The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 24, 2003 on Y&R
Christine confronted Victor about the bribery case. Nick questioned whether or not he had been too hasty to report the bribery allegations. Danny refused to give Phyllis any information about Daniel. Ashley found out about Victor's schemes. Kevin received a subpoena.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 24, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, November 24, 2003

Christine was at Michael's questioning him about the bribery allegations. She told him she felt terrible about the whole thing, and that she knew she was put on the case as a test, of sorts. Michael told her he thought the case was without validity and that there was no evidence. Regardless, she told him she had to investigate it, and asked how much pressure he thought Peter Hudson could take. She went on to tell him if he had anything at all to tell her, now would be a good time. This infuriated Michael, who reminded her of their long relationship, and that the Newmans and Abbotts have been feuding for years. He went on to remind her how hard he worked to get his license back and that even if he came out smelling like a rose, he could still end up losing his license. Before leaving, Christine told him she hoped it wasn't his guilty conscience talking.

On the plane ride back home, Nicholas asked Victor if he could get him anything. He said he couldn't imagine what Victor was going through. Victor told him Albert was a poor excuse for a human being, even after the 50 years that had passed. Nicholas told him he couldn't believe was dying and still had no desire to make amends with him-Victor poured his heart out and it meant nothing to him. He commented he thought Victor probably regretted going, and that he was sorry for how things turned out. Victor said that Nikki would probably be disappointed at the way things turned out. He told Nicholas she had set up a meeting with his mother years before and that it had turned out much differently. He went on to say he learned a valuable lesson-that if you choose to be like Albert, love with never touch your life and you'll die alone. With all the money and power he acquired, it would be nothing without his family. Nicholas told him how sorry he was, and Victor told him how much he meant to him. He told Nicholas Nikki had such high hopes for the trip, and that he hoped they could promise her they would at least try to make amends. Before he could say anything else, the pilot interrupted, announcing their descent into Genoa City. Once the plane landed, the pilot came back and told them he had gotten a call that wanted them to wait right there. Victor tried to protest, but just as the pilot was about to insist, Christine walked in. She told Victor that unfortunately, she wasn't there as a friend. She was there on behalf on the DA's office, and it was about commercial bribery.

Phyllis was surprised to see Gina and Danny at the club. After a few negative jabs, Danny asked Gina to leave him and Phyllis alone. Phyllis asked him if he would tell her about her son. Danny reminded her he didn't like to share information about Daniel with her, because it only caused her more pain. She told him she knew, but could he answer a few questions anyway? He hesitated, but then relented. He gave her vague information, ending with how happy he was. She asked a string of questions about Daniel-what he liked to do, what his favorite foods were, if he asked about her. Danny stopped her abruptly, saying all of that would only cause her a lot of pain. She told him she had a good life, that she was married to Jack, they had a son and she was helping to raise him. She also told him they were working for competing companies, and that the stress of the situation made Jack feel Kyle was better off with Diane. Once again, she said, she was losing a child she adored. Danny told her he was surprised she was in another child's life, and she told him how much she had changed and how hard she worked at it. Danny told her he hoped things worked out, and she thanked him. She told him that although she had a good life, she still had an empty space and sometimes thought it would kill her. Danny looked sympathetic and told her he could see that she had changed. She got up to leave, thanked him, and told him that if Daniel asked about her, to tell him that she loved him. After she left, Danny looked defeated and sad.

Cassie went up to the Main House to talk with Nikki about Sharon's odd behavior at the restaurant. She told Nikki when she came back from the bathroom, that Sharon was freaked out and grabbed Cassie and swept her out immediately. She went on to say she was having trouble trusting her, what with all of the strange behavior and secrets. Nikki sympathized with her and told her she shouldn't have to put up with that kind of behavior. After Cassie left, Nikki paid a visit to Sharon. Coming over right after Sharon was thinking about the violent incident, Nikki noticed that Sharon was edgy. She told her Cassie had been talking to her about Sharon's irrational behavior and that she needed to get it together. The family had been through enough, and she wanted her drama to stop. Sharon got defensive and told Nikki she listened to her, and now she could leave. After Nikki left, Sharon looked worried.

Hank Weber came to the Winters's residence to talk with Neil about Lily's case. Neil told him about Lily's sexually transmitting disease and asked if it was enough evidence to prosecute Kevin. Hank told him if Kevin was a carrier, then they would have a good circumstantial case, but it wouldn't necessarily prove anything beyond a shadow of a doubt. When he implied Lily could've gotten the disease from someone else, Neil got upset. For the record, Hank said, he believed she did get it from him, but warned Neil that on trial, Lily would have to answer those types of embarrassing questions. Neil agreed to talk to Lily about it further and they both agreed they would talk after they got back from their honeymoon.

Lily, CC and Sierra were at Crimson Lights going over Sierra's paper on teen pregnancy. Lily confessed she wished she would have listened to them about Kevin, and CC just told her not to worry, he could never hurt them again. Up at the counter, Kevin walked in and ordered a latte from Cody. Cody told him Lily and CC were there, and that he should just leave. Kevin just replied that he didn't see them, and Cody reluctantly made him his drink. Sierra spotted him, and CC cooked up a plan to embarrass Kevin. The three girls all approached him and berated him loud enough for the entire coffee house to hear them. They taunted him, calling him names and taking loudly about the things he had done. Cody came over and broke it up, demanding Kevin get out and not come back.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Ashley is finally being released and not a minute too soon for her. Brad and Jack tell her to brace for the big explosion that's about to consume Victor. They fill her in on the bribery scheme of Victor's. Ashley flashes back to a dinner date with Victor from when they were married. Ashley then asks about Jack and Phyllis. He hope s she'll finally see the lengths Vic went to bring Jack down and ruin the Abbott family company. He's beginning to doubt the marriage. He's worried about finding out that Phyllis knew all along.

Newman Jet:

Christine asks to speak to Vic alone. He is annoyed that she's acting like this on behalf of the DA's office and startled when she mentions he's being investigated under suspicion of conspiring to commit mail fraud. He asks what it has to do with him. She explains how the Feds have their hands full and gave the state charges to their office. She tells him she's investigating him personally. He pretends to be surprised. He doesn't admit anything but wonders why the State is looking into what he feels is nothing more than ordinary "kick backs." He asks her what she plans to do about it if he did do it. She won't let their friendship affect this job. He got her the job! She can't believe how cavalier he is taking this. He tells her to go after real criminals. She has to treat it and him like she would anyone else. He will call her boss and get him to end this. He is surprised to learn that Glenn Richards is then one who sicced her on him with the full force of the office. He makes a veiled threat to Glenn's job at the next election. He'll have to convince her that no bribery took place. He tries to play it off that it's a waste of time. He says it is common business practice but she says it's not. The kind of nation-wide sales figures requires massive amounts of money. He tells her to speak to his attorney. He questions her friendship.


Sharon stops Cassie from leaving and asks her to stop going to Nikki every time she has a problem with her mother. Nikki will only use these things against her. She doesn't know everything. Nick arrives home and they wonder about the trip. He has to make a call. He calls Becker the DA and asks about the case. He explains that the case was passed to the DA's office. Nick is now uncomfortable with the speed at which the case is moving. Nick can't stop it now.

Nikki and Victoria worry about Victor and Nick's trip. Nikki is optimistic but Victoria is more skeptical. Nikki is sick of people wailing about doom and gloom involving Victor. Victoria knows nothing more to it. Sharon arrives and tells them Nick is home. She has no idea where Victor is but Nick came barreling home and made a phone call. Nick walks in. He talks about meeting Albert Miller and what a cold-hearted bastard he is. They wonder why Nick didn't come home with his dad but Nick is evasive. Victor then arrives home.

Crimson Lights:

Colleen, Lily and Sierra relish their little humiliation of Kevin. Other girls go up to them and congratulate them on exposing him like that. They tell the girls to spread the word about Kevin's online names and behavior. Lily confesses that she contracted an STD from Kevin. She's on antibiotics and will get better. Lily is more embarrassed by it than anything now.

Winters apt:

Neil tells Dru about his meeting with Detective Webber and their hopes for pressing charges against Kevin. Dru is ecstatic. He then finally tells her about Lily's STD. Dru flips about being kept in the dark. She rails at him for all of them keeping it a secret. He calms her down by telling her the STD can be used as a link to Kevin in their case. Dru wonders how much more Lily will have to go through with the trial. Lily walks in and realizes that Neil told Dru about her condition.


Webber meets with Kevin and serves him with a subpoena. He must take a blood test to see if he has the same STD as Lily Winters. Kevin refuses, but Webber says he doesn't have a choice.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Kevin asks Michael for legal advice, and Michael tells him to take the blood test and take responsibility for his actions. Michael is astounded when Kevin mentions that his young girlfriend is Lily Winters. Kevin tries to get Michael to give him some money, but Michael just slams the door in his face. Neil reminds Lily they must prevent Kevin from hurting other girls, and Lily decides to go to court. Dru and Neil express how proud they are of Lily. They also talk about their upcoming trip to Japan, to which Lily is very excited. Phyllis gives Diane some mothering advice about Kyle as she fights the urge to break down in front of her nemesis. Ashley suggests Jack divorce Phyllis if it turns out she was involved in Victor's deception. Jack states he loves Phyllis and will not lose her. Phyllis runs to Michael, who warns her that Christine is serious about the investigation. Victor explains to his family how cruel and unfeeling Albert was. Nikki thanks Nick for going with Victor, and trying to mend their relationship. Victoria strongly believes Nick and Victor are keeping a major secret. Victor confides to Nick that he made a grave error in his decision to trust someone. He states he knows who turned him in.

Thursday, November 27, 2003

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FRIDAY, November 28, 2003

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