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Nick hid the clothing that Cassie lad last worn. Lily was arrested. Paul discovered that his office had been bugged. Sharon found out that Cassie had told Nick not to blame Daniel. Bobby, J.T., and Paul rescued Brittany from Vinny.
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Monday, July 25, 2005

Nick pulls out the clothes that Cassie wore at the hospital and imagines seeing her. She tells him not to cry anymore. Sharon comes home and doesn't want to see the clothes. She tells Nick that they need to move on with their lives. She hopes moving up Daniel's trial date will finally make things feel over. Nick wonders if it's the right thing to do.

Dru doesn't want to go on her trip because she's worried about Lily and Devon. Lily overhears Neil saying that Lily is out of control where Daniel is concerned. Lily apologizes to her parents, but says that she wouldn't have changed her mind for one minute about her actions.

Phyllis notices a cut on Daniel's face. He tells her not to worry about it, things like that happen here.

Gloria picks up a fire poker and tells Tom to stay away from her. When Kevin calls, he knows Tom is there, but Gloria says she has things taken care of. She tells Kevin to keep Ashley and John at the restaurant as long as he can. Gloria wonders why Tom is there. Does he want money? Gloria thinks he's going to try to blackmail her. Se says she should have killed him when she had the chance. Tom tries to make Gloria feel guilty for letting him abuse Kevin. Gloria tells him to get out, just as John comes up the driveway.

Michael tells Chris that he went to see Lauren's son. She tells him that Scotty is her nephew. Michael is surprised again. He says he's more confused than ever about Lauren wanting to keep Scotty out of the wedding. Chris says he should ask Lauren.

Scotty calls Lauren and they talk about Michael. He wonders if Lauren should trust him. Lauren says that Michael is a wonderful man and she would like Scott to meet him sometime. When Scott offers to go to Genoa City, Lauren demands that Michael and her go visit him in Toronto. When Michael shows up to see Lauren, she demands to know where he's been. She says that she's really worried because Tom saw the death notice. Kevin comes home and tells Michael that he thinks Tom is with Gloria. They decide to go over there.

The spy partner that has been watching Bobby puts bugs in Angelo's office. He calls Vinny and tells him that it's all ready.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Gloria tells Tom to leave immediately before John sees him. Ashley and John enter, and Gloria nervously greets them. Tom sneaks out the back door. Meanwhile, Michael tells Lauren and Kevin that he should have done away with Tom when he got the chance. Suddenly Tom appears at the door and Michael lunges for him. Lauren screams for them to stop, and Tom says he is going to go back to Gloria, since they are rightfully married, and tells Michael to stay out of it. Michael socks Tom in the jaw. Nikki confronts J.T. with the truth about Bobby and Brittany. She knows he is helping them cover their story. J.T. tells her to stay out of this, saying she could be in over her head. Nikki tells him he's an amazing friend, putting Mac out of the way to help Bobby and Brittany. She tells him she saw Bobby and Brittany together at the club and thinks that Bobby is in this to gather evidence to put the thugs away. Meanwhile, Vinny is listening to J.T. and Nikki's conversation through a bug he installed in Michael's office. Paul scrutinizes a piece of evidence from Daniel's car. Sharon admits to Christine that Cassie used to drive the ATV around the ranch, but that isn't anything like driving a car. Paul enters, asking if he could see the clothes that Cassie was wearing the night of the accident. Nick covers, saying they never received those items. Christine and Paul leave, and Sharon asks why Nick lied about the clothes. Nick says he can't believe they are trying to pin this on Cassie, but Sharon reminds him there was a lot going on in her life they didn't know about—driving could be something else. Nick says he won't allow Cassie's memory to be tarnished by this. Nick takes the bag of clothes and goes outside with them. Phyllis disguises Lily so she can visit Daniel. Weber gets suspicious, catches Lily and places her under arrest.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Phyllis was appalled to see Detective Weber leading an out-of-disguise Lily through the police station. When Weber accused Phyllis of being part of Lily's scam to see Daniel, Lily quickly said that Phyllis hadn't been involved. Weber wasn't buying it, especially considering Phyllis's past history with disguises. He had an officer lead Lily away, then he told Phyllis that Lily's bail was being revoked. She'd be spending time in juvenile detention just like Daniel. Phyllis said that he had the discretion not to do that, but Weber was determined that Lily was going to pay the price for breaking another law.

Neil and Devon were having a talk at Crimson Lights. Neil asked Devon why he'd suddenly become interested in his mother's welfare. Had he felt neglected by the Winters? Devon said that they had been preoccupied with Lily, but it was more than that. He'd always cared about what happened to his mother. He wanted to help her. He'd even been inspired to do so by Lily's courage to stand up for what she believed in. Neil warned Devon that his mother couldn't be helped unless she wanted it. Devon told him that he'd found a rehab facility close to Genoa City that was free to people who couldn't afford to pay. Neil said that he couldn't forbid Devon from seeing his mother and asked if Devon would at least keep him informed about what was going on. Devon agreed to do that. Their conversation was interrupted when Neil got a call from Detective Weber asking him to come to the police station.

When Neil got to the station, he was upset to hear about Lily's latest effort to see Daniel. He was even more upset to find out that she'd not only violated her bail, but she'd broken a law about gaining penal access through fraud. Weber told Neil that he shouldn't be mad only at Lily. He indicated that Phyllis had some responsibility, too. Neil turned on Phyllis, who protested that Lily had a mind of her own. Neil knew she'd helped Lily and told her how selfish she was. Phyllis was supposed to be an adult; she should have called him as soon as she knew what Lily was up to. Phyllis didn't tell him that she'd been the one who orchestrated the whole thing.

When Neil saw Lily, she knew he was angry at her. She just wanted to go home so they could talk things over. Neil told her that he couldn't take her home. He would try to get her out as soon as possible, but for now, the police were locking her up in juvenile detention. Lily said that at least she'd be close to Daniel, and Neil told her that males and females were separated. She wouldn't be seeing Daniel. Lily said if Daniel could survive juvie, then so could she. She just didn't want her father to tell her mother until Drucilla got back from her trip. Neil said he had to tell Dru the truth. When the police officer tried to take Lily away, she broke down in her father's arms, sobbing that she just wanted to go home. Neil watched sadly as Lily was taken away from him.

Devon spotted his mother buying crack in the park and interrupted the transaction. When she tried to make him go away, Devon pitched his idea to her about rehab. She insisted that she wasn't going to government-funded rehab. It would be like prison. She just wanted Devon to leave her alone. She'd never asked for his help. Hurt, Devon told her that he hoped the drugs were worth it because they'd just made her lose her son. He said he wouldn't come looking for her again, then he walked out of the park while his mother's look of angry rebellion turned to defeated sadness.

Jack ran into Victor at Crimson Lights and gave him a hard time about Victoria getting rid of Phyllis. Victor said that he supported his daughter's decision. Phyllis had a negative impact on their family. Victor then delivered a bit of a surprise to Jack when he told him that Brad had taken a job at Newman. Jack warned Victor that Brad hadn't wanted anything less than the CEO position at Jabot. Victoria, Nick, and the others might want to watch their backs around Brad. Victor smugly told Jack that it was always a delight to talk to him and walked away.

Jack got home to find Phyllis pacing around the Abbott living room. He wanted to talk about her taking a position at Jabot, but Phyllis was too preoccupied by Daniel's situation to discuss her employment dilemma. She confessed what she'd done to get Lily in to see Daniel. She then began to berate herself, saying maybe that judge had been right all those years ago. Maybe she really was an unfit mother. Jack was having none of that. He told Phyllis that she was a great mother to Daniel, and she'd only been trying to help her son feel better by enabling Lily to see him.

J.T. and Bobby met secretly in the park so that J.T. could warn Bobby that Nikki was figuring things out. She'd not only spotted the disguised Brittany at the club, but she'd later overheard a conversation between Bobby and Vinny. She now believed that they were carrying out an elaborate ruse so that Bobby could bring down the mob. Bobby said he'd have to talk to Nikki and get her to back off. At that point, Vinny called Bobby on his cell phone and asked to see him. When Bobby got to the club, Vinny told him that he'd spotted Nikki leaving earlier. He thought she might become a problem, and he wanted Bobby to take care of her. Bobby said they had to be careful. Her husband was a wealthy, powerful man that Vinny shouldn't cross. Vinny asked if Bobby was protecting Vinny's interests or protecting Nikki. Bobby said he'd talk to Nikki, but it needed to be handled carefully.

Sharon was concerned about where Nicholas had been when he came back inside their house. He said he'd just needed some fresh air and didn't tell her what he'd done with the bag of Cassie's clothes from the hospital. Sharon speculated about Daniel's belief that Cassie had been driving his car on the night of the wreck. Nick said that Daniel was just trying to avoid paying for his crime. Nick didn't want to think about that, and he thought Sharon shouldn't think about it either. Sharon noted the distance between the two of them, which she was resigned to living with. But Nick asked her to meet him halfway in their mutual desire to regain their old intimacy. He kissed Sharon, and they ended up making love. Afterward, both of them seemed more sad than passionate.

When Nick left to pick up Noah, Sharon went to the main house because she didn't want to be alone. Victor asked how she and Nick felt about the idea that Cassie might have been driving that night. Sharon said she didn't believe it, but she was able to see certain truths about Cassie that Nick wanted to avoid. In the last few months before her death, Cassie had been acting out: lying, sneaking around, dressing provocatively, thinking she was grown up because she had a condom in her purse. It didn't surprise Sharon that Cassie had gotten in the car with Daniel that night because she had a crush on him. Nor would she have wanted him blamed for anything. But Nick wanted to see their daughter as a saint who could do no wrong. Victor asked how Nick would react if negative things came out about Cassie at Daniel's trial. Sharon said it might push Nick over the edge; if that happened, she didn't know if she could get him back.

After Sharon was gone, Victor received a visit from Bobby. Bobby wanted to come inside to talk about something he had hoped they'd never have to discuss: Nikki.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Bobby fills in Victor on him bringing down the mob and how Nikki has gotten herself involved. Victor states that if anything happens to Nikki, he will hold Bobby responsible. Bobby calls over to Michael's office to see if her car is still there. Neil pleads with Weber to release Lily from jail, but Weber only agrees to get her a private cell for the night. Kevin wants to teach Tom a lesson, but Gloria doesn't want him to stoop to Tom's level. She admits how terrified she still is of him, and can't believe her sons wouldn't warn her that he was in town. Michael enters and asks Gloria if Tom was trying to blackmail her. She says they were interrupted, but thinks that was where he was going. He gives her a little recording device so she can record his demands, then tells her to take the tape to the police so they can put a stop to this. Later Gloria installs the recording device and Tom arrives, saying that they are now playing by his rules. Mac runs into J.T. and admits she was foolish to believe that J.T. was playing ‘their' song at the coffeehouse when he was really singing it to Brittany. J.T. realizes she completely misread his actions. Paul admits to Ashley he's jealous of her little friendship with Tom. They kiss as Tom looks in from the window. Christine tells Daniel that Lily's stunt was Phyllis' idea, and if Lily hadn't covered for her, she would also be in jail now. Christine mentions Danny again, and Daniel gives her a letter to send to him, but says he isn't ready for Danny to see him yet in this condition in jail. Christine asks him if he ever saw Cassie driving a car or ATV around the ranch, and Daniel says he never did. He says that he never hung out with her; he'd just sometimes see her at the coffeehouse. She asks him to remember what Cassie was wearing that night, but Daniel can't remember.

Friday, July 29, 2005

At the ranch, Victor, Bobby, and J.T. figured out that Nikki's car was still in the parking garage of the office building where Baldwin and Blair was located. Although J.T. was the last person to see and talk to Nikki, he had no idea where she might be. Victor couldn't reach her on her cell phone, and he got more security in place at the ranch and said they were going to the law offices.

Paul was in the office when Brittany stopped by looking for J.T. Neither of them was aware that Nikki was missing or that Vinny had bugged the office and was listening to their conversation. Brittany didn't say anything too revealing and Vinny was frustrated as he waited to get information about what they were up to. Brittany left to go to the loft, and Vinny got a phone call from his mob boss, who wanted to know what was going on. He put pressure on Vinny to figure things out without creating too much trouble where Nikki was concerned.

When J.T., Victor, and Bobby arrived at his office, Paul found out that Vinny seemed to know that Bobby and Brittany had been pulling a scam and that Nikki might have information about it. Paul looked around the office, found Vinny's bug, and destroyed it. He then said that if Vinny had heard Nikki and J.T. talking earlier, then he might also have heard his conversation with Brittany.

When Brittany got back to the loft, Vinny was waiting. He went inside the apartment with her and tried to force her to tell him the truth. Brittany kept denying that she was still involved with Bobby, but he started to drag her out of there, making threats against her and Bobby. At that point, Victor, Bobby, and J.T. showed up. Vinny let Brittany go, and Victor ordered J.T. to take her to the ranch, where they'd be safe. Then as Bobby watched, Victor threatened Vinny, saying that if anything happened to Nikki, he would kill Vinny himself.

Meanwhile, across town, Vinny's goon had tied up Nikki and gagged her. As they stared at each other, tears were streaming down Nikki's face.

Sharon was working late at Crimson Lights when Christine came in. When Sharon wondered how Christine could possibly think Daniel's story about Cassie driving the car wasn't just something he'd made up to get himself out of trouble, Christine told Sharon that all she wanted was the truth. Although she loved Daniel, if he was responsible for Cassie's death, then he needed to be punished for it. However, Christine reminded Sharon that she had also loved Cassie. She'd helped Sharon and Nick get custody of their daughter. She worried that Nick was hindering the investigation, especially considering what Cassie had told him right before she died. Sharon was startled to hear that Cassie had died asking Nick not to blame Daniel. She'd always assumed that her daughter had told Nick she loved him. She wanted to see Daniel, to see if he would look her in the eye and still say Cassie was driving that night. Christine said that wouldn't be a good idea. Sharon would probably be called to testify in Daniel's trial.

At the ranch, Nick was a little wary when Brad showed up with Abby. While Abby went to help Miguel and Noah bake cookies, Brad apologized. He said he understood that Nick wasn't entirely comfortable with having a half-sister. He then told Nick that he was there to see Victor and Victoria about some business. Nick wanted to know what the business was, and Brad was a little offended that Nick was suspicious of him. He talked about the Seasons line. Nick agreed with Brad's ideas. They then went on to talk about Sharon. Nick was worried that Sharon was getting too close to Abby to try to fill the void Cassie's death had left. Brad said that he wouldn't let that happen, as much for Abby's benefit as for Sharon's.

Before Brad and Abby could leave, Sharon came in. She was thrilled to see Abby and sat down on the couch to talk to her while Nick watched with concern. Brad finally got Abby out of there. Sharon said that she and Nick needed to talk after she checked on Noah. While she was out of the room, Nick remembered Sharon going to the Abbott pool party at Brad's invitation. When Sharon came back into the room, she stared at a photo of Cassie for a moment. Then she told Nick that she wanted him to tell her what Cassie had whispered to him on the night that she died.

Gloria was able to get Tom to say out loud that he wanted her to pay for his silence that their divorce was never finalized, so her marriage to John wasn't legal. She told him how much she hated him and that she didn't have access to as much money as he thought. Although she finally agreed to get money for him, Tom became suspicious that she was setting him up. He began to look around the room until he spotted the tiny tape recorder on the mantel. He threw it on the floor and crushed it under his shoe. He surmised that this was something Michael had set up. He then warned Gloria that he would be in touch about the money she was going to pay him.

Michael tried to get Lauren to set a date for their wedding. When she couldn't be pinned down, making excuses about her work schedule, he began to get suspicious. He asked if she'd even told Scotty she was getting married. He also wondered if she really wanted to get married. Lauren told him how much she loved him, but she was clearly keeping something from him. She left to go home alone, saying she needed a little time to herself. Michael watched her leave with concern and bewilderment, trying to figure out what she was keeping from him.

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