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Although Jack and Chancellor Industries were in control of Jabot Cosmetics, everyone else involved resisted Jack's leadership. John told his family that he was changing his will in order to provide for Gloria, should something happen to him. Bobby and Brittany decided to relocate to Chicago. Lily discovered the paternity test results. Phyllis realized that two paternity tests had been done and forced Dru to tell Malcolm about the second paternity test. Victor sent Nick out of town, causing even more anxiety for Nikki as she tried to say goodbye to Bobby. Malcolm tried to destroy the second paternity test results, but Dru saved them, and as she read them, they were both tense. A goodbye kiss between Nikki and Bobby turned into something passionate as passerby J.T. saw the whole thing.
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John changed his will and Lily discovered paternity test results -- while Phyllis realized two tests had been done
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Monday, February 28, 2005

Jack thought Gloria had gone to Victor during the shareholders' meeting and deliberately tried to stab him in the back. At first, Gloria lied to Jack and said that she hadn't gone to see Victor. When she did finally admit it, John arrived downstairs and wondered what they were arguing about. Jack made Gloria admit that she had gone to see Victor to try to get him to stop the Chancellor Industries takeover.

Ashley couldn't believe Victor was not going to do anything about the takeover. She suggested they try to talk to Katherine. Although Ashley and Victor tried to convince Katherine that Jabot would be better out of Jack's hands, Katherine stood by her CEO.

Bobby ordered a double scotch at Gina's and saw Nikki sitting nearby. At first, he almost didn't go over there, but when she saw him, he went to her. Bobby admitted that he had decided to move away from Genoa City to start a new life with Brittany. Nikki hoped it didn't have anything to do with her.

Damon thanked Phyllis for meeting him at the Athletic Club. Phyllis wondered why he hadn't asked Adrienne. Damon said he was not sure what to think about Adrienne at that moment. When he admitted to Phyllis that he had seen her kissing Malcolm, Phyllis said to forget about Adrienne. She said Adrienne was playing games.

Damon didn't like the way Phyllis was talking about Adrienne. Phyllis apologized. When Damon left, Adrienne showed up at the club. Phyllis went to her and told her to stay away from Malcolm. Adrienne wondered if Phyllis wanted Malcolm for herself. Phyllis said it was because she was worried about Damon.

Daniel opened the paternity test results and showed them to Lily. Lily couldn't tell what it was for; she said it looked like a lab test. They were interrupted by a phone call from Dru. Dru told Lily to let her father open his letters. When Dru found out Lily was there all alone with Daniel, she told her to go to the coffeehouse.

Dru and Malcolm went home and started looking through the letters. Lily was standing there, watching them. "Looking for this?" she asked.

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Devon paid Neil a visit in his hospital room. He still felt guilty about what had happened to Neil. Neil reminded Devon that it hadn't been his fault, and he needed to put it in the past. Neil inquired about what had been going on at home, and he told Devon that he wanted Devon to keep up with his studies. Devon wanted Neil to know that he'd prayed for Neil when Neil had been gravely ill.

Neil told Devon he believed God had a plan for everyone. Neil said because they weren't talking about God, it didn't mean God wasn't listening. Devon said that he'd prayed for his grandmother, but she'd died, anyway. Neil said it just meant it had been her time to go. He said that God had a plan and reminded Devon that God had brought Devon into their lives.

When Devon was ready to leave, Neil asked Devon to stay and keep him company. Neil told Devon that he was looking forward to happy times. He was happy things were looking up for both of them and that Devon and Lily had become brother and sister. He was proud of Devon and that Devon was his son.

After Phyllis and Damon's workout, Phyllis began discussing "plans" with him, making sure Adrienne heard every word. Phyllis slyly stated that she would fix breakfast for Damon. Looking very pleased with herself, Phyllis left. Adrienne said that she hadn't seen Damon much recently. She asked if he'd received the messages she'd left for him. He said he had, but he'd been busy and hadn't had the time to respond. Damon said he hadn't seen much of Phyllis, either.

Adrienne asked if Damon was avoiding her. Damon claimed he was confused because he didn't know what Adrienne wanted. She asked him about Phyllis. Damon told her that Phyllis would always be special to him, but Adrienne was the woman he wanted to be with. Slightly confused, Adrienne asked him why he'd been keeping her at arm's length. Damon said that her actions gave him the impression that she only wanted to date. He stated that that wouldn't work for him, and he was aware that he wasn't the only man she was interested in. Adrienne asked Damon what had given him that impression.

At the Abbott estate, John and Gloria were in the living room, and Gloria said that she was concerned that John was angry with her. John claimed he wasn't, but he was mystified about Gloria's visit with Victor about Jabot. Gloria explained that she'd had John's best interests at heart. John said it showed she had no confidence in Jack. John said he understood, but he didn't want her involved with his business problems. He said things weren't ideal, but he could work with it, and he loved working with Jack.

Gazing lovingly at his wife, John told Gloria how much she meant to him and the joy she'd brought to his life. They shared a long embrace. John told her that if she had any questions about Jabot in the future to ask him. Gloria told John that she knew Jack hated her and how things "happened" to people. She said she was afraid of what would happen to her if John died. She said that Jack and Ashley would give her nothing. She claimed she didn't need much, just a roof over her head and enough to eat. John assured Gloria that she would always be provided for. John suggested that they call it a night and head to bed.

At the ranch, Ashley told Victor that Katherine was their last hope. Victor agreed and said that they needed to convince Katherine that Jack was untrustworthy. Nikki entered the room and wasn't pleased to see Ashley in her living room with Victor. Ashley said she was leaving. Victor pointed out that Nikki hadn't been very nice to Ashley. Angry, Nikki complained that she hadn't been able to spend any time with Victor recently.

Victor said he was angry with Nikki. He stated that he'd returned from talking with Katherine about Jabot, and he was upset that Nikki had voted in favor of the acquisition and that she'd sided with Jack. Nikki saw that as Victor becoming involved again. Nikki claimed that she'd wanted Victor to balance his time more equally -- his time with her and the time he gave to his business matters. She'd hoped that they could go on a trip. Victor blamed Nikki's involvement with Jabot and the position she'd taken as the reason they didn't have time for each other.

Nikki told Victor that since his time at Jabot was over, they could spend more time together. Victor claimed he couldn't give Nikki an answer at that particular moment, because he still had things to do at Jabot. Nikki stated emphatically that she wanted to spend time with him, but she was through begging for it. She warned him that she didn't know what would happen if Victor didn't put her at the top of his priority list.

Brad arrived at the Abbott estate for a visit with Abby. Ashley and Abby had been sitting on the couch, and Ashley explained to her daughter how perfume was made. Abby wanted Ashley to read her the book she'd brought back from France. Ashley agreed, and Abby left to get the book. In the meantime, Brad and Ashley discussed Jabot business. Ashley told Brad that she and Victor had been at the Chancellor mansion in an attempt to convince Katherine to rescind the deal. Brad admitted that he trusted Victor more than he did Jack.

Ashley said she'd reached the point where she would try to make the best of whatever happened. She said she'd do whatever it took to get Jabot productive again. Brad didn't know if he could accept the fact that Jack had acquired the majority of Jabot. Ashley felt it was healthier for them to just let it go and accept things the way they were. Ashley asked Brad about his personal life. She was obviously fishing to know whether he was seeing anyone else. Similarly, Brad asked if Ashley had had a fling while in Paris.

Phyllis returned home and called out to Daniel. When there was no response, she made a phone call to Julie, a former associate, who worked at the lab where paternity tests were done. She thanked Julie for letting her know when the envelope would be delivered. Phyllis wanted just one more favor -- for Julie to tell her what had been in the envelope. Julie refused, stating it was confidential material, and she couldn't disclose any of its contents.

Malcolm and Dru returned to her apartment, where they found Lily holding the envelope containing the results of the paternity test. Lily asked her mother what it was, and Dru casually stated it was just a medical test. She handed the envelope to Malcolm. Lily continued to question the contents of the envelope, and she asked Dru once again what she thought it was. Dru replied that she really didn't know and had no idea how it had gotten mixed up in Neil's mail. Lily had become very suspicious and told them both to stop pretending. She said she'd seen Dru's name on the envelope. She angrily asked which one of them was going to tell her what it was all about.

Dru casually told Lily that she'd had a test run on herself. Lily turned to Malcolm and asked him for answers. Malcolm suggested that she let it go. Lily said she knew that they were lying, and she threatened to tell Neil. Dru cried that Lily wasn't to say a word to Neil. It had become blatantly obvious to Lily that Dru and Malcolm were hiding something, and she was determined to find out what it was.

Lily realized that the letter from the lab was the result of a paternity test that had been done, that it was about her, and that it had been done at Dru and Malcolm's request. Shocked and hurt, she screamed at Malcolm, "Am I yours? Tell me the truth!" Malcolm cast a glance at Dru and softly stated, "It's time." Lily said she deserved to know who her father was. Looking over at Dru, Malcolm said that Lily was old enough to know.

Lily demanded that Malcolm tell her how he could do that to Neil. Malcolm promised to tell her the whole story, but he insisted that Lily needed to hear him out and that it was not what she thought. Calmly, Malcolm explained to Lily that he and Dru had not been having an affair. Dru tried to intervene in the conversation, but Malcolm said he would handle it.

Malcolm admitted to Lily that it was all his fault. He told Lily that when he'd arrived in Genoa City, looking for his brother, Dru had been very kind to him, but Dru had been very ill. Neil hadn't been around, so Malcolm had gone to check on Dru. He explained that Dru had been heavily medicated and completely out of it. He wanted Lily to understand that what he'd done had been wrong, and that Dru had been good to him when he'd arrived in town. When she had been sick, she'd reached out to him. He hadn't realized that Dru had thought she'd been talking to Neil, when in fact, she'd been talking to Malcolm.

Malcolm told Lily that when she'd been born, he and Dru hadn't been sure who her father was, but in his heart and soul, Lily had been Neil's child, and he and Dru had let it go at that. When he'd recently been in Africa and almost died, he had suddenly had a lot of questions on his mind, and Lily's paternity had been one of them. Lily opened up the envelope because she wanted to see the results. She read the results out loud about "Sample A excluded for paternity from Sample B." Not knowing how to interpret the results, she tearfully asked, "So, who is my dad?" Malcolm stared. Dru sobbed.

Malcolm told Lily that the test proved Neil was her father. Lily unleashed a verbal attack on Malcolm for having taken advantage of her mother. She told Malcolm that she had worshiped him, but he wasn't the person she'd thought he was. She turned and gave Dru a tongue-lashing for defending Malcolm. Lily screamed hysterically for Malcolm to get out. Dru reached to comfort Lily, but Lily slapped her hand away and screamed at Dru not to touch her. Sobbing, Dru collapsed against a bookshelf, and the books began to fall.

Daniel arrived, and Phyllis asked him how things had gone with Lily. He claimed that things at the Winters home had been rather strange between Lily and Dru. Phyllis wanted to know what had happened. Daniel said that Dru had been upset about Daniel and Lily looking over Neil's get-well cards. It appeared that it had had something to do with an envelope that had arrived from a lab with possibly some test results.

Phyllis told Daniel that at one time, she'd worked in a lab, and she was familiar with the terminology. She offered to explain it to him. Daniel thought about it for a moment, but he wasn't sure he should tell his mother. He told Phyllis that it had been confidential information, but Phyllis managed to convince him that it was okay. Daniel tried to picture what he had seen, and he said what he'd seen was, "Sample A excluded for paternity from Sample B." Daniel asked Phyllis what it meant. Phyllis casually replied that Dru had said she'd been doing some genealogy work, so that had to be it. Daniel went off to do his homework, leaving Phyllis to ponder what she'd learned.

Phyllis again called her past associate, Julie. Seemingly exasperated with Phyllis, Julie confirmed to Phyllis that there had indeed been two paternity tests but warned Phyllis not to call her again because she could not discuss either one of the tests. Phyllis hung up, and she appeared to be planning what her next move would be.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Nikki brooded about the kiss she'd shared with Bobby. When Victor appeared downstairs and suggested they have dinner together that night, Nikki jumped at the chance to spend some time with him. She wanted to go to breakfast and perhaps for a ride together. Victor didn't go along with her plans, insisting that he had some loose ends to tie up at Jabot. Nikki reminded him that he was no longer working there, but Victor said that hadn't been formalized yet. When Nikki said she wanted to begin a new life together, including traveling, Victor said maybe they could plan a trip for the end of the summer. Nikki pushed him to take advantage of the lag in his work life to go away with her immediately.

Bobby and Brittany discussed their plans to start a new life in Chicago. Brittany admitted that she hadn't told any of her friends yet. She knew that J.T. was going to give her a hard time, but she was sure her parents would be relieved that they wouldn't have to run into their daughter and the grandchild they didn't want. Bobby said that he was going to sell the club to Angelo; that would provide the nest egg they needed to start their new life. He also told Brittany that Nikki knew they were going and understood and supported their decision.

Jill's spirits were soaring as she contemplated all the changes she wanted to make at Jabot. Not even Katherine's sour mood daunted her. She was hoping to break down the barriers that existed between upper management and the people working in the trenches, who often had great ideas that were ignored. When Katherine didn't give Jill the reaction she expected, she asked her mother if she wasn't excited for her. Katherine said she was very excited about what was about to happen to Jill then hurriedly left the room to make a phone call.

Ashley and Jack exchanged a few words when he arrived downstairs for breakfast. She told him that she'd gone with Victor to talk to Katherine, but Katherine had decided to let the deal stand. As far as Ashley was concerned, that was the end of it. She intended to keep her eye on Jack, but for the time being, all she wanted to concentrate on was turning Jabot back into the great company it had once been. Jack told Ashley it wasn't him she needed to keep her eye on, but Gloria, who'd gone behind their backs to warn Victor about Jack's plans.

When John and Gloria arrived downstairs, Jack and Ashley were full of plans for Jabot, but John wanted to talk about something else. He said that he'd decided that it was important to make sure Gloria was provided for if anything happened to him, so he planned to change his will. Ashley and Jack put their differences aside as they contemplated Gloria and tried to determine how she'd talked John into that. John didn't appreciate their attitude and told them that from that point on, they'd treat Gloria with respect, or they could find somewhere else to live. After John left, Jack congratulated Gloria on looking out for herself.

Jack got a call from Katherine demanding to know why Jill thought she was going to be running Jabot. Jack said he hadn't had a chance to talk to Jill yet. After he hung up, he left Ashley alone with Gloria so he could go to the Chancellor house and talk to Jill. Ashley told Gloria that while she knew Gloria had been protecting Victor's integrity, it probably hadn't been a good idea for her to go behind everyone's backs to talk to him. Nor was she smart to immediately afterward put her hands in John's pockets. Gloria insisted that when two people married and promised to take care of each other, no time was too soon.

Lauren didn't understand why Michael had been feeling so frisky all morning. He suggested that the two of them take the day off, and Lauren wondered if his talk with his mother had left him seeing dollar signs. Michael denied it. After Lauren left for work, Michael received a visit from Ashley. She said that she'd just learned that her father was making plans to provide for his new wife. Michael understood that the Abbott children were hoping to head off Gloria and told a confused Ashley that he probably wasn't the attorney she was looking for.

At breakfast with Damon, Phyllis kept brooding over what she'd learned about the DNA tests Dru had ordered. If there were two envelopes, it was possible that Dru was up to something. Although she couldn't tell Damon the details, she said that she had some information that would hurt one friend but that another friend deserved to know. Damon said it sounded like she'd gotten in the middle of something that was none of her business and suggested she stay out of it.

Lily told Dru that she didn't want to talk about the situation with Malcolm and her disputed paternity. She felt like she'd been lied to all her life. After Lily left for school, Malcolm stopped over to talk to Dru. At first, she reproached him for all the trouble he'd caused.

When Malcolm expressed his remorse and regret, he asked her if she wanted him to leave town for good. He'd never wanted to hurt Lily or anyone else. Dru said no; they were a family. Somehow, they'd get through it all together. However, whatever Lily intended to do as far as telling Neil was out of their hands. While they were talking, Dru got a call from Phyllis, who wanted to see her. Dru was just as eager to have it out with Phyllis and told her to stay put at the stable; she'd be right over.

Lily went by the hospital to see her father. He thought her sad mood was caused by his accident and encouraged her to put everything behind her. Lily, thinking of the DNA test, said she wasn't sure she could do that. Neil told her that she was his daughter, and he knew she could do anything she put her mind to. From the moment he'd learned Dru had been pregnant, Lily had been the most important part of his life and always would be.

Neil wrote an excuse note to keep Lily from getting in trouble for being late for school and vowed that was the last time he was making excuses for her. Lily smiled and left without telling him anything about Malcolm and Dru.

Lily finds the paternity test results Lily finds the paternity test results
Thursday, March 3, 2005

Nick went to see Phyllis to ask her for information about Jack's takeover. Phyllis admitted she didn't know anything. Nick told her if she did find out any new information, he wanted to be the first to know.

Brittany told Bobby that she had found a new place for them to live. It was in Chicago, and it would be available right away. Bobby decided they should take the apartment. Brittany went to see J.T. to get some of her stuff. J.T. told her not to leave without saying goodbye.

Bobby talked to Angelo about selling the Cabaret. Bobby said that he wanted Angelo to be the baby's godfather.

Katherine talked to Nikki about Nikki's problems with Victor. She told Nikki that she should give it her all. As they talked about Victor, Katherine realized something. Victor might want to ask Katherine to make him her CEO.

Nikki was playing a sad song on the piano when Bobby walked in. She wondered how long he had been standing there, watching her. Bobby wondered if Nikki was okay. She said her emotional state had to do with the music. Bobby told Nikki that he had found an apartment and might be leaving as soon as the next day.

Malcolm and Dru were angry with Phyllis for involving herself in their personal lives. Malcolm went to see Neil and said that he still felt like a part of him was missing. Neil tried to comfort him, saying that Malcolm was an uncle and a brother.

Dru went to a mailbox and pulled out the second paternity test. Phyllis called Dru, and Dru showed up yelling at her. Phyllis said that she had called Dru to ask her about the other paternity test.

Ashley tried to talk to Michael about Gloria trying to get money from John. Michael said he was not the right person to talk to about it. He suggested to Ashley that if she was worried about the takeover, she could sue for not being informed. Ashley said that she wanted nothing to do with that, but she wanted to do something about Gloria. Michael showed her the door.

Friday, March 4, 2005

Nick went to Jabot to find out what was going on with his father. Victor said that he was leaving, but he'd just received a memo indicating that Jack intended to implement all of the changes Victor had suggested. While they were talking, Jack entered to tell Victor that his services were no longer needed. He also had a check to cover most of the debt Victor was holding for Jabot.

Jack didn't appreciate Victor sharing the contents of a private memo with the CEO of Newman, and he wanted both Victor and Nick to leave the building. Once Jack was gone, Nick told Victor about a problem he was having with one of Newman's distributors. Victor offered to take care of it for Nick so Nick could spend more time with his family instead of going out of town.

Brittany and J.T. ran into each other at Crimson Lights. J.T. ordered her a coffee then went to talk to Mac. Mac assumed he was there to meet Brittany, but he was actually having a meeting with Paul. However, when Paul was talking business with him, J.T. was distracted when he saw Brittany sit down at the table with Mac. He told Paul he didn't get women. Mac was interested in Kevin, and Brittany had married a lowlife like Bobby.

Paul suggested that if J.T. had something to say to Bobby, he should find him and tell him before Bobby left town. J.T. went by Marsino's, but Angelo told him Bobby wasn't there. He advised J.T. to leave Bobby alone; his old boss had enough problems. When J.T. wondered what problems, Angelo said that he didn't think Bobby really wanted to move to Chicago. He was doing it for Brittany.

Brittany told Mac that she and Bobby were moving to Chicago. She warned Mac not to do anything to hurt J.T., who'd already been hurt twice by Colleen. Mac said it was amazing how fascinated Brittany was by J.T.'s love life. She wondered who Brittany was going to run to with all her problems once she was living in Chicago and wouldn't have J.T. to turn to. In fact, Mac thought maybe Brittany was leaving so she wouldn't always have to be reminded that she'd given up J.T. for Bobby.

Nikki told Bobby how much his friendship had meant to her. She was going to miss him and Brittany and the life they'd added to her home. When Bobby reminded her that she had Victor, Nikki said that even though she knew Victor loved her, there was an empty place inside of her that wasn't being filled anymore. She understood her husband. He thought needing anyone was a weakness. But she didn't feel that way.

While Nikki and Bobby were talking, Victor called to cancel his dinner with Nikki, since he was going out of town on business. After Nikki hung up, she told Bobby to keep reminding her how lucky she was and how much she had. Her mind told her that, but her heart was telling her something else. Bobby said their timing was off and told Nikki how much he would miss her. They embraced and shared a passionate kiss just as J.T. walked up and saw them through the window.

Lily went by the hospital to see her father and found out he was being released. Neil suggested that she drive him home. Lily said she wasn't really ready to drive yet. When Neil said that was okay, and Malcolm could drive him, Lily quickly said she'd do it and promised to be careful. Neil tried to talk to her about the importance of having other people besides her parents in her life, including her Uncle Malcolm. He wanted her to dig down deep and overcome whatever her problems were with Malcolm. Lily insisted that it wasn't that easy.

Phyllis told Dru that she knew there was another paternity test. Although Dru tried to deny it, Phyllis said that either Dru would tell Malcolm, or Phyllis would. Dru told Phyllis to stay out of her business. Phyllis had already caused enough damage to Lily and the rest of them.

Malcolm stopped over to have it out with Phyllis, but instead, Phyllis told him that Dru had something to tell him. When Dru wouldn't confess, Phyllis told him there had been a second paternity test. The first one had been a fake. She then left the two of them alone to talk. Malcolm demanded to know what Dru had done.

Dru admitted that she'd given Malcolm fake results. She'd been terrified that if he found out Lily was his, he'd take her daughter away from her. When she told him that she hadn't seen the results, which were in her purse, Malcolm found the envelope and tried to throw it into the fire. Dru grabbed it and ripped open the envelope, saying she wasn't going back. She had to know the truth; she couldn't go on living a lie. She looked at the results then held out the paper to Malcolm.

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