The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on Y&R
Tricia devised a plan for revenge on Victor. Sharon refused to have a paternity test, and she tripped after she heard Nick's car crash. Isabella made love with Michael. After he shared a kiss with Alex, Neil ended things with Olivia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 22, 2001 on Y&R
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Monday, October 22, 2001

Raul is waiting to be released from the hospital as his mother tells him that his brother is coming to town. Billy, Mac and Rianna come to see him. Raul thanks Rianna for saving his life and tells her to her surprise that they cannot be together.

Ryan wants to ask Phillip to his best man at this wedding. Victoria tells him that she has not told her father of their plans and wants to go over to the penthouse to tell him. She asks Ryan to go with her and tells him that Tricia is probably at her therapy session.

Tricia thanks Victor for being so kind to her lately. He asks her if he can sit in on one of her sessions and says she will ask her doctor. As she leaves, she runs into Ryan and Victoria arriving. Victoria asks Victor to walk her down the aisle.

Isabella tells Michael that she saw Lauren coming on to Paul. Michael suggests that she tell Paul that she is still in town so she can stop Lauren's advances. Lauren stops by Paul's office to Lynne's dismay. Paul lets Lauren know that he is not ready to start another relationship right now. Lauren goes back to the hotel and finds Isabella who slaps her.

Sharon tells Nick she wants to take the paternity test.

Tuesday, October 23, 2001


Nikki stops by to bring Victor his tie that he left at the Ranch when they went skinny dipping the night before. He guesses that she also wanted to see Tricia. Nikki is surprised to learn that Tricia wasn't against Vic going to her therapy with her. She suggests that the doctor might know best. He agrees but after learning that Tricia was having memory lapses has only incited him more to keep an eye on her and pursue his plan. He would rather talk about the night before. She coyly mentions that she kept the pool heated and they head out.


Tricia and her therapist talk about Victor. Dr. Burns doesn't like the idea of Victor taking any part of Victor's therapy. He's not a doctor and she wants to talk with him about his involvement in Tricia's life. Tricia defends him saying that Vic wants to help her but Dr. Burns thinks he's being very presumptuous especially when she learns Vic wants to attend a therapy session. She blames the medication for blocking out large periods of her life since she started taking it. Dr. Burns leaves on an emergency and as Tricia is about to take an asprin, the figment Matt Clark makes a plea for her to listen to him. He tells her he wants what she really wants. He knows that she wants Vic to replace Keith as a father figure but he is the enemy. He'll use her memory lapse story against her by tricking her into admitting she was only pretending to take the pills. But she's sure he's only trying to help her. As Tricia listens to him another Matt figment appears, urging her not to trust Victor. He wants to go to her therapy simply to convince Dr. Burns that Tricia is as sick as he thinks she is. Once that happens the Tricia she knows will be history. She looks for water to take her aspirin and "Matt" notice show it looks just like the meds she's been prescribed by Dr. Burns. He suggests taking those in lieu of her real medication just for a while. The nurse enters with Tricia's medication. Tricia secretly takes the aspirin in front of the nurse and pockets the real one just as Vic arrives to pick her up.


Sharon can't help but hear a baby's cries. She remembers giving birth to Cassie and the anguish of having to give her up. The memory causes Sharon to break down crying. Later Victoria stops by with news about the wedding to Ryan. She asks Sharon to be her Matron of Honor. Victoria asks how things are with Nick and Sharon explains that he's having trouble even looking at her these days. They've decided to have a paternity test to be sure the baby isn't Matt's. She tells Victoria how shaken she was when Nick casually mentioned that if it is Matt's that they'll just give it up for adoption. Up until then she never really gave the notion much weight but the possibility of giving it up like she did Cassie is too much to bear.


Lauren demands to know why Isabella slapped her. She saw them at Gina's and figures that Lauren was just using her to get Paul all to herself. Lauren did exactly what Isabella wanted and nothing more but Izzy is sure that Lauren kept the secret in order to get Paul for herself and calls her bluff. She suggests going to Paul right now and tell him that Lauren kept the secret of his baby. Lauren tells her that Isabella has no one ot blame but herself over the baby secret. She then mentions that she asked Paul if he still wants a baby. He does but not unless it's part of a long-term solid relationship. Isabella is hurt by the news.

Williams Investigations:

Lynn tells Marissa about Lauren still being in town. She's still determined to get him and Mary back together. She asks Paul to lunch but when he puts it off Lynn explains that he needs to speak with Mary. At that moment Mary arrives. Paul explains that he called her over. He felt it was time for them to talk. He lays down the law that he will not put up with more parental interference but acknowledges that she acts out of love and does appreciate that. He wants to bury the hatchet, which she agrees to do.


Neil visits, apologizing for not calling earlier. He was tied up at work and thanks her again for the wonderful night they spent together. As they enjoy breakfast he flashes intermittently to scenes with Alex. He apologizes for not talking with her sooner after making love. As Liv tells him how right it feels. he thinks about Alex again and excuses himself to get some water. She senses that something is wrong and he admits there is.

Ryan's Office:

Nick is looking for his dad and he and Ryan end up talking about Tricia staying with Vic. Nick says it's Vic's life and he can deal with it any way he wants. Ryan offers his help to Nick but there's nothing anyone can do. Sharon stops in. She tells Nick that she didn't make an appointment for a paternity test. She wants to re-think the plan, especially their attitude regarding the child.

Wednesday, October 24, 2001

Sharon asks Nicholas to love this baby, as if it was his own. Sharon reminds Nick of when Cassie came into Nick's life. Nick didn't accept it at first but ended up loving Cassie after all. Nick still thinks the paternity test "is the only way we are going to find closure and move on with our lives" Sharon tells Nick "you will never know what it's like to have a human being growing inside of you" "when its taken away from you, you don't understand the pain a woman goes through" Ryan and Victoria meet with Nikki to announce their engagement. Nikki is shocked Ryan and Victoria are getting married so soon. Victor comes to see Tricia at her therapy session. Tricia tells Dr Burns that Victor comes to see Tricia taking her medication and mentions Victor wants to sit in on one of her therapy sessions. Dr Burns replies to Victor "I have a big problem with that" Dr Burns tells Victor "I think you're wrong for getting involved in Tricia's case" Victor disagrees because of Tricia living at his place. Victor returns Dr Burns with her own remarks "In this case, I think you're wrong, Dr Burns" Tricia is considering changing therapist. Tricia says "Dr Burns has been my lifeline for a while now, but I think she's wrong in what she said before. I do appreciate your support Victor." Victoria asks Nikki if she is truly happy. Nikki admits she is. Victoria tells Nikki "now that we're a bit older and wiser."..things will be good for them, a second time around. Victoria tells her mother "I know deep down in my heart Ryan and I are meant to be together" Nikki admits "one thing hasn't changed, and that is your love for each other." Tricia goes to see Victor in his private gym. Tricia observes Victor as he is working out. Tricia takes the pill out of her pocket and flushes it down the drain at Victor's apartment.

Isabella is furious with Lauren Fenmore. Isabella meets with Michael Baldwin to sort out some issues that is going on. Michael has a hard time understanding Isabella's point of view and even Lauren's for that matter. Michael replies to Isabella "this doesn't make any sense. Why would Lauren Fenmore want to keep you in Genoa City?" Isabella tells Michael about her slapping Lauren and seeing how close Lauren and Paul were getting. Michael refreshes Isabella that Paul and Lauren were once married and stilll get along, after a divorce. Isabella then tells Michael "Paul has now turned to another woman" Michael feels guilty for what happened to Isabella. Michael tells Isabella "I think we're still friends" Isabella replies "you did me a favor once and now I've paid you back" Isabella also questioned Michael "I remembered something you had said once "if only I had fallen for you instead of Paul" Isabella kisses Michael Baldwin out of the blue. The heat gets passionate Isabella tells Michael "I realize we might not have a future together but I don't care about the future right now"

Malcolm is out for dinner with Nate and Phyllis happened to be in the area. Phyllis can see the happiness in Nate when he is with Malcolm. Malcolm replies "I think I am running out of patience" Olivia and Neil are discussing about their future together. Olivia asks Neil "are we friends, or are we lovers?" Olivia can sense someone or "something" is bothering Neil. Neil wants to slow things down with Olivia but Olivia wants to know where this is coming from. Neil advises Olivia to look for her own answers as to how their relationship stands. Olivia is confused by this whole situation and tells Neil "I need more time to think about this" Malcolm tells Phyllis, "I don't like the idea of having to beg my fiancée to be happy about our future together" "if that woman doesn't get with the program soon, I don't know what I'm gonna do" Alex comes to Neil's office to pick up some files. Neil asks Alex if she is still happy with Malcolm. Alex doesn't say much. Neil tells Alex "Malcolm wants to make his home, your home" Alex admits she isn't Martha Stewart. "That ain't my thing" Alex replies. Alex responds to Neil "we both know what this is all about" meaning about their feelings for one another. Alex tells Neil "Ryan admitted you had feelings for me, strong feelings" Alex admits the man she's in love with is not whom she thinks it is.

Thursday, October 25, 2001
by Ruth

Nikki paid Victor a visit at his office. They talked about the wedding and what was wrong with Sharon. They didn't really resolve anything, but were very friendly. Nikki would have preferred a kiss on the lips when they parted, but instead Victor gave her a kiss on the forehead.

Jack and Ashley argued about Jack warning Brad about Victor's designs on his wife. She confided in him that their marriage was in terrible trouble. Jack suggested that Brad deserved forgiveness considering the situation with his daughter that he had never known personally. Ashley replied that it was not a matter of forgiveness. It was about understanding and trust. Too many hurtful words had been spoken.

Lauren sat down with Brad at Gina's and they renewed their past friendship. She asked about the situation with Colleen and he wanted to talk about something else. She pushed a little harder and found out about the problems in his marriage. She asked him to understand that Ashley may have been jealous about Traci, his ex-wife, just like he was about Victor. Ashley had nothing to worry about there and neither did Brad. So, it was time to go home and straighten things out. . . .

Ryan found Neil in his office and gave him the news about the wedding. Neil lit into him about opening his big mouth at The Lodge where Alex overheard him talking to Victoria about Neil's feelings for Alex. Ryan pushed once again -- maybe it was for the best. Neil insisted that it was not, and they parted. He immediately placed a phone call to Olivia.

Phyllis barged into Alex's office insisting that she talk to her about Malcolm. She had overheard Alex's conversation with Neil and raged that it was time that Malcolm know the truth!! Alex came back with the facts -- nothing had happened between her and Neil, she was in love with his brother, and it would serve no purpose to destroy Malcolm's life over something that wasn't going to happen.

Sharon and Nicholas were in the doctor's office waiting for them to call them in for the paternity test. Sharon repeated again that she didn't want the test -- any risk was too much risk for the baby who was growing inside her. Nick looked at it logically -- they would clear up the whole things in their minds so that Matt could haunt them no longer. Sharon cried that they were letting Matt haunt them and they should be accepting the baby no matter whose it was. The nurse came to get them -- Sharon said that they weren't having the test, and she walked out of the office.

Tricia talked to Matt about her plan with Victor. She shushed him and his questions -- she had a very clear plan when it came to Victor and it didn't have to do with revenge. She had noticed how strong a man he was while she watched him boxing -- Matt reminded her that she was looking for a father figure that she would not find in Victor.

Later, at the apartment, Tricia poured a glass of wine for Victor. They had enjoyed a wonderful meal and Tricia wanted to do something else to repay him for his kindness. He asked what she had in mind and she answered with the offer of a back rub. He allowed her to massage his neck and shoulders, then reached up to bring her onto the couch with him. They embraced with a passionate kiss and. . .

Victor walked into the door of the apartment. The kiss had been all in Tricia's mind. She offered him the glass of wine before dinner. .

Friday, October 26, 2001


Sharon and Nick continue to argue over her refusal to have a paternity test. She can't believe his callous attitude over the baby. If he thinks the baby will be such a monster how he can foist it on some unsuspecting family? He can't believe she could expect him to be able to raise Matt Clark's baby. He tells her to have the test so that they can have peace of mind. He has a right to know if he's the father. He can't live with not knowing nor can he raise Matt's baby. She tells him the only thing they can do is to accept the baby as theirs and never think about Matt Clark again. He is flabbergasted that she could suggest that. She feels there's no need for the test, it's baby. But its' not that simple for him. He realizes that she's determined to keep the baby no matter whose it is. He angrily throws a chair across the room and storms off. Seconds later, she hears his car crash and runs out to see him and trips on the overturned chair.


Tricia makes the final touches to dinner for her and Victor. As he reads Ryan and Victoria's wedding announcement, Tricia remembers watching him work out. They sit down to dinner and she looks forward to their 'special evening'. After dinner, Vic breaks out the cognac as she sits down and sees the wedding announcement that he left out. He asks if the announcement upsets her. She's not surprised and is happy Ryan is moving on. He asks if she's found a new doctor, one who doesn't suspect Vic's motives. She asks not to talk about her therapy anymore that night. When she suggests Scrabble he asks if she played that with Keith. Sometimes but doubts she will ever again. She wants to repay him of his kindness and offers a massage. He agrees and takes off his jacket. He appreciates the massage after his tough workout. He tells her it feels good. He then tells her goodnight but she isn't finished yet.

Carlton House:

Brad returns home, happy to see Ashley. They make small talk about work and Abby. He finally addresses the tension between them and asks if they can get past it. She was thinking the same thing. He realizes he was wrong about Colleen and apologizes to her for it. They argue again about Vic and she can't deal with it and leaves. Later Brad brings Abby downstairs to play with her.


Phyllis continues to confront Alex about her feelings for Neil. Is she going to tell Malcolm or will Phyllis have to? At that moment, Malcolm walks in and asks Phyllis what she's doing there. Phyllis claims she was looking for Michael and excuses herself. Alex admits that Phyllis had a bone to pick with her about her commitment to Malcolm. She acknowledges that she has commitment issues but is ready to deal with them. She promises to be more open and asks to go furniture shopping together.

Neil's Office:

Olivia stops by per Neil's request. She can't live in limbo while he makes up his mind. She won't have to, he tells her. Making love was a mistake; he shouldn't have let their relationship go that far. She's heartbroken and confused. They were fine as friends so why did he pursue her and then do a 180? Making love opened his eyes to what he really wants. She feels used but he doesn't want her to feel insulted. Is there someone he wants to see? Was he just passing the time away until that person became free? She tells him he has jeopardized their friendship and storms out in tears. Neil flashes back to kissing Alex.

McNeil Apt:

Ryan returns home with a clipping of a house for sale. It's her dream house and it's not far from the Ranch either. She's excited by the idea, but worries that someone already snatched it up. Someone did, he tells her. He did.

Jack's Office:

Phyllis stops by and tells Jack about Malcolm and Alex's problems and Neil's part in it. He asks her what she plans to do about it. She wants to tell Mal everything but doesn't want him hurt. She'll keep quiet for now, but one false move by Alex and she'll go straight to Malcolm.

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