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Victoria confronted Victor about bribing Diego. Jack agreed to try to convince Diane that he wanted a future with her. J.T. was arrested for statutory rape. Colleen opted to go to a juvenile facility rather than return to New York with Traci.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 18, 2002 on Y&R
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Monday, November 18, 2002

Jack went to Diane's hotel suite and she was all over him physically. After participating a little bit, but mostly resisting, Jack tried to concentrate more on manipulative conversation than passion. After listening to him complain about the horror his life had become, she invited him to accompany her and Kyle to Door County on their mini-vacation. He hesitated, and then told her he felt he should stay for the trial. He also implied that he wanted her to stay around, and catching on, she told him she would stay to be supportive of him. Tiring of her advances, he begged off, saying he was too tired to stay. He also told her he just wasn't ready to be physical with her and asked if they could just slow down. She was disappointed, but agreed.

Phyllis had a rather friendly and chatty cellmate, who began talking about the prison term she was about to begin. The inmate told her the first couple of months in prison were grueling, but after a while she got used to it. She told her the most difficult thing was if you had a man on the outside, and told a sad tale about how her man left her after she was locked up. That bit of information really got Phyllis's attention, and made her extremely nervous. She told the woman if he really loved her he would have waited, but the woman pointed out that just because she was in prison, didn't mean he had to be.

Ashley went to Olivia's office to talk to her again. She told Olivia she was trying to figure out what had happened to her, how she ended up falling in love with Brad. She also pointed out that Olivia had changed; and in fact, she had taken on some of Drucilla's less favorable qualities as of late. She went on to point out that she and Brad's relationship was getting stronger and stronger, and that he was not laying awake at night thinking about Olivia. She also said she would be willing to put all of this behind them, as long as Olivia stayed away from Brad. Not willing to do that, Olivia told her she had no intention of turning her back on Brad, just like Ashley wouldn't turn her back on Victor. Irritated, Ashley told her this situation had nothing to do with Victor, it was all about Olivia trying to steal her husband. Olivia's beeper went off, so the conversation ended rather abruptly.

At the coffee house, Brad waited for Ashley to join him. Drucilla happened to be there and took the opportunity to harass him. She started out asking how Ashley was, and eventually moved on to the subject of him and her sister. He tried to cover, telling her she didn't have a clue as to what she was talking about, and she just laughed in his face in a knowing way. After she left, Ashley came in and gave him of her day—her run-in with Diane and her visit to Phyllis in prison. When she noticed he was preoccupied, he told her he had run into Drucilla, and that they had a bizarre conversation. He went on to say he felt they should give her a wide berth, and she agreed. She suggested they go pick up Abby, and when he said since they came in separate cars, he would get her and meet her at home, she took the opportunity to take a detour. She went straight over to Olivia's to confront Drucilla.

At the Newman ranch, Sharon and Victor were talking about the family situation. As Sharon expressed fear that Nicholas would disclose what really happened to their children, they were interrupted by an angry phone call from Victoria. She ordered Victor to stay right where she was; she was on her way over to give him a piece of her mind. Getting back to his conversation with Sharon, he tried to reassure her not to worry, as Nicholas wouldn't give the children any details. Just then, Nikki walked in and rudely asked Sharon what she was doing there, and launched into the whole lecture again. Not interested in hearing it anymore, Sharon turned and left. Victor looked shocked and asked Nikki what had gotten into her, to which she replied she refused to apologize. She went on to say she no longer trusted Sharon, and she was tired and went upstairs.

Just after Nikki was out of earshot, Victoria arrived, absolutely livid. She started screaming hysterically at Victor, telling him he was totally out of line and only cared about controlling other people's lives. He tried to get a word in edgewise, saying he did what he had to do, which only infuriated her more. She hauled off and slapped him in the face, screaming, "How dare you!" Immediately after in disbelief, she put her violently shaking hand over her mouth, but again repeated between clenched teeth, "How dare you!" to her very surprised father.

Meanwhile, Nicholas got a grilling from Cassie, who insisted on knowing whose fault everything was. In fact, she pointedly asked him if it was Sharon's fault the family had split apart. He refused to answer her, and told her he just couldn't talk about it with her. When she threatened to find out on her own, he just reminded her that no matter what happened, they loved her and Noah. A few minutes later, Sharon arrived, and asked how things went with the children. He told her he felt terrible that he had let them down, but that at least Cassie was starting to see things more clearly. Sharon opened up to him and told him she wished he would come back home and give the family a chance again.

The show ended with a shot of Diego, who was surrounded by doctors. His condition began worsening fast, and the doctors rushed him off to the emergency room.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

The show started out with a bang, with Victor telling Victoria that was the last time she would ever slap him in the face. She kept on raging, telling him what he did was wrong—he should have figured that out when he tried to bribe Ryan—and his pattern of bribing and threatening people was wrong. Equally livid, he told her to watch her tone of voice with him, and that he did what he did to save her life, not to hurt her. With that, she hysterically told him to get on the phone and use his contacts to find Diego, but he wouldn't. She told him his actions disgusted her, especially the way he targeted Diego's weak spot: his family's financial situation. She picked up the phone and called the Guitterez home to see if he was there. Mrs. Guitterez answered and told her that although they had seen him earlier, he wasn't there and didn't really live there. Victoria asked her if Diego had given them anything, and when she got a puzzled response, she dropped it and ended the conversation. Victor was surprised to hear Diego hadn't given them the money, and Victoria replied that there must be some other explanation other than him just keeping it. Before storming out, she announced how much she hated him for what he had done. He didn't respond--he just sighed and looked at the floor.

At the same time, Sharon and Nick were talking about the children. She asked him if she should just give up hope, and his reply was that he hadn't filed for divorce yet, but not to ask for reassurance. He also told her he explained things to Cassie as best he could, but she was still pressing him for answers and felt she was going to keep on pushing. Upstairs, the children were also talking about the situation. In an effort to comfort Noah, Cassie went to get Noah something to drink. In order not to disturb her parents, she decided to go up to the main house to get him something.

A few minutes later, Nikki came downstairs, saying she thought she heard the door slam. In his usual secretive fashion, he told her not to worry about what was going on. She pressed enough to find out it was about Victoria, but he didn't give her any further details. The conversation turned to the situation between Sharon and Nicholas. They had a vague conversation about how Sharon's actions jeopardized the family, but agreed they would try to let them work it out themselves. What they didn't realize, was that Cassie was eavesdropping from the kitchen doorway and although she didn't get any details, she got some of her questions answered.

At Olivia's apartment, Ashley confronted Drucilla to find out what her involvement in the situation was. Obviously trying to push Ashley's buttons, Drucilla reminded her that every situation takes two, and that there certainly was encouragement on Brad's part in the indiscretion. Ashley claimed she and Brad had never been closer and repeated Brad's advice: that Drucilla must have too much time on her hands. She told her to stay away from her and her family, and left slamming the door behind her.

Brad paid a visit to Olivia to talk about Drucilla. He asked if she had talked with Drucilla about their situation, and Olivia admitted she had. Brad told her Drucilla had been sniffing around, asking questions in a not-so-subtle way, and that he was worried it would get back to Ashley. He encouraged her to talk to Drucilla to try to get her to keep her mouth shut—the last thing he wanted was to cause Ashley any more heartache. Just as he was leaving, Dru walked in. After Brad left, Drucilla started in on Olivia. When Olivia told her to back off, and stay out of it, she refused. She told Olivia she thought she should go for it, that she deserved Brad more than Ashley did. Olivia replied they were happily married, and Drucilla just said, "Are they?"

At the Carlton home, Brad was spending quality time with Abby, reading to her in the living room. When Ashley came home, she broached the subject of Drucilla, asking if he had any idea where she was coming from. He told her just to steer clear of her, that she was a drama queen and that she was focusing on them because her life was boring.

At Crimson Lights, Andy persistently tried to find Christine, and Paul told him how much he appreciated Andy's support. Andy asked Paul what he planned on doing once they did track Christine down. Paul replied he was going to apologize, but beyond that, he wasn't sure. Andy asked if Paul was having such a hard time because he was still in love with Christine, and Paul wouldn't directly answer the question.

Michael paid an unexpected and unwanted visit to Isabella. He told her about Christine's disappearance, and Paul's involvement in the situation. She tried to blow him off, telling him none of it was her fault or her problem. Getting angry, he told her if he lost Christine over something Paul obviously did, that all bets were off—he would no longer have a reason to keep her secret. Just then, Paul walked in and asked what Michael was doing in their home. Michael agreed to leave right away, but not before telling Paul to stay away from Chris. Once he left, Isabella told him they needed to talk. Ignoring her, he just brushed past her, mumbling that he was tired and going to bed.

The show closed with Drucilla taking the videotape and putting it in an envelope addressed to Brad Carlton.

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Isabella asked a brooding Paul why he had gone to see Christine after the christening. Paul admitted that she was right; it had been a mistake. She tried to understand what was bothering him, but Ricky began crying so she brought their son into the living room. Paul held Ricky and told him about all the "firsts" he would be there for, including Ricky's first fishing trip. He assured his son that he was going to be there for him for a long, long time, while Isabella happily looked on.

Michael was enraged when he got to his office. He picked up something to throw at the door before he realized that Lauren was watching him. When she asked what was bothering him, he said that he had come so close to getting what he wanted with Christine. She said he sounded more like a man whose plan wasn't working than a man in love. Michael assured her that he loved Christine and had loved her for years. Lauren seemed reluctant to express the obvious conclusion aloud, so Michael guessed that she was thinking he had caused Christine and Paul's divorce. He told her that he wished he had that kind of power. Though he didn't know where Christine was or how long she'd be gone, he was confident that when she returned, the two of them would be married because he was the right man for her.

Neil came by to see Olivia and could tell something was bothering her. She finally told him the whole story about her and Brad. When he couldn't understand why she still felt troubled, since the obvious thing was to leave Brad alone and let him rebuild his relationship with Ashley, Olivia admitted that Ashley had done something wrong and it was in her power to tell Brad about it, but it could destroy Brad and Ashley's family. Neil told her that would be a bad idea. Not only would she be betraying her best friend, but she'd be doing it for the wrong reasons. He knew Olivia would never do that. Olivia wasn't as certain as he was, so he encouraged her to talk to him first if she ever decided to tell Brad what Ashley's secret was.

Dru called a courier to pick up the duplicate of the tape on which Ashley admitted Victor's paternity of Abby. As the courier was leaving, Wes arrived and overheard where he was going. When he questioned Dru about whether it had something to do with her modeling, she made him promise her the same kind of doctor confidentiality he'd given Olivia. When he did, she told him that she knew everything about Olivia and Brad, as well as Ashley's secret. Although Olivia had returned Ashley's tape to Ashley, Drucilla had made a copy. Wes put two and two together and realized what Dru had done. He exploded, telling her that giving Brad the tape wasn't going to make Brad run to her sister. In fact, Brad would probably despise Olivia for telling Drucilla things that were none of her business. Dru was stricken with remorse and worried about what she'd done.

Ashley came in as Brad was finishing a call to John in which he found out Colleen was still missing. He thanked Ashley for the support she'd been giving him about Colleen and said that when his daughter came home, things were going to be different. Ashley agreed that they needed to be more active in what was going on with Colleen. She then admitted to him that she knew about Olivia's feelings for him after overhearing a conversation between Dru and Olivia. At first she was accusatory, wondering if he, too, had feelings for her former best friend and how far things had gone between them. Brad said that he did have feelings for Olivia, but the two had never done more than kiss. When Ashley got upset, Brad reminded her how bad things had been with her health then and how distant the two of them had grown. He and Olivia had turned to each other for support, but those were extraordinary circumstances that would not happen again. When Ashley wondered why he hadn't told her in the first place, he said it was because she was already going through so much. But he owed her the same honesty she had always given him. Ashley, feeling guilty about her secret over Abby's paternity, told him they should just let it go and move forward. Brad was relieved that she was willing to do that. He then had to go to the office, and while he signed some contracts, the envelope with the copy of Ashley's tape to Abby was on the desk in front of him.

Anita and Frederick discussed Brittany's living situation. Anita knew their daughter's address, and Frederick noted that it was in a bad part of town. Anita said she wanted Brittany home before the holidays. She hoped Frederick would not only present a united front with her, but would manage to spend more time at home. The two exchanged barbed remarks about how neither of them had been a good parent or spouse, until Anita finally got disgusted and left the coffee house.

Brittany was disgruntled to wake up and see Colleen still sleeping in her and Raul's apartment. When Raul came in, he was worried because there was still no sign of Diego. He didn't believe his brother would have left with the money. Brittany was more concerned about how long Colleen would be staying. Raul suggested they go to Crimson Lights to talk it over. When they got there, Frederick told Brittany that her mother had found out where her apartment was and had gone looking for her.

Colleen was awakened by a knock at the door and opened it to see Brittany's mother. Anita wanted to know who she was and why she wasn't in school. Colleen lied and said she was a friend of Brittany's who was staying there for a few nights and she was eighteen. Anita wasn't buying it. She looked around the dumpy apartment with disdain and tricked Colleen into admitting that she was a sophomore. At that point, Brittany came home. She asked Colleen to leave her alone with her mother. Once Colleen was gone, Anita tried to get information out of Brittany about what was going on, but Brittany gave her no answers. Anita then said that she wanted Brittany to come home, even more so now that she'd seen the kind of place she was living in.

Thursday, November 21, 2002
by Ruth

Anita talked to Brittany at her apartment and tried to lure her home by promising shopping and holiday fun. Brittany wouldn't go for it and soon Anita left, exasperated.

Jill and Frederick were talking in his office. The conversation moved to personal things such as being a workaholic and kids. They shared their sob stories about their kids and decided that the ultimate payback came when their kids had kids of their own.

Tracey showed up at the Abbott home hell-bent on finding Colleen and accusing John and Brad of being too easy on her and letting her get away. She blew everything out of proportion and insisted on calling the cops. Before long, she was accusing J.T. of statutory rape and all kinds of things. John indicated that the kids could sometimes be found at the park. The police headed out.

J.T. talked to Raul at the coffeehouse about letting Colleen stay two more days. Raul agreed reluctantly. Colleen called J.T.'s cell phone and he took off to meet her in the park. They were glad to see each other and spoke tenderly of their unique relationship. They were kissing sweetly when the police came around the corner. J.T. told Colleen to run and the police placed him under arrest for statutory rape and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

At the apartment, Raul brought home coffee for Brittany and they decided to take advantage of a few minutes alone in their new place. Before they could get anything accomplished, Colleen rushed through the door. She told them what happened and that she didn't even find out what they said to J.T. after she left.

Meanwhile, at Jabot, Dru and Wes were sneaking in to see if they could get the tape back from Brad before he watched it. Wes kept trying to stop her, but Dru was determined to act like she was back home at Jabot and found their way to Brad's office. They talked to the secretary who made a remark about Dru being "almost famous" which rubbed her the wrong way. They decided that Brad may have the tape in the board room, so Dru barged in and started asking Brad for a job. She wanted to be a photographer once she was too mature for modeling. Brad had opened the envelope and wanted to watch the tape. Dru held him up for a few minutes, then he finally got rid of her. The tape started rolling, but before he saw any picture, his phone rang. It was Tracey telling him about J.T.'s arrest and insisting that he come right away. The tape rolled and Ashley started to speak without Brad watching. Soon Dru's hand ejected the tape and she and Wes made off with it just in the nick of time.

Back at Dru's apartment, Wes coerced Dru into destroying the tape so that nothing else could happen with it. He helped her break it with a hammer and he took it outside to the garbage. While he was gone, she took the real tape out from a fold in the couch and said, "I hope that tape didn't have anything important on it!"

Anita found Frederick in his office after Jill left his company. They figured out that the runaway staying with the kids must be Colleen and they rushed over to the apartment to put an end to the whole crazy situation. They arrived after Colleen did and demanded that they take Colleen into the police in order to protect Brittany from getting into more trouble with the law.

Friday, November 22, 2002

J.T. told the police that he had not taken advantage of Colleen or had sex with her. The two of them had done nothing wrong; Colleen was just trying to keep from being sent away. In fact, the two of them had been on their way to the Abbott house when the police picked him up. They told him that Colleen wasn't in trouble, but as a young, helpless girl, she could be in danger. J.T. insisted that Colleen was safe with friends, but the police were skeptical and said if he really cared about her, he'd make sure she got back home safely.

The Hodges accused Raul of thoughtlessness when he allowed Colleen to stay with him and Brittany. He could have jeopardized Brittany's probation. They intended to take Colleen back to the Abbotts, but Colleen said it wasn't up to them. She started to run out of the apartment, but when she opened the door, the police were standing there. The Hodges told the police that they would clear up where Colleen had been staying; they'd been about to take her home. After the police left with Colleen, the Hodges told Brittany that she was to come home. When she refused, they said if she didn't, they would be talking to Raul's parents.

Traci accused Brad of having been negligent in his care of Colleen. Brad reminded her that she'd left Colleen in her father's care, rather than his, and no one could have seen the situation with J.T. coming, since it had happened so quickly. He then told her that he did not support taking Colleen back to New York. They argued about whether or not boarding school was the best solution for their daughter. John and the police detective came in with Colleen's diary, which detailed how much in love with J.T. she was. John said that all along, Colleen had been insisting that she and J.T. were just friends. Traci said it was obviously more of Colleen's lies. The detective got a call that Colleen was in custody.

When the police brought her home, Colleen was surprised to see her mother. She told Traci that she was not going back to New York with her. When they raged at each other, with Traci demanding answers about J.T., Colleen said that the two of them were just friends and had not had sex. She was horrified to find out that they'd read her diary. She then screamed at Traci that if her mother tried to take her back to New York, she'd run away again, and they'd never find her. At that point, the policewoman stepped in and said that Colleen wasn't going back to New York. As long as she was a threat to run away, the police would put Colleen in juvenile detention. Brad, Traci, and John were all horrified, and tried to persuade Colleen to tell the police she wouldn't run away, which was the only way they'd leave her with her family. Colleen said juvenile detention wasn't any different from the boarding school Traci was trying to put her in, and she left with the police.

Victor was not pleased when Diane sat down at his table while he was eating at Gina's. She regretted that their relationship was so hostile and wished they could get along now that he was remarried to Nikki and things were looking up for her. She said that she was going to see to it that Kyle had a good life with his father. Victor told her she was a man's nightmare--an obsessive, manipulative woman who had used her son to worm her way into the Abbotts' lives and drive a wedge between Jack and his wife. Diane reminded him that she had loved Jack since she was a young woman. She would have had the life she was meant to have if Victor had not turned her head. She'd done things in her life that she regretted, but Victor was her worst mistake. She said it was obvious he wasn't willing to break down the wall of animosity between them. Victor told her he had nothing but contempt for her.

Jack went to see Phyllis in jail. He told her that he'd gotten Diane to agree not to leave town during her trial. She wondered what he'd had to do to get that concession. He said he'd do whatever it took to get Phyllis out of trouble. She desperately tried to find another solution, including finding out who Diane's accomplice was. Jack said if there was any other means of getting information out of Diane, he'd do it. When Phyllis realized that Jack would probably be having sex with Diane that night, she begged him to hold her or kiss her. When he did, the police officer made him leave. Later, he arrived at Diane's hotel room. She was dressed in a sexy black negligee and no longer had the cast on her leg. She told him that Kyle was being taken care of by the hotel babysitter so they could have a quiet dinner. Then she told Jack to save some of his energy for dessert.

Neil and Serena talked, and she admitted that things wouldn't have worked out between them because she had some unfinished business to take care of in her life. Neil said that he'd always sensed that there was something in her past that she regretted. She agreed that there was, but now she'd done her time in purgatory and was ready to look her situation in the eye and do something about it. In fact, she had to, in order to move on. She said it was probably best that things had worked out as they had. Neil wished her the best of luck and thanked her for being there for him. Serena wished him luck, too, especially with his daughter. They kissed and she left.

Drucilla slipped the videotape of Ashley's confession into her purse, having fooled Wes into thinking she'd destroyed it. He wondered what Brad would think when he got back to the conference room and found the tape missing. Dru said that was better than the alternative; it was good that Wes had convinced her to get the tape back. When the two of them started getting affectionate, they were interrupted by a visit from Neil. Dru reminded him that Lily wasn't there, but Neil said he was looking for suggestions on things he could do with his daughter to try to rebuild their relationship. Dru remarked that Lily loved the ballet and hadn't had much opportunity to see it. At that point, Lily ran into the apartment, throwing her books down and tearfully declaring that she hated her school. Neil listened as she told Wes and Dru how awful the other kids at school were to her. They were snobs who'd been friends all their lives. They made fun of her, calling her Frenchy and accusing her of thinking she was better than them. When Dru and Wes began to seriously consider letting her change to a public school, Neil stepped in. He believed that maybe Lily was bringing some of this on herself because she had a chip on her shoulder. He suggested that she use some of her charm to win over the other students rather than running away from them. Lily reluctantly agreed to do what he asked, finally smiling and calling him a dweeb. She took his keys and went downstairs to his apartment to do her homework. After she left, Neil expressed his dissatisfaction with the way Dru and Wes were handling Lily and said there were going to be some changes.

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