The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 14, 2005 on Y&R
Paul agreed to investigate Gloria for Ashley. Brittany refused to see Bobby when he arrived at the hospital, but she eventually relented. Phyllis found out where Victoria was staying, while Victor and Nikki made arrangements to visit Victoria.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 14, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, March 14, 2005

Jill thinks about handcuffing Katherine. When Katherine shows up at Jill's office to take her name off the door, Jill begs her for forgiveness. Katherine is adamant about her decision. Jill wonders why Katherine would do this to her. When Jill sees Jack, she blames him for everything between her and Katherine.

Drucilla answers the door to an all new, clean cut Malcolm. He mentions that Lily liked him better that way. Drucilla says that Lily isn't too happy with Malcolm right now. Malcolm still feels like a new man knowing that Lily is his daughter. Malcolm wants to hang and out wait for Lily to come back. Malcolm thinks he has something to offer Lily. He begs to be a part of Lily's life.

Victor wonders why Bobby is still in town. He says that he and Brittany had a little spat. Victor hopes the best for him and says that he and Nikki have had a reconciliation. Bobby hopes he and Brittany will have the same fate.

Brittany begs for Nikki to not leave her alone. Brittany tells Nikki that maybe it's all for the best, she's not even sure she really wanted a child. And, she's not sure if Bobby really loves her. As the nurse tries to put an I.V. in Brittany, Brittany freaks. She tells the nurse she is losing her baby. Nikki calls Bobby to tell him where Brittany is. Before she can say she doesn't want him there, he's gone. Brittany says that her cramps started about a half an hour ago. She admits that she and Nikki were fighting. The nurse admits that there is the possibility that she may have a spontaneous abortion. Brittany decides she wants to be on her own. Bobby shows up. His whole world is in that room. Bobby admits he knows that J.T. told Brittany about her and Bobby. They decide they have to focus on the crisis.

Brittany gets to see her baby on the ultrasound. The nurse tells her that the baby's heart is strong and will be okay.

Bobby wants to go see Brittany, but the nurse says Brittany doesn't want him there.

Ashley tries to find out why Gloria went to Michael. She wonders why Michael would call her because he's not representing Ashley. Ashley says she doesn't have an answer, and wonders why Gloria won't share the information. She knows that Gloria and Michael are up to something. She asks Gloria if she really thinks that John will choose Gloria over Ashley.

Paul goes to see Ashley with the tape of the movie they watched. Ashley tells him that the movie lifted her spirits. He says he understands what it takes for her to see a movie. In his own defense, Michael has never appreciated him. Ashley wonders why she doesn't just hire Paul. Says he'd prefer not to. Then he decides that he could investigate Gloria.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Bobby is gazing through the window outside Brittany's hospital room. Nikki brings him some coffee. The doctor is in Brittany's room and tells her Bobby is waiting and wants to see her, but Brittany doesn't want to see him. Nikki calls Victor on the phone to tell him she's staying at the hospital a while longer. Bobby is waiting for the doctor to come out of Brittany's room. He tells Nikki he's afraid Brittany won't see him, but Nikki tells him to be patient. The doctor comes out, and Bobby asks how Brittany and the baby are doing. The doctor said they are doing better, but there is still a chance she could lose the baby. They just have to see how she does over the next 24 hours. The doctor again tells Bobby that Brittany refuses to see him. The doctor says she will go in and once more try to convince Brittany to see her husband. Meanwhile, Nikki tells Bobby she is sorry for her part in this. The doctor, once again, comes out and says Brittany still refuses to see Bobby, but she wants to see Nikki. Bobby says to tell Brittany he loves her. In the room, Brittany coldly thanks Nikki for getting her to the hospital so quickly, that she won't be seeing her again, and now wants her to leave. Nikki tries to talk to Brittany, but she doesn't want to hear anything Nikki has to say. Nikki does advise Brittany that marriage means being able to overcome challenges, but Brittany says she can no longer trust Bobby and won't subject her baby to this distrust, as she had to grow up with her own parents having no trust in each other.

Jack and Phyllis are having breakfast together alone at the Abbott house, and he is discussing his doubts about Gloria. He then asks Phyllis about her work and about Dru and her new position at Newman Enterprises. Of course, Phyllis uses this as an opportunity to express her usual dislike of Dru. Phyllis says she actually wishes Victoria would come back and that she's actually heard rumors that this may indeed happen. She thinks that's why Nicholas was so anxious to hire Dru. Phyllis figures if Victoria came back, she could fire Dru; that would open up possibilities for Phyllis. Jack and Phyllis then gaze longingly into one another's eyes and begin dancing. After a few minutes of slow dancing, Phyllis says she has to leave for work. Jack seems to be thinking about something....Phyllis asks what is on his mind. He then suggests that Phyllis go into the data base at Newman Enterprises and see if someone in the company has had any contact with Victoria. Phyllis figures Jack wants to know where Victoria is. Phyllis said she would love to see Dru's face if Victoria should return to the, she will do it! Phyllis tells Jack she loves him....he responds that he loves her too.

At Jabot, Gloria enters Jill's office as she is packing the last of her belongings. She tells Gloria she's being kicked out of Jabot by Katherine. Gloria informs Jill she's just there to observe and to hopefully later work there. Jill reminds Gloria that she doesn't need to work, but Gloria says she's interested to learn more about what goes on at Jabot. Jill seems interested to hear more about this. Gloria was surprised to hear Jill complain so bitterly about Jack, as she thought they were allies. They then begin to talk about Billy. Jill says how much she misses him. Gloria tells her John is very proud of his son, and Gloria hopes she can meet him some day. Jill seems to identify with Gloria, telling her that she was a manicurist at one time and advanced in the company without any college degree and was given a percentage of Jabot in her divorce settlement. She tells Gloria that she will do fine at Jabot. Jill warns Gloria to watch her back and not to trust anybody....especially Jack. Jill said she would love to be able to stay and watch Gloria make Jack and Ashley miserable!

John pays a visit to Michael at his office. He wants to know if Ashley was there asking about Gloria. Michael indicates that was indeed the case, and John seems upset at hearing this. Michael tries to calm him saying that its not uncommon for children of wealthy parents to be protective. John actually asked Michael what he thought or Gloria, to which Michael replied he thought she was a lovely woman, full of spirit. John awkwardly asked Michael if Gloria said anything that led him to believe that she was taking advantage of him. Michael casually says he can't read women, so John is on his own. John boasts that Gloria is one of a kind and wants to be sure she is taken care of. Beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable, Michael tells John he's expecting a client at the office soon and has to prepare for that appointment....John then leaves.

Daniel runs into his Aunt Gina at Crimson lights; she gets a cappuccino to go. He then walks over to Kevin's table. Kevin is reading the classified ads looking for a job. Mac's name comes up, and Kevin tells Daniel how she's changed his life and that he has to get a job so she will take him seriously. Daniel is reading another part of the paper and remarks that someone won the lottery, but as of yet the person hasn't come forth. Kevin has a surprised look on his face and leaves the table in a rush....Daniel follows.

Nicholas and Victor are discussing business. Victor offers help to his son, if needed. Victor brings up the subject of Victoria; Nick looks a little worried and asks if Victoria is coming back. Victor says if she returns, he would like her to run the cosmetics division again and asks Nick if he would want that too. Victor then asks his son how Dru is doing with her new position. Nick says she's still insecure but is doing okay and keeping busy. Nicholas turns the conversation to the subject of his parents and says he hopes Victor and Nikki can take time to rediscover themselves. Victor assures him that they are working on it.

Kevin and Daniel burst into Michael's apartment where Kevin begins madly searching for something. He finally finds a lottery ticket and checks the numbers. He asks Daniel to read the numbers to him one more time. Kevin's eyes get bigger and bigger....he's speechless!!

Back in Brittany's hospital room, Nikki urges Brittany to open up her heart.....that it's Bobby's baby too, but she just closes her eyes and wants to hear none of it. At that moment, Bobby opens the door and enters. Brittany opens her eyes; she gives Bobby a cold stare.....

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Drucilla wasn't happy to find Phyllis using the computer in her office and demanded that she leave. Phyllis reminded her that she knew about the situation with Lily, so Dru shouldn't push her around. She then got Drucilla worked up by saying that she'd been trying to find out where Victoria was. Phyllis thought Victoria might be interested to hear that Dru was running Victoria's division at Newman; she might even want to take it back.

After Phyllis left, Drucilla asked Nick to come in to talk about her job performance. Nick assured her that she was doing a good job, although he did think she needed to be more accessible to Sharon, who'd had problems reaching her. Drucilla said that was because of what had been going on with Neil, but she was back at work and it wouldn't be a problem anymore. She then got Nick to agree to give her a contract.

Brad talked to Ashley about his plan to become CEO of Jabot. Ashley wondered why he thought she wouldn't be in the running. Brad said that she was desperately needed in the lab to develop the new products the company required to get up and running again. But if she wouldn't back him, then he wasn't going to approach Jack for the job. Ashley said it wasn't a problem; Brad could tell Jack that he had her full support for the position.

Jack went to talk to Nikki, ostensibly to find out about her desire for fewer work hours. Nikki said if he was looking for someone to run Jabot, he could take her off the list. She didn't want to leave her job, but she wanted more time with Victor. When she told him that Brittany's episode had made her think of Victoria, Jack asked a few questions about her daughter's whereabouts and when she might be returning. When Nikki wondered why he was so curious, Jack brushed off her questions and said she was the one who'd brought up Victoria.

After Jack left, Victor came in and was surprised to see Nikki at home. She told him that Bobby and Brittany were having some problems beyond what was going on with the baby. She hoped they'd work everything out. When she talked about how much she missed Victoria, Victor said that he wished she'd have told him what she'd been feeling. He then made arrangements for them to fly to Italy to see their daughter.

Jack was trying to get in touch with Phyllis as he walked into his office to find Brad there. He listened to Brad's pitch for why he should be the CEO for Jabot. While he agreed with Brad that he was the best-qualified person on the canvas, Jack still had a couple of other ideas he wanted to explore. Brad told him that bringing in someone from the outside would be a big mistake. While they were talking, Phyllis called Jack with Victoria's address in Florence. Jack brought his meeting with Brad to a close without giving him an answer about the CEO job and made arrangements to immediately fly to Italy.

As Kevin jumped around Michael's apartment with glee, Daniel started talking about all the cool things that Kevin could buy with his lottery winnings. Kevin said no; he wanted to buy a house like the one he'd always dreamed of, then he would buy Mackenzie a diamond necklace. Daniel said that wouldn't impress her, and Kevin agreed, saying he'd make a large donation to a charity in her name. There was just one problem; he'd actually bought the ticket as a gift for Michael. As Daniel was trying to persuade him to keep the ticket for himself, Gloria came in. Daniel left, and Gloria demanded to know what Kevin was up to. Kevin finally showed her the winning ticket and told her his dilemma---that the ticket was one he'd bought for Michael.

Paul gave J.T. his new assignment. J.T. was to go to Detroit and dig into Gloria's background for their client, Ashley Abbott. J.T. was excited about the job and thanked Paul for giving it to him. Paul reminded him how important it was for J.T. to be discreet when he was doing a job for such a high-profile client like Ashley.

Bobby and Brittany had a long discussion that included how much he'd changed her life and how she'd come to trust him more than anyone in the world. As much as she loved him, however, she wasn't sure she could ever trust him again. Bobby insisted that nothing except a kiss had happened with Nikki. It was a mistake that wouldn't be repeated. He knew how much he loved and needed Brittany and wanted a future with her and their baby. In the meantime, he just wanted to sit beside her and give her whatever support she needed. Brittany told him she didn't know; she wasn't as sure anymore that the two of them belonged together.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Due to NCAA's March Madness, the entire CBS Daytime lineup of soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light -- has been preempted.

Since there is a break in the action, this is the perfect time to get caught up on things you may have missed on the show. For archived recaps from the past 8 years, please refer to our Daily Recaps Archives. For information about your favorite star, read our About the Actor biographies. To get information about the characters on the show, be sure to visit our Who's Who section. And, of course, to discuss the show will other fansm be sure to visit our brand new message boards.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Due to NCAA's March Madness, the entire CBS Daytime lineup of soaps -- The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, As the World Turns and Guiding Light -- has been preempted.

Since there is a break in the action, this is the perfect time to get caught up on things you may have missed on the show. For archived recaps from the past 8 years, please refer to our Daily Recaps Archives. For information about your favorite star, read our About the Actor biographies. To get information about the characters on the show, be sure to visit our Who's Who section. And, of course, to discuss the show will other fansm be sure to visit our brand new message boards.

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