The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 28, 2003 on Y&R
Christine and Michael planned to elope. John and Katherine suspected that Charlotte was a fraud. Victor reminded the Jabot executives about the interest payment. Lauren confronted Anita about J.T. Sharon returned home and was shocked to learn about Cassie's accident.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 28, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, April 28, 2003

Chris and Paul had a very awkward conversation about Paul's impending move to California. They both tried to act as though it was a great idea, but neither was able to carry on a conversation without envisioning themselves in each other's arms. Paul hesitated, but then decided to ask her something: would she look out for his mother while he was gone? Immediately afterward, he said must obviously be trying to keep some kind of connection with her, and then said he would ask Andy instead. He went on to bring up his opinion about her marrying Michael, but stopped criticizing when she asked him to. She told him she should be going, and although they both imagined passionate good-bye kisses, they both had tears in their eyes when she turned around and walked out the door.

Jack and Brad talked about the financial state Jabot was getting themselves into by starting the new line. While they were talking, Victor called Jack and requested a meeting. While waiting for his arrival, Jack and Brad surmised he was coming over to try to sell them Satine because they thought he realized the bad fit. The two quickly decided if offered, they would make a deal, but only for a fair asking price. When Victor arrived, they immediately asked him about selling the line, but that wasn't why he was there, he said. He was there to remind Jack and Brad that he held the majority of Jabot's debt, and that an expansion at this time was not a wise decision. In fact, he said, they should drop the expansion while they still had a company to run. After bantering back and forth for a while, they told him they had no intention whatsoever of dropping the line, and with that, Victor left.

While that conversation was taking place, Ashley was in the board room giving Dru a piece of her mind. She told her she didn't at all like the fact that Dru ignored protocol, but that she was impressed with her enthusiasm and knowledge of the business. When Dru questioned Ashley's kind words, Ashley told her she was only speaking professionally. On the flip side, she told her in no uncertain terms to stay out of her personal life and that she didn't like Dru's recent tattle tailing. She told her she made a false accusation where Victor was concerned, and that from here on out, she needs to keep her mouth shut. She emphasized that she would give Dru one more chance, but if she blew it, she was going to fire her.

John sat in Gina's looking through his old high school yearbook. He talked with Gina and told him he recently met someone and thought he had dated her younger sister in high school. When he mentioned her name, Gina immediately knew he was talking about Charlotte. She hesitated a bit, but then told him she had met her with Jill, and that she had had way too much to drink—in fact, she had brought her own flask to the restaurant. John got up to leave, and told Gina he was going to talk to Katherine—she may have some answers he was looking for.

Once he arrived at Katherine's he realized he needed to keep their conversation brief, as she wasn't feeling well. They briefly talked about Billy and Mackenzie's impending nuptials, but Katherine really didn't want to discuss trying to fight them. John asked her about the Ramsey family, and said he remembered them moving abruptly after some sort of shameful situation with Charlotte. After a little bit of stalling, she finally admitted knowing Charlotte and knowing what happened. She told him they became friends because she had nowhere else to turn. Looking pained, she told him she wouldn't wish what happened to Charlotte on her worst enemy; not even on Jill. She went on to say Charlotte had a wild streak and when she got pregnant, her family practically disowned her. After a heavy sigh, she said some things should just be left buried in the past. John asked her one last question: did Charlotte give the baby up for adoption? Katherine turned around, surprised, and said that Charlotte had gotten an abortion.

Charlotte went back over to Jabot, which made Jill very happy. She immediately started asking questions about Katherine, and Jill gave her the short version of their long history. She insulted Katherine, calling her a boozehound, and then immediately apologized to her mother for the name-calling. Changing the subject, Jill asked her mother for her phone number and address, so she could reach her when she wanted to. Much to her surprise, Charlotte told her no, because Jill was trying to reform her. Jill promised she wouldn't hassle her, but Charlotte was not going to give up her information. She finally told Jill she didn't have a phone, and that the place she lived at was not very nice. Immediately, Jill said she would set her up in a suite at the Genoa City Hotel, and Charlotte's eyes lit right up.

Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Victoria went into Victor's office and asked where he was when she was looking for him earlier. He told her he had paid a visit to Jack and Brad, giving them a friendly reminder about their loan obligation. She asked him straight out if he let her acquire Satine because it was a good business idea or to just stick it to Jack and Brad. She went on to say she wished he would stop holding grudges, as it couldn't possibly be healthy for him. He has nothing else to prove, she said, and thought it might be time to just slow down. She got up to leave and kissed him on the cheek. He told her he was glad they had talked.

Brittany went to the boutique looking for Raul, but J.T. was the only one there. They had some good-natured ribbing with one another and J.T. actually told her he was worried about her. She told him in case he was wondering, she was not pregnant, and was quite relieved about it. The conversation turned to J.T. and Colleen and he told her about the party she threw for him and how her parents were there. He made an offhand comment to her about being sorry they weren't getting along, which obviously surprised her. She immediately asked why he would care, and he told her about Anita stopping by. Trying to change the subject, he asked about Raul and her getting married. She admitted to him that she wasn't ready and although she and her mother usually didn't see eye to eye, she was in total agreement about marrying too young or for the wrong reasons. Again, he told her he was sorry about her parents, and again, she looked at him quizzically.

John continued to question Katherine about Charlotte and asked again if she was sure she had an abortion. After all, he said, it was dangerous back in those days. Katherine briefly told him right after high school, Charlotte was intent on becoming a singer and went to New York to pursue her dream, but found a whole world of trouble instead. She went on to say she met up with a man who got her pregnant and left her and that her parents disowned her. She got another abortion and Katherine nursed her back to health. This time, she wasn't able to have any more children. Because Katherine was so visibly upset by retelling the story, John left it alone and told her good night. After he left, she sat on the couch and cried.

Jill waited at a table alone for Liz Foster to arrive. Gina briefly joined her and asked if she was meeting her birth mother again. She said a few kind words to Jill about being adopted, but the conversation was stopped short when Liz came. After greeting each other, Liz began asking a lot of questions about Charlotte Ramsey. Jill told her how generous she felt Liz was being, and thanked her for being so understanding. Liz asked when her next set of plans were to see Charlotte, and Jill told her she thought her idea of bonding would be to sit at a bar with friends. Liz immediately expressed concern, and Jill told her Charlotte was harmless. Liz replied that drunks are never harmless and Jill replied they shouldn't be judging her. She warned Jill not to let herself get sucked in and not to see what she wanted to see. At that point, John walked back in and came over as Jill was leaving. After she left, he and Liz began talking and repeated some of the information he got from Katherine. He expressed concern that Jill may not be her daughter and that he felt uneasy about the entire thing. Liz agreed and they agreed that Jill was starting to make a huge emotional commitment to this woman and that she would be devastated if it didn't work out.

Billy and Raul talked a little about Brittany not being pregnant after all, and Billy noticed Raul seemed a bit disappointed. He did express disappointment, but also doubt that Brittany loved him as much as he loved her. He felt she wasn't seriously interested in marrying him and that he would have a hard time putting that behind him. Billy tried to reassure him that things would go back to normal, but Raul wasn't so sure.

Brad was sitting at the bar at Gina's having a drink when Victoria walked up. They had a conversation teasing each other about who was going to win in the Jabot-Newman fight, and Brad told her she should be careful not to spend too much time working and not enjoying her life. The conversation took a sad turn and she admitted she had been very unlucky in love and had more or less given up. He advised her to try again, and to make an effort to make better choices next time.

Back at home, Jill placed a call to the GC Hotel. Once connected to Charlotte's suite, she told her she was just calling to hear her voice and how much getting to know her real mother meant to her.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Brittany woke up after her first good night's sleep since leaving Genoa City. But all was not well with Raul. He said they needed to talk. When he'd thought she was pregnant, he'd been willing to marry her. And even though that wasn't necessary since she wasn't pregnant, and he wasn't ready to get married either, he still believed marriage was in his future. And he wanted Brittany to be his wife. He just didn't believe he and Brittany were on the same page. Brittany agreed that if he wanted her to predict the future, she couldn't. She didn't know what she would want in five or ten years. But right now, he was the man she wanted to be with. The only man. As far as marriage, her parents hadn't had the solid marriage Raul had grown up seeing. Frederick and Anita shared only distance, sarcastic comments, and silence. Brittany had lived with it for eighteen years, and it had affected her view of marriage. She wondered if Raul had noticed that anything was going on with her parents, since J.T.'s last words to her the night before were that he was sorry about her parents. Raul said J.T. might have just been messing with her head.

Lauren had her suspicions about why Anita showed up at the boutique before it was opened. Since they didn't really carry her kind of merchandise, Lauren surmised that maybe Anita was there to pick up something else---J.T. Anita tried to dismiss Lauren's accusations, but Lauren said she knew all about it. Not only had Anita confided the details of her miserable marriage to a boy young enough to be her son, but she'd then seduced him after seeing her husband with Jill. Lauren expressed disgust with Anita's behavior and warned her to stay away from J.T. Anita wondered why it was any of Lauren's business. Perhaps she felt guilty about shipping her own son off to school years ago. Lauren hotly told her not to bring Scotty into their discussion. She said that Brittany would probably be horrified to hear that her mother was going after someone she'd been to nursery school with. Anita warned Lauren to stay away from her family.

J.T. met Colleen at Crimson Lights before school. She had a proposition for him. To get her learner's permit, she had to be enrolled in a driver's education class and have someone over the age of eighteen with a valid license sign for her. Would J.T. do it? At first he was reluctant, knowing her father wouldn't approve. But finally he agreed. They left for the boutique, Colleen offering to help him open since she had her first school period free. She joked that she needed to save up for her set of wheels. But as they approached the boutique door, they heard Anita and Lauren exchanging angry words. J.T. rushed in to stop their fight before Colleen could hear that the two women were fighting about him.

Nikki and Victor woke up in each other's arms, but their conversation quickly turned to Nikki's usual bitter words about Sharon. Victor said he didn't want to discuss that. He was sad for his son's failed marriage, but he'd done everything he could for Nick. He was no longer going to humble himself. Nikki wondered if there was another reason for his good mood, and Victor said it was business. He warned Nikki that she'd better act to protect her investment in Jabot. He intended to wage war with the Satine line, and Newman would not lose. Nikki wasn't intimidated in the least, insisting that life was full of surprises.

Victoria helped Nick get Noah ready for school. After Miguel took him away, they turned their attention to Cassie, who'd been sleeping poorly because of recurring bad dreams. After eating a little breakfast, she went upstairs to try to sleep again. Victoria said she was sure she knew what Cassie was dreaming about---Sharon. She took another opportunity to tell Nick what a terrible mother Sharon was for abandoning her children. Nick said he didn't want to think about that. He no longer had any hope for his marriage. His only focus now was on his children. He handed Victoria a prescription for a light sedative in case Cassie needed it to sleep. Victoria promised she'd look after her, so Nick left for work.

Jill went to Frederick's office to thank him profusely for helping her find her birth mother. Although Charlotte wasn't perfect, Jill hadn't expected her to be. She knew she'd lived a hard life, and she did seem to have a bit of a drinking problem, but at least she was a happy drunk. Frederick was glad that Jill was feeling so positive about Charlotte. He wondered if a grateful hug was all he could get. Jill kissed him, and then Frederick shared his good news. Not only was Brittany home, but she wasn't pregnant. Jill wondered if Brittany's return had helped him and Anita get close again, but Frederick said no. She was choosing to believe that he and Jill had sex during their night at the Lodge, and she didn't want to hear the truth.

John told Ashley the story about Charlotte Ramsey and the contradiction in the facts. Although Charlotte said she'd given Jill up for adoption, Katherine was positive that the Charlotte Ramsey she knew had undergone a botched abortion and could never have other children. Ashley wondered if there could be two Charlotte Ramseys, but John didn't think it was likely. Ashley said that it could be a case of fraud; after all, Jill was a wealthy woman. She also pointed out that if Jill found out Charlotte was deceiving her, it would be bad for business. Jill would be so wrapped up in her own drama that she wouldn't be able to concentrate. John asked if Ash thought he should continue to look into this on Jill's behalf. Although something didn't add up, Charlotte hadn't come looking for Jill; Jill had sought out Charlotte. Ashley said there could be some mistake, and if John felt it was the right thing to do, of course he should look into it. Ash just hoped he didn't expect gratitude from Jill, because none of John's good deeds would go unpunished.

Thursday, May 1, 2003
by Ruth

Jack paid Victor a visit at his office. He referred back to Victor's threats of the day before and told Victor that he was out of his league when it came to the cosmetics industry. Victor wouldn't budge and wanted his loan payment on the due date. Jack told Victor about his conversation with Nicholas which made Victor angry. When told that Jack knew of the kiss with Sharon, Victor was sure that Jack was there to blackmail him. Jack denied that charge, and didn't say much more, as Victor decided that it was time for him to leave and that he was going about his business whether Jack was there or not.

J.T. and Colleen walked in on Anita and Lauren arguing -- J.T. offered to leave again, but the women dispersed instead. Colleen wondered why J.T. called Mrs. Hodges "Anita" and why he was acting so nervous. He just told her that he didn't deserve her and that she was the nicest person on earth. He sent her off to school so that he wouldn't have to feel so guilty any longer.

Jill ran into Anita at the coffeehouse after telling Frederick that Brittany could not find out about their "relationship" from her mother. Jill was worried about what Billy would think. She had insisted that Frederick tell Brittany first before Anita got to her. At the table, Jill sat down and wanted to reason with Anita. She wouldn't budge, of course, and told Jill what an awful person she was. Back at the bank, Brittany stopped to see her father. She soon asked him the burning question of the day, "What is going on with you and mother?" He had to admit that they were separated, but wouldn't tell her any details.

Nicholas told Cody about what Victor had done. He hinted that his father had made as bad a business mistake as he had a personal one, and he intended to protect his inheritance somehow.

Back at Nick's house, Victoria talked with her mother about Cassie's not being able to sleep and her nightmares. They were assured by the way that Nicholas was handling things, but were very worried about Cassie. Nikki had to go and run some errands before she took over the family watch, so she left. Cassie awoke talking in her sleep, very upset, asking her mother not to go. Victoria heard her and rushed upstairs. They talked and Cassie told of the dream where Sharon was with another little girl and Cassie was rejected. Victoria tried to assure her that her mommy had always loved her, she was just confused and had to go. Cassie wouldn't believe it and told her aunt that she never wanted to see her mother again.

Victoria returned downstairs and looked at the family pictures. Just as she was wondering out loud what Sharon could be thinking, the door opened. It was Sharon returning to her home. . . .

Friday, May 2, 2003

Lynne met Marisa at Crimson Lights, excited to think her friend might have some news that would help put a stop to Paul's move and Christine's marriage. But Marisa said there was nothing. Maybe it was time for Lynne to move on. Lynne reluctantly agreed. After all, sooner or later Isabella would betray herself, and Paul would know what a mistake he'd made. Marisa reminded her there was no hurry, since Christine was marrying Michael anyway. They agreed that two attorneys marrying was a match made in hell.

While Paul daydreamed about his goodbye with Christine, she was in her office remembering the same thing. Michael heard her talking to herself and joked that she was a woman trying to make up her mind. Chris asked what he meant, and Michael said he'd already decided for her. They were having Indian food delivered for dinner. Christine said there was something she needed to check into first: the Illinois waiting period between getting a license and getting married. After checking the Internet, she told him that if they left that day, they could be married the next day. Michael suggested that her urgency was a reaction to Paul's decision to move to California. At first Christine denied it, then she said maybe it was. Did Michael understand? Michael assured her that he did. It would take her a long time to get over Paul, which was understandable. Meanwhile, yes, he'd make all the arrangements for them to go to Galena and be married. She just needed to go home and pack. Chris stopped on her way out, saying that her willingness to be totally honest about her feelings for Paul just proved how much she trusted Michael. After she left, Michael seemed troubled by her words.

Isabella and Paul were home packing to move, and Paul decided he should go into the office to take care of a few things. Isabella wondered why he was looking at only three and four bedroom places in California. Paul teased her, saying she was worried he was going to let Mary come and live with them. After agreeing that Mary was welcome as soon as she stopped trying to interfere in their marriage, Paul admitted that he hoped they'd have another baby. Isabella was excited, but she worried that maybe children were the only reason Paul was with her. He assured her that he loved her. While Paul was getting ready to leave for the office, Michael called, hanging up as soon as Isabella told him Paul was on his way out.

When Michael arrived, Isabelle was thrilled to hear that he and Christine were going to elope. She was less thrilled to hear that Michael had suddenly gotten a conscience. He wanted to tell Christine the truth about his conspiracy with Isabella. Isabella said it was too late. Both of them were about to get everything they wanted. Michael needed to move on. He agreed, then left, but Isabella continued to look a little worried about what he might confess to Christine.

Victor once again questioned whether Phyllis wanted to stay at Newman Enterprises in light of his plan to destroy Jabot's hopes for a new cosmetics line. Phyllis couldn't understand why he was questioning her loyalty. Or perhaps Victor wanted her to persuade her husband to drop the new line. Victor insisted that he didn't. But if he was successful, Jabot would go bankrupt and John Abbott would lose everything he'd worked all his life for. Phyllis would see her husband and his entire family destroyed. Phyllis assured Victor that she didn't intend to jump ship. She'd agreed to stay at Newman knowing the risks. She had no intention of leaving. Victor accepted that as her final answer.

Nick was pleased when Jack came to see him and check on Cassie. He said that his daughter was emotionally very fragile, dealing with nightmares that came from feeling abandoned by her mother. Jack understood; his own mother had left him when he was young. It was the kind of thing you never really got over. But Cassie had Nick, and Jack believed that Nick was doing all that he could for her. Still, he wondered how Nick felt about Sharon. Nick said it was irrelevant. His only focus now was on his children. Jack let Nick know that he'd been accurate about his father's motives for buying Satine. He was out to bring Jabot down. Nick wondered what Jack was going to do. Jack said he could be ruthless, too. He intended to give Victor the fight of his life, and Victor was going to find Jack wasn't easily intimidated or beaten.

Victoria was horrified when Sharon came through the door. Victoria demanded that she leave immediately. Sharon reminded her that they were in her house, not Victoria's. Victoria said it didn't matter. Sharon had given up her right to be there when she'd abandoned her children. Victoria thought she should leave and never come back. Sharon commented that things hadn't changed, but she didn't think Victoria could speak for Nick. Victoria insisted that Nick was over Sharon and didn't want her back. Tired of listening to her sister-in-law's endless criticism, Sharon asked if the kids were at school. When Victoria told her Noah was, Sharon said she'd leave to pick him up. At that point, Victoria told her that Cassie was not in school, hinting that something was wrong with Sharon's daughter. After Sharon badgered her, Victoria finally started telling her what had happened to Cassie. The news devastated Sharon, who sank to the couch in tears. After finding out Cassie was upstairs, she tried to go to her, but Victoria physically restrained her, telling her how fragile Cassie was. Sharon didn't believe her at first, sure that Victoria was putting her own spin on things to keep Sharon away from her daughter. But when Victoria said there was no way Sharon was seeing Cassie until they'd talked to her doctor, Sharon gave in, agreeing that she didn't want to do anything to further damage Cassie. She begged Victoria to talk to the doctor soon, and walked outside, sinking to the porch and sobbing.

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