The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 4, 2005 on Y&R
Dru asked Nick to tear up her new contract. Nick discovered that Victoria had returned to town. John fell down the stairs, and Kevin found him lying on the floor in pain. A stranger recognized a newspaper photo of Kevin.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 4, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, April 4, 2005

Victoria returns home and looks at a picture of Nick. She remembers how things were between them when she left. She goes to the tack house to find that Phyllis is now living there with her son Daniel. Victoria makes a deal with Phyllis. They will all live there, but no one can know that Victoria has returned.

Drucilla goes to Nick and asks him to rip up her contract. She says she is afraid to take such a big risk and doesn't want to disappoint him. Nick wonders why Drucilla is so scared. He realizes that Victor has spoken to her. Nick tells Drucilla that if she is on his team, her contract stays. Sharon overhears their conversation. When Drucilla leaves, Sharon begs Nick not to go to Victor with this news. When he leaves anyway, she follows him.

Nick confronts Victor about trying to talk Drucilla out of her contract. Victor tells Nick that he's cutting Victoria out of her birthright.

Damon talks to Gina about setting up a dinner date for Adrienne and him.

Adrienne sees Malcolm at the Athletic Club and they decide to go to dinner later. Damon shows up after Adrienne has left and talks to Malcolm. Damon wonders if Malcolm has feelings for Adrienne. Malcolm says that there is nothing going on between them.

When Adrienne and Malcolm show up together for dinner at the Athletic Club, Damon is surprised. He sits down with them and the two men begin arguing. Adrienne decides to leave. Malcolm tells Damon again that he hopes Damon and Adrienne will work things out.

Brad tells Jill that he has given Jack an ultimatum to either hire him before the end of the next business day or he will look elsewhere for a job. Jill wonders if this might be good news for her. Brad informs her that he thinks Jack has other plans in mind.

Jack can't believe the news that Kevin and Michael are Gloria's sons. John tells Ashley and Jack to leave them alone. When Gloria and John are alone, Gloria begs John for his forgiveness. John tells Gloria to get her things and leave. He wants her out now.

Gloria returns to Michael and Kevin's apartment. She is in shock and decides to clean the house.

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

The tension is still present between Victoria and Phyllis as they continue to discuss how they will be sharing Victoria's house. Phyllis questions Victoria about returning to Genoa City and if she's here to accept Jack's CEO offer. As she tells Phyllis that she only came back to get a lay of the land, there is a knock on the door; it's Damon. He wants to come in, but Phyllis is nervous and says it's not a good time. He is definitely suspicious. Victoria then emerges, taking Damon totally by surprise. They are obviously very glad to see each other and enjoy a very easy-going conversation, as Phyllis looks on. Damon reminds Victoria that they were good friends and asks him to find out for her how things stand at Jabot and Newman Enterprises. Only then, she says, will she decide to let her family know she's back, especially Nicholas.

At the Genoa City Athletic Club, Katherine and Esther are sharing a table, as Mac approaches. Katherine hopes she will join them, but can't as she's off to meet J.T. for a workout. Jill joins their table and wants to talk to Katherine. Katherine starts up with her usual insults and refuses to talk to Jill. Both Esther and Mac try to convince her to talk to Jill, pointing out that, after all, she is her daughter. Jill continues to make an effort to talk to Katherine and tells her that without a CEO, Jabot is at stake and that Chancellor Industries is also affected. Katherine has not changed her mind; still an emphatic 'no' to Jill becoming CEO of Jabot. Jill tells Katherine she knows she's acting like this because she blames Jill for Arthur leaving town. Esther actually tries to intercede on Jill's behalf, but Katherine leaves and announces they will go elsewhere for lunch. Jill thanks Esther for sticking up for her and asks Esther to keep working on Katherine. Esther agrees and says she will 'put her thinking cap on.' Jill is dubious and asks herself what things have come to now that she is seeking Esther's help!

Bobby is at their new apartment opening mail. Brittany enters, and he encourages her to take it easy. Bobby tells her he's off to look for a job. Brittany says she will ask Lauren if she can work at The Boutique. Bobby emphatically tells Brittany that she absolutely cannot work, that she and the baby are too important to him. They share aspects of their unhappy childhoods, vowing that their child was not a mistake and will have a better life. Bobby feels that finding out Brittany was pregnant on the very day they buried Joshua is truly a gift from God.

Mac meets up with J.T. and challenges him to some crunches. J.T.'s phone rings; it's Brittany. She wants J.T. to come over to her apartment right away; he agrees. Mac is obviously very upset that he would just up and leave her and run to Brittany.

Jack and Ashley are in the Abbott living room expressing their concern over John. They are worried that he could go into a deep depression. Ashley tells Jack she had Gloria investigated. John enters the room and immediately begins asking them how the search for the new CEO of Jabot is going. Jack says he is taking care of it, but John tells him he has to get moving on it. He also asks Ashley about her progress in the lab. They know he's just trying to avoid dealing with his discovery about Gloria. John then sits down to read the newspaper and finds the anniversary card Gloria had given him earlier.

Gloria is madly cleaning Michael's apartment and can't stop thinking about her last conversation with John. Kevin points out to her that she's acting just the way she did when she was married to 'Terrible Tom' -- cleaning when something was wrong. Gloria begins sobbing, certain that her marriage is over, feeling sure John will never forgive her. Kevin tries to comfort her. Gloria dwells on her horrible track record with men and now feels that she never deserved John. Kevin argues that she's a good person and quotes her some advice from his therapist: 'You need to love yourself or love will never find you'. Kevin says he feels guilty about John dropping Gloria because of the person he is, but Gloria doesn't blame him. Kevin verbalizes about the years of abuse he suffered at the hands of his father and is glad he never has to see him again. Kevin starts to help Gloria clean. Gloria lovingly tells Kevin she can always count on him. In return, he assures her that she will always have him and Michael.

Bobby arrives at the Genoa City Athletic Club and begins talking to Gina. He shares the news that Brittany is pregnant. He inquires if there is a job opening there at the club. Gina tells him she's expecting a managerial position to open up and wants Bobby's resume. He's never needed one in the past but will have Brittany prepare one for him. Gina tells him there's a bartender position open immediately for a couple of nights a week in the meantime. He's more than happy to have it.

Vinny, an old friend of Bobby's, comes up to the bar and tells Bobby he has a proposition for him. Vinny tells him that he can make some money by holding some 'hot ice'. Bobby thanks him but says he will pass. Afterwards, Bobby is obviously thinking how much he needs the money and wishes he could accept the offer.

J.T. arrives at Brittany's apartment. He's surprised she's still in town. Brittany tells him there has been a lot going on; some things are more than she can handle. She tells him about how she almost lost the pregnancy. J.T. says he feels guilty that he told her about Bobby and Nikki since the shock of it almost made her lose the baby. J.T. seems disappointed when Brit announces she has decided to stay with Bobby and feels they need to stay in Genoa City to face their problems. She explains that she felt insecure before but now knows she loves Bobby more than ever, knows he loves her, and really wants to be a father. J.T. finally agrees that they should be together since they are so in love. Brittany tells him they will always be best friends, after which they share a warm embrace.

John is still holding Gloria's anniversary card; he shows it to Ashley and Jack. Ashley assures her father that she's sure Gloria loved him in her own way, but John feels it was not enough to be honest with him. A dejected John tells his children how he and Gloria were planning to go out and celebrate tonight....John breaks down and begins sobbing; Ashley tenderly comforts her father.

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

Daniel was surprised to come home and find Victoria there. Phyllis told him that Victoria didn't want her family to know she was back yet, and Daniel agreed not to tell anyone he'd seen her. After Daniel left, Phyllis again tried to get Victoria to tell her what her plans were. Victoria evaded her questions and asked Phyllis to give her a ride into town.

When Phyllis got to work, she had a meeting with Drucilla. Drucilla was trying to follow Nick's suggestion that Drucilla help him build his team, so her behavior toward Phyllis was pleasant and flattering. Phyllis correctly surmised that Dru was trying to make nice because of Nick's orders. She said that clearly Nick had faith in Drucilla, but there were other people who were better suited for Dru's job. If someone other than Nick started making the decisions, Drucilla might find herself out of a job. Drucilla asked if Phyllis was talking about Victor, but Phyllis just smiled mysteriously and left Dru's office.

Michael came home to find Gloria there with Kevin. He wasn't surprised to hear that things hadn't gone well at the Abbotts, especially since Kevin had showed up there. Kevin said he was glad he'd gone, since all the Abbotts had ganged up on their mother. When Michael found out that John had made her leave, he asked Gloria if that was what she wanted. Gloria said she wanted to go home to John.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. told Mac that Brittany and Bobby were still living in Genoa City. Mac was sorry to hear that Brittany was having a difficult pregnancy, but she still thought she and Bobby should have moved. After J.T. and Mac bickered for a minute, they agreed that Mac would give Brittany a chance if J.T. would do the same for Kevin. However, when Kevin walked up, J.T. found out that Mac had concealed part of Kevin's lottery ticket story and that Kevin had tried to keep the ticket from Michael. Mac defended Kevin, saying he'd returned the ticket of his own choice. Kevin said it didn't matter, since his family was now going to be rich. That was a good thing, since his mother's marriage was on the rocks. Mac and J.T. were shocked to learn that Gloria Abbott was Kevin's mother. J.T. furiously recounted some of what he'd learned in Detroit about Gloria's son being in trouble with the police because he had a gun. When Kevin blamed J.T. for ruining his mother's life, their discussion got more heated until J.T. finally stormed off. Kevin gave Mac a pathetic look.

Sharon was frustrated when Cassie rushed out the door to school without talking to her. She told Nick she was going to call the school later and see if Cassie's story about how she got a condom was true. After Nick left for work, Sharon talked to Cassie's health teacher, who told her that they hadn't covered STDs in their class yet, and even when they did, she wouldn't be handing out condoms. She then wondered why Cassie wasn't in school. Sharon was startled to find out that Cassie was skipping class.

At Crimson Lights, Lily, Daniel, and Sierra weren't in school because their teachers were grading midterms, and Devon was there because his school started later. All of them were surprised when Cassie walked in and joined them after getting a cup of coffee. They warned her that cutting classes wasn't a good idea, but Cassie brushed their concern aside until her mother showed up. When Sharon confronted Cassie about not being in school, Cassie smarted off at her. Sharon made her go with her to Nick's office. Nick was surprised to hear that Cassie had cut class, but she swore she wouldn't do it again and asked her mother to take her back to Walnut Grove. Sharon then told Nick that Cassie had also lied about how she'd gotten the condom. She said that Cassie was either sexually active or was thinking about being sexually active, and the three of them needed to talk.

Brittany made breakfast for Bobby, although he wanted to take her out. Brittany reminded him that they needed to be careful with money. Bobby told her he'd gotten a temporary part-time job as a bartender at the athletic club. Gina was hoping that she could give him a manager's position soon. Brittany told him that she knew he wanted a better job. While they were talking, Brittany got a delivery from Fenmore's, a baby blanket. Bobby insisted that he hadn't bought it, but Brittany told him that she didn't believe him. She had a surprise for him, too. She pointed out that her pregnancy was starting to show. Soon everyone would know they were expecting a baby.

Jack and Ashley were worried about their father's state of mind. They wanted him to take a day off with them and go out of town to a spa. John told them to go on with their lives; he'd be fine. After John went upstairs, Ashley and Jack tried to figure out how to support their father emotionally. While they were talking, Michael showed up and asked to talk to John. Although Ashley and Jack tried to make him leave, John came downstairs and asked what he wanted. Michael said that John didn't have the legal right to throw Gloria out of their home without her consent. When John found out Gloria was outside in the car, he asked Ashley and Jack to leave. He then told Michael to leave after he sent Gloria inside. When Gloria walked in, John looked at her with a disgusted expression.

Michael went home and decided to have a drink even though it was early in the day. Before he could pour one, his doorbell rang, but when he opened the door, no one was there. He stepped outside and looked around, and when he walked back into his apartment, Victoria was standing there and gave him a big kiss.

Thursday, April 7, 2005

Nick and Sharon had a long talk with Cassie about the risks she'd be taking if she became sexually active too early; not only could she contract HIV or other STDs, but she could get pregnant. Nor was she emotionally ready. Cassie kept up her belligerent attitude during their discussion, and Nick told her that she was grounded indefinitely. Sharon asked to speak to Cassie alone, and Nick left them. Sharon said that Cassie's suggestion that her mother was afraid Cassie would repeat her mistakes had hit home. Sharon knew better than anyone the outcome of becoming sexually active before she was ready. Cassie pointed out that if Sharon hadn't gotten pregnant, Cassie herself wouldn't exist. Sharon said that was true, and she treasured every moment they'd shared. However, Cassie should remember that they'd spent many years apart because she hadn't been prepared to take care of a child. Only luck had brought them back together. When she asked Cassie if they were good, Cassie sulkily said yes. Still worried, Sharon took her daughter back to school.

Phyllis went to see Jack and thank him for dinner the night before. She again tried to ascertain what decision he'd made about the Jabot CEO. She agreed that Jill was out of the question unless he could change Katherine's mind, but she thought he should appoint Brad, who was the most qualified for the job. Jack realized that Phyllis knew something he didn't know and tried to find out what it was. Phyllis didn't tell him that Victoria was in town, and Jack said he guessed their next meeting would be Phyllis trying to make up to him for whatever secret she was keeping. That was fine; she should call him when she was ready. Phyllis left without telling him the truth.

Nikki went to see Dru and suggest that Dru ask Nick to put her through the same probationary period the other executives went through. Dru insisted that Nicholas had faith in her. She'd offered that option, and Nick had turned her down. She didn't want to get in the middle of the Newman battles and resented Nikki's attempt to intimidate her. Nikki said that if she had to take sides, it wouldn't be against any member of her family. The loser would be Drucilla herself. Dru asked Nikki to leave her office. After Nikki left, Phyllis showed up, said that she knew Nikki had been to visit her, and asked if Drucilla felt the screws tightening.

Mac got Kevin to tell her the whole story of his mother and what his father had put them through. She was upset by the things Kevin told her and said she hated his father even though she'd never met him. Kevin said that he'd once dreamed of hitting Tom or locking him in a closet so he'd know how Kevin had felt. But in fact, if Tom was in front of him, he'd probably pass out from fear. Mac said he didn't have to worry. Tom didn't know where they were and couldn't hurt him anymore. Unfortunately, at that moment, Tom was looking at the newspaper photo of Kevin. He muttered something about the little cockroach winning a million dollars.

Michael and Victoria talked over how things had been going for her in Italy. Then she asked him some questions about Newman. She was sure that even if Nick was CEO, Victor was still pulling the strings. Michael said he didn't think so. Michael didn't spend much time at Newman, but Nick was definitely the one in charge. Horrified, Victoria said that meant Nick's decision to let Drucilla head the cosmetics division could be permanent. When Michael chided her for pretending not to care about business, Victoria changed the subject to a more personal one. She still seemed interested in Michael romantically and wondered if he'd met someone else. At that point, Lauren breezed in. The two women circled around each other, both of them trying to assert their claim to Michael. Lauren tried to figure out if Victoria was going to stay in town, but Victoria evaded her questions. When Victoria left, she kissed Michael, which didn't please Lauren at all.

Ashley and Brad talked in the lab about her father's situation and Jack's slowness in appointing a CEO. Brad suggested that Ashley take some time off and get her father out of town. Ashley agreed it would be a good idea, but she couldn't do it if Brad was planning to quit his job if Jack didn't come through with the CEO offer. However, she supported Brad. If he felt he had to go, she'd find some way to handle the family crisis. At that point, Jack came in. Ashley told him to stop stalling and give Brad the job. Jack asked Ashley to go home and be with their father, then he told Brad to come to his office in ten minutes. When Brad got there, he demanded that Jack give him an answer.

Gloria and John talked about their situation. He said that he couldn't imagine ever getting to the point that he could talk cordially or supportively to Gloria about her sons. Not only did he feel loathing for Michael, but he'd never be able to forgive Kevin for what he'd done to Colleen. Gloria said there was no proof that Kevin had done that, but John brushed her protests aside. Gloria wondered if they could ever get past it. She wanted to stay, but she'd go if that was what John really wanted. John told her that he didn't care what she did. Later, Ashley called John to tell him she was coming home to spend the day with him. John told her not to; he was on his way into the office with some contracts. After they hung up, he went upstairs and got the contracts. As he was walking down the stairs opening the envelope with his letter opener, he tripped, fell, and landed semiconscious at the foot of the stairs, the letter opener jammed into his leg.

Friday, April 8, 2005

Neil tries to inform Drucilla about her position. He tells her in a nice and businesslike manner that she needs to change her attitude and be the person she is meant to be. Neil says he will work with Drucilla to develop a foil proof fan.

Phyllis comes home to find Victoria painting. She wonders how things went with Michael. Victoria questions Phyllis how she knows where she has been. Phyllis explains that Michael is her best friend and she knows where he lives. Victoria presumes that Phyllis also knows about Michael's relationship with Lauren Fenmore.

Gloria returns home to Michael and Kevin's apartment and tells them she is unsure whether or not she even wants to return to the Abbott home. She tells Michael and Kevin that if John cannot accept them, she will choose her sons over her marriage. Michael tries to convince her that her marriage is not a lost cause and she should try as hard as she can to save it.

Meanwhile, John lays on the floor after suffering a cardiac arrest. He winces in pain as he pulls the letter opener out of his leg. He tries to get up, but cannot. He cries out for help.

Kevin is determined to change John's mind about Gloria and her two sons. When he arrives at the door of the Abbott home he finds John on the floor.

Nikki asks Nick what has been going on with Cassie. At first, Nick doesn't want to admit it but explains that he feels uncomfortable that Cassie has been changing and not talking to her family about it. He tries to change the subject quickly before Nikki asks him any more questions.

Brad tells Jack that he will quit if Jack does not appoint him. After Jill receives a letter from Billy, Katherine decides to take Jill in for awhile.

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