The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on Y&R
Billy, Mac, Raul, and Brittany made plans to share an apartment. Nick agreed to a divorce. Brad and Olivia had sex after he learned that Ashley had withheld the truth about Abby's paternity. Brad told Nikki the truth. Ashley confronted Olivia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 13, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, January 13, 2003

The show opened with Ashley calling Olivia looking for Brad. Olivia hadn't heard from him either, she told her. Ashley mentioned Nikki was on her way over to talk with her, and Olivia urged her to come clean. Ashley told her no, it was her intention to protect Nikki from all of this, and at that point, the doorbell rang. Assuming it was Nikki, Ashley answered the door, and was surprised to find her visitor Victor, not Nikki. Surprised, she blurted out that this was not the most convenient time, but he didn't want to hear it. He told her Brad was looking for him loaded for bear, and then she called-what, exactly was going on? When she tried to put him off, he told her whatever was happening, it was affecting he and Nikki. She apologized, and told him she didn't have any answers. He kindly told her he was sure she did have the answers, and asked again why Brad was so angry. She replied that she just couldn't talk about it, and if he ever cared about her, he would leave them alone to work things out. She strongly urged him to stay away from Brad, and if he came around, to avoid him. He asked what was upsetting her so, and instead of answering, she asked him to see himself out, which he did.

In the meantime, Nikki went to go visit Vicki at her office. She said she wanted to make sure Vicki was all right, and invited her to stay the night at the ranch. Vicki told her mother how excited she was about beginning a life with Diego, and how now she was so disappointed that he was acting like Victor. Nikki told her he clearly had different priorities, and perhaps now he was showing his true colors. She also said that wanting revenge was not so uncommon in a man, but Vicki expressed true distaste for it. She said he had no clue how dangerous of a situation he was getting himself into, and then asked Nikki how she handled it when Victor acted that way. Nikki told her she may not want a man like that for herself, and then again asked if she would spend the night at the ranch. Vicki picked up on it, and asked if something was wrong, but Nikki wouldn't answer directly.

Her expected guest, Nikki, came soon afterward. She very pointedly asked Ashley why Brad was so angry, and then followed up by asking if she and Victor were having an affair. Somewhat flustered at the question, she denied having an affair with Victor, and told Nikki she was way off base. She refused to tell Nikki anything further, asking her like she did Victor, to please stay out of it and let them work out their problems on their own. Annoyed, Nikki turned on her heel and left. Once she got outside, she said she would go elsewhere for answers to her questions.

At the Olive Tree, Larry and Diego walked in, and Larry addressed one of the thugs by his first name. Startled, he asked how he knew his name was Bobby, and Larry told him they were locked up together. The other man recognized Diego and asked what he wanted-after all, they beat him up. Larry and Diego made up a story about how Victor was into illegal activities, and how Diego "moved money" for him. He went on to say Victor cut him off, and for that, he wanted to get back at him. He told him he wanted to cut the two of them in on a scam to rob Victor's safe, which "had at least a million in it." Diego described that Larry could break into the safe, he would dismantle the security system, and they could go in and get the money. He ended by saying they could split the money four ways, and then proposed they leave him alone forever for the favor. After thinking it over, they said it sounded too good to be true, but would give Diego an answer the next day. Diego warned them if they didn't cooperate, he would report them to the police.

When Mackenzie arrived home, Brock was in the living room to surprise her. She told him about her decision to go to GCU and he was concerned. He pointed out that she and Billy were so young, and what might happen if they broke up? Would she have regrets? She told him she felt she had to follow her heart this time, and he somewhat reluctantly agreed. He told her he had nothing but good things to say about Billy, so he gave her his blessing.

Brittany had a heartfelt conversation with her parents on the patio of the coffee house. Much to Brittany's surprise, they weren't placing blame on Raul for what happened. Her father asked what he plans were before she left for college, and she asked if he meant her living situation. She told him she planned on coming home, that is, if it was all right with them. Her mother spoke up, and very gently told her that if she was willing to come home, that nothing would please them more. Her father confirmed the statement with a nod and sincere smile.

Inside of the coffee house, Raul and Billy waited for Brittany to finish talking with her parents. Raul told him he had been thinking a lot about he and Mac going to GCU, and told him he really didn't want to be apart from Brittany. Jumping on the sign of vulnerability, Billy really sold Raul on staying in town. He pointed out how much cheaper it would be, and how there wasn't a downside. Raul mentioned the four of them living together could be problematic-after all, Billy often picked fights with Brittany. Billy promised to be on his best behavior, so Raul agreed to ask Brittany.

Brittany and her parents came in, and they thanked both Raul and Billy profusely for saving their daughter's life. They decided to tell her their plan for the foursome, and she was quite surprised. She told them she had worked really hard to get into college, but agreed that she didn't want to be away from Raul. In fact, she said, he had changed her life, and that there was nowhere she'd rather be than with him. Just then, Mackenzie walked in, and to her surprise, they told her the entire story.

Brad finally showed up at Olivia's, who gave him a comforting hug. He told her he didn't really want to talk, he just wanted to be around someone he could trust. He began talking about the situation, and when he got angrier and angrier, she tried to interrupt him several times to tell him about Victor. He told her if she mentioned his name one more time, he would leave, so she just let it drop. He waxed poetic on how much Ashley had hurt him and how although he loved Abby, didn't know if he could get past her being Victor's daughter. Her face sort of lit up when he told her their lives had changed forever, and he didn't think he could ever forgive Ashley for not telling him the truth sooner.

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

After Brad left, Olivia decided to call Ashley and let her know she talked with him. Relieved, Ashley said she was glad he finally found out that Victor doesn't know what's really going on, because it would probably take the edge off. Olivia shocked her by saying she didn't tell him that bit of information. Infuriated, Ashley started screaming at her, accusing her of purposely not telling him to drive a wedge between her and Brad. She also said if Brad gets to Victor and it all blows up, it's all Olivia's fault. Not wanting to take anything from Ashley, Olivia went off on her own tirade, ending with the fact that she knew Brad was not coming back home. Ashley asked if he was staying with her, and after Olivia told her no, the phone conversation ended abruptly.

After leaving Olivia's, Brad went over to the Abbott estate. When Jack opened the door, Brad barged in, demanding to speak with John. When Jack asked if his obvious bad mood was about his daughter—he meant Colleen—Brad flinched visibly before realizing what Jack was asking. Once he calmed down enough to realize John wasn't home, he asked Jack if Colleen could spend a couple of nights there with them, as he and Ashley needed some time alone. After saying yes, Jack asked if the issue had to do with Ashley's cancer, which Brad quickly denied. Before leaving, Brad asked Jack to please not tell Traci Colleen was there, to which Jack agreed.

Immediately, Jack left to go see Ashley, who was not exactly welcoming when she saw him. Jack told her what had just happened with Brad, and Ashley surmised he might be on his way home. She asked Jack if they had talked about anything else—like Victor, maybe? Jack started raving, telling Ashley if she and Brad wanted a chance at their marriage, that Victor couldn't be anywhere near them. That statement set Ashley over the edge, and she started screaming for him to shut up and get out of her home. Staying calm, Jack asked what he had done, which made her even more hysterical. He tried to guess, and Ashley finally just blurted out that she had finally told Brad the truth—that Abby was Victor's child. Jack looked completely shocked and was utterly speechless.

Brad was settling into his hotel room when Olivia knocked at his door with a big box of food. He asked her to join him—on the condition, again, that they didn't discuss Victor. She agreed, and over dinner, she asked if he came straight from her house to the hotel. He told her about going over to the Abbott's first, but told her he felt it would be counterproductive to see Ashley at this point. Looking totally distraught, he also said he was glad she had stopped by, that he didn't know what he would do without her. After being quiet for a moment, he admitted that he didn't go home only partly because of Ashley, but that he was avoiding Abby, as well. Even though he said he was aching to see his little girl, he was afraid his feelings for her had changed.

After doing her best to comfort him, Olivia said she should be going. Brad asked if it was because of Nate, and she told him he was staying with a friend that night—already planned, of course. When he heard that, he asked her not to rush off. She honestly told him if was difficult for her to be alone with him, since her heart was so deep into the situation, he encouraged her to stay again. He told her he wouldn't push her, and went to get her coat. As he put it on her, she turned around to face him, and only resisted briefly when he kissed her.

At the coffee house, Mackenzie was surprised to hear of her friends' plans for the future. She and Billy went out on the patio to talk privately, and Billy asked her what her concerns were. She expressed concerns about living with Brittany; she said they were not exactly friends, they were just simply tolerating one another. She also brought up the fact that Brittany and Billy were exes, and further, that she didn't trust her. Finally, she brought up what was really concerning her: that she had not changed her mind about not sleeping with Billy, and expected to have her own room. She made it very clear that she wouldn't even consider moving in with him without him knowing where she stood. Billy sincerely told her he would never take advantage of her and respected her feelings. With that, she told him she would talk to Brock and see what he said.

Sharon stopped by the main house to go to the kitchen, and ran into Vicki. Vicki asked where the kids were and Sharon said she was annoyed that Nick had them out at this late hour and hasn't even called. Vicki told her she thought Sharon was just jealous that she wasn't invited, and that she should be grateful that Nick was spending time with the children at all. Not in the mood to hear Vicki, Sharon told her she was not taking anymore abuse from the Newmans, that she had had enough. She explained Nick just wouldn't make a decision about their marriage, and she was about to, in the form of a divorce. Then rather abruptly, she asked what Vicki was doing there, anyway—just looking for trouble? Vicki told her Diego was out of town, and Nikki asked her to stay the night, but Sharon guessed there was a spat between her and Diego was closer to the truth. Vicki told her if there was any drama, Sharon would be the last person she'd confide in.

Meanwhile downstairs, Nick brought the children home, and asked them to go do their homework. Sharon walked in at that point, and asked Nick to please not keep the children out so late on a school night. She explained they were up too late doing their homework, and they would be difficult to wake up in the morning. He apologized, but her angry attitude was lost on him. He told her he knew they hadn't talked, and Sharon pointed out they hadn't talked since the night he "found her so unattractive." She went on to say she was assuming that unless he had become a monk, that he was sleeping with someone else. He gently assured her he wasn't, but regardless, she told him she was tired of living in limbo and feeling such rejection from his family. She told him she was considering divorcing him, and he looked hurt and surprised. Noah came downstairs at that moment, asking Sharon to help him with his homework. Nick told Sharon he'd wait, but she firmly told him good night.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

Brad woke up to find himself in bed with Olivia. She apologized for waking him. But he said that he was the one who needed to apologize to her. Olivia, basking in the afterglow of their lovemaking, told Brad that he never needed to tell her he was sorry. She left him in the bedroom and called the hospital to tell Rose where she could be reached in case of an emergency. After he was alone, Brad began to remember some of the things Ashley had told him before they were married. Ashley had refused to name Abby's biological father and told him the father did not know the truth and never would. He would not be a factor in their lives. She said if this was a deal breaker, and Brad didn't want to marry her, he needed to tell her then. After remembering the incident, Brad said to himself that he would never have married Ashley if he'd known Victor was Abby's father.

Victor sat alone at Gina's, trying to figure out what was going on with Brad, Ashley, and Nikki. When Neil approached him, commenting on how Victor's double tequila made him seem like a man who really needed a drink, Victor decided to confide in him. While Neil drank coffee, Victor told him what little he knew. Neil couldn't give him much insight, but he did offer Victor a sympathetic ear whenever he needed it. He thanked Victor for being so supportive of his recovery and his attempts to put his life back together. After Victor learned of Neil's plan for Dru and Lily to move in with him, he told Neil it was very important for him to have good times with his daughter while he could. Darker times would come, and he'd be happy for the bond they had. Neil admitted that he knew Victor and Victoria were having problems and he hoped it all worked out.

Dru surprised Wes in his hotel room with an evening designed for romance. Wes, slightly suspicious, finally got the news that Dru was going to move back into Neil's with Lily. He reacted angrily, saying that Dru was using her daughter to get close to her husband again. Dru denied it, trying to coax Wes into a more romantic mood, but he rebuffed her. Even when Dru told him how much she loved him, Wes forced her to admit that she also loved Neil. But she said she loved him as Lily's father, nothing more. Wes wondered if she was fooling herself better than she was fooling him. He then left her alone. Dru picked up the phone and tried to call Olivia at the hospital, telling Rose it was important. Rose gave her the number of the hotel room that Olivia had given her in case of an emergency--the same hotel Wes was staying in.

Jack was reeling from the news that Victor was Abby's biological father. He wasn't much help in calming Ashley down after he found out that Brad didn't know that Victor was unaware of his paternity. Jack did think that Nikki might not be as distraught over it as Ashley feared, but he agreed that it would be better for them all if Nikki and Victor never found out the truth. Ashley told him that she wasn't in love with Victor, and Jack asked if she was just in love with his genes. Ashley said that at the time she made her decision, she wanted the father to be someone she knew and respected. But now she was in love with her daughter, and it was irrelevant to her who Abby's biological father was. She just didn't want her actions to be responsible for destroying a lot of innocent lives.

Olivia was surprised to hear a knock on the door of the hotel suite. It was Dru, whose curiosity had gotten the best of her. Olivia confessed that Brad was sleeping in the bedroom. Dru was ecstatic, reminding Olivia that she'd told her once Ash confessed to Brad, he would kick his wife to the curb and run to Olivia. Olivia had won! Olivia objected to Dru's attitude, saying it wasn't a game, and Brad was in pain. Dru told her to get back in the boudoir to comfort Brad and show him that he was her man now. After Dru left, Olivia slipped back into bed with Brad, running her hands over him with a dreamy look on her face.

Sharon got Miguel to stay with the kids so she could go to Crimson Lights for a change of scene. Cody gave her a cup of coffee, then she sat down on the patio to read some magazines. David, a grad student working on his laptop, noticed her and asked to borrow her sugar, which she gave him. Then she smiled after he sat back down, realizing that he was staring at her. He came back and asked to borrow a magazine, then got embarrassed when she loaned it to him and he realized it was a women's magazine. He said that she could save him further humiliation by letting him sit down and talk to her. Sharon was friendly, but not flirtatious, and the two of them began to talk. When Nick came in, Cody told him Sharon was on the patio. Nick saw her talking to David and asked Cody who he was. Cody said he'd seen him around a few times, and he seemed like a nice guy. Nick began watching them, listening to their conversation. When David asked Sharon to dance, Sharon turned him down. Nick then stepped in, gave Sharon a kiss, and told David that he was Nick, Sharon's husband. Flustered, David quickly returned to his own table. Sharon was annoyed with Nick's behavior, wondering why he was suddenly treating her like a wife. Nick said he'd just been trying to spare her David's attention. Sharon said that she didn't need his help. It was obvious he wasn't ready to commit himself to their marriage, so she intended to go on with her life, with or without him. If that meant getting a divorce, then that's what she'd do. Nick offered to take her home, but Sharon reminded him that she had a car--the one he'd bought for her. She then walked out of Crimson Lights while Nick stared after her with a look of confusion and frustration.

Thursday, January 16, 2003
by Ruth

Kay paid Sharon a visit and gave her some tips on ways to see if Nick really is still in love with her. She suggested that Sharon get busy with other people and work – do things that show him that she is no longer obsessed with getting him back. Then the truth will be told.

Nicholas ran into Victoria at the main house that morning. She asked about who he was avoiding and he admitted that he had seen Sharon talking to another man the night before. Victoria stood up for Sharon, telling her brother to swallow his pride and go back to his wife or go ahead and get a divorce. She didn't blame Sharon for being frustrated and talking about divorce. She knew what a poison word that could be. . .

Later, Nick went to their home to check on the kids before school. They had left early and Sharon decided that she was on her way out to see some friends. She also wanted to go to a show that evening, so Nick could take care of the kids and make sure that Cassie finished her homework before she watched TV. Nick wanted to talk about the night before – she replied that it was no problem and whirled around and out the door, leaving him scratching his head about what just happened.

Nikki found Jack at the office and demanded to know what his sister had told him about the situation. He couldn't deny that he knew that something heavy was going on between Ashley and Brad, but would not supply details. She left frustrated and looking for Brad.

Brad was in his office picking up some things and preparing to leave again. His secretary had several messages for him from Ashley and Jack, as well as others. He told her that he wasn't available and may be gone for a few days. He took the messages, then threw them away. He made one call, though, to Olivia. He left a message, apologizing for leaving her without saying anything – he just needed to walk and think. He would call her later. . .

Next thing he knew, Nikki found Brad in his office. She was not going to leave until she found out what the deal was with his wife and her husband. . .

Ashley and Wesley had a discussion about the terrible mess that she was in. She explained the whole situation and how Olivia wanted Brad for herself and the part that Dru had in this mess. With this new information, Wesley took off looking for Dru.

At Neil's apartment, Dru told Lily about her father's plans for them all to move in together. Neil walked in and added his two cents' worth. Lily was resentful, as usual, but Neil calmly explained what his thoughts were behind it, how much sense it made for her, and asked Lily to talk about her feelings too. It seemed to soften her and make a little sense. Soon, Wesley arrived at the door.

Friday, January 17, 2003

After Dru and Neil explained their plan to live together to Lily, she asked if that meant the two of them were getting back together. Before they could answer, Wes arrived. He tried to leave, but Lily said she was tired of his being excluded from the decisions being made. She insisted that if Wes left, she no longer wanted to talk to her parents about it. Neil told him to stay. Wes then told Lily what an opportunity her parents were giving her. She was no longer a child, but a young lady, and before she knew it, she'd be living on her own. He didn't want to see her miss out on this opportunity to work out some of the issues she had with her father and form a good relationship with him. Lily tearfully hugged him, then she and Neil went to Neil's apartment. When Dru tried to thank Wes for what he'd done, he said he would do anything for Lily. Dru promised that he would still spend loads of time with the two of them, but Wes said that wouldn't happen. He was going back to Paris so she could decide what she wanted. Although he loved her and knew what they had was special, it was obvious that Dru was torn between her feelings for him and Neil. Dru insisted that she wasn't moving in with Neil for any reason except Lily's benefit. It was Wes that she loved, and she begged him not to go back to Paris.

Downstairs, Neil told Lily that he admired Wes for what he'd done. Though they didn't always agree on things, they might even one day be friends, as Lily hoped. Lily said that she didn't think it was going to happen, because both men were in love with her mother. Neil ruefully admitted that he couldn't hide things from Lily now that she was growing up. Of course he still had feelings for Dru, because she was an amazing woman. When Lily asked why her parents had gotten divorced, Neil said it was a long story. He agreed that Lily should know, but he wasn't ready to talk about it yet. But maybe one day... Lily then left to look at her old room that she'd be moving back to.

Sharon was taking care of business at Crimson Lights when Katherine came in to check on her. Katherine told her not to overplay the "friend" story when Sharon told her that she'd explained Katherine's earlier visit at the ranch to Nick by saying Katherine wanted to introduce her to someone. However, she did think it was good that Sharon was showing Nick that she intended to go on with her life. Katherine said it didn't have to involve a man, but be a life that Nick felt excluded from. Sharon worried that the plan might backfire, and Nick would end up moving on with his life, too. Katherine said if that happened, then Sharon was better off learning to be on her own. When Nick came in, Sharon was all business with him. Nick went to Katherine's table and mentioned having known she was at the ranch earlier. Katherine said she thought it would be good for Sharon to get out more, and Nick agreed. After Katherine told him she loved him, she left to do more shopping.

Nick saw David apologize to Sharon for the awkward situation of the night before. Sharon assured him that he'd been a perfect gentleman and had nothing to apologize for. Nick then told her he wanted to speak to her privately. She joined him in the office at Crimson Lights, telling him that she needed to go to Milwaukee and check on the other coffee house, as Trina said sales were flat there. Nick suggested they take the kids and make a weekend out of it. At first Sharon agreed, but when he said they'd be in separate rooms, Sharon said she wouldn't have it any other way. Then she said that since she'd be working so hard, maybe the kids shouldn't go. When she offered to have her mother take care of them, Nick said no, he'd stay home with the kids. Sharon then said maybe they should think about selling the Milwaukee coffee house. Nick objected, and Sharon said it might end up being part of their divorce settlement. But when she said they could also sell Crimson Lights, Nick pointed out how they'd built both places together. Sharon agreed, but said he was so busy at Newman, and she might have other things she wanted to do with her life, too. Nick then told her that he'd figured her attitude out. Obviously Katherine had told her to start being more independent, so this was just a game she was playing with him. Sharon hotly said that he was the one who'd been playing games, stringing her along. Nick responded that if she wanted a divorce, he would give her one. She should have her attorney call his. Then he left her alone in the office.

Olivia was startled when she returned to her office after surgery and found Ashley there. Ashley said she needed to know where Brad was, and Olivia protested that it wasn't her job to keep tabs on the man. When Ashley said she needed to talk to him before he had a chance to see Victor, Olivia said that she'd gotten Brad's word that he wouldn't go off half-cocked. Ashley then correctly surmised that Olivia had seen Brad since they'd last talked. She wondered if that was in Olivia's office, apartment, or a hotel room. Olivia refused to answer her questions, and Ashley asked if she'd slept with her husband. Then she told her not to answer because she didn't want to know. Olivia finally had enough of Ashley's questions and accusations, and said that all of this was Ashley's fault. First she'd decided to have Victor's child, then she'd kept the truth from Brad when he married her, then she'd tried to avoid telling him even after Olivia found out the truth. If everything was blowing up in Ashley's face, she needed to take responsibility for being the one who'd caused it all. Ashley said that she was trying to keep any more people from being hurt, including Victor, Nikki, and Abby, and Olivia's silence to Brad was deliberate. Olivia hoped for a confrontation between Brad and Victor, because she would do anything to drive a wedge between Brad and Ashley. When Olivia sarcastically commented on how Ashley was suddenly concerned about Abby, Ashley warned her that she was going too far. As far as Ashley was concerned, she no longer knew who Olivia was. She'd gone from being a well-respected person to being someone who would go after a friend's husband. Furthermore, Olivia was a hypocrite. She accused Ashley of concealing the truth, but when she'd had the chance to diffuse the situation and keep it from getting worse, Olivia had kept her mouth shut. Whatever happened after that point was something that Ashley would hold Olivia responsible for. Ashley then left Olivia's office to continue to look for Brad.

In the Jabot board room, Brad continued to stonewall Nikki. As he was about to walk out, she said that Jack had been equally silent on the matter. That caught Brad's attention, and he wanted to know what Jack had told her. Nikki said that Jack would only say that whatever was going on, Nikki should be glad to be out of it. Brad said that Jack shouldn't have said anything, but he was right. It didn't concern Nikki. Nikki refused to believe him, saying that if Brad was so angry about something that he was willing to go after Victor, obviously it was information that would affect her, too. She said Victor seemed as in the dark about it as she was and had speculated that Brad might be angry over Victor's support of Ashley while she was undergoing chemo. When Brad asked if that's all Victor said he gave Ashley, Nikki said yes, and Brad scoffed at that. Nikki, horrified, deduced that Victor and Ashley had been having an affair. At first Brad's comments seemed to support that, but the more Nikki questioned him, the more she came to believe that he didn't have proof of that. She wondered why he would throw out such accusations without evidence. In fact, maybe he was just trying to make her doubt Victor. Brad denied it, and Nikki said after all that she and Brad had meant to each other and gone through together, the least he could do was be honest with her. When Brad still gave her no answers, she started to storm out of the conference room, telling him that his silence was not chivalrous. He was only making her suffer more. Brad stopped her by saying that it was Abby he was upset about. Nikki waited, confused, and asked what Abby had to do with any of this. Brad said that he'd found out who Abby's biological father was. As Nikki continued to stare at him, bewildered, Brad admitted that Victor was Abby's father.

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