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Isabella slipped to Phyllis that Diane had staged the car accident. Diane found Phyllis hiding in her closet. Michael announced his engagement to Christine. Paul and Christine had sex, and she left town suddenly. Paul admitted to Andy that he had forced himself on Christine.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 4, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, November 4, 2002

As Paul began to antagonize Michael in the middle of Baby Ricky's christening party, Michael decided to turn the tables on him. He grabbed a waiter with flutes of champagne and demanded a toast-one for the occasion of the baptism, and the other for the celebration of he and Christine's engagement. Christine looked horrified, and Paul, who couldn't control himself as per usual, jumped on Michael and beat him up. Once he got a hold of himself and let Michael go, Mary asked Paul if he was all right, to which Christine replied, "He's not all right-he's crazy!" Paul sat down, seemingly surprised at his own behavior, and then apologized to the group, saying he just couldn't handle it. Crying, Isabella told him that this time, he should have handled it. With that, she walked away, her father following close behind. Paul went up to the bar, quickly downed two shots, and mumbled to Andy he should've finished Michael off outside.

On the other side of the room, Lauren was giving Chris a piece of her mind when Paul came up and interrupted. He began screaming at her and she told him he was acting crazy, jumping on people in public. He kept screaming at her about disrupting his family event, and finally she turned around and left. Andy approached Isabella to tell her he was going to take Paul home, but when he turned around to get Paul, he had already left.

Arriving back at her apartment, Chris looked completely worn out. Almost immediately the phone rang-Michael-wanting to know if he could come over. She told him not to come, that she was upset for him for coming to Gina's and the scene he caused. As she was hanging up, the doorbell rang. It was Paul.

Brad went over to the Abbott home to talk with John about Colleen. John expressed concern that since being grounded, Colleen had completely withdrawn from everything. She wasn't interested in anything, had even stopped dance classes, and didn't seem particularly interested in eating. Brad agreed to step in and try to help, but promised not to undermine John's authority in the process. John sent Colleen downstairs to talk to Brad, who made all kinds of suggestions to help, but she was uninterested. She insisted she would never get over J.T., and that she shouldn't be grounded.

Mackenzie went to the coffee house and ran into J.T. When she saw him checking his cell phone's caller i.d. and not answering his phone, she asked who he was avoiding. He explained what was going on with Colleen and that he didn't think her family was being fair. Mackenzie reminded him they were just trying to protect Colleen and he tried to deny that he even cared. When a cute blonde girl from his class came in, he went over and began flirting with her. When she excused herself to go fix her hair, his mind wandered to Colleen and the good times they shared.

Outside of Olivia's office, Ashley clearly overheard her saying she was in love with Brad. Staying out of sight until she saw Drucilla leave, Ashley walked in and confronted Olivia, telling her what she had heard her say. She went on to ask Olivia a lot of questions, and pointedly asked if she had slept with Brad. Only being somewhat truthful, she told Ashley they had gotten close, but they hadn't crossed any lines. Getting defensive, Olivia started chiding Ashley about what was on the tape, which made her even more infuriated. She accused Olivia of trying to sabotage her marriage, and warned her if she told Brad the truth about Abby's paternity, he would hate her and she wouldn't be able to look at herself in the mirror anymore. She then demanded they go get the tape immediately to get it out of Olivia's hands.

Back at Olivia's apartment, Dru came home and heard Ashley's voice mail message, asking for the tape back right away. She decided to find out what was on the tape for herself, and once she found it, she watched the whole tape. After she watched it, Olivia and Ashley walked in. Dru tried to engage in some small talk with Ashley, who was polite, but somewhat curt with her. Olivia went into the other room, and handed the video to Ashley, who turned on her heel and left. Olivia told Dru the whole story, and exhausted, went off to bed. After she left, Dru commented that Ashley was lying to Brad and hurting her sister, and waving a duplicate copy of the tape, said she wasn't going to let her off so easily.

Tuesday, November 5, 2002

Paul left the christening on the sly and found himself at Christine's apartment. Ignoring her protests, he insisted upon coming in to talk with her about the evening's events. He started arguing with her, telling her Michael never should have showed up and that he couldn't believe she had actually accepted his proposal. She told him she believed people changed, stop being so concerned about her life and to go on home to Isabella. With that, she went into her bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Not ready to go, Paul followed her, telling her he wouldn't leave until he made her understand. He told her he couldn't bear the thought of her sharing their bed with Michael, and then reminded her of their kiss at the Newman wedding. With that, he kissed her passionately and began undressing himself. She tried to stop him, but he didn't stop. Later on, he got up and as he was getting dressed, and gave her a tearful apology. Christine looked utterly confused.

Back at Gina's, Isabella was understandably upset. While Lynn tried to tell her she shouldn't blame Chris for the night's ordeal, all it did was make her more angry. She told Lynn she was certain Chris was going after her husband, and Mary reminded her she had done the exact same thing. With that, Isabella snapped on Mary, telling her she was not the reason their marriage failed. She went on to tell Mary that she was Paul's wife whether she liked it or not, and if Mary didn't change her attitude, she would no longer be a part of their lives.

Michael, all bruised up, stared out of his office window at the storm when Lauren barged in. She chastised him for coming over to Gina's and ruining what was supposed to be a very special day. He insisted he only livened things up, but Lauren retorted the consequences of his actions would be more far reaching than he imagined. She begged him to just concentrate on Chris and to just leave Paul and Isabella alone, and once he had heard enough, he asked her to leave. Before she left, she warned him again that he was playing a dangerous game and not to be surprised if Chris changed her attitude toward him.

Phyllis and Jack were at Jabot waiting for John Silva. Once he arrived, Jack told him he believed Diane started the fire and was setting Phyllis up. John warned them the police had serious allegations against herómeaning the tapeóbut, his expert were trying to find a way to invalidate it. John asked to be alone with Jack, and once Phyllis left, he gave Jack a stern talking-to about being unrealistic. He told Jack their best bet was to go for a plea bargain, and Jack lost his temper and started yelling at John. He immediately apologized and promised John he would do whatever he could to work with him.

Meanwhile, Diane shows up and asked Phyllis what she was doing there. Phyllis told her Jack was in talking with John Silva, but told her it was because they were filing for legal separation. Diane began to antagonize her and when Phyllis slapped her, Diane called her bodyguard in. At that moment, Jack ran into the room, asking who started the confrontation. He acted like he was angry with Phyllis and tells her to leave immediately, which she "tears." Diane started in on how crazy Phyllis is and said she was going to call the police to tell them about her violating the restraining order. Jack "agreed" that she was crazy and told Diane he was going to have Phyllis undergo a psychological evaluation. He went on to say that if she was, in fact, nuts, jail was not the place for her. He asked Diane not to call the police, and she agreed. In return, she asked Jack to come to her hotel suite to spend some time with her and Kyle. He agreed, and Phyllis saw the two of them leave and began to smile.

Mac and J.T. talked at the coffee house and she told him she felt he and Colleen were all wrong for each other. He told her not to worry, he still had wild oats to sow, and in fact, was going out on a date. She went over to the Abbott's to try to convince John to lighten up on Colleen's punishment. She asked if Colleen could come with her to the coffee house, and John agreed once she told him J.T. was out on a date somewhere else. Once at the coffee house, Colleen admitted to being in love with J.T., just as he walked in with his date. Crushed, Colleen got up to leave and insisted on walking home, even though it was raining. J.T. saw her and decided to leave as well. She ended up on a park bench, sobbing. A few minutes later, she looked up and there he was in front of her.

Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Isabella came home with Ricky and found Paul moodily remembering the sexual encounter he'd just had with Christine. Unaware that her husband had seen his ex-wife, Isabella began berating Michael and Christine for ruining Ricky's after-christening reception. Paul reminded her that she was the one who invited Christine, and Isabella said that she'd done that to be nice, but Chris was completely out of control. When Paul asked if they could not talk about Christine, Isabella agreed that they should go to bed, where she could make him forget all about their awful day. Paul grimaced as Isabella ran her hands over him. He left the apartment, saying there was someone he needed to see. After he left, Lauren arrived, bringing the rest of Ricky's presents that had been left at Gina's. She was surprised to find that Paul wasn't home with Isabella, and Isabella speculated that he'd gone to see Christine.

Michael arrived at the Crimson Lights patio and spotted Phyllis. She was startled to see the condition of his face and asked what had happened. Michael insisted that she tell him what was going on with the arson case first. Phyllis, apparently no longer trusting him, kept up the subterfuge that Jack had begun to doubt her innocence and they had separated. She told Michael she was sure she'd end up in prison for a crime she didn't commit, and she had lost the support of her husband as well, just as Diane had planned. She then persuaded Michael to tell her what had happened to him. She was appalled to hear that he and Christine were engaged. But upon finding out that Paul had beaten him up at the reception and Chris didn't want to see him, she told him the best thing he could do was go see Chris with his arms full of flowers. Michael took her advice, arriving at Chris's apartment with flowers to find the place empty. As he tried to figure out where she might be, Paul showed up. The two exchanged angry words, and Paul finally stomped to the bedroom, noting that Christine's clothes and suitcase were gone. He told Michael to tell Chris he wanted to talk to her. When Michael made a comment about how Paul was forcing himself on Christine, it struck a nerve, and Paul grabbed Michael. He then let Michael go and walked out, looking frustrated and remorseful, while Michael tried to assess why Paul had reacted so strongly to his words.

In Diane's hotel room, Jack continued to keep up the pretense of doubting Phyllis and succumbing to Diane's efforts to get close to him. Diane kept reminding him how dangerous and crazy Phyllis was, but how she was willing to provide him a calm environment with Kyle to make him feel better. Jack squirmed as Diane unbuttoned his shirt, offering to give him a massage to help relax him. At that point, Phyllis called and demanded to speak to Jack. Jack was careful how he answered Phyllis's questions about what was going on and how he was handling it. When they hung up, he told Diane he really needed to be alone, and he gave her a brief kiss good-bye. After he left her hotel room, he wiped his mouth with a look of disgust. He then went to the old playhouse on the Abbott property, where Phyllis awaited him in sexy lingerie with candles casting a romantic glow over everything. He told her that he felt repulsed by Diane Jenkins and was committed to figuring out a way to get Diane to betray that she'd set Phyllis up by torching the pool house.

Mac was surprised to hear from Brittany that she and Raul had moved in together. She reminded Brit that Raul was a wonderful guy, and she hoped Brittany would be good to him. Brittany couldn't resist taking a dig at her, asking if she meant she should treat him as Mac had. Before their conversation got nastier, John Abbott came in and asked Mac where Colleen was. Mac told him that Colleen had been upset about J.T. and wanted to walk home alone. John told Mac that she had let him down, and he would hold her responsible if anything happened to his granddaughter. His cell phone rang. Traci was calling from New York, wanting to know if Colleen's mood had improved. When she asked her father to put Colleen on the phone, he told her that he wasn't at home. Traci realized she'd called him on his cell phone and said she'd just call her daughter at home. John admitted that she wasn't there and that things weren't going well. Traci got upset, feeling that she'd placed too great a burden on her father, and asked him to put Colleen on a flight to New York first thing in the morning.

After finding Colleen crying in the park, J.T. tried to apologize to her. He told her that things simply were not going to work out because of their age difference and her family's feelings about him. He said it would be best if the two of them just stayed away from each other. Colleen tried to change his mind, and J.T. said, "I don't know what I'm going to do about you, kid." Colleen told him that she loved him, and finally got him to admit that if she was older, he would want to be with her. He said she was cool and fun and of course, he liked her. Colleen urged him to have faith in love, and J.T. kissed her.

Thursday, November 7, 2002
by Ruth

Jack came back to Phyllis' room to see her in the morning. They talked strategy about how to prove that Diane was guilty of setting the fire. Phyllis wondered whether or not she should go check out the hardware store and Jack told her to stay away from there and from Diane. She realized that Diane had insisted that they take Kyle to the wedding that night -- something very suspicious for an overprotective mother to do. Jack had to go to see his dad and Phyllis had an idea into which she needed to investigate.

Diane asked Isabella over for breakfast and wanted to know about the baptism. Isabella wouldn't even talk about it -- she wanted to hear about Diane's life. Diane was very hopeful about how things were going with Jack and told her friend about his breakup from Phyllis. Isabella was impressed, but hinted that Phyllis may be a problem after they became one big happy family. Diane wasn't bothered by that -- she was sure that Phyllis would be in jail for a long time. . .

Colleen came downstairs and found her Granddad waiting for her. He was upset about the night before and gave her the news about her return trip to New York. She couldn't believe that he was overreacting like that -- then she found out that her mother was involved in the decision. John made a phone call to the airline, and Colleen ran out the door. He tried to follow her, but could not catch her.

At Crimson Lights, Brittany found J.T. smiling dreamily at the bar. She deduced that he had seen Colleen the night before. He wouldn't admit anything, but she was sure that the two met under the moonlight. She teased him about it, then he received a phone call. Colleen was in the park and frantic. She asked him to come right away. He asked her, "Honey, what's wrong?" That confirmed it in Brittany's mind.

J.T. met Colleen to find her scared and trembling. She explained what had happened and asked him to help her find a solution to her problem. He wanted to go to her granddad and talk him out of it. She was comforted by his willingness to do this, but in her mind there was only one answer. She had to run away with him. They sat hugging on the park bench contemplating their future.

Paul met his friend Andy at the coffeehouse that morning. He told him what happened with Chris the night before with tears in his eyes. Andy wondered what Paul's true feelings were for Chris. He couldn't really identify them. He jumped up and ran off before too long.

Paul knocked on the apartment door where Chris was staying. Michael answered the door. They blamed each other for Chris being gone and everything that had happened. There were no clues as to her whereabouts, though. Soon, Michael's cell phone rang. It was Chris. She called to tell him that she would be home when she was ready. Paul kept talking in the background, and Chris asked to speak with him. Paul told her that they had to talk -- she didn't want to talk about it. She told him that he had given her something very traumatic to deal with. He begged her to talk longer, but she hung up on him. . .

Jack talked to his father about his separation from Phyllis. He admitted that it was all being staged in order to fool Diane into incriminating herself. John wasn't sure about all this -- but Jack was sure that he would never doubt his wife again.

Phyllis' first stop was Isabella's apartment. She let herself into the open door and scared Isabella to death. She wanted to talk about the night of the fire and was sure that Diane had shared the gory details of how she set the fire with her friend. Isabella wanted her out of there right away, but Phyllis wouldn't leave. Phyllis reminded her that Diane was the crazy one -- she had jumped in back of her moving vehicle in order to get what she wanted. Isabella replied that "the car was one thing, but. . . .", which caught Phyllis' ear for a minute. She wanted more information about Isabella's involvement and, of course, didn't get any. She warned her on her way out the door that she could protect her friend Diane all she wanted, but she would go down right along with her when the truth came out.

Next stop for Phyllis was Diane's hotel. The door was open and the cleaning lady was vacuuming. Phyllis snuck in and realized that Diane was away. She hid behind a door when the maid left the room, then came back out again. . . .

Friday, November 8, 2002

Jack was checking with agencies to see if any models might have posed as Phyllis to buy paint thinner at the hardware store. He was concerned that he hadn't heard from his wife, although she was supposed to meet him back at their "secret place," the Abbott playhouse. He left a message for her to call him. When Jill came into his office to talk business, Jack kept up the charade that he'd begun to think Phyllis was capable of setting the pool house fire. Jill was happy that he'd finally realized how out-of-control Phyllis was. She decided she should go to the police and tell them how Phyllis had talked to Larry about getting a hit man. Jack frantically backtracked, saying he didn't think Phyllis had actually set the fire; he just believed she was unstable. After Jack pled with her not to tell the police, Jill finally agreed, saying he'd better hope nothing happened that made her regret keeping quiet.

Phyllis hid in the closet of Diane's hotel suite, overhearing Diane telling Kyle that they would try to see his daddy later; in fact, she hoped that soon, they'd be seeing a lot more of him. When Diane went into the bedroom, Phyllis was going to leave. But before she could, Isabella showed up. Phyllis hid again, hoping to hear something incriminating. Isabella told Diane about Phyllis's threats to bring her down as Diane's accomplice. Diane told her that the threats were empty. They hadn't done anything for Phyllis to find out about. She was furious to learn that Isabella had corroborated Phyllis's suspicion that Diane had deliberately stepped behind the car on the day that Phyllis ran over her. After Diane and Isabella exchanged a few angry words about that, the two finally calmed down. Isabella left with Diane's assurance that there was nothing Phyllis could do to them. Diane then prepared to take Kyle out. She called the hotel desk and told them if Jack came by, they should let him in her room and provide anything he needed to be comfortable. She then went to take a coat out of the closet. When she saw a black mark on it, she hung it up again, and began moving clothes to find another coat. She gasped in horror as she saw Phyllis coldly staring at her from the back of the closet.

Wesley wanted to enjoy an affectionate morning with Dru, but she insisted that she had errands to run (after Neil called her on her cell phone and asked to see her). Once Dru was gone, Wes received a surprise visit from Serena, who wanted him to help her keep Neil and Drucilla apart. She insisted that she'd been there for Neil when no one else had faith in him, and she wasn't going to let go of their relationship. While Wesley was sympathetic, and didn't want to see Neil and Dru get close any more than Serena did, he reminded her that her relationship with Neil had been an enabling one. Now that Neil was in recovery, he would build a whole new life for himself, and Serena might not be part of it. He cautioned Serena about trying to stay involved with Neil; she could end up hurt. Annoyed that he wouldn't help her, Serena left, vowing that she was not giving up.

Drucilla went to Neil's apartment to find the table nicely set for a lunch of Thai food. They ate and talked. Neil thanked her for not returning to Paris, even though he was sure Sid was pressuring her to come back for more modeling assignments. Dru didn't tell him that her career as a model was pretty much over, and fished for compliments about whether or not she was still pretty, which Neil readily gave her. He also said that he felt that between the two of them, they could make a new life for Lily in Genoa City. Dru assured him she had no regrets about coming back. They heard a familiar song on the radio, recalling how they'd danced to it on their honeymoon. Neil asked Dru if she wanted to dance. As they held each other close, someone knocked on the door. While Dru continued to dreamily sway to the music, Neil opened the door to see Wes. As Wesley stared at Dru with dismay, she turned and looked flustered to see him standing there.

John called Brad and invited him over to talk about Colleen. He told him how she'd escaped Mac at Crimson Lights the night before, supposedly to walk home alone. But since she'd come in so late, John suspected that she had seen J.T. Brad called for Colleen to come downstairs so the two of them could talk to her. John then had to admit that his granddaughter had run out of the house and he didn't know where she was. When Brad pressed for more details, John told him how badly Colleen had reacted to Traci's request that John put her daughter on a plane back to New York that morning. Brad was annoyed. He was tired of being left out of the loop when it came to his daughter, and he didn't think it was a good idea for Colleen to be uprooted and forced to return to New York. He decided it was time all of them sat down together and talked about what was best for his daughter.

In the park, Colleen continued to try to persuade J.T. to run away with her. She said they could go to a new town. She'd get her GED and both of them could get jobs. The only thing that was important was for the two of them to be together. J.T. finally convinced her that he would find another way. Running away would cause too much trouble, and she shouldn't turn her back on her family. He then had an idea of how to buy them some time.

Raul fixed Brittany a lunch of tuna melt sandwiches. Though Brittany seemed a little dubious when she looked around her, she assured Raul that she was no longer a spoiled rich girl. She could live a simpler life with Raul. Their kiss was interrupted by a knock at the door, and they were surprised to see J.T. with Colleen. J.T. begged them to help Colleen, letting her stay with them for a couple of days. At first Raul was reluctant, until he overheard Colleen tell J.T. that running away was their only option. Brittany warned them that J.T. could be in legal trouble if he ran away with the underage Colleen. Raul took Brittany aside and said that he'd rather help Colleen out than see her run away again. Brittany finally agreed to let Colleen stay with them for a couple of days, though she told Raul that considering their financial situation, they should be paid for babysitting. Later, Colleen called her grandfather's house and was surprised when Brad answered the phone. She asked him to tell John she was okay, but she wasn't coming back home. Brad told her that he wasn't happy about the decision to send her back to New York. When he admitted that it wasn't his decision to make, but that if she would come home they could all talk it over and work something out, Colleen said she couldn't take that chance and disconnected the call.

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