The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on Y&R
Glo by Jabot promoted a New Year's Eve contest. Tomas prepared to ask Nina to marry him. Leanna and Diane cooked up a plot to get Hope back into Victor's orbit. Sharon confided in 'Carter' about Matt Clark.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 11, 2000 on Y&R
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Monday, December 11, 2000
by Hale

Ashley explains to Brad that she won't do the adoption because the biological father must agree to it. Lynne convinces Paul to hire Marissa to handle the office work while he's out of town with Chris. He later gives Mary the information about Hong Kong. Sharon updates Victor on the plans to open a new Crimson Lights in the upcoming year. Marissa argues with Diane about Christmas decorations at the penthouse. Phyllis and Jack arrive at Gina's. Jack reveals that their website will be running a contest as well. He spots Diane at another table. Diane moves closer to listen in as Jack assures Phyllis he has no feelings for Diane. He also mentions that she's pregnant with Victor's child. Jack then reveals Victor has another child with a woman named Hope who lives on a farm in Kansas. While Diane runs off with this information, Phyllis promises Jack that she is ready for anything. Tricia confronts Victoria and accuses her of going after her husband and now Carter. Carter tries to calm her down but finally suggests that she leave the coffeehouse. Nick asks about the commotion and Carter admits that he tried to help Tricia by listening to her. He lies and insists he's had nothing to do with her since Sharon and Cody warned him about her. Carter later confronts Tricia outside his place and blasts her for almost costing him his job. She kisses him passionately.

Tuesday, December 12, 2000

At the coffee shop:

Phyllis joins Michael at the coffee shop. Phyllis is on cloud nine about her relationship with Jack. Phyllis thinks Michael needs someone in his life. He's happy for her and wishes her luck. At the coffee shop Raul and Rianna want to celebrate then end of their exams and the end of his cold. They kiss. Mac enters and they invite her to join them. They tell her that their going to Jabot after school. Raul regrets being tied up over the holidays but they still hope that they can spend time with Mac after Christmas when the campaign should be done. Rianna asks Mac if she'd like to bring a guy along with them when they go out. Mac will think about. Billy and Britt arrive, obviously making Mac uncomfortable. Britt looks forward to spending time alone with Billy after the chat. The Glow kids head out to Jabot. Raul wants to make sure Mac is okay with everything. She assures him she is. She and Billy share a look before he leaves. Cody gives Nick and Sharon good news about their 2nd coffee shop. Things are going well Nick exclaims. Sharon tells Nick about Vic's interest in their coffee shops plans. Nick isn't as hopeful as Sharon about Vic's interest in Nick's venture. He hopes Vic can accept it but remains cautious. Sharon can't believe Tricia went off on Victoria about Carter. Sharon's got a bad feeling. Tricia is a loose canon. Cody asks them if they've heard from Carter. He's late. Sharon worries that it might have something to do with Tricia.

Brad & Ashley's:

Brad and Ashley talk more about his attempts to adopt Abby. He's cautiously looking into he reassures. He won't make any waves. Their new nanny, Frances arrives. Ashley gives her extensive instructions. Brad comforts the nervous mommy. She can handle it she insists. It's time to get back into the swing of things.

At Jabot:

Jill wants to know how things are progressing with 'their' plot to infiltrate NE through Phyllis. She wants an update. Jack reports that he has re-established trust with Phyllis and things are going ahead smoothly. Ashley arrives for the board meeting. John tells her she didn't have to come back so soon. She assures him and everyone else that she's ready. Ashley is concerned about the way they are handling the Glow holiday campaign. She likes the idea of using the Glow kids again but wonders if they are getting maximum impact. She suggests following them for the whole holiday, culminating on New Year's Eve with a new grand prize: the winner will not only get to meet the Glow kids but spend New Years Eve with them at the Glow house during a live webcast party! Jill has one concern the announcement was supposed to be made today. They will reveal everything during the chat. Brad wonders if this will put a crimp in the kids' plans. But Jack and John believe it will be fine. Jill worries that with a live broadcast they'll need more staff. Jack reassures her that Mackenzie won't want to be involved. John thinks it be good to have more people involved to make the party livelier. Brad suggests having 4 winners. Things are looking good until Jill asks 'what if the kids say no?"

Carter's apartment:

In Matt/Carter's apartment, Tricia wakes up, mortified at what she's done. She calls Ryan but there's no answer. Carter emerges from the shower. She's frantic about how she's going to explain her absence. He wonders if Ryan even noticed she wasn't home. She is reassured. He is amazed about how wonderful their night together was. Much better than their first time. Tricia can't believe her life has come to this: affairs and revenge. Tricia questions their methods. Carter relents and promises to stand by her side. He wants to be there for her and make her a stronger person he swears. Prove to yourself that no one can abuse you, he tells her. They begin to make love again. Carter leaves for work leaving Tricia lone when the phone rings. She almost picks up. We see that Sharon is the caller.

Victor's office:

Ryan meanwhile meets up with Victoria. She asks if he's talked with his wife recently. He didn't see her this morning. He won't stand for her bashing his wife anymore. Victoria wants to help. Tricia isn't making as much progress as he thinks she warns. Vic interrupts, surprised that they want to meet with him so soon again. Phyllis arrives with juicy gossip. Jabot is scrambling to come up their own contest. Phyllis is beaming with pride. Victoria and Ryan scoff at Jabot's apparent attempt to copy Brash & Sassy. They discuss details for their contest. Vic is pleased but before the meeting breaks Phyllis wants to see Jabot's website to see what they are up to. Vic senses that something else is on Victoria's mind. They discuss Nikki's trip. Ryan calls them over to the computer to see the Jabot site. None are happy to see that Jabot is bringing back the Glow kids.

The William's house:

Nina stops by Paul and Christine's, hoping to see her friend before she left. Paul informs her that Christine never came home. He explains that she worked late and crashed at the office. He's ready for the move to Hong Kong if the deal goes through. Nina is optimistic about the trip and how it will rejuvenate his marriage. He's less enthusiastic but still hopeful. Nina pleads with him to try to see the positives. He's willing to take the leap but questions that this will solve all their problems.

Williams/Baldwin office:

Michael returns to the office and is surprised to see that Christine stayed at her office over night. Today is the day they find out about Hong Kong. Christine wants to get a lot of the work done so she won't be swamped when she and Paul first get their. Michael thinks she's had second thoughts. There's no point in dwelling on it since the deal has already been proposed. Not getting it might be for the best he suggests. Christine is ready either way. The call arrives.

Wednesday, December 13, 2000

At school Brittany and Billy discuss returning to the Glo by Jabot house. Brittany feels that maybe this isn't such a good idea because the four don't get along anymore. At the coffee house, Rianna, Raul and Mackenzie are discussing the Glo by Jabot house. Brittany and Billy arrive and they all decide to leave to start the live web chats. Mackenzie is left alone.

Tricia wakes up in Carter/Matt's bed and immediately thinks that Ryan may be wondering where she is. She calls, but no answer. Carter makes her realize that they no longer share a bed. He tells her that she overreacted with Victoria. She feels that she should approach Victoria on her own and not in the way Carter has planned. She tells him that she doesn't want to lose him. They make love again. Meanwhile, at the coffee house, Sharon and Nick are discussing the events of the previous night and that perhaps Carter was surprised by Tricia. Cody then comes in and asks if either of them have heard from Carter. He's late for his shift.

Michael Baldwin walks into his office asking if Christine is in or if she's called. He goes into her office where she is asleep on the couch. She awakens and he tries once again to talk her out of going to Hong Kong. Then, they receive a phone call from the client in Hong Kong.

Nina goes to see Chris and Paul at home, but Paul alerts her that Chris did not come home. Nina thinks the worst, but Paul tells her that it was to work on the case. Nina tries to make him see the light about his opportunities, business and personal, in Hong Kong.

Ashley prepares for her first full day back at work while Brad talks with an attorney. The new nanny appears, and Ashley is reluctant to leave, but finally does. They arrive at the office in the midst of Jack and Jill in a disagreement. Ashley tells them that she's heard about their plans to re-launch the Glo by Jabot website but that she has a better idea. She thinks that the contest should not only include live chats by the Glo by Jabot kids but that the winner should instead be 4 winners should attend a party on New Year's Eve at the Glo by Jabot house with the four other kids. Jill is concerned as to whether Mackenzie will participate. Jack reassures her that Mackenzie will not be participating. They all agree that this is a good idea, but Jill asks what if the four teens don't agree to the party

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria, Ryan and Victor are meeting in Victor's office when Phyllis walks in. She comes in to tell them what she has heard about Jabot's counter attack. She tells them of Jabot's plans to launch a contest similar to theirs. Victoria and Ryan believe this is an act of desperation and flattery. Phyllis decides to take a look at the Jabot website which happens to be launching today. Upon viewing the site on Victoria's laptop computer, they realize that Jabot has reopened the Glo by Jabot house.

Thursday, December 14, 2000

At the law firm, Michael took the call from Hong Kong telling them that they did get the case that they had been waiting for. Chris said that she had to get to work and Michael allowed her one more chance to call back and tell them that they didn't want it. He insisted that she was uneasy with Paul's attitude about it, but she wouldn't hear of it. Nina arrived to talk they told her the news and she vocalized her concerns as well. Chris wouldn't listen and went to Paul's office to tell him.

At Paul's office, Lynn had arrangements all ready for Paul's extended leave. Marisa had asked Diane if she could take a part-time job there and Diane gave her blessing, telling her to scoot along. Chris came in and kissed her husband, then told him the news. He was a little cool, but Chris reassured him that she loved him more than anything.

At Newman Enterprises, the team gathered around the computer to note the many hits on Jabot's new site, resolving to outdo them anyway. Victor left abruptly, then Phyllis left with her orders to make a difference with the Brash & Sassy site. Victoria took the opportunity to fill Ryan in on her encounter with Tricia the night before. He didn't want to listen and acted like he did not believe her. She left frustrated as usual.

At Diane's apartment, Leanna Love had been the reason why Marisa was sent packing so quickly. Diane had invited her in hopes of finding out Hope's address in Kansas. They were about to make a deal when Victor walked in. Leanna acted as if she was there fishing for information and left. Diane told Victor how right he had been about Leanna willing to do anything to get what she wanted.

At Jabot, the kids had arrived for their first day on the job. Jack and Jill filled them in about the New Year's Eve schedule. Rianna and Brittany were not keen on the idea of spending that special night with a group instead of their men. Raul worried about leaving Mac out of the plans that they were making. Billy talked them into it, though, and Jack & Jill promised an outrageous party.

Once the kids left for the pool house, Phyllis arrived for a few minutes with Jack. Jill left them alone and they shared a hot, passionate kiss. They talked back and forth about their competitive plans and then confirmed how happy they were to be dating. Phyllis left as fast as she appeared.

In the apartment, the phone rang for Carter. Tricia arose from the bed and picked up the phone. Carter knocked it abruptly from her hand, scaring her. He answered Sharon's call, apologizing for being late for work his alarm had not gone off that morning. He hung up and chastised Tricia for doing such a dumb thing. He told her to get her act together and acted like he couldn't really trust her to do the intelligent thing sometimes. She was scared and wanted help figuring out an alibi in case Ryan knew that she didn't come home last night. He refused at first, then mentioned that she could have stayed with a friend, perhaps. She sadly told him that he was her only friend and he left for work.

Kay Chancellor entered the coffeehouse with her arms full of packages after doing some Christmas shopping. She and Mac talked about gifts and ideas and plans for the holiday vacation. Mac talked about spending time with Raul and Rianna, but felt like a fifth wheel and didn't want to invite a friend along just for the sake of making a foursome. Kay suggested a New Year's eve party with many of her friends. She loved the idea.

When Carter arrived at Crimson Lights, Sharon was concerned about the reason that he had been late. She knew about his run-in with Tricia the night before and warned him about what she was capable of. Sharon wanted him to know about Tony and the possibility that Tricia was his killer. He was stunned to hear that.

Victoria arrived distraught about Ryan's attitude toward her warnings about Tricia. She wished that Nicholas could back up her story, but he had not arrived in time to see the whole thing. Suddenly, she saw Carter and approached him. She asked him for a favor would he help her nail Tricia???

Friday, December 15, 2000

Newman Penthouse:

Diane apologizes to Victor for Leanna Love's 'surprise' appearance at the penthouse. He questions as to whether or not Diane knew Leanna would be there. After Victor leaves Leanna returns. She has brought Diane all the info she requested about Hope Adams Newman. But before giving her the documents, Leanna asks Diane how much the information is worth to her. Diane reminds her they already have a deal. When the baby is born she gets the exclusive. But Leanna wants more now. She wants information about the baby's gender but Diane doesn't want to know the sex yet. So Leanna wants the first pictures of the Newman heir instead. She agrees as long as she isn't tied to the photos. Leanna then wonders why Diane is so desperate to contact Hope but she keeps mum. Leanna leaves Diane to look over the Hope file.

Ryan & Tricia's:

Ryan continues to grill his wife about her verbally attacking Victoria over Carter at the coffee shop. She can't believe he believes Victoria over his own wife, again. He just wants to clear up any confusion. He then asks her about her new 'friend' Carter. He's just a friend with whom she talks about her problems sometimes. Ryan is upset that she discusses their marriage with a stranger. He wonders how close they've become. Carter's been there for her more than Ryan has. He's been a good friend but recently seems distant and that's when she spotted him with Victoria. She's furious that Victoria seems to be insinuating herself into Tricia's life at every turn, trying to take the one friend she has left.

Crimson Lights:

Victoria asks Carter to help her nail Tricia. Victoria wants him to go to Ryan and explain how erratic Tricia is acting. He isn't interested in interfering in Ryan's marriage. Victoria swears Tricia is manipulating Ryan and lying about her mental health. He questions her involvement in Ryan's life. Victoria promises she's not to blame for any problems in that marriage. Matt/Carter is still claims to be hesitant to act. He mentions that Sharon told him all about what happened between Tricia and Tony. Both Sharon and Victoria try to get Carter to help open up Ryan's eyes. He agrees on the condition that Victoria accompany him and that Tricia not find out about his involvement.


Nina is amazed that reporters want to interview her before the book is even out. Thomas tells her to grab all the publicity while she can. She realizes Thomas set it up and blasts him for running her life. He claims innocence. She's worried that the media will find out it's autobiographical. He tells her she must learn to deal with that kind of attention. Thomas leaves when the reporter arrives. The reporter tells Nina that her book is rumored to be a big hit. He was taken with her book. He asks if she considered a happy ending. She did but after some thinking decided on the more honest way. He figured she'd say that and asks if it was autobiographical.

Victor's office:

Nick meets with his father. Vic wants Nick to supervise the opening of a new plant but nick tells his father he won't have the time. He and Victor then discuss Victor's concerns that Vic is in over his head but he promises not to interfere. Nick is aware of the risks which is what he loves. Victor can't understand why he can't be fulfilled at NE. Here, he is just Victor Newman's son he explains. That holds a lot of pressure and expectations. Vic understands that Nick needs to develop his own empire much like he once did. They then discuss Nikki's trip to Switzerland. Vic hasn't heard from nor doe she expect to. Nick tries to defend his mother's actions in investment in Jabot. He won't hear of it. Nick suggests that there's a bright side to it: look at how Nikki has grown. While Vic is glad she has found something to fill the void in her life he scoffs that she had to buy her way in rather than earn it based on merit. He then claims that his reaction is based on far more than his own ego. Vic gets an upsetting call and then tells Nick that he is moving back to the penthouse. The call was the security guard, who informed him that Leanna Love met with Diane again. Vic thinks they are conspiring about something but is determined to find out.

Victoria's Office:

Ryan is waiting for Victoria when she arrives with Carter in tow. She makes Ryan promise to keep Tricia in the dark about what Carter is about to say. Carter then explains to Ryan how Tricia acted so erratically at CL and how they are just friends nothing more. He never led her on or anything. He mentions that Sharon told him about Tony's death which upsets Ryan. Ryan asks Carter if he thinks Tricia is dangerous. When Carter seems to be hedging Victoria becomes upset that he seems to be changing his story. Ryan claims she's putting words in Carter's mouth. Carter claims he's not comfortable being in the middle and leaves. Ryan lashes at Victoria for bringing Carter to him.

The Chancellor House:

Mac and Katherine arrive home from Christmas shopping. Kay informs Esther of their plans for a New Years/Birthday party for Mackenzie. Kay senses Mac's upset. Mac remembers the last party they had, when she saw Billy & Britt at the stables and overheard them saying rude things about her. She's upset that she didn't see what kind of a person Billy is back then. Kay offers to have the party elsewhere but Mac insists on having it in their home. They excitedly plan the party. Mac notices the Glow website. She tells Kay about the new contest and it's New Years tie in. Mac asks to postpone it but Kay suggests inviting her other friends and then celebrating with Raul & Rianna later. Later, while reading a magazine she notices the computer beep. She reads the screen to learn that Esther's computer was randomly selected as one of today's daily winners and is instructed to go to the Glo by Jabot chatroom. She does.

The Pool House:

Billy and Brittany arrive early before the chat. Brittany expresses her discomfort with being back in the pool house again considering all that happened there. She promises to let the past lie. Raul and Rianna arrive and Billy thanks them for agreeing to help the Abbots. Jill and Jack arrive for the chat and Jill announces to all that their webmaster Derek has gone and quit on them. Jack takes over the reigns with Raul's help. Jill insists they need someone to help with the rest of the promotion. Jack goes over the details of how the contest will work. Each day each of the Glow kids will chat with randomly selected site visitors. When the time comes they will all decide which of the finalists will win the grand prize. Jill wants to make it clear that the party will be a substance free event. Billy starts the first chat. Billy starts chatting with a new contestant. He asks her why she wants to spend New Years with him. Unbeknownst to him, the contestant is Mackenzie.

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