The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on Y&R
Larry said goodbye to Jill. Mary caught Paul and Lauren kissing. Raul had a diabetic reaction. Brittany decided to quit Marsino's. Victor's reunion with Albert Miller didn't go well, and Nick felt bad for Victor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 17, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, November 17, 2003

Chris was rendered speechless when she saw Danny Romalotti. He was amused at her surprised, but told her she must have some idea why he was there. He went on to say he was there because of the fire at Gina's. He knew the restaurant was his sister's life and he wanted to come and check on her. He stopped by Chris's first to get a feel for how Gina might be doing before going to visit her. Embarrassed, Christine told him she hadn't talked with Gina. He told her he didn't know if they were close or not-after all, he and Chris hadn't been married in a long time. He asked how she was doing, but she said it was a long story and turned the conversation back to his life. She asked about Daniel and they briefly talked about how happy Danny was to have him. Danny asked about Phyllis, and Christine told him she had some heavy things happen to her over the past year. He asked about Paul as well, and she was evasive, so he told her it must be part of the same long story, which made her laugh. She told him she was working in the D.A.'s office and he laughed, saying Cricket had come a long way, and how wonderful it was to see her. He kissed her on the cheek and left, and she sat on the couch, stunned.

Jack was stunned when Nick told him he had turned in both Victor and Michael to the feds. Jack told him what he had done was huge, and that he was concerned about Nick, but Nick told him he was fine. Jack asked if anyone was going to be arrested, and Nick said he hoped Michael would crack-that he felt he was sneaky, not tough. He asked Nick if he was enjoying all of this, and Nick said he was, a lot. Jack pointed out that he was going to make a major enemy out of his father, and Nick told him the feds were going to try to keep his name out of it. If not, he said, he would just deal with it, as he felt no guilt about it. Jack warned him to steer clear of Victor for a while, but Nick told him that wasn't possible-they were about to go off on a trip. Jack suddenly realized Phyllis may be involved in the situation and immediately started speculating. Nick assured him she was not in any danger, but Jack wondered aloud if she knew all along what was happening. Nick told him to sit tight, and not to do anything stupid. Jack agreed, and after Nick left, took pleasure in the fact that he had a front row seat for Victor's upcoming day of reckoning.

Mr. Becker asked Michael if he had anything he wanted to tell him; he seemed on edge. Michael told him yes, he was nervous to have a federal prosecutor in his living room, but not to confuse nervousness with guilt. Becker encouraged Michael to tell him anything he knew about the bribery situation, but Michael held firm and didn't say much at all. Becker told him he was a person of interest, especially since Peter Hudson had a story to tell. When Michael asked what Hudson said, Becker would not tell him-he just wanted to hear what Michael had to say. Michael told him if Becker brought down Victor, it would be a real feather in his cap. Becker asked if he could give Victor to him, but Michael basically laughed in his face. He told Becker if Jack Abbott was behind all of this, it was only because he came out the loser in the cosmetics game.

Larry paid Jill a visit at her office to say goodbye. He told her he was quitting and it was time to move on, and seeing her kiss Bobby sealed the deal for him. She told him she had been drinking, and that she hadn't been herself; that it didn't mean anything to her. She asked him to stay, but he was not interested. He told her he appreciated everything she had done for him, that they had great times together, and that she had no regrets. He also said they weren't good together in the long run, and that his probation was over and it was time for him to go. She began to cry and asked where he was going. His answer was "Around," and all she could do was wish him luck. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and left her office. She sat down on her couch and cried.

At the Chancellor estate, Kay went in and was irritated at the mess of decorating samples and the empty glass of liquor Jill had left sitting on the table. She was further annoyed when the doorbell rang and it was Bobby Marsino. After ungraciously asking who he was, he explained he was a friend of Jill's and that he came by to check on her after her tough evening. She asked if he was there to thank her for a roll in the hay, and he got a bit offended. He told her they had just met and came back to drink so Jill didn't have to drive. He went on to ask what was up with the third degree, and then realized Kay was Jill's mother. Kay asked what Bobby did for a living, and was not pleased when he told her he owned a gentleman's club. Bobby could tell she was not thrilled and told Kay he suspected she didn't approve of him. She told him she absolutely didn't, and he laughed at her and showed himself out, saying he was only trying to be nice to her daughter.

Nikki told Victor she was really pleased about the upcoming trip, that it was an opportunity for closure. They began discussing Nick's behavior, and how unacceptable they both thought it was. Victor told her he just didn't understand what the deal was-he was giving Nick the keys to the castle, for God's sake. Nikki reminded him Nick liked to do things his own way and reminded Victor how he reacted when people told him what to do. Nikki reassured him Nick would come around in time. At that point, Nick came in with his luggage and Miguel came in announcing the car was there, and they left. Soon after, Michael called, urgently asking for Victor. Nikki told him Victor was unreachable, and wouldn't listen to Michael's protestations. Even though he sounded frantic, she told him Victor was not to be disturbed and hung up the phone on him.

Lauren helped Paul move his things into Mary's house while Mary was out of town for the week. Paul began talking about what a mess his personal life was, but that through it all, Lauren was always supportive of him. She offered to let him move in with her, but he declined, laughing that that would get them into trouble fast. They started laughing and kissing, when Mary walked in, shocked at what she saw in her own living room.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

Newman Jet:

Nick flashes back to telling Jack about turning in Victor to the Federal DA. Victor and Nick are flying to Toronto to meet Victor's father Albert. Nick wonders if his dad is scared to meet his father but Vic says he isn't scared of anything. He will meet his dad and walk away, washing his hands of the man who abandoned him all those years ago. Victor fantasizes about meeting his father (who looks like an aged Victor). He has known for years who Victor really is but never felt worthy of acknowledging him. Victor lambastes his father for abandoning the family and scaring Victor forever. He sees that his father is weak and his dad agrees. He also hopes Victor has a better relationship with Nick than they have. Vic forgives his dad just before Nick wakes him up. Nick offers to have the plane just go right back if Victor isn't ready to meet his dad but Vic is sure he can handle it. Nick scoffs that Vic thinks he can handle anything.


Nikki fills in Kay about Victor's trip and her hopes for peace of mind for Victor and a reconciliation between Vic and Nicholas. Kay updates Nikki on ill's drinking and her connection to Bobby Marsino. Nikki remembers who he is and isn't, impressed. Kay doesn't think Jill should associate with someone who runs a strip club. Nikki cuts her off before she forgets who she's talking to. Kay apologizes.

Christine's Apt.:

Chris remembers seeing Danny again after all those years. The door rings and she's not sure she can take another surprise but is pleased to see Lynn. They chat about Chris' new job with the DA's office. Lynn wonders about how things are with Paul now that she turned down Paul's proposal. Chris isn't sure they are meant to be together.

Mary's House:
Mary return home shocked to see Paul and Lauren making out on the couch. Paul tires to change the subject but Mary and Lauren exchange barbs. Paul tells Mary he and Chris needs peace right now and ask her to keep out of it. Mary thinks Lauren should keep out of it too. Paul storms out as Mary begs him to be with anyone but Lauren.


Raul yells at Brittany (who's locked in her room) to come out so they can talk about what he and her parents did (closing down Marsino's). J.T. tells him to relax. Britt emerges but heads right out without talking to Raul. Raul insists on talking to her no matter what. He gets more and more worked up. Britt continues to scream at both of them. Raul gets more and more worked up until J.T. tells him to look at himself, he's getting way too stressed. Britt recognizes that he's having a diabetic reaction. He screams at them until he passes out. Britt immediately springs to action and gets his kit, giving him an injection.


Bobby makes some last minute arrangements before the club opens. He's pleased when Jill stops by to see the club. She's pleasantly surprised. The striper thing doesn't faze her. He mentions meeting Katherine who was impressed by her. He hopes to win her over one day. Jill resents Kay treating Bobby shabbily but he sees her as just being protective of her daughter.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

In Toronto, Victor and Nick discussed the upcoming visit with Victor's father. Both agreed that they were only there at Nikki's insistence, and Nick reminded his father he didn't have to see Albert Miller. But Victor said he was going through with it, and he told Nick that just because he had issues with his father, Nick shouldn't let that stop him from getting to know his grandfather. Nick said that Albert was dying; there wasn't going to be much of a connection, or was Victor looking for miracles? Victor said no, but that didn't mean he wasn't hoping for one. He and Nick left to go to the hospice, where he told the nurse that he was Victor's son. He then opened the door, Nick standing behind him, and looked inside at his father.

Brittany scolded Raul about not taking better care of himself. The incident the night before, when she had to give him a glucose shot while he was unconscious, had unnerved her. She made him test his blood sugar and was upset about the results. Bobby called and asked her to come to Marsino's to talk to him. Raul got upset that she left, and when J.T. came out of his room, the two of them had a discussion about his diabetes. J.T. told him that if stress was making him sick, he needed to stop blaming Brittany or letting her have such an effect on him. It was Raul's responsibility to keep himself well.

Brittany listened to Bobby make his pitch for getting her back to work that night. When Marsino's reopened, they were going to have a big crowd. He wanted her to do a new number. Brittany said no, she wasn't working that night. She wasn't sure if she'd continue to work there. Bobby blamed Raul for controlling her, but Brittany said all the stress with her was making Raul sick. Diabetes was a serious illness, and she wasn't going to let their problems affect him so badly. She left and went home. When Raul started arguing with her again, she told him she wasn't working at Marsino's that night, or maybe ever again.

At the Abbotts, Phyllis was at breakfast with Kyle when John and Gina came in. Phyllis took a few subtle shots at Gina, who told her she'd heard from a mutual friend of theirs. Phyllis doubted that they had mutual friends, so Gina said nothing, and Phyllis missed her chance to hear that Danny was in town. When Jack came in, John commented on his good mood and tried to question him, but Jack said they'd talk later at the office, merely saying that he was happy that Ashley was doing better and refusing to talk about work. Annoyed at being treated like the enemy, Phyllis was going to leave, but Jack said they needed to talk privately. John and Gina took Kyle outside to play, and Jack said he thought, considering the tension in their home, that Kyle needed to stay with Diane for a while. Phyllis freaked out, reminding him of all that Diane had done to her. Besides, Diane was an arsonist and hardly a good influence on Kyle. She accused Jack of using Kyle against her, but Jack said he was only trying to do what was best for his son. Her job had forced him to make tough decisions. Phyllis said that she understood what was happening; Jack wanted her out of his life. She left the room in tears, and Jack spoke aloud, saying that he did not want her out of his life.

Michael came to see Christine and learned that Paul had moved out. He thought it was for the best. Whereas his and Christine's relationship had been stalled by bad timing, she and Paul had made every effort to work things out, but it was just a bad relationship. Christine said that she'd be fine on her own and didn't feel it was fair to talk to him about it. Michael admitted that he had something else going on with someone, but any time Christine needed him, he'd be happy to take her out dancing. Christine was touched by his offer of friendship and gave him a kiss before he left. She then got a visit from Glen Richards, who had a case for her to look at, helping the federal prosecutor's office. Christine's eyes widened to see that they were checking into evidence of commercial bribery and mail fraud by Victor Newman. Richards then admitted that Victor hadn't worked alone; he'd been helped by Michael Baldwin.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Albert Miller demanded to know why Victor and Nick were there to see him. He didn't want any visitors, especially if they were do-gooders or there trying to give a dying man religion. Victor assured him they were not there for that reason and asked Albert if he knew the name Christian Miller. Albert said it meant nothing to him and demanded that they leave. Victor said he must have had some family at one time, unless he was raised in an orphanage. When Albert made a face, Victor wondered if that topic bothered him. Albert stood up, enraged, and again ordered them from his room. Victor and Nick turned to go, and Albert wondered if this Christian Miller had sent them to get something from him. Victor said Christian wanted nothing from the man. He was his son and wanted to be with his dying father. He then admitted to a stunned Albert that he was Christian Miller.

Jack went to see Nikki and warn her that something big was about to happen. Nikki cut him off, saying she didn't want to hear his gloomy prophecies. She was doing well. Jack wouldn't understand, because he was close to John, but Victor had recently found out his own father was alive, although dying, and had gone with Nick to see him. She was hoping for a positive outcome from the meeting. Jack was shocked to hear of the trip and warned Nikki not to expect too much of Nick and Victor; they were obviously at odds. Nikki asked Jack what all his hints were about. He was apparently still trying to make her believe Victor had done something wrong regarding the cosmetics rollout. She understood Jack's anger about Ashley, but she said it was his hatred of Victor that was driving him. Jack denied it, saying he didn't have the whole story, but the evidence would prove him right. Hadn't it occurred to Nikki that when Victor endangered her $35 million investment, he was taking away her only means of being independent? Nikki said she didn't need to be independent. She and Victor had never been happier. Jack promised her that he was only a phone call away, then he left the ranch.

Michael came to Newman to try to find a way to reach Victor, but Phyllis forced him into her office and shut the door. She was sure that Jack knew about the briberies. Michael wanted to know if she'd told Jack, and Phyllis said no. Michael then admitted that a federal investigator had been to see him. They obviously had some kind of information. Horrified, Phyllis started putting two and two together and mentioned that Nick had been to see Jack. But did Michael really think Nick would turn in his own father? Michael was afraid so. He didn't think they were coming after him; they wanted him to give them evidence against Victor. But he was being loyal to Victor. Phyllis said that if Jack found out she knew about the briberies, her marriage would be over. Furthermore, she wasn't going down. Was Michael? Michael said his main objective now was to talk to Victor.

Christine was shocked by the case D.A. Glen Richards was asking her to take. She couldn't believe that Victor and Michael were guilty of conspiracy. Besides, wasn't it a conflict of interest for her to work on the case? Glen said that as long as she'd severed all professional ties with her former law partner, there was no conflict. She'd been on the other side of the courtroom for ten years, and now as the new kid in the district attorney's office, this was her chance to prove herself. Christine still thought the evidence was weak. Glen said maybe Peter Hudson wouldn't pan out, but someone would. He'd give Christine two people to assist her investigation. Christine later went by Newman Enterprises to see Michael, who she'd been told was in Phyllis's office. But Phyllis was alone and obviously wanted Christine to leave. Chris asked if Phyllis knew she was now an assistant D.A. Phyllis wondered if that was supposed to scare her. Christine said only if Phyllis was involved in some kind of criminal act.

Raul was delighted to hear that Brittany wasn't stripping that night, and maybe never would again. He believed she'd made the best choice for herself to quit that job. And he was hopeful for the first time that the two of them could work things out. Brittany was glad to see him so happy and didn't want him to know why she'd quit, so she left for a while to go to Crimson Lights.

Bobby came over to deride Raul for being happy that Brittany had quit her job. Raul said it was the best thing for her. No matter what Bobby called it, there was something wrong with taking off your clothes for money. Bobby explained his appreciation for women. He liked the way they looked, the way they moved, and the way they thought. Brittany had loved what she was doing or she wouldn't have been so good at it. But Raul just wanted to own Brittany and tell her what to do. In fact, he'd tried everything to stop her from enjoying herself, first by breaking up with her, then by helping close down Marsino's, and now his latest manipulation was to use his diabetes to control her. Raul was stunned to hear Bobby's explanation for why Brittany had quit her job.

J.T. was at Crimson Lights, and he and Brittany discussed Raul's situation. J.T. admired the way she'd handled the crisis with Raul. Brittany told him that she probably wasn't going back to Marsino's, which bothered J.T. He said that it wasn't her responsibility to make Raul take care of his health. Raul had to do that for himself. Brittany congratulated J.T. on sounding like a grownup, then asked if he wouldn't do the same thing for Colleen. J.T. admitted that he would. After J.T. left for class, Brittany got a call from Raul on her cell phone asking her to come home; they needed to talk. Worried that Raul was sick, Brittany rushed out of the coffee shop.

Friday, November 21, 2003

Raul and Brittany fought about the reason she'd quit her job. Raul said that while he thought it was the best thing for her, if she'd only done it because she wanted to take care of him, she might as well take her clothes off for men every night. He was a man who could take care of himself. Brittany said that it was okay for her love for him to motivate her to bend. Raul said that wasn't love; it was pity. And he wanted none of it. Hurt, Brittany stomped out of the apartment and Raul was obviously frustrated.

At the Newman ranch, Michael begged Nikki to tell him how to get in touch with Victor. He only needed a few minutes of his time to discuss something. Nikki steadfastly refused, suggesting that Michael tell her what was up. Michael said she had to have heard all the rumors that were floating around. Nikki said there hadn't been any rumors until Michael came to work for Victor. She then said she was tired of everyone giving her bits of information that portended doom; Jack had just done the same thing. Michael wasn't pleased to hear that Jack had been there. Nikki said that if Michael had done something that was going to affect Victor, he should tell her. Michael just said that if Victor called, to please deliver the message that they needed to talk. He hoped she didn't later regret keeping them from talking.

Albert Miller finally admitted his identity and that he did have a son named Christian. But he'd never been a family man. He made no apologies for his past. Victor said that he supposed he should thank him. Because of his father's abandonment and cruelty to his wife, son, and unborn son, Victor had fought for everything he had, and he was successful beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Albert taunted him for possibly thinking that the two of them could have some warm and fuzzy reconciliation before he died. He asked Nick if he'd come because he was anxious to meet his grandfather. Nick said that Albert should leave him out of it; this was between Albert and Victor. Albert asked Victor if he wanted a check. For a million? Two million? What would it take to make him leave? Victor raged at his father for the past, expressing all the anger he'd ever felt for him. He'd come because he believed in the importance of family. Albert suggested that family was overrated and he suspected that Nick agreed with him. Victor said that all his wealth meant nothing without his family. He'd come to say goodbye, and now he and Nick were leaving. Albert's face was trembling as they walked out. Once outside the room, Victor sank to a chair and buried his head in his hands, in tears. Then he thanked Nick for being there. Nick gently suggested that they go home, and put his arm around his father's shoulders as they left the hospice.

Cassie got the afternoon off of school because of teacher conferences and called her mother on her new cell phone so they could meet for lunch at the health club. All was going well between mother and daughter until Cassie questioned why Victor wouldn't want to see his father. Sharon started to answer, explaining how abandoned Victor had felt as a child, and suddenly realized that Cassie had set a trap for her. Cassie said she remembered the story of a parent who left children and was never heard from again. She then asked for the truth about Frank. Sharon got uncomfortable and said that Frank was someone from the past that she'd rather forget about. She wished Cassie would forget him, too. But Cassie wasn't giving up that easily. She wanted to know where her mother had been when she left, who she had been with. Why didn't her mother tell her the truth about that? Sharon said that it had been a painful time in her life. How could Cassie blame her for not wanting to talk about it? Disgusted, Cassie excused herself to the ladies' room. As Sharon looked around for a waiter to pay the check, she saw a man across the room reading a newspaper. She panicked, and when Cassie returned, hissed that they had to leave immediately, no questions asked. She'd explain later.

Phyllis was sick of Christine trying to intimidate her in her new role as assistant district attorney. Christine said that she was just asking questions. If Phyllis had nothing to hide, she had no reason to be bothered. Phyllis reminded her that she'd been subjected to Chris's tactics before. Christine snidely asked, "How IS your son?" Phyllis furiously accused Christine of trying to make her talk by antagonizing and upsetting her. As the two faced off, Michael rushed in and separated them. Phyllis tried to give him a heads-up about why Christine was there, but Christine rolled her eyes and Michael asked Phyllis to let them use her office. Phyllis grudgingly agreed to go to lunch. After Michael got them coffee, Chris told him that she was there on a case. It had been turned over to her from the federal prosecutor, and it involved him.

Gina was thrilled when her brother Danny showed up at the health club. He explained that he was trying to set up a tour in the Northeast, and Daniel was really loving his Swiss boarding school. Gina hoped the tour worked out, so she could see more of her brother and her favorite nephew. She talked about how devastating the destruction of her restaurant had been, but she had a lot of platonic support from her friend John Abbott. Danny admitted that he'd seen Christine, and she was still beautiful, but their relationship was ancient history. As for his other ex-wife, he hoped the two of them didn't run into each other. When Gina found out that Danny was staying in a hotel near the airport, she insisted that he take the room she'd been offered upstairs at the health club. They left to look at it. When Gina came back alone, she spotted Phyllis at the bar. Phyllis wondered who Gina had been referring to at breakfast when she said she'd heard from a mutual friend of theirs. Gina evaded her questions, which made Phyllis ask what Gina was hiding. She found out soon enough, when Danny came down the stairs and they saw each other face to face. Phyllis was stunned; Danny looked regretful to have run into her.

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