The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 19, 2005 on Y&R

'Jennifer' saved Gloria from choking to death. Yolanda disappeared from the hospital. Scotty learned that 'Brenda' was actually the nurse in their story. Brittany discovered that Joshua was missing. Lauren planned to deliver a gift from Scotty to 'Brenda.'
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 19, 2005 on Y&R
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Monday, September 19, 2005

Sheila/"Jennifer" does the Heimlich maneuver on Gloria and saves her from choking to death. John and Michael want to thank the waitress who saved her, but they can't find her. Gina catches up with "Jennifer" as she leaves the restaurant, but is unable to convince her to return to accept her thanks. Sheila/"Jennifer" exits. Jack, Phyllis, Brad and Victoria arrive at the GCAC. Lauren introduces them to Scott. As Brad and Victoria are dining, Jack approaches their table and presents Brad with a dividend check for his Jabot stock. Victoria expresses her annoyance to Brad about the fact that he owns a competitor's stock. Jack returns and offers to buy Brad's Jabot stock, but Brad angrily refuses. Brad is shocked as Victoria insists he sell the stock. Mac enters the darkened GCAC spa at night. J.T. appears and lights candles next to the hot tub. Kay and Jill clash as Jill expresses her annoyance about the armed guards outside their home, as well as Brittany and her baby. Frustrated with Brittany's ineptness, Jill helps her wrap Joshua in his blanket. In her motel room, Sheila angrily berates herself for saving Gloria's life and drawing attention to herself. She has a fantasy in which she sees Lauren's reflection in the mirror laughing at her. In a fit of rage, Sheila throws something at the mirror and breaks it. John, Gloria, Kevin and Scott arrive at the coffeehouse to check out Kevin's new purchase. Michael and Lauren return home and discuss their impending wedding date. They express their happiness that Tom and Sheila are both out of the picture.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Sheila is thinking to herself that she should be having dinner with her son, that Lauren has ruined things again. Suddenly, there is a knock at the door to which Sheila screams out, "Go away, I'm busy." Scott calls to her t let him in. Sheila panics....she can't let him see her like this. He's ready to leave, but Sheila/Brenda opens the door. Scott sees the broken mirror and asks about it. Sheila/Brenda blames it on noise from neighbors next door. Scott goes on to tell her about Gloria choking the night before and the new waitress performing the Heimlich maneuver on her. Scott says he needs someone to talk to, and Sheila/Brenda encourages him to confide in her, that he can talk to her about anything. She gives him something to think about when she points out that Lauren was not there for the important moments in Scott's soccer games, no plays, etc. Sheila/Brenda tells Scott he is a mother's dream come true. Scott says he now feels better about things. He says they will work on the book tomorrow and also informs Sheila/Brenda that he plans to remain in Genoa City until October 28th. After Scott leaves, she begins hallucinating, sees Lauren, vowing that she will never have Scott back.

Lauren and Michael are discussing Tom and decide to deal with him on an as-needed basis. They begin discussing their wedding date of October 28th. Lauren shares with Michael that she feels Scott may resent her for not being around for most of his life, but she says she was just protecting him from Sheila.

Victoria is telling Brad that he must unload his Jabot shares as soon as possible; Brad refuses. Victoria tells him to think this through carefully, then leaves.

J.T. begins sweet talking Mac. He wants her to stay. The next thing....they are in the hot tub kissing, but Mac pulls back and says she can't continue.

Sharon's doorbell is ringing; it's Victoria, who is looking for Nick. Sharon tells her he took Noah to a baseball game. Sharon begins asking Victoria about her date with Brad at the time Nick and Noah return. Noah tells his mother how he caught a ball at the game. All leave to Victoria can talk to Nick. She tells him of her concern about Brad's motives in putting the new product on the shelves to quickly. She also expresses her worries about him having so much of the competition's stock. Nick said he needs to either give up the stock or he is out of Newman Enterprises....Victoria agrees.

Daniel comes into the coffee shop with a girl by the name of Kelly and introduces her to Kevin. She wants Daniel to stay, but he declines. Daniel assures Kevin that he has not forgotten about Lily. Daniel tells Kevin he has to have a grand opening for the coffee shop so everyone will know about it. Daniel leaves, and Kevin tries to reach Mac on her cell phone, but her voice mail answers. She and J.T. are sitting by the hot tub in their robes. Mac feels things are too complicated. J.T. now realizes he messed things up but says he was only trying to be a friend to Brittany. Mac says she wants to be in love with J.T. so badly....after all, he was her first. But, things have changed now. She wants to feel a connection but thinks that maybe her feelings for J.T. are gone for good. J.T. then takes Mac home.

Jack is knocking at Phyllis' door. He apologizes about his preoccupation with Brad. He tells her he wants her working at Jabot. Phyllis suggests they vie with each other for that to playing video games! Phyllis obviously wins and then coyly informs Jack that she was planning to work at Jabot all along; she was just teasing him with the game. Daniel comes in as they are teasing each other and kissing.

Brad is at the bar drinking, when he receives a call on his cell phone. It's Victoria telling him she wants a meeting with him tomorrow.

Back at the coffee house, Kevin is daydreaming.....he is being mobbed by a bunch of groupies, cameras flashing. He and Mac are together, signing autographs....back to reality.

Lauren and Michael are still discussing her maternal guilt over Scott. Michael points out that Scott is no longer a child and that maybe it's time that Lauren told him the truth about why she didn't want him anywhere near Genoa City where Sheila may find him.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Mac and Brittany talk about Mac's feelings towards J.T. and how she is feeling confused about where they stand. J.T. is packing up his things from the Chancellor Living Room and tells Kay he's moving out because things aren't working with Mac like he had hoped. Kay suggests that he live in a tent out on the terrace. Mac comes back from the coffeehouse and Kay tells her J.T. has moved out. Daniel lets Neil know he's going to make up for everything he has done to Lily. In the GCAC restaurant, Jack and Victoria discuss Brad's stock in Jabot. Victoria reminds Jack that she is her father's daughter and will continue to play hardball if Brad doesn't cooperate. Jill approaches and tells Jack she is trying to hire Brad back to Jabot. Jack is furious that she would try to go behind his back and do this. At the spa Jill tries to persuade Brad to come back to Jabot. When he denies her offer she wonders if his relationship with Victoria is more than business. In Victor's office, Neil tells Dru the "Seasons" line might not have a chance because Brad is rushing to get it on shelves. Neil receives a call from Olivia telling him to come to the hospital because there is a problem with Yolanda. Sharon enters and Dru tells her she admires her for coming back to work so soon. Brad enters, looking for Victoria, and they show him the product samples. Some time later, Victoria joins Brad in the office and tells him if he doesn't sell his shares then he shouldn't be working for Newman. Olivia informs Neil that Yolanda can't stay at in the hospital because she doesn't have insurance. Neil enters Yolanda's room and she tells him she is going to go to rehab. Olivia gives her the release papers to sign saying there is a spot for her in rehab today. Some time later Devon enters Yolanda's room to find it empty. Olivia enters and asks Devon where Yolanda is because the van has arrived to take her to rehab.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Scott arrives at Sheila's motel room and they continue working on the novel. As Sheila explains the events that happened to her "friend" there are flashbacks of moments between Lauren, Scott Sr. and Sheila. When she finishes and is in tears Scott realizes this story really happened to Sheila, and she confesses that it is based on her real life. Lauren is at the Boutique when she begins to have flashbacks of Sheila. Gloria and Gina arrive to talk further about plans for the wedding. Lauren continues to have flashbacks and decides she must tell Scott the truth about the past. Brad leaves Victoria's office and admits to Sharon that he's going to resign. Meanwhile, Victor says that the best way for Victoria to continue working with Brad is to compromise with him. Mac is shocked when Katherine informs her that J.T. has moved out. Kay feels the time apart will be helpful but thinks it's a good idea for them to try to work things out. Mac goes out to the terrace to do some thinking and is surprised when she finds that J.T. has set up a tent and is playing his guitar. Although Mac says she doesn't know how they can begin to have a relationship again, they begin to kiss. Neil and Devon find Yolanda in the park. Devon gives her flowers saying they will bring her luck and encourages her to go to rehab, but Yolanda doubts that will help her to become a better mother toward Devon. Yolanda takes off.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Sheila thanks Scott for understanding how difficult her life has been, and how supportive he's been in hearing her story. Scott says that he hates the woman who stole "Brenda"/Sheila's baby, and will try not to write the story in a way that is too painful for Brenda. Lauren calls and asks him to come to the boutique. At the boutique, Kevin startles Lauren and notices how anxious she is. She brushes it off, and Kevin says he wants to find a gift for Mac. Lauren begins to wrap up a purse, but the scissors give her a frightening flashback of Sheila holding a knife to her. Kevin notices that something isn't right, but leaves. Scott enters, excited to be in his mother's boutique for the first time. Lauren helps him pick out a gift for Brenda and he gives her the address where "Brenda"/Sheila is staying. Lauren offers to deliver it for him. Sheila argues with herself, saying that she isn't going to let Lauren get the best of her. When there is a knock at the door she thinks it's Scott and runs over to answer, not knowing that Lauren has come to deliver "Brenda's" gift. Victoria tells Neil that ‘Seasons' will be in stores by their target date, but that Brad soon may not be working at Newman Enterprises. Jill meets Brad at the spa and Brad asks if her offer to have him come back to Jabot is still available. Jill says that she wants him there, but Jack doesn't. Later, Jack offers to buy Brad's remaining Jabot shares, but Brad refuses. Then, Brad meets with Victoria, who offers to trade his Jabot shares for Newman Enterprises shares. He is surprised but agrees to do it. Esther tells Brittany to take a nap and she'll look over Joshua. Brittany has a nightmare, imagining a thug kidnapping Joshua. She wakes up and looks over at the bassinet; she screams when she doesn't see Joshua in it. Esther runs to ask the security guard if anyone has entered the property. Jill enters with Joshua, and Brittany demands to know what she was doing with her baby. Jill says that he was starting to get fussy and she didn't want him to wake Brittany, so she took him for a walk. Although she's confused about her feelings toward J.T., Mac and J.T. talk about the possibility of starting their relationship over. J.T. says that he will do anything to have her back.

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