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Dru agreed that she and Lily would move back in with Neil. Larry and Jill reconciled. Diego's attackers forced their way into Raul and Brittany's apartment, but Larry and Billy rushed to the rescue.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 6, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, January 6, 2003

Diane was thrilled that Michael decided to represent her. He warned her even though they went way back, he doesn't come cheaply. He went on to say that if they went to trial, it would get very expensive. He started by telling her she was not to discuss the case with anyone but him. She told him she had discussed the case with Isabella, and also told him about Jack's "offer" and asked if she should accept it. Surprisingly enough, he told her signing over Kyle wasn't a bad idea. After all, she is a single woman, the Abbotts are a close and loving family, and it could wind up being the best solution in the long run. When she protested about Phyllis raising her son, he told her he had witnessed a maturing in Phyllis, and he believed she could be a fine parent. At any rate, she would have to deal with Phyllis around her son regardless of the outcome of the case.

Diane asked him about the strength of the case, and he was vague with her. Although he said most of the evidence was circumstantial, she shouldn't get too comfortable. Before leaving, he again mentioned money, and said he'd need some up front.

Phyllis, John and Jack met at Gina's to discuss the custody papers John drew up. John told them if Diane signed the papers, the judge would likely strongly consider giving the two of them full custody of Diane. Phyllis told John there was a glitch—that Diane hired Michael Baldwin as her attorney. John quickly asked if the two of them had done anything wrong, and they admitted they asked him to withhold Weber's information, or lack thereof. John asked if Michael could have construed it as a bribe, and reminded them that he is bound by ethics to tell Diane everything. Just then, Diane walked in and came right over to the table.

To everyone's excitement, she asked if the custody papers were ready, and asked if she could see them. As she looked through them, she asked about visitation, and Jack assured her it would be very flexible. He also reminded her it was a good deal and by signing, it would assure Kyle a good life. She told Jack to be good to Kyle and that she was counting on him to do so. Then she paused, acted like se was going to sign it, and then ripped it into shreds, asking if they all thought she was an idiot. She walked out, and Jack was livid.

In Paul's office, Andy finished up a conversation with his ex-wife Faren. Paul marveled about how amicable their divorce was, and wished aloud how he wished he had made better choices with Chris. He said he was surprised they hadn't found her yet, but then said he should probably be focusing on his life with Isabella and Ricky instead. Andy congratulated him on his success with Phyllis's case, and asked why he didn't mention it to him. He went on to say if it was to keep him away from Diane—his ex-wife—he'd already seen her.

Dru and Neil tussled their way out of their kiss, and Dru told him she was not amused. Neil said he wasn't playing games; that he was serious about wanting her and Lily to move in. She protested, telling him they shouldn't be pretending to be a family, that it was a bad idea. Neil's retort was that if she only got rid of Wes, they could have a good home life. She told him she still had reservations, and furthermore, she couldn't have Neil kissing all over her in front of Lily. He replied she may just like seeing them that way, and by the way, did she need help packing? Dru replied to just have the rooms ready for them, and by the by, she's going to change the lock on her bedroom door.

While her living situation was being decided, Lily sat at the coffee house, waiting for Wes to return. Colleen came back, telling her she had snuck out of the house. They started chit-chatting, and Colleen caught Lily's attention by telling her she had studied dance at a university in Paris one spring. The conversation turned to Lily's family situation, and when Colleen asked who she'd rather be around—Neil or Wes—Lily didn't really have a clear answer.

Looking distraught, Ashley left a voice message for Olivia to call her at home. While she wondered out loud if Brad had run to her, the doorbell rang. It was her father, looking for Colleen to see how she was doing. Noticing there was obviously something wrong with Ashley, he voiced his concern. She was adamant about not giving him details, and seeing her obvious oncoming hysteria, he went ahead and left.

Wes met Olivia in her office and tried his best to calm her down. She told him Ashley was telling Brad the truth right at that moment, and that she was worried about him. Wes warned her that Brad was unavailable, and the situation may not turn out the way she would like it to. She told him she was in love with him, and while she didn't want to be a homewrecker, she wanted to be with him. The phone rang—it was Ashley—asking if Olivia had seen Brad. Olivia's reply was, "He knows, doesn't he?" the answer being a dead phone line. She grabbed her coat, and Wes reminded her she could still step away, that she still had a choice.

Once Olivia got to Ashley's they immediately began arguing. Olivia asked how Brad was taking the news, and Ashley told him he felt betrayed. She went on to ask Olivia if she was happy. After all, Ashley lost her best friend, possibly her marriage, and Abby may just be losing her father...not much of a win for anyone. Olivia asked if she knew where Brad was, and that she felt someone should be with him. After pausing a moment, Ashley remembered something. She had forgotten to tell Brad that Victor didn't know he was Abby's father. Olivia freaked out, saying it was possible Brad was about to tell Victor himself. She strongly encouraged Ashley to go and tell Victor the truth, or else it could all become so much worse.

Tuesday, January 7, 2003

When Vicki woke up in the morning, she noticed Diego was distracted thinking about something. He was thinking about the assault and remembering what had happened. She told him she noticed he had been preoccupied lately, and he admitted he was going through something, but assured her it was not related to their relationship.

At work, Vicki received a surprise visit from Nikki, who asked her to go to lunch. Excited about her future, Vicki told her mother she was about to buy a condo for her and Diego. Nikki immediately expressed her concern, asking her if she didn't think things were moving along a little bit too fast. She pointed out that it was a bit soon for them to be buying property together, and asked if perhaps Diego's mood had something to do with him being a wanderer, which really upset Vicki. Vicki told her it was just time for them to move out of the motel, and that she wasn't interested in what Victor wanted.

In her office at Jabot, John asked Jill how her holidays were because she seemed down. She wouldn't admit it, but he guessed that she was depressed, and the cause of that was Larry. He went on to say he admired his restraint for not suing them, and they should reward him by offering him a job. Jill told him they had already filled the janitor position, but John had a promotion in mind for him. Although she tried to argue, she at least agreed to think about it. After John left, she placed a call to the personnel department.

Larry and Katherine were talking in the living room when she asked him about Jill. He told her he simply couldn't figure her out her moods, because she ran hot and cold...and it was driving him nuts. He told her it was nice seeing a woman on a regular basis; something he was not used to doing. In fact, he said, it was almost worth the hassle. Katherine encouraged him not to turn his back on her quite yet, which surprised Larry. He told her she seemed most happy when Jill was miserable, and Katherine pointed out how miserable she seemed over the holidays. Larry thanked her for the advice, but surmised he was probably better off staying away from her. Against her protestations, he also told her he felt he should move to get out of Jill's way.

Right after he left, the doorbell rang, and it was a delivery person with a package for Larry. Not being able to resist opening it once she saw it was from Jill, she was surprised at its contents. It was an official-looking police uniform with a note in it congratulating him as the new security manager at Jabot. She put on the hat and started smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Larry went to Crimson Lights and ran into Diego. Diego came in and decided to confide in Larry. He told Larry in detail about the mugging, even disclosing the dollar amount that was stolen and Victor's bribe. He also expressed humiliation at what happened and said he wanted to catch up with the men who robbed him. Larry tried to encourage him to just let the situation go-especially since the thieves had guns--but Diego was determined. Larry told him from his experience with criminals, he felt it was likely they would come back to the motel looking for him. He pointed out the thieves would probably spend the money fairly quickly and would come back looking for more. At that point, his pager went off, and he left to find out what Katherine wanted.

He went right home, worried there was an emergency. Katherine had re-wrapped the present and he opened it in front on him. He was amused by the uniform, and dug deeper to find handcuffs and thong underwear and a sexy note asking him to meet Jill in the bedroom wearing the uniform.

Raul came home and was greeted by Brittany in a sexy new nightgown. After they made love, he asked her where she got the nightgown, and when he looked at the tag, got upset about how expensive it was. He quickly put two and two together and asked if she had stolen it. She immediately got defensive, which answered his question. He yelled at her, saying how much trouble she'd be in if she would've gotten caught on top of the DWI charge. She rationalized that she didn't get caught, and besides, she was just trying to look sexy for her boyfriend. He got very angry, telling her all he needed was to be with her and if that wasn't enough for her, what were they doing there, anyway? And with that, he stormed out. A few minutes later, there was a knock on her door and thinking it was Raul, she got up and threw open the door. It wasn't Raul. In fact, it was two thugs, telling her she was going to give them whatever they wanted.

Mackenzie and Billy met at Crimson Lights. She could tell something was on his mind, and finally he told her he had decided to stay in Genoa City, that he disliked being away from his family and especially her. At first, she hesitated, because she said she had a romantic image in her mind about being apart, but eventually she told him she was happy about his decision. He told her he had decided to go to GCU, and was happy to be just a few hours away from her instead of across the country.

Vicki came back to the motel, happy to tell Diego she made an offer on a condo. Expecting him to be upset about her paying for it, he surprised her by not arguing. He asked if they would be able to move in right away, and when she said it would be a while, yet, he told her he was glad, as he felt they should live apart for a while.

Wednesday, January 8, 2003

Mac thinks it's wonderful that Billy wants to be closer to her and his home, but she wanted to experience a romantic long-distance relationship. She reveals to Billy that she is transferring to G.C.U. They decide to inform Jill, since she might not be too pleased. Robert and Seth explain to Brittany that they're looking for Guittierez. Brittany explains that Raul left, and they have no money. Raul confides in Mac and Billy about how tough things have been with Brittany. He admits he loves her, but wonders if he's enough for her. Mac and Billy know how materialistic Brittany was, but sense that she's changed since she's met Raul. Raul calls Brittany, and is alarmed when Seth grabs the phone and threatens to hurt Brittany if he doesn't come back with more money. Raul asks Cody to call Billy and no cops, while he rushes back to the apartment. Diego explains to Victoria that he wants to live apart for a few days since the guys who mugged him may come looking for him. He insists it's only to protect Victoria, but she senses he cares more about payback than a future with her. Nikki thinks moving Diego back into the tack house, and Victoria into the main house will help them keep an eye on her. Victor will never let Diego on his property, and refuses her idea. John is proud of Jill for doing the right thing by offering Larry a job. Jill returns home, and Kay urges her to go upstairs and speak with Larry. Striptease music is playing, and Larry places Jill under arrest.

Thursday, January 9, 2003
by Ruth

Raul arrived at the boarding house to find Brittany wrapped in the sheet and crying. The two robbers wanted to know who this guy was – he didn't look like the guy they were looking for. When they were told that Diego was Raul's brother, they demanded to know where to find him. Raul tried to fight them, but ended up on the floor every time. They threatened the two with their gun, but really didn't have the guts to shoot anybody. During their conversation, it was revealed that they lost the money betting on horse races and owed even more to their bookie. They were back because where big bucks come from, there must be more. They got Diego's address off his driver's license. He had lived there months before.

At the coffeehouse, Cody tried calling John Abbott, with no luck in finding Billy. John suggested Jill's house, so he called there and found Billy with Mac telling Katherine about their decision to attend GCU together. Billy rushed to find Larry, who was still in the bedroom with Jill. He and Jill had discovered Katherine's hand in the arrangement that had preceded their wonderful lovemaking in Jill's room. Jill had been upset at first, but Larry smoothed things over, making her realize that she had Kay to thank for the wonderful reunion that they had experienced.

Billy banged on the door, and Jill & Larry thought that he was angry to find them together. Larry answered the door, and Billy didn't care about that, he told Larry to get dressed so they could go help Raul and Brittany. The two rushed off. Later, Jill came downstairs to sit with Katherine. She ended up thanking her for what she had done, but followed that with a statement that, in no uncertain terms, any further meddling in her life would not go unpunished!

Billy and Larry showed up at Raul's just in time to save Raul from a punch in the face with brass knuckles. They couldn't overcome the thieves, but basically ran them off, as too many people knew about them by that time. They left Raul and Brittany alone after the coast was clear. Brittany apologized for stealing the teddy and Raul vowed to get them out of that place.

Diego paid Victor a visit at the office. He wanted to tell him that he planned to get the money back and avenge his beating. He may have hoped that Victor would want to help, but Victor was rude to him, was not impressed, and sent him packing. Diego ended up at the coffeehouse and heard about Raul from Cody. He thought about the thieves and realized that they had his driver's license which had led them to Raul's apartment.

Victoria talked to Nicholas about Diego's request that she move out while he took care of the situation. Nicholas seemed to understand how Diego felt, but Victoria was adamant that she had now found something out about Diego that she didn't like one bit!

Friday, January 10, 2003

While Raul and Brittany packed their things to move out of the apartment, Diego swore that he was going to find the men who scared them and stole Victor's money and deal with them. Both his brother and Brit tried to tell him how dangerous they were, but Diego wouldn't listen. After they left, Diego talked to Larry and led him to believe that his plan to find the men and get revenge had Victor's blessing. Although Larry told Diego that he thought he was making a mistake, he did agree to take him to a bar where he thought they might be able to catch the two. They went to the Olive Tree, and sure enough, the muggers came in. Larry and Diego grabbed them and said they wanted to have a little talk.

Brittany and Raul went to Crimson Lights and tried to figure out what to do next. Brit said if she went home, her parents would rub her face in "I told you so's." Raul said his would probably throw a party and invite all the neighbors to welcome him home. Both agreed that being apart was not the way they wanted to spend their last ten days together before they left Genoa City for college; Brittany to New York and Raul to Boston. Brittany was jumpy when Trevor dropped some dishes, and Raul worried about the long-term effect the trauma was going to have on her. Brittany's parents came in and, after hearing of the kids' ordeal, they offered Brittany their support. Raul gave them some time alone, and Anita and Frederick told Brittany she shouldn't dwell on the experience or let it keep her from trusting everyone. But she did need to be more cautious. After her parents told her that they loved her and hoped she would know they kept her in their thoughts after she left for college, Brittany broke down crying and said that she couldn't do it.

When Billy came into Crimson Lights, Raul thanked him for helping them fend off the attackers. Billy told him that it was all due to Larry's help that things had worked out. He then told Raul his plan to stay in Genoa City and go to college there. Once Raul learned that Mac, too, was going to transfer from NorthwEsthern to GCU so she could be closer to Billy, Raul expressed his jealousy. He wanted to be as close to Brittany. Billy said they could all go to GCU and get a place together. Raul laughed that off, saying that Billy and Brittany didn't even get along. To Billy, that didn't matter; what mattered was that Brit was his best friend's girl.

Victor went to see Victoria and tell her that Diego had visited him and told him about his plan to find the muggers and try to get Victor's money back. Victoria let him know how annoyed she was by Diego's sudden attack of testosterone, and his desire to prove himself to her father. Victor agreed that Diego was playing a very dangerous game, and he'd told Diego he wanted nothing to do with it. The most important thing to Victor was that Victoria not be put in harm's way. Victoria reminded him that Diego had taken care of that by making her move out of the motel, but that in any case, she herself would kick Diego's butt if he endangered her. She felt like Victor should understand Diego's behavior, since he, like Victor himself, grabbed hold of an idea like a pit bull and couldn't be dissuaded. Victor said he might be thinking like a pit bull, but he was only a chihuahua. Victoria got annoyed and told her father not to insult Diego. As Victor was leaving her office, he told her that he was very upset about the bad feelings between them. After he was gone, Victoria looked exasperated and expressed her hope that Diego would be careful.

Nikki was waiting for Victor in his office when Brad showed up. She could tell that he was upset about something, so she asked after Colleen and then about Ashley's health. Brad told her that he didn't want to talk about Ashley to her. Nikki began to get suspicious and questioned why he was there. Brad resisted her efforts to force him to talk, saying merely that Nikki didn't know the man she was married to. Nikki demanded to know if he was implying that something was going on between Victor and Ashley, saying their relationship was ancient history. Brad walked out, telling her that Victor would know why Brad was looking for him.

Olivia showed up at the Jabot conference room to quiz Ashley on whether or not she had heard from Brad. Ashley had not, and wasn't sure what to do next. She'd come to work hoping Brad would show up, but he hadn't. Olivia couldn't believe that Ashley hadn't gone to Victor and told him what was going on, but Ashley insisted that she never wanted Victor to know the truth about Abby. She felt like none of this would be happening if Olivia hadn't invaded her privacy and threatened her. She finally couldn't stand wondering if Brad had gone to Victor, so she called his office. When Nikki saw on caller ID that it was the Jabot board room, she answered the phone, thinking that she might be needed at work. As soon as Ash asked if Victor was in, Nikki began to question why she was calling. Ash said she didn't have time to talk and hung up. Ashley told Olivia that Nikki was on the defensive, but she was sure she didn't know anything about Abby or she wouldn't have been so calm. Olivia then said she had to get to the hospital. She made no promises to Ash about what she would do if Brad came to her.

Nikki acted snotty to Victor when he finally returned to his office, demanding to know where he'd been. Victor was put off by her tone, but he told her that he'd been trying to talk to Victoria. After they bickered a few minutes over their daughter, both of them apologized, regretting that the problems with their children had them so often at odds with each other. Nikki admitted that wasn't the only thing bothering her and told Victor about Brad's surprise visit. Victor denied having any idea why Brad had been there. He said that he had gathered there was some strain in their marriage from a conversation he'd had the last time he ran into Ashley. When Nikki wondered why he'd never mentioned this meeting to her, Victor said because it wasn't important and had nothing to do with them. Nikki wasn't entirely sure she believed him, and she left his office. She then called Ashley back and told her that she wanted to see her right then and get some answers. Ashley got Nikki to admit that she'd seen Brad and finally agreed to see Nikki in hopes that she could get some answers about where Brad had been, who he'd been talking to, and what he'd been saying.

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