The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on Y&R
Arthur's estranged stepson, Harrison, claimed that Arthur had murdered his first wife for her money. Nikki confided to Victor that she had killed Joshua Cassen when she had been a child. Damon told Phyllis that he would kill the person who'd murdered his son.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 6, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, September 6, 2004

Today's episode was preempted by CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament. Regular programming will resume tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Brad and Ashley talk about taking Abby to her first day of school and how Brad will support her after-school trips to the Rec Center. He is willing to give this to Victor. Ashley is grateful that their marriage is back on track and the two spend the morning together romantically.

The Winterses and Devon enjoy breakfast. Dru pointedly asks about all the great strides Devon is making at school. Neil gets her point but he still wants him gone. Dru tearfully tells him to wait until she gets back from her trip. Later Lily helps Devon with his book report.

Vic spies Nikki frantically going through old pictures and asks about it. She snaps at him to leave her alone. She finds a picture of Joshua and breaks down. She finally tells him what has been bothering her so long.

Daniel comes home to find Damon there and makes snide remarks to him and Phyllis. Both set him straight and Phyllis ends up grounding him.

Katherine, Arthur, Jill and Mac enjoy breakfast together as they plan the wedding. Kay doesn't want any fuss but everyone insists it's a big deal. They all want to help. Katherine later receives a visitor. She meets Arthur's adopted son Harrison who has come with a warning: she is in danger if she marries his father.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

While meeting Elliott for lunch at Yves, Jill expressed her outrage and disappointment about Jabot's decision to axe the men's line. She assured him it wasn't done for business reasons, but as a personal vendetta against her. Elliott told her to step away from that for a while and just enjoy her lunch. He assured Jill that he wasn't a villain taking advantage of Chancellor Industries. He worked hard and played hard, and he'd like to share some of his good times with Jill.

Christine had to referee for Paul and Michael on Paul's first day in the new office. She also took over a new legal case that would require her to spend a few days out of town. After she left the office, Michael asked Paul how things would end up in the juggling act he was doing with Christine and Lauren. Paul figured out that Michael was less interested in a possible reconciliation between him and Chris than he was in Lauren. He told Michael that Lauren was a grown woman who could do as she pleased. But if Michael did anything to hurt her, he'd have to answer to Paul. As Paul left the office, Michael mouthed the word "jackass" at him.

Phyllis had a little discussion with Daniel, who was still feeling disgruntled about being grounded. When he tried to say that he knew how to handle guys like Alex, Phyllis disagreed. She said the only way to handle trouble like Alex was to walk away from him. Furthermore, Daniel needed to realize, when he was trying to con his mother, that Phyllis was much better at that than he was. She got a phone call and agreed to meet someone, reminding Daniel that he wasn't to go anywhere, have company, or be on the phone.

Kevin approached Lauren at Crimson Lights and tried to talk her into joining him for dinner that night at the Colonnade Room. Lauren declined. She was willing to share coffee with him, as friends, but she wasn't interested in Kevin the way he wanted her to be. Kevin said there was no one like her and wondered what she expected him to be interested in instead of her. Lauren said when he found the answer to that, he'd be a much happier person. After Lauren left the coffee house, Kevin went to see Daniel. Kevin didn't take Alex seriously as a threat the way Daniel was doing. After all, Daniel and Kevin had done nothing illegal. Alex was the one who'd drugged and nearly killed Lily; if he told, he'd be incriminating himself. Daniel warned Kevin that he was underestimating how on the edge Alex was, and he needed to pay more attention to that than mooning after a woman old enough to be tucking him in bed at night. Kevin was hurt by Daniel's lack of support where Lauren was concerned.

Victor tried to point out to Nikki that her father was the one who was responsible for Joshua's death, not her. Even though she'd pulled the trigger, it was an accident caused by her father's carelessness. And the cover-up and Nikki's subsequent memory loss were Nick Reed's fault, too. Nikki said nonetheless, she had to try to find Joshua's brother and explain what had happened. Victor thought it was a bad idea, at least until Nikki had healed some more. If Joshua's brother wouldn't forgive her, it would devastate her. Instead, Nikki should let Victor help her through it. Nikki didn't seem convinced by his words.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis spotted Christine, who was on her way out of town to Milwaukee. Phyllis sat at her table, and the two exchanged a few barbed remarks. Finally Phyllis got to the point. She needed Danny's contact number. Christine assumed something was going wrong between Daniel and Phyllis and said she intended to talk to Daniel about it. Phyllis warned her not to go near her son. If they did have any problems, and she wasn't admitting they did, Phyllis had it all under control. Unconvinced, Christine left the coffee house with a vow to talk to Daniel as soon as she got back in town.

Katherine was appalled to hear Harrison's accusations against Arthur. The more she resisted him, even threatening to call the police to get him out of there, the more Harrison revealed. When he saw the engagement ring on Katherine's finger, he lost his composure, saying Arthur had given that same ring to his mother. There had been nothing wrong with his mother when she'd died. Not only were the circumstances of her death suspicious, but afterward, Arthur had squandered away all the money he'd inherited. Now he seemed poised to do the same thing to Katherine. If she didn't believe him, she should check the Seattle papers. Katherine ordered him to leave, refusing to believe the stories of an estranged son. She said if he wanted to talk to her again, he could do it when Arthur was there to defend himself. Harrison said he wasn't out for revenge and told Katherine, "You have been warned."

Thursday, September 9, 2004

At the coffeehouse, Phyllis apologizes to Damon for being late. She says she is also sorry that everything she has been dealing with concerning her son has made him think about his son. Damon says the hardest thing he has ever had to do in his life was to go up on the stand and let the courts put his son's killer in jail. He says that he had wanted revenge, but now he can live with the fact that the killer is behind bars. When Damon gets up to get some coffee, his cell phone rings. Phyllis answers it, and a cop named Ben says he thinks he has the wrong number. Phyllis explains that it is Damon he is calling and that she wants to leave a message for him. Ben says to tell him it's a friend of Damon's named Ben, calling about Elias and the man in jail. Then Ben realizes that the information might be too much for Damon. He asks Phyllis to not say anything. He will call back later. When Damon returns, he asks if Phyllis would like him to walk her out. She says she wants to sit for awhile before she goes. Alex comes into the coffeehouse and taunts Phyllis. She says that she better not see him around her son again, or he will have her to talk to.

Katherine is wondering about Arthur's stepson when Esther and Jill walk in talking about wedding plans. When they ask Katherine what's on her mind, she excuses it as wedding jitters. Jill tells Katherine that Jabot has decided to cut her men's line. When Katherine goes to the kitchen, Jill tells Esther that she has a date with Jack but to leave her mother be. When Esther and Kay are alone, Kay tells Esther about her conversation with Arthur's estranged stepson. Esther cannot believe Arthur would be capable of killing someone for their money, but Kay explains just how real his words sounded. They are interrupted by Arthur, who can't wait for the two of them to get moving on their wedding plans.

Neil tells Victor that he is worried that he might not be making the right decision by telling Devon that he has to leave, but that Drucilla has gone behind his back and that's not right either. Victor listens while Neil talks about how good things have been for Devon since he was brought into their family, but he is also worried about Lily and the fact that they are two teenagers with raging hormones living under the same roof.

As Lily is helping Devon with his homework, he stares out the window and comments on the beautiful day outside. Lily tries to urge Devon to work on his project. She says that it will get easier if he keeps working on it. Devon suggests they have some ice cream. As Lily goes to get it, she checks the mail and finds a letter about Devon's future.

Michael reads Kevin's story and mentions that it's too good to be true. He says that the guy who attacked Lily must be dangerous and wonders if Kevin is worried. Kevin says he is just happy that his whole life has turned around. Michael tells Kevin that he knows him too well, he knows that Kevin probably had something to do with it all. Kevin denies having anything to do with it, just as Detective Weber comes in and tells Kevin that he wants to talk to him about the situation with Lily.

Brittany is surprised when Bobby shows up and wants to take her to Chicago for a baseball game. She tells him that she really doesn't even like baseball. What Brittany really wants to talk about is their relationship. How does Bobby really feel about her? Bobby gets interrupted by a telephone call and says it's Angelo and that he has to go work something out at the club. After he leaves, Brittany calls the club to leave a message for Bobby. She realizes as she talks to Angelo that Angelo had never called.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, the entire CBS Daytime lineup As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light and The Young and the Restless was preempted. These preemptions were accounted for and there will be no "lost" episodes.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 13th and pick up where Thursday's shows concluded.

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