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Malcolm was missing. DNA tests proved that Jack was Kyle's father. Colleen bought marijuana. While under Colleen's care, Abby fumbled with a button in her playpen. Billy and Mac broke up. Michael threatened to reveal his past with Isabella to Paul.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 18, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, February 18, 2002

Neil hangs up the phone and reports to Victoria and Alex that there was an accident and Malcolm is missing. They all go to get more details and find out that a bridge gave way while they were going to the site of the photo shoot; Malcolm attempted to save the driver and then the bridge collapsed falling on him. Alex is a wreck as she wonders what has happened to Malcolm.

Warton stops by the coffeehouse and sees Sean and Jill where they confirm plans for dinner the next day. After Warton leaves, Sean is convinced Jill wants Larry to fall on his face in the social setting.

Nick visits his father and tells him where he and Sharon are still at an impasse. He tells his father that he saw John Silva regarding what his rights are concerning the children. Meanwhile, Sharon is telling her mother about Nick seeing John Silva and that she may need to protect herself as well. Later both Nick and Sharon reminisce about the good times between them.

Jack tells Diane that he may be the father of Kyle and he will find out for sure when he gets the results of the DNA tests. Diane agrees to stay until he gets the results back. Phyllis listens to Nikki's suggestions that she and Jack get a surrogate mother to have Jack's baby. At first, Phyllis is apprehensive but later she suggests this to Jack who is overwhelmed that Phyllis would make such a suggestion.

Tuesday, February 19, 2002

Chancellor House:

Esther tells Katherine that Sean left looking upset and came home late. Kay scolds her for practically stalking Sean. Jill lets Kay know about the dinner party and even invites her. She also offers to pay Esther extra if she cleans and serves. Mac is also invited to the party.

Mac remembers Billy giving her the music box. She's surprised when Amanda shows invited by Kay to help plan her birthday party. Mac is a little too distracted to help plan. Amanda senses something is on her mind. She's not in the mood for a party. The sex issue isn't going away. Amanda wonders if what Billy said has some truth to it.


Diane and Isabella meet. Isabella tells her the good news about Paul. Isabella thinks they are way past the dating stage. They'll probably be moving in soon, maybe even that day.

Williams Investigations:

Lauren stops by to see Paul and ask how things are going. He tells her he asked Isabella to give it a shot with him. She's shocked. He believes he's doing the right thing. He knows it's not what she was hoping for and apologizes. She tells him not to worry. He thanks her for helping him learn about the child in the first place. He and Isabella will be talking their time getting to know each other again. Lauren leaves when Isabella arrives and is visibly upset. Paul tells Izzy about his idea getting to know each other better. She scoffs at that. They obviously know each other well, she's having his baby.


Sean tells Larry he is canceling the party. He doesn't want to put Larry and Amanda in the line of Jill's fire. Larry later bumps into Jill and mentions the dinner being cancelled. She asks him to go with her to her office. She tells him there will be a party and she will help. She lays out a sample table setting to teach him etiquette. They go over everything and he is a quick study. She wants everything to go smoothly since it means so much to Sean. He overhears and thanks her for what she did for Larry. Larry then thanks Jill for her help.

Coffee Shop:

Sharon and Doris meet so they can speak with Cassie. Doris gets a call that her doctor's appointment was bumped up so she has to leave. Sharon will arrange to have Doris speak with Cassie soon. Later Nick arrives with Cassie. Sharon tells her that one of the stable managers is leaving. Cassie is sad. Sharon is skeptical about what Cassie and Nick were talking about at the ranch. Diego overhears and asks about it. She confesses that she suspects Nick is turning Cassie against her. She hates thinking that though.


Nick and Sharon have a nice conversation. Knowing that he was coming ahead made things go smoothly. Cassie asks him if it makes her a bad person if she's mad at her mom. She blames Sharon for keeping them apart.

Abbott House:

Billy remembers the last fight he had with Mac. John and Jack ask him about Colleen and how she's doing. They wonder if there's anything else she can help with to keep her busy. He suggests the play that he's working on. John likes that. Jack asks him about the play and wonders about his lack of enthusiasm. Billy bristles at Jack's joking about the fight. He apologizes and offers his support to his little brother. Billy doesn't think talking about it will help.

Wednesday, February 20, 2002

by NAT

Nick tells Nikki "Sharon thinks I am getting the kids to take sides, especially Cassie." Nick wonders if he should give up on his marriage but he then states, "My wife and kids are the most important thing in my life." Since it's Cassie's day off, Cassie wanted to go play with her friends. Sharon asks Cassie to stay behind and do her homework. Sharon tells Cassie "I'll call Tiffany's Mom and tell her not to expect you" Cassie is upset about not hanging out with her friends. Sharon is disappointed her Mom is still at the doctor's office. Sharon knows deep down inside Nicholas does love the kids but Sharon can't hide the fact that Nicholas is putting something into Cassie's head. Diego talks to Cassie about her problems with Sharon. Cassie tells Diego what her problem is. Cassie says "It's Mommy. I don't think she loves Daddy anymore." Nick wants to bring the family back together but Cassie replies, "It's Mommy that is keeping us apart." Nikki suggests Nick to take the kids away on their spring break trip in order to give Nick and Sharon "time alone to sort things out." Nick doesn't think Sharon will go for the idea since Sharon is on some kind of power trip. Nick asks Nikki, "what if the kids aren't the problem but they're what's keeping us together?" Cassie writes three paragraphs of her report and hands it to Sharon and walks away from her. Cassie thinks, "Mommy is still mad at Daddy." Sharon was not pleased that Diego was talking to Cassie about their personal life. Sharon asks Cassie if she and Diego talked and wondered if Cassie had said something about their family life.

Isabella tells Paul "You can't expect us to just start dating again." Paul asks Isabella what she has in mind. Isabella knows the obvious answer but Paul seems to be somewhat clueless. Paul's idea of things was that they should get married soon -- but not Isabella. "Who said anything about getting married?" Isabella retorted. Paul suggests that Isabella move into his apartment. Isabella refuses, asking "Why would I want to move into an apartment you two shared?" Isabella tells Paul "I don't want to live in Christine's shadow anymore." Isabella offers her idea of moving into a apartment. "It's a new beginning. A fresh start," she explains. "Why not start it off with a new space?" Isabella then adds, "In case you have any doubts, I still love you." Paul and Isabella kiss. Lynne walks into Paul's office. Stunned by what she sees, she drops her coffee cup.

Troy approaches Colleen at school and tells her he has "something more fun" to do instead of going to the mall. Billy warns Troy to "stay clear of Colleen." Billy suggests the idea of working on the Tech Crew, but Colleen doesn't want to do it. Billy says it was John's idea that she do something productive after school. Colleen wants to hang out with her friends at the mall but Billy doesn't think John will go for the idea. "You messed up. You suffer the consequences," Billy snaps. "Thanks for reminding me," Colleen grumbles in reply. Troy continues to follow Colleen around school. Troy offers Colleen a marijuana joint and dares her to smoke it. Troy says that they're in the backstage of the auditorium and he smokes there all the time. "There's no way we're gonna get busted," Troy says.

Amanda gives Mackenzie advice, asking if she might be afraid that if she is "not ready to move [her] relationship to the next level" that Billy might leave her. Mackenzie agrees; she freaked out on Billy when he mentioned having sex. Mackenzie goes to school to see Billy and apologizes to him. Mackenzie says, "You were right. I was wrong. I'm sorry." Billy's wondering where this apology came from. Mackenzie tells Billy the truth and tells him "No. I am not ready for sex." Amanda talks to Larry, beaming proudly that Mackenzie had confided in her. "I feel like a real mother," she gushes.

Thursday, February 21, 2002

by Ruth

Diego told Nick about his conversation with Cassie and he tried to clear things up with Sharon about really happened that morning. He left not feeling like she believed him although she did say that she didn't want to believe that he would turn their daughter against her.

Lauren broke the news to Michael Baldwin about Paul and Isabella reconciling. He was very surprised to hear it -- she told him that it was a good thing that he didn't have any feelings for Isabella. . .

Lynne warned Paul about a life with Isabella and Paul told her that she was overstepping her bounds by saying that, especially in front of Isabella and Mary. Lynne left the room and Mary talked to them for a little while. They told her the news that they were moving in together, getting to know each other better for the sake of the baby and for their own sakes. Mary didn't balk too much. After Isabella and Mary left the office, Paul apologized to Lynne and asked that she accept the situation someday. Lynne didn't know if it was possible.

At Gina's, Isabella ordered Paul's favorite dessert from Gina while Michael eavesdropped. He asked her if she was planning a celebration of her new life with the "Gumshoe." She tried to be nonchalant about it, but Michael brought up the past and Isabella became a little bit worried about what he might say to Paul about their alliance.

Brad and Ashley were doting parents together with Abby wishing that they could stay home with her every day. They put her to bed and she played with her toys. The couple enjoyed each other's company while a loose button or candy sat innocently near her in the crib. . .

Raul and Brittany walked backstage to talk to the director about working on the play. They ran into Colleen as Troy took off. She asked them what they were doing there and avoided their eyes. Raul asked her if she was alright -- she said yes and headed back to class. Raul thought that she acted funny, but Brittany didn't think it was weird at all -- the girl was obviously stoned. Raul wouldn't believe it. Brittany started getting ready for the reading audition after Raul encouraged her about getting the lead role of Beatrice in the play. He didn't commit to working on the crew yet, he wanted to wait until he knew that Brittany had the role that she wanted.

Colleen ran into her granddad at the media center -- they talked briefly, then she suddenly had to rush off to get her books so that they didn't leave Brad and Ashley waiting too long. She quickly found Troy and asked how much the pot would cost. She hadn't been able to think her own thoughts since she had arrived in Genoa City and wanted to get high again soon. . . .

Jill tried to talk Billy into bringing Mac to the dinner party, but he wasn't going for it. John was not help to her either. Later, Mac wanted to continue their conversation about sex in the playhouse where they had spent time earlier in their relationship. She thought that by admitting that he had a right to his feelings that they both could feel better about the situation and be happy again. Billy wasn't so sure. He pointed out that it was easier for her to be optimistic because if they didn't do it, things were going her way, not his. He mentioned the possibility that her experiences with her stepfather could be holding her back. She acknowledged the possibility, but wouldn't consider it the only reason that she wanted to wait. He told her that if she loved him as much as he loved her, that she would want it as much as he did.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Diane's place:

Diane has asked Michael to come over. He wonders what's keeping her in town. She explains that Jack convinced her to stay after revealing the truth to her: Jack is Kyle's father! Michael can't believe that she believes him. She explains about his sample being there in Robertson labs. Michael doesn't like this. Considering their history Jack can only be looking out for himself but Diane is convinced Jack is thinking about THEIR future together. She realizes that she's letting her guard down but Jack seems so sincere. She wonders if she should stay or go. She wonders how strong his marriage to Phyllis is. Michael wonders why she even wants to raise Kyle with Jack in the first place. Jack is a good man. Michael suggests going back to Milan and living with her son in peace. Jack Abbott is not to be trusted. She doesn't share his belief. She is then served with papers.

Jack's Office:

Jack meets with John Silva. They are minutes away from getting the paternity test. The tests finally arrive via courier; he is Kyle's father. Jack wants to act fast. John advises him to tell Phyllis STAT but Jack doesn't have time, Diane could flee at any moment. He tells John that he had to tell Diane about it which is why they must act fast. Both realize that it won't be pretty no matter what they do.


Phyllis has her check up and she is fully recovered. She asks the doctor if she can help convince Jack that she can try in vitro again. She also wonders about surrogacy. The doctor goes over the negative aspects involved but Phyllis looks on the positive. She then realizes how uncomfortable she might feel knowing that another woman is carrying Jack's baby. If they did do it they would have to have virtually no contact with the other woman.


Billy and Mac argue over their relationship. He resents that their stalemate is getting her what she wants. He wants more from their relationship. There's nothing wrong with not being ready she fires back. He wonders when she'll be ready. She's not sure. Billy just doesn't get why she can't move the relationship forward. She realizes that, bottom line, if they don't sleep together it can't continue. Billy yells that she's living in a fairy tale where kissing is all a couple does. She realizes they are in different places. For her love is all about emotions. Billy thinks they should stop seeing each other. If that's the way he feels she will go along. She doesn't feel that way but won't fight him on it. Once alone, they are both clearly devastated.


Nikki and Victor meet for dinner. Neither has heard from Victoria in days but don't think anything is wrong. Neil will be back soon and he can fill them in. Victoria calls Victor and tells him the bad news. They ask if she is alright. She assures them she is fine and they ask that she return. Victoria wants to stay as it is her responsibility. Victor demands that she return. Neil will be left in charge.

Brad and Ash talk about Colleen. Brad notices a button missing. They joke about having to talk with Lauren over her shoddy merchandise.


Victoria tells Neil there's still no word about Malcolm. She's called in more help in the search. Alex is still out searching with the rescue workers. Isaac doesn't think it looks good. Neil thanks Victoria for all she's done. He wonders how their absence is affecting work back in GC. He tells her that she can go if she wishes. He'll be okay on his own there. He is determined to find his brother. He knows Alex still blames him but hopes she can get past it and realize they are all in it together. Alex wonders if Victor wants Victoria to return home. Victoria asks about Alex's attitude. It won't do any good. Alex resents Victoria assuming she knows what Alex is going through. Alex also blames Victoria for not canceling the shoot and instead sending Neil in her place knowing the tension between the brothers. She asks that Victoria leave and take Neil with her.

Carlton House:

Brad and Ashley look forward to some quality time alone. Colleen should be there soon to babysit. They haven't noticed that a button from Ashley's jacket has fallen into Abby's crib. John brings Colleen over. They notice she's in a mood and John thinks she's just resentful being forced into more activities. Brad is pleased to see John setting strong boundaries. After Ashley and Brad leave, Colleen pulls out the weed she bought from Troy. She successfully hides it when Ashley re-enters surprisingly to get her glasses. Later Brad calls to check in. She tells him that she hates that everyone feels like they have to check up on her constantly. She pulls out the weed again and doesn't notice the button in the crib. Unbeknownst to Colleen, Abby plays with the button.

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