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Christine confronted Victor about the bribery case. Nick questioned whether or not he had been too hasty to report the bribery allegations. Danny refused to give Phyllis any information about Daniel. Ashley found out about Victor's schemes. Kevin received a subpoena.
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Christine confronted Victor about the bribery case
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Monday, November 24, 2003

Christine was at Michael's, questioning him about the bribery allegations. She told him she felt terrible about the whole thing and that she knew she'd been put on the case as a test of sorts. Michael told her he thought the case was without validity and that there was no evidence. Regardless, she told him she had to investigate it, and she asked how much pressure he thought Peter Hudson could take.

Christine went on to tell Michael that if he had anything at all to tell her, right then would be a good time. That infuriated Michael, who reminded her of their long relationship and that the Newmans and Abbotts had been feuding for years. He went on to remind her how hard he had worked to get his license back and that even if he came out smelling like a rose, he could still end up losing his license. Before leaving, Christine told him she hoped it wasn't his guilty conscience talking.

On the plane ride back home, Nick asked Victor if he could get Victor anything. Nick said he couldn't imagine what Victor was going through. Victor told him Albert was a poor excuse for a human being, even after the 50 years that had passed. Nick said he couldn't believe Albert was dying and still had no desire to make amends with Victor. Victor poured his heart out and said it meant nothing to him. Nick commented that he thought Victor probably regretted going and that he was sorry for how things had turned out.

Victor said that Nikki would probably be disappointed at the way things had turned out. He told Nick that she had set up a meeting with his mother years before, and it had turned out much differently. He went on to say he'd learned a valuable lesson -- that if a person chose to be like Albert, love would never touch their life, and they'd die alone. With all the money and power he'd acquired, it would be nothing without his family. Nick said how sorry he was, and Victor told Nick how much Nick meant to him. He told Nick that Nikki had had very high hopes for the trip and that he hoped they could promise her they would at least try to make amends.

Before Victor could say anything else, the pilot interrupted, announcing their descent into Genoa City. Once the plane landed, the pilot returned and told them he had gotten a call that they were to wait right there. Victor tried to protest, but just as the pilot was about to insist, Christine walked in. She told Victor that, unfortunately, she wasn't there as a friend. She was there on behalf on the D.A.'s office, and it was about commercial bribery.

Phyllis was surprised to see Gina and Danny at the club. After a few negative jabs, Danny asked Gina to leave him and Phyllis alone. Phyllis asked him if he would tell her about her son. Danny reminded her he didn't like to share information about Daniel with her, because it only caused her more pain. She told him she knew, but she asked if he could answer a few questions, anyway. He hesitated but then relented.

Danny gave Phyllis vague information, ending with how happy Daniel was. She asked a string of questions about Daniel -- what he liked to do, what his favorite foods were, if he asked about her. Danny stopped her abruptly, saying all of that would only cause her a lot of pain. She told him she had a good life, she was married to Jack, they had a son, and she was helping to raise him. She also told him they were working for competing companies, and the stress of the situation made Jack feel Kyle was better off with Diane. Once again, she said, she was losing a child she adored.

Danny told Phyllis he was surprised she was in another child's life, and she told him how much she had changed and how hard she worked at it. Danny told her he hoped things worked out, and she thanked him. She told him that although she had a good life, she still had an empty space and sometimes thought it would kill her. Danny looked sympathetic and told her he could see that she had changed. She got up to leave, thanked him, and told him that if Daniel asked about her, to tell him that she loved him. After she left, Danny looked defeated and sad.

Cassie went up to the main house to talk with Nikki about Sharon's odd behavior at the restaurant. She told Nikki that when she had returned from the bathroom, Sharon had freaked out, grabbed Cassie, and swept her out immediately. She went on to say she was having trouble trusting Sharon with all of the strange behavior and secrets. Nikki sympathized with Cassie and told her she shouldn't have to put up with that kind of behavior.

After Cassie left, Nikki paid a visit to Sharon. She had gone there right after Sharon had been thinking about the violent incident, and Nikki noticed that Sharon was edgy. She told Sharon that Cassie had been talking to Nikki about Sharon's irrational behavior and that Sharon needed to get it together. The family had been through enough, and Nikki wanted Sharon's drama to stop. Sharon got defensive and told Nikki she had listened to Nikki, and Nikki could leave. After Nikki left, Sharon looked worried.

Hank Weber went to the Winters residence to talk with Neil about Lily's case. Neil told him about Lily's sexually transmitted disease and asked if it was enough evidence to prosecute Kevin. Hank told him if Kevin was a carrier, then they would have a good circumstantial case, but it wouldn't necessarily prove anything beyond a shadow of a doubt. When he implied that Lily could have gotten the disease from someone else, Neil got upset. For the record, Hank said, he believed she had gotten it from Kevin but warned Neil that on trial, Lily would have to answer those types of embarrassing questions. Neil agreed to talk to Lily about it further, and they both agreed they would talk after Dru and Neil returned from their honeymoon.

Lily, Colleen, and Sierra were at Crimson Lights, going over Sierra's paper on teen pregnancy. Lily confessed that she wished she had listened to them about Kevin, and Collen just told her not to worry because he could never hurt them again. Up at the counter, Kevin walked in and ordered a latte from Cody. Cody told him Lily and Colleen were there and that he should just leave. Kevin just replied that he didn't see them, and Cody reluctantly made him his drink.

Sierra spotted Kevin, and Colleen cooked up a plan to embarrass him. The three girls all approached him and berated him loud enough for the entire coffeehouse to hear them. They taunted him, calling him names and taking loudly about the things he had done. Cody went over and broke it up, demanding that Kevin get out and not return.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Ashley was finally being released from the hospital -- and not a minute too soon for her. Brad and Jack told her to brace herself for the big explosion that was about to consume Victor. They filled her in on Victor's bribery scheme. Ashley flashed back to a dinner date with Victor from when they'd been married. Ashley then asked about Jack and Phyllis. He hoped she would finally see the lengths to which Victor had gone to take Jack down and ruin the Abbott family company. He was beginning to doubt his marriage. He was worried about finding out that Phyllis had known all along.

On the Newman jet, Christine asked to speak to Victor alone. He was annoyed that she was acting like that on behalf of the D.A.'s office and was startled when she mentioned that he was being investigated under suspicion of conspiring to commit mail fraud. He asked what that had to do with him. She explained that the Feds had their hands full and had given the state charges to the D.A.'s office. She told him she was investigating him personally.

Victor pretended to be surprised. He didn't admit anything but wondered why the state was looking into what he felt was nothing more than ordinary "kickbacks." He asked Christine what she planned to do about it if he had done it. She wouldn't let their friendship affect the job. He reminded her that he'd gotten her the job. She couldn't believe how cavalier he was being about it. He told her to go after real criminals. She said she had to treat it and him like she would anyone else.

Victor said he would call Christine's boss and get him to end the investigation. He was surprised to learn that Glenn Richards was the one who had sicced her on him with the full force of the office. He made a veiled threat to Glenn's job at the next election. He knew he would have to convince Christine that no bribery had taken place. He tried to play it off that it was a waste of time.

Victor said it was common business practice, but Christine said it was not. That kind of nationwide sales figures required massive amounts of money. He told her to speak to his attorney. He questioned her friendship.

At the ranch, Sharon stopped Cassie from leaving and asked her to stop going to Nikki every time she had a problem with her mother. Nikki would only use those things against her, and Cassie didn't know everything. Nick arrived home, and Sharon and Cassie asked about the trip. Nick had to make a call. He called Becker to ask about the case, and Becker explained that the case had been passed to the D.A.'s office. Nick was uncomfortable with the speed at which the case was moving and realized he couldn't stop it.

Nikki and Victoria worried about Victor and Nick's trip. Nikki was optimistic, but Victoria was more skeptical. Nikki was sick of people wailing about doom and gloom involving Victor. Victoria knew nothing more about it. Sharon arrived and told them Nick was home. She had no idea where Victor was, but Nick had come barreling home and made a phone call.

Nick walked in. He talked about meeting Albert Miller and what a "cold-hearted bastard" he was. They wondered why Nick hadn't gone home with his dad, but Nick was evasive. Victor then arrived home.

At Crimson Lights, Colleen, Lily, and Sierra relished their little humiliation of Kevin. Other girls went up to them and congratulated them on exposing him like that. They told the girls to spread the word about Kevin's online names and behavior. Lily confessed that she had contracted an STD from Kevin. She was on antibiotics and would get better. Lily was more embarrassed by it than anything.

At home, Neil told Dru about his meeting with Detective Weber and their hopes for pressing charges against Kevin. Dru was ecstatic. He then finally told her about Lily's STD. Dru flipped out about being kept in the dark. She railed at him for all of them keeping it a secret. He calmed her down by telling her the STD could be used as a link to Kevin in their case. Dru wondered how much more Lily would have to go through with the trial. Lily walked in and realized that Neil had told Dru about her condition.

Weber met with Kevin at jail and served him with a subpoena. Kevin needed to take a blood test to see if he had the same STD as Lily Winters. Kevin refused, but Weber said he didn't have a choice.

Michael learns about Kevin's latest scheme Michael learns about Kevin's latest scheme
Wednesday, November 26, 2003

At the Winters home, Lily was ashamed to face Dru after Neil had informed her that Lily had been prescribed antibiotics to treat a sexually transmitted disease. Dru took Lily in her arms as the mother and daughter cried together. Dru assured Lily that everything would be all right. Dru stroked Lily's hair and said Lily should have relied on her parents. Lily blamed herself and said, "I'm the one who slept with that jerk and caught this disgusting STD." Neil told Lily that they all learned from their mistakes. Lily berated herself for not realizing that her parents would always support her.

Lily was puzzled when Dru announced that some good had come out of a nearly tragic situation. Neil announced that he and Dru had decided to remarry in Japan. Dru said she and Neil would honeymoon in Japan, as well, and she was eager to explore a culture new to her. Neil said the timing couldn't be better for their family to get away ahead of the day they returned, when Kevin would appear in court. Lily cried that she'd never agreed to participate in Kevin's prosecution. Dru assured Lily she wouldn't have to go through the court proceedings alone. Dru added that it was the right thing to do.

Lily expressed embarrassment about talking to strangers about her experiences. Lily asked what would happen, admitting she hated what Kevin had done. Neil said the only way to punish Kevin was to have him prosecuted and locked up. Dru told Lily that Lily could ensure that the same thing wouldn't happen to another innocent girl. Neil told Lily that she'd feel good about doing her part by putting away an evil man and preventing him from hurting others. Lily said, "Okay. Okay, I'll do it." Neil said he'd never been as proud of Lily. They family shared a group embrace.

In Ashley's room at the hospital, Ashley told Jack that if she found out that Phyllis had been involved in any of Victor's schemes, she'd deal with Phyllis herself. Jack told Ashley she'd have to wait until John was done with Phyllis. Jack added that he had difficulty believing that Phyllis would be involved, though it seemed as though she'd masterminded the whole thing by doing nothing. Ashley asked Jack if he thought Phyllis had known what was going on. Jack recounted how Phyllis had reacted to the word "bribe" after he'd worked it into a conversation and noted that she'd reacted as if he'd dropped a red-hot coal in her shoe.

Ashley insisted that Jack couldn't stay married to someone who'd double-crossed their family and let everything their family had worked for collapse. Ashley, dressed and awaiting discharge, sat on her bed and reminded Jack that he'd told everyone who would listen how Victor had cheated regarding the Safra rollout. Ashley had a change of heart regarding her harsh worlds about Phyllis and acknowledged that Jack's wife made him happy.

Ashley asked Jack if he could live without Phyllis. Jack said he supposed he could, though he loved Phyllis. Ashley replied, "It's not always enough, Jack." Jack paused and asked Ashley if they were still discussing him. As if on cue, Brad Carlton walked in to announce that Ashley could leave the hospital. Sensing tension in the room, Brad said, "What's going on? Everything okay?"

Before Jack left, Ashley told him not to do anything rash. After Jack left, Brad guessed that Jack was having issues with Phyllis after she'd sided with Victor Newman. Brad said he could understand why Nikki had, being married to Victor, though it baffled him how Victor managed to pull the wool over the eyes of so many. Ashley noted that, at last, Victor wouldn't succeed at fooling anyone. Brad insisted that Victor answer for what he'd done. Ashley said the law wouldn't hold Victor responsible for her accident. Brad said he did and that even thinking about Victor made his blood boil.

Ashley told Brad she'd forgiven Victor so her heart wouldn't be filled with hate and so she could separate Jabot from her accident. Brad became enraged. Ashley cried that she wanted the old, happy Brad back. Brad replied, "I sort of remember that guy." Ashley embraced Brad and said that they'd been "through hell" and should start living again. Brad promised Ashley he'd try.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis phoned Michael and asked if she could stop by. Michael had to hang up when he heard a knock at his door. As Phyllis was walking to the exit, she ran into Diane. Diane explained that she was headed to Jack's to pick up Kyle. Phyllis replied that she'd been loving, cuddling, and taking care of Kyle for months. Diane credited Phyllis for making Kyle feel happy and secure. Phyllis was surprised at the lack of bitterness and sarcasm and asked Diane if she was feeling well. Diane explained that Kyle's well-being was most important to her, which, she added, was why she'd fought for custody of him, believing that she, as his mother, was the best person to raise him.

Phyllis asked Diane why she felt the need to trot to Jack's house to take Kyle away from the home where he'd lived happily. After Phyllis had her say, she acknowledged that Diane had won the right to get her son back. Diane asked Phyllis about her and Jack's marriage. Phyllis didn't dispute that her marriage was troubled and asked Diane if it made her happy, insinuating she'd make a play for Jack. Phyllis' anger changed to sadness when she told Diane about Kyle's favorite book and noted that he was a really smart kid with a mind like a sponge.

Phyllis began sobbing and said things in life could become complicated. Diane seemed to discern that Phyllis had more to say, but she assured Phyllis she'd take care of Kyle. Phyllis put up her guard when Diane expressed concern. Phyllis only said that she had something to do that she didn't plan to discuss with Diane.

At Michael Baldwin's condo, Kevin barged in when Michael answered his door. Michael wasn't pleased when Kevin sought help, explaining that he had a grand jury breathing down his neck. Michael, frustrated, told his brother that Kevin had become a certified sociopath. Kevin reminded Michael about his own brushes with the law and said that just because Michael had cleaned up his act, that didn't mean he should look down his nose at his little brother. Michael sighed heavily.

Kevin's voice sounded desperate as he pleaded with Michael to help him. Michael told Kevin he was immune to help and told him to get out. Kevin admitted that he was being accused of having passed a disease to a 15-year-old girl. Michael, knowing that the court had ordered a blood test, advised Kevin to comply. Kevin defended himself and suggested the victim might have also slept with someone else who'd infected her with chlamydia. Michael scolded Kevin and insisted he take responsibility for his actions. Michael recalled how he'd learned by paying his dues.

Michael was shocked when Kevin mentioned that Lily Winters was the young woman he'd slept with. Michael became enraged, shoved Kevin into the hallway, and told Kevin never to darken his doorstep again. Before Michael closed the door, Kevin asked to borrow money. Michael said, "No. No money!" Kevin cried, "I'm your brother!" Michael slammed the door closed and locked it. Michael was distraught and said aloud to himself, "This can't be happening all at once. It just can't."

Phyllis arrived at Michael's. Michael recalled that the last time he'd seen Phyllis, she and Christine had appeared ready to engage in a brawl. Michael told Phyllis that Christine was coming after him and Victor. Phyllis laughed and said, "What, with her little toy badge?" Michael noted that Christine didn't wield a toy badge and was about to become his, Victor's, and even Phyllis' worst nightmare.

At the Newman ranch, Victor returned home, much to the relief of Nikki, Victoria, Nick, and Sharon. Nikki rushed to embrace Victor. Sharon told Victor they'd all been worried. Victor replied, "I didn't mean to worry anyone." Nick asked his dad how he was doing. Victor said he was fine and that it was nice to be home. Victoria glared at Nick.

Victor mentioned his father. Sharon recalled having heard that Victor's dad was cruel and abusive. Victor said Nick had witnessed the cruelty firsthand. Nikki berated herself for having pressured Victor to visit his father. Victor acknowledged that his father had offered no apologies and instead had told him and Nick to "get the hell out."

Victor recalled the emotions that had washed over him after seeing his father sitting in his wheelchair. Victor said he'd recounted to his father the cruelty he'd suffered and how it had hurt him that his mother had abandoned him in an orphanage when he'd been seven years old. Victor said he had hoped his father would have apologized for abandoning his family. Victor cried that his father had instead mocked him and sarcastically offered to write him a check for millions. Victor choked up when he told his family how Nick had comforted him at the moment when his father had hurt him so deeply.

Victor told Nick that his support had meant a lot, so, in a sense, the trip had been worth it because Nick's gesture had been like the son becoming the father. Victoria asked her father why he and Nick had arrived home at separate times. Victor only said that he'd had a business matter to handle. Sharon recalled that Nick had been in a rush to make a phone call. Nick asked Victoria and Nikki why they suspected his and Victor's actions seemed to be a big mystery.

Victor changed the subject and said he needed to rest. Victor asked Nick to join him in the study. Before Nick left the room, Nikki told Nick she believed the family could start again and become closer. Nick explained to Nikki that it had been a brief moment. Nikki cried that she'd been more at peace during the past half-hour than she had in a very long time. Sharon, having overheard, seemed troubled.

Victoria entered her father's study and asked what he'd wanted to talk to Nick about. Victor repeated how Nick had been a godsend during the trip to visit his estranged father. Victoria wasn't satisfied and asked what else had been going on because something else seemed to be troubling him. Victoria recalled her father's and Nick's decision to travel home separately and Nick's weird phone call. Nick interrupted, and Victor asked Victoria to step out. Victoria told her father she didn't plan to drop the matter.

After Victoria stepped out, Victor thanked Nick for not having mentioned Christine's visit to the jet after it had landed. Nick recalled that Christine had stated she'd gone there on behalf of the district attorney's office. Victor explained that Christine was a prosecutor in the office and was conducting an investigation into Newman Enterprises and him personally, as well. Victor added, "What I can't figure out is where she got her information from." Victor said someone he'd trusted had spilled the beans, so charges were being brought against him. Victor looked at Nick and said he believed he knew who'd betrayed him.

Sharon approached Nikki to discuss Nick and Victor's attempts to work things out, so the family could begin to heal. Victoria entered the room and interjected, "It's going to be a long time before there's any healing in this family." Nikki, frustrated, asked Victoria why she'd said what she'd said. Victoria insisted that both her father and Nick were keeping something a secret. Nikki tried to dismiss Victoria's concerns. Victoria cried that the secret was something very heavy.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

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FRIDAY, November 28, 2003

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