The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on Y&R
Brittany kissed Sean again. Amanda told Mac that she was sorry about what had happened with Mac's stepfather. Isabella learned that she was pregnant. Larry offered to help shake up Tricia. Steve arrived from New York. Ashley continued to be insecure.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 17, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, September 17, 2001

Mac freaked out when she saw her mother, Amanda, at the door of the Chancellor estate. Amanda begged Mac to let her in so they could talk. Katherine heard the commotion and allowed Amanda to enter but said that she needed to be brief. Amanda told Mac that she believed Mac about what had happened in St. Louis and tried to apologize. She knew she could never make up for what had happened but wanted her daughter to know she felt horrible. Mac couldn't listen to more and ran out. Amanda told Katherine she wouldn't bother Mac again.

In a hotel room, Isabella asked Paul what was bothering him, and he finally told her about his meeting with Victor and what he'd learned about Christine's last visit to Genoa City. She got upset at his inability to let go of his ex and realized she would never be first in his heart. She stormed out. Michael saw her run out of the hotel, upset.

Neil and Olivia enjoyed a post-party coffee at Gina's and talked about her relief at not bumping into Malcolm. Neil explained why Malcolm had left -- because he'd been upset for Phyllis. Olivia admitted to being touched by that side of Malcolm and admitted to possibly remembering the man she'd fallen in love with. Maybe being in love brought out the best in him, she theorized.

Malcolm and Alex were also enjoying after-party drinks. Malcolm was depressed for his friend Phyllis until Michael stopped by and filled Malcolm in on Phyllis' appearance at the party, thanks to him; the fact that Jack had re-proposed; and that they hadn't been seen again after. Later, Alex returned from the bathroom, shaken by what she'd overheard at another table.

Ryan and Victoria stopped in for a drink, as well. She got him to spill all he knew about Neil, Olivia, Malcolm, and Alex. He told her that Alex would soon realize she didn't know the kind of man she was marrying. At that moment, Alex walked by and overheard.

Jack fixed himself a snack at home and talked with Billy. Billy noticed Jack's good mood, put two and two together, and congratulated his brother on his engagement. They talked about Mac and her mom and why it was good that Mac would never see her mom again.

At the Carlton home, Brad saw that Ashley was upset, but she didn't want to talk about it, since he never listened to her. She finally broke down that the big problem was that Colleen was his flesh and blood, while Abby was not. He was hurt that she thought he could ever see Abby as anything less than his.

Upstairs, Traci asked Colleen if she had sensed any of the tension between Brad and Ashley, but Colleen claimed she hadn't. She asked her mom if she regretted the divorce. Traci told her not to think about such things and left the smirking girl to go to sleep.

Isabella stormed into Mary's house and told Mary she'd been a fool. Mary offered to help, but Isabella claimed there was nothing she could do. Later, Paul arrived, looking for her, but Mary said it was too late. Isabella was packed and gone.

A tearful Isabella was driving out of town. Michael tried to call her to find out why she was so upset. As she struggled to get her cell phone, she lost control of the car, and it spun off the road.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001


Victor stops by to see Nick and Sharon. Sharon questions his decision to allow Tricia to live with him. He firmly tells her that it is his decision and he stands by it. Sharon thinks it's a terrible idea. He understands her point of view but he assures her he has everything under control. She mentions that Larry ahs offered to help them with the Tricia situation. Victor wonders how Larry could help with Tricia but Sharon was impressed by an idea he had. Tricia is scared of him and he thinks they can use that to get her to leave town.


Tricia gets the paper as the security guard watches her. She then sits down and reminds herself not to tip off the cameras that she is pleased with how everything is working. Victor returns home. She asks about the new guard and he explains that he hired a whole new crew since he was unimpressed with the previous crew's performance. She secretly ponders this. Tricia gets Vic's help with the crossword as he invites her along to breakfast outside instead. She asks where to but he is evasive. She agrees to go as it's been weeks since she's been out on the town.

McNeil Apt:

Victoria and Ryan enjoy breakfast together. They had a great time at Jack & Phyllis' party and wonder why they need such distractions these days. Obviously Tricia is still on Victoria's mind. She's tired of constantly dealing with his ex. Everyday she makes more and more inroads with her family and must be stopped. Ryan is sure Victor is on top of everything.


Alex remembers overhearing Ryan tell Victoria the whole story behind Malcolm's proposal and Neil's major role in it. If it weren't for Neil Mal wouldn't have been as patient and understanding as she thinks he is. Neil enters, noticing her distraction. She tells him that the final nail in Lawson Medical's coffin has landed on her desk. She took it to the DA who has since gone after Lawson full throttle. Neil tells her the good news about the job offer Victor wants to make. He's offered a blank slate. She can write her own job description and terms. She is overwhelmed but not by the offer. She almost tells him about what she overheard but stops herself. They change the subject back to her contract and she is more than impressed with the proposed salary. He then tells her about the usual perks she'll get. She will still work at the top level, which means working closely with him personally. She turns him down.

Abbott House:

Malcolm stops by to see Phyllis and ask her if what Michael said is true. Are she and Jack back together? She confirms it's true. Mal is surprised that it was Michael of all people who orchestrated the reunion. He explains that he was at the party but thought she wasn't going to show so he bailed. He fills her in on his own engagement.

Chancellor House:

Kay comforts a sleeping Mackenzie when the doorbell rings. It's Billy and Kay quiets him before he wakes Mac. She explains that Mac had a difficult night. She explains that Mac's mother, Amanda paid them a visit last night. Mac has a nightmare about the time she told her mom about her stepfather touching her and how Amanda didn't believe her. She screams and wakes. Billy and Kay comfort her. They try to reassure that Amanda can't hurt her. She'll be fine she tells them but secretly tells Billy she said that for Kay's sake. SHe knows logically that Amanda can't get to her but seeing her mom again has stirred things up again. Billy suggests that Amanda's appearance is a good thing. She's been hiding from her for years and now she can relax.

Carlton House:

Brad and Ashley say a cool 'good morning' to each other. She's upset that he thinks she's using Abby's paternity as a weapon but he turns back on her. She was the one who brought it up. Does Ash think that just because he's biologically Colleen's dad that he feels closer to her? That's absurd. A photographer arrives to take a family portrait. It was arranged weeks ago and they forgot. The next available appointment wouldn't be until the New Year so they decide to do it now. Traci and Colleen stumble down and observe the shoot. It's obviously tense between the parents but goes well enough. Colleen asks the photographer if he can take the picture of her, Traci and Brad. Brad nixes it but Colleen asks why he can't make the time since he and Traci are her parents. She makes a big stink but Brad puts his foot down. Colleen storms out and Traci follows. He's angry that Ash made him feel like he had to turn down his daughter.

Crimson Lights:

Vic brings Tricia there for breakfast. She's put off by his choice but he assures her it will be fine. Sharon watches as they go to the patio. Tricia runs sMackenzie dab into Larry Warton.

Wednesday, September 19, 2001

Tricia is freaked out by Warton's appearance at the coffee house. When she returns to Victor's penthouse, she has another "conversation" with Matt who says Victor was just trying to upset her with Warton's presence. Victor tells Sharon they have found Tricia's weak spot in Larry Warton. But Tricia insists "the Newmans are going down, starting with the great man himself."

After Alex turns down the job he is offering, Neil asks her if there is another reason she is turning it down. She doesn't tell him she knows of his feelings for her. Malcolm and Alex announce their engagement to Mamie. Alex begins to have second thoughts. Ryan and Neil discuss Alex's refusal to take the job and Ryan explains it is because Alex has feelings for Neil.

Jill overhears Brittany telling J.T. that it will only be a matter of time before she is sleeping with the webmaster, Sean. The kids have a meeting at the boutique and Raul and Rianna are still not speaking with each other. Brittany overhears Mac tell Billy that her mother was in town. Sean wants to continue the webcasting on a regular basis, which means his contract with Jabot will be renewed.

Thursday, September 20, 2001
by Ruth

Traci assured her father that she could work things out and stay with Ashley and Brad.

Mary encouraged Paul not to give up on Isabella. Paul called his mother a hypocrite and told her to back off forever.

At the hospital, Michael tried to discourage Isabella from leaving town. He mentioned that he could tell Paul why they met in the first place, then she told him that he would never do that because if Christine found out, it would ruin Michael's chances with her. On his way out, Michael gave the nurse Paul's name as someone who might offer to pay the hospital bills.

Brad told Colleen that they were "family" but not "a family" -- he, Traci, and Colleen. He told her that this could not go on, but couldn't bring himself to back away from his daughter.

At the Glo by Jabot boutique, Jack arrived and Sean presented their plan to keep the store open after school to the kids. Raul bowed out and the other kids agreed to participate. After Sean confirmed that he was staying, Brittany offered to reveal her birthday wish.

Jill told John that she was foolish to get involved with Sean.

After Rianna turned down J.T.'s invitation to attend a concert, he was pleased when his friend Danielle happily accepted.

Billy learned from Mac that her childhood was fine until her stepfather came along. Mac considered her childhood, remembering a music box that she had. At the same time, her mother was listening to the music box, thinking of her loss and crying.

Colleen wasn't pleased to learn that Traci had no intention of putting her relationship with Brad back together. Later, Traci was caught up in a romantic moment from her past with Brad when Steve arrives at the door. . .

As Isabella frets over her hospital bill, Paul arrived saying that he will pay it.

Friday, September 21, 2001

Jabot Lab:

Brad stops by as per Ashley's message. He's not in the mood for a fight. She wonders hwy it's become so difficult for them to talk. She reminds him that they talked about having a baby. He doesn't think it's an appropriate time but she just wanted something to help heal them. She's hurt by his outright rejection of the idea. It's obvious that she hopes he'll be too distracted by a baby to be with Colleen, which would never happen. She disagrees but he argues that if she believes that she's got blinders on. She asks him to leave before it gets even uglier. It's no longer about him and Colleen and if he can't see that he's the one who's blind. Later she's surprised to see Victor stop by. He asks what could be wrong. He was there to ask about the engagement but she can't talk about what's the matter. He gives her a comforting hug.

Carlton House:

Traci asks Steve what he's doing in GC. He hasn't heard from her and feels they need to move quickly since Colleen is starting school this week. He didn't think she'd be gone this long since they seemed to be making progress. Maybe they could go back to NY as a family. Colleen interrupts "No way! I'm not going back and neither is mom." Steve has missed her so much but Colleen refuses to go back with him, ever. She maintains that Brad would never have betrayed her and Traci the way he did. Traci asks her to leave while she talks with Steve. He asks about the bonding between Brad and Traci. She doesn't think it's a bad idea anymore. He wonders how upset she is about Colleen's lack of interest in Steve. She takes offense to that. What will happen if they do get back together? Traci doesn't know. He also asks how the bonding between Brad and Colleen affecting Ashley and Brad's marriage. It's been stressful for everyone. He wonders if she's secretly hoping for a reconciliation with Brad.

Chancellor House:

Lauren returns from the office and chats with Kay. She wonders if there's a reason why Lauren is so focused on work. She admits to be pre-occupied with Paul and Isabella. Lauren will always have a special connection with him. She won't do anything to hurt herself or Paul, but she's also never been one to back off from a challenge she says.


Phyllis arrives at work and gets a call from Jack. He asks her stop by his office, as he has a surprise for her. She asks for some good news since she has a meeting with Victor that she's not looking forward to. He promises her it will. A woman tells Jack that what he has planned for his fiancée will make her day.


Brittany and Sean talk about how happy she is that he's staying at Jabot. She asks him about the vibes she's been getting from her and asks why he hasn't pursued her. It can't be her age since she's legal now and his relationship with Jill proves that he's not hung up on age. He asks why she wants him of all people, since she could get just about anyone she wants. She obviously thinks she's all grown up but he tells her she has a lot to learn. She's never been comfortable hanging out with people her own age. Maybe someone older is the answer? He finds her whole story very manipulative. He asks to leave it at nothing more than "wrong place, wrong time" and asks her to leave. Before she goes she gives him a kiss and notes that he did kiss back that time.


Billy and Mac enjoy their last day before they go back to school. They are having fun until they notice Jill enter. Jill stops by their table and apologizes for snapping at Mackenzie. She had a bad day at work, referring to the continued GLOW campaign. Billy goes after her, sensing she's upset about something. Later Mac suspects that Jill and Sean are having problems and wonders if Britt is a factor in this. Billy doubts Britt could have anything to do with it.

Victor's Office:

Phyllis asks to see Victor but he tells her he's busy. She tells him it's important. It should go to Victoria since it applies to B&S. Since she's out of the building and she has no mainframe access he needs to deal with it. He logs in and allows her to update the system. She finds this very demeaning that she still needs a supervisor's permission to access the system. He notices the ring and she maintains that she is fully capable of keeping her professional and personal lives separate. He tells her that if she chooses to ignore his warnings that's her problem. The engagement is public knowledge and she's surprised he hasn't heard about it since Victoria, Ryan and Neil were all there. He dismisses her.

Jack's Office:

Phyllis stops by and is surprised to see Jack with a wedding planner, Maxine. Phyllis hasn't had anytime to think about it. She'll leave her portfolio and let Phyllis get in touch with her. Phyllis will give it a shot since it obviously means a lot to Jack. He knows full well that she loves the idea of walking down the aisle with everyone gawking and cooing over her.


Paul is there to sign out Isabella and pay her bills. She's surprised to see him after what happened between them. She hasn't changed her mind, she's still leaving town. He agrees that she should go. He hates the way things ended the night before and agrees that he's been unfair to her. He still has unresolved issues with Chris and as much as he cares for Isabella he can't fully commit to her. She's at least happy to know that he can never hurt her again. Reese enters with her release papers and Paul says 'goodbye'. After he leaves Reese tells her that there was something they found in her blood work: she's pregnant.

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