The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 14, 2004 on Y&R
Bobby learned that Sal had been responsible for Brittany's accident. Ashley and Brad got different advice from child psychologists. Nikki suggested that she and Jill stage an intervention for Katherine. Gloria and Kevin decided to move in with Michael.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 14, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, June 14, 2004

Ashley tells Jack that she has decided to keep Damon on at Jabot. Surprisingly, Jack doesn't fight her. She also says that she has been thinking about firing Drucilla. Jack tells Ashley that firing Drucilla may not be a good idea. The news that their spokesperson used an untested product and continues losing her hair wouldn't put Jabot in a good light-whether she stole it or not. Jack talks about how Drucilla has always been dedicated to Jabot and how she must be feeling about herself. Ashley sympathizes with Jack's words, commenting that she hasn't seen Jack's soft side in a long time. They share a hug and Jack asks Ashley about Abby. Ashley says she isn't sure how Abby is dealing with this situation, but she intends to find out.

Drucilla tells Neil she's thinking of quitting Jabot before they quit on her. Her shame is becoming too much for her. Neil sympathizes with Drucilla and tries to convince her that Jabot must still want her. If she does decide to quit, however, there may be something Neil could cook up for her. Drucilla is curious, but steps back and tells him that her dedication really is with Jabot and she hasn't made up her mind yet. Neil tells her that she passed the test of loyalty. If she would have accepted his offer without any kind of promise, he would wonder just how desperate and loyal she was. Drucilla smiles at him and they share a moment of closeness.

Daniel, Cassie and Sierra are doing volunteer work when they come across an old file drawer that they can't open. Sierra says there must be a key somewhere. Daniel asks the girls about Mac. Sierra wonders if Daniel is interested in her, and he shrugs it off, saying he just can't understand why Mac is being so nice to J.T. Daniel thinks J.T. is a jerk. Sierra and Cassie stick up for J.T. and say that they are just friends. Sierra says Mac has been through a lot. She was once almost married but her marriage was annulled right away. Cassie is sad upon hearing the news.

J.T. talks to Mac about Colleen. He doesn't want to admit how hurt he really is. Mac gives him a hug, and Daniel comes in the room and watches them.

When Michael comes to Gloria's door, Kevin doesn't want Michael to stop him from leaving the country. At first, Michael tries to convince Kevin that he can still get him out of jail. Even Gloria tells Michael that maybe Kevin leaving the country is the best thing for him to do. Michael is sad but gives in, saying that Gloria and Kevin expect him to perform miracles. Kevin tells Michael that leaving forever is the right thing to do. But he thanks Michael for being there for him like no one else. As he is leaving, the police pound on the door.

Paul and Eddie get tired of waiting for Detective Weber to come back. Kevin has escaped and could be in big trouble. Paul says Eddie has evidence that Kevin is not guilty. They must do something now.

Brittany wants to find Bobby, but Raul tries to discourage her from going anywhere. She is in danger. He tells Brittany that if there was ever a time to get away from Bobby, now would be the best time. Brittany tells Raul that she has to use the bathroom. A few minutes later, Raul wonders where she is. A girl at the restaurant tells him she skipped out of the back a while ago.

Bobby wants to know who was responsible for hurting Brittany. No one says anything, but when he looks into Sal's eyes he knows everything. Sal tells him he does what he is told, and now it's Bobby's turn to die. Bertoli tells him that Bobby's time is up. As Bobby tries to put up a fight, Brittany comes into the club. Sal says now they can kill two birds with one stone.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Michael pleads with Kevin to put down the gun. Kevin won't do it and asks their mother to leave to keep safe. The three struggle over the gun while the cops wait outside. A shot goes off. No one is hurt but Kevin still refuses to cooperate. Gloria tells Kevin that there is nothing glorious about dying. Kevin points the gun at Michael until he agrees to take their mom out of harm's way. Kevin waits for the police. With the gun trembling in his hand he opens the door.

Bobby's mob boss grabs Brittany who had to see Bobby. Bobby finds out that the mob boss killed the last person who caused him a hassle and will do the same to Bobby and Brittany. At this moment Det. Webber and several officers storm in. Bobby set them all up. Sal threatens to snap Britt's neck if they don't let him go. Brittany manages to free herself and Bobby knocks Sal out. Britt wishes she knew it was a set-up. Sal vows he's not done with either of them. The charges against Kevin will be dropped.

Arthur is saddened to see that Kay is still drinking. He pleads with her to stop. Does she really want the booze or is she just afraid she doesn't know how to stop? She admits she's afraid as he takes the drink away. He knows she can do this. She says she can't and picks up the drink.

Jill stops by the ranch to see Nikki. Things with Katherine have gotten worse. She fills Nikki in on Kay and pleads with Nikki to help. No one can help as long as Kay doesn't want it. There is only thing to do: an intervention. They must be willing to abandon her if she doesn't stop drinking.

Daniel bumps into Mac at the Coffee shop and buys her a coffee and chat about their mutual problems with their respective mothers.

Dru stops by Phyllis' table at the Coffee shop to Pesther her. Phyllis spots Daniel and tells Dru about him. Dru had heard all about him from Lily. Now that she knows that Daniel is Phyllis' son she will make sure Lily stays away from him. Phyllis confesses that she's jealous of Dru's relationship with Lily. Dru is stunned to see the maternal side to Phyllis and the two chat as moms.

Paul is out for dinner with Lauren when Lynne stops by with some registered mail. It turns out the lease on the office is up and their rent is being raised. Paul thinks about a change.

Victor spots Jack at the bar at the club and the two trade barbs over Abby and Victor's poor relationships with his children. Victor believes that learning, years from now, that she was rejected by her biological father will be much more harmful. Victor vows that Jack will get his one day.

Ashley tells Brad that she set up an appointment with a therapist who thinks it should be okay for Abby to meet with Victor. Brad resents that. Brad tells her he had his own meeting with a shrink whose advice was the exact opposite.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Brittany tried to call Raul to tell him she was okay, but once J.T. gave him the message, Raul didn't want to talk to her. He told J.T. that Brittany hadn't learned anything about the danger being around Bobby placed her in. So he was moving on with his life. He'd still help Brit try to find a way to get rid of her scar, but their romance was over. J.T. told him he was in the prime of his life and needed to get back on the horse. There were lots of hot babes at Crimson Lights. Raul countered by saying that if it was over with Colleen and Shiloh, J.T. needed to get back out there, too, and put his career back together. J.T. toasted their jobless, girlfriendless lives, and they both laughed when Raul pointed out how pathetic they were.

At Marsino's, Brittany and Bobby talked about their relationship. Bobby admitted that he loved her, and Brittany said it was over with Raul. Her goosebumps were a sign that she did want to pursue a relationship with Bobby. The two began kissing passionately.

Dru had a little mother-to-mother talk with Phyllis. After hearing Phyllis out about the pain of having no relationship with her son, Dru talked a little about her background with Lily and the problems they'd had. In spite of Lily's rebellion in Paris, coming home to find Neil practically on skid row, and all the troubles they'd endured since, Dru had never given up hope. Her family was slowly being rebuilt. She suggested that Phyllis not give up hope either.

After Dru left, Phyllis watched from a distance as Daniel and Mac talked about their lives. Mac obviously had no idea that Daniel was several years younger than her. She told him about her marriage to Billy, never consummated because they found out on their wedding night they were first cousins. She regretted that Daniel was leaving the country. She'd have liked getting to know him. Daniel couldn't understand why she was spending all her free time at the rec center. She should be having fun. Mac said it was fun to donate her time to people. Finally she kissed him on the cheek and wished him a safe trip. After she left, Phyllis joined Daniel and pointed out that Mac was several years older. Daniel accused her of stalking him and spying on him. Phyllis said she wasn't judging him. Daniel walked out of Crimson Lights as Phyllis reminded herself that she needed to have hope.

While Mamie was out with Abby and Kyle, Ashley and Brad argued about what was best for Abby. Both had seen expert child psychiatrists who'd given them opposite opinions. Although both said they'd need to talk to Abby first, Ashley's doctor thought it wouldn't be harmful for Victor to be part of Abby's life. Brad's doctor had come down on Jack's side, saying Victor could do great emotional harm by forcing himself into Abby's life at her age. Ashley said that if they kept putting Victor off, they were going to end up in court. Abby would know something was going on and that her parents were fighting because of her. Ashley didn't intend to let that happen. Brad and Ashley finally agreed to put Victor off until both psychiatrists had a chance to talk to Abby.

Gina told Kyle and Abby that there were new cartoons in the kids' room at the health club. Kyle wanted to go see them, but Abby hadn't finished her ice cream. As Mamie tried to figure out what to do, Victor arrived. He agreed to sit with Abby while Mamie took Kyle upstairs. When they were alone, Abby told Victor she knew he was her other daddy. When she asked why she had two fathers, Victor said it was a long story. But Abby knew a classmate who also had two fathers, so she was okay with it. She asked Victor where he lived and was excited to hear that he had a ranch. She loved horses. Victor told her she could come to see him any time, and even ride horses, if it was okay with her parents. All she had to do was call him and tell him she was on her way over.

Later, after Mamie dropped Abby off and took Kyle back to Jack's, Abby told Ashley about her day. Ashley was startled to hear that Abby had seen her "other daddy."

In Detroit, Kevin asked Gloria and Michael to stay in the bedroom while he opened the door to the police. When he did, he held a gun to his head, saying that all he wanted was a headstart. He'd never commit another crime; they'd never see him again. The police were ready to shoot him if he didn't surrender voluntarily. Just as Kevin seemed about to pull the trigger, another cop showed up. He'd gotten a call from Hank Weber. They had a confession in Brittany's case, and all charges against Kevin were being dropped. Later, Michael talked to Hank, who agreed that he could bring Kevin back to Genoa City without the police. After Gloria and her sons were alone, Michael told Kevin he couldn't take any more of this. Kevin promised to stay out of trouble. Michael watched with resignation as Gloria hugged her youngest son and said how happy she was that he was okay.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Abby tells Ashley that she saw her other daddy when she was with Aunt Mamie and Kyle. Ashley asks her what they talked about. Abby says that Victor told her he has a ranch with horses and if Ashley says its okay, she would like to go riding sometime. Ashley says she will have to think about that. Abby wonders if parents say that when they mean no. Ashley comments on how smart Abby is and tells her to go brush her teeth. As Abby is going to wash up, Brad comes in and spins his little girl around. He wonders why Ashley is looking at him with concern. She says it's because of the fight they had last night, she doesn't like it when they fight. Brad tells her they wouldn't have anything to fight about if Victor wasn't trying to get involved in Abby's life. When Brad and Abby leave for the day, Ashley calls Victor. She tells him that he knows why she is calling. She needs to talk to him right away.

Victor is with Christine when Ashley calls. They are having a nice conversation now that Christine has resigned as District Attorney. Victor can tell that Chris feels free and happy once again. Chris tells him she has a new man in her life, and he's 16. She laughs, and admits that it's Daniel Romalotti, Danny's son. She says it's been wonderful that he's been staying with her, but he will be leaving back to Switzerland today.

Ashley tells Victor that he took advantage of talking to Abby when they had discussed waiting for a physiatrist. Victor says Abby is his daughter and he will not stand by any longer. Ashley asks that he does what's best for Abby. Victor thinks Abby should have him in her life and he won't stand by. He doesn't want to have to contact his attorney, but he will if he has to. Ashley begs Victor to stop threatening her with that. He should know that they all want what's best for Abby, and that's not putting her on the witness stand. She will let Victor be in Abby's life when the time is right, and the psychiatrist says that's not now. Victor doesn't want to wait around for two conflicting decisions and leaves.

As Daniel is packing his things thinking about Mac, Danny comes in and tries to convince him to stay. Daniel says okay. Danny is surprised that Daniel agreed so quickly and thinks Chris may have played a part in convincing him to stay. Daniel wants to know more about his mother and why Chris and Danny thought it best not to have her around. Danny doesn't want to get into to it, but Daniel thinks he deserves to know. He is curious about his mother and wonders if there ever was a time that Danny and Phyllis were happy. Danny is interrupted by a telephone call and Daniel stands by still frustrated.

Raul and Mac have some coffee at Crimson Lights. Raul can tell Mac is happy, and wonders if she met anyone while volunteering. Mac admits that she did meet someone new, but it doesn't matter anyway because he is leaving for Switzerland. Raul teases her, but Mac tries to convince him that it's pointless. She will probably never see him again.

J.T. is upset when he thinks about Daniel. He doesn't like the guy at all. When Brittany sneaks in, J.T. wonders where she has been all night. He can tell things have been heating up with Bobby. When J.T. asks how it went when she showed up at the club, Brittany says it was a close call. She thought that when she got there that she and Bobby were goners. But it had all been a plan, and the cops had been waiting in the woodwork. J.T. still thinks Brittany should be worried, but she blows it off. J.T. realizes now that Kevin isn't guilty of electrocuting Brittany, he will be set free. He is upset because he knows that Kevin really did hurt Colleen and Lily.

Michael thanks Weber on the phone for letting them sleep at Gloria's and head home in the morning. Kevin says he doesn't like Weber, but Michael says he should keep that information to himself. Michael warns Kevin that he will have to turn Kevin in when they get back to Genoa City, but that he will keep him out of jail the best he can. Gloria wonders when they will all be leaving. Michael didn't know Gloria was planning on going along. Gloria and Kevin think it would b a good idea if Gloria came along. They suggest that she stay for a couple weeks at Michael's apartment. Michael is skeptical, but finally gives in. He warns Gloria that he hopes he will not regret this decision.

Friday, June 18, 2004

John Abbott lashed into Ashley and Brad for the delay in working out a settlement deal with Victor. He wanted to know what was going on that they weren't telling him. Rather than enlighten John about Abby's paternity, the two told him that Victor wasn't going to make things easy. His current offer of ten million was an insult. John said he was leaving to see some bankers in Chicago; he wanted to see some progress before he got back. Ashley was in the best position to negotiate with Victor because of their cordial relationship. He urged her to do so and stop the cash bleeding from Jabot.

After John was gone, Ashley tried again to tell Brad about Victor's accidental meeting with Abby, but Brad cut her off. He was more interested in trying to figure out how to approach Victor about staying away from Abby. The two of them decided that maybe it was Nikki who could best reason with Victor about everything. Ashley had to make a quick trip by the lab, but they agreed to go together to see Nikki. And Ashley reminded Brad there was still something she needed to discuss with him.

Nikki was surprised when Victor showed up at her office, hoping he was there to take her out to lunch. Victor said he wasn't in the mood after the run-in he'd had with Ashley. Her tone had been impertinent and it was clear the Carltons intended to thwart his desire to see his biological daughter. Nikki heard him out and agreed that his requests weren't unreasonable. She also agreed that it was time for the Jabot settlement to be finalized and said she'd discuss it with Ashley. Before Victor could leave, Brad and Ashley showed up at Nikki's door.

Mac was happy when Daniel showed up at the rec center, having decided not to leave town after all. She wanted to know what changed his mind, and although Daniel briefly mentioned a discussion with his father, he implied that there were other more appealing reasons, letting Mac get the idea that he'd stayed because of her. To seal the deal, he offered to take her on a spontaneous picnic. In fact, he had a bottle of wine in his backpack. Mac jumped all over him, telling him that he was wrong to bring wine to the rec center. Plus she hated alcohol. Her grandmother was an alcoholic and she'd seen alcohol destroy families at the reservation. Abashed, Daniel said alcohol was different in Europe. People didn't use it to get drunk; it was a part of celebrations even for the very young. Mac backed off, saying there was still something they could do together. She handed him a broom so he could get back to work cleaning up the rec center.

Jamal warned Lily not to put too much faith in Devon. They came from different worlds. Lily said that she'd grown up in Europe around a diverse set of people; she wasn't just an uptown girl. When Devon came in, she approached him again, trying to make small talk with him. When she mentioned that her mother had once been a runaway, so helping at the rec center was Lily's way of giving something back, Devon blew up. Why was she telling him all her family's problems? Was he supposed to feel sorry for her mother? Lily confessed that she knew the truth about him; that he didn't go to the school or live in the neighborhood he'd claimed to. Furious, Devon warned her to stay out of his business before he left her sitting there stunned at his outburst.

Paul and Lynne were surprised that J.T. didn't seem inclined to return to L.A. and his music career. Paul sent Lynne out and got the scoop from J.T. about how both the career and his relationship with Colleen were over. But there was something that continued to bother J.T. Now that he'd heard Kevin would be cleared of the charges in Brittany's case, he couldn't get over the fact that he'd walk free of any charges after what he'd done to Lily and Colleen. He wanted to come back to work for Paul and try to get the goods on Kevin. Paul warned J.T. to leave Kevin Fisher to the cops, but after initially hesitating, he offered J.T. the chance to come back to Williams Investigations.

Nick told Sharon he hadn't decided yet what to do after taking Cameron's job offer. He just intended to make him pay. Sharon reminded him how dangerous Cameron could be when he was cornered and advised Nick to seek help from his father. Nick flatly refused, saying Victor would, as usual, try to take over. This was something Nick owed it to his family to do. He thought the key to unraveling the mystery of Cameron was finding out about the body in the sewer. That was his next step.

Cameron had a meeting with someone he'd always trusted to do his dirty work, Gabe. He wondered if Gabe had either let something slip about the body or if someone had seen him kill the person or hide the body behind the motel. Gabe was offended that Cameron didn't trust him and said he'd never messed up before. Nor had he betrayed Cameron. Cameron finally decided that Sharon had confessed everything to Nikki and gotten her help in moving the body. Something Sharon said led him to believe that the body was in a sewer. They had to find it before anyone else did. If he couldn't get the information from Sharon, maybe he could get it from Nikki.

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