The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on Y&R
Victor reassured Sharon and Nikki that they would find evidence to prove Nick innocent. Jack introduced Sean, Phyllis' replacement on the Jabot web site. Phyllis informed Michael that she had slipped to Mary about Michael's trip to Hong Kong.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, March 19, 2001

The Newman family is outraged that Nick is refused bail. John explains that he'll file an immediate appeal but warns it might take two weeks for any action. Sharon returns to the ranch with Victor and tries to explain to the children where Nick is. Her efforts fall flat as Noah starts crying for his daddy. Ryan and Tricia nurse drinks at Gina's, upset that they missed their flight to Boston because of a flat tire. Ryan calls Keith to update him and convinces him to let him handle Megan in Boston. Victoria decides to ask Carter if he knows where Tricia is. When she calls his number, Tricia answers but Carter quickly grabs the phone from her and offers to let Victoria know if he runs into Tricia. After he hangs up, he pleads with Tricia not to answer the phone. Phyllis is at Gina's and says a quick hello to Baltimore Ravens' Robert Bailey. Mary surprises Phyllis and learns that Michael's in Hong Kong. While Mary rushes to confront her son, Phyllis quickly calls Michael with the bad news. Paul's furious when his mother interrupts his meeting with Isabella. Mary then reports that Michael's with Chris. Ashley and Brad decide to go along with the kids to Florida for spring break and enjoy a late honeymoon with Abby and their nanny. Alex advises Neil about the pain Malcolm's in while Olivia asks Mamie to retrieve Nate's things from Malcolm's studio. Mamie reluctantly agrees but again warns Olivia about the way she's treating Malcolm. Neil calls Olivia and asks her to meet him.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Hong Kong:

Michael questions Phyllis over the phone if she tipped off Paul to his whereabouts. She finally tells him that it was Mary who bullied her into telling where Michael is. He's not too worried about Paul coming after him but is annoyed there's the possibility of it thanks to Phyllis.

Williams Investigations:

Paul demands to know how Mary knows Michael is in Hong Kong. She claims she bumped into Phyllis and it came out. He senses there's more to it and demands an answer. She brushes it off. He just thinks it's business and nothing more and finds her bursting in with the news unwarranted. She finds it interesting that Christine can make time for Michael but not her own husband but Paul is adamant that it's business and tells her to leave. He then asks Lynn to see if Michael really is in Hong Kong. When she confirms it, he is about to call Christine when Isabella interrupts. She got a call on her cell phone from her husband. Marissa recounts how they were out shopping when Isabella got the call from her husband whom she believes is after her. Paul asks for details and she tells him that her husband is furious and made veiled threats. He wants more details on the arrest and finds it odd that he could get to her since he apparently had no Mafia or underworld connections. She can't shake off the feeling though. He asks what he could do to reassure her. She tells him not to leave town


Ashley and Brad are getting all romantic when Jill interrupts. Jack soon follows and much bickering ensues. John breaks up the fighting to discuss the Glow campaign. Their new Webmaster, Sean, joins the meeting to go over the website's role in the campaign. Jill takes an immediate liking to the handsome young man. Ash wonders where Nikki is but no one knows. Jill suggests going on without her and they finally do. Everything in the campaign seems to be working but Sean suggests changing tactics with their advertising. They decide to reveal the campaing to the world and Sean is given the go-ahead to launch the updated site. All are impressed with it. Jill and Ashley discuss Jack and Phyllis. Jill isn't worried since they have the perfect poison pill to use if he keeps seeing her. If they decide to, they can just tell Phyllis what Jack did to her.


Phyllis and Jack meet and Phyllis reminds him that they need to break up for appearance's sake. If Victoria finds out that they are still together she might pressure Phyllis to get more info out of Jack so they must now keep the relationship a secret. He would have been proud of her the way she stood up to Victoria. It's all because she trusts him so completely. She looks forward to the day when they can go public and be seen as a respectable couple.


Mamie stops by to get Nate's things. Malcolm gives her his things with some last minute instructions on his favorite toys. Mamie is obviously not happy with the situation and asks him how he plans to handle it with Nate. She's worried what he might say to Nate. He wants to tell him that Olivia is the one keeping them apart but won't for Nate's sake. She tells him that she too thinks Olivia is wrong but can't get through to her. He asks her to tell Nate that he loves him and always will.


Olivia returns home and finds out that Nate is in a bad mood. She tries to break the news about Malcolm to him but Neil stops by. Nate coldly brushes him off and goes to his room. Olivia apologizes for him to Neil but he wonders how she could possibly explain why she's cutting Malcolm out of Nate's life to her boy. Neil is vehemently against her plan. If she goes through with it he will have nothing to do with her. She argues that this is for Nate's long-term best interests. Neil insists that Malcolm is Nate's father and she can't do this but Liv reminds him that Nathan was his father. Neil claims Malcolm is his dad in every way that counts. It's not enough to love him he needs to be a good father and Malcolm has proven that he isn't over and over again. She won't change her mind. Neil walks out.

The Ranch:

Nikki and Sharon discuss how the kids will handle Nick's arrest. The family will be there for them. Sharon is horrified that someone has been plotting against them for months.

Crimson Lights:

Cassie comforts Noah reassuring him that their dad will be home soon. Victor vows to do everything in his power to free Nick from prison. Cody fills in Matt/Carter that Nick was denied bail. Carter then comforts Sharon and tells her he's not taking the job and will stay to help her through this mess. Victor asks what that was about. Nikki takes the kids to the Ranch while Victor decides to speak to Carter. He wonders why Carter is dropping everything for Nick and Sharon. Carter gets nervous when Vic reveals that they believe Nick was framed. Cody thinks it's Larry Warton. Carter suggests that it might be Matt Clark.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

Ashley confides to Brad about her concern for her brother. The two end up arguing about Jack and Phyllis. In the hotel room, Jack shows Phyllis their new website but leaves her in shock when he claims he just remembered something he must do. Victor talks with Carter and Cody about who could be framing his son. He explains to Cody that Matt Clark framed Nick for shooting his girlfriend and issues a threat to take care of the guy if he ever finds him. Cody doubts that Matt would come back to Genoa City. Victor leaves but not before warning Carter to keep his hands off his daughter-in- law. After he leaves, Carter and Cody consider why Matt would frame Nick. Alex won't take "no" for an answer when a drinking Malcolm orders her to go away. He finally lets her inside and offers her a drink but she refuses and suggests that he talk things out with her. She finally takes him in her arms and kisses him. Mamie arrives as Olivia stuns Nate with the news that she's not going to allow him to see Malcolm anymore. In emotional pain, Nate asks why and boasts that he loves Malcolm. After he runs to his room, Mamie warns Olivia about the terrible mistake she's making and urges her to change her mind. Isabella announces to Paul that because he's leaving town, she's ending his services and probably won't be in town when he returns. Paul offers to set a trap to see if she is being stalked and offers to talk with her tomorrow. He then reaches Chris on the phone and later advises Lynne that he decided not to go to Hong Kong to have to "wait in line" to see his wife. When Sharon leaves the room, Victor talks with Nikki about Matt Clark. Nick's stubborn but then comes around when a guard asks him to change into jail clothes.

Thursday, March 22, 2001

At the coffeehouse, Mac was appalled to hear about what happened to Nick. She offered to help in any way that she could. Carter reminded them that they must be there for Sharon, then he hid in the storeroom and smiled as he read the paper with Nick's face on the front page. Meanwhile, Billy came in waiting for Brittany, thinking of his daydream where Brittany turned into Mac behind the curtain. Brittany found him talking to himself and had an idea for them to get their minds off the Florida Keys. She wanted him to come over to her house after school -- everyone would be gone. He looked up and saw Mac, then told her that he had a History project to get done. She sulked, saying that if he wanted to come over, he would find a way. He said that he would try. While he went to get more coffee, J.T. stopped over to give Brittany a bad time about fooling Billy last summer. She told him that his romance with Mac was worthless, then he left. Billy asked her what he wanted and she said, "He's just mad because his hot romance with Mac is going south. However, if anyone can melt the Ice Princess, he can. Who cares, anyway?"

At Newman Enterprises, Victor asked Connie to get the phone number of the warehouse where Larry had worked and call there asking about him. Lynne gave it to her and she found out that Larry was working at another warehouse in Milwaukee. Victor told John Silva about his suspicions of Larry and of Matt Clark as well. John offered to follow up on the lead, then left to get some sleep after staying up all night to prepare the brief for the appellate court.

Olivia read the news of Nick's arrest when Nate came out to get ready for school. He was very quiet. He refused to talk when she pressed him, so he left for school and she left to find his favorite football at Malcolm's apartment. Meanwhile, he and Alex awoke after a night together, not sure what to say to each other, but glad to be together. He wanted her to tell him that it was good for her too, but she evaded him. Before he would let her leave, he insisted on making his world-famous omelets for breakfast. When he got serious again, she said that they didn't need to analyze it, and jumped up to do the dishes. The doorbell rang -- it was Olivia looking for the football. Before long, Alex came in from the kitchen, surprised to see Olivia. Alex excused herself to the shower and Olivia couldn't help but sink her claws into Malcolm about "sleeping with the first woman who came along" while everyone she knew was giving her heat about what she was doing to him. He said that it wasn't like that, but stopped there trying to defend himself. Olivia left and Alex consoled him before she left for court. In her normal style, she answered his question from before as she walked away -- "It was good for me too."

At Paul's office, he announced that he would not go to Hong Kong until Michael Baldwin was gone and back home. Isabella came in, relieved to hear that Paul was postponing his trip. He met with her and asked about the abuse, offering personal understanding and suggestions to try support groups for help. He held her hand and told her that it wasn't her fault. Marissa walked in on them, ready to take another trip. She came back out to the reception area telling Lynne that Paul was not only handling Isabella's case, he was counseling her.

At school, Rianna tried diligently to talk Raul into going the doctor, but he sited family illness and insurance hassles as reasons not to go. After getting upset with her, he walked off. Mac arrived and school and both she and Rianna talked to him about it some more. They got a commitment from him that he would get the name of the doctor and the insurance form before his parents left for Cuba that evening.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki insisted that the kids eat all meals at the main house during the crisis. Sharon tried to take Cassie to school -- it was a special assembly day and she was really looking forward to it. They had to come back though -- reporters were crowding the gate, calling names and yelling questions. Katherine Chancellor paid them a visit, and when she heard about their difficulties, she offered to drive them through the crowd herself.

Reporters came in to the coffeehouse to ask Cody and Carter some questions about the case. Cody defended Nick and Carter stayed quiet until they didn't leave after Cody asked them to. He came to the rescue, kicking them out. Then he placed a call to Larry bragging about how successful they were with Nick in jail. Larry freaked out when he heard that Carter was still in Genoa City. He questioned his judgment once again, and Carter hung up on him. As Larry put his coat on and opened the door to leave, there stood Victor Newman. . . .

Friday, March 23, 2001

Warton's Apt:

Larry is worried about what Matt/Carter could be up to, staying in Genoa City. He heads out to work only to find Victor at his doorstep. When Larry asks if this is about Nick, Victor finds it interesting that he would assume that. Larry explains he heard it on the news. Victor thinks enemies have framed Nick. He then asks why Larry moved to GC and then Milwaukee where the warehouse supposedly owned by Nick is located. Larry thinks it's all a coincidence and asks Victor who pointed the finger to him in the first place. Victor sidesteps the question. Larry challenges Vic to provide proof that he's responsible. All in good time Vic promises. He then grabs Larry, pushes him against a wall and threatens to ruin him. He then offers to let Larry take a shot against him but Larry won't play his games. Victor will be watching and waiting for him to slip up.

Crimson Lights:

Sharon fills in Cody about the reporters at the ranch. When Cody mentions that there were some there too and that Carter got rid of them she thanks Carter for his help. She then heads off to visit Nick before visiting hours are over. When she realizes she didn't drive there, Carter offers his car. She then asks him to drive her over there.


Jill walks in on Brad as he is shaving. He stayed overnight after working late. Jill asks what Ashley thinks about her wayward hubby. Jill changes subjects to ideas that Sean (the new Webmaster) wants to pitch to the board. As there is no board meeting scheduled, he wants to meet with any available members. Brad agrees to meet but isn't looking forward to hanging out with Jill. He then offers some advice: not to always come out with both barrels blazing. Try some diplomacy once in a while. A very tense Ashley enters after receiving Jill's message. Jill senses the tension and shifts gears to talking about Nick's arrest. Jill thinks the scandal might be good for business. Sean arrives and offers his ideas: along with the live chats he wants to show clips from the previous campaigns leading up to the new Spring Break campaign. He also wants to super-impose old footage over scenes from Florida as a kind of teaser. He'll need to go through all the old footage especially the material that was never aired on the web. Jill thinks that's a tall order, going through all those tapes. Sean suggests getting Mackenzie to help. Jill tries to torpedo the idea but Brad and Ash overrule her. When Ash snaps at Jill to keep her opinions about Jack to herself, Jill deduces that Brad and Ashley are fighting.

Jack's Office:

Phyllis stops by wanting to talk. Jack left so abruptly last night and she wants to keep things open between them. She senses that he's holding back and doesn't want him to. She suspects that he's scared of committing and mentions that she loves him. She immediately regrets it, worried that she's scared him but he assures her he isn't going anywhere. Jack mentions that their relationship has been rocky at best. She explains that she came to GC not for the job but for Jack. He didn't believe her the first time she said that but does now. Jill walks in to find them kissing but slips out unseen. Phyllis asks where they go from here. Jack wants to tell her something when he gets an urgent call. He'll see her later. After he leaves Phyllis checks for messages but runs into Jill who wants to chat.

Walnut Grove:

Billy and Mac chat about schoolwork. Mac asks if Billy knows if Raul has gone to a doctor yet. Billy isn't sure but is concerned about his former friend. Mac then offers to be a good listener if he wants to talk about problems with Brittany. He doesn't think that's a good idea. She tries to reconnect with him but he shuts her out. Brittany interrupts them and mentions the Spring Break campaign for Glo by Jabot. Britt assures her that they will find time to have fun and 'sympathizes' that she can't go. Mac mentions that Raul suggested she go since Jabot owes her for helping out on New Year's. She then reassures her rival that she isn't going. Billy chastises Brittany for taunting Mac. She mentions that Mac is probably looking forward to spending time with J.T. and how different J.T. acts when he talks about Mac, like he cares for her. Billy heads to a computer hoping to get in touch with "Clean Queen". Mac notices and heads for a nearby computer. They begin to chat where she wonders if he still has feelings for his old girlfriend.

Neil's Office:

Neil and Alex work on the HMO case. Alex suspects their opponent shave been withholding material and wants a judge to put pressure on them to release everything. With Victor away Neil needs to stay at HQ so Alex will fill him in after court. Neil then asks if she's seen Malcolm lately and how he is taking being separated from Nate. He also mentions that he saw Olivia and told her he wouldn't be a part of her plan to keep them apart. She wonders if he's doing that because it's right or because that's what Malcolm wants. He admits it's both. He then thanks her for being a bridge between him and his brother.


Sharon is nervous about not making Nick anymore upset. Carter offers her comforting words. Prison clothes garbed Nick meets with Sharon. He's hanging in there he assures her. She assures him that she'll always be there for him no matter what. He asks about the kids. They haven't taken it well. She mentions that reporters have been snooping around. He presses her for details and she admits they accused him of being a murderer in front of the kids. She assures him that John Silva is working on an appeal but hesitates to mention that it won't be for at least a few weeks.

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