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Frederick and Anita's plan to shut down Marsino's worked. Gina moved into the Abbott home. Phyllis met Bobby. Diane kissed Jack. Nick told Brad and Jack that Victor had done something illegal to manipulate sales for Safra.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 27, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, October 27, 2003

Neil comes home in a rage about Lily keeping her relationship with Kevin a secret. He demands to know what has happened between them. Lily breaks down and admits that she slept with Kevin. When she apologizes, Neil wants to know if she is sorry for sleeping with Kevin or if she's sorry that her parents have found out. Drucilla tells Neil that Kevin had told Lily that she needed to sleep with him to prove her love for him. Neil can't believe Lily would fall for such a standard line. Lily admits she feels like an idiot, and she never meant to let her parents down. Neil says the person Lily has let down is herself. Drucilla says they need to take Lily to the doctor to make sure she is okay. Neil agrees that is the right thing to do. Lily says she needs to get some air and she leaves to go for a walk. Neil wonders where they went wrong as parents. They tried to talk to her. When he starts thinking about how Kevin had taken advantage of his little girl, he bolts out the door.

Bobby shows up at Kevin's apartment, angry with him because the cops had been to Marsino's asking about Kevin. Kevin says that none of this is his fault, but he does admit that he was dating someone that was underage, but he hadn't known about it. Bobby says bookkeepers like Kevin are a dime a dozen, and wants his files back so he can hire someone else. Kevin says he can't, the cops had a search warrant and they took Kevin's computer. Bobby seems a little worried, and tells Kevin he better take care of the situation. Bobby tells Kevin if he doesn't take care of it, he will make him go away.

Victor is drinking alone when Victoria comes to visit him. He tells her he had some news, but he will tell her about it later. He wants to know how she is doing. When she smiles, he knows that Victoria had seen Damon. He doesn't jump on her for it, and she is surprised. They have a heart to heart father-daughter discussion. Victoria tells him she couldn't have had a better dad if she tried. She says people are too hard on him, and she is going to protect him, like he has always done for her.

Phyllis is hard at work in her office when Sharon shows up. When Phyllis wants to know why Sharon is there, Sharon closes the door. She tells Phyllis that a lot of people are wondering why Safra sales are so much higher than Tuvia's. Sharon asks Phyllis if she gets the sense that disaster is about to strike. She says she has the feeling that something really ugly is about to happen.

John Silva comes to see Nick. Nick asks John what the punishment would be for someone who bribed other realtors with money to put Safra on the best shelves. John tells Nick that that is commercial bribery, and there could be a 15-year minimum jail sentence. John says whoever did this should be fired right away. Nick asks John to keep the whole thing a secret; he doesn't want his father knowing about this right away.

At the hospital, Brad and Jack talk to Olivia about Ashley. Olivia says that Ashley is fine physically, but she suggests starting her on prescription medicine. Brad blames himself for telling Ashley that the blanket is not Robert, now she is even worse than before. When Brad leaves to go take a walk, Jack asks Olivia if there is something she is not saying. Olivia tells him that Ashley may never return from this ordeal. Having people around that love her and want to help her bodes well for her, though.

Brad goes to see Ashley in the hospital room. Ashley is staring into space, far away. Brad tells her how sorry he is. He knows that the reality of losing her baby was too hard for her, and he just wishes he could help her. Brad tells her that his whole world revolves around Ashley and he wishes she could come back to him so they could live their lives together. He asks her for a sign that she hears him, but she continues to stare into space. When Brad leaves, Ashley closes her eyes and tears fall down her face.

At the coffeehouse, Sierra tells J.T. and Colleen that the look on Kevin's face when he was told about Colleen said it all. She said one good thing was that Detective Weber took Kevin's computer. They hope that this information will nail Kevin. Colleen says even if Lily hates them forever for all of this, at least they will all finally be safe.

When Bobby leaves, Kevin gets really angry that Bobby was threatening him like that. As he starts throwing things around, he hears a knock on the door. It's Lily.

Tuesday, October 28, 2003


Lily stops by Kevin's to confront him. She accuses him of manipulating and using her. She wants to know why he picked her. All she wanted was to be loved. His betrayal has hurt her and she will report him to the police. Kevin gets enraged and picks up a letter opener. Lily sees this and changes tactics. She does a 180 and makes Kevin believe she wants to be back with him and apologizes for her earlier outburst. She makes an excuse and heads out.


Bobby does damage control with some associates over Kevin's legal troubles. Brittany stops by and notices Bobby's bad mood. They talk about the club and Britt brings up his promise to introduce her to music execs. He dances around that and eventually lets her know he's interested in dating her. She politely puts him off.

Newman Enterprises:

Sharon stops by Phyllis' office. She asks about the surprising numbers Safra is doing. She's worried something bad is coming down. Later Diane stops by to annoy Phyllis. Phyllis gloats at Safra's numbers compared to Jabot's. Diane isn't worried but can't help but point out the glee Phyllis is taking in destroying her husband's company. Phyllis tells Diane that Jack is just using her and will never go to her for comfort or support. Diane smiles as she informs Phyllis that Jack already has done exactly that. With that she leaves Phyllis alone.


Nick visits Ashley. She's been catatonic for several hours. Brad is surprised by his visit. He appreciates it but is still curious. Nick finally reveals to Brad that he knows what Victor did to boost sales for Safra and will reveal it in due time.


Raul is surprised by a visit from the Hodges. They came to see him not Brittany. They are not happy with Brittany working at the strip club and know he isn't either. They've come up with a plan to end her career. They won't get Raul in trouble and they won't hurt Brittany. Bobby is their target and they need Raul's help. He agrees.

Police Station:

Neil demands that the police do something about Kevin. If not for the arson for statutory rape. Lily admitted to having sex with 20-something Kevin. She'll need to make some sort of official statement but Neil doesn't want to put her through that.


Jack fills in Dru and Damon about the situation with Ashley. He asks for the latest reports on Tuvia. Dru says it's not good. While they aren't doing bad, Safra is unexpectedly doing better and better. No one can explain why. Jack screams for answers. Brad then storms in with news: they have the smoking gun against Victor!

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

After Brad told Jack there was a smoking gun involving Victor Newman, Jack ordered Damon and Dru from his office. Dru got huffy and reminded them that she wasn't a mailroom employee, but the company's spokesmodel. She didn't understand why she couldn't stay. But Damon got her out of there, taking her to the lab. They commiserated over how poorly Tuvia's sales were doing compared to Safra. Dru told Damon not to blame himself. Damon said he wasn't; he knew Jabot had the best products, so something didn't add up. When Dru asked if he could see any way out of it, Damon said they needed a silver bullet. He explained that he was talking about something that would jump-start Tuvia into having the success it deserved. Dru wondered if maybe the silver bullet wasn't something already in the lab.

Neil was at work when a woman named Vanessa came in and said she was looking for Damon. After Neil dodged the Damon issue, he found out that she was a chemist who'd once worked with Damon at Satine. He couldn't get much more information out of her, so when she asked him to let Damon know she'd been there looking for him, Neil admitted that Damon didn't work there. He worked across town at Jabot, Safra's competitor. When Vanessa demanded an explanation for why he'd let her go on and on, Neil said he was her first friend in Genoa City. She said that his first impression stunk and strode out of his office.

Jack was intrigued by Brad's news that Nick had apparently found something out about the cosmetics launch that was possibly illegal. When Jack wondered if Nick had mentioned Michael's name, Brad said he hadn't, but he had little doubt that Baldwin was involved. Both of them ranted for a while about how Victor was to blame for all the recent Abbott misfortunes, and Jack warned Brad to stay focused. They needed to maintain a company for Ashley to return to when she got well. When Brad reminded him that Diane's money was supposed to tide them over, Jack fretted that that was dwindling fast.

After having visitors all day, Phyllis was surprised to receive another one--Nick. She wondered why he was working so late and why he didn't look happier when the sales reports looked so good. Nick said they were good if they were real. He then went on to admit that he hadn't been a believer in Safra, but he commended Phyllis and the others on all the hard work they'd done. But didn't it bother Phyllis that their company's success could mean the destruction of her husband's family's company? Phyllis reminded him that all was fair in love, war, and business. Nick agreed that was true, if things were in fact fair. Phyllis tried to find out what he knew or suspected, but a cagey Nick simply asked her if she found out that something illegal had been done that had ended with Ashley's tragedy, would she still be celebrating? Phyllis said no and again encouraged him to talk to her. But Nick said he was just giving her something to think about.

Phyllis went home, fixed herself a plate of food, and settled down to look at some paperwork. When Jack came in, what started off as a supportive conversation ended in their usual bickering. She told him that Diane had come to taunt her, and Jack changed the subject, wondering who else she'd seen, since she'd mentioned a stream of visitors to her office. When she told him that both Sharon and Nick had visited her, Jack began to pump her for information. Phyllis wasn't falling for it and suggested that they stop talking about work. Jack reminded her that she went to work every day for the man who'd done anything he could, even if it was illegal, to bring Jabot down. Phyllis asked if he had proof, and Jack said he didn't. But maybe someone did. When Phyllis wondered who, Jack said he was going to bed and went upstairs.

J.T. arrived home at the loft to find the Hodges there talking to Raul. When they questioned what J.T. thought about Brittany's job, he finally admitted that he didn't like it, but it was Brittany's decision to make. It was none of his business. Brittany's parents left, assuring Raul they'd be talking again. After they were gone, J.T. asked what that was all about. It surprised him that Brit's parents were being so nice to Raul. Then again, he must look good to them compared to Bobby Marsino. Raul suggested they go out and have a beer. When J.T. suggested a bar, Raul said they should go to Marsino's. That didn't sound like such a great idea to J.T., but once Raul insisted, he agreed, saying he kind of liked the place.

Brittany and Bobby had another talk about why she wouldn't go to the Colonnade Room with him for dinner. When Brenda interrupted them and Bobby found out Brenda and Brittany had changed the order of their appearances on stage, Brittany admitted she was hoping to go home and spend some time with Raul. She walked into the club to find J.T. sitting at a table with Raul, who was wearing a bright red baseball cap. She asked them to leave, but they refused, and Brenda warned her it was time for her to go on.

After Brit took the stage, Brenda took the boys' drink orders, asking for IDs. Both of them said they didn't have IDs, but Brenda got their beers anyway, unaware that they were being watched by three men at the bar. As soon as the beers were delivered and Raul had paid, the men closed in, demanding to see their IDs. Raul and J.T. admitted that they didn't have IDs and weren't twenty-one. At that point, the agents closed down the bar over the protests of Angelo and Bobby. Bobby stared in disgust at his underage drinkers, seeming unsurprised to see Raul, while Brittany looked on with shock.

Thursday, October 30, 2003

Sharon is at home writing thank you notes to everyone who attended the Gala when Nikki walks in looking for Nick. Sharon tells her that Nick has already left for work, but if Nikki has a message for him, Sharon will let him know. Nikki is reluctant to talk to Sharon; she tells her that it's a personal family matter. Sharon is very offended by this statement. "Are you saying that I am not family?" she asks Nikki. Sharon warns Nikki that shutting her out might not be the greatest of ideas.

Chris goes to visit Victor at his office. She tells him that she took the job with the DA, and she thanks Victor for putting in a good word for her. Chris can tell Victor isn't in a good mood. He tells her that he just found out that his father is alive, when he thought that he had been dead for a long time. Chris tells him that is wonderful news, but Victor assures her that it is not. He tells her the story of how his father (Author Miller) had abandoned him and his mother, and how Author Miller never cared about Victor's family. Victor asks Chris how things are with her. She tells him that Paul had asked her to marry him and she declined. Victor asks how things stand with her and Michael. Chris says she is on an indefinite leave from the Baldwin and Williams practice, but that she hasn't quit the partnership yet. Victor says that Chris and Michael are two different people, and that it's a good thing that Chris wont be working with Michael anymore.

J.T. figures out what Raul had been up to with Brittany's parents' plan for Raul to close down Marsino's. J.T. doesn't think it's a good idea for Raul to be working with Brittany's parents; J.T. warns him that her parents are not Raul's friends. Raul says he knows, he just wanted Brittany away from Marsino's so badly. They both agree that Bobby is a snake. Raul wants to know what it's going to take to get him to keep his mouth shut about the plan. Brittany is listening at the door, but she thinks it was J.T. that messed everything up. She yells at J.T., blaming him for getting Marsino's shut down. She tells him he's ruined everything; Bobby's dream, her dream to be a singer, everyone's job at the club. She thinks J.T. convinced Raul to go there. J.T. keeps quiet for now, but as Brittany leaves, she tells Raul that J.T. has over-welcomed his stay and it's time for him to leave.

When Phyllis comes down to breakfast, Gina is at the table. Phyllis is not happy that John told Gina she could stay indefinitely. She tells Gina that it's rude to take advantage of someone's kindness. John walks in and doesn't like the way Phyllis is talking to Gina. John tells Phyllis that Gina is a guest in his home and that Phyllis should treat her accordingly. Phyllis says if she had known, she would have had her breakfast at the club. Gina says she will be seeing a lot more of Phyllis there because she just got hired there. When Jack comes in Phyllis and him argue that John is always so rude to her. Jack tells her again it's because she works for Victor and she leaves.

Bobby comes to the club and sees Phyllis at the bar. They talk about what there is available for breakfast, and Bobby tells her that he's upset because his club is getting shut down because someone served some underage people there. Phyllis asks what type of club he works at, and when he tells her it's a gentleman's club, she connects that he must be Bobby Marino. She says she heard about him because he was at the Gala. Bobby flirts with Phyllis a little and asks her if she's married. She doesn't tell him at first, but then admits she's there because she doesn't get along with her in-laws. Phyllis tries to make Bobby feel better about the club, and convinces him to go and try to fix things. Phyllis can tell also that Bobby is upset about a girl, and wishes him luck with that too. As Phyllis walks away, she turns to see that Bobby is watching her.

Jack talks to Nick and asks him what he knows about Victor. Nick says he can't talk about it right now, but that the information he has on Victor is potentially devastating to the family, it would rock Victor's world. They both talk about all the lives that have been ruined over this Safra manipulation. Jack says Nick owes it to his mother, who could stand to lose 35 million dollars if Tuvia goes under. And Jack also mentions Ashley, who could have her baby if Victor hasn't been so determined to bring Tuvia down. Nick tells Jack he is waiting for the right time to bring out this news, but once the cat's out of the bag, there is no going back. They shake on it.

When Nikki comes into Victor's office, she tells him that she knows a woman was recently there, she can smell the perfume. Victor tells her that Chris was there, and Nikki says she knew, she saw her leave. Nikki tries to convince Victor to go see his father. Victor is relentless, he wont budge. Nikki says she thinks they should have a family meeting. Victor says no, but in the end Nikki convinces him to go. Nick walks in, and gives Victor a cold stare. Victor leaves.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Brad came to Jack's office because he'd seen Nick leaving. Jack confirmed that Nick had something on Victor, but he hadn't shared the details. He wondered if Nick was wavering in his decision to act on it. Brad said he hoped not, because Jabot was not doing well. Jack said it couldn't be easy for Nick to hurt his father, but he'd reminded Nick of something. Whatever Victor did to hurt Jabot, it hurt Nikki, too. Not only because of her $35 million investment, but because Jabot was her entire career.

Later, Jack was remembering his most recent fight with Phyllis when Diane came in. At first she wanted to talk about the new design plans for the building, but she could see Jack had other things on his mind. He told her about the Abbott family squabble that morning. Phyllis hadn't been happy to see Gina at the breakfast table. Diane said it was understandable that John would want to help an old friend who'd just lost her business and her home. But she was concerned about Kyle. Maybe all the tension wasn't good for such a sensitive child. In fact, he'd seemed agitated the last couple of times she had to take him home to the Abbotts. Maybe he should stay with her for a while. Jack exploded that doing that would push Phyllis over the edge. When Diane questioned why Jack cared, she could tell she'd gone too far. So she told Jack about her meeting with Phyllis, and how Phyllis had gloated that Diane would lose all her money when Jabot went down. When this left Jack hurt and vulnerable, Diane put her arms around him and kissed him, reassuring him that everything would be okay. She then left his office while Jack brooded about their kiss.

Dru was practically slobbering over a buff Damon working out at the health club. After exchanging some flirtatious remarks, Dru left him, saying she was supposed to meet Neil in the health club restaurant. Neither of them realized that Victoria was watching from a distance when Dru gave Damon a good-bye kiss on the cheek. Once Damon spotted her, Victoria joined him, suggesting they work out. He said he was finished, but one of the trainers might be helpful. Hurt, Victoria wondered if this new closeness with Dru was responsible for his change in attitude toward her. Damon denied it, saying work issues were on his mind. He couldn't quite fathom the sales figures for Tuvia and Safra and wondered if something had been done to make it turn out that way. Victoria said that he was letting other people's gossip make him pass judgment on her father. Nonetheless, Damon was still a little distant with her before he left.

Neil had a pleasant surprise for Dru, who admitted to being in a funk about Kevin's influence on their daughter and the grim situation at work. Neil reassured her that Jack and Brad must have a few tricks up their sleeves. Dru had to learn to ride out these downturns in business. Besides, they had their upcoming wedding to look forward to. When Dru said she couldn't possibly spend a honeymoon in Trinidad with what Lily was going through, Neil said they weren't leaving Lily in Genoa City. They were taking her with them. Dru expressed her admiration for the way he was the only man who could turn her day around and make it better. They were about to kiss when she spotted Damon across the restaurant with a woman Dru didn't recognize.

At the bar, Damon was surprised to run into his old colleague Vanessa. They reminisced about what good times they'd had in the lab together at Satine. When Damon wondered why Vanessa was in town, she brushed off the idea that it was because of something personal between them. She wondered if Damon remembered their desire to find some new product, what Damon called "the silver bullet." When she said she might have it, Damon was very interested in hearing what she had to say.

Nick tried to tell his mother what he knew about his father, but Nikki was furious at his attitude toward Victor. Was Victor nothing more than money to Nick? She didn't understand her son's changed attitude. Nor did she have any interest in hearing what Nick had to say about him. She knew her husband. Victor was a very complex man who had a lot of reasons for turning into the person he'd become. When Nick again tried to tell her about Victor's nefarious business activities, Nikki stopped him with the news that Albert Miller was alive but apparently dying. Nick said that was impossible; his grandfather had died long ago. Nikki said they had news about that, and Victor was not handling it well. In fact, she wanted to call a family meeting with him and Victoria to talk things over with Victor. After commenting that Nikki had left out Sharon, Nick finally agreed to be there, although he didn't see what good it would do. Victor was too stubborn to change his mind. Once Nick agreed to the meeting, Nikki relented and asked what he'd wanted to tell her. Nick said it wasn't important; she'd find out soon enough what Victor had done.

After leaving his office so Nikki and Nick could talk privately, Victor went to see Sharon. He was very distressed about the amount of contempt Nick seemed to feel for him. He'd never wanted anything but the best for his son and his family. Sharon offered him her full support, but she had no idea what was bothering Nick. She just wished they could work it out. After more prodding from Victor, Sharon remembered the night after the gala. Nick and Victoria had been working on something that they deliberately didn't want her to know about. They'd been examining the Safra sales reports as if under a microscope. Victor said he hoped that didn't mean what he thought. Sharon sat in front of him, taking his hands and begging him to talk to Nick so they could work things out. Unfortunately, that was the exact moment that Nick walked in the door and saw them together.

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