The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 16, 2005 on Y&R
Damon left Genoa City. J.T. tried to lure Mac back as his roommate. Lauren accepted Michael's proposal. Gloria and Kevin tried to get rid of Gitta. Vinny pressured Bobby to repay the money. Cassie left the hospital without permission, and she collapsed inside Crimson Lights.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 16, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, May 16, 2005

Damon goes to see Phyllis and they talk about Daniel. Damon offers her his place to stay. He says that he won't be there because he's going back to Atlanta with Adrienne. He says Adrienne got a job there and he wants to see if they can work things out. Phyllis thanks him for the offer, but says she will try to stick it out at the Abbots. They share a tearful goodbye.

Lily is angry with Daniel because he insists that leaving will be the best thing for everyone. Lily can't believe Daniel would leave his family forever. She begs to go with him, but he is insistent. Suddenly Lily has an idea. Her idea involves a way that he can disappear but still stay in Genoa City.

Mac thinks that she made a big mistake listening to her grandmother. J.T. calls and tells her that he already got a new roommate and she has invited him to Mexico so Mac needs to come and get her things immediately. Katherine thinks it's strange that J.T. found a roommate so quickly. Mac is upset and says J.T. is even more of a jerk than she thought. When she arrives at the loft, J.T. is partying it up, wearing a Mexican hat and making tacos and margaritas. He offers one to Mac, who says no. She can't believe how clueless J.T. is and wonders when his new roommate will be coming by. J.T. says that no one is coming by. Maybe it's Mac that's clueless. The party is for her.

Nick and Sharon are enthusiastic that Cassie's fever has stayed the same. Suddenly the doctor tells them that it's getting worse again. Sharon is worried by Cassie's flushed face. Nick wonders if they should get a second opinion.

Cassie dreams again of getting into the car and driving Daniel. When she wakes up she is determined to go tell Daniel. She pulls out her I.V. and sneaks out of the hospital.

Lauren is still upset with Michael for not talking to her. He begs her to indulge his fantasies for at least an hour. When she returns wearing the beautiful dress, they go off to the Colonnade Room. Michael has set it up as a special Casino just for them. After a dance and some champagne, Lauren starts winning at Blackjack and is happy with Michael again. When the Casino dealer turns her cards over, the cards read "Marry Me."

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Michael and Lauren are still in the casino fantasy he created for her. The dealer has dealt two cards, saying "MARRY ME." Michael has presented Lauren with a huge gorgeous diamond engagement ring; he holds it up for Lauren. She sees this and thinks he can't be serious. Michael tells Lauren he wants her as his wife, but she doesn't know what to say. Michael: "Just say yes." He wants an answer now. Lauren tells him she's still upset with him and won't let him off the hook for not calling her after he saw Tom. She feels he's pushing her away. He promises to share his innermost feelings in the future, but she's not buying it.

Michael then gets down on his knees....."Lauren Fenmore, would you do me the great honor of becoming my wife?" Lauren still tells Michael she needs a couple of days. Michael told her that was not possible; he needs an answer tonight. Lauren still insists she can't give Michael an answer this minute. He can't understand why not because he knows for sure that she's the one for him. He tells her he won't leave until he gets her answer. He continues to plead his case as to why they should be married. Lauren appears more and more doubtful, but after a pause.....her answer is "YES!" All of a sudden....confetti, fireworks and flashing lights surround the couple in celebration!

At the hospital, a critically ill Cassie has managed to get out of her bed and has donned a coat and scarf.....she heads out the door.

Victor stops by to see Phyllis and tells her knows that Nikki told her to find another place. Phyllis tells Victor she's sorry about everything, but he assures her that no one is blaming her. Phyllis inquires about Cassie, and Victor tells her there is concern about Cassie's fever. Victor then asks Phyllis if she was aware that Daniel had an alcohol problem and wonders how he got so drunk. Phyllis tells him that another person bought the alcohol for Daniel, and she plans to find out who it was. Victor also says that Cassie is partly to blame. Just then, Nikki barges in and announces to Phyllis that after she moves out, she can quit her job at Newman Enterprises. Victor is visibly upset at hearing this. He explains to Nikki that Phyllis is not that easily replaced. Nikki is adamant; she says she is worried how Nick and Sharon would feel seeing Phyllis there every day. At that moment, the phone rings. It's Nick informing his parents that Cassie is missing from the hospital. They run out and head for the hospital.

Lily and Daniel are together. She's experiencing the pains of young love, fearing that she'll never see Daniel again if he leaves as he is planning to do. She tells him she has an idea how he can stay and not be discovered by police. Lily tells Daniel that on the Abbott property there is an out-of-the way shed where he can hide, a place where J.T. and Colleen used to go to be alone. Lily assures him she will bring him food. She sees this as his only solution. Daniel and Lily then both agree that he will hide in the shed on the Abbott property. Daniel is ready to leave, when his cell phone's Phyllis telling him Cassie is missing from the hospital.

Nicholas and Sharon are speaking with Cassie's doctor when the nurse tells him her fever has risen. They all rush towards Cassie's room. They discover that Cassie is missing. Sharon becomes hysterical; Nick hurriedly leaves to search for their daughter.

Nick returns but has not been able to find Cassie. They then discover that she has taken Sharon's coat. Nick is talking to the doctor, and they find out an attendant actually saw Cassie leave the hospital. Detective Webber has joined them and assures them that he has patrol officers looking for Cassie. The doctor stresses her situation is extremely serious. Nick and Sharon then spot Cassie's friend, Ali. They plead with her to tell them where Cassie might possibly be. She first says she doesn't know but then informs them she thinks Cassie may be with Daniel.

Mac and J.T. are at the loft where he continues to act strangely, all the while cooking a Mexican dinner for her. Mac wonders what the occasion is and asks J.T. if it's a goodbye dinner. J.T., rather mysteriously, states that maybe it is. Mac asks J.T. when he's leaving for Mexico to vacation with his new female roommate. J.T. suspects Mac is jealous. Mac appears confused about the entire evening and leaves the room.

J.T. begins playing his guitar....Mac comes back into the room. J.T. is playing a song called "The Start of Something Good," seemingly trying to convey a message to Mac that he really does want her around. Mac begins thinking about the kiss they recently shared and when he carried her into the loft after she burned her leg. After he's done with the song, Mac asks if she should read something into it. Both are obviously awkward showing their feelings for one another.

Gloria and Kevin are sitting at a table at the Genoa City Athletic Club. Gloria is horrified when she spots John and Gitta having dinner together. Gloria is sure she's working for Jack and Ashley. Kevin then sees John coming towards them and leaves so he and Gloria can have time alone. John greets Gloria and explains Gitta convinced him to have a good meal after his physical therapy workout. He does tell Gloria that she looks lovely. John told Gloria that he would invite her to join them but.....Gloria interrupts and says she knows he won't because of Kevin. Gloria firmly tells John she won't just leave Kevin there to eat alone. Meanwhile, Kevin sees Gitta and begins talking with her. She actually invites him to sit down and asks him if he really did save John. Kevin answers affirmatively......Gitta says she thinks Kevin is nice and informs him that John is doing well.

Kevin returns to his mother's table. Gloria sees Gitta touching the pendant around her neck. She tells Kevin that Gitta yelled at her the other day not to touch it. She shares with Kevin about Gitta's superstitions concerning Gypsies. They put their heads together....they seem to be making plans!

At another table, Gitta is snuggled right up to John, when she informs him that she may have to leave before his therapy is completed. She goes on to say that she may actually have to leave the country because her visa has expired. She has no Green Card and cannot get one unless she marries an American man.

Back at the celebration of lights.....Michael goes on to tell Lauren how perfect she is for him. Lauren then starts to ask him when he would like to get married.....she suggests maybe in the fall. Michael disagrees and says it has to be much sooner, when all of a sudden, a curtain rises.....complete with an Elvis impersonator, a "Chapel of Love" and Elvis singing "Forever My Darling."

Michael tenderly to Lauren....."anywhere, anytime, I'll be there.".....

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Kevin looked up information about Gitta's amulet on the Internet, and he and Gloria began to understand how powerful Gitta's superstitious nature was. When Michael and Lauren came home, their excitement was obvious. After Gloria questioned them, the couple shared the news of their engagement. Gloria was thrilled; Kevin looked a little sad, although he told them how happy he was for them. Gloria and Kevin left to give them some privacy. Michael wondered if his crazy family would make Lauren change her mind about marrying him, and Lauren teased him but finally said she hadn't changed her mind. She wanted to marry him. Then she pretended to be leaving, saying she hadn't minded staying there as his girlfriend. But as his fiancée, she thought she should save herself for their wedding night. Michael reacted with disbelief until she started laughing and admitted she was kidding. He swept her off her feet and took her to bed.

Gitta continued to charm John at the restaurant, telling him that he was her best patient. He was always a gentleman and never took his pain out on her. Nor did he treat her like "help," expecting her to eat in the kitchen. John said that she was a good therapist, and because their time together would be so short, he was willing to treat theirs more as a friendship. But when Gitta questioned his relationship with Gloria, John became very discreet, refusing to discuss his marital problems with her. When they went home, Gloria was there but Kevin had concealed himself. When Gloria helped Gitta take John upstairs, Kevin moved Gitta's purse and dimmed the lights in the room in between Gitta's trips to the kitchen. Gitta was unnerved by the changes and clutched her amulet before heading upstairs.

Nick found Daniel with Lily at the Abbott house and demanded to know what Daniel's relationship with Cassie was. Daniel said he barely knew her. He talked to her when he was with his friends at the coffee house and was friendly to her if he passed her at school, but they really weren't close. Nick was skeptical, not understanding why Cassie was so desperate to get to Daniel. He warned Daniel that Cassie's life was in more danger every minute she was away from the hospital. Daniel offered to look for her, but Nick said he'd already done enough damage. After Nick left, Daniel frantically turned to Lily and said he had to start looking for Cassie.

Nick arrived back at the hospital, where his father was comforting Sharon. Victor had also called Paul to get his assistance in helping the police search for Cassie. Although Sharon felt stronger when Nick was with her, she insisted that he needed to go back out and help look for Cassie. After Nick was gone, Victor tried to talk to Sharon, but she was distracted. She admitted that she was trying to mentally communicate to Cassie to come back to the hospital. She suddenly remembered that her cell phone was in her coat pocket--the coat that Cassie had put on before leaving the hospital. Sharon ran to the pay phone in the waiting room and dialed the cell phone number.

Cassie was getting more delirious as she tried to make her way through the city. She finally sat down on a bench, muttering that she had to find Daniel and tell him that she'd been the one driving the car. Feverish, she laid down on the bench and fell asleep. The ringing of the cell phone woke her. She took the phone from her pocket and mumbled into it. Her mother began calling Cassie's name.

As Jill was telling her mother some of the exciting new changes she was making at Jabot, Jack came in and confronted her about her decisions. Jill reminded him that he'd been missing in action at Jabot while she was trying to turn things around. When Jack questioned her about her choices, Katherine defended Jill. After Jack left, Jill expressed some of her frustrations with Jack to Katherine, who urged her to give things some time. Katherine was sure everything would work out.

At the loft, J.T. continued to try to find out what was wrong with Mac, but everything he said just left her more frustrated with him. He couldn't understand what kind of games she was playing; she'd always been an honest person, one he could count on to be straight with him. He just wanted her to move back into the loft so things could be the way they had been. Mac finally turned on him, saying it would be better if she left. He could move a couple of his bimbos in and spend the rest of his life avoiding talking about his real feelings. She stormed out and went home, where she told her grandmother that J.T. had no idea what he was throwing away. Katherine said he would, and Mac said she hoped when that day came, he cried his eyes out. After Mac went upstairs, Katherine answered the ring of the doorbell to find J.T. there. He asked to see Mac, and Katherine said she'd have to find out whether Mac wanted to see him. J.T. stood there looking frustrated when Katherine shut the door in his face.

Jack went to see Victoria and was surprised to hear that Cassie was missing. He offered his support in any way she needed it. Victoria finally suggested they change the subject so he could take her mind off things. Jack talked about how talented she was at business and said she'd made the right choice by staying home. Whether she worked at Newman, Jabot, or in a new venture of her own, she'd obviously had her batteries recharged by the year in Italy. She needed to take herself more seriously. Victoria said that Jack was good for her. When he found out she was hungry, Jack offered to go to the main house and bring back some food that Miguel had prepared. Before he could leave, Brad showed up. He'd heard the news about Cassie and thought Victoria might need some friendship and food, so he'd brought her something to eat. After Brad came in, he and Jack eyed each other suspiciously.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Cassie weakly tells Sharon that she must tell Daniel she was driving the car, but the phone is crackling too loudly to hear. The phone goes dead and Sharon panics. Sharon feels that time is running out for Cassie, and she remembers back to when she came home after abandoning her kids a few years ago. At the coffeehouse, Lily asks Daniel what his dream summer would be and he says that going to Europe with Lily would be perfect. They fantasize about it until Daniel comes back to reality, knowing that all that will never happen if his circumstances don't change. Unbeknownst to them Cassie has arrived. Victoria suggests that she, Brad, and Jack all share the lasagna that Brad has bought. Although neither men like that idea, they both want to be there for Victoria so they decide to put aside their differences for the moment. Gloria calls out Kevin's name, and he tells her what he did to make Gitta so uneasy. He admits that ‘freaking her out' is easier than he thought, but Gloria tells her not quite, that a determined woman is hard to shake off. Jack and Phyllis enter as Gloria is coming down the stairs. They are about to start in on each other until Jack tells them that they must make nice, or else. J.T. is continually frustrated with Mac and says that he won't wait around for her any longer; that he is really going to get new roommates. He leaves and Mac tries hard not to cry. Bobby is working while Brittany reads him a list of baby names that she's composed. They are playful and happy until Vinny arrives. Lauren is staring at her ring, thinking about how wonderful last night was when Michael proposed. Kevin admits to Lauren that he's truly happy for them.

Friday, May 20, 2005

At the Abbott house, John had been awakened by a disturbing call about Cassie and had come downstairs to talk to Gloria and Ashley. Gloria wished there was something they could do, but Ashley said that Victor had everyone looking for his granddaughter. John agreed that more people would just get in the way, and Gloria said at least she could keep good thoughts for the Newmans. When Gitta came in and scolded John for being out of bed, he refused to take a sedative. Gloria slyly made up a story about feeling a chill earlier, like someone was with her, when she was in the house alone. She said the door had opened and closed for no reason.

Ashley chided Gloria about Casper the ghost and sarcastically said that although she'd love to hear more details, she was feeling restless and worried about Cassie. She was going to the athletic club for a while. After Ashley left, Gitta and Gloria persuaded John to go back to bed. When they were alone, Gitta nervously questioned Gloria about her story. Gloria said odd things always happened in that house. Creakings. The air conditioner coming on for no reason. Cold spots in the house. When Gitta asked if Gloria thought there was a ghost there, Gloria said she didn't believe in ghosts and ridiculed people who did. Gitta pretended to laugh it off, but when Gloria left to go to bed, Gitta stared anxiously into space, clutching her amulet. Gloria watched her from the stairs with a satisfied grin.

While Esther worried about Mac's diet, Katherine tried to get details from Mac about her evening with J.T. Mac admitted that he'd made her dinner and taken her out for dessert, but she was sure she was never going to get what she wanted from him. Katherine wasn't so certain that J.T. didn't have feelings for her granddaughter, and she told Mac to wait for what she wanted. Overhearing their conversation, Jill came in and disagreed with Katherine. She said that she and Katherine had both ended up alone because they weren't willing to compromise. Katherine tried to hush Jill, but Mackenzie wanted to hear what she had to say, so Katherine left.

Jill told Mackenzie that she'd ended up lonely because no other man had ever measured up to her first love, Phillip Chancellor. She'd made a lot of mistakes in her life by not accepting reality instead of trying to find the ideal man to replace him. Real love was something that happened gradually, and Mac should be willing to let things progress at a natural pace with J.T. Jill thought that maybe Mac was deliberately sabotaging things with J.T. before they could go too far because Mac was still trying to find someone who'd make her feel like Billy had. Although Mac initially protested that she wanted love because Billy had taught her how to appreciate it, she began to see some truth in what Jill said. She told Jill that she admired her for all the things she'd accomplished, and Jill was touched by her words. Mac said although they might never be close, if she ended up with half the life Jill had, she'd be fortunate.

At the loft, Brittany was also offering J.T. words of wisdom about love. J.T. was frustrated that women couldn't just be happy in the moment but were always trying to analyze what was going on and what kind of future they could have. Nor did he understand how Brittany could be really happy. She'd once had it all. She was the queen of Walnut Grove, rich, and strong. Brittany said that she'd learned there were other things that meant more. She'd never really been that strong girl, but now she had a man who loved her and wanted to take care of her, and she was happy to be starting a family with him. She disagreed with J.T.'s assessment that Mac got to make all the rules. He wanted Mac as a friend; Mac wanted to be his girlfriend. If that wasn't what J.T. wanted, then he had the freedom to let Mac go.

Vinny confronted Bobby at the athletic club bar, reminding Bobby that he owed him money. Bobby told Vinny to stay away from there and refused to serve him. Vinny reminded Bobby that he held all the cards; Bobby needed to pay up. Bobby mockingly asked what Vinny was going to do, call the police? Vinny asked how Bobby's pretty little wife was doing, and Bobby warned him not to go near Brittany and made him leave, but Vinny made it clear that he was not giving up before he walked out.

At the hospital, Sharon tearfully told Victor that she felt like time was running out for Cassie. She couldn't understand why their phone call had been cut short. Victor told her some areas just got bad cell phone reception and assured her that Cassie would be found and brought back to the hospital. Then he had a surprise for Sharon. He'd called Doris, who'd come there as quickly as she could from Eau Claire. Sharon was thrilled to see her mother and told her about Cassie's condition. Doris's presence had a calming effect on Sharon.

Nikki and Victoria were at the tack house hoping for word about Cassie when Nick came in, hoping his daughter was there. They tried to comfort him, but Nick was too stressed out. When Paul called, Nick agreed to meet him at the park and start over in their search for Cassie. After Nick left, Nikki and Victoria tried to focus on the future. They talked about the trip to Italy they wanted to take with Cassie and agreed that Victoria and Cassie could work together to redecorate Cassie's room. Victor called and exchanged comforting words with Nikki, who said that as much as they needed each other, their children needed them more. After they hung up, Victoria told her mother that she felt guilty about the year she'd been gone. Maybe if she'd been home, some of this wouldn't have happened. Nikki said it wasn't her fault. It was no one's fault. Victoria remembered when Cassie had first come to the ranch and felt like she was living in a fairy tale. She'd made Victoria aware of how lucky she'd been to grow up where she had. From now on, Victoria intended to stay close to Cassie and Noah. The women agreed that this crisis was pulling the family closer together.

While Lily and Daniel were talking at Crimson Lights, Cassie stumbled in with only one thing keeping her going: her need to tell Daniel that she'd been driving the car. The teens spotted her and got cold cloths to put on her feverish face while Daniel told Dylan (the barista) to call 911. Cassie kept muttering that she needed to tell Daniel something, but he told her that could wait. She needed to get back to the hospital. Just as Cassie almost got the words out, Nick rushed in and saw his daughter. He pulled Cassie into his arms over her protests, and before she could tell them the truth, she blacked out. The paramedics arrived and got her ready to be transported back to the hospital, saying that it was a good idea for Nick to ride with them in the ambulance.

Sharon talked to her mother about when Cassie had been born and the surge of love she'd felt. Doris said she was sorry that she'd let Sharon give Cassie up for adoption, but Sharon said she'd done it for all the right reasons. She was trying to give her little girl a better life. Victor interrupted their conversation to let them know that he had news. Cassie had been found and was on her way back to the hospital with Nick. Flooded with relief, Sharon hugged her mother and said that she was never taking her eyes off of her daughter again.

Victoria forwarded her calls to her cell phone and went to the athletic club because she needed to get out for a while. She ran into Brad, who said he'd left her earlier because she seemed to need her rest. The two of them acknowledged that something was happening between them, but Victoria warned Brad that she was tired and distraught about Cassie, so she wasn't thinking clearly. They agreed that it might be best if Brad waited until things calmed down to evaluate her behavior. While they were talking, Victor called to let Victoria know that Cassie had been found. Victoria threw her arms around Brad and told him the good news.

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