The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on Y&R
Liz's surgery was a success. Cassie opened her eyes. J.T. refused Colleen's advances. Brittany left town because she thought she was pregnant. Neil and Victoria made plans to purchase the cosmetics company Jabot was pursuing.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 3, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, March 3, 2003

Ashley went to the Abbott estate to visit Jack. She told him about Cassie's condition and he expressed sadness for Nikki. While they were on the subject of children, Ashley asked him how Kyle was coming along. Jack admitted he was having trouble with the transition; that he wasn't eating or sleeping well. Ashley asked if Diane was doing her part, and was quite put out when Jack told her they hadn't heard hide nor hair of her. Initially, Jack said, he assumed she just didn't care, but was surprised to get a visit from Andy Richards, who told him Diane was miserable. Ashley asked if he thought Diane would be willing to help, and he told her that he felt he had to call her, and that everyone would have to put their differences aside and put Kyle's needs first.

Phyllis and Diane were still arguing with one another at the coffee house. Phyllis was antagonizing her, saying how Diane was acting as if everything was great, but now she was changing her story and acting like she was miserable. She began to laugh at Diane, telling her she almost fell for her manipulation. She told her that nothing should have stopped her from calling to see about Kyle and compared their respective situations. Diane defended herself by saying she knew Kyle was probably doing great and she didn't want to do anything to derail his progress. She went on to say she felt just horrible and that she loved Kyle and would do anything to make sure he had a good life; including giving him up. As she got up to leave, she told Phyllis to call her when she thought Kyle could handle a visit. Before Diane got a chance to leave, Phyllis called out to her, stopping her from going.

While Jack was in the living room, he heard Kyle crying over the baby monitor. As he was getting up to check on him, Phyllis came walking in the front door. Much to his surprise, Diane was on her heels and came in, too. Phyllis looked at her and urged Diane to go up and get Kyle. Jack and Phyllis listened to Diane and Kyle via the baby monitor and heard her calm him down. Phyllis breathed a sigh of relief and told Jack what had happened at the coffee house between them. He was expressing sincere appreciation for her when Diane and Kyle came downstairs. Phyllis excused herself to go get Kyle a drink, which gave Jack and Diane a moment alone. Diane asked if Phyllis had explained her absence, and went on to tell him she was willing to do whatever it took to help Kyle adjust. Phyllis came back into the room and reminded everyone it was Kyle's bedtime and they would call her to set up her next visit. Diane thanked them and handed Kyle to Phyllis, imploring her to take good care of him. Phyllis promised she would, and once Diane left, they all stood and held each other.

Jill wasn't having a lot of luck getting any sympathy out of her brothers about her adoption. Although they appreciated what Jill was going through, they both wanted her to focus on taking care of their mother. She asked Snapper what he knew about the adoption, and he told her he knew nothing, and didn't think their mother did, either. Greg told her he didn't know any details either, but that he was curious about her natural parents, as well. This set Snapper off, but he didn't have the opportunity to make his point because Elizabeth rang the doorbell. While he was answering the door, Jill and Greg had a moment to talk. He told her that while he understood her curiosity, she might regret searching for her biological parents. He pointed out they might not even be nice people, and after all, weren't he and Snapper and their mother enough for her? Nevertheless, he told her he understood, and agreed to help her find them. Snapper called out to them and they all got their coats and accompanied Liz in her cab to the hospital to get her settled in for the next day's surgery.

Nikki and Victor were still in the throes of their difficult conversation. He sat her down to try to explain what had happened between he and Sharon, and reiterated it was not his fault. Nikki didn't know what to believe, and told him his "new" explanation sounded self-serving. He told her he would never show such a lack of self-restraint and that she just had to give him the benefit of the doubt. When he wondered aloud where Sharon was and commented how devastated she would be once she found out what was going on, Nikki looked at him, incredulous. She asked why he was so supportive of Sharon, and he snapped on her. He told her how much Sharon reminded her of another young woman he knew, who had struggled so hard to overcome her background. He was, of course, talking about Nikki, his "diamond in the rough." This reduced Nikki to tears, saying she wished she could go back in time to be that girl again, because she adored him so much then. He reiterated he was not the one who initiated the kiss, and tried to explain he did it all to save their marriage. Seeing how much pain Nikki was in, he implored her not to leave him. She told him they had to tell Nicholas the truth right away, but Victor disagreed. He told her if Cassie woke up, she would need both of her parents, so they should keep quiet about it.

Meanwhile, Victoria and Nicholas were doing their best to comfort each other in Cassie's room. He told her the doctor tried to talk to him, but that he just wasn't up to hearing any more bad news—he knew they were losing her. As they were talking, Victoria noticed Cassie's eyes fluttering, and when Nick went to her, she opened her eyes.

Tuesday, March 4, 2003

Ashley came downstairs in the morning to find a room full of flowers and Brad entering with a basket of muffins for her to eat. She told him how lucky she felt to have him and he told her again that he was happy she was having his baby. The conversation turned to Colleen and Ashley told him she had something to show him. She handed him Walnut Grove's school paper and opened it up to the middle page, where there was a photo of Colleen and J.T. kissing at the dance. Brad was appalled and told her he was about to suggest Colleen move back in with them, and Ashley piped up and told him she thought it was a good idea. After all, she's a part of their family and she should. She went on to gently tell Brad something he didn't want to hear: that she believed Colleen was actually in love with J.T.

Jill showed her brothers her birth certificate—the first step to finding her birth parents. Although Snapper was not necessarily supportive of Jill's quest to find her parents, and was more interested in running the show. Jill told him to either be supportive or to move out of the way. However, Greg had a different attitude. In fact, he was interested in helping her and encouraged her to immediate trip to the hospital to find her birth records.

Once they arrived at the hospital, Greg told Jill to let him handle it. They happened upon a teenage candy striper and Greg tried to talk her into letting them see the files. She resisted, knowing she was not allowed to show them. Jill jumped in and quickly used her theatrical skills to convince the girl she was dying of a horrible blood disease and needed a bone marrow transplant. She was hoping to find a match in her biological parents, but needed to know who they were. The girl fell for it hook, line and sinker, and let them view the records—but "only for a minute."

John Abbott walked into the Lodge and ran into Lauren and they began to talk about Colleen and J.T. He began going on and on about them, and finally Lauren pointed out that there wasn't anything he could do to change their feelings toward one another. She encouraged John to allow Colleen the opportunity to be open and honest, but he was not listening. He told her he expected her to be responsible in regards to letting Colleen come to see J.T. at her boutique. She got infuriated and told him she was running a business, not a day care center, and that Colleen was a big part of the problem. He said he would warn her and Lauren interjected that that was part of the trouble—his methods weren't working. Then she abruptly got up and stomped out of the restaurant.

Colleen snuck into Lauren's boutique to see J.T. Although glad to see her, he warned her about being caught, and not wanting to start any trouble with her family. Just then, her cell phone rang—it was Brad, asking her to come to see him immediately. On her way out, she ran into Lauren, who ended up giving J.T. the "what for," and told him not to push her.

Once she arrived, Brad shocked her by showing her the school newspaper. He also immediately ordered her to move back to the Carlton home that very evening. She tried to protest, saying all of her things were there, but Brad quickly told her it was too easy for her to pull the wool over John's eyes, and he was going to be a stop to them. H e expressed how disappointed he was in her and that he thought they were building a relationship. Before she left, she told him she was sorry, and he agreed; he was sorry, too.

Mackenzie and Billy went to their new apartment to find a long-faced Raul. He handed them a piece of paper; an email Brittany had sent. She explained in the email that she was leaving for a while and not to tell her parents. She also told him not to look for her and that she was fine. Raul was extremely upset, and immediately assumed she didn't love him anymore. The two tried to comfort him, but he was distraught. Mackenzie slipped and said that perhaps her parents drove her away, and he immediately left to go confront them.

Anita Hodges waited for her husband in disgust after he failed to come home the previous evening. When he came in, they argued about it, and he gave her a bunch of excuses as to where he was, all business related. Finally, she asked him if the real reason was because Brittany was no longer there and he denied it immediately. He relented a little, and said that perhaps they needed a discovery weekend away. Their argument was interrupted by Raul, who was loaded for bear, demanding to talk to them about Brittany.

Wednesday, March 5, 2003

Lauren went by Crimson Lights for a cup of coffee and flirted a little with a grinning Cody. She finally admitted to him that it wasn't always easy running the boutique because of her young staff. Cody told her to do what his mother, a schoolteacher, did. If she showed that she respected and trusted them, perhaps they would return the trust. Lauren said she'd follow his advice.

At the teens' new loft, Mac made grilled cheese sandwiches for her and Billy with "their" spatula. They talked about how they would divide up household duties among the four of them, although they weren't sure when Brittany would be back. They worried that by going to see her parents, Raul might betray that Brit had left town. Mac asked Billy if he would have a difficult time living there, with Raul and Brit sharing a bed, since the two of them weren't going to be intimate. Billy said that good things came to those who waited. While Mac was telling him how much she loved him, Lauren came in. She scolded them for not having told her how all their parents felt about their decisions when she offered them jobs. After hearing from John, she was sure Katherine, Jill, and Brock weren't thrilled, nor were the Hodges and Raul's parents. But she said she was as much to blame as the teens were. When Mac and Billy worried that she was going to fire them, she said she wouldn't do that. She just didn't want them to make her regret hiring them. She also asked for a favor. She wanted Billy to make it clear to Colleen that she was not to come to the boutique to see J.T. When Billy said he'd talk to J.T., Lauren said that wasn't necessary. She didn't think J.T. was the problem. She'd been young once, so she knew how girls acted when they fell in love.

Brad stopped by the boutique to see J.T. and tell him that he knew J.T. and Colleen had been sneaking around to see each other. When he implied that J.T. was either doing that to be defiant or to take advantage of Colleen, J.T. denied it. He said he would never do anything to hurt Colleen, and he wasn't interested in having sex with her. Colleen made him feel like no one else ever had. He wanted to protect her. Brad told him that wasn't his job, and he was cheating Colleen out of all the experiences she should be enjoying at her age. He was also causing her to lie, neglect her friends and her school work, and disobey her family. When J.T. asked if Brad was forbidding him to see Colleen, Brad admitted that he knew it was useless. That would only make the two of them more attractive to each other. But he warned J.T. that if he did anything to hurt Colleen or take advantage of her, he was going to have one very angry father on his hands.

Lily helped Colleen move some of her things from her grandfather's house to Brad and Ashley's house. Colleen said she hadn't wanted to move. It would be a lot harder for her to see J.T. while she was living with her father. Lily reminded her that she was lucky Brad hadn't told her mother about seeing the school paper's picture of J.T. kissing Colleen at the Valentine's Day dance. Colleen said she just wanted to spend more time with him. In fact, she was ready to be with him in every way. Lily was shocked to realize that Colleen was thinking of having sex with J.T. Then she got excited about the romance of it all. She warned Colleen to be careful, and Colleen assured her that she had everything she needed. While Lily called Dru to come pick her up, Colleen got ready for her rendezvous with J.T. at the old Abbott playhouse.

Raul went by Frederick's office to talk to him and Anita about Brittany. He tried to determine if they'd noticed anything unusual about her mood and behavior without alerting them to the news that she'd left town. But after they suggested that Brittany might not want to move into the loft, stay in Genoa City and give up her dreams of going away to college, or be in the relationship with Raul, he angrily denied all of this. Anita suggested that if he thought something was bothering Brittany, he should just ask her himself. Frederick agreed and said he would call Brittany right then to see what was going on. Finally Raul admitted that he didn't know where she was. She'd sent him an email telling him she loved him but explaining that she needed to leave town for a while. Frederick got mad at Raul, certain this was somehow his fault, and Anita suggested that Raul leave. After he walked out, Raul wondered aloud where Brittany was and why she'd left without talking to him about what was bothering her.

Mrs. French came into the records department just as Devon was about to hand Jill her original birth certificate. Mrs. French took it away from her and warned Greg and Jill that they were breaking the law. When Devon tried to explain that Jill need a "bone transplant," Jill said it was a bone marrow transplant. Mrs. French asked who Jill's oncologist was. Greg interceded, asking if they could just have a few seconds to look at the document, but Mrs. French refused and took Devon away to lecture her on the proper procedures for their department. Frustrated, Jill returned home with Greg. Snapper wasn't surprised to hear that things hadn't gone according to plan. He couldn't understand why Jill was pursuing this and suggested that it was disrespectful to their mother. Jill tried to explain that, while she loved Liz, she simply felt like finding out the truth would help her understand herself better and figure out why she'd made so many mistakes in her life. Perhaps then she could stop repeating them. She also said that Liz should have told her the truth many years before, when Jill was having children. Greg took up for Jill, saying many adopted people searched for the truth about their origins. His only hope was that the three of them could pull together and not make Liz suffer because of all of this. The three agreed that they didn't want to hurt Liz. When Jill found out that Snapper and Greg both had late flights, she hugged them good-bye. Greg suggested that she contact an agency who could help her find out the truth. Jill hugged her brothers before they left for a final visit with Liz, but they assured her they would both be back to say good-bye to her before they left town.

Thursday, March 6, 2003
by Ruth

J.T. and Colleen kissed in the playhouse alone together. Colleen was ready to make love with him and he almost went for it. She wanted him to unbutton her blouse, but he stopped and told her that it wasn't the right time. She felt sorry for herself and asked him if all he had said was just talk – he really didn't have deep feelings for her. He told her that what they had was very special, that it was so different than when he had been with other girls. He told her that he wanted to be with her too, and that it would happen someday. He wanted to wait because she was so special to him. She believed what he said, and was happy that they didn't do it, but also happy that he wanted to. He left for work and she returned home flying on air when Brad and Ashley met her at the door.

At the boutique, everyone was wondering where Brittany was. Lauren had just heard the story from Billy, Mac, and Raul, when Anita Hodges came barging in, blaming Lauren for Brittany's disappearance. If she had gone to college like she had planned, this wouldn't have happened. Lauren stood up for herself and they tried to find out from J.T. what was going on that morning when he had run into Brittany at the coffeehouse. She hadn't been herself, but he didn't know any details about what was wrong. While the others were talking, Mac noticed that Raul had an instant message on the computer. It was Brittany. Raul asked her where she was. Brittany wanted to know if he was alone. Her next message was this: "Raul, I think that I'm pregnant."

Dru and Neil talked before they left the apartment for the day. They were on top of the world together and Dru had great news about her meeting at Jabot the day before. Ashley had mentioned an African-American cosmetics firm that Jabot was thinking about buying and they had considered Dru for the role of lead model when they rolled the project out. Nothing definite, but things were looking up for her. She ran off to Olivia's, and Neil instantly made a phone call.

Before long, Neil was at work on his computer and his telephone. He had called Victoria in to talk to her. He wanted to propose that Newman Enterprises make an offer to buy the cosmetics firm that he suspected Jabot had their eye on. It was the only one that it could be. Everything made sense and they could hire Dru to be their lead model. Victoria agreed and Neil had the go-ahead to talk about price with his contact in Atlanta. Nothing was said to Victor about it.

Dru and Olivia had a strained conversation between sisters, as usual. Talk of intruding on each other's lives and Dru's relationship with Neil ensued. Wes' name came up and Olivia made it clear that Wes wondered whether or not Dru had feelings for him any longer. Dru couldn't believe that Wes would have confided in Olivia, but Olivia let the cat out of the bag and told her that he did more than confide in her – that they were becoming close, very close, as close as a man and a woman could ever be. . .

Friday, March 7, 2003

At the boutique, Lauren was annoyed after having been accused by Anita of being responsible in some way for Brittany's disappearance. As everyone argued, it was suggested that J.T. might know something about Britt. Lauren was surprised to hear that J.T. and Brittany were friends. Anita told her that J.T. was the ringleader of a group of bad kids that Britt should never have gotten involved with. When J.T. came in, he admitted that he'd seen Britt at the coffee house that morning. She'd seemed to have a lot on her mind, and he'd heard her mutter something about why it couldn't have lasted. Mac glanced at the computer monitor and saw an instant message from Brittany to Raul. When she motioned him over, Raul began to IM with his girlfriend. She wouldn't tell him where she was, but she told him she was afraid she was pregnant. Then she logged off. Anita whipped the screen around and saw what her daughter had written. When Mac returned to the other teens, she told them Brittany and Raul had been IMing. J.T. jokingly suggested that maybe Britt was pregnant, and everyone could tell by Mac's expression that he was right. When Lauren went to offer support to Anita, Anita turned on her again, saying that it was Lauren's encouragement of the teens' permissive lifestyle that had helped bring this about. Anita then insisted that Raul come with her to talk to Frederick. After they left, J.T. said he thought it was funny that everyone accused him of being careless about such matters, but it was Raul who'd gotten Britt pregnant. Billy was not amused, and Mac sent J.T. to fold shirts to keep the two boys from fighting.

Frederick was not happy when Anita dropped in on him at the office again; even less so when he realized that Raul was with her. When Raul tried to explain that he still didn't know where Brittany was, Anita blurted out that their daughter was pregnant. Frederick blasted a dazed Raul, holding him responsible for the predicament Britt was in. Then Anita became enraged, assuring Raul that Brittany had been a girl with a brilliant future and the whole world at her feet until Raul came along. She seemed almost ready to hit him, and Frederick told him to get out of there.

Isabella went to see Michael again to tell him about catching "Kelly Simmons" in her apartment with Paul. She said that according to Paul, they hadn't had a chance to talk about much. But if Kelly continued to dig into her past, she was going to expose the truth about Michael and Isabella's past. Both of them could end up losing everything. After each of them accused the other of being responsible for the mess they were in, Michael decided there was only one alternative. He had to go talk to Lynne and try to ascertain exactly what Lynne knew courtesy of Kelly Simmons.

Andy was shocked when Paul told him Kelly's true identity--that it was Christine in disguise. He was relieved to hear that Paul had been able to express all the regret and remorse he'd wanted to his ex-wife. But when he asked where things stood, Paul said he didn't know. Their conversation had been interrupted by Isabella's return. He told Andy how upset his wife had been, because apparently Kelly had also been asking her a lot of questions about Isabella's ex-husband. As the two detectives tried to figure out how Christine/Kelly, Michael, and Isabella were all connected, Paul said maybe it was time he did some investigating of his own.

Lynne demanded that Christine listen to reason and stop defending Michael. Lynne had never trusted him, and his accusations about her hiring "Kelly" made her even more certain that Michael and Isabella were hiding a secret. Christine wasn't so sure and reminded Lynne that she wasn't exactly unbiased where Michael was concerned. After she refused to go out in public as herself, letting people know she was back in town, Lynne deduced that Christine was avoiding Michael. Chris admitted it but said she didn't know why. Lynne said that she needed to get to the bottom of it once and for all. Chris agreed and decided to don her Kelly disguise one more time so she could approach Michael with some questions. She got into her disguise, but when she opened the door to leave, a startled Michael was standing there.

Wes went to see Neil to give him a heads-up on a report Lily had due for school. The men had another discussion about Dru and what would make her happy. Neil said that what she needed was to rebuild her family with him and Lily. Wes said that he'd never seen Dru as happy as she was when she was living her jet-setting life in France. But he said he'd been willing to step away and give Dru space so she could figure out what she wanted. His main concern was Lily. If Neil and Dru were not going to reconcile, it would be cruel to make Lily think they were. After he left, Neil appeared to be considering all the things that Wes had said.

At Olivia's, Dru was furious to learn that her sister had become so intimate with Wes. Olivia accused her of liking the way she was stringing both men along, never picking one over the other. In her opinion, Wes had already determined that Dru had made her choice--Neil. So he was free to do what he wanted, and he'd turned to Olivia for companionship. Dru was sure this was just another example of Olivia interfering in her life. She and Wesley had unfinished business between them, and it hadn't been her sister's place to get involved in all of that. In fact, she said she was leaving to talk to Wes so they could straighten everything out. Before she could leave, Wes came in. After starting a flirtatious greeting with Olivia, he realized Dru was in the room and he stopped himself from saying more to Olivia. Olivia said that it was good that he'd shown up; Dru had just been on her way to talk to him.

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