The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on Y&R
Nick and Sharon made a deal with Grace. Bobby told J.T. that he planned to marry Brittany. Katherine surprised everyone with a party at her own intervention. Phyllis told Daniel that Danny was not his real father.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 28, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, June 28, 2004

Nikki wonders why Nick thinks Grace is the last person that should be with Cameron right now. Nick and Sharon explain to Nikki that they told Grace everything. They didn't believe that Grace knew about the murder, and were hoping that they could use Grace to spy on Cameron. Nikki doesn't think that's such a great idea. Nick is having second thoughts as well. Nikki says that Nick and Sharon have made a decision; it's out of their hands now. The only thing they could possibly do would be to move the body in the event that Grace did tell Cameron that she knows everything. Nick says he has to leave and Nikki worriedly tells him to be careful.

Cameron hugs Grace and thanks her for sticking by him. He tells her that he wants to get away with her as soon as possible. Grace has tears in her eyes and admits to Cameron that she lied to him about where she was. She tells Cameron that she was at the coffeehouse with Nick and Sharon, and they had some wild tales. Cameron demands to know where they told her the body was. Grace feels a little uneasy again, and remembers Nick and Sharon's words. She wonders why Cameron would care if Sharon is making it all up. When she finally admits to him where the body is, she asks Cameron if there really is a body. Cameron asks if she is accusing him of murder. Grace says of course not. Cameron blows it off.

Neil is furious when Dru tells him that Lily lied to the police to protect a boy named Devon at the Rec center who may have stolen a wallet. Neil can't believe that Lily would lie to the police after everything they have done to cooperate with the police to get Kevin Fisher in jail. Dru says that she actually feels sorry for Devon. In a way, Lily is actually doing a good thing by helping a troubled youth so he doesn't turn out to be someone like Kevin Fisher. Neil seems to calm down, but he's still worried. Drucilla says she has to run, tomorrow will be her first day at Newman and she wants to make a good impression.

Victor sees Devon angrily punching a punching bag. Victor comes up to Devon and tells him that he can teach him. Victor goes through the motions with Devon, showing him how to punch systematically with more force. Devon appears to be getting better. Victor offers to teach him how to box professionally. Devon says he has better things to do.

Chris tells Danny that Phyllis is quickly becoming a problem. She says that Phyllis demanded that Chris meet with her and gave her an ultimatum. Danny wonders what it could be. Chris says that if they can't convince Daniel to meet with her, she will let him know that she is the only family he has left. Chris mentions that maybe it's time that Danny tell Daniel he is not Daniel's biological father-before Phyllis does.

Daniel and Mac go to the coffeehouse together. While Mac is away, Phyllis comes up behind Daniel and tries to talk to him. He tells her to go away; he doesn't want her to mess things up with Mac and him. He admits that he told Mac that he is in college. When Mac returns, Phyllis comes by and says that Daniel is a friend of the family. She welcomes Mac back, and talks to Daniel about college in Switzerland. Mac gets a phone call and it's her grandma. Mac thinks she's been drinking so she goes to take the phone call in another room. Daniel tells Phyllis that she shouldn't get too comfortable sitting by him. Phyllis says that she's known Mac a long time, and Mac is a smart girl. Daniel needs some advice when it comes to lying to someone like Mac. Daniel doesn't care what Phyllis has to say, he just wants her to go away. Phyllis is hurt, but she leaves, saying that Daniel will regret not taking her up on her advice.

Ashley tells Damon that she wants him to stay on at Jabot. Damon is surprised; he thought Jack's words were set in stone. Ashley says that she is in charge of the lab, and she wants Damon to stay. Damon pulls out some wine and they have a toast to their partnership.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Michael and Phyllis talk over the phone about the new developments in their lives (his brother moving in and her job at Newman). Kevin arrives home and Michael chews him out for being a slob. They are both surprised by Gloria's sooner than expected arrival. The three try to work out a feasible living arrangement much to Michael's chagrin.

Phyllis makes herself at home in Victoria's old office until Dru comes in staking her own claim. Phyllis can't believe Dru works there now. Dru gloats that she's the new Director of Consolidated Cosmetics, effectively making her Phyllis' new boss. The two fight over the office until Dru suddenly departs.

Bobby stops by the loft and J.T. lays into him for being a danger to Brittany. Bobby insists he will always protect her and slips that he even wants to marry her.

Nikki and Sharon anxiously await Nick's return from Cameron's. When Victor arrives he notices the anxiety and asks about it. Nikki asks him to respect Nick's desire to handle this on his own. She later asks about his mystery demands for the Jabot meeting. He remains mum.

Nick confronts Grace and Cameron. She tells Nick she doesn't believe his 'lies' about Cameron beating Sharon or killing the mystery man. Cameron can't believe Nick would turn on him like this and rescinds the job offer. Nick punches Cameron out for beating Sharon.

Daniel and Mac talk about their respective problems (her grandmother's alcoholism, his mother). He breaks down talking about how Phyllis' absence was a major trauma to him and Danny never explained it. He had always said he'd understand when he's older; He's older now and needs to know what the problem was.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Victor wanted to know why Nick was at the main house, and Nick said he was meeting someone. But he made it very clear that he didn't intend to tell his father what was going on. It was his problem, and he would handle it. Victor again questioned Nick's commitment to the rec center, and Nick said he had to take care of this personal matter first. Besides, he wasn't the only one who had other things going on. Wasn't this the day Victor was to meet with the board of Jabot? Victor was surprised when Michael showed up, but he left for Jabot. Nick told his father to let him know the outcome of the board meeting.

Nick brought Michael up to speed on how Grace had ultimately betrayed them after she'd been told all the details about Cameron, including where in the sewer the body was. Michael wondered what Cameron would do. Just then Sharon walked in and told Michael their theory: that Cameron was setting her up to look guilty of murder. After some discussion, Michael agreed to represent Sharon if she turned herself in and told the police the whole story. But they arrived at the police station to hear where Det. Weber was. A homeless man had found a body hanging half out of the sewer and Hank was now investigating. Michael and Nick ushered Sharon from the police station, saying that if she now turned herself in, it would look like she was covering her tracks.

Daniel and Mackenzie met at Crimson Lights and agreed that they hadn't gotten much sleep the night before because they'd been thinking of each other. While they were talking, Phyllis came in and approached them. Mackenzie left, and Daniel told Phyllis he'd be willing to have a relationship with her on one condition: that she tell him the truth about what happened between her and his father when they got divorced. When Phyllis put him off, saying she had to get to work, Daniel agreed to have dinner with her that night as long as they could talk about what he'd asked.

Nikki met Jill at the Chancellor house and heard Jill's news. Arthur, Esther, Brock, Lauren, and Liz were all willing to be there with Jill that night to do an intervention on Katherine. Although Nikki was disappointed to hear that things had gotten to that point, she agreed to be part of it. She told Jill she'd meet her later at Jabot and left. Jill thought about how painful it was to see Katherine going through this and was crying when Mackenzie came in. Although Mackenzie agreed to help talk to her grandmother, once she understood what an intervention entailed, she refused to be part of it. She couldn't abandon her grandmother. She was suspicious that this was just one more way that Jill was trying to get rid of Katherine and have the house to herself. Jill denied that and left for work. What neither of them knew was that Katherine had come downstairs and overheard their plan for an intervention. She smiled, took another drink, and said it would happen over her dead body.

At the Jabot board meeting, Jack promised he was going to keep his temper in check. He also privately assured Brad that if Victor's stipulation had anything to do with Abby, he'd try to get John out of there before Victor could expose the secret of Abby's paternity to her grandfather. Nikki arrived to find Jack, Brad, John, and Ashley already there. Victor arrived and tried to goad a very calm Jack into another of their disagreements, but Jack had himself well in hand. When Jill arrived, Victor put his offer on the table. Thanks to Nikki's powers of persuasion, he would return to his original offer of $75 million, on one condition. Jack was to be removed permanently from the CEO position at Jabot and would never again be given any managerial position with the company.

Thursday, July 1, 2004

As Brittany is staring at her scar in the mirror, J.T. comes home to the loft. He tells her that he is impressed that she is seeing results after only two days. Brittany picks up her cell phone and checks her messages. J.T. wonders what she's doing. Brittany tells him that she thought Bobby may have tried to call her last night. J.T. thinks that maybe this is the time for Brittany to think seriously about what she wants. Brittany tells J.T. she's not serious about anything right now. When Raul comes home he tells Brittany that he has some more creams for her to try. Brittany enthusiastically goes to try them. J.T. warns Raul about Bobby. He says that Bobby told him he wants to marry Brittany. At first Raul is really angry. He later decides that Brittany can mess her life up however she wants to and there's nothing he can do to stop it. The phone rings and Brittany comes back to get it. It's her surgeon; he had a reschedule and wants to do her surgery today.

At the coffeehouse Daniel, Lily, Cassie and Sierra talk about the ring and home video they found at the Rec center. Daniel thinks the mystery is nonsense and says he needs another espresso or he will nod off. Sierra wonders why Daniel is always so rude. Suddenly Kevin shows up at the coffeehouse and sees Lily. He stands and stares at her. Even though Lily is on edge, Daniel wonders why nobody has introduced him. Sierra introduces them, but mentions that she will not introduce him to anyone else. She points at Cassie and says she's only 12. Everyone but Daniel and Kevin get up and leave. Daniel says Kevin really knows how to clear a room. Kevin laughs and sits down next to Daniel, eating donuts and sugar. Kevin says that his brother is always telling him not to eat that stuff. Kevin shrugs. Daniel asks why Lily and the girls reacted to Kevin. Kevin tells J.T. that he met Lily on the internet, and they kind of went out. They talk about the kind of girls and Daniel mentions that he likes girls that are a challenge. He says he likes older, smart and different types of women. Kevin thinks he may be talking about someone specifically and asks Daniel if he has a girlfriend. Daniel smiles at the mention of Mac being his girl. Kevin says that he once fell for an older woman once. It was a disaster. Kevin thinks someone like Daniel must have an easy life. Daniel shakes his head. He never knew his family. Kevin says to him that sounds like a dream come true. As Kevin gets up to leave, he tells Daniel it was good to meet him. Daniel agrees.

The Jabot board is outraged that Victor would try to offer the 75 million again if they would agree to fire Jack. Ashley and John can't believe Victor is serious. Victor says he is extremely serious. Jill doesn't want to hear it anymore. When Victor leaves, Nikki says she should go to. The Jabot board is coming down pretty hard on Victor, and Nikki is in a strange situation. Jill is really angry with Victor. Ashley tries to explain that maybe they should accept the offer. After all, it was Jack who originally turned down the offer when it was first presented to him. Jill can't believe Ashley would turn on her brother. Ashley says she has to think of what's best for her company. Jill says Ashley seems to be the only one who sees Victor as a big, cuddly teddy bear.

Phyllis and Drucilla fight over Victoria's office. Phyllis has been at Newman all night setting it up so it would be hers. Neil seems impressed with Phyllis' systematic marketing plans. Drucilla is angry. She wants to get her way, so she tells Neil

Gloria is vacuuming when Michael comes home. Michael says that Gloria doesn't have to do that, he has a maid. As they begin talking about Kevin, Michael mentions that Kevin has been through the ringer, he needs a physiatrist, and also to meet people and make friends. Gloria wonders if Michael might know anyone that would be friends with Kevin. Michael reminds her that he even he is not very likeable in Genoa City. Gloria asks Michael if he would mind getting her an "in" at the Athletic Club.

Nikki is outraged when she finds Victor in his office. She doesn't understand how his offer could have possibly made her look good. How can he possibly think they would fire Jack for Victor's money? Nikki says he used his wealth and his power to settle the score. Victor has been so bent on revenge he is destroying everyone else's lives in the process.

Jack knocks on Victor's door. He says that was quite a settlement, and he would like to toast to it.

Friday, July 2, 2004

Jack showed up at the ranch with a bottle of champagne to share with Victor, saying he had to hand it to him concerning his offer to Jabot. When Victor wanted him to get to the point, Jack said that he felt sorry for Victor. There was no longer a Newman in Newman Enterprises. Nick wasn't working there. He'd driven Victoria out of town. Victor Jr. didn't even know Victor was his father, because Hope had the right idea by keeping them apart. Even Nikki worked for him at Jabot. Victor said that wouldn't be the case much longer. Jack said he didn't anticipate his family kicking him out of the family business. Unlike Newmans, Abbotts were loyal to each other. Victor told him when he was out of work, he could give him something to do. Jack said he'd rather not pick up trash on the side of the road with Victor and the rest of the convicted felons. Victor said he could push a broom at the rec center he was building. Jack said the reason why Victor wanted him out of the picture at Jabot was simple. Every time he looked at Jack, Victor knew that he'd broken the law because he was afraid to compete with Jack on a level playing field. Jack then walked out on him.

Brittany was getting ready to have plastic surgery on her scar when Bobby arrived. Even though she said he didn't have to be there, Bobby said he was staying while she had surgery. And he wanted her to know that no matter what happened, he was going to feel the same way about her that he had before the surgery. He just wondered how she was going to feel if it didn't work as well as she hoped. Brittany said if it didn't, she was okay with that. What she'd been through had helped her get her priorities straight. She didn't just mean her singing, although that was important, but her love for him. That meant more to her than anything, and he'd better get used to hearing it.

At the loft, J.T. was disgusted to hear that Bobby pulled into the parking lot of the hospital just as Raul was leaving. He warned Raul that he needed to be there with Brittany so he could wage a good fight against Bobby. Raul said he wasn't going to fight Bobby. He and Brittany were finished, and he'd accepted that. Mac came in and told them about Jill's plan to do an intervention on Katherine. She hadn't decided yet if she'd participate. When Daniel called, she agreed to meet him at Crimson Lights. After she left, Raul chided J.T. for his disapproval of Daniel and Mac. Both boys agreed that Mac might not even know that Daniel was four years younger than she was. J.T. decided to go to the coffee house and enlighten her, just in case Daniel had been deliberately lying to her.

Arthur went to see Jill in her office. He could tell she was having a bad day, but she said she didn't want to talk about the board meeting. It was corporate politics at its worst. He wondered if everything was set up for Katherine's intervention that night. Jill told him that Mackenzie was an unknown quantity. She might come, or she might not. Arthur said that even if she didn't, the intervention would work. Jill said that Katherine might just walk out on them, and Arthur said he'd sit on her if he had to make her listen to everything they had to say.

Mackenzie met Daniel at Crimson Lights. He told her that he'd agreed to meet his mother for dinner that night if she was willing to tell him the truth about his infancy and her divorce from his father. He was supportive when he heard what Mac might be facing with her grandmother. He thought maybe she should go and stick up for her when everyone else tried the tough love approach. Mackenzie said that was called enabling. Finally they both agreed to go take care of what they had to and meet at the coffee house again the next morning. J.T. walked in just as Daniel was kissing Mackenzie, and the couple walked out before he could tell Mac anything about Daniel's age.

Katherine schemed all day on a surprise for the people who planned to do the intervention on her. She got progressively drunker, and finally ended up peeking out the window, watching Jill, Arthur, Esther, Nikki, Liz, Lauren, Gina, and Brock gather and prepare themselves to confront Katherine. Finally they came inside to find that Katherine had a bar set up and the place looking ready for a "Happy Intervention" party, with caterers included and free drinks for everyone.

Phyllis asked Damon if she could use his apartment to have dinner with Daniel. She was unsure how she was going to tell her son the whole truth, but if that's what he wanted, she intended to. Damon said she could practice on him, but Phyllis said she didn't want to get into her unsavory past, especially with someone who kept his own secrets about his past. Damon assured her that he wouldn't judge her, and furthermore, his secrets affected her in no way. He advised her to relax, wear jeans, and order pizza. Phyllis did all of that, but once Daniel arrived, he didn't make it easy on her. As she tried to make conversation and get to know him better, Daniel lashed out at her, telling her to stop avoiding telling him the things he wanted to know. He wanted the truth and now. Phyllis said she'd tell him the whole truth if he wouldn't run out as soon as he heard something he didn't like. He agreed. She shocked him by saying that to begin with, Danny wasn't his real father.

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