The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on Y&R
Nick's bail was denied. Billy dreamed about Brittany and Mac. The Glo by Jabot kids planned to go on vacation for their spring break. Phyllis spilled Michael's travel plans to Mary, and Mary alerted Paul.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 12, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, March 12, 2001

It's a somber scene as Nick is being led away by the jail guard into a waiting area. Sharon and Victor are waiting patiently to speak with him. The guard removes one handcuff and attaches it to the table leg and stands by door, providing privacy for Nick/Sharon and Victor to converse. Victor advises Nick that John is working on his release as they speak. He believes his son when Nick says he's innocent and will do everything in his power to prove that. When Victor leaves, it's time for Sharon to talk to Nick. Nick is very concerned about Cassie learning about his arrest at school. "I'm her father. I should be the one to explain this to her," Nick says softly. When the guard announces "time's up," Sharon and Nick both whisper their love for each other. Sharon assures Nick that he "will be home soon."

Inside the Jabot boardroom, Brad and Ashley are discussing Jack and Phyllis's relationship and how Jack stumbled across information regarding Brash and Sassy's spring campaign. Suddenly, at the door, doing her best eavesdropping impression, Jill offers her input concerning Jack's involvement with Phyllis. "It is much deeper than we know," she says.

Back at the Abbott house, Jack provides Phyllis with a copy of the Glo by Jabot spring campaign ideas. Phyllis thanks him for his help. She feels this should keep Victoria happy, kisses Jack good-bye and heads back to the office.

At Walnut Grove Academy, Billy overhears two students talking about seeing J.T. and Mac at the movies last evening. The pair refers to them as "the odd couple." Mac is at her locker when Billy approaches. Mac wonders how Billy's relationship with Brittany is going, but Billy doesn't volunteer any information. Mac accepts his silence and leaves.

Lynn presents Paul with contracts for Isabelle to sign. When Isabelle returns from her lunch, Paul begins questioning her about being followed. Isabelle gives Paul information about one man following her wearing the same coat, but wearing 2 different hats. Paul believes there are other inconsistencies that just don't add up. Paul needs to know everything about Isabelle's husband. Finally, Isabelle opens up, explaining to Paul that her husband used to beat her. She expresses how scared she is that her husband has sent someone to harm her. Isabelle tells Paul she doesn't know what to do. Paul doesn't want Isabelle to get ahead of herself and agrees to supervise a 24 hour surveillance team, which will consist of 2 additional detectives that Paul plans to hire. Paul believes they will have an answer within 3 to 4 days. Lynn is summoned by Paul to place Isabelle in a hotel. Isabelle thanks Paul saying, "Samantha Lee was right about you. You do care."

Back at Matt's apartment, Matt is still angry with Tricia for not listening or following his instructions. He tries to make her realize that if they leave Genoa City, Tricia's father has the power and means in which to track them down; he won't risk that. "If we use your credit cards they can trace them. Same applies to using your Social Security Card, Tricia. Everything can be traced," he states.

Jill demands information on Brash and Sassy. Jack glances at Ashley who confirmed that Jill was eavsedropping on her conversation with Brad. Jill needs to know their plan of attack and remarks that it "better be good." Jack informs everyone he provided Phyllis with a copy of their spring campaign, then updates them on the Brash and Sassy spring campaign. Jack goes on to say, "Using the spring break theme, how about taking the Glow kids on vacation to South Padre Island?" Ashley thinks it's a great idea with a banner to read, "Join the Glo by Jabot Kids in Paradise." Jill remains somewhat pessimistic, but everyone convinces her it's going to work. Later, Phyllis touches base with Jack about her meeting with Victoria and how she bought the entire Jabot concept for the Brash and Sassy spring campaign.

Victoria summons Phyllis to her office concerning "The Jack Abbott Project." Phyllis states that espionage was not included in her job description. She presents Victoria with a copy of the Glo by Jabot spring campaign ideas.

Billy's at his locker when Brittany appears on the scene. Billy tells Brittany, "This whole scene with Mac is getting old. What do you want from me Brittany? I'm trying my best." Later, Brittany meets up with Billy again telling Billy that she doesn't want to give up on them. Don't you care anymore Billy? In the hallway, J.T. is talking to Mac about Billy looking pretty tense. J.T. kisses Mac, while Billy looks on in disbelief and disgust, all the while Brittany is watching Billy's expression.

At DA Richards's office, he and Detective Edmunds are discussing more evidence that had been discovered. Most recently, Detective Edmunds informs DA Richards that he discovered that Nick Newman withdrew "20 grand" from his bank account before his trip. DA Richards reminds Detective Edmunds that this is not unusual considering he was going on a trip with his wife. Victor Newman appears in the doorway of DA Richards office and demands an explanation as to what evidence has been gathered. He reminds DA Richards that his reputation is on the line. Later, John Silva, Nick's lawyer, arrives with a paper from Judge Jennings advising that an immediate court trial has been set for a bail hearing for Nick Newman. John turns to Victor wondering why he came to the DA's office alone. Victor makes it clear to John that he wants Detective Edmunds watched closely, because he obviously hates the Newmans.

Tuesday, March 13, 2001


Nikki arrives and meets Victor and Sharon. She is shocked that Nick has been arrested for selling drugs. Nick, escorted into court, is about to have a bail hearing. The DA asks for bail to be denied and presents evidence to keep him in jail including the very damaging statement by Mark who witnessed Nick selling the drugs to Jordan. On a recess, John Silva questions Nick about what has happened. Victor believes it's all a mistake but Nick disagrees. Someone has set him up.

Carter/Matt's Apt:

Tricia thinks she can make it work in Genoa City, living with Carter but gives him the option to go ahead to Indianapolis and find a place for them but he wants to stay with her. After he leaves, she picks up the phone and calls her father. He's been worried about her but she's still hurt over his threat to have her committed. He asks how long she'll be away. She's not sure but it will be a long time before she'll want to speak with him again. He wants to stay in touch but she tells him she's already left town. When Carter returns and tells him that she called her dad and gave him the cover story that they are already out of town. He makes her promise that she won't call anyone else and won't leave the apt.

Walnut Grove Academy:

Billy and Brittany are shocked to see Mac and J.T. kissing. Mac is taken aback but covers to put on a good show for them. Britt fills in Rianna who isn't surprised by the news. Brittany is floored that J.T. and Mac are dating and thinks this may be the answer to her prayers. Mac isn't pleased that J.T. pulled that but he tells her it was time to up the ante. Rianna almost tells Raul about Mac and J.T. but is interrupted by Billy. He informs them Brittany that they've been summoned to Jabot to discuss the changes to the Spring Campaign. Later, Rianna and Raul inform Mac about the Spring Campaign. Rianna later tells Mac that her plan to get to Billy is working.


Jill tells Jack he did the right thing by divulging the Brash & Sassy campaign info to them. She finds it puzzling that he found it so difficult to do it. He's obviously falling for her and thinks it's time to end things with Phyllis before it's too late. He brushes her off and focuses on business. Time to get the GLOW kids together. The kids arrive later and Jill and Jack inform them of the newest developments. Their new house won't be ready in time for the campaign so they've changed it to a vacation in Florida. Raul asks Rianna what she meant earlier about the news she heard. She reveals that Britt was stunned by the news about J.T. and Mac but tells him not to worry about it. She has a strong vibe that all will work out. Jill and Brittany talk about the trip and Jill mentions that there's an added bonus to it: they'll be miles away from Mackenzie.

Victoria's Office:

Ryan and Victoria discuss details for the spring campaign. They need to boost the ad budget some more and she tells him they have a green light to do so from Vic. He then informs her about his alliance with Keith to help Tricia and Tricia's disappearance. Keith calls and tells Ryan that Tricia is gone. Victoria suggests calling Megan to see if she's heard from her sister. He decides to go see her face-to-face and Victoria volunteers to go with him for support.

Neil's Office:

Alex drops by asking if he's heard from his brother. Neither have heard from him for a while. She's been busy getting ready for her court appearance tomorrow. Neil's worried about his brother knowing that he was set to confront Olivia about Nate. She then tells him that she has tried to reach him but hasn't gotten in touch with him. Olivia stops by, having gotten his message to see him. He explains that Nate believes that Malcolm doesn't want to see Nate. She hasn't corrected him about it yet. She agrees that it's all a mess and she's determined to fix it. She's cut all ties between Malcolm and Nate. Neil can't believe it.

Malcolm's Studio:

Alex finds a despondent Malcolm. She figures it has to do with Nate. He informs her that Olivia has decided to cut his ties to Nate completely. He fills her that she blames him for a mistake he made in the past that endangered Nate and his time in Europe with another woman where he didn't keep in touch with Nate as much as he should have. Alex thinks Olivia is wrong but can see her side. He tells her that he plans to tell Nate that Olivia is out to ruin his relationship with him and that she's a horrible mother. Alex can't believe he'd do that. He tells her not judge him. She points out that what he wants to do is just as wrong. He reluctantly agrees. He believes that soon he'll have lost everything.

Wednesday, March 14, 2001

In the courtroom, Nick, Victor and John are discussing the fact that Nick could've been set up. It's too nice and neat. John Silva asks him if so, if he has any idea who could've set him up. Nick has no idea and asks do they think he'll get bail. Victor says that money is no expense. John says the only thing that matters is the impression the D.A. made on the judge. Nick says he "can't" go to jail, what about his family? Victor says that he and Nikki will take care of the family. Nick goes to talk to Sharon and she asks if there's anything Nick should tell her. He tells her no because he's innocent. It'll al be over soon, and they can go on their second honeymoon. When court reconvenes, the D.A. requests that there be no opportunity for bail because of the circumstances of this case and because his father is Victor Newman. He could get him out of the country in many different ways. John Silva says this accusation that Victor would aid and abet his son in fleeing the country is a fantasy. Nick only wants to stay in the country and clear his name. Victor stands and tells the judge that he will give his word that his son will not leave and that he will put his whole fleet of aircraft at judge's disposal. The D.A. brings forth the fact that Nick had withdrawn $20,000 and was on his way out of the country when he was apprehended. Just as the judge is prepared to rule, Sharon stands up to give a testimony. She asks the judge to spare her husband because of the media and their children. Unfortunately, the judge denies Nick bail because of the strength of the state's evidence. Nick and Sharon share a tearful goodbye. Victor tells him that he will take care of his family and will find who framed him. Anyone who crosses his family will live to regret it.

At the Abbott home, Brittany and Billy are looking at travel brochures. Billy's not very excited because they'll actually be working. Brittany tells him that this could be a great time for them. He tells her that her expectations may be too high. Jabot has a lot riding on them. Brittany tells him that this is a fresh start for them. She was worried and felt they were drifting apart. Now, the tension is gone and Mac is not involved. Brittany goes off to get juice and Billy is reading the brochures. He begins to fantasize about their vacation. Brittany and he are on the beach, and she goes to get undressed but comes back as a Mac in a bikini and shorts. They discuss the fact that their feelings for one another are confusing. Billy tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her anymore. They should stay away from each other. He tells her he cares for her. All of a sudden, Mac turns back into Brittany. She tells him he's romantic because of all the things he's said to her. He then wakes up to Brittany who's asking him to choose, between cranberry apple and mango juice.

Rianna and Mac are in the computer lab at school. Mac asks Rianna if Billy was really upset about her and J.T. and if so how upset? Rianna tells her that he's bugged and that that is what she wanted right? Is it still an act between she and J.T.? Just then Raul joins them and wants to talk about asking the Abbotts if Mac can join them for Spring Break. Just then, J.T. comes over and says that he and Mac have plans of their own and must leave right now to discuss them. After they leave, Raul gets dizzy but says there's nothing wrong. He doesn't want to go to a doctor. He already went. Then, someone brings him a message from his mother which says that he should come home immediately. Meanwhile, at the coffeehouse, J.T. tells Mac that people have to see them together in order for Billy to really believe them. Mac tells him that she doesn't think it should go on any longer. J.T. says he now thinks of Mac as a friend and reminds her that the trip of the G.L.O.W. by Jabot kids to the Keys is enough time for Billy to forget about her. He thinks they should kick it up a notch before Billy leaves.

At the studio, Malcolm and Alex are discussing his situation with Olivia. Alex tells him that he doesn't know what will happen. Malcolm says that what will happen is that Olivia will take Nate away from him. Alex tells him that Olivia will realize what a great man she has in him, one who's willing to take care of his son. She will come to her senses. Malcolm tells her that Olivia has someone waiting in the wings to be Nate's father and that she'll finally get what she wants in Neil. Alex asks her if Nate gets a choice especially because of their bond and the connection they have. Alex says that Neil can't go along with this. Malcolm explains that Neil feels stuck in the middle, between a rock and a hard place. Malcolm shouts, "I don't care." Neil has an agenda where Olivia is concerned. Alex tells Malcolm that Neil said he was concerned. Malcolm tells her of his half-hearted attempt to persuade Olivia otherwise but that he never really "went to bat" for him. He has major influence over her, so Alex shouldn't believe the "bull" that Neil is feeding her. Then, he blows up and shoves things on the floor. One of those things is a picture of Nate. Malcolm grabs it and hugs it. He says it's over. He's been living on hope. Alex tells him he can fight this. He says he's tired of fighting and should face the truth. He's lost his son and can't do anything about it.

Olivia and Neil are in his office and Neil is trying to convince her that she is making a mistake. She says that Nate is her son and is looking out for him and what is best for him. He tells her that she is wrong. This could be traumatic to him especially after losing one father already. Does she want to take responsibility for that? She says that now she feels bad for bringing Malcolm into Nate's life. Neil tells her that she should thank her lucky stars for Malcolm. Olivia says that he has good qualities but none that transcend him into a good parent. Neil asks, "Compared to who? Nathan?" He tells her that if Nathan were still alive that she'd probably be kicking him to the curb, too and labeling him an unfit influence. "Does anyone live up to your standards?" he asks. He tells her to open her eyes to what could be possibly the biggest mistake of her life. She tells him that he should be admitting that there is a mistake in allowing Malcolm to see Nate. Neil asks her if she expects him to be there when she breaks it to Nate to soften the blow. She tells him that if he's there or not she will not change her mind.

Thursday, March 15, 2001

Due to CBS Sports coverage of College Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, The Young and the Restless will not air on Thursday, March 15th or Friday, March 16th.

These two days of pre-emptions have been planned and no episodes of the show will be missed. Broadcasting will resume as normal on Monday, March 19th where Wednesday, March 14th's episode left off.

Friday, March 16, 2001

Due to CBS Sports coverage of College Basketball's "March Madness" tournament, The Young and the Restless will not air on Thursday, March 15th or Friday, March 16th.

These two days of pre-emptions have been planned and no episodes of the show will be missed. Broadcasting will resume as normal on Monday, March 19th where Wednesday, March 14th's episode left off.

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