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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 19, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, June 19, 2006

At Newman, Jack complained to Phyllis that he had to cancel his lunch date with Carmen to help Phyllis with paperwork. He told her that he needed to leave and visit John for Father's Day. When Phyllis said that things would go faster if Carmen helped, Jack told her that Carmen was doing other things and that Phyllis needed to finish alone. Phyllis was resentful of Jack acting like her boss but Jack said she should be happy that someone with his experience was running NVP. Phyllis said they were doing fine without him. When Jack snottily asked her how Nick was doing, she told him that Sharon had forgiven Nick now why can't he forgive her? When Jack said he thought they were doing well, Phyllis said that it was only because she was forced to put up with his lousy treatment. Phyllis told Jack that she loved him so much but if he kept treating her like this she would grow to hate him.

At the Abbott house, Kevin and Gloria were still celebrating the fact that Kevin washed Tom's ashes down the kitchen sink. Gloria told him that she had shown Jill some printouts of his web design for Crimson Lights and that she might hire him to replace Phyllis as Jabot's webmaster. When Kevin asked if that would really be possible, Gloria said that anything was possible with some "delicate maneuvering."

At the Athletic Club, Jill and Katherine were impatiently waiting for a table when they ran into Kevin, who was there to work out. When Kevin mentioned that he knew Gloria had shown Jill some printouts of the coffeehouse website, Jill said they were quite good, and that she might be in touch with him. After they finally got a table, Jill asked Katherine what she thought of Kevin Katherine said she thought he was a sincere young man trying to make up for past mistakes. Katherine said she wouldn't question Jill's hiring him, but wondered if he was qualified enough. Jill started to talk about herself at Kevin's age, but Katherine interrupted her she wanted to talk to Jill about her love life. When Jill told her that she had registered with an on-line dating service, Katherine was shocked, as she felt the internet was a dangerous place to meet men. Jill assured her that she was registered on a reputable site, and as a matter of fact, on an impulse she was going to have coffee with someone she met on the site.

Phyllis and Ashley ran into each other at the Athletic Club bar. Ash asked her to email her some information on the Jabot/NVP tie-in. Phyllis said she hadn't seen it yet, which Ash found hard to believe. When Phyllis said that Jack was keeping her out of the loop, Ashley said that perhaps it was because she was in over her head that it took a lot more skill to run a company than to change some graphics on a web page. An insulted Phyllis told Ashley that she had created the best internet site in the cosmetics industry which is a lot more than she could say for Ashley's lab, which hadn't created anything to gain back its market share. When she asked Ash if Jabot was going to simply piggyback onto NVP's success, Ash told her that she couldn't claim credit for NVP that Jack was doing all the hard work.

Ashley stopped by Jill and Katherine's table to say hi and tell them that she was getting some food to take to John. Jill told her to send John her love, and she also had a letter from Billy to give to him. Phyllis watched as they talked. Kevin sat down by Phyllis and started pumping her for specific technical information about the Jabot website. Phyllis immediately realized that Kevin was after her old job, and was initially shocked. When Ashley walked by them on her way out, both Kevin and Phyllis commented on how they disliked her. Phyllis suddenly changed her tune and decided to help Kevin with his quest for her old job (mainly to irritate Ashley.) She told him she would help him prepare for an interview and would help him with samples of his work. On Phyllis' way out, she stopped by Katherine and Jill's table to put in a good word for Kevin she thought Kevin would be a good choice because he was fresh, ambitious, and would come a whole lot cheaper than an experienced web designer. When Jill said she sounded like Kevin's agent, Phyllis said she just wanted Jabot to do well, and left. Jill said that Kevin must want this job badly if he went to Phyllis for help. Katherine changed the subject back to Jill's internet date she couldn't believe that she didn't even know the guy's name. Jill said she would find that out tomorrow.

Over at the bar, Gloria joined Kevin and he told her that Phyllis was going to help him get her old job. When Gloria asked why Phyllis would help him, Kevin said it was because Phyllis wanted to stick it to Ashley. On her way out, Jill told Kevin that she wanted to set up an interview. Jill and Katherine left, and Gloria and Kevin discussed how things were getting better and better.

John received a bunch of Father's Day visitors first Colleen, who brought him some books as a gift. He told Colleen he was feeling much better. Colleen wished that John was at home, but John said that the prison wasn't that bad. She said it was horrible, but John said it helped when he got visits from people he loved. When John asked if Colleen was going to visit Brad, she said she was but it wasn't going to be easy. He told her that he knew she had issues with Victoria, but that it was more important to see Brad than think about petty grievances. When Colleen said they weren't petty, John said that although she disapproved of his marrying Gloria, she didn't turn her back on him. When Colleen said it was because he loved Gloria, John told her that Brad loved Victoria, and he deserved the same respect.

Next Gloria showed up and told John how well he looked then shifted the conversation over to Kevin. John said that he was proud of Kevin then Gloria sprung the idea of Kevin's replacing Phyllis on him. When John said he wasn't sure Kevin would be a good match for Jabot, Gloria disagreed, and told him Kevin would work especially hard because of his respect for John. She asked John to talk to Jill about it.

Jack then showed up and gave John a journal so that he could write his story in it. John was touched. When he asked Jack what he was up to, he nearly blew a gasket when he learned that Jack was working for Victor. He wondered why Jack would work for someone who he swore he would bring down. Jack said it was a good thing and that Victor had come to him to offer him his position at NVP. When John mentioned that Jack would have to work with Phyllis, Jack said that was the hard part, and that Phyllis was acting like he was there to make her life miserable. When John asked if that were true, Jack said he had been nothing but professional. John said that maybe he should see it from Phyllis' point of view that she and Nikki started NVP and he walked in as the boss. He reminded Jack that he didn't like it when Katherine did that to him. He asked Jack to think about what brought him and Phyllis to this point, and whether or not Jack was completely blameless.

Ashley was the last visitor she bribed the guards with food to bring in a great meal for John. She gave him a card from Abby and the letter from Billy. John brought up Gloria's request to consider Kevin for the Jabot webmaster position. Ashley was surprised, and said she didn't trust him and even if she thought Kevin was a good fit for the position that Jill was in charge. John assured Ash that she would be able to talk Jill into it. He told her that it would make him very happy if she did this.

Back at the Abbott house, Gloria and Ashley agreed that John was looking well Ashley said that everything had gone well until John mentioned getting Kevin the job at Jabot. She accused Gloria of having an agenda, and asked why she didn't ask her instead of going to John. Gloria said that Kevin would bring new ideas to the website then laid a guilt trip on Ash by saying that if she chose to ignore John's wishes, that was up to her. Later, Ashley told Jack that she was having second thoughts about being so negative about Kevin working at Jabot after all, he did save John's life.

J.T. snuck into Victoria and Nick's office at Newman and tried to get into Brad's computer account. He couldn't find the right password but when he finally did, Phyllis walked in and asked him what he was doing there. He said an alarm had gone off and he was typing a note to Victoria and Nick to let them know everything was okay. When J.T. shut the computer off, Phyllis asked him about the note but J.T. said he would just call them. As J.T. left, Phyllis eyed him extremely suspiciously.

At the Carltons, Victoria, Brad, and Abby arrived back from their visit with Nikki and Victor. Abby offered to "help" Brad learn how to ride the bicycle that Victoria bought for him and went upstairs to get her helmet. Brad told Victoria he hoped his other daughter would be there. Later, Brad walked in with Colleen, and after helloes Victoria took Abby upstairs so Colleen and Brad could spend some time together. Colleen told Brad she went to see John, who made her realize how much she would regret it if she missed Father's Day. Brad told her about his bike ride with Abby he mentioned that it was the bike that his parents could never afford to buy him. Colleen told him that was the first time he had ever mentioned his parents to her. Colleen thought about the fact that J.T. was investigating Brad. Colleen said she was thinking of doing a family tree and knew a lot about the Abbotts, but nothing about the Carltons. He told her that his parents emigrated from Europe and changed their last name when they arrived in America from Italy. Brad said he didn't know their real last name. Victoria was listening at the door when Colleen said it was too bad her grandparents were dead. Victoria burst in and said that she thought his parents were still living that he didn't mention anything about them being dead when she was sending out wedding invitations. Brad told them his mother died early and that his father became an alcoholic and that he had basically raised himself. When he said the past didn't matter, that all that mattered was the here and now, Colleen looked suspicious. Later, with Colleen gone, Victoria asked Brad if he joined the Navy as an escape he said that he needed some structure in his life, and that he hoped by ignoring the past he could forget it ever happened.

At the Athletic Club, J.T. stopped in to see Colleen, who was there working. When she said she couldn't think of anything but his investigation of Brad, J.T. told her not to worry that Victor called off the investigation. Colleen said that she was just at Brad's and he said that his parents died before she was born but that he had implied to Victoria that they were alive by not telling her they were dead when she asked about sending them invitations to their wedding. J.T. said he didn't know why Brad would do that. She was confused about why Brad had two different stories she wondered whether he was lying to her, and most importantly, why!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Jack informed Phyllis that he just got off the phone with their partners at Elysian Meadows and NVP had a new competitor in Arizona, meaning that Phyllis had to get the website up and running a week early than planned. When Phyllis complained that a week wasn't enough time, Jack told her he already committed to it. When Phyllis was upset that Jack had made another unilateral decision, he said he would let her be more involved next time, and he wouldn't have done it if it weren't in NVP's best interests. Phyllis asked Jack if making her life hellish enough to quit was in the company's best interest.

Jack found Victor in his office playing with Zapato the dog. Jack was somewhat surprised, but Victor said he had read in a magazine that said animals lower stress on people so that perhaps Zapato could make the employees more productive. When Jack wryly commented that perhaps Zapato could be the new head of human resources, Victor found it hysterical and told Zapato. He informed Victor that they had some competition in Arizona and that he had moved the meeting with the Elysian Meadows people up a week. Jack said he knew Victor wanted Nikki to stick around, so that he was going to the meeting. Victor thought that was kind of Jack.

Phyllis complained to Nikki about all the work Jack was giving her. When Nikki said that it couldn't be good for her right now, Phyllis wondered what she meant. Nikki meant her going from NVP to Jabot and back again. When Phyllis complained that Jack seemed to always have the final word, as opposed to her, a named partner, and that she had to deal with blatant disrespect, Nikki said perhaps not -- that Victor had the final word.

Nikki was shocked to find Jack and Victor playing with Zapato in the CEO office. Jack mentioned that Victor read some research that having a pet around increases productivity and makes for a happier workplace. Victoria came in and was also shocked to see Zapato. They joked about using the third-quarter projections to paper train Zapato. Victoria told Nikki that she wanted to check with her about the trip to Arizona planned for the fifth; Victor mentioned that it had been moved up to next week. Nikki asked why the trip had been moved up -- Victor told her that they had to speed things up due to the new competition there. When Jack told Nikki that he would be going to the meeting instead of her, she angrily asked who came up with that idea. Victor said that Jack had volunteered and he had approved it. Nikki said that was out of the question -- that Jack didn't know NVP like she and Phyllis did. When Jack said he was a quick study, Nikki said he wasn't that quick -- and that she was going and that was final.

Nikki went to complain to Phyllis about Jack -- Phyllis was happy to learn that she wasn't alone in her suffering. Victor came in and introduced a perplexed Phyllis to Zapato -- the VP in charge of employee morale! Nikki said she needed to get back to work but Victor told him that he had a surprise for her at home and insisted that she go back to the ranch with him and Zapato.

Phyllis went to see Jack in the CEO office and said she was willing to do anything to make it possible for the two of them to work together again. When Jack said he didn't know if that was possible, Phyllis wanted to know if she was still mad about the situation with Nick. Jack said he had gotten over being mad -- now he simply had no respect for her. Phyllis walked out silently. They continued to fight later in the break room -- he said he made a mistake assuming she was a professional who would understand why he made the decision to move up the website launch. Phyllis told him that he dumped work on her without considering the repercussions and then antagonized her -- and that if he wanted her to fail or quit that wasn't going to happen. Jack told Phyllis to get back to work or she might find herself looking for a job. She told him she didn't appreciate him threatening her livelihood, and that she intended to make her company a success.

At the Newman ranch, the doorbell rang and Victor asked Nikki to answer it, as it was her surprise. Her surprise turned out to be Rosa, a salsa instructor. Nikki thought it was somewhat odd, but went along with it. Rosa started teaching them the moves and told them that salsa was the closest thing to making love in public. Later, Nikki needed to change shoes to practice a spin and went upstairs. When Victor and Rosa started reviewing, Victor realized he couldn't remember a thing that Rosa taught him. He was embarrassed and perplexed, and although Rosa tried to coax him into trying, he asked her to leave after paying her off. Victor called Jack and told him what happened -- he asked Jack for advice on how to handle this. Jack told him that everything would be okay -- and that he needed to do exactly what Jack told him to do. Later, after Nikki came down with her dancing shoes, Jack called, chewed her out for taking off a big chunk of the day to take dancing lessons, and summoned her back to the office.

At Newman, Jack tried to apologize to Phyllis for treating her so harshly earlier but Phyllis asked him to leave as she had a lot of work. Nikki returned and was angry at Jack's attitude -- but told Phyllis she couldn't get involved in her mess as she had too much of her own mess to take care of.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin was fussing over Jill (who was waiting for her internet date) on the patio, and Jill told him she hadn't had time to schedule an interview for him. She asked Kevin how his online coffee sales were going and he told her much better than expected. He also told her he had set up wi-fi service there to keep people there longer buying drinks. He also told her that he was thinking about setting up a dating service on the webpage -- you would meet people on the website, then meet at Crimson Lights for coffee. Jill told Kevin to call her office and schedule an appointment for next week. Jill spotted Will Bardwell with a Beatles album, and asked Kevin if that was who she thought it was. Kevin said it looked like the DA who put John in prison. Jill told Will he must be 'Beatles1' and Will told Jill that she must be 'ChicInCharge.' They found they enjoyed each other's company, had a lot in common, and discussed using on-line dating. They joked about the fact that neither of them put a picture on the webpage. Will joked that was something else they had in common -- they were both chicken.

Kevin was staring at Jill from inside when Jana commented that she seemed a little old for Kevin. He told Jana that he needed to keep coming up with ways to impress her so he could get the webmaster job at Jabot. Kevin brought tiramisu (on the house) to Jill and Will. After eating the tiramisu, Jill suggested that they go back to work. They agreed that they had a good time, and Will wondered if there would be another date. Jill asked for a couple of days to think about it.

At Crimson Lights, Brad and Victoria were going over paintings and the best way to market them when Jana brought their food over. Jana recognized one of the paintings as being a Paolo Gianneschi and Victoria was surprised that she knew his work. Jana explained that she used to live in Rome and would peek in his gallery. Victoria told Jana that both she and Brad had lived in Italy for a while. They talked some more about painters, and when she left to get them more coffee, Victoria talked about being homesick for Italy -- but Brad brought her back to the real world by reminding her of her 2 o'clock conference call. When Jana returned, she asked Victoria why she didn't sell her own paintings. Victoria said she was a broker and not an artist, and wondered how Jana knew that she had dabbled in painting. Jana said she must have read it in a magazine, and Brad reminded Victoria of an interview she had done in front of her own artwork. Victoria gave Jana her card and told her she would show her some other paintings that were for sale. Jana thanked her and left. Brad reminded Victoria that he had a business trip next week to Phoenix and Santa Fe. Victoria said he should hitch a ride with Nikki as her trip to Tucson got moved up.

At the loft apartment, Colleen was preoccupied and remembered her conversation with Brad where he told her that his parents changed their last name when they arrived in America because his father wanted to start fresh. J.T. arrived with food, but Colleen wasn't hungry. She continued to press J.T. about his investigation, but he said he couldn't share the information with her due to a professional code of conduct. Colleen "guilted" him into telling her that Brad wasn't lying about his parents -- that they died when he said they did. J.T. didn't tell her anything more and an upset Colleen threatened to go to Brad. He told her not to say a word to Brad but she said he would have to give her some answers. She also thought there was some terrible information as she tried to get on his computer while he was showering, but he changed the password. J.T. was upset that she was spying on him, but Colleen justified it by saying she was freaking out. She wondered why J.T. was continuing the investigation if Victor had called it off. He said that he and Paul decided to continue. Colleen continued to insist that there must be something bad that J.T. learned, and she asked him if he wanted her to move in with him to get information. When J.T. said no, Colleen said she didn't believe him. J.T. said she couldn't imagine how much he cared about her and he was continuing the investigation for her. She said that wasn't true -- that Victor hired him to investigate Brad before he married Victoria. J.T. told her he initially said no -- but then he realized if Brad did have a shady past that he would want to know for Colleen's sake. He said he took the job to prove Victor wrong. Colleen said Victor's suspicions must have turned out to be true. She started freaking out. J.T. told her he would show her something -- but she had to absolutely swear not to tell anyone -- not even Lily. Colleen swore she would keep it to herself. Brad brought out a box and took out the picture of the "real" Brad Carlton. He asked Colleen if she knew who it was -- Colleen said she had never seen him before in her life. J.T. told her that it was Brad Carlton from Cleveland, Ohio -- and that her father had been living under his identity for the past 20 years!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Colleen was shocked when J.T. showed her a photo of the real Brad Carlton. She wasn't convinced that her father had actually stolen someone else's identity, and her first reaction was to want to confront her father directly. J.T. reminded her that she'd promised not to tell Brad he was being investigated. If Brad knew, he might be able to keep them from discovering the truth. Colleen left, and J.T. found her later at Crimson Lights. She told him that she hadn't seen her father. She thought J.T. was right. The best way to get the truth about Brad was to keep him unaware of the investigation. But she intended to help J.T. In fact, she insisted that they work together to get the truth about Brad for her sake, because she was sure her father wasn't a bad person and had good reasons for keeping his past a secret.

Daniel ran into Neil at work. Neil tried to give him some money to help pay for the Father's Day meal, but Daniel said they'd budgeted for it. Neil reminded Daniel that he could come to him if they ever needed help. Later, Daniel met Lily at Crimson Lights. He could tell she was upset about money, because she'd just gotten their bills for college tuition. It had made her come to a decision. She would support Daniel if he wanted to go to college, but she didn't want to go back to school. She wanted to do something in the world of fashion, like making jewelry or working with fabrics. When Daniel didn't immediately agree, Lily was hurt and left him at the coffee house.

Daniel tried to call Lily later to apologize, and Phyllis overheard him. Daniel didn't want to talk about his fight with Lily with his mother. Phyllis assured him that the two of them would work it out. All couples fought. Meanwhile, Neil arrived home to find Lily there. She asked if she could spend the night. When she wouldn't answer a call from Daniel on her cell phone, Neil hugged her. Like Phyllis, he assured Lily that all couples fought. Of course she could spend the night at his place, but Neil was sure that she and Daniel would work out whatever their problem was.

Phyllis and Nikki had put in hours of work as a result of Jack changing NVP's launch schedule. Phyllis felt like Jack was getting out of control just to make her life miserable. When she went to Victor to confront him about it, Jack was in Victor's office and overheard her. Phyllis wasn't embarrassed and didn't back down. She insisted that Victor reconsider letting Jack have so much input into what NVP was doing. Phyllis wasn't aware that Victor was only sporadically hearing what she was saying because of the problems he was having with his hearing. When Nikki came in and added her voice to Phyllis's, Victor still gave his support to Jack. Later, Victor told Jack that he'd reconsidered his decision to let Jack run NVP. Jack was at first upset, but then Victor explained himself. He was giving Jack a chance to buy out Victor's part of NVP.

Victoria and Brad were getting ready to host a barbecue for their family to spend time with Nick's family. Abby was excited about having guests and asked if they could play charades. While Abby went upstairs to clean her bedroom, Victoria tried again to get Brad to talk about his past and his family. Brad told her that his family was the one he was making with Victoria and his two daughters. He would rather forget the past.

Noah was happy to be going to the Carltons' for a barbecue, and he asked Nick about the empty photo album. Nick told him that it was a Father's Day gift from Sharon. She'd said Nick could fill it with photos of new memories their family made together. Noah said they should start by taking a camera to the barbecue, and Nick agreed that was a good idea.

At the Carlton house, after a fun game of charades won by Nick and Sharon, Sharon told Nick that it sometimes felt like he was reading her mind. She and Nick were definitely starting to be closer to each other. So Sharon was sad when she overheard a conversation between Noah and Abby. When Noah said his parents weren't getting divorced, Abby said that her mother had once told her that her parents weren't getting divorced either. But now Brad was married to Victoria.

When Sharon, Nick, and Noah got home, Noah threw the new photo album down and Nick made him pick it up. When Noah continued to act out, Nick sent him to bed. Sharon then told Nick about the conversation she'd overheard between Noah and Abby. She felt like Noah's insecurity was her fault, because she hadn't let go of her resentment over Nick's affair with Phyllis. It upset her that her attitude was damaging her son. She reached for Nick, and the two of them kissed.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Phyllis doesn't understand why Nikki hasn't talked to Victor yet about Jack working for NVP. Nikki doesn't think that having Jack in the picture is such a bad thing. Phyllis can't believe Nikki isn't worried about Jack having a hidden agenda. Nikki says that she can keep an eye on Jack. When Nikki goes to see Victor, Victor begs her not to go to Atlanta. Nikki says that she has already made the plans to go on the trip and that people will be expecting her. Victor shows Nikki a book of 500 places to see before you die. He wants Nikki to step away from NVP and have Jack and Phyllis take over. Nikki tells Victor that NVP is her baby, her vision. But the prospect of spending extra time with her husband makes her change her mind. Nikki goes to Phyllis and tells her that when they come back from Atlanta, she's going to step back from NVP and let Phyllis and Jack pulls the reins.

Nikki goes to Victor's office and opens up one of his desk drawers. She is shocked to find hundreds and hundreds of cut-out snowflakes.

Victor asks Jack if he's thought about buying him out of NVP. Jack says that he's decided that it's a great idea. Victor mentions that he hasn't told Nikki yet. He remembers how Nikki wasn't too happy when he hired Jack without her consent. He asks Jack how he should break the news. Jack recommends not telling Nikki or Phyllis for awhile. He says that with Victor's fluctuating health issues, he should wait until his health gets better or when Nikki and Phyllis get back from Arizona. Jack secretly calls Michael and asks him to come by with a drawn up contract. When Jack returns, Victor is disoriented. Jack reminds him that he is setting up a contract to buy Victor out of NVP. Victor is surprised they are going so fast. Jack tells him that he's doing it for him.

Phyllis asks Jack if she can show him her ideas for NVP. Jack reluctantly agrees to look at them after his discussion with Victor. Nick comes into the office and tells Phyllis that he likes her ideas for NVP. Phyllis begins talking about how great and relaxing the professional masseuses make people feel. When Jack returns, he can sense the heat in the air. Nick leaves and Phyllis asks Jack about her work. He says he's happy with it and especially happy because he has someone else doing the work for him.

Sharon tells Nick that he shouldn't get his hopes up too high about last night. Nick says he won't push her, he's just happy that it's a start in the right direction for them. Sharon is unsure because she feels afraid to trust in Nick again. Nick says that over time, he will make sure that happens. Brad sees Sharon at work and can tell that she seems a little more at peace. She admits that things are getting better with Nick. When Sharon and Nick are walking outside the office, Sharon laughs as Nick sloppily eats an apple. She wipes his face. Phyllis watches them.

Daniel calls Lily over and over again, but Lily refuses to talk to him. Phyllis talks to Daniel about the fight, and tries to get Daniel to understand that he can't he needs to listen to Lily and let her believe what she wants to believe. Daniel says that he cares enough about Lily not to let her do something stupid. Neil talks to Lily about her fight with Daniel. He suggests that maybe they both need to listen to each other a little more. Lily refuses to admit that she is in the wrong. Neil says that Lily needs to make the first move if she ever wants to reconcile. They both take Neil's advice. Daniel goes to the Winter's home and Lily goes to Daniel's office. When they finally do find each other, they race into each other's arms, apologizing.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Colleen and J.T. tried to get information from Cleveland about Brad. They were calling all the Carltons listed to try to get a lead on the real Bradley Carlton. J.T. also tried to call an older priest who might have recognized the boys in the photo of the church baseball league. Unfortunately, the priest had suffered a heart attack and died while on retreat. Colleen wondered if she should just ask her father directly what the secrets of his past were, but J.T. again persuaded her that would be a bad idea.

Brad was at Newman when he realized that someone had tampered with his computer files. He spoke to Nick about it, and Nick called J.T. to come in and take a look at things. While they were waiting, Brad decided that he'd rather not go to a business meeting in Phoenix. Even though Nick had plans with Sharon for dinner that night, he agreed to go to Phoenix in Brad's place.

When J.T. and Colleen came to Newman, Brad told J.T. that someone had hacked into his computer. He hadn't realized that Nick was going to call J.T. to investigate, but he hoped they could get along well enough to cooperate. While J.T. looked at the computer, Brad tried to get Colleen to set a day for dinner at the Carlton house sometime over the next week. He questioned if anything was wrong with Colleen, and J.T. quickly interceded and said he'd found the problem. There was a virus in Brad's computer files. J.T. could repair it and install a firewall. When Brad left, J.T. confessed to Colleen that he'd been the one who'd hacked into Brad's computer. Colleen was grateful that J.T. trusted her enough to tell her the truth.

Sharon ran into Brad in the break room. He told her that he wasn't going to Arizona; instead, Nick was going in his place. When Nick called to tell her about the change in plans, he reminded Sharon that the next night, it would be eleven years since he'd proposed to her. He suggested that she go on the trip with him. Miguel had already agreed to take care of Noah. At first Sharon said yes, then she remembered that she had a video conference scheduled. So she couldn't go. After she got off the phone, Brad said it was a shame that she and Nick would miss an opportunity to work on their relationship.

Michael came to Newman to bring the paperwork for Victor to sell his part of NVP to Jack. Before their meeting, Michael had a talk with Phyllis. He insisted that she'd be better off getting the paternity test now rather than waiting. Things were only going to get more complicated once Jack and Nick realized that Phyllis was pregnant. Phyllis said that she wasn't sure she wanted to know which man was the father of her baby.

Later, Phyllis saw Michael and Jack talking. She knew something was going on, but when she tried to get information from Jack, he told her she'd find out things when she needed to know them. In the meantime, she should just do her job and stop worrying about those things that weren't part of her NVP responsibilities. Phyllis was furious with the way Jack seemed to be taking over and making decisions.

Nikki was confused to find all the cut-out snowflakes in Victor's office drawer. When he came in, she asked why they were there. Victor covered, saying that he'd been helping Noah with a camp project that was meant to be a surprise. Nikki was bewildered about how the snowflakes related to ball camp, but she finally dropped it when Victor again complained about her trip to Arizona and New Mexico. She was almost ready to give in and stay in Genoa City at Victor's urging.

When Jack realized that Nikki was about to back out of the trip, he persuaded her that she really needed to go. He'd even added another day to it so she could check out additional potential sites. Nikki finally agreed that she had to go. Later, Michael and Jack gave the transfer paperwork to Victor. Jack wanted him to sign immediately, but Victor said he had to look everything over.

Phyllis expressed her frustration about Jack to Nikki. Nikki had a solution. Victor didn't want her to go to Arizona, and Phyllis needed to get away from the stress for a few days. Phyllis agreed to go on the trip in Nikki's place. Nikki also suggested that Phyllis just pour her heart out to Jack, but Phyllis said she couldn't. When Nikki surmised that Phyllis was keeping some kind of secret, she assured Phyllis that she could confide in her. Phyllis didn't want to tell Nikki that she was pregnant, so she left to get ready for the trip.

Victor called Jack and Michael back in. He'd made a few changes to the agreement, but he was ready to sign. Jack breathed a sigh of relief when Victor signed the contract, and Michael didn't seem to notice anything amiss in the way Victor was behaving. Victor said that Jack deserved to be able to buy the company after all he'd been through, and at least selling his part of NVP to Jack would allow him to spend more time with Nikki.

Phyllis was waiting for the Newman jet to take off on the trip she was taking in Nikki's place, when Nick boarded to go on the trip to Phoenix for Brad. The two of them stared at each other with shock. Meanwhile, at Newman, Sharon was surprised to see Nikki and find out that Nikki wasn't going on the trip after all. Nikki didn't want Victor to know because she wanted to surprise him, and Sharon seemed about to put it together that Phyllis and Nick were headed in the same direction at the same time.

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