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Nikki discovered the engagement ring. Later, she saw a recent photo of Victor and Ramona in a kiss. Jill caught Amanda in her room and called the police. Paul and Isabella were married. Brittany broke up with Raul. Olivia met Serena.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 3, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, June 3, 2002

Judge Paris is an old friend who knew Mary and Carl. He met little "Ricardo Carl Williams" (named after their fathers). Isabella was glad Paul invited a friend to see the baby, but was confused as to why the Judge was there. Paul said it was to perform a marriage ceremony, if that's what she want. The Judge thought the bride was in on the secret. Isabella said she didn't know was caught off guard. The Judge went to the kitchen to give them some privacy. Isabella asked Paul after all the sneaking around with Chris he want to marry her? Since his ex-wife said take a hike why not settle for second best? Paul said he had time to think and realized he misread the situation and he and Chris had grown so far apart. He was living in a fantasy and now the spell is broken. Isabella said he was on the rebound and what's going to happen when Chris come back again. Paul reassured her and said he wanted to start a new life with Isabella and the baby as a family. He's ready to make a commitment. Isabella said get the Judge he had a wedding to perform. She went to the kitchen to get him....

Chris/ Michael
After kissing Chris, Michael apologized for crossing the line, saying he felt she needed comforting. He told her how much he cared. Chris asked was he trying to take advantage of the situation and believed him when he said no. She partly blamed herself because she felt she opened up too much with Michael. But she does not regret it. She needed to get Paul and Isabella out of her system. She thanked Michael for helping her not bury her feelings. She believed she was ready to return to Australia. Mike said no, she's not! She put her life on hold because she couldn't be around Paul, but she can come home now. Chris comment to Michael's meddling was to say "today the role of God will be played by Michael Baldwin.." Chris told Michael he wasn't her it wasn't his decision. He said fine, if she was going to make him say it he would, he want and need her to stay. Chris said it wasn't fair to keep Michael hanging and would give him an answer today...

The School
Billy and Mackenzie in the computer room. Mac said no more Ralph, real or imaginary. Billy said good, he cared about his friends. They watched as Brittany and Raul bumped into each other at their lockers. Raul told Brittany to be careful, he's a horny teenager and might attack her. Mac asked Billy what was up. He said he'd find out. Raul said he and Brittany had broken up because she thought he was just after sex the whole time they were seeing each other. She started accusing him after the play. He wondered if it was him or maybe no one could stand the thought of "doing it" with good ole Raul. He said if Brittany sees him that way after everything they've been thru, then the hell with her, except being without her is the worst! Billy said he was mystified as to why/how they were together anyway. Raul asked Billy if he assumed it had to be about sex. Billy said that's what kept him around. Raul said Brittany was not the same person she was when she was with Billy and he misses the hell out of her!

Brittany approached Mac and told her about the break-up. She told Mac, she and Raul could go to the prom , complete with matching scout uniforms. Brittany explained their relationship was a fake and Raul was after sex since the beginning . Mac sarcastically replied, why would a guy ever think it was possibility to get sex from her! Mac defended Raul, saying it just didn't sound like him. She told Brittany she was wrong, and Raul really cared for her. Brittany said he cared about getting her into bed. Mac said Raul was too good for her and Brittany didn't deserve him and shouldn't be with him since she didn't believe he was being honest and cared for her. When she told Billy of her talk with Brittany, he said good riddance! Mac agreed and both knew Raul was hurting and related the situation to theirs. Billy received a call from Brad summoning him to Jabot....

The Boardroom
Jill was incensed because Brad was the only member who showed up for the board meeting. Jill said she could smell that something was up. Brad said the Abbots were going through something and that was all she needed to know. Jill said she was tired of being kept out of the loop. Sean showed up wanting to book a new band from the UK , A1, for the prom. He'd listened to the CD and had the video. Brad disagreed, but Jill thought it was a very good idea. So, Sean popped in the video. Brad and Jill liked the band and approved the project. Sean wanted to get the Glow kids in to see the video. Brad hoped there weren't any new teen dramas to deal with as he left to call in the kids. Sean thanked Jill for not shooting him down. Jill said she liked the idea and wasn't doing him any favors. Billy arrived first. When asked if Danielle would be his prom date, Billy said no, he was thinking about asking Mac. Jill looked upset....

Leanna/Mr. Hollister
Mr. Hollister invited Leanna Love to lunch. After they buttered each other up, he inquired about Victor, Leanna's favorite subject. He said he'd read Ruthless and knew she was married to Victor. He wanted to "knock that guy off his high horse in a way he'll never forget!" Sticking it to Victor has become his passion, so he sought out Leanna. Leanna thought she was being set up, for Victor, since she was on the trail of a hot story. She said Victor had to do better to trap her. She was about to leave, when Hollister begged her to stay. He said Victor humiliated him and he wanted revenge. He explained how Victor burned him, preventing him from taking over Julia's company, coming in to save the day at the last hour. Leanna explained that Julia Martin was not just a friend, but Victor's first wife. Leanna said it was more than just business. Victor had a habit of reaching out to his old flames. She felt they had a great deal to talk about....

The Penthouse
Nikki went to see Victor and told of her visit to Neal. She said she left him some numbers which she's pretty sure are trashed. She wanted to know if Victor was going postpone his trip again since he lost his right hand man. Victor said he considered it, but Nikki said no. He could run the company from his Jet. Since Nikki thinks the trip has something to do with their future she want him to go. Victor said he came to realize how much Nikki means to him so he didn't think it was the right time to go. Nikki said she won't let him do that and encouraged him to go, saying she would have a wonderful welcome home for him. She took a call on her cell phone and Victor left. While looking for an ink pen, she stumbled across "The Ring"! She cried while trying it on......

Victor was at him desk placing a Ramona!

Tuesday, June 4, 2002

When Brittany, Raul, J.T. and Erica arrive, Brad explains the idea of using the band A1 and the prom for Glo by Jabot. Brittany surprises everyone including J.T. when she announces that she's going to the prom with J.T. Billy privately asks Mac to the dance and she accepts. Unable to break into the Chancellor estate safe, Ralph and Amanda head upstairs where he steals a ruby bracelet from Jill's room. As Amanda starts to leave, she opens the door to find Jill there, demanding some answers. After Chris and Michael tell Chantall that Chris will be staying in town, Mary bursts into the office and blasts Chris for ruining her son's life. Chris angrily insists she will never be with Paul and kicks Mary out.

Wednesday, June 5, 2002

Jill demanded to know what Amanda was doing in her room as Ralph lurked out of sight behind the door. When Amanda fumbled for an excuse, Ralph cut her finger with his pocket knife. Amanda told Jill that she'd cut herself and was looking for a bandage. Jill went to the bathroom to get her one, and Ralph hurried out. Jill told Amanda never to go into her room again. Later, Amanda met Ralph outside next to the pool. Ralph said he'd see if Jill's bracelet was worth anything. Amanda pointed out that now Jill was likely to blame her if it was missing. Ralph said he'd fake a break-in when Amanda had an airtight alibi, and everyone would think it was stolen then. Amanda was uneasy when Ralph said he wasn't sure he wanted to leave her behind again.

Billy and Mac talked backstage while they were cataloging props from the play. They were both glad about their new friendship and happy to be going to the prom together, agreeing that the first prom they'd gone to a couple of years before was one they'd tell their grandchildren about. Larry showed up, looking for Amanda. When Mac went to try to find her, Larry warned Billy that he shouldn't hurt Mac again. He told Billy he was still considering going to Tucson to make sure Ralph was there. Amanda overheard him and rushed up, saying Larry was NOT to go to Tucson.

Katherine and Nikki discussed the possibility of Nikki's remarriage to Victor. Kay wanted to start planning the wedding, but Nikki said she was afraid they would jinx it by talking about it. Later, when Katherine went home and swore Esther to secrecy about some plans she was making, Jill overheard and hit the roof, sure Katherine was conspiring against her. She accused Katherine of getting Amanda to help her with some scheme, which would explain why Amanda was lurking in her room. She also said Mac was probably part of it, which was why she'd manipulated Billy into inviting her to the prom. This was news to Katherine.

Max Hollister and Leanna Love continued to plot against Victor, putting the pieces together about Victor's meeting with his first wife, Julia. Leanna decided he wanted to have a final fling with all his ex-wives and lovers before he asked Nikki to marry him. She told Max that if he'd agree to go on her show and give her the scoop on Julia and Victor, she'd give Max whatever pictures her photographer shot of Victor and Ramona. Then Max could drop the bomb on Nikki, with the photos as supporting evidence. After Leanna left, Max approached Nikki and told her that he hadn't come over just because she was a beautiful woman, but because he had some information that concerned her future.

When Brittany saw Raul walk into Crimson Lights, she planted a kiss on J.T. Raul rushed over and broke them apart, telling Brittany she was going to talk to him. J.T. left, and the two of them argued about what Raul was after. Brittany said at least J.T. was up front about what he wanted, and didn't tell her romantic things about the moon and the stars. When Brittany went into the coffee shop, Raul sat outside and brooded, until he was surprised by Rianna. She told him she was in town between Spain and her summer job. After she got the lowdown on what had been going on between Billy and Mac, and Raul and Brittany, she surmised that Brittany was jealous as she watched Raul and Rianna hug. Rianna then told Raul she was going to stay in town a little longer and be his prom date.

Jack and Brad argued about Ashley at Jabot. Jack accused Brad of making it possible for Victor to get too much information about Ashley. Brad, in turn, told Jack that he wasn't doing his sister any good by dragging her into his personal problems with Phyllis and Diane. After trading insults back and forth, they finally admitted that, where Victor was concerned, they were on the same side. Both of them wanted him far away from Ashley.

Meanwhile, Victor went to see Ashley because he was alarmed by the things Brad hadn't said. She was grateful for his visit and his concern, but she said he needed to support her from a distance because of Brad's feelings. She discouraged him from postponing his trip because of her, and promised that when she had the results of the biopsy, she would get in touch with him through his secretary. Victor told her he would always care about her and keep her in his thoughts and prayers, then hugged her before he left.

Thursday, June 6, 2002
by Ruth

At Jabot, Max met with Nikki to talk about what he knew about Victor. She had no time for him until she heard that Victor had saved Julia from a business deal that he was trying to make with her and that Victor's trip involved meeting with Ramona in New Mexico.

In New Mexico, Ramona joined Victor on his jet. He asked about her business and how her research was going. All she could think about was their time alone together so long ago. When he asked what was on her mind, she asked for a drink of wine and didn't get around to answering him.

Neil called Serena and asked her to come over to talk. He thanked her for coming, then started asking her personal questions about her history with other men. She took offense and she came back with insults about his drinking. She was about to leave when he stopped her. He apologized and admitted that being close to her was really what meant the most to him. They kissed in the doorway when Olivia showed up unexpectedly. . .

Larry Warton was making plans to take that trip to Tuscon to check on Ralph when Amanda arrived and put an end to it. No one understood why she was so adamant about it -- Billy, Mac, or Larry. The kids left for the coffeehouse and Amanda smoothed things over by suggesting that she and Larry take off on a weekend away in order to get to know each other better.

At the Chancellor Estate, Jill and Sean were about ready to come to an understanding when the subject of Amanda and what Katherine must be doing to drive Jill crazy stood in their way. Sean got fed up and started packing his bags. Jill acted like her life would be better without him when she noticed her jewelry drawer had been broken into and her ruby bracelet was gone. She was sure that it could not have been misplaced and that Amanda was responsible. . .

Ralph met up with a man who could buy the bracelet from him at the corner cafe. He said that he wanted to take the money and get out of town at first, but then he thought about Mac again as he had years before and decided that his business was not yet done in Genoa City.

Mac and Billy were glad to hear that Rianna was back in town -- Brittany tried to accuse them of planting her in order to make her jealous of Raul. Rianna and Raul decided to go to the prom together and really put on a good show for Brittany. The green-eyed monster was showing its ugly head within minutes. . .

Friday, June 7, 2002

Olivia stared with dismay through the open door of Neil's apartment at Neil kissing Serena. When Neil spotted her, he ran out to buy more liquor. Olivia then tried to question Serena to find out who she was. Serena correctly surmised that Olivia was "the nephew's mother." Olivia stated that Neil's family was very concerned about him. Serena said that Neil was in trouble and felt he had no one else to turn to but the bottle, adding that Olivia was not the answer, but part of the problem. After she left, Neil returned. He accused Olivia of keeping from him the only thing he had: Nate. Olivia reminded Neil that he'd scared Nate during their last meeting. She told him she wasn't there to hurt him, and he could continue to blame everyone else and feel sorry for himself, or he could turn his life around. He needed help, if that was what he wanted, but it was in his hands. She promised she'd be there for him but told him she couldn't do it for him. Neil applauded her, accused her of using Nate as a weapon, and told her how cold she was. Olivia left in tears, and Neil put away all his family pictures, including photos of Nate, Malcolm, and Lily, and picked up his glass.

Ramona had prepared all of Victor's favorite dishes to heat up in the jet's microwave. As they ate, they reminisced about their past together. Victor was concerned that in helping her develop her business, he might have diminished the quality of her life. Ramona assured him that, though she was busier and no longer slept in the desert under the stars, Victor had been a positive influence in her life, and she had no regrets.

Neither of them realized that their greeting had been photographed by Leanna Love's contact. After Max Hollister told Nikki that Victor used his power to bludgeon people, Nikki asked him what proof he had to show he wasn't simply trying to hurt Victor through her because of his business grudge. Maxwell made a call to Leanna, who showed up with a picture she'd just uploaded from her New Mexico source. Nikki stared at the photo of Victor and Ramona in a tight embrace.

Victoria looked on a little sourly as Nick and Sharon were affectionate in Nick's office. After Sharon agreed to have dinner with Nick, Victoria urged him to go ahead of them to Crimson Lights so she and Sharon could have a "girl talk." After Nick left them alone, Victoria told Sharon she wanted straight answers about Diego. Sharon got annoyed with her probing and wondered what the point was of Victoria's continued distrust of Diego, since he was leaving town. Victoria finally noted that they must both be on the same side, and congratulated Sharon on doing whatever it was that convinced Diego to get out of their lives.

On the patio at Crimson Lights, Diego and Raul talked about Brittany. Raul admitted that he was at a loss but was considering trying Rianna's plan to make Brit jealous by going to the prom with Rianna. Diego told him he didn't really understand Raul's relationship with Brittany, but he didn't intend to judge him for it. Raul told him no matter how many friends he had, no one replaced family. He then tried to get Diego to stay in town, at least until after he graduated. Nick overheard part of their conversation. After Raul left, Nick, too, tried to convince Diego to stay. Diego finally told Nick that he was a nice guy, but his decisions were none of Nick's business. Later, Nick asked Sharon if she would join him in trying to persuade Diego to remain in Genoa City.

Ralph was disappointed to learn that the bracelet he'd stolen from Jill's room would only get him two thousand dollars. His fence told him that he should go back and get more from that source. Ralph admitted he had an inside contact, but said she hadn't been very helpful to him. After some more encouragement from the fence, Ralph realized his only option for getting a large sum of money was returning to the Chancellor house to steal more, maybe even from Katherine's safe.

Jill raged to Sean that the theft of the bracelet was all part of the conspiracy between Katherine, Esther, Amanda, and Mac to drive her crazy. When she speculated that Warton might be in on it, Sean finally had enough. He told her to calm down and think about it rationally, discussing her suspicions with Katherine and Amanda, rather then digging herself into a hole.

Desperate to stop Larry from delving more deeply into what was stressing her out, Amanda suggested the two of them go away for a weekend together. Larry asked Amanda if that was because she wanted to take her mind off of Ralph, or because she wanted to be with him. Amanda told him she needed to remove his doubts, and leaned over to kiss him. Later, she arrived home to find Sean's suitcases by the door and to get a warning from Esther that Jill was on the warpath. When Jill joined them, she told Sean she wasn't interested in talking. She'd decided to take action. At that moment, the doorbell rang, and Jill ushered two police officers into the room. She pointed to Amanda and said, "Arrest this woman! She's a thief!" while Sean uttered a shocked, "Jill!" and Amanda looked stricken.

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