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Sharon walked in on Nick kissing Carrie, and she asked for a legal separation. Ashley was elated by the results of her lumpectomy. Alex felt that Neil had been responsible for Malcolm's death.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 8, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, April 8, 2002
by Ron

Victor's Apartment:

Victor is unable to concentrate on work and returns to reading Ms. Love's tabloid book about himself. He calls her and leaves a message. Victoria drops by to deliver a report. Victoria tells him she wants to help him and her mom in their relationship by preventing miscommunication between the two, but Victor tells her that they will do it on their own. He dismisses her, basically throwing her out for the night. While waiting for the elevator, she receives a call. Behind her, off of the elevator steps Ms. Love herself. Victor invites her in much astounding Victoria.

Coffee House:

Larry is having a cup of joe. Amanda comes in and joins him. The conversation turns to Mackenzie and Larry tells her that she spends too much time worrying about Mac. Amanda tells him that she wants to apologize for being preoccupied the other night at dinner, but Larry suggests that it was because of their kiss. Amanda is irritated that Larry is still hung up about this whole kiss thing, and tells him to take her at her word that she didn't mind it. Larry is doubtful and leaves for his first lesson with Jill.

Jill's Office:

Sean stops by to tell Jill that he has a new idea for the Glow-by-Jabot website: a total overhaul of the concept. Jill agrees that it is a good idea. Then they get kissy. Soon, Larry shows up for his first "lesson" with Jill. Sean leaves. Larry tells Jill that he appreciates that she seems genuine in her desire to help him, but that if she is pulling something, it would make him "very unhappy."

Memorial Hospital:

Brad and Ashley get the news that surgery has gone well and full recovery is expected after the radiation treatment. Ashley thanks God and tells Brad that she couldn't have got through this without him. She wants to cherish life and her daughter.

Nick and Sharon's:

Nick tries to get intimate with Sharon. She is resistant telling Nick that it needs to go slower. When Nick doesn't back off Sharon slaps him. Nick leaves hurt and angry. Sharon's mother calls to leave a message and is surprised to find Sharon there. Sharon tells her mother that everything has gone wrong, that Nick left upset, and she doesn't want to leave things like that. Doris tells her daughter that she cannot advise her as to what she should do. After hanging up, Sharon seeks Nick out at the main house. Miguel tells Sharon that he has driven Nick to the coffee house and he seemed very upset. Sharon goes to the coffee house and begins to look around for Nick...

Meanwhile at the coffee house...

Nick comes in, dismisses Cody for the night, says a quick hello to Carrie who is sitting at the coffee bar, and goes into the office. Carrie makes her way into the office to check on Nick who complains that his head is killing him. Carrie rummages around in the desk drawers and locates some aspirin. She sits on the couch with Nick, who complains that nothing is going right in his life. Carrie tentatively rubs Nick's head and when she stops, he tells her not to stop. As one touch leads to another... Sharon is about to leave the coffee house not seeing Nick there. At the last moment, she sees a red glove on the bar and heads into the office, just in time to see Nick and Carrie as they kiss.

Tuesday, April 9, 2002

Crimson Lghts:

Sharon walks in on Nick and Karen kissing and blasts them both. Nick tries to brush it off but then turns angry about Sharon's lack of wifely duties. She sternly tells him to never speak to her. She storms out. Later Karen returns to get her purse, she apologizes but then asks Nick if he wants her to stay. He thinks its best if she goes.


Leanna Love is surprised that Vic invited her. He explains he wants to talk about them and why what was once love for him on her part turned to hate. She admits that she never got over what he did to her and angrily points out that he can't fix everything he does with his money or power. He tells her to leave.


Victoria returns home in a mood. She tells Nikki that Leanna Love is at the Penthouse as per Victor's request. They argue about V&N and Nikki tells her to butt out. Nikki calls Vic later to see what his plans are fishing to see if he's with anyone. He tells her tonight is not the best night. They make plans to talk the next day and he hangs up on her.

Sharon returns home in a huff. Diego walks by after he heard the disturbance. She explains what happened. Maybe she should give him a taste of his own medicine. She is tired of being the good little wife while he gets to make mistakes all the time. She wants to hurt him. She grabs Diego trying to reach out to him but Diego tells her not to make this mistake. He wants her to talk to Victoria or Nikki but she wants him. He says no and she tells him to get out. She then collapses in tears.


Neil stops by with presents for Nate and they plan a day together. He tells her about Victoria and his suspicions that the events of Malcolm's death aren't what they thought. She suggests going over it with Victoria before going to Alex with this.

Jill's Office:

Larry stops by for his lessons. They exchange heated words but ultimately things go well. Jill plants seeds of mistrust in Larry about Kay.


Alex stops in to do some work. She tells Michael she's not ready to come back full time but thanks him for his understanding. She would also understand if he wanted to replace her. He is there for her but wonders if she is sticking in town. She has friends and a great job. She and Neil had repaired their rift before Malcolm died.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Alex stopped by Olivia's to give Nate a present that Malcolm had picked out for him in Kenya. It was a hand-carved wooden lion that Alex said Malcolm wanted his son to have because he was brave-hearted, just as Malcolm was. Nate was moved by the offer. He asked Alex if Malcolm had been happy in Kenya, and Alex told him yes, which seemed to make him feel better. After he left for school, Olivia thanked Alex for her gesture. Alex admitted that she felt good being around people who loved Malcolm. Olivia then embraced Alex while Alex cried, and told her that if she needed help going through Malcolm's things, just to call her. Alex then went to Neil's office, and found him deep in conversation with Victoria. When she asked what was going on, Neil tried to put her off, not wanting her to know they were reconstructing Malcolm's last day. Once Victoria told her, Alex said she wanted to know, too. As they talked, trying to figure out the sequence of events, Neil was struck by some thought he didn't want to believe.

Cody was surprised to find a hungover Nick in the office at Crimson Lights. When he offered to get him something to make him feel better, Nick insisted he just wanted to be left alone. Later, when Diego came in looking for Nick, Cody warned him not to bother the boss. But Diego went into the office anyway. He told Nick how upset Sharon had been the night before. Nick said he was sure Sharon blamed him for everything, like always. He then told Diego his side of what had happened. Diego urged him to talk to Sharon sooner rather than later and get it worked out.

Meanwhile, Sharon summoned Michael Baldwin to the ranch. She told him that she needed to talk to Christine because she was the only one Sharon could trust. At first she didn't believe Michael was unsure when Christine might return, so Michael advised her to call Christine in Australia. Once he ascertained that Sharon's legal problem had to do with her marriage, he said he could give Sharon a list of attorneys who were not connected to the Newmans. He also offered to call Christine and see if she could come home. After Sharon worried about the delay, saying she needed help immediately, Michael said he had an idea, though it wouldn't sit well with the Newmans. Sharon told him to forget the Newmans and just tell her his idea.

Nikki surprised Victor with a breakfast of Miguel's home-baked muffins. At first Victor was a little suspicious. Nikki coyly tried to get information from him about the night before. When Victor evaded her questions, she finally admitted that Victoria had seen Leanna Love arrive at the penthouse and heard enough to know that Victor had invited her. Victor assured Nikki this had nothing to do with her and she should drop it. When he took a business call, Nikki hurried out, saying she needed to get to work. She then arranged to meet Leanna at Gina's. Leanna, who had been told by her assistant that she was meeting an "anonymous source" who had information on one of Genoa City's most influential families, was surprised to find out it was Nikki who had arranged the meeting.

Isabella went to see Diane at her hotel suite so Diane could bring her up-to-speed on the court case with Jack. When Diane asked how Isabella was doing, Isabella told her the only cloud on her horizon was an "ex-wife." Then she turned the subject back to Diane. Diane admitted that she didn't entirely trust Michael, but that so far, he was unaware that she knew about Phyllis's inability to have a child. Isabella urged her to make sure Michael couldn't betray her. A court official delivered papers to Diane from the judge that granted Jack immediate visitation. Though Isabella asked if Diane should call her attorney, Diane decided to take Kyle to see Jack. Isabella agreed that Diane should remind Jack that he shared a bond with her he could never share with Phyllis--a child.

Jack had intended to take Phyllis breakfast in bed, but she came downstairs looking tired and stressed out. She told him she still had mixed feelings about the custody case. Jack assured her that if they got full custody of Kyle, the baby would be like their son. Phyllis said she would never be a mother to "that kid" if Diane had her way. She said that the opposing attorneys were going to crucify both her and Diane in court. Jack reminded her that they could avoid having her past brought into the courtroom by agreeing to shared custody with Diane, but that would mean they'd have far more contact with Diane. He assured her that one day, they would try again to have a child of their own, as long as Phyllis's health wasn't jeopardized. He appreciated Phyllis being so supportive of him, and he felt that sharing Kyle with her would only make them grow closer.

Thursday, April 11, 2002
by Ruth

Diane dropped off Kyle with Jack at his house just when Jack brought down some old toys from the attic. She pretended to leave but waited at the door. She came back in when she heard Kyle whimpering in Jack's arms. She offered to stay for awhile and help -- they sat the baby down between them and let him play.

Phyllis was feeling dejected at the coffeehouse when Sean sat down beside her. She told him her sob story about the custody battle and he tried to help her sort out her feelings.

Nick told Sharon his side of the story, but she didn't believe a word of it. She admitted to him that she was ready to really open up when she went back to the coffee house that night, but was faced with him kissing another woman. He was so sorry and wanted to forget about it all and start over, but Sharon was done trying to talk things out. She dropped the bomb -- she had been in touch with a lawyer and was working on a legal separation. She wanted a restraining order to keep him away from her. She would agree to give him some time with the kids, but that was it. He had no choice but to leave.

Neil, Alex, and Victoria talked more about the day that Malcolm left so angry. They figured out that he must have been outside their room when Neil and Alex were talking about their feelings. It was the only explanation. Neil wondered what they could do about it now and Alex answered that it was too late!

Mamie paid Olivia a visit and the topic of Neil and Alex came up. Mamie wasn't so sure about how well the two of them were getting along, but Olivia understood and was sure that there was nothing romantic going on between them.

Nikki threatened Leanna that she had better leave her family alone or else. Leanna tried to go fishing for a juicy story and planned to stay on watch. They bantered back and forth until Nikki threatened her again and left.

Friday, April 12, 2002

Brad surprised Ashley by bringing her breakfast after he and Abby went for an early-morning outing. Ashley was in an elated mood after the good results from her lumpectomy. She told Brad how much more she appreciated the daily things she'd once taken for granted and how lucky she was to have all that she had. Brad agreed that he, too, was seeing things with new eyes because of her cancer scare. Ashley said that she intended to beat the cancer because she knew how much she had to live for.

As Chantal did some work in Michael's office, she expressed regret that Sharon's marriage to Nick appeared to be over, as well as surprise that Sharon had called Michael. Michael said he'd promised to at least call Christine to see if she would consider returning to represent Sharon. Chantal left to place the call to Australia for Michael.

Victoria warned Neil and Alex that their fears that Malcolm had overheard their conversation about Alex's past feelings for Neil were merely speculation. Alex said she wished she'd just gone shopping that day; if she had, Malcolm might still be alive. When Alex ran out, Victoria went after her and took Alex to her office. She told Alex that she knew what it was like to suffer a loss, to have questions with no answers, and to live with guilt. She promised Alex that it did get easier. Alex said that she appreciated Victoria's understanding of her loss, but she went on to say she couldn't get over it because it wasn't just a tragic accident on a collapsed bridge. She believed that none of it would have happened if Neil had just been willing to drop the subject of her feelings. Malcolm would have heard nothing to push him over the edge and compel him to go to the photo location that night instead of the next day.

Neil called Isaac in Kenya and asked if he'd remembered anything else that Malcolm said before the bridge collapsed. Isaac said that Malcolm hadn't talked about Neil, Alex, or anything else. Olivia came to Neil's office to invite him to dinner. After he explained to her what he, Alex, and Victoria had pieced together about Malcolm's last day in Kenya, Olivia embraced him and assured him that what happened to Malcolm was not his fault. She reminded him that he and Alex had done nothing more than talk about feelings that were in the past; they had done nothing wrong. Later, Neil found Victoria looking tearfully at a photograph of Ryan. When he seemed anxious to find and talk to Alex, Victoria warned him to give Alex some space.

Jack assured Diane that he knew what she was up to and was only being cooperative so he'd drop his suit for custody. Diane told him that she had no intention of cutting Jack out of her son's life. She suggested that he consider the effect on Kyle if he lost either of his parents. Jack seemed to be wavering and consented to let Diane say good-bye to Kyle before she left them alone. As the three of them stood closely together, with Diane giving her son an affectionate good-bye, Phyllis came in and glowered at them. Jack explained that Diane was just about to leave. When Diane asked if Phyllis would also be spending time with Kyle, Phyllis became angry. Jack indicated that he wanted her to remain calm for Kyle's sake. After Diane left, Jack admitted that he was rethinking his decision and believed it might be best if he and Diane shared custody of Kyle. Phyllis then urged him to go for full custody so they could have as little contact with Diane as possible.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. prodded Danielle for answers about what had happened between her and Billy. Rather than talking to him, Danielle walked over to Billy's table and, in an undertone, told him to put his arm around her and play along so J.T. would stop being suspicious. Just as Billy pretended to smile and embrace her, Mac walked out of the kitchen and saw them. Raul came in and distracted her by talking about college acceptance letters. Mac said she'd just gotten one that morning, and Raul admitted he'd been turned down by two colleges.

Brittany was on the patio congratulating herself for her third college acceptance letter. She went inside and gave Raul a good morning kiss, then got defensive when Mac made a comment about how it was really true that they were a couple. After Mac left, Raul tried to coax Brittany into a better mood. She asked why he was in such a good mood, and he admitted it was mostly because he wasn't at home. He said he'd left his rejection letter out for his parents to see, but they hadn't discussed it. When he asked Brit if she'd heard anything, she evaded him by saying she needed to get to school because of the play. Raul went with her. Brittany's fear that Raul was going to make fun of her costume subsided when he told her how beautiful she looked. She gave him a sweet smile and they shared a kiss before she left for her final fitting.

Billy and Danielle showed up backstage, bickering about whether it was really necessary for him to have held her hand all the way through school. Danielle made a couple of smart remarks and left him alone. Raul joined him and asked if he and Danielle were for real. Billy said he could ask the same thing about Raul and Brittany. He then asked how Mac was doing, explaining that she'd practically dumped Danielle's food in her lap a few days before at the coffee house. Raul accused Billy of being completely insensitive by flaunting his relationship with Danielle in front of Mac.

Still at Crimson Lights, Mac asked J.T. if he thought she was such a basket case about Billy that she'd imagined seeing someone watching them backstage. J.T. agreed that she was a little stressed. When he left, Mac went onto the patio to bus tables. Suddenly she once again felt like she was being watched. She looked toward the door of Crimson Lights just in time to see someone in an orange shirt turn and move away. She ran outside to the street and looked around to see if she could find whoever was watching her.

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