The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 13, 2000 on Y&R
Cassie needed to take antibiotics to get rid of an infection. Nina learned that her novel would be published. Matt took Nick's ATM card and planned to use the card to frame Nick. 'Carter' thought Tricia should get even with Victoria.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 13, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, November 13, 2000
by Hale

Brad & Ashley -- The Wedding
Jack brings Phyllis as his date, much to Nikki's chagrin. Jack, however, is amused when Phyllis "rattles everyone's cages" and reassures her that she need not be concerned about Nikki, even though she is his ex. John tells Billy that Jill was not invited to the wedding and Billy agrees with their decision. John also tries to open the lines of communication by sympathizing the difficulties Jill caused him over the summer. But John also wondered why Billy and Mac broke up after all they had went through. Brittany lays it on thick with Billy, taking advantage of this opportunity to win Billy back by guilt-tripping him while playing the victim. Later, when she sensed he was softening, she kissed him. The guests begin to notice Ashley's absence and Brad gets nervous when he finds out Ash didn't arrive with Olivia. Later, the chauffer comes to the Abbott home to tell them that Ashley never returned after leaving her place with "a man with a mustache." Brad can't believe Ashley would walk out on him, but Jack and Nikki are not so shocked. Meanwhile, on her way to the delivery room, Ashley repeatedly asks Victor to call Brad. Later, a nurse discovers he hasn't made the call and offers to make it for him. He accepts, but doesn't have her place the call until AFTER the baby was born. Brad is thrilled to hear the news and rushes to the hospital, with Olivia and the minister in tow. Phyllis jokes with Gina about how lucky they were to be on a double date with the Abbott men. A glowing Ashley arrives back to her room to find Victor waiting. When the nurse brings in the baby girl, she mistakenly assumes Victor is the father and hands the baby to "the new dad." Ashley gets upset and demands that he give her back her child. Brad walks in and asks her what is going on. Back at the Abbott house, John and Jack deliver the news to the waiting guests, encouraging them all to celebrate. Nikki pulls Jack aside and tells him not to be too excited, after all "what the hell was Victor even doing there?"

Paul and Christine -- The Baby Wars
Paul and Chris discuss their renewed efforts to remedy their marital difficulties with the sources of their problems -- Paul's mom and Michael Baldwin. On one end of the spectrum, Paul's mom thinks a lot of family together time over the holidays is just what Christine needs to encourage her to start a family now. Mary warns Paul that Christine has "fallen in love with her career" and if Paul doesn't "put a stop to it", he may end up stuck in a childless marriage. They agree to plan to spend the time between Christmas and New Year's Day immersed in family activities. At the law offices, Chris admits that she is surprised she got good marital advice from Michael. They discuss a potential client from Hong Kong and both agree they don't want to be gone that long. Chris changes the subject to holiday vacation time. She and Michael agree that some romantic time alone is just what the couple needs to get back on track -- some time (between Christmas and New Year's Day) WITHOUT Mary.

Mac -- Teen Angst 101
Sharon sees Mackenzie crying at work and asks her to open up about what is wrong. She sympathizes with what Mac has been through, but has a hard time believing Billy would do such a thing. Sharon recommends that Mac do nothing and just wait and see what happens with Billy, even though it will be hard to do. Mac says it was her fault for being so dumb. She believes that she should have made sure he wouldn't look at anyone else by sleeping with him.

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Victor rushes to Ashley after hearing her cry out in pain. He drives her to the hospital after learning that her water broke. Dr. Thompson assures Ashley that everything is fine and then tells Victor that the baby is coming fast. Ashley asks Victor to call Brad but he fails to do so. Ashley then gives birth to a baby girl. Jack's surprised to see Billy's brought Brittany as his date for the wedding. Hearing that Nikki encouraged Brad earlier, Jack guesses that Nikki's chasing after Victor again and warns her not to do so. Meanwhile, Brad worries when Ashley fails to show. Sharon is surprised when Mac admits that if she had gone to bed with Billy, she'd be happy with him now. When Mary admits that she's kept herself busy so she won't complain about their decision not to start a family, Paul urges his mother to start spending more time with Chris now. Michael explains to Chris that a new client from Hong Kong needs a lawyer to spend a few months there. Chris is intrigued by the idea because it may give her the distance she needs from her marital troubles. John urges Billy to confide in him since Jill can't seem to help. Brad finally gets a call from the hospital and rushes to Ashley's room where he finds Victor holding the infant.

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Nikki lays into Victor for trying to ruin Ashley's wedding day. He denies that he did any such thing. When he reveals that Brad and Ashley were married after he left, Nikki apologizes for her accusation. After John congratulates Ashley and Brad and admires his new granddaughter, Ashley explains Victor's visit but Brad refuses to believe he was there to wish her well. He vows to get even with Victor for "messing with" Ashley's head. Ashley asks him to stop and encourages him to hold his new daughter. Victoria can't believe it when Ryan reveals that Tricia convinced him not to move out. She offers him the tack room should he decide to move out. Tricia runs into Michael at the Lodge and receives some cheap advice from the talkative lawyer. She thanks him for his help with her marriage and admits he might have actually helped her understand her situation better. She decides to find Ryan and overhears him talking with Victoria at Brash & Sassy just as Victoria sarcastically claims that he and Tricia deserve each other. Jill complains to Jack about not being invited to Ashley's wedding. He updates her on the wedding, the baby, Billy and Brittany and John's anger towards Jill. When Jill questions Brad's love for Ashley, Jack warns her to keep quiet. Hearing from Hugh that Nina's book is being published, Tomas gives Nina the good news which causes her to panic. Nick and Sharon explain to Cassie that her tests were negative so she can return to school. Carter secretly grabs the ATM card from Sharon's purse and then offers to travel to Milwaukee with Nick.

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Jack asked Ashley about the situation with Victor when they arrived at the hospital for the wedding. She told him that Victor wouldn't hand over her baby and Jack was ready to go teach Victor a lesson. She stopped him, saying that she was the happiest that she has ever been. He calmed down, wanting only that his sister be happy.

Victor returned to the apartment for some legal papers and Diane was surprised to see him. She tried to pry for information, but he wouldn't provide any. She told him about the new baby's room and he didn't react well to her doing it behind his back. When Nikki arrived with good news about Cassie, Diane almost didn't let her in. Diane knew that her chances with Victor are slim, seeing them hug and speak lovingly about their family.

Katherine, Esther, and Mac talked about Thanksgiving dinner plans. Jill entered the room and was successfully chased away from inviting herself to dinner. She insisted that she already had an invitation, but she really didn't.

Nina and Tomás were also planning for a get-together on the holiday. Tomás wanted to invite Mary, Paul, Christine, Phillip, Ryan, and Tricia. Nina wasn't so sure if Ryan and Tricia were on speaking terms, but they could try. Jill arrived wanting to see her grandson. He was not at home, but she came in to visit anyway and they told her their good news about the book and the possible movie. The topic of Thanksgiving dinner came up, and Tomás invited Jill to join them. She was eternally grateful to have a place to spend the day. After Jill left, Nina praised him for his generosity, warning him the Jill was a loose cannon when things weren't going her way.

Tricia made a scene in Victoria's office again, wanting to know what her relationship with Ryan would be like in the future. She was incensed that Ryan spoke to Victoria about their personal life and decided to drop it and leave after just a few jabs back and forth. After Tricia left, Ryan and Victoria disagreed about what could happen next with Tricia Ryan assured that she had accepted their arrangement, Victoria convinced that she could do something crazy after finding out that Ryan thought that they would end up being friends.

Carter made a phone call to Larry Warton following up on his orders to rent a room in Milwaukee before he and Nick arrived in town the next day. Larry hadn't done it yet and didn't like being bossed around without knowing the details of the plan. Carter told him that he now has the PIN number and the ATM card, so things can start moving along. He hinted that some illegal activity would be going on in that room, so it was crucial that it be ready. There came a knock at Carter's door it was Tricia. She was very upset about what happened at Newman, and was ready to leave her apartment before Ryan returned for the evening. Carter had invited her to stay with him in the past, but he encouraged her not to rush into it right away. Maybe it was best to get even first. . . . .

Friday, November 17, 2000

Victor and Nikki celebrated the good news about Cassie's health. After Victor excuses himself to get a file upstairs Diane and Nikki have words. Diane tells Nikki that her baby will forever tie Victor to her. It gives her the power. Nikki is appalled at Diane's view of her baby and pities the child.

Diane later meets with Michael. She updates him on Victor's living arrangements. She fears Vic won't return to the penthouse but isn't giving up. She tries to see hope in the fact that Victor wrote down her due date. Diane later admits that she deep down knows that she will never really have Victor. She feels alone, realizing that she's the town pariah. She doesn't really fell she has any power, the baby being her only lifeline. Michael tries to comfort her.

Nikki later fills Victor in about her fight with Diane. Victor tells her he is taking things with Diane and the baby one day at a time. He is planning to have a paternity test as soon as the baby is born. She questions whether he has a real reason to doubt the paternity or if it is just wishful thinking. He doesn't want to talk about it. They grow closer over their family's growing closeness and share a kiss.

Nick and Sharon inform Victoria about Cassie's good health. Nick then tells Sharon about his trip to Milwaukee with Carter (Matt) and plans to go by his place to pick him up unannounced.

Matt continues to try to get Tricia to seek revenge against Victoria. Tricia was frightened off a little by his anger and talk of revenge but also a little curious and intrigued. Matt taunts her that she's giving Victoria Ryan on a silver platter unless she acts. Tricia questions his motives. He claims he cares about her. She agrees to whatever he plans. Nick arrives at the door.

Nina told Chris the Thanksgiving party Thomas and her are planning (including Jill's presence) and invited Chris, Paul and Mary. Chris hopes a cruise will help her and Paul get closer.

Paul meanwhile told Lynne about his own Thanksgiving plans for his wife and mother, fearing a distance between them he hopes to bring the three of them closer together. Chris arrives, each planning to surprise the other. Chris invites Paul, Mary and Lynne to Thanksgiving with Nina and Thomas. Lynne already has plans and passes. Paul sees no problem. When she proposes the cruise he tells her has different plans that include Mary. He refuses to go, believing it to be the wrong time for a romantic getaway.

Ryan spoke with Neil about his good news regarding Tricia's mental state and is looking forward to separating from Tricia once she is fully well. Neil is skeptical Tricia will so easily let Ryan go. Ryan becomes upset at his doubts and storms out. Later on Victoria drops by and they savor the Newmans' good fortune. Neil receives an upsetting call. He tells Victoria the shocking news: Nikki was Jabot's mystery investor!

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