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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 20, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, March 20, 2006

In Victoria's office, she asked J.T. if he told Brad about the two of them sleeping together and J.T. denied it. J.T. was sure that things would work out, as Brad got past the fact that she had slept with someone while they were broken up. She said things were different, because Brad thought that J.T. and Colleen might be dating, and Brad would have a hard time getting past the fact that his fiancé slept with his daughter's boyfriend. Victoria suggested that J.T. stay under the radar for the time being, and that she would deal with Brad.

At Brad's, Colleen asked Brad how he knew that J.T. cheated on Mac, but he refused to tell her who J.T. slept with. Brad was surprised that she would choose J.T. as a friend knowing that he wasn't trustworthy. When she asked Brad if he had ever made a mistake, he explained to her that cheating wasn't a mistake -- it was a conscious decision to do something wrong. He said he only wanted to see her happy, but she shouldn't pursue a relationship with J.T. knowing that commitment means nothing to him. Colleen said she understood, and Brad said it was better off that she found out about it now. Brad gave her a hug and left.

Brad and J.T. ran into each other at Crimson Lights and Brad said that Colleen wouldn't come within 10 miles of him now that she knew that he had cheated on Mac. When J.T. asked if Colleen knew who he had slept with, Brad said no, and told him that he didn't want her to ever find out. J.T. promised he wouldn't tell her, and Brad snidely said that J.T. would never do anything unprincipled before he walked away.

Colleen reminisced about J.T. telling her that he would be there for her if things went badly. The doorbell rang and it was J.T. Colleen asked who he cheated with, but J.T. wouldn't tell her. Colleen said she was okay with that -- that it would be different if he had cheated on her but they were just friends. J.T. thought that she was mad at him -- she covered by making up the story that she and Daniel had become close and she started developing feelings for him, but learned that it was all an act to cover Daniel's relationship with Lily. J.T. hugged a teary Colleen, who said she didn't know what she'd do without him to lean on ... as a friend.

Victoria ran into Sharon and accused her of blabbing about her and J.T. to Brad. Sharon said that Brad needed someone to talk to. Victoria said she wasn't comfortable with Brad confiding in her sister-in-law about their private life, and told Sharon to mind her own business.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria asked Brad when he was going to tell her that he knew about J.T. Brad knew that J.T. must have given her a heads up, and accused Victoria of being close to J.T. Victoria told him that she felt betrayed because he told Sharon a lot of personal information about their relationship. Brad couldn't believe that Victoria was accusing him of betrayal when it was her who had sex with someone else.

Phyllis tried to stop Daniel from leaving the apartment, fearing that he might tell Jack and/or Sharon about finding her and Nick undressed on the couch. Phyllis said that it was over with Nick. Daniel said that perhaps Lily was right -- that he and Lily needed to get away from everyone. Phyllis warned him not to ruin his future because he was angry at her -- that he and Lily were still on probation and they needed to come up with another solution. She swore she would think of something.

Dru and Neil argued about his plan to let a judge decide what to do with Lily if she refused to go back to boarding school. Dru was dead set against this and warned Neil that they would lose her. Neil went to call the boarding school to make sure that they would take Lily back. With Neil out of the room, Dru wondered aloud where Lily was, and then went through the drawer where the family passports were kept, and found that Lily's was missing. Extremely upset, she called out to Neil that she was getting the mail and left.

At the Athletic Club, Lily tried to call Daniel but got his voice mail -- she left a message saying she was freaking out and wondered where he was. Later, Colleen joined her and reassured her that Daniel would call. Dru came in and Lily quickly ducked behind a wall, as Dru went up to Colleen and asked if she had seen Lily. Lily listened to their conversation, as Colleen lied and said she hadn't talked to her. Dru asked Colleen if Lily mentioned anything about leaving the country, as her passport was missing. Colleen told Dru that the last time she saw Lily she was upset about the Daniel situation, but Dru didn't want to discuss that and told Colleen to call her if she saw Lily. Dru left and Colleen found Lily. Daniel called Lily and asked her to come to his apartment. Lily told Colleen that this might be the last time they see each other for a while. They hugged, Lily wished her luck with J.T., and left.

Lily went to Daniel's -- Daniel told her that Phyllis was working on an idea to help them out. She said there was only one way to be together, held up her passport and said they needed to leave the country. Daniel was skeptical, wondering how they would survive in another country -- that she was underage and they would need work permits. She said they had no choice -- they had to do this in order to stay together. Daniel thought that their original plan was best -- for Lily to go back to school until she was 18. Lily thought that was letting her parents win, but Daniel said her parents couldn't stop them from loving each other. Lily insisted that she couldn't go back -- that she hated the place -- and that everyday without him was like torture. Daniel said it was the same way for him, as they hugged.

Phyllis went to see Dru, who was less than happy to see her. Phyllis told her that she had just been with Daniel and hadn't seen Lily all day. That reassured Dru, as she knew that if Daniel was still in town, so was Lily. Dru told her that Lily had taken her passport. When Phyllis suggested that Lily stay with her and Daniel (in a separate bedroom) Dru flipped out, but Phyllis said the Winterses were pushing Lily farther and farther away, and that their expectations of her were unreasonable. Dru thought about it, and asked Phyllis how they could get Neil to go along with the idea. Neil came in and was unpleasantly surprised to see Phyllis there. Dru told him about the "cockamamie" idea of Lily living with Daniel and Phyllis -- Dru thought it might work. Neil said that the plan was garbage and that if Lily moved in with Phyllis and Daniel he would have Phyllis arrested. He asked Phyllis to leave, and Phyllis, on her way out, mentioned that Lily had taken her passport. Neil was upset with Dru for not telling him that Lily had taken her passport. Lily approached the apartment door as they continued arguing, and she overheard Neil telling Dru that it was time for Lily to go before a judge, and that even if she was sent to juvenile detention, it was the only option. Lily was shocked by what she was hearing.

In Ashley's lab at Jabot, Jack and Ashley discussed Gloria having John's Jabot proxy -- and how Victor had suggested it. Ashley informed Jack that she told Victor she was not happy about that. Jack was afraid that Gloria might use Victor as a mentor and Victor would use her as his pawn -- stirring up trouble at Jabot. Ashley agreed that it could split Jabot into factions. Ashley told Jack not to worry about Gloria -- that she would be busy with the assignment Ashley had given her. Jack was skeptical and wondered what would happen once Gloria was through with the assignment.

Michael stopped by Jabot to see Jill about some legal matters and dropped in to visit Gloria. Gloria told him about the project Ashley gave her -- that it was just busy work as Ashley had given it to someone else to do. She told Michael that she was going to nail Jack and Ashley to the wall after she dug up some dirt on them. Michael told her that she was foolish to do that and that Jabot wasn't Detroit -- that this was the big time. He advised her to gather information before she made any moves and not to break too many laws. He told her not to come running to him when things blew up in her face.

Michael ran into Sharon and they chatted -- she asked how John and Gloria were doing. He told her that it was rough for Gloria -- that Gloria had had a rough life but John was so good to her. He told her that before John went to prison he had given Gloria a gift -- a way to get more involved at Jabot. Sharon said that she was lucky to have Jack and Ashley around to show her the ropes.

Ashley told Jack that the "real" report about marketing the sunscreen had come in but she hadn't had a chance to look at it. Jack looked at it and was impressed with the numbers. Gloria came in to get additional information about her "project" from Ashley, and Jack quickly stashed the real report in a desk drawer. Jack told her that it wasn't personal that he couldn't recommend Gloria to be appointed to the board of directors -- Gloria said that perhaps she had been a little too eager, but she was excited about doing the report. Ashley said the report was small but important. Jack said he was looking forward to reading what she came up with. Gloria noticed the champagne that Victor had brought and wondered what it was for -- Jack told her it was to celebrate the launch of the new sunscreen moisturizer that Ashley developed. Ashley gave Gloria the information she asked for and then Jack and Ashley rushed out to a meeting. As Gloria left, she purposely dropped a piece of paper out of the folder that Ashley had given her on the floor.

After their meeting, in the boardroom, Ashley wondered if next time she should give Gloria a real assignment -- but Jack warned her not to get soft -- that the less that Gloria was involved, the better.

Later, Gloria had a maintenance man let her into the lab to retrieve the paper that she "accidentally" left there. She thanked him and said she needed to make a phone call. He left, telling her to make sure the door was locked and the lights were out when she left. After he was gone, Gloria closed the door, rummaged through papers, and found the real report in the desk drawer. She took out her cell phone and starting taking pictures of the pages in it!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Neil and Dru continued to argue about what to do with Lily while Lily listened outside the apartment door. Neil insisted that bringing Lily before the court was the only viable option, even if it meant her spending time in juvenile detention. Dru said that if that happened neither Lily nor she would ever forgive him. Lily rushed to the elevator to leave, as Neil and Dru continued arguing. Dru left the room to make a phone call.

At the Athletic Club, Phyllis called a moping Daniel to tell him that she was working on a solution for him and Lily -- but she made Daniel promise that they wouldn't leave town. He told Phyllis that he had convinced Lily that wasn't a good idea. They hung up -- as Phyllis was leaving she ran into Michael. She told him she needed reassurance that everything was going to be okay. He told her that Neil was correct -- that if she let Lily live with her and Daniel that she could be charged with a crime, but otherwise legally she was golden. Michael left and Phyllis received a phone call -- she was rushing out as she ran into Jack, who noticed that she was preoccupied -- he correctly guessed that it was because of the situation with Lily and Daniel. When Phyllis told Jack what a tough time Daniel was having, Jack suggested that Daniel stay with him for awhile. Phyllis was touched and told Jack that he was an incredible man. He told her there was nothing in the world he wouldn't do for her and Daniel. Phyllis said she knew that, as she took off.

Lily told Daniel that she never had a chance to talk to her parents -- she would be in jail if she had gone into the apartment. She wondered what type of man would turn his own daughter into the police, and thought if Malcolm were there he would be handling the situation differently. Daniel told her that he understood where Neil was coming from -- that he was just trying to protect his daughter. Lily jokingly said that they needed to promise each other they'd never be like their parents, and there was no way she was going back to boarding school or to jail. She suggested to Daniel that they get married!

Paul was at the Winters trying to gather information on Lily from Dru and Neil. Dru told him that Lily wouldn't use her credit cards because she learned that they could trace her whereabouts through them. Neil said that Paul should do whatever was necessary to find Lily, but Dru insisted that the police not be involved. Paul called someone and told them to drop what they were doing -- that they had a missing kid. He left as Neil hoped that having him on the case would work. Dru said that it had to.

At Jabot, Ashley asked Jill about Jerry Penacoli -- the Extra reporter who was coming by to do a story -- Jill explained that it wouldn't be a public relations piece but more like a manufactured news story with spontaneity. Ashley was concerned that they wouldn't have the control they would with a press release -- she hoped that the story wouldn't start a new round of negative publicity for Jabot.

Victor and Gloria were together at the Athletic Club -- she told him she knew he was doing her a huge favor. Victor handed her a piece of paper -- she started to read it as Michael came over. He joined them and wondered what they were discussing. When Gloria said it was business, Victor told Michael that Gloria has a knack for business. Michael said that was high praise indeed. Jack wandered over and was wondering what they all were talking about -- Gloria said Jabot. Victor asked Jack if he was going to invite Gloria to Ashley's interview. Jack said that it wasn't necessary for her to be there -- that it would be only one reporter and key executives. Michael asked Jack to allow Gloria to decide for herself, and Gloria said that she thought she could learn a lot by watching and she thought Katherine would agree. A reluctant Jack told her to be in the Jabot boardroom in an hour and a half.

Later, when they were alone, Michael pressed Victor as to what was going on with him and Gloria. Victor told him that he was trying to help Gloria out as she wasn't exactly being greeting with open arms at Jabot. Michael reminded Victor that in order for Gloria to succeed she couldn't afford to make enemies with Jack and the rest of the Jabot executives and wondered what was in it for Victor -- if he was using Gloria to try to bring down Jack. Victor said he didn't need any help with that -- that Jack would self-destruct. Michael disagreed -- predicting a long happy career for Jack, and told Victor he didn't appreciate him using Gloria as cannon fodder. Victor told him not to underestimate his mother -- that Jack does so to his own peril, and ended the discussion.

At Jabot, Jack told Jill and Ash about inviting Gloria -- she should be there in about an hour and a quarter. When Ash said that they were starting in 15 minutes, Jill and Ashley realized that Jack had purposely given them Gloria the wrong time -- but Gloria walked into the room, showing up early! Jerry Penacoli and his cameraman came in and Jack introduced him to Jill and Ash, but pointedly not to Gloria. Jerry began by interviewing Jill. He said that Jabot was making a huge investment in "GloAgain" (the sunscreen,) but Jill said that it was revolutionary and worth it. Jerry tried to ask Jill about John, but Jill wouldn't comment. Jerry then interviewed Ashley, asking how she managed to stay so focused on work considering what her family had been through. Ash said that Jabot's customers have been, and always will be, their priority, and began talking about the product -- how it was unlike any other sunscreen on the market. Jack was up next, and he said that Jabot was Chancellor Industries' jewel in the crown. Jerry told the cameraman to stop taping and told Jack that people wanted to hear about John. Gloria interrupted and introduced herself to Jerry -- she said she had something to say that she wanted to put on tape. Jerry looked at Jack, who reluctantly nodded. Gloria made a very touching speech about John -- how he had developed his dream for Jabot into an international reality, and that he was in prison now because he wanted to protect his family. As she continued, Jill, Ashley, and Jack seemed pleased with what she was saying. She concluded by talking about John's integrity and how anyone who bought Jabot's products was getting a bit of John's integrity as well. Jill and Ashley congratulated Gloria on her speech. Jerry asked Jack if it was okay to use it and Jack agreed. Jerry and his cameraman left, and Jill and Ash left to celebrate over a glass of wine. Jack asked Gloria to join them and she said she would be along in a couple of minutes. With Jack gone, Gloria called Victor and told him that it went great and he would have been proud of her -- other than a few minor changes, that he had practically written her entire speech. Victor assured her it was his pleasure -- but it probably wasn't Jack's. Gloria said that he got that right before they hung up.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria found Brad, who made a snide remark about it being J.T.'s hangout. Victoria almost left. Brad said that it wasn't easy for him to accept the fact that she'd been with someone else -- but that he trusted her now. He went on about J.T. -- that he was supposed to be a friend of his and Colleen's, and that he had cheated on Mac. Victoria defended J.T., saying that he and Mac were having problems, and although she didn't know what they were, J.T. felt betrayed. When Brad said that he doubted that Mac was cheating on J.T., Victoria countered that there were other ways to betray a person other than cheating on them. She asked if what she and Brad had was worth fighting for. Brad didn't want to talk it to death -- he said what was important was that she was honest with him when it mattered, and that they should officially put the incident behind them. Victoria agreed, and they kissed passionately.

Sharon dropped by Nick's office. After some chitchat, she mentioned that their accountant called questioning some credit card charges on their bill -- a couple were hers but there was one from a motel on Highway B. He said that it was his -- that he and Phyllis needed somewhere to stay during the recent snowstorm, and that was the only place they could find. Sharon questioned why he hadn't put it on the corporate account and Nick said he should have. She then showed him some pictures that Lauren had given her of the Baldwin wedding -- she noticed that he seemed to be having a really good time in the photo of him and Phyllis. She then mentioned that while cleaning out a drawer she ran across one of those "see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil" monkey knick-knacks. Nick said it was his, but he didn't remember where he had gotten it. Sharon laughed and said that it didn't really seem like Nick's taste, then she took off.

Nick stopped by Phyllis' office, wanting to know how she was doing. She said she was fine, but that Daniel was treating her like she was scum. Nick apologized for what had happened and asked her if she thought Daniel would say anything to Jack or Sharon. She reassured him that he wouldn't. As Nick tried to kiss Phyllis she said, rather loudly, "No Nicholas -- don't!" Sharon stepped into the office at that very moment and wanted to know what was going on. Nick tried to cover by saying he was asking for help with a website problem. Phyllis went along with it and said that she was tired of Nick asking for help with the website -- that she had been fired from Newman and that it was no longer her problem. Sharon said she thought it was more than that -- that she had spoken to Dru and knew about the problems with Daniel and Lily. Sharon showed the picture of Nick and Phyllis to Phyllis, who said at that very moment Nick was telling her how much he missed Sharon. As Sharon was about to leave, she saw a monkey knick-knack identical to the one she found at home on Phyllis' desk, and told Phyllis that Nick had one just like it. Phyllis said that an importer had passed them out at a business conference. When Sharon left, Phyllis told Nick that she didn't know how much more she could take with Daniel, Jack, and now Sharon. Nick assured her that they would get through it, as he left to go home.

Sharon used the phone in Nick's office and called to ask someone if they had any problems with the website. When she learned that the website was, and had been, working perfectly, she hung up the phone and sat there with a very disturbed and suspicious look on her face.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nick left a message for Daniel, saying that, although Daniel might be angry with him, if he needed someone to talk to or a place to stay, Nick was available. Jack also left a message for Daniel and made the same offer. Meanwhile, Daniel and Lily were discussing their options. Although Daniel thought the only thing they could do was wait until Lily turned eighteen to see each other, Lily wasn't willing to go back to boarding school or to take the risk of ending up in juvenile detention. She suggested to Daniel that they get married. Daniel was taken aback at first, but then he agreed with Lily's plan.

At the Abbott house, Jack begrudgingly complimented Gloria on the way she'd handled herself at the press conference. Then he returned the report she'd done for Ashley, full of markups showing his problems with it. Gloria took it, knowing it was a bogus report in the first place, and went to the kitchen. When Ashley came in, Gloria had another suggestion for her. She wanted to be the liaison between GloAgain and the buyers. Ashley was uncomfortable with Gloria's suggestion and told her that she'd have to discuss it with Jack.

Phyllis went to the Abbott house to talk to Jack about Daniel. Jack told her that he'd left a message offering his home to Daniel, and Phyllis worried that if Lily came, too, Neil and Dru might get Jack in trouble. Jack said he wasn't concerned about them coming after him. While they were talking, Daniel and Lily arrived. Surprised to see Phyllis, Daniel wanted to leave, but Phyllis begged them to stay there and offered to be the one to leave. After she was gone, Lily admitted that she was hungry and went to the kitchen to make herself a sandwich. Daniel stayed with Jack, who didn't understand Daniel's hostility toward Phyllis. Daniel was tempted to tell Jack the truth about Phyllis and Nick, but he then backed off, saying that he was angry with Phyllis for not letting Lily stay at their apartment.

Dru and Neil continued to fight about the best way to handle Lily. Drucilla wanted Neil to promise not to call the police or send Lily away. While they were arguing, Paul arrived. Lily had withdrawn the maximum amount from her bank account using a local ATM, but she hadn't used her credit card or made any kind of travel arrangements. Paul said there wasn't much more he could do to track her, since her cell phone was off, unless they got the police involved. Drucilla still wouldn't agree to that. After Paul left, Neil said he had an idea for reaching Lily.

Paul went to the athletic club, where he ran into Ashley. She told him about the press conference and admitted that Gloria had done a good job. But she was frustrated because the press only wanted to focus on John's situation instead of her product launch. Paul assured her that things would work out. When he told her how worried the Winters were about Daniel and Lily, Ashley agreed to talk to Colleen and see if she had any insight into what Lily was up to or where she was.

When Daniel joined Lily in the kitchen at the Abbott house, she was researching marriage laws online. There were states where they could get married if they had a notarized letter of permission from her parents. While they were on the computer, Neil began instant messaging Lily. Lily refused to come home, saying she couldn't trust her parents, then she asked if Neil would be willing to talk to Daniel, too. When Neil didn't answer, Lily signed off. Drucilla raged at Neil for perhaps losing their only opportunity to get Lily to come home.

Gloria found Lily and Daniel in the kitchen and asked what they were up to. Daniel said that Jack had given them permission to get something to eat and said they were working on a school project. Later, Jack was annoyed to be confronted by Gloria yet again, when she pitched her idea to be the liaison between GloAgain and the buyers. He said that Gloria didn't have the expertise to handle the job and promised to find her another project to work on when she'd completed, to his satisfaction, the one she was doing for Ashley. Gloria mentioned Daniel and Lily's presence, and Jack warned her to stay out of it. Gloria told him that he was treating her like she was clueless, but he was underestimating her. Later, Gloria received a visit from a courier who delivered a cleaning solvent to her. When he asked what she planned to do with it, Gloria didn't answer him, so he left while she stared at the bottle with a thoughtful look.

Sharon had called Paul and confirmed that there hadn't been any problems with the Newman web site, which was the reason that Phyllis had given Sharon for Nick being in her office. Later, Sharon went home to find Nick gone, and she began studying a cell phone bill, trying to identify a number she didn't recognize. First she started to call the number, but she hung up. She called the cell phone company, who wouldn't provide any information. Then she checked Noah's team roster to see if it was one of the kid's parents. When she couldn't find the number anywhere, she finally dialed it again.

Nick had gone to Phyllis's apartment to see if there was any news about Daniel. Phyllis told him that Daniel and Lily were safe at Jack's for the night. She was touched to hear that Nick had tried to call Daniel and offer his help. But she said that Nick needed to leave, because if Daniel happened to come home and find him there, it would just cause more trouble. Nick walked out, and Phyllis's phone began to ring. She picked it up but no one said anything. On the other end of the line, Sharon sat silently with a stunned expression on her face as she realized that the number Nick had called so many times belonged to Phyllis.

After Phyllis hung up the phone, Jack arrived. He had to tell her that Daniel and Lily had walked out of his house while he was talking to Gloria in the living room. Phyllis panicked, saying that they were getting in way over their heads. Jack reminded her that Daniel and Lily had managed to take care of themselves the summer before; they'd be okay. When Phyllis told him how alone she felt, Jack assured her that he'd stay with her through the night.

Lily and Daniel sneaked into Newman Enterprises and took Connie's notary seal from her desk, forging her signature and Lily's parents' signatures on the permission to marry form. They were elated that they'd now found a way to get married.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Nick tells Sharon that he was with Phyllis last night because Daniel and Lily ran away again. At Newman Enterprises, Sharon calls a janitor to let her into Phyllis' office. She notices the monkey statuette, and then sees the photo of Nick and Phyllis at the wedding. Nick enters and asks what she is doing. Later, Sharon finds a credit card receipt from the Genoa City Hotel from the night that she was in Denver. Neil tells Paul that he has a feeling that Lily and Daniel have left town. Later, Phyllis convinces Neil not to go to the police until the end of the night, if they haven't yet heard anything from the kids. Paul hears from one of his contacts, saying that he found Daniel's car at the airport. Lily and Daniel arrive in Las Vegas and can't wait to get married. Daniel says that he has to run out and get one thing, and Lily sits down to listen to her phone messages. When he gets back, he gives Lily a vintage wedding dress for her to wear to their ceremony. They walk to the tiki-themed wedding chapel, and get married by a tattooed reverend. At the G.C.A.C, Gloria runs into Jill and asks her about Ashley's new product. At the Jabot lab, a deliveryman hands Ashley the first case of product from the manufacturing line, and Ashley confidently believes that this product will change everything for the company. Gloria walks into the Jabot lab and opens a briefcase, pulls out some chemicals, and pours them into the new GloAgain shipment.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Gloria finished putting cleaning solvent in the container of the new GloAgain cream. As she was leaving the lab, she ran into Ashley, who wondered why she was there. Gloria said she was looking for Jack, to give him the report that he'd asked her to revise.

Phyllis was just about to tell Jack the truth about her affair with Nick when Nick arrived to ask about Daniel. Jack wondered what she'd been about to tell him, and Nick cautioned Phyllis not to go crazy. He was sure that Daniel and Lily would be found. Jack got a call and had to leave for work. After he was gone, Paul called. He'd located Daniel and Lily out of town. Phyllis begged Paul not to tell Neil yet, because Daniel had missed a meeting with his probation officer and might end up in jail. Lily might end up in juvenile detention. Paul said he wasn't sure he could find them, but if he did, and Daniel offered any resistance to coming home, Paul would notify the authorities.

After Phyllis ended her conversation with Paul, Nick told her that it would serve no purpose for Jack to know the truth about them. Phyllis was afraid Daniel would tell Jack, and it would be better coming from her. The two of them agreed that what they'd done had already hurt too many people and had to end. Both of them confessed their love for each other, then Nick left.

Sharon went to the Genoa City Hotel after finding a receipt for a hotel room in Phyllis's files. Since it was dated the day Sharon had been in Denver with Dru, just after Michael and Lauren's wedding, Sharon was worried that Phyllis had been there with Nick. Sharon went to the hotel and showed the desk clerk a photo of Phyllis and Nick, making up a story about why they might have been there. The desk clerk wouldn't give Sharon any information, and while she took a call, Sharon took a hotel pen from the desk.

When Sharon went home, Nick was there helping Noah with his science project. Sharon slipped the hotel pen into Nick's jacket pocket, and later pretended that it fell to the floor when she was hanging up their jackets. She asked Nick why he had a pen with the hotel logo. Nick made up a story about having met a client there for lunch. As Nick and Noah continued to work on the project, Sharon thought about all the things that were making her suspicious about her husband and Phyllis and gave Nick a stricken look.

In the Jabot lab, Ashley told Jack that Gloria had been looking for him to give him her report. Ashley said that Gloria's next project needed to keep her busier so she'd stay out of Ashley's hair. Jack suggested that they go ahead and ship the gift packages while everyone was so excited about the product launch. Ashley finally agreed and set it up, including giving Jack two gift bags for Katherine and Jill, who were at the athletic club.

Jill and Katherine were talking about GloAgain and the industry buzz about the new Jabot product when Gloria showed up. Gloria spoke to them for a moment, expressing her gratitude to Katherine for the help she'd given her. After Kevin came in, Gloria left to join him. Jill noticed that Katherine was watching Gloria with speculation and defended her, saying that she thought Gloria might be good for Jabot. After all, people had once doubted Jill's abilities, but she'd been good for the company. Katherine agreed that Jill's position had been obtained under less-than-ideal circumstances, and she hoped that maybe one day, Gloria, too, would be an asset to Jabot. But she was curious about the quick turnaround in Gloria's attitude.

Gloria assured Kevin that she had things under control at Jabot. Kevin was worried about what she might be up to, but Gloria denied that she was doing anything wrong. She told Kevin that she was no longer a doormat, and Jack and Ashley were ultimately going to get what they deserved. As she was leaving later, she ran into Jack as he arrived. She gave him the report and started to walk out. When she turned around, she saw Jack telling an employee to throw the report away. She fantasized about how she was going to save Jabot from the tainted GloAgain product and save the company. Katherine and Jill would be praising her and blaming Jack and Ashley.

At the same time Jack handed Katherine and Jill their GloAgain samples, Ashley was leaving the lab with her own jar, and messengers were delivering gift bags with GloAgain to Phyllis and Sharon.

Daniel and Lily were able to persuade the minister at the Las Vegas wedding chapel to honor the notarized consent form and perform their ceremony only after Daniel gave him a bribe. They also bought cheap rings at the chapel. Later, back in their room, Lily decorated the room and they toasted their new marriage and promised to always be honest with each other. After they made love, Daniel promised to get them better rings someday. Lily said no; they'd said their vows with those rings and became husband and wife with them. They would always be their wedding rings. Lily then said she was hungry. When someone knocked on the door, they thought it was their food arriving. Daniel answered the door to find Paul standing there.

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