The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 23, 2004 on Y&R
Michael sent Gloria packing, but she ended up at John's place. Nikki remembered what had happened when she had been five years old. Lily fell into a coma. Sierra and Cassie told Neil and Dru that Kevin had saved Lily. Bobby and Nikki shared a kiss.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 23, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, August 23, 2004

At the Rec Center party, Sharon asks Nikki what's been bothering her. They step into a quiet room together and Nikki says that if Sharon cares about her at all she will try to talk to Victor and make him understand that she is not being neurotic for putting money into Bobby's cabaret. Sharon says she won't help her with her marriage. Nikki gets angry and tells Sharon she will never help her with anything ever again.

Ashley wonders if Brad will try to take Abby away from her. He tells her no, he just doesn't want Victor having unsupervised visits with Abby. Ashley says that won't fly. He tells her that's what she needs to do as far as he's concerned.

Nikki gets a phone call from Brad. She goes to Victor and tells him that she is leaving. When he asks where she is going, she tells him that she is going to see Brad. Victor isn't happy about it. Nikki says he ran off to see Ashley earlier, so that's all she has to say to him.

When Nikki shows up at Brad's, they use each other's shoulders to cry on. Nikki wishes that she could talk to Victor, but he is too obsessed with Ashley's problems. Nikki tells Brad that something from her childhood keeps coming into her mind. Brad kisses Nikki on the cheek and hugs her. Nikki thanks Brad for his sympathy, she really needs a friend right now.

The mystery guy named Alex slips a Mickey into Lily's orange juice. He gets frustrated when she takes small sips of it. She starts giggling and she offers to take him on a tour. As she guides him around, she begins feeling silly and starts forgetting things. When she asks him where he'd like to go, she says he can take her anywhere. As they go up the elevator, Alex presses the emergency stop button. Lily wonders what's going on and he tells her she's in for the time of her life.

Devon asks Sierra and Cassie where Lily is. They say she's giving "that guy" a tour of the Rec Center. Devon says he doesn't like that guy. They tell him that Lily is having fun, isn't Devon being a little overprotecting?

Daniel motions to Kevin that it's time to start his part of the plan. Kevin goes up to Devon, Cassie and Sierra and says hello. They wonder what he's doing there. He says he is just trying to make peace. He tells that that if Lily has met a new guy, he's happy for her. He just hopes she knows what she's doing. Devon wonders what he means by that. Kevin tells them that Lily just went up the elevator with him.

Michael comes home to find Gloria reading a magazine. He says he was at the travel agency wondering if Gloria had made plans yet to go back to Detroit. She can't believe he is seriously going to kick her out. He says he won't have any Ambrose incidents in his home ever again. It will work out for Gloria, he says, it always does. Gloria calls John to say goodbye, and he tells her to come by.

Michael goes to the Rec Center party to find out what Lauren's urgent phone call was about. She tells him it's odd that Kevin is there because no one at the party is his friend. What's worse, Christine is there with Paul and the two are acting really chummy. Michael is surprised that the reason she called him for an urgent matter was to make Paul jealous. Lauren asks if he will help her. He says she owes him. They walk hand in hand towards Paul and Chris. Paul asks what Michael would be doing at a Rec Center party. Michael says it's a free country.

Brittany asks J.T. to stay with Bobby when she comes out of the recovery room. When J.T. and Bobby are alone, J.T. asks him if he's really planning on getting rid of the strippers when the cabaret starts making money. They argue, and Bobby says J.T. is turning into the old Raul.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

At the Rec Center, Sharon congratulates Victor on the success of the grand opening. J.T. brings Brittany to the opening to show off her healed face. Lauren and Chris bicker over Paul's business moving into the Baldwin/Williams offices. Nick asks his dad what is going n with Nikki. Victor is clueless. Nikki returns to the centre, almost in a daze of troubled memories. She recalls more details from her birthday party but can't shake the uneasy feeling in her. Paul hates the sight of Lauren and Christine fighting over him. Nick asks Nikki what is going on with her but she doesn't want to talk about it. Mac tries to get J.T. to volunteer at the centre when Britt steals him away. Britt's annoyed by Mac's staring at her smaller scar. She apologizes to J.T. about snapping at him. Nikki continues to be haunted by memories of her birthday when Paul notices her stress. She begs him to tell her everything about Joshua.

Meanwhile, a drugged Lily is trapped in the elevator with the new boy she met Alex who's been hired by Daniel and Kevin. Kevin tells Lily's friends he saw her and Alex together heading off together. He suggests that they try to find Lily. Alex continues to molest the drugged Lily as Kevin and the others look for her. Kevin finds Alex and Lily and rips open the elevator door. Alex punches him. They see that Lily was drugged and Kevin attacks Alex, beating him down until he 'slips' away. Devon grabs J.T. for help.

Drucilla stalls Miss Davis over the signed paper work over being Devon's foster work. She wonders where Phyllis has been until this late (noon). They taunt each other over their respective plans for the Beauty Pageant. Phyllis offers the office to Dru for her meeting and claims she's not threatened by anything Dru could come up with since her idea is perfect. Later Dru steals the CD from Phyllis' computer. Phyllis returns later and riffles through Dru's files and learns about the meeting she scheduled. She then proceeds to cancel the appointment.

Jack is relaxing by the Abbott pool when he asks her about Brad's reappearance and Victor's actions before hand that triggered it. He changes the subject to John's new love life. Jack thinks she's great for their dad. Ash questions her bro about the mystery woman. Gloria stops by the house on the way to the airport to say good-bye. John has good news for her. He invites her to live with him at the Abbott house in order to alleviate the tension between her and her sons. Gloria is stunned and reveals that she was on her way out of town so she's all packed and ready to move in. Ashley meets Gloria and they chit chat about her life and how she met John. She is surprised to learn she is moving in.

The CEO of Chancellor Industries delivers the final boxes of documents for Jill. He's noticeably annoyed at her request. She takes offense at his attempt to charm her and blow things over. She intends to review the documents immediately. He dumps the files on her desk and spreads them around, taunting her that she won't find a thing. She thanks him for unpacking the box for her and dismisses him. After he's gone she calls Jack in for reinforcements. Later Jack reviews the files and finds something odd. Jack suspects the company is not making as much money as Mr. Hampton claims. He points out irregularities in the books. Jack says they need proof of something amiss before they can go after him. It will take time. Jill begs him to help and points out it's the most driven he's been in a long time. He agrees to help her out for this one time. She tells him about a mysterious off-shore account she found a while ago. Jack doesn't like what he sees.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis and Dru got suspicious about the other's involvement in their professional misfires. Phyllis couldn't find her important back-up disk and accused Dru of taking it. Dru found out that Mr. Waverly's appointment was canceled and accused Phyllis of posing as her "assistant" to ruin her meeting. The two exchanged a few more threats before Phyllis went home to work. Damon showed up, and both of them apologized for their last fight. When Damon pointed out that Daniel was manipulating her, Phyllis insisted she didn't care. She had her baby back. Damon could never know what it was like to lose a child. Damon appeared to know more about it than she realized, but instead of answering questions about his secretive past, he went upstairs to bed with Phyllis.

Elliot Hampton went to see Katherine at the Chancellor house to question whether she'd lost faith in him. When Katherine said she thought he was doing a good job at Chancellor Industries, Elliot said it didn't appear that way, considering how Jill was asking so many questions. Without showing any lack of faith in Elliot, Katherine was supportive of Jill. Since the company would be half hers one day, it was only natural that she would be curious about it.

At Marilyn's, Angelo received a call from an old mob friend, Mo, who offered him a job. A certain lady executive named Jill Abbott was sticking her nose where it didn't belong and needed to be leaned on. Angelo said he was no longer in that business and hung up. He told Bobby about the call, since he knew Bobby had a friend named Jill, and Bobby left the club while Angelo shook his head over all the problems Bobby's lady friends caused.

Jack continued to help Jill scrutinize the paperwork from Chancellor Industries. Although there was so solid proof, Elliot's contract, with its golden parachute, several offshore accounts, and some creative bookkeeping that made the company look like it had assets it didn't have were all very suspicious. While the two pondered what to do, Jill said they couldn't tell Katherine. Feeling like the company had been jeopardized while she was drinking might send her mother back to the bottle. They received a visit from Bobby, who wanted to talk to Jill alone. Jill said she had no secrets from Jack. Bobby told her that someone unsavory was planning to teach her a little lesson about minding her own business.

Things were hopping at the rec center. Cassie got Victor to go downstairs, where Lily was still unconscious and convulsing. Sierra had called 911, and everyone tried to determine what had happened. After hearing some of the details, Victor looked at Kevin and told him he'd done his good deed for the day; he might have kept Lily from being raped. Alerted by Lauren that something was going on downstairs and Kevin was missing, Michael arrived with a suspicious look at his brother. After Lily was taken to the hospital, Kevin had a private chat with Daniel, furious that Alex had given Lily drugs. Daniel said that hadn't been part of the plan. However, Kevin was a hero so he had nothing to complain about. Michael interrupted their chat, surprised to find out that Kevin and Daniel were friends. He clearly was not as convinced as everyone else that this was all coincidence. When Kevin walked away in disgust, Michael watched as J.T. gave Kevin a semi-apology.

Michael found Lauren and, with Christine looking on, asked if he'd done what he was supposed to. When Chris questioned him, Michael said that Lauren thought Christine was getting a little too close to her ex-husband Paul. Lauren walked away from them, saying it was time she found Paul. Maybe they could take a little nap or something. Christine and Michael exchanged a look of distaste at Lauren's words.

A stranger (played by Colby from CBS's "Survivor" in a walk-on appearance) was flirting with Brittany until she turned around and he saw her scar. He made a hasty exit. Brittany's day was further ruined when she overheard Mac and J.T. talking and flirting. At J.T.'s urging, Mac agreed that, in spite of Raul's warnings, she would like to go out with J.T. again.

As Nick was leaving the rec center, he stopped to talk to Victor, asking if he knew where Nikki was. Victor said he really didn't care at that point. Nick reminded his father that even if he didn't understand how upset Nikki was about Abby, Victor was responsible for her happiness. Victor thanked Nick for being there and for talking to him about Nikki.

In the office, Nikki insisted that Paul tell her what he knew about Josh's disappearance and how it might be linked to the skeleton. Although Paul felt that Nikki should be talking to a professional, he finally said that the boy who'd died had been shot. Nikki walked away, immersed in memories of her birthday party. When her father had shown up and began drinking, everyone left except her best friend. Her father had passed out on the couch. Nikki let Joshua hold one of her earrings, making him promise to give it back later. She asked if he wanted to see something really scary, then took a gun from the top of her father's closet. Nikki remembered the two of them playing cops and robbers. Joshua wanted to be the robber, but Nikki held tightly to the gun. As he tried to take it away from her, it went off, waking her father. Nikki turned to Paul, having a total meltdown, sobbing as she said she hadn't realized the gun was loaded. She'd killed her best friend.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Jill freaks out upon hearing that someone is after her. Bobby says he will take care of it. Jack thinks that he has a better way to deal with the situation. He says they should go straight to the top, skip the middle man. Jill still can't believe that he would stoop to something like this. Jack suggests it's because Elliot is guilty. Jill calls Elliot Hampton and tells him that maybe she was being too hasty with him. Elliot suggests they discuss over dinner. Jill agrees.

Kevin goes up to Lauren and says everyone is treating him differently now and it's strange. He offers to celebrate over dinner, but Lauren says she can't do that. Paul shares with Lauren the latest news about Nikki. Nikki and Paul discuss the case further and Nikki realizes that her father had told her to forget that it ever happened. Nikki wonders how her secret had changed her over her life. She can't believe she had killed her best friend. She wonders who she is anymore. Paul suggests again that they go to a psychologist but Nikki won't have it.

Michael and Lauren have lunch together and Michael brings up the idea that maybe Kevin set up the situation with Lily to make him look like a hero. Lauren says that makes her feel differently, but Michael warns them not to jump to conclusions. Michael wonders how Lauren feels about him. Is she using him to make Paul jealous? If they are only friends, maybe they should break up. Lauren kisses Michael.

Phyllis calls out for Daniel. The coast is clear, Daniel's not home. She asks Damon if he's hungry and says the only thing they have to eat is whatever Victoria has left behind. Damon wonders why Victor and Phyllis didn't get along. Phyllis says maybe it's because they were both after the same man. As the two sit down Daniel comes home. He is unhappy to see Damon there. Daniel says if its okay for Damon to be there, it had better be okay for him to bring girls home too. Damon says that Daniel is not an adult and he should treat adults with respect. Phyllis tells Damon to lay low. Daniel tells them he was at the Rec Center party and they missed all the excitement. He talks about what happened to Lily. Damon is surprised that Daniel doesn't seem upset at all that Lily is in the hospital. Daniel doesn't like the way Damon is talking to him and Phyllis stays on Daniel's side. She tells Damon that she is the parent.

Dru and Neil go running into the hospital to find Lily. Olivia stops them and Dru is hysterical. Olivia explains that Lily is in somewhat of a "coma" and they don't know what will bring her out of it because they don't know what kind of drug she was given. Dru can't believe that Devon, Cassie and Sierra couldn't have done anything about the situation until it was too late. Devon explains to them that it was Kevin who saved Lily from being raped. Neil finds it hard to believe that Kevin saved Lily. Drucilla doesn't know if she could even forgive him. Just then, Kevin comes into the hospital with a worried look on his face.

Brittany thinks about the doctor telling her that part of her scar will always be there. J.T. sits by her and can tell something is wrong. She explains what happened earlier with a guy that flirted with her until he saw her scar and turned away. She realizes that the guy was a creep anyway. Brittany seems to be stronger now. J.T. tells her she has Bobby anyway. She realizes that's true.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Michael was not happy to walk into his apartment and find Gloria draped over the sofa reading a tabloid. She let him think she'd missed her flight, then she admitted that she was only staying in Genoa City because she'd had another offer of a place to live. Michael correctly surmised that she was moving in with her mystery boyfriend and began to berate her for her bad judgment. Goaded by his words, Gloria finally told him that the gentleman who had invited her to stay in his guest room was John Abbott. Michael was stunned and said he was going for fresh air. When he got back, he expected Gloria to tell him that this was a joke.

Kevin showed up at the hospital to check on Lily's condition. The doctors had explained that Lily had been given a date rape drug called GHB, and they were giving her medication to counteract its effects. So far, Lily had not regained consciousness. Neil and Drucilla were forced to express their gratitude to Kevin when the other teens told them that he'd been suspicious of the boy Lily was with and had found them in the elevator. Dru could barely tolerate Kevin's presence there, but Neil told Kevin he could stay. Kevin seemed to be genuinely worried about Lily's condition and aware of how much trouble his scheme might have caused.

Neil was also sympathetic to Devon's reaction to Lily's situation. Devon said he hadn't felt that way before; a sick feeling in his stomach. He said it wasn't a mushy feeling, but just a concern for her. Neil said all they could do was have hope. Devon said that hoping for the best outcome had never worked for him in the past. When Olivia told Dru and Neil they could see Lily in ICU, Neil told Devon to wait. He could see Lily later. Neil and Dru sat by their daughter's side. Dru begged for some sign that Lily could hear them, and Neil vowed to find whoever was responsible for doing this to her.

Victor was also upset about the Lily situation, which had marred the rec center's opening. It was a place where kids were supposed to feel safe. He left a message for Paul to call him so they could get to the bottom of who was responsible. He also talked to Sharon about it. Sharon admitted that she'd come to see him to speak on Nikki's behalf, at Nikki's request, but she didn't blame Nikki. She was very worried about her mother-in-law, who just wanted to be happy. Victor said he was worried about her, too. Their meeting was interrupted when Ashley called and asked to see him. Before Ashley could get there, Michael showed up. Victor told him something about the Lily incident didn't seem right. Before he could tell Michael his plans for getting to the bottom of it, Ashley arrived. Victor told Michael they'd talk later.

Ashley's visit to Victor was provoked by Brad, who'd called at work to see if she'd spoken to Victor yet. She told him how much pressure he was putting on her, but Brad insisted that Victor, not he, had created this situation. He told her that he'd never thought of taking Abby away permanently. Ashley said she'd talk to Victor. Brad ended the call when Jack showed up. Although Jack was sympathetic to Brad's feelings, he told him it had been a mistake to take Abby away overnight without telling Ashley where they were. Brad needed to realize that he was doing what Jack once did, letting his hatred for Victor make him do the wrong thing. He was giving Victor too much control. Brad said that he simply was not going to allow Victor any unsupervised time with Abby, and Ashley had to make a choice. When Jack asked what if she chose Victor, Brad said that he guessed then he'd know where he stood with his wife.

Ashley told Victor that Brad wasn't going to agree to unsupervised meetings, and she had to stand by her husband in spite of her feeling that Victor deserved time with Abby. Otherwise, it would mean the end of her marriage. Victor said he was willing to go to court, if that's what Brad wanted. Ashley said Brad wasn't worried about that, because he didn't think the courts would favor Victor in this situation. Victor came up with another solution. Why didn't Abby come to the rec center after school? She could take art classes and participate in other activities, then spend a little time with Victor afterward. Ashley thought it was a great idea, especially if it kept them out of court, but she wasn't sure Brad would go for it. Victor said that it was in Abby's best interest. She'd be enjoying herself doing other things as well as seeing him in a controlled environment. Ashley gratefully hugged Victor, thanking him for trying to make this work.

Paul wanted Nikki to seek some professional counseling for the turmoil caused by her memories of shooting Joshua. She wasn't responsible for his death. Nick Reed was, for leaving a gun where a five-year-old could find it. Nikki, still distraught, told Paul that she wasn't going crazy. She didn't want to see a psychiatrist. Paul tried to stop her when she left, but Nikki went to Marilyn's/Marsino's, blazing into Bobby's office and demanding to know what he'd been doing about the club. Bobby was put off by her questions, but realized something else was wrong. Nikki admitted that she'd discovered something very disturbing from her past. All she wanted to do was talk to Victor about it, but he was too wrapped up in his own life to listen to her. Worried about Nikki's state of mind, Bobby embraced her and assured her everything would be all right. Then he kissed her. He pulled back and said that he shouldn't have done that. Nikki said no, he shouldn't have.

Brittany was ready to leave the rec center, but J.T. was still chowing down on food. He had a conversation with Paul, in which Paul urged him to try harder to find out if Joshua had any living relatives and where they were. Later, Brittany told J.T. she didn't want to hear any more of his comments about Bobby, and J.T. said he was done. She'd made her choice. When Brittany asked if J.T. would help her plan her wedding, he declined, suggesting she talk to her mother. Brittany said that Anita was too busy at her club. But she and Bobby were going to make this work, especially Marilyn's. She was going to get back up on that stage at Marilyn's, and she and Bobby were going to turn it into a classy cabaret. J.T. didn't seem too impressed by Brittany's conviction.

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