The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 29, 2003 on Y&R
Victor refused to allow Nick to be in charge of Newman Enterprises. Victor was released from jail. Angelo suggested to Bobby that they take care of Frederick. When Cameron forced Sharon onto the bed, she bludgeoned him with a champagne bottle.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 29, 2003 on Y&R
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Monday, December 29, 2003

Nikki went to visit Nick at Newman Enterprises, asking if he had talked with Victor. She told him Victor would be a free man tomorrow and that Nick shouldn't get too comfortable in his chair. Nick told her that was wishful thinking, and that he was in charge. He went on to say that Victor had hurt a lot of people and that many probably had a rotten Christmas because of him. After telling him how cold blooded she thought he was, she warned Nick that it wasn't over yet. He told her he didn't believe Victor was going to beat the charges, and in the meanwhile, he would run Newman Enterprises in an honest manner. Nikki reminded him the board members would likely stay loyal to Victor, and he wouldn't probably be rewarded by them for his behavior. After speaking her peace, she told him she was really there to try to find a common ground for them, for which he said he was glad. She asked about Sharon, saying she hadn't seemed herself lately. Nick agreed that she seemed jumpy, but assumed it was because of the Victor situation. Nikki asked if he knew about the incident with Sharon and Cassie a few weeks back, and he said he only knew vaguely about it and that he would ask Sharon.

Sharon was shocked to find Cameron knocking on the door, saying he wanted to see her. She began to panic, especially when he told her that Nick had asked him to drop by. She immediately asked if he had told Nick what was really going on, which made him even more cocky. Finally, he admitted he was there to get her assistance with a party he planned on throwing for New Year's Eve, and Nick directed him to her for help. Just as she was beginning to protest, Nick walked in. He told Cameron Sharon did a great job with the gala and that he knew she would enjoy the challenge of helping him as well. Much to Sharon's chagrin, Cameron began to gush about how great Sharon was being and what wonderful ideas she had for the party. Sharon glared at him behind Nick's back and said she would do just about anything to make Nick happy. Cameron just smiled and left, leaving Sharon looking scared.

Brad and Ashley were at the club having coffee and looking at the newspaper. Ashley got distracted when she saw the lead story—that Victor was out of jail on $250,000 bail. It was enough to send her back down Memory Lane with Victor, so when Brad began talking to her, she completely ignored him. He asked if she was all right, and told her it was clear she was in another world. He looked down and noticed Victor's picture in the paper and looked up and saw Victor at the bar. He asked if she felt sorry for Victor, and all she could say was that she wanted to go home. Just then, Victor approached, saying he just wanted to wish them happy holidays. Brad retorted that he was sure Victor was miserable and it was well-deserved. Victor jabbed back that Brad shouldn't have upset Ashley like that, which infuriated Bradley. He responded that Victor had a lot of nerve telling him how to handle his wife, since his actions nearly killed her. He went on to tell him to stop injecting himself into their lives, which Victor promptly ignored. Instead, he asked how she was really doing, saying he would always be concerned about her. They both were startled by a loud scream coming from Ashley, and Brad rushed over to comfort her.

Kevin ran into J.T. and Colleen at the coffee house, and a fight almost ensued because Kevin was antagonizing them. Paul was there and jumped in the middle and held J.T. back. After Kevin left, Paul asked what was going on. They told him about what had happened between Kevin and Lily and how they suspected he had started the fire that burned down Gina's. Paul told them he thought he could help and told them to follow him.

Kevin left the coffee house and went over to Michael's apartment. He bragged to Michael about beating the STD rap by clearing it up before he took the tests with the police. Michael was unimpressed and asked why he was there. Kevin launched into their childhood, repeating how bad it was and how Michael left him with their abusive parents to fend for himself. Michael retorted that he did help him—that when Kevin lived with them he stole from him and his friends and set a fire and of course he had to kick him out. Kevin told him it was he that impressed upon him to get even with people, and Michael told him he only meant at home in their abusive household. He went on to tell him that he had learned to put their painful past behind them and to follow the rules. He told Kevin he had stopped using the abuse as an excuse and advised him to do the same. Kevin clapped and laughed maniacally, and Michael told him to leave. He turned to go, but told Michael he considered him a disappointment.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003


Victor asks Nikki why she isn't speaking to him still. He mopes that everyone blames him for their problems. She only blames him for the ones he caused. He was talking more about Brad. He bumped into him and Ashley. Nikki hopes he had the good sense to avoid them. All he wanted to do was wish them a Merry Christmas. Nikki rails that Victor only brings complications into Ashley's life. They discuss Nick working at Newman Enterprises. Vic finds it incredibly arrogant but Nikki points out that there's no one else qualified. Vic wants to try to recruit Victoria again but Nikki tells him she's gone. He wants to find her. Later Sharon stops by and talks with Victor. She invites him to Cameron's New Year's Eve party. He wants to stay home but Sharon won't take no for an answer.

Abbott House:

Brad relays to John the encounter with Vic. Ashley became upset afterwards and spaced out. He blames himself for letting himself get lured into fighting with Victor. Olivia shows up and B fills her in on why Ash has reverted to a fugue state. John tries to reach out to his daughter to no avail. Olivia wants to get her to the hospital but Brad says no to any more hospitals. He thinks it's just a minor setback but Olivia insists. Brad points out that at the hospital she is isolated from him and her daughter. She needs her family and their love all the time. He wants Olivia's help. She reluctantly agrees on the condition that if it doesn't work he take Ash to the hospital. Brad makes an impassioned plea to wife to come back.

Winters Apt:

Neil surprises his family with the reveal that he bought the condo next door and combined the two units. The family looks forward to a great New Year. Lily has found a new sense of purpose in taking down Kevin. Lily's parents are very proud of her. Kevin startles them by showing up at their door. Neil steps into the hallway but the girls spot him and Dru rails against him. Kevin is there to apologize for the whole misunderstanding. Kevin reveals that the restraining order has been lifted. He also reveals that the blood test came back negative. He offers his hand in friendship but Neil and Dru vow to destroy Kevin. Lily becomes physically sick.

Williams Investigations

Paul warns a fuming J.T. to stay away form Kevin. He'll only make things worse. Paul offers his unique services in getting Kevin nailed for his crimes. J.T. fills in Paul all about Kevin to build a profile. They discuss Lily's STD and Colleen being locked in the cooler and why J.T. thinks K did it. Paul is very impressed with J.T.'s work in putting together the pieces against Kevin. He then asks J.T. to work with him on the case. Paul will teach him about the PI game provided J.T. understand that Paul's the boss. No going off on his own half cocked. J.T. happily agrees.


Sharon gets a call from Cameron who wants to know if she's working on their party. She tells him to leave her alone but he refuses.

Athletic Club:

Ashley, Victor and Abby have a pleasant lunch together. Abby knows full well that Victor his her father. They plan a trip to see "Animals on Ice." It's revealed that it's only a day dream that the fugue Ashely is having.


J.T. returns home where Colleen was waiting for him. He tells her about his meeting with Paul. He surprises her with the news that he's working for Paul now. He then offers to pop some popcorn and snuggle while watching a movie.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Everyone was getting ready for the New Year's Eve party at the athletic club to be hosted by Cameron with Sharon's unwilling assistance. Cameron called Sharon and warned her not to be late. She told him that she wasn't giving this party with him. She'd merely made a few calls on his behalf. She wanted him to leave her alone. Before she could finish her conversation, Nick came in with a revealing new dress that he wanted her to wear. Sharon tried to decline, but Nick insisted. She said that she'd rather be spending a quiet New Year's Eve alone with him, but Nick said he wanted to show her off. He then asked if she was okay, saying his mother had noticed her edginess lately. Sharon said everything was fine, other than the strain in the Newman family. Nick then revealed that Cassie had told him about her strange behavior at the athletic club a few days before. Sharon said she'd had a panic attack, but she was fine now. She agreed that if it happened again, she'd see a doctor.

At the newly expanded Winters home, Lily was grateful to her friends Colleen, Sierra, and J.T. for believing her and not Kevin, who'd managed to evade having the STD he'd given Lily detected by bloodwork. When the teens left with Neil and Dru, a lurking Kevin overheard their destination. Since he'd been gloating to himself earlier about how much trouble he'd caused Lily, he couldn't believe their happy attitude and decided to go to the party, too, so he could see what was going on.

John tried to talk Jack into going to the party, but Jack said he didn't feel like celebrating the new year in public. John said he'd have preferred to be with Ashley. Jack assured him that Ashley would get well and said they needed to do as Brad had asked and give her some space.

Phyllis pretended that it didn't bother her to have to ask Gina for details about Jack's plans for the night. She was wearing her sexiest dress in hopes of making an impression on her husband. But once John arrived and she found out Jack wasn't coming to the party, she headed for the Abbott house, where she found Jack drinking alone. Although the tried to keep the mood light, even giving Jack an anniversary present that he didn't open, she could tell Jack was morose. Once she realized he'd had several drinks, she moved in, sharing a passionate kiss with him. After she whispered, "I'm sorry," Jack led her up to their bedroom.

Lauren wondered if Paul was ready to face all the questions that might come up once he appeared at the party with her. Paul insisted that there was no woman he'd rather be with that night. Lauren hugged him and they went inside. Later, Colleen spotted Kevin leering at her and went to Paul. Paul discretely removed Kevin from the gathering and took him to another room to insist that he leave. Kevin said there was no reason he couldn't be there since the restraining orders against him on Lily and Colleen's behalf had been lifted. Paul told him that he couldn't stop J.T. from coming after him, but Kevin seemed unworried about that. So Paul told him that he, too, was gunning for him, and Kevin did not want to mess with him. Kevin gave him a scathing look and walked out.

When Nikki declined Victor's invitation to the party, Victor said that he'd go alone. When he was ready to leave the house, Nikki came downstairs dressed for the occasion. She explained that there was something to be said for appearances, so she would be by his side that night for the sake of the family. Once they got to the party and Nikki was introduced to Cameron, she spotted Katherine and excused herself to speak to her. When Victor and his son came face to face, Nick wished him a quick happy new year and walked away. Later, as the countdown to the new year began, Nikki, dancing with Victor, admitted that she wasn't made of stone after he told her how good it felt to have his arms around her. She moved closer to him as his embrace tightened. Meanwhile, at the bar, Katherine approached a miserable looking Jill to ring in the new year with her, while in the background, John gave Gina a big kiss and Anita and Frederick smiled at each other.

Just before midnight, Cameron approached Sharon and gave her the room number in a motel on the outskirts of town. He said he'd make sure Nick was occupied and she should meet him there. Sharon refused. Cameron went to Nick and asked for a report from the office so he could read it on the plane the next day when he left town. When Nick told Sharon he had to leave to take care of it, she responded angrily, saying Cameron shouldn't ask that of him. Nick promised her that, even though the past year had been hard, their relationship was now solid and everything would be better in the coming year. He left, and Sharon stared with panic at the fire, reassuring herself aloud that Cameron was leaving the next day. Cameron swooped by and reminded her that he was still there tonight, though. He'd see her at the motel in half an hour or her marriage would be over.

Thursday, January 1ST

Due to the New Year's holiday, today's episode was pre-empted. Regular programming will resume on Friday, January 2nd.

Friday, January 2, 2003

Nick went to the office to work on the proposal for Cameron. Victor visited him there and suggested he go home and spend time with his family instead of working. Nick said this was his deal, and he intended to see it through. Victor said he was misunderstanding him. He had meant it when he said Nick was no longer in charge at Newman. Nick said there had been no one else to take over. Victoria, after all, had left town because of their father's crimes, and Victor himself was dealing with criminal charges. Victor countered that Victoria had left town because she was heartbroken that Nick had betrayed his father and his family. Furthermore, he intended to get someone from outside, if necessary, to run Newman. He needed someone he could trust. After the deal with Cameron was finished, Nick could consider himself out of the position, but Victor would see if there was anything else for him to do at Newman Enterprises.

When Victor went home, Nikki was surprised to hear that he'd gone by the office and that Nick was at work. Both of them agreed there was something unsavory about Cameron. Victor wished he'd been the one in negotiations with him. Nikki said that Victor shouldn't begrudge Nicholas's decision to take care of business. Victor said that Nick had betrayed him, so he didn't intend for him to keep running the company. However, his reservations about this deal were more about Cameron than a lack of confidence in Nick. Nikki speculated on where Sharon might be, since she wasn't with Nick at the office and didn't appear to be at home. Victor said she was probably finishing up things at the party. He then presented Nikki with a beautiful crystal vase and a bouquet of roses, promising to always keep the vase filled just the way she had filled his heart. The two of them embraced in an apparent thawing in their relationship.

The motel clerk stopped Sharon in the lobby and implied that she was a hooker there on business. Sharon insisted she was just there to see a friend, trying to keep her face concealed from him. Cameron offered her champagne after locking the door behind her when she came into his room. Sharon told him she wasn't there to have sex with him. She wanted him out of her life. Couldn't he see that she had a husband and children she was devoted to? Cameron said she'd had that same husband and children when they'd met in Denver. It hadn't stopped her then. Sharon reminded him that she had been drunk, desperate, and out of her mind. After she resisted Cameron's attempt at seduction, he got rough with her, shoving her to the bed and trying to force himself on her. She pushed him away and kicked him to the floor. As he turned to get up, she grabbed the champagne bottle and brought it down on him.

Angelo listened as Brittany loudly complained to Bobby about Sal's continued absence. She had performed her heart out, but Sal was a no-show and she was tired of Bobby's promises. He was trying to sweet-talk her when a drunken Frederick showed up and made a scene about Brittany being there. Brittany managed to get his car keys and Angelo called a cab to take Frederick back to Anita. After Brittany left to go home, Frederick assured Bobby that he was going to shut down Marsino's, then clambered out. Angelo told Bobby that his judgment had been impaired by his interest in Brittany. Frederick was a prominent man and could make good on his threat. Angelo was itching to "take care" of him. Bobby assured him that Hodges was just drunk. The next day he'd wake up with a hangover and go back to being a banker. Angelo seemed unconvinced.

J.T. chided Raul for being in the loft and studying on New Year's Eve. He offered Raul his little black book, but Raul turned him down. There was only one woman for him. Brittany arrived home and wanted to know what they were talking about. When J.T. berated her for believing in Bobby's empty promises, she asked him to leave her alone with Raul. She then asked when he was going to say "I told you so." Raul made her sit down and tell him about her night while he rubbed the tension from her shoulders. He had no intention of throwing her problems in her face. He didn't, however, take Brittany up on her invitation to continue their renewed closeness in the bedroom. When he found out that Frederick had been at Marsino's making threats, he wondered why Brittany wasn't more worried. Her father should not be getting into it with these men, who Raul felt were clearly dangerous. Brittany gave him a worried look.

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