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Ralph demanded that Amanda help him break into Katherine's safe. Nikki was devastated when Ramona answered Victor's phone. Brad told Ashley that her breast cancer had not spread. Victoria witnessed a tender moment between Sharon and Diego.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 10, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, June 10, 2002

Chancellor Mansion
Jill called the police and accused Amanda of stealing her ruby bracelet. Kate came home and defended Amanda, telling Jill she was wrong for accusing her. The police called for a CSI unit to gather evidence and fingerprints. Everyone would have to be fingerprinted, including Jill. Jill accused Kay of bring total chaos into their home, while looking directly at Amanda. Kay apologized to Amanda, saying she didn't take into account the lunatic (Jill). Jill accused Kay of playing mind games and getting Amanda to steal the bracelet to get her out of the house. Kathryn said Jill took the bracelet to frame Amanda and that Jill has accused everyone in the house of many things but she crossed the line and gave Jill a shove. Jill pushed Kate and Sean had to hold her back while Esther and Amanda held Kay. The police returned from Jill's room saying they had to run a cross check, but to Jill's chagrin, there was not enough evidence to arrest Amanda . The police told Amanda and Kathryn, not to leave town. After they left, Kate noticed Sean's bags by the door. He explained he'd be moving out. She told Sean he was welcomed anytime and if Chancellor Industries ever needed a webmaster, she'd call him. Sean left as Jill looked on.... Kay told Amanda it was ridiculous to even think she had anything to do with the bracelet. Right after Kay retired, Amanda got a call from Ralph. He told her she was safe as long as "the old lady" was on her side. But, since the bracelet didn't pay off like he wanted they would have to make another run, but with better planning. Amanda said no, but Ralph had already hung up, saying he was determined to get what he wanted, one way or another.

Crimson Lights
Nick want Sharon's help to convince Diego to stay. Sharon tried to put her husband off and Nick was a little suspicious. Nick said Diego had a pattern of moving around. Sharon said he'd land on his feet and they should stay out of it. Nick want him to stay and reminded Sharon of all he did to help them get back together . Sharon was adamant and said Nick was trying to be controlling like his father. Nick asked if there was something going on he didn't know about. Diego came over and Nick, with Sharon's help, talked him into staying until Raul graduated. Victoria picked that moment to show up and was not surprised to hear Diego was staying. Nick asked her to lay off of Diego. Victoria asked Sharon why she didn't help to get Diego to leave, but before she could answer Nick showed up and Sharon beat a hasty retreat. Victoria went directly to the source , Diego, for information. She told Diego not to underestimate her. She know he has an agenda and she will find out what's it is........ After stopping at Gina's, Nick and Sharon went home. Nick said he knew Sharon and Victoria's "girl talk" was about Diego, but Victoria was wrong about Diego and he want him to stay.

Baldwin/Williams Law Office
Michael arrived wanting to celebrate a big win for a client. He told Chris she had no idea what it means to have her there and she brings out the best in him. He said he noticed she was distracted since he arrived. She showed him the paper that carried the marriage announcement for Paul and Isabella. She explained she was torn when she first saw it, but now she feels better. It's a validation that Paul wanted to be with Isabella and the baby because he wouldn't marry if it wasn't right..........

Paul & Isabella's
Isabella was glad Mary showed up for the wedding, but Paul was surprised. He said as long as she doesn't tell them how to raise their son, everything would be fine. Isabella said she still can't believe they are actually married and remembered they didn't take a wedding photo. Paul set up the camera for a shot of the Paul, Isabella and the baby. Isabella said she was happy because she's wanted to be married to Paul for so long, and asked Paul if he was happy. His response was to kiss her. Paul was holding the baby, asking if she was jealous because he was getting all the attention. As he hand over the baby, we see it's Chris he's talking to, not Isabella. Chris asked Paul if he was happy, he said he is as happy as he's ever been and it's the way it's meant to be. As he kiss Chris, the camera pan back to show he is actually kissing Isabella. When he opened his eyes, he gives a started jump, as he realize Isabella was kissing him, not Chris. Isabella said he had such a sweet smile on his face while he was sleeping that she couldn't resist a kiss.....

Nikki thought the photo of Victor and Ramona in an embrace was a fake and could have been taken years ago. Leanna said Victor was with Ramona at this very moment. Nikki told Max Hollister, Leanna was a hack, the picture and her whole story was a fabrication. When Leanna wouldn't take the picture back, saying it was Nikki's copy, Nikki trashed it. Leanna said from their last conversation, after Victor summoned her to the penthouse, she realized Nikki was scared of losing Victor. She said Nikki needed help dealing with Victor. Nikki said she wasn't buying the sisterhood speech so get out. She called security, so Leanna quickly left after telling Max Hollister, he'd better come through for her. He apologized to Nikki, saying Victor was his target not Nikki, but at least she knew the truth and besides, Victor didn't deserve her. Nikki told him to get going and put him out ......

Newman Jet
Ramona said she couldn't stop thinking about Victor since she went to Genoa city and Diana lied to her, saying she and Victor were still together. Ramona promised herself she wouldn't let another chance with Victor pass. Victor said he was flattered, but it could not be. He was there to be sure the choice he made was the right one. He said Ramona was beautiful and desirable, but he was committed to someone else. Ramona noticed he wasn't wearing a wedding band, Vic said not yet, but soon. Ramona figured out Nikki was the one. Ramona said she was envious and wondered if Nikki deserved him, but if Nikki was the one true love of his life, and they were soul mates then she was happy for him. Victor said he couldn't imagine life without her. Ramona excused herself and returned with a see through negligee'. Victor said she was beautiful and he cared for her but he just couldn't....before he could finish Ramona kissed him, trying to change his mind, but to no avail. Victor said for once in his life, he was trying to do something right. Ramona kissed him on the cheek and left to get dressed. When she returned she told Victor she respects him more for what he did and she was leaving before she made a fool of herself again. Victor left to get the limo. The phone rang and Ramona answered it. Nikki was on the other end and after hearing her voice, hung up. Victor returned to say goodbye.

Nikki sat at the conference table with tears in her eyes, looking at the picture of Victor and Ramona. Finally she broke down and started crying...

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Isabella suggests to Paul that they throw a party. Mac arrives at home and finds Sean moving out. When Kay comments on how late Mac was out last night with Billy, she also mentions her concern that she isn't hurt again. Mac assures Kay that she and Billy are just friends. Kay then reveals that Jill thinks Amanda stole her bracelet. Mac decides to seek help from Billy. Meanwhile, Billy learns first hand about the burglary and tells his mother he doesn't think Amanda would take something. Amanda advises Larry she can't leave town now that the police are investigating Jill's missing bracelet. Larry then confronts a wide-eyed Jill in her office. A tired Jack faces off with Diane after she blasts him for failing to be home for dinner to admire their son using a fork for the first time.

Wednesday, June 12, 2002

Mac and Billy met backstage at Walnut Grove. When Mac found out Billy knew about the theft of Jill's bracelet, she tried to persuade him to help convince Jill that her mother would never have done such a thing. Billy said that he'd already talked to his mother, and he saw no reason why she'd have faked the theft and set Amanda up. He told Mac that he understood that she believed in her mother, but he also believed Jill, so there must be another explanation for who had actually stolen the bracelet.

Amanda, obviously on edge, met Ralph in the park. She told him she was being blamed for the theft, and she'd decided she would probably be better off confessing the entire story than letting this go any further. Ralph showed her the newspaper photo of Katherine and insisted all he needed was the pearl necklace Katherine was wearing and he'd be set. Amanda refused to help him go through with another theft. Ralph threatened her, saying if she thwarted him, he'd take her down as well as "you know who," meaning Mac.

At Jabot, Larry was shocked by Jill's accusation that he and Amanda would steal from her. He tired to calm her down, and when she lost her temper with him, he told her she was a fake, pretending to help him while all the while ready to turn on him. At that point, a detective came in and told Jill that Amanda's prints had been in the room, as were the prints of convicted felon Larry Warton. At first Jill felt this confirmed her suspicions, but Larry said he was on probation so he was not going to get in any more trouble. The detective said that Larry's prints were only on a copy of the book "Sense and Sensibility," and Jill admitted that she'd loaned Larry the book. Jill finally calmed down and said she didn't believe Larry had anything to do with it, nor did she think Sean, Esther, Katherine, or even Mac did. At that point, the detective told them there was an unidentified set of prints in Jill's room, and Jill decided this mystery person must be the one helping Amanda steal from her.

Paul was surprised to run into Christine at Gina's, thinking she'd gone back to Australia. Christine explained that she'd weighed all her options and decided to stay. She then congratulated Paul on his marriage and wished him the best. He did likewise and left the restaurant. Later, in her office, Christine told Michael she was surprised by Paul's unhappy reaction to seeing her. She also forgave Michael for keeping the news about his own affair with Isabella from her. But she said it mystified her that Isabella had deceived everyone about Michael being the father of her baby. Michael tried to discourage her curiosity, but Christine took a business call, so Michael hurried from her office.

Lauren dropped off a wedding present for Paul and Isabella, and stayed to talk to Paul's bride. Isabella told her about wanting to have a party that would include all of Paul's friends, so she could try to get them to accept her as Paul's wife. Lauren made it clear to her that, though she was happy if Paul was happy, if Isabella did anything to hurt him, Lauren would personally make Isabella pay. She said that Paul was a good man, but the marriage would not last if Isabella ever lied to him or deceived him about anything. When Isabella went to check on Ricky, Lauren answered a knock on the door and was surprised to see Michael standing there.

Brad was reluctant to leave Ashley at home, knowing she was anxious about her test results, but finally went to work. He encountered Nikki, who expressed anger that Jack was late for a meeting with her. Brad confided in Nikki about Ashley's breast cancer. Nikki was upset and told him if there was anything she could do, she would, including being a friend for him to lean on. Brad then told her the one thing she could do was keep Victor away from Ashley. Nikki was upset to hear they'd been in contact and that Victor knew about Ashley's illness. Brad said if Victor continued to see Ashley, he'd have him to deal with. Finally Nikki, obviously thinking of her suspicions about Victor and Ramona, told Brad that she thought Victor had more than Ashley on his mind.

After Brad left, Ashley took out her camera and began making a videotape for Abby as a memento in case she lost her battle with cancer. She became very emotional as she told Abby how having her had changed her life, and how much she would always love her. Ashley was unaware that Olivia had come through her open front door and was listening to her. When she was overcome with emotion and stopped the camera, Liv came in and sat down with her, trying to give her support and give Ashley a chance to talk about her fears. She felt that Ashley was trying to get everything in order, and Ashley said there was one thing she needed to do, but she couldn't tell anyone about it, not even Liv. After Olivia left, Ashley picked up the phone and called Victor, asking if they could meet.

Thursday, June 13, 2002
by Ruth

Nikki confided in Brad about what she had found out about Victor -- spending time with his old flames just when she thought that there was a future for them. He comforted her, then she told him that it was OK to be scared for Ashley and for himself with this cancer thing. He admitted that he couldn't live without Ashley, but knew that he had to be strong for Ashley and Abby. Nikki reminded him that he was the only father that Abby had.

On the Newman jet, Victor made it clear that he was all ears and that anything could wait when she had something important to talk to him about. Ashley began by talking about how she wanted to get her life in order and how that meant that she had been thinking back about what could have been. They talked about their special connection and Ashley told him that she wished that she could live 2 lives. He wondered about Brad -- she denied any problems saying that he was a wonderful husband and perfect father for Abby. Just when Victor thought that they were about done and offered to talk again when he returned from his trip, she admitted that there was much more on her mind and that she had to tell him now. . . .

Lauren told Isabella that she had better be straight with Paul if she expected to have a lasting relationship with him. Soon, when Lauren was alone in the living room, Michael Baldwin paid a visit. Lauren wondered what he was doing there and was very suspicious of his motives. Isabella hurried her out the door and confronted Michael with questions about why he was there. Michael wanted to declare a truce about the secret that they shared -- Isabella had been thinking that she should tell Paul about their arrangement when she came into his life. Michael told her that things were improving with Christine, so they both had something to lose if Paul or Chris found out. He gave her the news that Chris had decided to stay in Genoa City and promised that he would never tell. He told her in no uncertain terms that she should keep her confessions in church!

As Gina's, Chris returned for a lost folder just as Lauren was entering the restaurant. Lauren was surprised to see her still in town and wondered if the reason had to do with Paul. Was she having second thoughts about their relationship? Chris all but admitted that she could have had Paul if she had wanted him. After Lauren left, Chris received a call from Michael on her cell phone. He had just been thinking about her and that pleased her. His eyes twinkled with happiness at the possibilities. . .

Paul walked into his office barking orders and making smart remarks about Lynne's and Marissa's work. The girls wondered if his fowl mood meant that the honeymoon was over. Katherine was in his office and wanted to ask him to help prove Amanda's innocence. He didn't have enough to go on, but he would talk to his contacts at the DA's office and see what was going on there. The conversation turned back to a personal nature -- she mentioned the wedding and thought it odd that both of them had misread Chris' true feelings about their future together. She reminded him that it was never too late for true and deep love to triumph. Isabella walked in the door and Paul lead Katherine out the door. Paul told her about Chris being in town right away and, after being sure that they were both OK with it, they decided that they both needed to see each other and embraced in a kiss. . .

Mac and Larry discussed ways to get Jill to back off on the charges against Amanda. Larry told Mac about how they had planned a trip away and how that was ruined now. He promised her that he was taking the relationship one day at a time, which comforted her. The other set of fingerprints was something that Mac hadn't known about -- Larry was convinced that those would help prove that Amanda was innocent.

At the park, Ralph and Amanda argued about how she could help him steal the diamond necklace that he saw on Katherine's neck in the newspaper. When she balked, he threatened to expose everything that they had done since he came to town and take it out on Mackenzie -- the one who had burned him so long ago. Amanda couldn't take it anymore and took off.

At the Chancellor Estate, Jill was glad to see Sean's face at the door. He wasn't there to talk, though. He was looking for his digital camera. They had the same old argument about how he should listen to her and understand her side of the story with the conspiracy that was being run against her and the fact that Amanda had stolen the bracelet with the help of an accomplice. He maintained that she was blind with loathing for Kay and that she let that cloud her perception of reality. There the conversation ended and she answered the doorbell. She found the telephone repairman there once more. She let him in, but before long was suspicious and asked him if there was another reason that he kept coming back besides the phones, especially since they weren't having any trouble with the phones. . .

Friday, June 14, 2002

Nick didn't understand why Sharon was so reluctant to help him persuade Diego not to leave town, since they both owed him so much. Sharon asked why, if he thought so much of Diego, Nick didn't respect Diego's desire to move on? She also pointed out how the disagreement about Diego had created strain between Nick and Victoria. Nick left to go to work, but stopped by the main house when he saw Victoria's car. He warned her against influencing Sharon's opinion of Diego, and Victoria denied any responsibility. Nick then asked her if one of the reasons she'd been acting the way she had was an aftereffect of Ryan's death. He told her that she never had fun any more; her life seemed to be all about work and worry. Though he didn't expect her to jump into another relationship, he did hope she'd try to live again. Victoria tearfully agreed to try.

Diego went to see Sharon and explain why he finally gave in to Nick's suggestion that he remain in town, at least until Raul's graduation. He said his refusal to stay was making Nick suspicious. When Sharon reminded him how much she had to lose, Diego countered that he felt used by her. Sharon was bothered by that, and they both apologized to each other and agreed that the most important thing was her marriage. Diego reassuringly took her hand to express his friendship just as Victoria walked up and stared at them through the window next to the door.

As Ashley was on the verge of telling Victor something "difficult," her cell phone rang. Brad was calling to say that Olivia had brought them good news. Ashley's cancer had not spread outside of her breast, though she'd still require chemo and radiation, and the decision about whether to keep her breast was unclear. Ashley told him she'd be right there and asked if Olivia would wait for her. She then shared her good news with Victor and said she had to go. When he asked what she'd wanted to tell him, Ashley said it was not the right time and left.

Olivia told Brad about the video Ashley had been making for Abby. They both agreed that Ashley seemed to be getting her affairs in order. Brad wondered where Ashley was when he called her. Just as Olivia was about to leave, Ashley arrived at Jabot. She hugged Olivia and Brad, then talked to Olivia for a few minutes about her cancer treatments, including the possibility that she might lose her hair. Olivia told her to wait to see the treatment results before she decided about having her breast removed. After Olivia was gone, Brad questioned Ashley about her whereabouts. Ashley evaded him by saying it didn't really matter now.

Lauren helped Mac pick out a prom dress and they joked about how Lauren was her fairy godmother, as Amanda looked on. Lauren then assured Amanda that she intended to dress her from Fenmore's, too, so Amanda could chaperone the prom in style. After Lauren left, Mac told her mother she needed to go work on a take-home final. The backstage phone began to ring, but Amanda told Mac to go on, she'd answer it.

Ralph was back in the Chancellor mansion under the guise of being the phone repair technician. Esther gave him some cookies and foolishly told him about Mac's prom and how Katherine, Jill, and Amanda would be chaperones. In addition, Esther herself would be out that night, helping prepare the after-prom party at the coffee house. Ralph left and called Amanda to let her know that she'd be helping him steal Katherine's necklace on prom night. When Amanda refused, Ralph said that he wasn't going to walk into some kind of trap. After he hung up on Amanda, Mac arrived and wanted to know why her mother was so upset.

Upstairs at the Chancellor house, Jill admitted to Sean that she was no longer sure who'd stolen her bracelet. She said she'd even suspected the phone repairman, until she realized the reason he was lurking around was to flirt with Esther. Sean told her if she continued to keep people away from her because of her ongoing vendetta against Katherine, she was going to drive away all the people who cared about her. He told her that he'd only be staying with Jabot until after the prom, then he was moving on. He was only back at her house to find his camera. Jill spotted his camera on the mantle, but advised him to go ahead and leave, without giving the camera to him. Once Sean was gone, she picked up the camera and mused that she would find a way to prove to him that she wasn't simply being paranoid.

Brittany had a sick look on her face as she listened to Rianna tell Cody about how she and Raul were going to the prom together. As she walked by Brit, Rianna gave her a cheery hello and returned to Raul's table. J.T. came in and suggested to Brit that they ditch the after-prom party and go somewhere alone, to celebrate for old time's sake. Brit couldn't keep her eyes off of Raul and Rianna and told J.T. she'd get back to him.

Raul told Rianna he really hated playing games, but Rianna assured him they were getting to Brit. Later, when Raul was gone, J.T. approached Rianna and asked what was going on. Rianna asked J.T. if he'd picked up any vibes that indicated Brittany was still interested in Raul, but she didn't tell him why she wanted to know.

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