and actually threw out his new contract. After a chat with Olivia, Malcolm realizes that it was his words that sent Dru back to Paris. Victor asks Neil about Phyllis' contract. Nina reports to Ryan that she's almost done with her novel. He turns to her for advice about Tricia and admits that he turned down sex with her because he's not sure if he's ready. Meanwhile, Tricia joins Carter at a local cafe and admits that she's having marital problems. Back at the Crimson Lights, Sharon warns Carter about Tricia, calling her a "devious woman." Mackenzie confesses to Raul that she was involved with Billy but there was no sex. She then explains that she saw Brittany and Billy having sex. Angry, Raul refuses to offer her any sympathy.

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