The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 9, 2004 on Y&R
Nick saved Sharon from Cameron, who ended up in police custody. Ashley found a note from Brad after he had left town with Abby. Gloria refused to introduce John to her sons. Dru decided to adopt Devon without consulting Neil.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 9, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, August 9, 2004

Sharon begs Cameron to wait until her children call her back. Cameron tells her that she needs to stop stalling. Either she leaves with him now or spend the rest of her life in jail. Sharon gets into the car with Cameron as they go speeding through the night. Sharon silently prays that Nick will hear her message.

When Nick gets home he notices that he has a message on the machine. During Sharon's message she mentions a special dinner that she will miss. Nick realizes that this means they are leaving tonight. He runs out of the house, leaving Michael standing there. Michael tries to call Detective Weber. He is amazed that Weber calls right back. He says that Sharon and Nick are in big trouble. Nick decides to page Sharon on her phone to tell her what he is up to. Cameron thinks it Sharon's children calling her.

J.T. and Paul discuss the case of the children's body. They now know that the boy is Joshua, and Paul found out that the family was originally from Ohio. J.T. wonders if they can call information to find Joshua's parents. Paul says it's impossible, the parents are dead. Paul wonders what connection, if any, Nikki knows about this case.

Nikki comes home to find Victor looking smug. When she asks him where he has been, he says to take care of some things. She mocks him about not telling her what he was up to. She mentions she saw Katherine and that she is doing wonderful. Nikki realizes how nice it is to have her friend back to confide in. Nikki tells Victor that thoughts from her past keep reappearing in her life. Nikki talks about how hard it's been for her with Ashley in their lives again. Victor hopes that in time it will get easier. Nikki wonders if Victor had known that the Rec center was once owned by her parents. Victor is surprised. He tells her about the skeleton they found of a little boy. Nikki's eyes fill with tears. As she gets ready to go to bed, she turns to Victor. She doesn't want to go to bed, she wants to be with him. Victor tries to comfort her.

Brad tells Ashley that Victor took Abby out of preschool without anyone's permission and called Brad to gloat about it. Ashley is shocked. Brad angrily tells her that Abby will never go to that preschool again because they let Abby go with what could have been a complete stranger. Ashley says she doesn't feel like arguing about it. Brad didn't think they were arguing.

Jill tells Jack about Elliot and his uxorious business dealings. Jack says it takes a lot to make a lot. Jill tries to explain, but Jack doesn't feel that Jill's worries are of great concern. They begin flirting with each other and hit at getting together later. Jack mentions that his father is out his second date with a lady. Jill tells Jack to look out for him.

Gloria asks Kevin how she looks for her second date with John Abbot. Kevin wonders what it would be like to have money like John, but Gloria tells Kevin that money is not what's important. Kevin disagrees. Gloria is worried that Michael will see them. She says that Michael says that a lot of people in town would treat her differently if they knew she was Kevin and Michael's mother. Kevin says maybe someday soon people will change the way they see him.

During dinner, John and Gloria seem to be having a wonderful time. John thinks it would be a great idea to meet her sons. Gloria gets flustered, not this Friday, not tomorrow. When she tries to say that they aren't all getting along that well, John thinks their meeting together will help them. Finally, Gloria has to just say not right now. John suddenly changes his tone and hurriedly insists they order dinner soon.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Ashley goes to the Newman ranch and scolds Victor for not adhering to the message that she left him. Victor lets her know that Brad had Nikki erased it and he questions Brad's ability to parent a child. Ashley tells Victor to focus on his marriage.

Nikki and Brad agree to keep each other informed about what is going on between Victor and Ashley. Brad tells Nikki that Victor is working Ashley to gain custody of Abby.

In Dru's office, Phyllis tells Daniel they will temporarily live in a guesthouse on the Newman ranch.

At Yves, Damon vents to Dru his frustrations with Daniel and that he is upset that Phyllis has decided to move out with her son. Dru advises Damon not to put too much pressure on Phyllis.

Gloria tells Kevin that her date with John didn't go well because she came up with multiple excuses for him not to meet her sons. Kevin would like Gloria to introduce him to John, but not yet. Gloria questions Kevin, because she knows that he is planning on doing something that will change his image in town.

On Cameron's Jet, Sharon wraps up a pretend phone call to Cassie. She hopes to delay the departure of their flight and Nick will arrive with the police. Sharon freaks out and struggles to get out of her seat. Meanwhile, Cameron summons his enforcer to restrain her with Duct Tape. Cameron strokes Sharon and tells her that she will learn to love him and Genoa City will soon be a part of her past.

Meanwhile, Nicholas speeds to the airport to save Sharon. When he arrives the guard won't let him on the premises because his name was crossed off the clearance list.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ashley told Brad that Victor never would have taken Abby from day camp if Brad and Nikki hadn't erased her message to Victor telling him to wait until Ash returned from her business trip for unsupervised visits with Abby. Brad contended that no matter what, Victor was determined to usurp his place in Abby's life, and Ashley was helping him do it. She was treating Brad like the enemy. Brad said it was because Ashley still had strong feelings for Victor, which Ashley denied. Brad asked why all those years ago she'd decided to have Victor's child. Ashley admitted it was to fill an empty place that had always been inside her since she terminated her first pregnancy. Brad pointed out that she didn't just want a child; she wanted Victor's child. Ashley said that regardless of her feelings back when she was alone, she was in love with her husband. But Victor's paternity was a reality. Her decision was made. Victor was going to get unsupervised visits with Abby; she wasn't going to fight with Brad over this any more.

Grace returned to Genoa City and went with Michael to see Hank Weber. He wasn't impressed with her belief that Cameron had murdered Frank, and he was furious to hear that Sharon was on Cameron's plane. Michael said that Cameron was holding Sharon hostage. When Grace told Hank that Cameron had threatened her, saying that if he went down, Grace was going with him, Hank called the airport to get the status of Cameron's plane.

Once they were in the air, Cameron removed the duct tape that he'd used to bind Sharon. She asked him to tell her about Frank. Cameron admitted that one of the men flying the plane, Gabe, had taken care of Frank for him. And although he'd been furious when he came to behind the dumpster, half-frozen, after Sharon left him for dead, Cameron said that was all behind them now. He loved her. Sharon began having memories of happy times with Nick and her children and became hysterical. She said she'd rather die than be with him, and she tried to open the door of the jet. As Cameron struggled with her, she saw Nick watching them from behind a curtain. She pretended to calm down and even welcome Cameron's efforts to comfort her. Nick looked around the plane and found some parachutes. He went into the cabin and began beating on Cameron until Cameron was unconscious. They all dressed in coveralls and put on parachutes, and as soon as Cameron regained consciousness, Nick pushed him and Sharon from the plane, telling them to wait three seconds then activate their parachutes. He then jumped out behind them.

Jill was delighted with the news that Katherine and Arthur planned to marry. She said they were going out to celebrate. But Katherine had something she wanted to discuss with Jill first. Elliot Hampton was not happy with Jill's efforts to find out the financial situation at Chancellor Industries. Jill insisted that she was only looking out for Katherine's best interests. Arthur took Jill's side, and Katherine finally agreed to let Jill continue to look into things, but she warned her not to step on anyone's toes. When Katherine and Arthur went to dress for dinner, Jill called Elliot. She said his efforts to get her mother involved had failed to chase her away. She still wanted all the financial reports she'd asked for and more. Elliot agreed and hung up the phone with a bemused look.

Dru made a special dinner for her family, and used the occasion to give Devon a little lesson in etiquette. Later, Lily apologized to him for it. Devon said that was okay. Dru was just trying to teach him the right things to do, and Lily was lucky to have grown up in such a family. Lily realized that Devon was starting to like it there.

Neil told Dru he was concerned about how long it was taking to find a foster home for Devon. The longer they waited, the harder it would be for Devon to leave them. Dru pointed out that Neil had said things were working out much better than he'd expected. Neil said that was true, but he wanted his family back the way it was. After Neil left to handle an emergency at work, Mrs. Davis came with good news. Devon had been accepted into another group home in Genoa City. However, the Winters' application to be foster parents had been approved. If they wanted Devon to stay, nothing was stopping that. She told Dru to talk it over with her family and get back to her. After she left, Dru watched Lily and Devon happily playing cards on the terrace. Clearly, she didn't want Devon to go anywhere.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Brad is up early looking out the window when Ashley comes in. She wonders why Brad didn't wake her up. Brad says that he is taking Abby to a new daycare this morning. Ashley wants to talk about it, but Brad tells her there is nothing to talk about. When Abby comes in, Brad tells Abby that they are taking her to a new daycare. Abby says she likes her regular daycare. Brad promises her that she will like the new one. He tells Abby to say goodbye to her mother and tell her that she loves her. Ashley says that Abby doesn't have to tell her that, she knows she does. Brad says that it still feels good to hear. Before they leave, Brad pulls out a note for Ashley and looks at it. He places it by a picture of Abby.

Ashley comes downstairs and sees the letter in front of Abby's picture. When she opens it, her mouth drops open.

Brittany is hiding out at the coffeehouse waiting until Raul is gone. Mac comes in and tells Brittany they have decided to throw Raul a going away party here. Brittany wants to leave, but Mac tries to get her to stay. When Brittany sees Raul come in with J.T. laughing, she runs away in tears. J.T. cheers and begins to joke with Raul about being roommates. Everyone shares funny things they know about Raul. Raul says now that they are all together he is even surer that leaving is a good thing. Boston is going to be such a cool place, the professional sports, the parties, the girls. J.T. says that the girls in Boston will never be like the ones in Genoa City. Raul admits that it's true, and Mac lets Raul kiss her passionately. Raul is still ready to leave, but as he goes, someone comes in and says that someone has broken into J.T.'s car and stolen all of Raul's things.

Drucilla thinks about how she convinced Neil to take Devon in. Lily interrupts her thoughts and talks about how happy Devon is and that he is getting used to living with them. Neil and Devon return home from playing basketball and both are laughing and joking around. As they all sit down for dinner, Drucilla talks to Devon about going to college and learning new languages. Devon says that he's really happy to be there, it's different, but he's really trying.

Drucilla tries to talk to Neil about Devon after dinner, but Neil is still wary of the situation. After he leaves for work Olivia comes by. Drucilla tells her that although Miss Parker called to tell her that they had found a group home in Genoa City, she has decided that she and Neil will become Devon's foster parents. Olivia says she can't do that, especially without Neil's okay, but Drucilla is not convinced. When Olivia leaves, Drucilla calls Miss Parker to tell her they have decided to adopt Devon.

Victor and Nikki talk to Detective Weber and find out that Cameron's plane has crashed. They worry about Nick and Sharon. Victor says that if he would have gotten involved they wouldn't be in this mess. Nikki says never let Nick know that, especially if Nick returns by himself.

Through the cornfields and under a big parachute, Nick and Sharon are relived to know that they have survived. What's more, they have everything they need to prove that Cameron set Sharon up. As Cameron rests in pain with his broken leg, they push him along to the nearest police station. As they take Cameron away, Nick calls Victor. Everything is going to be okay. Nikki and Victor are relived. Victor is so overcome with emotion he can barely hold back his tears.

Friday, August 13, 2004

The Newmans had a cookout to celebrate the return of Nick and Sharon, using it as a time for everyone to make up. Nikki thanked Grace, and Grace and Sharon agreed to start over with a clean slate. Nick thanked his mother and Michael for all the support they'd given him and Sharon during their ordeal with Cameron. He also thanked his father for making it easier for him to get to the plane and save Sharon. Victor commended Nick on saving his wife and family, and Nick admitted that things might have gone smoother had he turned to Victor. The two of them hugged. Sharon thanked Michael, too, for all he'd done for her when she'd just dug herself in deeper. Michael said she'd made the right decision when she told Weber the whole truth. Finally, Sharon thanked Nikki, who told Sharon she was a real Newman who'd fought hard for her family. Sharon was surprised and said she'd never expected to hear that from Nikki. Nikki grinned and told her to enjoy it; she might never hear it again.

When Nick was looking for more beach towels, Nikki volunteered to go to Victoria's place to get some extras. She was surprised to find Daniel lying on the couch. When he told her who he was, he made some crack about having been stuck in boarding school most of his life. Nikki took offense, saying both of her children had attended boarding school in Europe. Daniel asked if she'd wanted to get rid of them. As she was commenting on his bad attitude, Phyllis came in. Phyllis realized that Victor hadn't told Nikki they were living in the tack house and offered to leave. Nikki said Victor could make his own decisions, and she had a feeling she knew why he'd made this one. She said that Phyllis had stood by Victor in court, and Nikki knew what that had cost her. She also said she suspected that Phyllis might need a little help since she apparently had her hands full. Phyllis agreed that she and Daniel had a few issues to work through. Nikki said that Phyllis and Daniel could stay until they made other arrangements. When she returned to the cookout, she told Victor she'd gone to get more towels from Victoria's, but she let him wonder if she'd seen Phyllis and Daniel there.

Ashley asked Olivia to come to her house so she could show her the note Brad had left. He'd said he wanted to spend some time with his daughter. Ashley didn't know if that meant a day, since he hadn't dropped Abby off at day camp, or if it meant something more. Maybe she was being worried for nothing. Olivia told her that she had plenty of reason to worry. Victor's interference was damaging her marriage, plus it was making Brad distrust himself as a father. Ashley said that was ridiculous; Brad was a great father. He was blowing the whole Victor situation way out of proportion. When Olivia accused Ashley of taking Victor's side over her husband, Ashley insisted that she was on her daughter's side.

Later, at work, Ashley could barely concentrate because she was so worried about Brad and Abby. She was in no mood to see Jill, who stormed in to find out why Ashley had cut the men's line budget. As the two argued, with Jill saying that Ashley was punishing her for being loyal to Jack, Ashley said that if Jill didn't back off, she might have more reason to worry about the men's line being cut. Jill left in a huff. Ashley tried again to call Brad, but only got his voice mail. When the phone rang, she snatched it up, hoping to hear his voice. But it was Victor asking if Ash could bring Abby out to celebrate the good news in the Newman family. Ashley said it wouldn't be possible and hung up, wondering aloud where Brad and her daughter were.

Everyone said their good-byes to Raul at Crimson Lights. When Mac tried again to talk him into staying, he asked her to go to Boston with him. They'd always shared something special, and even if nothing came of it, at least she'd have visited a great place. Mac declined, and Raul figured out that she might be a little interested in J.T. Later, Raul talked privately to J.T. They laughed about their old enmity and promised to keep in touch. Raul asked J.T. to look after Mac and Brittany, and J.T. promised he would.

Just as Mac and J.T. were ready to take Raul to the airport, Brittany showed up. Raul talked to her alone on the patio. He said he had no regrets. She'd been his first, and he would never forget her. Brittany didn't want him to leave. Even though she was with Bobby, she didn't want to let her best friend go. But Raul said he had to, although saying goodbye to her was the one moment he didn't want to remember. He turned around to leave, and Brittany blew him a kiss and took the outside exit. Raul turned around for one last glimpse of her and blew her a kiss, too. Mac and J.T. walked out the front of Crimson Lights, and Raul stopped for a last look around, then snagged a menu with a grin at Trevor before leaving for Boston.

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