The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 5, 2004 on Y&R
Jack resigned from Jabot. Frank Barrett's body was discovered, and the police connected Frank to Sharon. Katherine decided to go to rehabilitation. Bobby wanted Nikki to partner with him in his new cabaret. Nikki had visions of something horrific from her past.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 5, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, July 5, 2004

John, Ashley and Brad discuss whether or not they should agree to Victor's offer. None of them want to, but they know that Jabot will be finished without the money. Jack comes into the office and says they need to get working right away. Sure, this is just another set back for them, but there are always ways to crunch money and stay afloat. He sees the gloomy looks on his families' faces and wonders what's going on. They tell him that they are considering the possibility of still taking Victor's offer. Jack says he will make this easier on everyone, he quits. John says he won't let him. Jack says this will be the best thing for everyone. He already feels like a huge weight has been lifted.

John goes to visit Jack in his office to offer his sympathy. He says it breaks his heart knowing that the person he always counted on to be there for him wouldn't be able. Jack hugs John and says he hopes that this will turn out good in the end. When John leaves, Jack says aloud, "I'll be back here someday dad, I promise."

Everyone is surprised to see that Katherine has staged her own intervention party. As Katherine tries to convince everyone to have drinks and be merry, sadness is overcome by all the family members. Brock tells Katherine he was so proud of her when she quit drinking all those years ago, and can now feel only the pain of reliving that horrible past all over again. He is so upset by it that he has to leave the room. Lauren says to Katherine that these could be the happiest times of her life. Finally getting to know Jill as her daughter as they begin to bond, as well as reuniting with Jill's father. Katherine laughs it off and says that her drinking is more important than anything else in the world. When Mac shows up, the sadness everyone is feeling finally seems to be catching up with Katherine. She tells Mac she needs a hug. Mac can tell she's obviously been drinking. Mac says that she too, has to leave Katherine if she continues to drink herself to death. One thing Katherine taught her was about family, and family cannot stand by and watch a loved one kill themselves.

Danny tells Chris that he is surprised Daniel decided to have dinner with Phyllis after being so adamant about not meeting her. Chris says that they can only deal with the situation. Danny says that although things are rough with Phyllis right now, he wonders if it would be a good time for him to move in with her and Daniel. Chris thinks it would be a great idea.

Phyllis tells Daniel that Danny is not his biological father. Daniel wonders who his real father is. Phyllis tells him that she got pregnant when she was very young and his father was not the kind of person who would have wanted a child. Phyllis says after that she met Danny in New York, and knew immediately that he was the right man for her. Daniel realizes that Phyllis lied to Danny and told him that she was pregnant with his baby. Phyllis admits that it is true, but if it hadn't been for Chris' determination to get Danny back, she wouldn't have lost her son. Chris had worked hard to get the judge to grant Danny full custody and declare her an unfit mother for her selfishness only. Daniel seems overcome by this harsh new reality. Phyllis tells him that she will understand if Daniel needs to take some time to think, but wants the opportunity more than anything else finally get to know him. Daniel says he needs to think about it.

Danny calls Gina and is worried that Daniel hasn't shown up at the Athletic Club. When Daniel walks in, Danny says hi to his son. Daniel tells him to never call him that again. Was he ever planning to tell him that he is not his real father? Or was he just going to let Daniel live a lie forever?

Dru goes to the Rec center and talks to Devon. She says that she wants him to stop being friends with her daughter. He is a bad influence on her. Devon says that Lily told him that Dru was in the same position as he once was, and wonders if having money has made her forget what it's like. Dru tells him that she worked hard to get where she is now, but she can't have someone stealing hanging out with her daughter.

Lily shows up at the Rec center and says hi to Devon, but he ignores her. Lily gets upset. She helps him out and this is the way he treats her? Devon tells her not to do him any favors. Lily stands by wondering what happened to make him treat her that way. The supervisor at the Rec center says maybe her mother knows. She was talking to Devon earlier.

Tuesday, July 6, 2004

Phyllis confronts Christine in her apartment. She told Daniel everything. Chris is floored. They argue about why Phyllis lost custody of Daniel. Chris is sickened by what Phyllis did all those years ago. Phyllis felt even more pain losing her son. She advises them not to come between her and Danny again because she won't be responsible for her actions.

Daniel tells Danny he knows he's not his real father. Danny says that is not the whole story. Daniel wants it all or else he's walking. He says Phyllis is a very manipulative woman who drugged him and told him they had sex. The marriage is a sham. She faked the paternity test which broke up him and Chris. Chris found out the truth by digging around the lab. It had been years since D was born and Danny loved him by then. He ended things with the marriage and then there was the custody battle. He could never have left him with such an unstable woman as a mom. Danny had raised him for so long that the court gave him to Danny. He will always be his father. Daniel is stunned his mother could do that and tries to see that she just tried to keep them together. Danny tires to reinforce that D hasn't changed. He's still the same person he always was. Daniel storms out in confusion.

Sharon demands answers from Grace. She still is in denial about Cameron and the body. Sharon reveals that a body was found. Grace will remain loyal to Cameron. Grace won't be scared by Sharon's stories. Sharon won't take the rap for what Cameron did. He might even dispose of Grace after she's lost her usefulness. Unless she cooperates she'll be an accessory to murder. She must give Sharon and Nick info on the body and how Cameron tied Sharon to it.

Nick confronts Cameron. He knows Cameron arranged to have it found as part of a plan to implicate Sharon. Cameron reveals that he knows all about Sharon's past because she confided it to him in Denver. Nick deduces that Sharon's rejection of him has eaten away at Cameron. So much so that Grace and he teamed up to destroy her. Grace admitted as much. If C did anything to connect the body to Sharon Cameron will be the next corpse in the sewer.

Katherine's friends and family beg her to stop drinking. She screams that she can't do it. Arthur and the others one by one tell Katherine a tearful 'goodbye'. If she has chosen the alcohol over them they can't be apart of her life. Kay tells Jill she knew she would desert her one day. She can't believe it when Mac turns on her as well, screaming that Mac never loved her. Alone, Katherine mutters to herself that she doesn't need any of them. She takes a drink and falls asleep on the couch. Later the room shakes oddly and the lights flicker. The doors open to reveal a large sunset. Out from the doors comes Rex's ghost. He tells her he's glad he never knew her as a drunk. It's such a shame. Phillip Chancellor III emerges next and is also saddened by her decent into alcohol. They remember the bond they had despite Jill's objections. If only they could have had more time but the booze killed him like it led to Phillip's death. Phillip and Rex tell Kay how all her friends and family will miss her. Rex chastises her relying on booze and tells her to stop the nonsense. She gives him her glass and begs them not to leave her. They tell her that it's a long time on the other side. Don't rush into it. They leave and she wakes up, still on the couch. She wonders if it really was a dream or something more.

Lily asks Dru what she told Devon that caused him to not speak to her anymore. Dru remembers first showing up in GC and meeting up with Aunt Mamie. She realizes how much in common she has with Devon. She's grown since then.

The police have ID the body from the sewer: it's Frank Barrett...Cassie's father and Sharon's ex!

Wednesday, July 7, 2004

Dru asked Jamal and Mrs. Davis over to talk about Devon. Mrs. Davis said Devon's background left him at risk. So far he'd done nothing more serious than shoplifting and breaking curfew, but when he turned eighteen, he'd be out of the system and entirely on his own, without many prospects. Dru hoped that Devon wasn't going to fall through the cracks. Mrs. Davis said boys like Devon had a one in a million chance of turning out like Dru. Dru seemed to be really worried about Devon and wondered if there wasn't some hope for him.

Devon came into the rec center to find Nick working out with the punching bag. Nick tried to give him some pointers on boxing. As Nick tried to get to know him, Devon first lied about his father, then admitted he didn't have a father. He'd been taken away from his mother when he was little because she was a crackhead. Nick offered to take Devon to the ranch to go swimming. Devon said he had things to do and didn't need a rich dude like Nick doing him favors.

Hank Weber was sure the body in the sewer belonged to Frank Barrett. There wasn't much in Frank's file that gave him information, until he realized that Frank was connected to Nick, Sharon, and Cassie.

Sharon was in a panic as she told Nikki about the police finding the body. Nikki said it was a disaster waiting to happen because Nick and Sharon had told Grace everything, and she'd betrayed their trust. Cassie came in while they were arguing and Nikki noticed the earring on Cassie's necklace and asked about it. Cassie explained that she'd found it at the rec center. After Cassie left, Nikki told Sharon to relax and try to hold herself together. Sharon hugged her and thanked her for everything she'd done for her.

Nick came home and told Sharon what Cameron had told him. That Sharon had confided all the details about Diego, Matt, and Frank to him before going upstairs with him in the hotel in Denver. Sharon denied this and said that Grace must have provided all that information. She begged Nick to tell her that he trusted her. Nick said that he believed in her. He wasn't sure how or why Cameron had gotten all the information he had, but he wasn't going to let him destroy their family. Just as he and Sharon were about to go upstairs to the bedroom, Hank Weber arrived and said he needed to ask Sharon some questions.

Daniel was thinking about Mac when Christine came in. He didn't want to talk about Phyllis with her, even after hearing that Phyllis had talked to Christine. She told Daniel that things had been handled badly, and Danny was upset. Daniel believed Phyllis's version of things, but invited Christine to tell her version. Christine tried to point out Phyllis's culpability, but Daniel said all three of them were screwed up. He'd have had a family with a mother and a father if Christine hadn't stolen a normal life from him. He called her a self-righteous, all-knowing lawyer on a power trip. Christine said that Phyllis had been dangerous, unscrupulous, and not trustworthy with a little boy's future.

J.T. overheard as Daniel and Mac agreed on the phone to meet at Crimson Lights. J.T. warned her not to meet him, and Mac defended Daniel. J.T. told her that Daniel was sixteen. Mac accused J.T. of trying to ruin her relationship because he was miserable. As J.T. tried to convince her that Daniel had lied to her and used her, Mac told him to shut up. J.T. said it was obviously too late for him to stop her from getting hurt. He urged her to just forget that Daniel even exists.

Daniel told Mac about his meeting with his mother. She was surprised to hear that Phyllis was his mother. She said she could tell him stories about Phyllis, who was usually described as a loose cannon. Daniel said he couldn't blame her for all the things she'd done, or any of them for keeping the story from him. He'd probably have kept quiet, too. Mac didn't confront him with the secret he was keeping from her about his age. Instead, she told him about her miserable night with her grandmother. When Katherine had come into her life, all her dreams of a family and a real home had come true. But the woman she'd said goodbye to the night before wasn't the same woman. She was slowly committing suicide. Daniel pointed out that a lot of people loved Katherine, and Mac and those people could rely on each other for support. Mac said she had to get to the rec center and would see him later.

Thursday, July 8, 2004

Detective Weber tells Nick and Sharon that Frank Barrett is dead. Weber asks Sharon about the last time she saw him. Sharon says she saw Frank at the Boutique a few weeks ago when she was with Cassie, but it was like seeing someone from her past, they didn't really have anything to talk about. Detective Weber knows that Frank is Cassie's real father. Nick and Sharon say that Nick is the only father Cassie has ever known and they had been waiting to tell her when the time was right. Now Sharon is worried about Cassie because she will have to find out. Weber seems satisfied and leaves, saying that he may be back. Nick and Sharon discuss Cameron's involvement in the murder. They realize that Frank is someone who can be linked to Sharon but not Cameron. Nick is angry and goes to see Cameron. Sharon begs him to be careful. Nick says he won't get hurt and this is the only thing he can do.

Neil tells Michael that although he won't press charges against Kevin, he thinks that he should see a shrink. Neil feels that it would be better for everyone. Michael is angry; he doesn't like Neil telling him what to do.

Kevin goes to see Lauren at the Boutique. He's looking for a job. Lauren doesn't think that Kevin working at the Boutique is a good idea. There are a lot of young girls working there. Kevin says that he has changed, and he has Lauren to thank for it. Lauren doesn't believe change can happen that easily.

Phyllis and Drucilla argue over who gets to use the office for meetings. Phyllis finally agrees to leave Drucilla alone for a meeting, saying that she has to go let some of her aggression out. Phyllis and Daniel have been talking, but she's really worried that some people "not to mention any names" will want to continue keeping her away from her son. Drucilla says that Daniel is lucky to have a mother, who loves him, many children are not so lucky. Phyllis wonders where Dru is coming from. Dru starts talking about people like Devon who grew up with no one to love, but Phyllis stops her. She doesn't want to hear about depressing things like that. Dru looks at a piece of paper with Devon's name written all over it.

Mac comes home in tears after seeing Daniel. Raul is packing some things for Brittany. Raul feels stupid that he keeps trying to be in Brittany's life when she obviously only cares for him as a friend. He can't be fun like Bobby. Mac tries to comfort Raul. Mac tells him that she just found out that Daniel is only 16 and her grandma picked alcohol over her and her family. She has no one. Raul hugs Mac.

Lily is talking to Daniel when J.T. arrives and tells her to leave. He is being rude, and he tells Daniel that he doesn't appreciate Daniel lying to his friend Mac. J.T. says that Mac knows the truth. Daniel thinks maybe J.T.'s plan to break them up didn't work because Mac hadn't said anything to him when they met. J.T. says it will. Daniel tells him things are not over between the two of them.

Jill sees Jack and his new tennis partner at the coffeehouse. Jack says that he's happy, but Jill has a hard time believing that tennis and poker will continue to make Jack happy. She is worried about seeing Katherine again when she goes to get her things.

As Jill arrives at the Chancellor Estate, Katherine is surprised to see Jill. She realizes that Jill is there to pick up her things. Katherine tells Jill that she has decided to go into rehab. The intervention actually got to her, and it even paved the way for her to realize things about her past. Katherine asks Jill if she will stay in the house while she is gone away.

Friday, July 9, 2004

Daniel was upset by Mac's reaction to the news J.T. had shared with her. He reminded her that age was an arbitrary thing, and she hadn't had a problem with J.T. dating Colleen in spite of their age difference. Mac said that Colleen hadn't lied to J.T. Mac didn't base her decisions on what was okay for other people, only on what was right for herself. She didn't think a relationship between them was appropriate. Furthermore, Daniel had lied to her. Daniel said she just made assumptions about his age. He'd believed she wouldn't give him a chance if she knew he was four years younger. Instead, they'd been good together and shared something special. Their kiss had been real. Mac told him that was over. She was willing to be friends with him, but nothing more, and she hoped he would continue to volunteer at the rec center because they needed his help. She began to cry after she persuaded him to leave.

Danny confronted Phyllis at the athletic club, tearing into her for the things she'd told Daniel. Phyllis said that she'd been the only one willing to tell him the truth. Danny said that she'd told her version of the truth, which was vastly different from the way things really happened. Phyllis reminded him that he'd had his chance to put his slant on things. If he'd cared about Daniel, sometime during the intervening years, he'd have picked up a phone and checked on Phyllis, to see if she'd become worthy of mothering her son. But he hadn't. Now she was going to do for Danny what he'd done for her---nothing. The most she could promise was that she wouldn't bad mouth Danny to Daniel. Danny told her that she hadn't won. One day, Daniel would see her for what she really was, and Danny would be there to pick up his pieces. Phyllis looked a little worried as Danny left the club.

Christine and Paul talked at Crimson Lights. He told her about losing his lease on his office space at Newman Towers. So far, he hadn't decided what he was going to do. Christine hadn't decided her future either. Although she wasn't ready to go down the same road with Michael in their partnership, Paul said that in spite of his feelings for Michael, Christine had thrived when they were working together. He was upset to hear what Phyllis had told Daniel, and assured Christine that she wasn't to blame for any of it. They touched hands and agreed that it was good to be able to talk to each other again.

Nikki was surprised and not entirely happy to receive a visit from Bobby Marsino, but she heard out his proposition. He admired the way she'd made something of herself and had a classy life now. He wanted to do the same thing, with her help. Nikki wasn't interested in becoming a partner in his cabaret, although she admired his persistence in pitching the idea to her. Her career and life were just too busy to allow her to do something like that. However, she was willing to tell her friends about the changes at Marsino's and recommend that they go there.

Later, Cassie came by to pick up a book she'd left at Nikki's. Nikki again looked at the necklace Cassie had made from the earring she found at the rec center. After she left, Nikki began playing the piano, but she was interrupted by sudden, blurry flashbacks of people, including a little girl, screaming.

Drucilla talked to Neil about Devon, saying that he reminded her of herself. Neil pointed out that she'd overcome her rough adolescence on the streets. Dru said that she'd done that with his help, along with help from Aunt Mamie, John Abbott, and Nathan. She wondered if they were going to look the other way and let another kid fall through the cracks, like so many troubled teens did. She didn't think she could bear to see that happen.

Devon wasn't entirely comfortable in Crimson Lights with Lily. He said he didn't usually hang out where the rich kids did, and although he agreed the coffee she bought him was good, he wasn't sure it was worth four dollars. She saw him looking at a sandwich and offered to buy him one, but Devon refused. He finally loosened up a little when she asked where he hung out, admitting that he used to play basketball near the rec center. But now he was into boxing, and Mr. Newman said he wasn't bad. Lily said she liked aerobics and yoga. When he laughed at her for being such a girl, she suggested that he go with her to yoga sometime. It was harder than it looked. After she left for her shift at the rec center, Devon saw Trevor set another sandwich on the counter. He went to steal it, but as he reached for it, Drucilla came in and asked him what he thought he was doing.

Nick confronted Cameron with the news that the body had been discovered and was probably Frank Barrett's. Although he didn't know why Cameron did it, Nick knew he was guilty and was trying to connect Sharon to the murder. Cameron assured Nick that he got away with whatever he wanted to. He never lost. Nick questioned what in Cameron's past had turned him into such a twisted person. Had he been sexually molested as a child? Had some woman hurt him? Did he in fact hate women? Cameron told him to leave, and Nick vowed that this was one fight he wasn't going to win.

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