The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 30, 2000 on Y&R
Neil found out that Nikki had been the other investor who had saved Jabot. Tomas admitted to Nina that he had fallen in love with her. Mac gave Billy back the ring he had given her.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 30, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, October 30, 2000

Victoria and Ryan continued to discuss his relationship with Tricia. Ryan told Victoria that he wondered if Tricia deserved more than she was getting from him in light of the progress she has made. Furious, Victoria told him he needed to move out and to be careful about sacrificing his own happiness for Tricia's.

Brad overheard Ashley and Christian talking. Brad heard Christian say he was not the baby's father. Later back in Ashley's office, Brad insisted Ashley tell him the name of the real father. Ashley explained to Brad that Christian only said he was the father to help her keep the real identity a secret. Brad was upset that Ashley didn't trust him enough to tell him.

Neil told Victor about his research into the HMO that handles health coverage for all Newman employees. It seems the company would pay for smaller medical expenses, but fell short when it came to the cost for specialist and more complex exams. Outraged, Victor told Neil to reimburse two employees particularly affected for all of their out of pocket expenses.

Tricia ran into Carter and told him she wanted to say goodbye. She told him she was leaving to return to London. Carter suggested she move in with him. After she refused, saying she felt it was inappropriate, Carter became upset and told Tricia he came on to her the other night because she was the one who put it out there first. He told her she was a tease and she had better be careful or her ways were going to get her in trouble.

Over at Gina's, Jack talked with Phyllis and unloaded his problems on her about Brad and Ashley. In return, Phyllis told him about her new concerns involving Newman Enterprises. She explained Victor's restrictions on access to the mainframe. Jack told Phyllis that Victor would never trust her enough to give her the code. On top of it all, Jack also threw a few insults at Phyllis.

Tricia went over to Newman Enterprises and stopped by Victoria's office looking for Ryan. The two had it out and Victoria told Tricia that there's a huge difference between she and Ryan and she should just accept that and move on. In talking, Victoria discovered Tricia was actually there to tell Ryan she was leaving. Now Tricia isn't so sure she will give Victoria the satisfaction.

Victor called Nick and told him to get the kids dressed in their Halloween costumes. He had a limo pick them up and surprised Cassie with a fully decorated Halloween party for the family.

Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Cassie enjoys her time on the jet, which Victor refers to as the "magic broomstick." Nick gets a call from Cody, and he and Sharon leave to handle a coffeehouse emergency. When they arrive, Sharon and Cody prepare to get money from the ATM to pay the suppliers. Before they leave, Nick calls Millie, warning her to get a TB test. Millie tells Nick that Cassie has been coughing. Nina tells Chris that Tomas took her book to a publisher in New York without her permission. When Chris asks how Tomas is doing, Nina admits that she's worried about Tomas and his possible alcoholism. Paul is looking for Chris but runs into Michael instead. Michael tells Paul that Mary came to visit him. When Michael tries to apologize for whatever problems he's caused, Paul becomes angry and tells Michael that he doesn't trust him. At Gina's, Phyllis calls Brad over to join Jack and her for a drink. Brad declines, but Jack accepts Brad's offer to be his best man. When Brad leaves, Phyllis suggests that Jack brings her as his date to the wedding, but Jack says no. Ashley asks Olivia to be her maid of honor, and Olivia accepts. When Ashley inquires about Olivia's relationship with Neil, Olivia tells her that she has already put herself out there, and is reluctant to do it again. Ashley suggests Olivia invite Neil to the wedding. Neil talks to Ryan and tells him that whatever he and Olivia had is in the past. Olivia calls Neil and they agree to meet and discuss the distance between them.

Wednesday, November 1, 2000

Nick found out from Millie about Cassie's cough. He shared the news with Sharon. Later, back at the ranch, Nick and Sharon told Victor and Nikki that Cassie had developed a cough and was keeping it a secret. When Sharon went to check on Cassie, she finally heard the cough for herself.

Tomas called Nina and told her to come over right away. He asked her to bring Chris and Paul also because he had some important news to tell them. When they arrived, Tomas told everyone that Hugh, his editor, had finished reading Nina's manuscript and was recommending it to a publisher. Nina was thrilled but later showed concern over Tomas drinking so much during their celebration.

Brad informed Ashley that he asked Jack to be his best man at the wedding. The big shock was that Jack accepted. Although Ashley was excited, Brad told her he was going to continue to keep his guard up.

Olivia visited Neil and asked him to escort her to Ashley and Brad's wedding. Neil said he would be honored to do so. He explained how much he missed seeing her and the regrets he felt due to the tension between them. But he also wanted to be careful not to send out the wrong signals. He told her he valued their friendship too much to take a chance on losing that. Visibly disappointed, Olivia agreed that they were on the same page and they should not tamper with their friendship.

After spending time with Nina and Tomas, Chris and Paul return home only to end up arguing again. Chris tried to get closer to Paul stating that she wanted things to be the way they were before. Unable to share her feelings, Paul turned and walked away.

Thursday, November 2, 2000

Tricia started packing to leave and told Ryan that they should get a divorce. He discouraged her from going that far while she is still in therapy. One more time, she tried to get him to bed. A passionate kiss followed. . .

After agonizing about the cough that Cassie has, Nick and Sharon found out from Dr. Hudson that Cassie does not have tuberculosis and the cough is not a serious condition.

Brad called the ranch and Victor answered the phone. He passed that information on to Ashley, assuming that Victor had moved back home. Later, Ashley asked Nikki about the family reuniting. Nikki saw through her and confronted her about why she seems to be so interested in whether or not she and Victor are sleeping together.

After a full night of lovemaking, Tomas and Nina readied for their trip to New York. Nina wanted to talk about things, but Tomas insisted that they hurry to surprise Hugh as soon as possible.

At the coffeehouse, Victoria became upset with Phyllis when she gave her attitude about being denied access to the computer. Phyllis was warned not to disobey Victoria's orders ever again.

Victor and Neil accused the president of their HMO of not living up to their agreement for patient care.

In Milwaukee, Warton heard from Matt. He became irritated, as usual, when Matt asked him to rent some storage space there, but refused to give him the details.

Friday, November 3, 2000

Ryan pushes Tricia away as she attempts to become intimate with him. Tricia goes to Matt's apartment seeking comfort. He offers her a glass of wine, and pours a liquid into her glass. Neil assures Ryan that he is doing the right thing by not sleeping with Tricia, and in the long run, Tricia will thank him. Billy questions Rianna about the last night at the Glow house. He says that J.T. told him that Mac was set up to find Brittany and him at the pool house. Brittany enters Victoria's office and finds Phyllis. She tells Phyllis that Billy is starting to ask questions about the last night of the Glow house, and she needs Phyllis's help. When Phyllis tells her that she won't get involved, Brittany threatens to tell the Abbotts that Phyllis helped Brittany concoct the scheme from the beginning. Phyllis isn't fazed, saying Brittany has no evidence. As Phyllis and Brittany are talking, Billy comes to the door. Tomas and Nina barge into Hugh's office, and Hugh gives Nina her revision notes. Tomas pushes Nina to do a re-write in one day, and ignores Nina when she tells him that this doesn't feel right. Nina is stunned when Tomas wants to spend the night in NY to work, and demands to have a talk with him before they go any further.

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