The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on Y&R
A mystery man traced a call from Amanda back to Genoa City. Victor insisted Neil seek professional help. Alex and Malcolm set a wedding date. Phyllis narrowly escaped death from a serious reaction to hormone therapy.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 14, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, January 14, 2002

Brock agreed to let Amanda remain in town to work on her relationship with Mac. Brock and Amanda had a tearful goodbye as she told him that one of her biggest regrets was leaving him all those years ago and not telling him about his daughter. As Brock was preparing to leave, he asked Katherine to keep him abreast on the happenings with Amanda.

At the shelter, Mac told Amanda that she could stay in Genoa City. After Mac left, Ned gave Amanda a job lead for a seamstress job. Amanda called the number and a mysterious man with caller ID answered and traced the call back to Genoa City.

Brad and John had more words about how Colleen has been treated. Brad wanted to have more input in the discipline of his daughter. John made it clear that Traci left Colleen with him. After John left, Ashley asked Brad if he wanted Colleen to live with them instead of John while Colleen eavesdropped.

Victoria caught Neil arguing with a client over a major business deal. Victoria spelled alcohol on his breath and asked him what was wrong. Neil lashed out at Victoria. She told him that Ryan would not want this for him. She asked him if his recent behavior had to do with something else besides his grief over Ryan's death. She told him that she no other choice but to tell her father and Neil screamed for her to tell her Daddy.

After a conversation with Olivia about Neil, Alex went to the photo studio and made love to Malcolm. Afterwards, she told Malcolm she wants to set a date for their wedding and she wants the wedding to happen soon.

Diane Jenkins surprised Nikki at Jabot. Diane demanded answers about what Nikki is up to. She says that she is staying in town until she finds out what Nikki is up to regarding her son.

Phyllis overheard the fertility doctor telling Jack that there may be a problem with Phyllis. Phyllis told Jack that her hormone medication was reduced but wanted to continue with the in vitro process. While waiting to get her hormone injection, Phyllis was not feeling well and collapsed in Jack's arms.

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Carlton House:

Colleen overhears Brad and Ash talk about having Colleen move in with them and she tells him she refuses. She'd rather got to boarding school. Ash reassures her that they and Abby love her and want to support her. Colleen knows that but John understands her and doesn't feel the need to constantly punish her. She tries to storm out but Ash lays down the law: no matter where she lives she is under probation and will follow the rules. If she thinks copping an attitude will get her anywhere she was VERY wrong. Brad is very impressed with how she handled Colleen. He likes her idea of having C stay at John's for a while and see how things work out. He compliments her parenting skills.


Jack wants answers from Reese as to what happened to Phyllis. It's

rare but known reaction to the hormone therapy. Phyllis' doctor tells her that she must have been having symptoms for at least several hours but Jack denies it, she never told him anything. The doctors are removing the excess fluid from her body thanks to an over-stimulation of her hormones. This side-effect is news to Jack and feels helpless to help her. If she's been keeping symptoms a secret there could be dire consequences. Reese reports that they drained the fluid but there's been no change. It's touch and go. Jack gets to see her and they talk about how she got there. He wants her to rest, they can talk later. She apologizes for all of this but Jack is only worried about her right now. He's sure they'll get through this together.

Malcolm's Studio:

Malcolm is blown away when Alex wants to set a date for the wedding. She's very serious about wanting to do this. They book a date in Mid-February and they start planning the ceremony. They decide to marry in Hawaii.

Victor's Office:

Victoria tells Vic about Neil possibly blowing the big deal with his drinking. Victor is extremely bothered by this news. Vic associates this with the screw up before the holidays. He wonders if this has to do with Ryan's death but Victoria thinks it's more.


Neil tracks down Mr. Grant and apologizes for his behavior earlier. Neil makes a good pitch but he's still hesitant to make the deal. Neil talks about Ryan and how his death has impacted his life. Eventually Edmund concedes to meet with him again but wants Vic there when he signs the contracts. Vic then calls Neil. He wants to see him immediately.

Michael and Diane have breakfast. Diane reveals that she's in town indefinitely. Michael tells her not to try to get Jack back. Phyllis is a force to be reckoned with. She found out that the gift was from Diane but Diane doesn't care. She's in town because of Christian and the reasons for Nikki's visit to Milan.

Chancellor House:

Kay and Esther talk about the surprise of seeing Brock show up. They also note Jill's even fowler mood these days and how she's been spending more nights at home. Kay asks Jill about Sean but Jill won't say anything to the two of them. Jill then overhears them gossiping that she and Sean must be on the outs. Later Nikki stops by, needing to chat. She reports that Diane is back in town determined to find out why Nikki visited her in Milan. Nikki blames herself for going once too often to the well. Diane cannot ever find out that Jack is Christian's father. Kay is sure there's no way Diane can find the truth.


Larry is cleaning the boardroom when Sean pops in looking for Jill. Larry hasn't seen her lately. They start talking about women and how hard they hard to figure. Larry suggests dumping any trouble women. Sean thinks it's different with someone special. After having met Jill, Larry wishes him luck, she's a pistol. Jill enters and asks Larry if he was speaking about her. Larry excuses himself and Jill is angry at Sean for talking to Larry about their relationship. Jill wants to make Sean an offer.

Wednesday, January 16, 2002
by NAT

Jill surprises Sean by asking him to move in with her and, after some discussion, he agrees. Michael takes Isabella out shopping for baby items and then to Gina's for dinner. Paul stops by Lauren's place with flowers and convinces her to have dinner with him. Afterwards, she invites him to have dessert in her suite. Phyllis wakes in her hospital room and assures Jack that she doesn't feel bloated anymore. He reveals that she is not pregnant. Ashley calls Jack and hurries to the hospital after hearing he's there with Phyllis. Jack explains the in vitro attempt. Reese interrupts and reports that he has Phyllis' test results. Gina leaks to Victoria and Olivia about the many times Neil's stopped by for a drink lately. Victoria admits she knows about Neil's feelings for Alex. Confronted by Victor, Neil defends his drinking and guesses that he would have made the Amalgamated deal if Victoria hadn't interrupted. Victor orders him to get some professional help or he'll be out of a job. Neil assures him that he will do as requested. Diane seeks out Brad's advice concerning Nikki's snooping. He defends Nikki but Diane suddenly realizes that she may be nosing around because of the father of Diane's baby.

Thursday, January 17, 2002
by Ruth

The doctor told Jack and Ashley that Phyllis would be fine, no permanent damage was done. They were overjoyed and relieved when they entered her room once again to find her waking up. Jack told her what happened and scolded her for not telling him what she had been feeling during the days before she was admitted to the hospital. Ashley decided to go home and while Jack walked her to the hallway, she reminded him to go easy on Phyllis, she loved him very much. He agreed and reentered the room. Phyllis was very sorry for keeping her symptoms from him, it was just that, before she had Jack, she became so used to taking care of herself and not involving other people in deeply personal things. She had put the pregnancy above all else, and Jack assured her that she was the most important thing to him. He told her that he planned to stay by her side all night and that she should get her rest.

Back at the Carlton home, Diane was doing her best to recruit Brad's help in finding out exactly what Nikki was up to involving her visit to Milan and questions about her son. He tried to convince her that Nikki was harmless, but pretty soon she had herself believing that Nikki may be working with the father of her baby to plan a way to take him away from her. She admitted to Brad that her feelings had changed now that her son had been born -- he was enough for her, she didn't need Victor like she thought that she did. She would do anything to protect her son, and decided that she must find out who the father was so that she could stop whatever Nikki had in mind. . .

At the coffeehouse, J.T. wouldn't go along with Rianna to work on the yearbook so she shared her feelings of disappointment with Mac after he left to get something to eat. She also told Mac that their relationship was sexual in nature, which really had Mac concerned. Rianna left and Mac had a talk with J.T. He refused to get into it with her, but hinted that he really wasn't as crazy over Rianna as she was about him.

Over in a booth, Brittany and Raul talked about going out to a jazz club together that night. Diego's name and the fact that he was gone for good were mentioned, then here he came, wanting to talk to Raul alone.

Brittany left them to harass J.T. about how he was screwing up with Rianna and was about to break her heart. He jabbed her about "hanging around with the Brain". He talked about the perfect solution, somehow nudge Rianna and Raul back together. She refused to help him after he had talked to her the way he did.

Diego told Raul that he made it to Kansas, but had to come back and see what was eating his brother. He knew it was something about pressure put onto him by the family to do well in college and succeed. Raul admitted that his grades were slipping big time at school, but wouldn't get into it. When Brittany came back to their table, Raul wouldn't take it anymore and they left Diego behind. Soon, Mac approached him. He asked her if she knew what was wrong with his brother, but she was as confused as he was. She asked him if he was staying in town for awhile, and he told her that it looked like he had no choice. . .

Paul and Lauren talked about staying at his apartment and dancing for a romantic evening, then she stopped herself once again, telling Paul that she wouldn't go any farther until he had a talk with Isabella. He still didn't understand why she wouldn't let that go. She suddenly wanted to go dancing at Gina's, so they took off. Before they could really start enjoying their evening, Paul looked up from dancing to see Michael Baldwin and Isabella on the dance floor. He stopped in his tracks and insisted on leaving. Back at the apartment, Lauren reminded him that this seemed familiar -- it was the shadow of Christine that pushed Isabella away in the first place. Paul denied it and asked what it was going to take to make her realize that he was over Isabella. . .

Sharon was getting the children ready for bed when Nicholas called to tell them goodnight. Cassie talked to him and could tell that something wasn't normal. Sharon asked her if something was wrong and denied any problems when her daughter told her that she could sense something out of place. She sent Cassie to bed, then Nicholas walked in the door. He had come to get some papers and wouldn't be there very long. She asked him to stay for a few minutes so that she could talk to him about Cassie's suspicions. They agreed that they couldn't keep this from her much longer, but weren't able to talk that night. He planned to come back after the kids left in the morning. He drove off in his car, and Sharon stood in the doorway, looking out after him. . . .

Friday, January 18, 2002


Brad asks Ashley where she was last night. She explains that she was at the hospital with Jack watching out for Phyllis who almost died. Ashley regrets all the bad things she said to Phyllis. Brad tells his wife about Diane's visit from Diane Jenkins. Ash worries that she's after Jack again but Brad assures her she's not but can't go into detail.


Jack wakes up in a chair next to Phyllis' bed. She's feeling better now. He's very relieved that she's okay. He's surprised when she's ready and willing to try to still get pregnant. The doctor agrees with Phyllis. There is no reason she can't try again as long as they monitor her more closely. Jack is very concerned but Phyllis doesn't want to give up yet.

Victoria's Office:

Nick brings by some reports earlier than expected. He's trying to clear things up so he can take time off to speak with Sharon. They need to figure out what the next step will be. Later, Nikki stops by and Victoria updates her on Nick and Sharon. Nikki then fills Victoria in on what Sharon accused Nick of (killing the baby). She explains the whole story including the paternity test and fights. Victoria, full of anger heads out to the Ranch to tell off her sister-in-law. Nikki stops her insisting that Nick and Sharon need to work out themselves.


Nick arrives home to meet with Sharon. The meeting is tense. They don't know how to handle things with the kids and get nostalgic over their family. Sharon suggests putting the best spin on it(they'll still see Nick and it's not necessarily permanent). Nick wonders if she wants to fight for their marriage. She's not sure. When he asks if she's changed her mind over his part in the baby's death she tells him she has not.

Walnut Grove:

Raul and Mac talk about Diego's unexpected stay in GC. Raul's not expecting much, he'll bail as usual soon enough. J.T. and Rianna talk about Raul and Britt's growing relationship and his growing dependence. J.T. thinks that it's Britt's doing and suggests that Rianna talk him out of it. She can't do that. He picks a fight by wondering if she still has feelings for Raul. She assures him she does not. Britt's on to J.T.'s plan to get Rianna to dump him and tells Raul the details including J.T.'s infatuation with Mac. Later he asks Mac what she thinks of J.T. and Rianna and Britt's suspicions of J.T. Later Mac asks Rianna how things are going. Rianna wonders if this is coming from Raul. Mac says it was from someone else and Ri wants to know who.

Crimson Lights:

Billy bumps into Diego who was hoping to see him. He wants to talk about Raul. He wants Billy's help to get Raul out of his depression. Billy goes over the things that have contributed to Raul's mood. They talk about his falling grades and poor essay. Billy's tried but Raul's been near impossible to talk to. Diego will be staying in town to help Raul out though he's not looking forward to staying with his parents. When he pays for the bill we see he's out of cash. He notices the Help Wanted sign and asks Cody for a job waiting tables.


Diane brings Christian by to see Michael. She wants to chat. She's surprised on how much interest he took in her baby. Diane reports that she suspects Nikki know who Christian's father is. The father could have a claim to the baby. Michael tries to calm her as she is making assumptions: 1) that Nikki knows who the dad is and 2) that the father wants a kid. Diane is determined to find out who the dad is. She traces the sperm's travels around GC. She figures out how to find out who the father is: there were two samples, the father's and Victor's. The true father's was placed in Vic's container while Vic's went into the other. Once she can figure out who's really in Victor's container she'll know who the father is.

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