The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on Y&R
Christine advised Victor to confess. Sharon kept mum about killing Cameron. Jill convinced Katherine to live with her. Paul and Lynne found out that Danny's career was practically finished. Kevin thought that J.T. had something to do with Bobby firing Kevin.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 12, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, January 12, 2004

Chris ran into Victor at the club and asked to talk with him. He agreed, albeit rudely, to speak with her, and told her his time was limited, so get to the point. She wanted to let him know the case was proceeding and she had gathered a lot of witnesses and evidence alike. He told her she was wasting taxpayers' money by going after him, and she replied that many people were interested in prosecuting corporate thieves. He told her that because of people like him, people had jobs, and that she had the discretionary power to dismiss the case. Before leaving, she told him it was in his best interest to confess, but that she couldn't absolutely guarantee no jail time. He wanted no part of confessing, and told her he would take his chances at a trial.

Jack went to Brad's house to check on Ashley. He told Brad John had told him that Ashley was improving and recognizing a few words. Brad corrected him and told him she understood only one word: Victor. Jack told him it was probably only because Victor made his life hell, but Brad slowly disagreed; he thought it was because of deep-rooted feelings for him. Nevertheless, he told Jack, he asked Victor to come by to see if he could help. He told Jack Wesley thought Ashley was suffering from post-traumatic stress syndrome and that she was going deeper and deeper into herself. After telling Jack what happened with Abby, he told him he had no choice but to take desperate measures or he might lose Ashley forever. Not convinced, Jack told him he felt bringing Victor over was risky and a mistake, but Brad was determined to try. Soon after, Victor came by, and Brad told him the condition Ashley was in. Victor told him he would do whatever it took to help her, no matter what.

Paul went to Marsino's to try to gather more information about Kevin Fisher. After gaining a rapport with Bobby, they talked more about Kevin and his recent behavior with the fire and with Lily. Bobby told him Kevin had gotten into trouble with the law and the police had taken his computer with all of his business records on it. When he confronted him, he said, Kevin acted like a wimp and begged him not to hit him. They both agreed that a person like this would fit the profile of a man who preyed on non-threatening young women. They agreed to keep in touch and Paul left.

Over at the Boutique, Lauren was closed and doing inventory. Kevin came in, ignoring the sign outside saying they were closed. He began small talking with Lauren, and she agreed to let him come in and browse for a while. He told her it was nice of her to let him come in, and commented not very many people were all that nice these days. She laughed, and his reaction was strangeóhe stared at her. She asked him if he was all right, and he told her her laugh sounded like his mother's. He went on to disclose details about how he hardly ever heard the laugh; that his mother wasn't a very good person and they had lost touch. He caught himself, saying he hadn't meant to tell her all of that, but she was understanding and sweet to him. She told him she had to get back to work, and he left. After a while, Paul came by and brought dinner for the two of them. She mentioned Kevin's visit and he started to talk about his visit to Marsino's but they both ended up deciding not to talk. While in a very romantic embrace, they didn't realize Kevin had come back and was watching them through the glass door.

Nikki continued to berate Sharon about where she was New Year's morning and Sharon continued to be defensive. Finally, she made up a lie, saying she was outside saying goodbye to guests until the wee hours, but Nikki wasn't buying it for a minute. She asked Sharon who, specifically, and Sharon would not say. She told Nikki she thought they were making progress, and didn't they have enough drama in the family already? Nikki told her she knew she was hiding something, and that she was going to get to the bottom of it, with or without her.

Soon after, Sharon received a phone call from Nick, who had just spent time with Gina reporting the disappearance of Cameron to Detective Weber. He told her Weber wanted to speak with her, as she may have been the last person to speak with him before his disappearance. She tried to get out of it, but Nick insisted and all she could do was tell him she would be right there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2004


Sharon has Michael come over to talk about Cameron. She decides she has to do something about his corpse but Mike fears it may have already been found. Sharon tells him she went back there and the snow was still covering the body. He tells her she keeps making mistakes. She refuses to go to the police. He advises her to at least talk to Webber as not talking looks suspicious. He urges her again to talk to the cops. If she decides to talk, however, she must call an attorney first. He warns her that DNA evidence could still bring her down.

Carlton House:

Brad explains to Victor (despite Jack's protests) that he needs Victor's help with Ashley. Brad decides to tell Vic everything. He has second thoughts and then Ashley walks into the room.

Christine's Apt:

Chris calls Danny over to chat. She's had a tough day. They reminisce about their married days. She asks him how he could get away for so long. He just needed a break. They talk about more about the good times and Danny kisses her.

Paul's Apt:

Paul and Lauren finish making love and enjoy each other's company. They get to talking about her visitor at the Boutique. Lauren describes him as unsure of himself and lonely but sweet. She says he's the kind of guy she wouldn't have given the time of day when she was his age. Paul gets the feeling that the description sounds like Kevin. Lauren can't believe it either. Paul has her call him if Kevin ever shows up again.

Coffee House:

J.T. and Kevin spar. Kevin tries to goad J.T. into a fight but J.T. takes satisfaction in knowing about Paul's investigation into Kevin. J.T. refuses to take the bait. Kevin is nervous. J.T. starts taunting him back with all his internet nicknames and his job problems. J.T. knows a lot more than Kevin realizes.

Athletic Club:

Det. Webber and Nick wait for Sharon. She eventually shows up. Still no word about Cameron or even if he's missing. Webber speculates that it could be a woman who may have taken Cameron away. She plays off his questions with relative ease. She spent very little time with him. Nick remembers seeing them at the house together that one day.

Nikki bumps into John Abbott and waits with him while Nick is busy. They talk about Ashley. John tells her she isn't doing well. They don't talk about it as they both know where it would lead (Victor). John has no doubts about Nikki's business loyalty. He tells her about the argument that pushed her over the edge and how only Victor's name is the only thing she responds to now. Later, she finds Nick and Sharon and stops them to talk.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

At the Carlton house, where Victor had been summoned by Brad, Jack, Brad, and Victor were arguing about Ashley's emotional health. Ashley came downstairs and showed more response than she had in several days when she saw Victor. Victor was able to engage her in conversation, and he reminded her that she needed to get well for Abby. Upon hearing her daughter's name, Ashley seemed to struggle with herself. When Victor talked about his regret over not having spent more time with Victoria when she was Abby's age, Ashley repeated the word "regret" and expressed how tired she was. Victor suggested that she go and rest, and Brad walked her upstairs. Jack again blamed Victor for the events that had led to Ashley's breakdown. When Brad came back down, Victor told them that he appeared to be all they had; they needed to put their contempt for him aside for Ashley's benefit. After he left, Jack and Brad worried that if Ashley kept talking to Victor, she might tell him the truth about Abby's paternity. Brad said if that happened, he didn't know if he'd ever get his wife and daughter back.

Nikki tried to get Nick to stay at the health club so she could talk to him. Nick said he had to get back to work, but he reminded Sharon that they'd come in separate cars. She didn't have to leave, too. Once he was gone, Nikki began to question Sharon again about what happened after the New Year's Eve party that had caused Sharon to get home so late. Sick of Nikki's questions, Sharon warned her that if she kept harassing her, Sharon would tell Victor the truth about Abby. Nikki speculated that Sharon must really have something to hide to make those kinds of threats. She still had plenty of questions about where Sharon had gone when she abandoned her family. Sharon said that Nick had forgiven her and advised Nikki to drop it or she'd be sorry.

Victor returned to the office to find Nick hard at work. Upon finding out that Cameron had never picked up the proposal, he asked if Nick suspected some kind of foul play. Nick said he wasn't sure, but it had rattled Sharon, too. The police, however, said it was too early to launch a full-scale investigation. Nick just really didn't want the deal to fall apart. Victor said that speaking of things falling apart, it was time for the two of them to have a talk. When Nick seemed reluctant, Victor told him that he was going to listen.

As Jill brooded about recent events, she was startled to hear a motorcycle pull up. She called the police about an intruder, then she heard someone call her name. She said that she'd made a mistake, hung up, and ran to the window. Larry scaled the trellis and she let him into her bedroom. He'd sold his car and bought the motorcycle, and now his trip to see her had left him freezing. As he warmed up by her fire, Jill told him that Katherine was drinking again. He vowed to have a talk with Mrs. Chancellor, but for now, he wanted to focus on the two of them. Jill succumbed to his passionate embrace.

Christine told Danny that she hadn't minded the kiss they'd just shared. She was glad to hear that he'd be staying around for a while. Their evening was interrupted by the arrival of Paul, who wanted to talk to Christine about one of his investigations. Danny and Paul exchanged a few loaded remarks because it was obvious neither was happy about the other's attentions to Christine. Christine assured Paul that she would see him later, and Paul went back to his office. Lynne had Danny's Web site up, and she told Paul she could find out what his touring schedule was. As they looked at the computer monitor together, they saw something that piqued their interest.

Brittany flirted a little with Kevin in hopes that he'd be able to get her some information on Bobby's partners. Kevin suggested that he would trade what he found out for a night out with her. As Brittany said that might be possible, J.T. walked in and started hassling Kevin. When Brittany realized that Kevin was the person who'd been involved with Lily and was suspected of starting the fire at Gina's, she unloaded on him. She said he was nothing but a pervert and people like him should be locked away. Kevin asked them both to leave, and J.T. laughed at him, saying he'd heard Bobby intended to fire Kevin. Kevin started freaking out and was poised to make threats against them but got control of himself. J.T. told him he needed to watch out. Everyone was watching him, and it was only a matter of time until Kevin got what he deserved.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Victor doesn't want Nick working at Newman because he doesn't trust his judgment. Nick says that's funny coming from him. Victor feels concerned about Nick because once everyone finds out Nick ratted on his own father they will think Nick is a traitor. Victor tells Nick this betrayal will affect the rest of Nick's life.

Mr. Becker tells Michael he is thinking about taking over the case against Newman again. He asks Michael what side he would be on if he did. Michael says he turned Victor in knowing that the charges wouldn't include a lot of jail time. Mr. Becker informs him that he may also be looking at jail time if he went against the Fed's. When the time comes, Mr. Becker says, he will only ask him once what side Michael is on.

Jill and Larry are snuggling in bed when she asks how he has been doing. Larry talks about riding his motorcycle and Jill says maybe once it gets warmer he can give her a ride sometime. He says it would be nice to ride his bike with her sometime, but he doesn't want to make any definite plans. As Larry gets ready to leave, Jill doesn't want him to go. He says although he could get used to this, he really should go. He tells Jill that he's sorry that Katherine is drinking again and maybe he will see her and try to help. He tries to cheer Jill up before he climbs out the window and back on his motorcycle.

At the loft, Raul is upset after a phone call with his dad. He tells J.T. that he won't be covered on his father's health insurance anymore. J.T. suggests that Raul ask Lauren if she has any health benefits at the Boutique. Raul says it would probably be hard for him to get a plan because of his diabetes and he only works part-time. He tells J.T. that he will figure something out, but he looks worried.

Brittany goes to see Bobby to tell him how upset she is that Angelo threatened her mother. Bobby stands up for Angelo and tries to blow it off. He says he will talk to him, but he doesn't feel that Angelo is anybody to worry about. He calls Angelo a "pussycat." Brittany says there are a lot of weird people working at Marsino's; even Kevin is some kind of fire starting child molEsther. Bobby tries to convince her not to worry about anything. When Brittany tells Bobby she won't be working tonight he says that's good because he wouldn't have been there to see her. He likes watching her dance. When Brittany tells him that he's sweet, he kisses her.

When Brittany comes home to the loft, Raul asks her how she feels about working for the mafia. Raul says he's worried about Brittany, but he's not going to get involved. He would like to work there, however, so he could protect her.

Danny goes to see Lauren at the Boutique. As they sit down and talk, he gives her a foot massage. Lauren remembers that Danny used to massage her feet after their concerts together. She tells him how wonderful it used to be. Danny asked her how she felt when it was over for her.

Lauren and Paul found out on the Internet that Danny's career didn't seem to be escalating, he hadn't done a big show in a long time, and everything that had come out recently had just been a re-release version of his old work. They wonder what's going on. Chris comes in to discuss a case with Paul and Paul asks her if he can get Danny's new CD that he had been talking about. They joke about Paul being a secret fan, and he tells her that it's really for Lauren, but it is cool to know a star.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Dru tried to convince Jack to have Phyllis tracked down and arrested for stealing the orchids. Jack said he wasn't going to do that. Dru reminded him that Jabot was teetering on the edge of disaster, and Phyllis had taken their big shot at turning their gloomy business forecast around. Jack said there were too many reasons why the police would urge them to settle this without filing criminal charges against Phyllis. It was a domestic matter that should be settled privately. When Diane arrived, Dru urged her to talk some sense into Jack and left them alone. Jack told Diane what had happened, and she agreed with him that he shouldn't take action against Phyllis. She was sure that Phyllis was just angry and needed to cool off. Phyllis certainly would not actively try to destroy Jabot. Meanwhile, Jack needed to remember that he had a lot of support from people who were pulling for him. She included herself in that, and leaned over to kiss him.

Jill had a visitor who told her that she was glad to come out; sometimes a person just needed help to make it through a night. Katherine overheard the woman leaving and joined Jill. She wanted to go back to her hotel room, and Jill asked her to stay at the house. But when questioned, Jill couldn't say she wanted her there because she loved her. She confessed to not knowing how she felt. When Katherine tried to pour a drink, Jill begged her not to. Katherine furiously accused Jill of getting an AA sponsor out there to deal with her. It was none of Jill's business if she drank, and quitting was her decision to make on her own. Jill finally told her the woman wasn't there for Katherine. She was there for Jill. Jill was going to stop drinking because she'd seen the damage it did to Katherine's life. So Katherine was free to continue drinking; Jill wouldn't stick around to watch it. As Jill tried to leave the room, Katherine dropped her glass of liquor on the floor. Jill stayed with her, suggesting that they do something together---maybe riding horses, since Katherine used to be an excellent horsewoman. Katherine said she used to be a lot of things, including sober. But she had turned her life upside down in the blink of an eye.

Michael told Victor that the federal prosecutor had been there to see him. If the state turned their case back over to the federal government, the likelihood of Victor, as well as Michael, serving time in jail was very strong. He advised Victor to talk to Christine and try to cut a deal. In fact, he'd asked Christine to join them. Once she arrived, she told Victor that she couldn't guarantee that if he confessed, he wouldn't serve any time. But the DA's office would not press for that, so the chances were good that neither he nor Michael would go to jail. She had a tape recorder with her; if he would give her a full confession, she'd be able to go to a judge and work out something on his behalf. Victor wondered if Christine was bluffing and in fact had no "smoking gun" that would indicate his guilt. Christine said that he was never going to know that. He would have to play his hand without knowing what cards she held.

Brittany brought Raul breakfast in bed and they talked about the situation at Marsino's. She was sure her father would cool off, and equally certain that Bobby could convince Angelo to back off on making threats. In any case, it wasn't necessary for Raul to get a job there to keep an eye on her. Bobby would never let anything happen to her. And once Sal heard her sing and made her a star, this would all be a distant memory. Raul agreed that Bobby probably wouldn't have hired him anyway. He just wanted to be supportive of Brit any way he could. They'd come a long way in their relationship, and even if they were no longer a couple, she was still his "best girl."

J.T. and Paul talked about their method for handling Kevin. Since Paul had not been able to uncover any evidence in the police report that pointed to Kevin as the arsonist at Gina's, the only thing they could do was keep pressure on Kevin until he cracked. But they needed to make him focus all his anger on J.T. instead of Colleen and Lily. Paul warned J.T. not to push him too far; he didn't want J.T. to get hurt. But J.T. should apply just enough pressure so that Kevin ultimately made the mistake that would give himself away.

Kevin brought tax paperwork to Bobby with a lot of fast talk about what a good and dedicated employee he was, trying to forestall any attempt by Bobby to fire him. But Bobby told him he no longer had the job. Kevin protested that all the things Bobby was hearing about him were lies, mostly made up by Lily and J.T. Bobby didn't care. He couldn't afford to draw any more attention to the club, since there were already people trying to shut it down. Outraged that Bobby would get rid of him, Kevin tried to take the work he'd done with him, but Bobby pointed out that he'd already paid for that work. Kevin would still draw a paycheck for it. Kevin flung the papers to the floor and said he hoped Marsino's was shut down. After he stomped out, Bobby received a package in the mail. Apparently his line of credit had been closed. Furious, Bobby accused Frederick Hodges of being behind it.

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