The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 11, 2004 on Y&R
J.T. did a background check on Brad. Gloria and John got closer. Jill accepted Elliot's proposal. Phyllis met with Dominic. Elliot admitted that he had diverted money from Chancellor Industries, and he left town without Jill. Damon learned that Phyllis had gone to Georgia.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 11, 2004 on Y&R
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Monday, October 11, 2004

Gloria eavesdrops on Ashley and John.

Neil gives Devon a compliment, but Devon doesn't see it that way.

Nikki asks Paul to find out if Brad is the man they are looking for.

Jill learns the truth about Elliot.

Victor interrupts a moment between Brad and Abby.

Neil finally gives into Phyllis and Dru and gives their job back.

Michael tells Lauren that Kevin has given him the go ahead to be with Lauren.

Brad shares with Ashley that there are some unresolved issues from his past.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

John and Ashley enjoy a chat after breakfast. Ashley is dismayed to learn that he and Gloria have moved on to a physical relationship. John doesn't want to her her disaproval. Later Gloria wakes up and bumps into Ashely who tells her flat out that she doesn't like her. Gloria is stunned by Ashely's rudeness and promises that she isn't after John's money and that he is very willing to be with her. Ashley vows that she is watching her now.

Nikki watches as Victor boxes at the Rec Centre and remembers telling Paul that she suspects the brother of the boy she killed as a child is Brad carlton. She tells Victor the reason Brad does not want to make things easier for Vic with Abby is that B still blames Vic for the death of his child with Ashley.

Paul tells J.T. about Nikki's new suspicion and wants J.T. to do some leg work. J.T. can't believe Joshua Kasden's brother could be Brad Carlton.

Neil stops by the Rec Centre and convinces Devon to play some basketball with him. He tries to talk to him about the old living arrangements. Neil points out that it was never supposed to be permanent though he wishes it could have worked out.

Jill tells her parents that she and Elliot are engaged. Kay is still preoccupied with the accusations from Arthur's stepson about his true motives but denies it to Arthur. Jill bumps into Jack and his date and tells him about the engagement. She tells him the only way to stop her from marrying Elliott is to marry her himself she jokes. Jill is tired of being alone and Elliott makes her feel alive. She doesn't want to hear about his suspicions anymore.

Abby wants to spend the whole day with Brad but he tells her she has to go to school. As much as she likes school she loves spending time with him more. Later Victor shows up, wanting to speak with Brad. He wants them all ot get Abby to conquer her fear of horses. Bra dlaughs that Vic is tyring to get his help. The only reasosn he wants Abby to go back to riding is because it's his only connection to Abby.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Gina prepared a quick lunch for Phyllis and Daniel. Phyllis told him she'd be out of town for a few days, but she'd asked someone to stay with him. Daniel was a little huffy about her lack of trust in him, but she said he'd have to earn her trust again after his last mistake. Daniel warned her that if her trip had something to do with Damon, she might do well to be more cautious. Phyllis wouldn't tell him any details about where she was going.

Paul and J.T. were concerned for Katherine, who'd asked them to investigate Arthur. She explained their history and said that she'd trusted him completely until his stepson showed up and accused him of murdering his former wife. Paul and J.T. agreed that she should have peace of mind about her plans, so Paul took the case. J.T. promised to be discreet around Mac. After Katherine left, J.T. said he'd once thought Genoa City was boring, but not anymore.

When J.T. got to the loft, Brittany complained about the high prices of wedding caterers. She had, however, talked Lauren into giving him a suit for the wedding as a reward for the job he'd done for Fenmore's. J.T. was reluctant to try on the suit, but Brittany finally talked him into it. When she saw him, she was dazzled. As she fixed his tie, it was obvious that both of them were feeling attracted to each other. But when J.T. made a dig at Bobby, Brittany rushed to her fiancÚ's defense.

Meanwhile, Bobby and Nikki were having another heart to heart. She explained the situation with Abby and said she felt like Victor was trying to compensate for his failures with Nick, Victoria, and Victor Jr. As a result, he was putting Abby first, which caused additional strain to her friendship with Brad. Although she was sad that she couldn't explain some of her problems to Victor, she also wouldn't give any details to Bobby. Bobby said that from where he sat, Nikki wasn't very happy with her husband. If she was, she wouldn't be there with him. Nikki defended Victor, saying he was trying to be supportive of her. As she left the club, Bobby watched her with a thoughtful look on his face.

While Gloria eavesdropped, Ashley tried to reason with John regarding her suspicion of Gloria, but he was having none of it. He said that he'd been very lonely; Gloria was bringing happiness to his life. He didn't want to discuss her. After a worried Ashley left, Gloria came to John and said she knew that Ashley and Mamie didn't like her, nor was Jack doing backflips about their relationship. She talked John into calling his travel agent so they could take a trip alone together.

Elliott was trying to talk Jill into going away with him. Jill said they had too many responsibilities and relationships to just take off. Elliott said they should embrace their freedom and leave all those unimportant things behind. He asked her to think it over while he went to get some lunch. As Jill considered his offer, a Chancellor Industries accountant arrived to see Katherine. Jill insisted that she didn't want her mother to be upset; if he had bad news, he should just tell her. The accountant said there was a huge financial mess at Chancellor Industries.

At the hospital waiting for her test results, Katherine ran into Arthur's stepson Harrison. She asked why he was there, and he said since Arthur had stolen his inheritance, he had to work for a living. She was more curious about why Harrison was still in Genoa City. Harrison didn't really answer her, instead saying that he was just glad to see that she was still alive. Katherine was angry at his implication that she should fear Arthur.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Brad tells Jack about her accident at Victor's. Jack thinks this is a good opportunity to get Victor out of Brad and Ashley's lives. Jack tells Brad that he should dedicate his time to making things work with his family.

Victor tells Ashley that he thinks they should try to convince Abby to ride horses again. He admits that the thought of Ashley and him finally having a child together makes him feel good. Ashley hugs him happily.

Nikki goes to see Paul and J.T. to see what they have found out about Brad. Paul says that he doesn't have any good news, but he and J.T. did find out that Brad had changed his name before coming to Genoa City. Nikki thinks this is all the proof she needs, but Paul and J.T. disagree. The case is closed and the only way to open it up again would be to convince a judge to reopen the case. Paul thinks he may have another idea. He knows of a publisher in Cleveland that may be able to find out some information about Joshua or his brother.

Victor is happily thinking of memories with Ashley and Abby when Nikki comes home. She is surprised to see Victor; she thought he would be at the Rec Center. Victor tells Nikki that he went to see Brad to talk to him about Abby's new fear of horses. Victor says that Brad knows what's going on and is encouraging Abby's fear so that they can be a closer family without Victor involved. Nikki wonders why Victor would blame Brad for that, especially after all Brad has been through. Victor doesn't understand what he means by that. She tells him that she thinks Brad is the brother of the boy she killed when she was a little girl.

Katherine talks to Harrison Bartlett and wants him to confront Arthur with his accusations. When Harrison won't go, Katherine tells him that he is a lying fake and better take his job and life elsewhere.

Phyllis tries to convince Damon not to go to Georgia if it will end up destroying him. When Damon tells her that it's what he has to do, no matter what, she says that she will be out of town on a business trip for a couple of days. When they part, Damon tells Phyllis how much he cares for her.

Phyllis goes to the prison to find Elias' killer. She talks to an attorney and asks to see him right away. Dominic Hughes shows up to see who wants to talk to him. He tells Phyllis that he doesn't know what a broad like her would want with him, but she has peaked his curiosity.

Daniel is surprised to see that his babysitter is Christine. He tells her that she is the last person he expected his mother to ask to watch him. She wonders what Daniel has done to have Phyllis keeping such a tight leash on him. Daniel says that he did do something really bad and that Phyllis came through for him when he really needed her. He realizes how much Phyllis loves him. Christine says she is not surprised by that. When Daniel asks how Danny is doing, Chris wonders why he cares. Daniel says he guess he deserves that. Chris tells him that Danny is in Canada and has been doing some small shows. When Daniel wonders about Chris and Danny's relationship, she says that they both have some things to work out. Daniel says he wishes the best for the both of them.

Nelson tells Jill that he believes Elliot Hampton is guilty of embezzling money from Chancellor Industries. When Elliot shows up to see Jill, she asks him point blank if he has stolen millions of dollars from her mother's company. Elliot finally tells her the truth. He has stolen the money, but he tells Jill it's going to be her money someday anyway. He still wants Jill to be with him. He tries to convince her to run off with him.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Phyllis talked to Elias's killer at the prison in Georgia. She warned him that Damon was going to testify at his parole hearing, and if Dominic should happen to be released, Damon was out for more than revenge. He was out for blood. Dominic told her that he knew that Damon lived in Genoa City, Wisconsin, and if he got out, he was heading straight for her boyfriend's city.

Christine let Daniel leave the house for a break at Crimson Lights. While he was gone, Damon came to check on Daniel. He was surprised to see Christine there and thought it was good that she and Phyllis could overcome their differences for Daniel's welfare. He admitted that Daniel had gotten in trouble after hanging out with the wrong crowd, but he was sure it was okay that Chris had let him leave the house for a while. Daniel had learned a valuable lesson from his mistakes. Christine was a little intrigued by Damon's mystery when he talked about his life and his feelings about protecting children. As Damon was about to leave, he asked Chris if she had a number for Phyllis. Christine said she only had her cell phone number and knew she'd made a trip to Georgia. Stunned to hear where Phyllis was, Damon left the tack house.

Michael told Kevin that he was taking his advice and had asked Lauren to dinner. Kevin tried not to show how upset he was, telling Michael he had to leave to see a girl he'd met at Crimson Lights. After Kevin left, Gloria showed up. She told Michael that Ashley was giving her a hard time about John. Michael wondered why everything had to be a drama with Gloria. He was more concerned about Kevin. In the course of their conversation, Michael figured out that Gloria had somehow slipped up and that Kevin knew he'd been seeing Lauren for a while. He expressed his anger at Gloria before he left the apartment.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel and Kevin had a talk. Daniel didn't understand why Kevin wouldn't confront his brother about Lauren. Kevin said that he was too humiliated. Maybe he didn't do things the way Daniel would, but he was reacting the only way he could. Daniel said that he at least understood Kevin's disappointment about losing someone he cared about. Kevin said that he'd talked to Mackenzie at the coffee shop a few days before. Daniel wondered if she'd mentioned his name. Kevin said she hadn't, but probably only because he hadn't brought Daniel up. Daniel seemed to be struck with an idea of something he could do to get Mac's attention. He left for home, and Kevin reached into his wallet for money to leave a tip. He noticed a picture of Lauren and took it out, tearing it up and scattering the pieces on his table. As he was about to leave, Michael showed up and called his name.

Jill was crushed to find out that Elliott had been embezzling money from Chancellor Industries. Elliott tried to persuade her to run away with him. Jill was furious that he thought she'd do that to her mother. In her anger, she accidentally dropped a glass, which Jack heard as he arrived at the door. He demanded that Jill let him in. Once he was inside, Jill told him that she knew their suspicions about Elliott were correct. Jack and Elliott traded insults, then Jill told him again she couldn't live the way he wanted her to. Jack attempted to find out if it was Elliott who'd tried to get someone from the mob to lean on Jill, but Elliott admitted nothing. With a salute, he was out the front door, saying that it would be months before they could track down what he'd done, and by then, he'd be safe. Jack wrapped his arms around Jill while she told him that she didn't want to cry.

Brad and Ashley were having dinner out because she'd said there were some things they needed to talk about. Brad said that things were not going well at work because of Jack's absence. He blamed Newman for that. Ashley pointed out that her father was also somewhat absent. She was sure that Gloria was not to be trusted, and Gloria had practically dared her to interfere. She really didn't want to see her father emotionally and financially damaged by this woman. Brad suggested that she consult a lawyer, and Ashley agreed that was a good idea. Their conversation took a bad turn when Ashley approached the subject of Victor and Abby. Brad said that Abby had decided for herself that she wanted less to do with Victor. If Ashley tried to encourage that relationship, she wasn't doing it for Abby. She was doing it for Victor. He said he'd lost his appetite, tossed down his napkin, and left the restaurant.

Victor didn't buy Nikki's theory that Brad was Joshua's younger brother, in spite of Nikki's alleged evidence. Whether or not he was, there was no reason for Nikki to tell Brad. Brad's life was already in enough turmoil. Nikki persistently questioned why Victor was so intent on not making things worse with Brad; in fact, why Abby had suddenly become the driving force of his life. Why should her own life be dictated by his obsession with this child? Victor said that he felt he'd already lost Victoria and Nicholas, and family was the most important thing to him. If his relationship with Abby was also gone, he would consider himself a failure as a father. Nikki embraced him with compassion, tears streaming down her face.

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