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Paul was served with divorce papers. Sharon told Nick that she was pregnant, but she was further along than expected. Katherine was granted legal guardianship of Mac. Raul was infuriated when Rianna admitted that she and J.T. had had sex.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 30, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, July 30, 2001

Gina's Restaurant

Olivia catches Nate with Malcolm and Aunt Mamie. Nate cries out he wanted to see his father and that it's not his fault. After Olivia asks Gina to take Nate to the door, she tells Aunt Mamie that she trusted Aunt Mamie with her son and she betrayed her. After Olivia leaves, Mamie tells Malcolm that Olivia was very close to changing her mind about his visitation privileges.

Neil's Office

Malcolm comes to see Alex and admits what happened with Olivia. Malcolm considers lying. Alex tells Malcolm that lying under oath will not get him anywhere but in more trouble. Malcolm asks Alex if there is anything that can be done to help him now, she says maybe.

Michael's Office

Olivia storms in with Nate. Michael asks her what is the problem. Nate is trying to defend Malcolm and tells Olivia that he and Malcolm were going to a baseball game. Olivia tells Nate to wait outside while she talks to Michael. She tells Michael that Malcolm has really done it this time, what he did was just like a stranger taking her son without permission. Michael tells her honestly that he saw what this is doing to Nate. If she persists, Nate may never forgive her for not letting Malcolm be a part of her son's life.


Nikki invites Warton to have dinner with her. Warton sits down to eat. Warton tells Nikki that the corporate world is so much different than the world of prison. He said that in prison you always knew where you stood with people. He says at Jabot he has noticed that people act like they like you when in actuality they may not and he know he needs to be on his guard more. Nikki tries to give some tips on how to be a part of the world at Jabot. Nikki suggests that Warton read the newspaper and magazines for current events. Warton tells her that he is not too keen on reading. He thanks her for dinner and leaves. Nikki follows him and tells him that it is never too late to learn. He tells her that she is a part of this world and would not understand about his. She tells him about her early days as a stripper when she first met Victor.

The Boutique

Mac is having an online chat with someone and the person is asking her very personal questions. Billy sees the questions that are being asked of Mac and immediately signs off the chat.

The Coffeehouse

Brittany is pretending to be someone else so she can taunt Mac with personal questions. When the chat ends, J.T. comes in and asks Brittany what is she up to. J.T. tells Brittany that she better not try to hurt Mac. Brittany tells him that if she contacted Mac's mother then they would reconcile and Mac would go back where she came from. After J.T. leaves, Brittany goes back on the internet and realizes that people are talking about Mac and her past, just like she wanting them to.

Nick arrives and Sharon seems to be very much back to normal. The kids arrive along with Doris. The kids go off to make smoothies with Nick and Sharon talks to her mother. Doris notices that something seems to be up with Sharon but can't really put her finger on it.

The Chancellor Estate

Katherine and Esther are talking about Jill when she arrives. Jill asks Katherine why are she and Esther discussing her. The phone ring and it's John Silva. Jill asks Katherine what are she and her lawyer cooking up. Jill realizes it's the legal guardianship of Mac. Katherine tells Jill if it were not for her interference and threats to Mac then she would not have had to take this step.

Billy and Mac tell Katherine about the internet chat incident. Katherine tries to console Mac when John Silva arrives with the final papers which give Katherine legal guardianship of Mac. Jill comes into the room as everyone is celebrating the good news. Billy goes over to his mother and tells her that he is happy that she has kept her distance where he and Mac are concerned and he appreciates that.

He thanks her for letting him and Mac have an open relationship and because of that things are better between him and Jill. Jill is visibly shaken by her son's kind words.

Nick & Sharon's House

Nick tells Sharon what it has meant to him to be a father and what the children have brought to his life. After Nick goes to bed, Sharon gets a calendar and counts and realizes that she might be pregnant.

Tuesday, July 31, 2001


Paul visits Nikki to talk about the mess his life has become. Things happened much quicker than he expected with Isabella and they ended up having sex. Nikki sympathizes but Paul doesn't want to shake off his responsibility. He screwed up. Nikki insists that he's hardly to blame since Chris abandoned him. The marriage wasn't dead when he met Isabella. It could have been saved but it might be too late now. Nikki offers that Christine's absence is a sign that the marriage is in big trouble. She tells him he is overestimating Isabella's role in the marriage falling apart. He realizes what he has to do now and leaves.

Paul's Apt:

Isabella remembers her argument with Paul about his failed marriage. Michael calls her for an update. When she hesitates speaking over the phone he insists that she meet him at his office. Paul returns later and Isabella confronts him as to why he's avoiding her. He insists that it has nothing to do with her past. He's decided to go to Australia to speak to Christine in person.

Abbott Pool:

Billy tells Raul about Mac's bizarre chat session in which someone who claims to have known her from the homeless shelter revealed her full name and city of birth on the web for all (including possibly Amanda) to see. Billy then tells him the good news that Kay is now officially Mac's guardian. They talk about why Rianna doesn't like to hang out with J.T. because of the way he treated her. Raul and Billy set up for the work day when J.T. shows up early for work. Billy wonders where J.T. went when he was supposed to be doing a chat. He was at the Boutique and spoke to Rianna. Raul demands to know what they talked about. J.T. tells him that they spoke about the past.

Chancellor House:

Rianna shows up and confronts Mac about breaking Rianna's confidence by talking to J.T. Mac insists she didn't tell him anything private. Rianna is obviously upset that the only reason he apologized to her was to look good in Mac's eyes. Mac tells her she's not the only one who senses how uncomfortable she is around J.T. Billy does too and she wonders how long until Raul will pick up on it. Mac wonders why J.T. is suddenly so bothered by J.T. but Rianna can't figure it out either. Maybe because she was focused so much on Raul that she pushed away her anxiety about J.T. Rianna warns her friend to watch her back with J.T. She doesn't want to get J.T. fired though as that would only pique Raul's suspicions. She asks what J.T. said about their relationship. Mac figured out that her time with him was her first. Is that the reason why she's still bothered by J.T.? Does she still have feelings for him?


Ashley and Victor bump into each other when Ash takes the baby out for a stroll and Victor is playing soccer. He tells her how well motherhood becomes her. This is the happiest she's ever been in her life. He asks how Traci is doing with her marriage. She also tells him that he was right about her fears about Brad forgetting Abby with Colleen around were unfounded. Victor is surprised that Ashley would open her home to her husband's child with her sister. Ashley felt for her niece/stepdaughter and had to act.

Carlton House:

Brad makes Colleen breakfast. Colleen calls Traci and asks how things are progressing. Traci tells her that she and Steve are working hard to work things out. She asks how things are with her daughter who tells her about the dances classes she's taking. Traci is happy that Colleen seems much happier these days. Colleen senses that her mom is tired from the ordeal and suggests to Brad that he invite her to GC for a break. Brad calls Traci and asks how she's doing. She's not really sure. Traci suspects that Colleen's suggestion for her to visit GC is a ploy to stop any reconciliation. She will think about it though.


Isabella meets with Michael and tells him how Paul found the books implicating James. There's no more case to worry about. Paul also found the massage parlor book which revealed her past to the detective. The moment was the worst of her life she tells Michael. But then Paul did something unexpected. Michael tells her that her record was expunged which she thought would have buried it forever but didn't count on James keeping pictures of her past. Paul was more upset about her lying to him but they made up and made love. The next day however he was different. She thinks it has to do with him finding out about her past. He tells her that he spoke to Christine who was very obviously in a foul mood and assumes it had to do with Paul.

Nick & Sharon's:

Sharon returns from dropping the kids off at camp and is surprised to see Nick home at that time of the day. He thinks that something is bothering his wife. She tells him that she's been thinking about how great a dad he is. She burst into tears but says that she is just really happy. He offers to spend the day with her but she assures him she'll be fine and sends him off. Later Sharon stares at a pregnancy test.

Wednesday, August 1, 2001

Sharon calls Nick home for a special lunch and announces that she is pregnant. Mac suggests to Rianna that she's still bothered by her moment in bed with J.T. because it was her first time making love. When Rianna admits she's hurt by how nicely J.T. treats Mac, Mac urges her to talk with Raul about this but Rianna refuses. Meanwhile, J.T. tells a curious Raul to mind his own business. Mac and Rianna arrive and Raul insists that Rianna have a chat with him. Nikki talks to Brad about a new plant discovered in Brazil that has supposed recuperative powers. He suggests that she go to Brazil and then the two discuss Colleen living with Brad and Ashley. Victor finally leaves Ashley and Abby in the park and urges her to keep an eye on Colleen. Back in town, Phyllis stops by Michel's office and listens to his concern for Chris. He becomes upset and asks her to leave when she points out that Chris left town rather than stick around after her troubles with her husband. Lynne's pleased when Paul asks her to book him on the next flight to Australia. Isabella responds by threatening to pack her bags and leave if he boards that plane. Paul's shocked to receive divorce papers from Chris.

Thursday, August 2, 2001
by Ruth

Mac and Billy were poolside at the Glo by Jabot house discussing J.T.'s behavior and the problems that Raul and Rianna were having. Inside the pool house, Raul pushed and pushed, asking Rianna repeatedly what made her so upset about whatever J.T. did to her while they were together last year.

Neil found Alex taking a breather on the couch in his office, worn out after the tragedy that Malcolm had just been through. He didn't like the news, but thought there might be some hope of salvation. Just after Malcolm had arrived, Neil took off for Olivia's apartment.

Paul stood stunned, reading the divorce papers that had just arrived at his door. Isabella entered the room carrying her luggage, promising to be out of there very soon. She noticed how upset he was and asked what he was reading. He flipped through the pages and found that Michael Baldwin had signed for Christine. This sent him packing immediately off to Michael's office.

Sharon was thrilled to know that Nicholas' reaction to her news of being pregnant was quite positive. They talked of how their lives would change and asked each other if they could handle it. Together, they were ready to bring a new baby into the family.

Neil talked to Olivia and found out that she hadn't been softening her stance about visitation; she had just started resigning herself to the fact that she would lose the case. Now things were totally different. He left knowing that he was wasting his time trying to talk to her. After he left, she seemed exasperated and upset with the whole situation.

Paul stormed into the law office, ready to pick a fight with Michael. His response was that Christine didn't want to wait with the papers and that he was acting as her power of attorney. Paul refused to believe it and blamed Michael. Michael said that he could go ahead and blame him if he needed a scapegoat, but Christine had made the decision herself. Paul ran to the telephone and ordered Chantal to get Chris on the phone. Her secretary answered and gave him a prepared statement -- the divorce papers spoke for themselves and Chris didn't want to talk to him.

Back at Paul's apartment, Isabella called Michael wondering why he hadn't told her about the divorce papers. He said that Chris called after the two of them had seen each other. They warned each other NOT to let anything slip -- they both had a lot at stake in the whole twisted mess. Mary Williams arrived at the door soon thereafter, surprised at the news, but obviously not upset. When Isabella seemed resigned to the fact that she must leave because Paul had planned a trip to Australia, Mary told her that what really mattered was whether or not she could look into her heart and see what she really wanted. . .

Alex tried to convince Malcolm to offer a compromise to Michael Baldwin that would result in less time with Nate, but at least some time. He took the suggestion personally and reacted with accusations and biting remarks. She tried to say that she had feelings for him and that she would never suggest something that would hurt him. He wasn't listening.

As Billy and Mac came closer to an all-out fight over the J.T. thing, Mac hinted that J.T. wasn't just pulling their chain when he said that he and Rianna shared a secret. Inside, Rianna finally caved in to Raul's persistent questions -- she admitted that she had slept with J.T. . . .

Friday, August 3, 2001

Abbott House:

Raul has taken the news that Rianna and J.T. slept together badly. He's disillusioned and angry at J.T. for taking advantage of Rianna. She tells him not to be but he can tell something still bothers her. She tells him J.T. still gets to him but only because he was her first. She didn't tell him because she didn't want to hurt him. He's furious once again being left in the dark. He asks her if she loved him. She thought she did and begs him to stop asking questions about it. He asks her to leave him alone. Later Billy tries to comfort his friend. He tries to downplay it but Raul can't get the thought of sleazy J.T. touching her. He assumed they broke up because Rianna wouldn't sleep with him. He wanted both their first times would be together. Maybe if she's not it than she's not over J.T. Billy tries to calm him down but Raul points out that Billy felt the exact same way when he thought J.T. was with Mac and that was only a rumor. Rianna loves Raul Billy tells him. Raul needs time to think.

Pool House:

Billy can't believe that J.T. was actually telling the truth about sleeping with Rianna. Mac heard it from Rianna herself. Mac points out that it was Ri's first time, which is why J.T. gets to her. They decide to give Raul and Rianna some space until they notice a teary-eyed Rianna emerge from the house. Rianna recounts the ugly scene with Raul. She worries that it could break them up.

Neil's Office:

Alex and Malcolm argue about his actions recently with Nate and his refusal to cut a deal with Michael Baldwin. Neil returns from speaking with Liv. She was rethinking her position but now is even more determined to keep Mal away from her boy. Neil sides with Alex about going to Baldwin. It's his best option now to make a deal for visitation. It may be that or nothing. Malcolm insists that he did nothing wrong but finally concedes. He kicks himself for blowing it. He then recounts to his brother how he had planned to cancel the trip but caved at the last second. They wonder what is taking her so long and she finally returns with news that she met with Michael and Olivia. Malcolm doesn't like the settlement but it's the best she could do and what she expected. She gets a call from Michael. Olivia refused the deal and they will go to court.

Paul's Apt:

Mary tries to convince Isabella to stay in GC and be there for Paul. Isabella doesn't think it will help but Mary insists. She asks about what happened between her and James and the feelings divorce causes. Isabella explains that she has a sorted past. Paul claims to be over it but she's not sure. Mary tells her that if he said he doesn't care she should take his word for it. She urges Isabella to take some time to think it through before she leaves town. She even offers Isabella a place to stay while she does.

Nick & Sharon's:

Nick and Sharon wonder how they will reveal the news that Sharon's expecting. They want to tell the kids first. Sharon estimates that she's only a few weeks old but will go to the doctor for a check-up.

Doctor's Office:

Sharon and Nick begin her prenatal care with her OB-GYN. When the doctor wants to do a sonogram, Sharon thinks it's early. The doctor assures her it will be fine. The baby is perfectly fine and tells them the baby is due much sooner than Sharon thought.


Chantal notices Michael's swamped and asks him how the Winters custody case is coming. Alex arrives to announce she's formally representing Malcolm and offers a compromise. Olivia enters and is eager to hear this. Alex wants to speak to Michael alone but Olivia refuses. Alex concedes that Malcolm made a mistake and confronts her about her stall tactics. Up until recently Mal had very good case but Liv downplays Mal's role in Nate's life and focuses on the negative aspects he has on Nate. Michael won't even consider cutting visitation by one-third. He offers two-thirds but Alex won't go lower than one-half. She leaves him to discuss it with Olivia. He tells Liv that it's a good deal. Malcolm's error doesn't destroy him; it just levels things. It could go either way and asks her if she really wants to put Nate on the stand. He recommends taking the deal.

Mary's House:

Isabella is flattered that Mary is offering for her to stay there but questions if it's a good idea.

Williams Investigations:

Lynn and Marissa don't understand why Paul suddenly canceled his trip. Paul doesn't want to get into it and refuses to change his mind. He's as much in the dark as they are. Lynn notices the divorce papers and tries to reach out but Paul asks her to leave. Later Victor shows up wanting to see Paul. Vic tells Paul about his encounter with Christine at Gina's and offers his help. The news that she was in town shocks Paul. Vic tells him that Christine knew that Paul considered the marriage was over and Paul wonders how since they didn't even speak. She was back since the night before. Paul calls his doorman to see if he saw Christine the other night. He did and at first she seemed like her old self, friendly and sweet. Oddly, she left only a few minutes later looking confused and hurt. Paul realizes what she saw.

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