The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on Y&R
Malcolm slept with Olivia after he found out that Damon was Adrienne's ex-husband. Bobby grew closer to Nikki. Phyllis found some information that might help set Damon free. Ashley hired Victor as a consultant.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, January 10, 2005

Jack goes to Newman Enterprises to see Nick and finds Victor there. Jack tells Victor that he wanted to know what Victor was up to concerning Ashley. Victor says that Ashley has asked him to help with some of Jabot's problems. Jack thinks that Victor is helping Jabot out of his own selfish interests. Jack says that Victor will probably soon live to regret it.

Jack meets with the businessmen involved with holding Jabot's debt. They tell Jack that they already made an agreement with someone else. When Jack finds out the man is Victor, he tries to make a settlement. The men say that they have already made an agreement and can't pull back. Jack calls Brad to tell him the mess that Ashley has made of Jabot.

Ashley tells John that she has worked it so that Jabot may have a few days left before they have to claim bankruptcy. John tells her how proud he is of her. She says that if she knew who was involved he may not be so proud. When John finds out its Victor helping Jabot, he is furious. He can't discuss his disappointment with her and has to leave.

Victor comes to tell Ashley that Frederick Hodges and the bank have agreed to settle with Victor. Ashley says that because her father is so upset that Victor is helping them, she has to take over for the rest of the business dealings. Victor says that if he can't be involved he will have to pull out. John comes home and angrily asks Victor what he is doing in his home.

Drucilla informs Olivia about her agreement with Malcolm to order a paternity test online. She says that she will do it tomorrow and somehow figure out how to get a saliva swab from Lily. Olivia thinks it's a good thing to do; get everything in the open. Drucilla says she knows it's terrible, but she almost wishes Malcolm never came back. She asks Olivia how things are going with Malcolm staying there. Olivia says she has been to busy with work to really see him. Drucilla wonders what Olivia knows about Adrienne. Olivia pretends that she doesn't care about who Malcolm sees. Drucilla has a hard time believing her story.

After a passionate kiss, Adrienne asks Malcolm if he always finishes a massage in that manner. Malcolm says he likes to make his clients feel good. She wonders if she is a client. He says of course not. They talk about how easy it is to talk to each other. Malcolm would like to take Adrienne out to the clubs to dance, but she becomes serious about his personal issues. Malcolm suddenly realizes he has promised a coworker that he would work that night, so he asks if he can get a rain check.

Lily is ecstatic that Gina has offered to help her with her surprise party idea for Malcolm. Devon wants to make sure that Lily doesn't get hurt in the situation. He says that Malcolm doesn't really seem like the type of person to want to hang out with all of his old friends. Lily shrugs it off and asks if Devon will help her with the party. Devon says that just because he is her stepbrother now doesn't mean he will do everything she says. She pleads and he gives in to her. Malcolm appears and wonders what Lily has up her sleeve. She won't admit anything.

Paul sees Chris and wonders if she has had any luck with Damon's case. She says she has a better chance of putting the DA on trial. Paul wonders about her pessimistic attitude. He thinks she might have better ideas getting her mind off the case for a minute. Chris can't do that, she says that after the case her and Paul have a date.

Damon comes to Michael with a news article stating the trial date for Phyllis' and Damon's case. Michael says that is why he called Damon. Damon wishes he didn't have to see this news in the paper. When Phyllis appears, Damon says that Michael has decided to give the DA the evidence that will set Phyllis free. Phyllis is still adamant about keeping the evidence a secret until they can help Damon. Damon hopes that Michael will convince Phyllis to change her mind. After Damon leaves, Phyllis reads the article about the trial date. She excitedly exclaims that the article holds the evidence that could set Damon free.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

John finds Victor in the Abbott living room talking with Ashley. He orders Victor to leave. Victor encourages John to listen to Ashley's advice regarding Jabot. John feels it is just a ploy to enable Victor to take over Jabot. Victor tells John he has no intention of acquiring his company. Ashley then adds she has hired Victor as a consultant only. Victor further emphasizes that it is only temporary, until Jabot is back on its feet. John says he hates it, Ashley says he can't stop her, and John storms out. Victor tells Ashley he understands this is painful for her father. They then go on to discuss their deal. He wants Ashley to know that he will need to be visible at Jabot. He warns her that the road will be bumpy but promises his plan will make Jabot successful once again.

J.T. arrives at the ranch to update Nikki on Bobby's disappearance. He explains to Nikki that he knows the entire story. She tells him how she feels she has destroyed Bobby's life and wants to make it up to him. J.T. asks if Nikki has talked to Brittany about this. Nikki says she has not. J.T. feels she needs to know and that Nikki should tell her. Nikki doesn't agree; she thinks Bobby needs to tell Brittany himself. J.T. argues that if Bobby is gone much longer, they can't keep Brittany in the dark about this. He says it has to be Nikki that tells her; he can't do it due to confidentiality issues because he works for Paul. At that moment, Brittany comes in the door and wants to know what J.T. is doing there and what he has found out about Bobby. They tell her that Bobby has not yet been found. Brittany says she is very worried that he's been hurt, possibly by the people with whom he associated in the past. With the three of them still talking, Bobby suddenly appears in the room. Brittany is obviously relieved and overjoyed to see her husband is back safely. They embrace, as Nikki looks on.

Brittany wants to know where Bobby was, realizing J.T. and Nikki have left the room. They sit down to talk, and Brittany tells him how worried she has been. Bobby tells her he needed time by himself. At hearing this, Brittany feared it was because of something she had done. Bobby reassured her that was not it at all and promised to tell her all about it. Bobby becomes reminiscent about his brother, Joshua, and shares with her his life-long fantasy about Joshua still being alive somewhere and that one day they would meet up with each other. He told her how it destroyed his parents, how they moved in an effort to get away from the pain, and how nothing could ease their pain. He told her of their deaths in a car accident, stating at least after that, they no longer had to suffer. Evidently, Brittany never knew they were dead. She just thought none of them were close, and that's why they didn't come to the wedding. Bobby said that was why he left Genoa City all those years ago. Brit's next question... how did he find out Joshua was indeed dead? Bobby is having trouble telling Brittany how he actually found out about his brother, when Brit guesses Nikki knows why. She wants to know why Nikki knows and not her. She tearfully accuses Bobby of preferring to confide in Nikki and not her, his own wife. Bobby tells her to wait... he finally tells her that Nikki is the reason Joshua is dead... that she killed his brother. Brittany is shocked!

Jill is sitting at the bar at the Genoa City Athletic Club when Katherine enters. After they exchange icy stares, Jill asks her mother what she is doing there. Katherine says she's there to discuss the homeless shelter with someone. Katherine adds that she's very upset that Jill didn't give her the phone message regarding the luncheon date today and inquires why. Jill coldly replies that she forgot, as she has other things on her mind. At that moment Jack comes in and greets both of them. He tells Katherine he will have the first status report on the state of Chancellor Industries for her shortly. She then leaves to meet her luncheon appointment. Jack offhandedly remarks that it's rather chilly in there; of course, referring to the friction present between mother and daughter. Jack then goes on to tell Jill about meeting with the bankers and their refusal of his offer to have Chancellor Industries purchase Jabot. Their reason comes down to two words, he states... "Victor Newman." Jill surmises that there has to be someone at Jabot who is aware of Victor's plan... Ashley? Jack emphasizes that he knows Ashley won't listen to him... only to the Black Knight! Now that they know what Victor is up to, Jill asks Jack what he's going to do about it. Realizing Victor's motives, Jack is thinking... his wheels are obviously spinning! Jill asks if he doesn't get anywhere with Ashley, what will he do. In a most sinister tone, Jack replies he WILL stop Victor... by WHATEVER means necessary!!

At Crimson Lights, we find Damon having coffee, actually complimenting Malcolm on the tasty java. Malcolm says it's from Kenya; Damon tells him his ex-wife, Adrienne, spent some time in Kenya. Malcolm remarks that he saw in the newspaper that Damon's case was about ready to go to trial. As Phyllis' friend, Malcolm expresses concern over her and the upcoming trial. Damon tells him there's proof that will clear Phyllis, but she wants to hold off using it until Damon can also be cleared. Malcolm admits to Damon that he realizes that the two of them didn't get off to a very good start and wants Damon to know that he sympathizes with him about the death of his son, Elias. Damon explains how he feels it is so important for people to protect their children. Malcolm then asks Damon about his relationship with Phyllis. Damon tells Malcolm that it's none of his business but does let him know that they are no longer together. Malcolm wonders why, and Damon says he thinks Jack is trying to get her back. He says this seems to be a time when some couples are trying to get back together, remarking that he's trying to make up some things to his own ex-wife, Adrienne. As Malcolm listens intently, Damon says he thinks Adrienne may be sending him signals about them getting back together. The look on Malcolm's face says he is disappointed and rather crushed upon hearing this. Phyllis is in Michael's office, and they are discussing the case. Phyllis sees the newspaper and zeros in on an article and picture of a Kramer Walsh a.k.a "Fuzzy." She immediately recognizes him as the man who came out of Dominic's hotel room on the night she went there to meet with Dominic. She then becomes very optimistic, thinking this should clear Damon. Paul and Christine arrive at the office. Phyllis immediately hands them the newspaper, and they begin reading about Fuzzy. Phyllis tells them all about how she heard Fuzzy that night telling Dominic how they would knock off a convenience store. Michael says this is still not enough to clear Damon in that it doesn't deal with his attempted murder of Dominic. Paul said he will look into Fuzzy's other crimes and see if that gun was used. They tell Phyllis not to get her hopes up.

Malcolm arrives home at Olivia's apartment. She's getting ready for bed, is startled, and acts embarrassed that Malcolm saw her. Acting like she doesn't care either way, she lets Malcolm know she's aware he was with Adrienne again. Immediately, Malcolm realizes it was Dru who told her. Olivia tells him she thinks it's good he gets out but at the same time wonders if he's serious about Adrienne. Malcolm tells her to get dressed, but with this she makes her move, and they kiss. Malcolm asks if she really wants to get into this, and Olivia assures him she does and has been thinking of him as she sleeps alone... they again begin kissing.

Michael is now alone in the office; Phyllis, Paul and Christine have left. There's a knock at the door. He immediately shouts at the caller to go away but is pleasantly surprised when he finds it to be Lauren. She arrives with a bottle of wine. They are enjoying the food and wine, when Michael says he has to get back to work. She says she knows she can change his mind, as she undresses down to her silky short nightgown... THEY begin kissing. Ashley tells Victor she hopes that he's not leading her on "again." He reminds her once more that he never did that. Ashley, feeling the deal is sealed, tells Victor that Brad will find him some office space at Jabot so he can be on the premises. At that very moment Jack comes in the front door, stating "I got here just in time." Victor stares at him coldly...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Phyllis and Damon talked at Crimson Lights about their legal situation. She felt like Dominic's accomplice might hold the key to clearing Damon's name. She was curious about Damon's relationship with Adrian, especially when Adrian showed up to meet Damon. Adrian commended Phyllis for not clearing her own name in order to try to buy Damon some time. After Phyllis left, Adrian admitted that she felt territorial where Damon and Phyllis were concerned. Damon was surprised to hear that Adrian had also been seeing someone in Genoa City.

Jack wanted to know why Victor was at the Abbott house and accused him of having ulterior motives in helping Jabot. Victor said if Jack could only listen, he'd know Victor didn't mean Jabot any harm. After Victor left, Jack and Ashley bickered about her decision to enlist Victor's help. Annoyed with Jack's accusations, Ashley went to bed. Phyllis showed up with the makings for s'mores, and she and Jack roasted the marshmallows in the fireplace. She admitted the truth about her legal situation to him. Later, Jack kissed her in front of the fire, and she asked him to hold her.

After making love, Olivia and Malcolm talked about where their relationship was going. He thought she was an incredible woman and didn't want to see her get hurt. Olivia said she wouldn't be hurt as long as Malcolm continued to be up front with her. However, she thought that there was potential for Lily to get hurt, especially if Malcolm found out she wasn't his biological daughter and took off. Malcolm admitted that he could cause Lily harm and said he was going to have to handle the situation very carefully.

Lily and her mother were arranging CDs and talking about Lily's new favorite topic, Malcolm. Drucilla finally agreed that Malcolm had always been the epitome of cool. Neil came in while they were laughing and wanted to know what they were talking about. After evading his questions, Lily finally said she was worried about Malcolm. Neil said that he thought his brother was strong and would be fine.

Brittany was shocked after hearing the whole story of Nikki's involvement with what had happened to Bobby's brother. But she was even more shocked when she tried to comfort Bobby and he said he just wanted to talk to Nikki alone. She went to the loft to confront J.T. about not telling her the truth. When J.T. said that he'd been in an awkward position because Paul was his employer, Brittany understood. She really just needed someone to lean on because she felt like Bobby didn't need her and would rather share his pain with Nikki. Later, while J.T. went to his room to study, she left a message for Bobby that she was staying at the loft until he wanted her to come home. She fell asleep on the couch, where J.T. found her and put a blanket over her.

Bobby had a lot of questions for Nikki, but she didn't want to relive her memories. They were interrupted by Victor, who told Bobby he understood why he'd needed some time away. When Victor went upstairs, Bobby again questioned Nikki about her memories of Josh. She told him that she couldn't remember many details, but she did have a picture of his brother, which she gave him. Bobby asked to be alone, and Nikki followed Victor upstairs. Later, she came down and saw Bobby crying as he stared at his brother's picture. She left him alone. Bobby didn't pick up his phone when Brittany tried to call him.

In an effort to distract Michael from his problems with Phyllis's case, Lauren modeled some lingerie for him. When she tried to get dressed so he could get back to work, Michael challenged her to a game of strip wordplay. The two ended up having a passionate evening in his office.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Victor comes downstairs in the morning to find that Bobby stayed up all night on the couch. Victor offers him some coffee and asks if there's anything he can do to help. Bobby says that Victor and Nikki have done enough; he's just having a hard time getting through this right now. As Bobby goes upstairs to take a shower, Nikki comes downstairs. Victor tells her that he wants to take her out to breakfast to inform her about something. Nikki says she would rather talk over lunch; she'd like to talk to Bobby about some more things.

When Brittany comes home Nikki tells her that they were worried about her. Brittany doesn't like the fact that Nikki is trying to be a shoulder for Bobby to lean on. Brittany tells Nikki she is absolved of her guilt; she will be the one to comfort Bobby now. Bobby comes downstairs to find them fighting. He tells them that he doesn't want them fighting about him. He asks Nikki if she has any more pictures of his brother. Nikki says no, but Brittany and Bobby can tell she is hiding something. She admits to them that there is a home video tape.

As Drucilla is getting ready for work, Phyllis stops by to drop off a package for her. Phyllis says she saw the return address and recognized it as her old job, DMS. Phyllis knows that the company sells paternity tests. Drucilla tells Phyllis to mind her own business.

Lily drops by Olivia's to ask her about Malcolm's party. Malcolm tries to find out what she has up her sleeve. Drucilla comes by and sees the two of them laughing together.

Ashley asks Victor to show up at Jabot later so she can talk to Brad. Jack comes downstairs and they argue about Victor's involvement in Jabot.

Michael goes to see Jack and they talk about Phyllis' case. Jack tells Michael that he better start thinking outside the box. He doesn't want to see Phyllis in jail again for a crime she didn't commit.

As Brad is getting up for breakfast, he tells Colleen that he made her some pancakes. Colleen says she was going to have breakfast with J.T. Brad offers J.T. over for breakfast and goes off to work. When Brad arrives at work, he hears Victor's voice. He demands to know what Victor is doing there. Victor says that Ashley has hired him on as a consultant.

Colleen and J.T. have a nice breakfast together. He teases her about her cooking and they kiss. J.T. asks Colleen again if she has a boyfriend in New York. Once again, Colleen tries to change the subject. She finally admits that she dated someone a bit in New York. Just then, Colleen gets a surprise phone call. When J.T. asks who it was, she says it was just a friend.

Friday, January 14, 2005

Brad tells Victor there's absolutely no way he's going to be a part of Jabot. Victor says that Ashley has hired him to get Jabot out of the gutter. He is sick and tired of everybody blaming him for the problems in their lives. Victor says that he will be conducting a meeting shortly and Brad can attend if he wants to or not.

Jill shows up at the Abbott home and Ashley is freaked because Brad hasn't shown up yet. She runs off to Jabot to catch him before he finds Brad. Jill talks to Jack about Jabot and he tells her that he plans to do something drastic to keep Victor away from Jabot.

Ashley comes in and sees that Victor and Brad have already gone head to head. Brad can't believe Ashley would go this far. She tells Brad that he gave her his word. Brad is amazed Ashley still believes him after everything he's done to their family and their company.

During Victor's meeting, Sharon is happy to see Victor and thrilled that he is willing to save the company. He tells the board that he is there to help save the company from bankruptcy. Jack comes in and interrupts them. He tells Jabot that Victor isn't going to be there for long. Old "Smilin" Jack will be back.

Drucilla wonders what Lily and Malcolm are talking about. Malcolm says that Lily is hiding something and won't tell him about it. When Drucilla and Malcolm are alone, Drucilla tells him that the test has come. She is still so worried that once Malcolm finds out Lily is his daughter, he will try to destroy her life. Malcolm again tries to convince her otherwise, but Drucilla says that by Malcolm getting closer and closer to Lily, how could he not do something if he found out he was the father? Drucilla tells Malcolm about her idea to have a party for him and they go to talk some sense into her.

When Malcolm goes to talk to Lily about the party, she is hurt that he thinks she is doing too much for him. Malcolm tells her that he needs a few weeks of space from her; he needs to figure some things out on his own. He says that Lily is too young to be worrying about adult problems.

Michael, Chris and Paul discuss the case with Phyllis and Damon. Michael tells Phyllis about Jack's idea to think "Like Phyllis." Phyllis has an idea for them. They decide to take it to the District Attorney, giving him the proof the Phyllis didn't do anything to set up a murder against Dominic Hughes. As the District Attorney Richards, he tries to save face in front of them and doesn't believe their proof. Now they are still in the same hole they were before.

Brittany and Bobby beg Nikki to let them see the videotape. Bobby thinks Nikki is trying to keep it from him and he becomes very angry. When Nikki finally gives in, Bobby has tears in his eyes as he watches the tape. He touches Nikki's face on the TV screen, and then his brothers. Nikki and Bobby hug each other tightly.

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