The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on Y&R
Olivia stabilized Raul. Paul worried that his marriage wouldn't last much longer. Tricia tried to kill herself, but Ryan found her. 'Carter' attacked Ryan with a bat and left Ryan unconscious. Phyllis agreed to give Jack a second chance.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 23, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, April 23, 2001

Billy, Mac, Rianna and Jack are at the hospital worried about Raul's condition. Rianna is blaming herself for not realizing something serious was wrong with Raul. As Olivia works on Raul, he begins to go into convulsions. As the doctors are trying to stabilize him, he falls off the gutney. Olivia get test results and calls for an O.R. while Rianna, Mac and Billy look on in horror.

Sharon and the kids are visiting Nick at the jail. Noah tells his father that he thinks he made the wrong wish for his birthday, he should have wished for Nick to come home. Nick is heartbroken by the visit with his kids. Sharon visits with Nick alone and Sharon tells Nick that she saw Tricia leaving the visting area as Warton was just finishing a visit with someone. When Nick returns to his cell, Nick asks Warton if he should consult with Tricia about who Warton's accomplice is to Warton's surprise.

Carter is on the phone making plans to rent a remote cabin as Tricia returns from her visit with Warton. Tricia told Warton that she did not like going there and that she know he is trying to manipulate her. Carter tries to calm Tricia by telling her that they are leaving Genoa City but he wants her to go to Peoria first to get them a place to live. Tricia tells a stunned Carter that she ran into Sharon as she was leaving the jail.

Ryan and Victoria are discussing the Brash & Sassy Spring Break campaign as Victor arrives. Victor tells them that they now know that someone who has high security clearance got into the computer to create more evidence against Nick. As Victor is telling this, Ryan has a flashback of Tricia asking about his Newman password and the time that his laptop was missing. After Victor leaves, Victoria tells Ryan that she noticed a strange expression on his face as Victor was talking about the computer invasion. Ryan does not want to talk about it.

J.T. is at the Chancellor Mansion waiting with Katherine and Brock for Mac so they can leave for their trip to Hawaii. Mac calls to say that she is at the hospital because Raul is very ill. J.T. leaves and tells them to call him when and if they are ready to go. He goes to the coffeehouse where he finds Brittany, Jill and Sean who are also waiting for news about the Glo by Jabot trip to Florida. J.T. tells them that Raul is very ill. Jill and Sean immediately leave for the hospital. J.T. tells Brittany that the chances are greater of Billy staying in Genoa City with Mac than going on this trip.

Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Crimson Lights:

Ryan and Victoria decide to unwind at the coffee shop. She presses him on his suspicion as to who hacked into Newman Enterprise's computers to frame Nick. He admits he suspects Tricia. He remembers the night he told her about his password and how the computer was moved. Ryan doesn't see why she would do that but Victoria thinks she's very capable and wants to run to Victor with the info.

Brittany and J.T. wonder how things are with Raul. Their plans are on hold because of him. J.T. tells her that Billy's at the hospital with Mackenzie.


Tricia tells Carter that Sharon saw her at the jail. He can't believe his bad luck. She feels like he blames her for some disaster. She wants to know why but he screams at her to stop asking questions. He calms and tells her that he has a few lose ends to tie up before they leave. He promises that the whole mess will be behind them soon but she is clearly conflicted and confused. She fantasizes about finding a large stash of pills and Ryan telling her to trust her instincts. She wonders what to do next.

Victor's Office:

Sharon stops by to thank him for getting her and the kids in to see Nick. She passes on a message from Nick: Larry Warton had a visitor. He tells her they must find out who the visitor is as it could be Larry's partner in crime. Victor tries to get the info about who visited Larry Warton from the jail. Victoria and Ryan enter and before they can tell him about Tricia and the password, he reveals to them that she was Warton's visitor. Sharon recounts how she and the kids bumped into her at the jail. Ryan admits that he suspects Tricia may have been the hacker. Victor doesn't understand why she would have a vendetta against Nick. Victor wants to find out exactly what her connection is to Larry Warton.


Mac and Billy wait anxiously on news about Raul. Jack still can't get in touch with his aunt. They tell him they saw Raul going into convulsions. Raul is still having seizures. Olivia has him moved to the OR. Rianna sees his empty room and assumes the worst. Mac and Billy reassure her but she still blames herself. Jack fills in Jill and Sean. Jill comforts both Billy and Rianna and even manages to comfort Mac who hugs her in tears. Later, as they wait for news, Billy tells Mac that he blames himself for Raul being so sick. He is the only thing that matters and that he has to get better. Mac remembers when Billy was in the hospital and Raul did the same thing: blaming himself. Brittany sees them share a hug. They fill her in that Raul has diabetes. Olivia updates the kids. Raul is in recovery but is still very critical. He has swelling of the brain. It was caused because Raul didn't know he was diabetic. She tells them how it affected his body and reassures Rianna that it is not her fault. Raul has Type 1 diabetes and if and when he recovers he will need to take insulin shots regularly but it's going to be very difficult for him to pull through. The next 24hrs are crucial. Brittany offers to get a phone number to check on him but none of them plan to go anywhere. Britt offers to stay with them. They'll all be together through this.


Jack, Jill and Sean feel for Raul but need to discuss how to salvage the campaign. Jill suggests going ahead with the other three provided Raul pulls through. Sean suggests telling all to the public but Jack doesn't like capitalizing on Raul's tragedy.


Nick tells Warton he thinks Tricia was his visitor and presses him to admit it. Larry feigns ignorance. Nick offers a deal and Larry seems tempted but still wary. Nick vows to do his best to help him out. Larry still won't buy it: even if he did know something, a kid died. There's no way the DA will go easy on him. He reiterates his promise to talk to Nick in 1 week, not a minute sooner. Nick can't understand why he won't talk now. Victor is bound to find Tricia and make her talk but Larry holds firm.


Alex cooks Malcolm a delicious meal. When she asks where he got a matching hat and apron he tenses up. He tells her how Nate had him wear it on night for his friends. He's happy to have the memories but doesn't want to talk about it especially when he could be having fun with Alex. She reveals how she worked her way through college as an assistant chef which surprises him. They enjoy her cooking and their evening. He admits to at one time being unsure of her feeling for him but is confident now that they are on the road to something special.

The woods:

Carter pulls up to a remote cabin. He meets with the owner from whom he is renting it. It hasn't been used since the summer and people like it because it is very isolated. He privately tells himself that tomorrow he and Sharon will be alone together.

Wednesday, April 25, 2001

At the penthouse Victor gave Glen Richards a picture of Tricia and demanded that he put out an APB for her. Victor insisted that Tricia be questioned about using Ryan's laptop and her connection with Nick's frame-up. Richards' hesitation infuriated Victor who retalliated by telling him that he would hire someone to find her himself and that he would go public with the district attorneys office imcompetence in withholding evidence that would clear Nick. As Richards left the penthouse, Victor warned him to find Tricia soon.

At the apartment, Carter was surprised to awake later that he planned and to find Tricia watching him. He immediately started packing his suitcase which reminded Tricia of her daydream. She frantically searched his suitcase for the drugs she "saw" but was astonished to find no trace of them. Carter surprised Tricia with a gift, a suitcase for "their" trip to Peoria. He asked her to start packing so that she could leave ahead of him with the cash he gave her. Sensing that Tricia was hesitant, Carter reassured Tricia that she could trust him and asked her to call him with the new address in Peoria so that he could join her there tomorrow. After giving Tricia a goodbye kiss, Carter told himself in the corridor that he will be glad to be rid of her.

At the hospital, Billy, Brittany, Mac, and Rianna awoke and asked the nurse for news of Raul. The nurse told them that Raul's blood sugar had stabilized but any information about Raul's impending surgery would have to come from Olivia. Olivia arrived and told them that Raul's vital signs showed improvement but he was still in a coma and they still could not visit him. Brittany asked Billy to go with her to Jabot to give them an update about Raul's condition. Billy refused but encouraged Brittany to go ahead without him. Brittany looked on as Billy, Mac, and Rianna crowded up to the nurses station.

At Nick and Sharon's, Nikki dropped in to check on Sharon. Sharon told Nikki about having seen Tricia at the jail visiting Warton and about the laptop theory . Sharon told Nikki that she was now optimistic about finding the person who framed Nick. Nikki cautioned Sharon about getting her hopes up. Sharon told Nikki that Victor gave Tricia's picture to the DA and that Tricia had told everyone that she had left town. Sharon admitted to feeling guilty about being upset with Victor about his feelings about Carter. Nikki told Sharon not to worry so much about Carter having to leave town. Instead, she said they should all be grateful for the encouraging news about Tricia. Alone at her house later, a tearful Sharon reminisced about Nick and their wedding day. Sharon was then interrupted by a knock and was surprised to find Carter at her door.

At the tack house, Victoria surprised Ryan with breakfast. Ryan wondered how Victoria could be so nice to him now that the Newmans know that Tricia used his laptop to set up Nick. Ryan, clearly upset with himself for not seeing through Tricia, berated himself for being so concerned about Tricia's well being and not seeing what was really happening. Victoria wondered if her suggestion of Ryan leaving Tricia might have been a part of what set her off. Victoria then suggested that perhaps Tricia was actually duped and not the villain. Victoria told Ryan that he shouldn't blame himself because she doesn't think that Tricia is capable of masterminding anything as complicated as Nick's set-up, although she is probably involved. Victoria pointed out that the mastermind would have to be someone who is subtle and manipulative, and not at all like Warton. She suggested that Tricia's neediness may have contributed to her being able to be controlled by such a person. Victoria surmised that Tricia was merely a courier. Ryan questioned Tricia's willingness to participate but had a sinking feeling that she is in real danger.

At the office, Paul told Lynne about his trip to South Bend and tried unsuccessfully to reach Victor by phone. He told Lynne that the plastic surgeon who operated on Matt Clark said that Matt did not return for his follow up appointment and, because his surgery was so extensive, he could not speculate what Matt's new appearance would be. Lynne and Marissa talked about Paul's night away from Isabella and how happy they were that Paul had a night away from her. Isabella walked in with her bodyguard with breakfast for everyone and welcomed Paul back. Isabella asked Paul about his current and past cases and they shared a funny story. Isabella admitted to Paul that she missed him while he was in South Bend. As Lynne and Marissa left the office, Paul told Isabella that it had been a long time since he laughed and Isabella told him she was glad that he shared it with her. A phone call from Christine interrupted the moment.

At Jabot, Jill and Jack were waiting for news about Raul and the spring break trip when John walked in. Jill immediately began pressing John for a decision about the Glo by Jabot campaign. Jack admitted that he wants to cancel the campaign and Jill fumed that she isn't ready to throw in the towel. John tried to calm Jill so that they could make some rational decisions. Brittany arrived and told them that Raul's blood sugar was normal and that she, Rianna, Mac, and Billy are concerned about the trip. Brittany was optimistic that the trip would go on as planned and assumed that Raul would come out of his coma very soon. Skeptical about the willingness of Rianna, Mac, and Billy to go forward with their plans, John and Jack questioned Brittany about her impression of the situation. Jill lashed out at Jack for questioning Brittany and maintained that she was only trying to be hopeful. Jill told Brittany to go back to the hospital and keep them posted about Raul's condition. Jack lashed out at Jill for questioning his dedication to Jabot. Accepting that Raul would not be involved in the campaign, Jill suggested a replacement for Raul. Jack reminded Jill that Rianna and Billy would most likely not be interested in leaving their friend in such critical condition, regardless of what Brittany said. Visibly upset about Raul's condition, John admitted that the timing could not be worse for Jabot. Jill tried to reassure John but he insisted that Jill not pressure Billy about leaving town. Jill argued that they have invested too much money into the project to abandon it. John decided to pull the plug on the spring break campaign and suggested that everyone start making the necessary phone calls to cut all possible media contracts in an effort to cut expenses. He assured Jill and Jack that Jabot would survive and asked Jack to call him if there were any changes in Raul's condition.

Nikki arrived at the penthouse to thank Victor for trying to locate Tricia. Thinking Tricia is long gone, Victor told Nikki that he's not optimistic but is determined not to give up. A tearful Nikki asked to stay at the penthouse for a while before going to work at Jabot. Victor comforted Nikki and reminded her that she is as strong as he is and that their children inherited that same strength from them. He reminded her that they can withstand anything as a family. Comforted, Nikki told Victor to go and fight for Nick. Nikki assured Victor that she wouldn't be long at the penthouse and Victor pointed out that she was already feeling stronger.

Back at the hospital, Olivia asked Rianna about Raul's doctor but Rianna told her that Raul never mentioned his name. While Rianna was at the hospital chapel, Mac and Billy talked about how sad they feel for Rianna and how Billy questions why he couldn't figure out that something was really wrong with Raul a long time ago. Billy began to cry and reminded Mac that he and Raul used to be best friends and that he never got the chance to make things right with Raul. Mac comforted Billy and assured him that he would have that chance again. Brittany returned to the hospital just as Raul returned from his CT Scan. Olivia gave the results of Raul's CT Scan and told Billy, Brittany, Mac, and Rianna that there was no obvious brain damage but Raul's kidneys were still not functioning and he would have to start dialysis. Guardedly optimistic, she warned them that Raul is not out of the woods and is in a semi-comatose state. Brittany embraced Rianna and Mac embraced Billy as Brittany looked on. Obviously troubled by Mac and Billy's display, Brittany whisked Billy away to talk to Olivia.

Thursday, April 26, 2001

At Sharon's house, Carter acted upset about how Victor had been treating him, then baited Sharon with hints that he had a lead that may help Nicholas. He told her that he would postpone leaving town to look into it for her, then left the house feeling very proud of himself.

Chris called Paul to tell him that her return would be delayed and the conversation went from bad to worse. Paul hung up then realized that Isabella had been listening to the whole thing. He acted upset at first, then reflected upon how their situations may not be that much different -- his was just happening in slow motion. She hugged him to comfort him.

Christine also called Michael to give him the news. He almost told her about his plans to surprise her, but was interrupted when she received another call.

Tricia called Ryan on his cell phone while Victoria was waiting for him in the shower. He tried to convince her to tell him where she was, with no success. She did admit that she was in Genoa City when he mentioned that she had been seen. She hung up, then Ryan and Victoria rushed off to Victor's office to tell him the news.

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis, Victor, and Neil were checking out the Jabot website and found that the Spring campaign had been canceled. They were amazed and happy about that when Ryan and Victoria arrived. Phyllis was taken aback by the news they had found on the computer and rushed off when they wanted to be alone to talk about Nick's case.

At the hospital, Billy and Mac talked about their feelings while thinking back about when she was waiting for Billy to wake up from his coma. He admitted that he did care about what happened to her and asked about her plans with J.T. She assured him that she wasn't serious about J.T. and that she knew what she wanted. Later, Billy wanted to talk some more, but Brittany whined that she needed him to hold her while they waited for news about Raul.

Brittany freaked out trying to be nice and act like she was concerned about Raul. J.T. showed up to check in on Mac, and Brittany pulled him aside. She tried to talk him into working on the Hawaii trip some more with Mac and her grandmother, but the decision was clear that they would not be going. The kids were relieved to find out that Raul was awake and rushed to his bedside.

Phyllis rushed into Jack's office after Jill had just left from a meeting. They had decided to tell the story without releasing Raul's name and use links to medical websites to help prevent this from happening to other teens. When Phyllis arrived, she said, "Jack, What have you done for me?" and they embraced in a long, passionate kiss.

Tricia continued packing for Peoria, convinced that leaving was her best option. She had been hearing the voices of Ryan and Carter telling her what to do. Before she left the apartment, the phone rang. It was someone from the pharmaceutical lab, wanting to tell her the news about the pill she had given to them in person.

Friday, April 27, 2001


Tricia shows up looking for Michael. He sees her, happy to finally learn her name after all these months of brief meetings. She shows him the lab results on the drug she found in Carter's apartment. It's rohypnol: the date rape drug. He asks her about the pill (where she got it etc.). She tells him she found it at her boyfriend's and how he said it was asthma medication. When he asks if she thinks he's used it on anyone, she tells him she thinks he used it on her. Michael asks why her boyfriend would drug her if they were in a good place relationship-wise. She tells him that when she realized she had crossed that line there was no going back. He wonders if her boyfriend would become violent if he knew that she knows about the pill. He advises Tricia to steer clear of him now. But he's all she has now and wants to flee. He promises to get her help if she stays. She bristles at the mention of 'help'. He wants to put her away like everyone else, she says. She feels her life is worthless and advises him to find someone else to save. She then storms out.

Victoria's Office:

Ryan is anxiously pacing. He feels guilty over not getting Tricia's whereabouts the last time they spoke. He gets the idea to get his cell phone company to tell him the number that she called from. He is hesitant to call it though in case it freaks her out and she leaves town. He wants to tell Paul about it and get his advice.

Crimson Lights:

Paul and Sharon talk about Nick's case. He's curious as to how she's holding up. She's handling it okay but is careful not to let the kids see how it upsets her. She mentions seeing Tricia at the jail the last time she was there. Paul had no idea Tricia was involved in Nick's case. She fills him in on her involvement with Larry Warton and the mystery partner. No one knows how to find Tricia. Cassie and the nanny stop by. She misses Nick but didn't like seeing him in jail. She has so much she wants to tell him and wants to go with her mom to see him. Paul will head to NE to see Victor about this Tricia development, as his cell phone is dead. He notices the ad looking for Tricia in the paper that Vic had placed.

Mamie takes Nate out for a smoothie before heading out to a movie. Malcolm 'surprisingly' shows up and spends time with Nate. Nate reads from the journal Mamie gave him. Mamie is pleased on how much happier Nate is since they developed their arrangement. She hates lying to Olivia but it is doing wonders for Nate. He tells Mamie that they may not have to sneak around much longer. He's considering going back to court to seek legal custody. Mamie wonders if it's even possible since he's not the biological father., He thinks with some witnesses (i.e. her) he could have a chance. She won't testify against her niece. Maybe Neil could testify but Malcolm isn't sure where his loyalty lies. He convinces Mamie into letting him give Nate a ride to his friend's house instead of her. Later Mamie runs into Neil. She wants to talk about Malcolm and his idea to go to court over Nate. She asks where he would stand if he did.

Neil's Office:

Neil remembers learning about Malcolm and Alex's relationship. He is clearly bothered by it. Victor and Alex arrive to discuss the HMO case. She now suspects that Lawson medical is rewarding doctor's for withholding tests that may be crucial to a patient's health. She can't get access to the necessary records to prove it though. This is even more serious than they thought, it's criminal. Neil has an idea of an approach that may solve the entire case with no further litigation. They should get the settlement they originally wanted and turn the case over to the authorities. Victor orders her to contact the state's authorities and sever all NE employee contracts with Lawson medical. Victor senses a friction between them and asks about it. They deny any tension between them so he leaves them to work on the case. She's furious that he blindsided her in front of Victor with his suggestion. She wonders what has him so upset with her but he dismisses her.

Olivia's Office:

Reese, Olivia's colleague, asks how she's holding up after her long night in the ER. She's lucky to have a great nanny and Aunt Mamie to help her raise Nate. She's especially happy knowing Mamie will raise the boy just as she would. When he asks about Malcolm she asks to change the subject. They talk about Raul and how she pulled him out of his diabetic coma. She is bothered by what Rianna said earlier, that he had very recently seen a doctor who gave him a clean bill of health. How could anyone miss the symptoms? They don't know the doctor's name, but she is determined to learn more.


Phyllis kisses Jack and wants to take him away to talk about what she believes he did for her sake (canceling the Spring Campaign). Jack tries to explain but Phyllis doesn't want to hear it. She was blown away by his gesture and how appropriate it was to solving their problem. He finally admits the truth behind the trip's cancellation. She's happy Raul's okay but still upset over learning that it had nothing to do with her. He's been racking his brain trying to find a compromise to their problem but she won't give him another chance. He wants to fix this, not with big gestures, not overnight but with small intimate moments of truth and sharing. He says that he loves her and knows that she loves him too. She turns to leave but stops and tells him she won't let him hurt her again. He asks if this is goodbye. It would be except she can't get him out of her head. She's never felt this before and doesn't know how to deal with it. She also doesn't want to look back and regret her choice. They get closer and finally kiss just as Ashley enters the boardroom to see it.

Carter's Apt:

Tricia returns home and reflects back on the morning she woke up after sleeping with Carter the first time and how she doesn't remember any of it. She realizes what he did and hates herself for thinking anyone could ever love her. With a tear in her eye, she turns up the gas on his stove...

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