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Monday, June 26, 2006

On the Newman corporate jet, Nick and Phyllis realized that they are going to be traveling companions. They find out they are both last minute substitutes -- Phyllis for Nikki and Nick for Brad. First stop -- Phoenix -- second stop -- Santa Fe. Phyllis teased Nick that if he didn't like the company he could fly commercial. Later, they were going over paperwork when Phyllis asked him if Sharon would be upset by the two of them traveling together. He said that Sharon wasn't -- that he asked her to come but she had a Beauty of Nature videoconference to do. Nick joked about how annoying it would be to have a crying baby on the plane and Phyllis asked Nick if he liked babies. Phyllis then had two fantasies: in the first fantasy Nick was thrilled that Phyllis was pregnant with his child, but Phyllis warned him that there was a slim possibility it was Jack's, but she was praying it was him. In Phyllis' second fantasy, Nick was upset about Phyllis' pregnancy -- he said that it would mess up things for him and Sharon just as things were improving between them. After (in reality) asking Nick if they had pickles, Phyllis returned to her second fantasy, where Nick suggested that she "get rid" of the baby, or at least leave Genoa City, as it was difficult to raise a child there as a single parent. In the fantasy, Phyllis told Nick that she was keeping the baby -- that she already loved it. Back in reality, Nick got off the plane at his stop and they wished each other good luck with their respective projects, and thought perhaps that they might be flying home together.

At Newman Enterprises, as she prepared for her videoconference, Sharon asked Brad if anyone else knew that Nick was filling in for him on the business trip. When Brad asked why she was asking, she said it was because Nick and Phyllis had ended up on the same flight. Sharon does not believe it's a coincidence, but Brad assured her there was no way that Phyllis could have known. Sharon still thought that Phyllis maneuvered her way into taking Nikki's place, but Brad told her she couldn't possibly believe that -- and that Nick was trying to make their relationship work, so give it a chance. Later, at a videoconference rehearsal, Sharon was still having some trouble with her lines, and told Brad that the problem wasn't Nick -- it was Phyllis -- that she knew Phyllis would end up with fantasies about Nick.

Nikki walked into Victor's office and told him that she got Phyllis to take her place on the business trip so she could stay there with him. They discussed Phyllis and Nick being on the plane together, but Victor said that Sharon and Nicholas would need to work that out. Victor told Nikki he had another surprise for her -- Nikki thought it might be more dance lessons, but got the surprise of her life when Victor presented her with the papers showing that he had sold his shares in NVP to Jack! Nikki was livid. He told her he did it for her, but she said she would have cut back on her hours without him selling her company to Jack. Victor reminded her that in the grand scheme of things a company really didn't mean anything -- Nikki said perhaps it didn't mean anything to him but he had handed all the power over to Jack. Victor defended Jack, saying that he was incredibly motivated and would run the company better than he could.

Jack found Carmen and told her about buying out Victor's shares of NVP, and that he wanted her to come celebrate with him tonight. Carmen told Jack she would get out a press release first thing tomorrow. Jack wanted to get the word out, as he thought that under his watch NVP would be an international leader in women's day spas. Nikki overheard, came in, and said she didn't think so. Carmen left, and Jack told Nikki that he hadn't been looking for this -- that Victor had offered it to him -- that he wanted to make NVP the gold standard in the industry. Nikki sarcastically congratulated Jack on his ambition, but wondered where it left her and Phyllis, who he was not ready to forgive. Jack said that this is business, and that it made sense. Nikki said nothing about it made sense -- and stormed out. Jack called Ashley and told her to plan for a celebration tonight, while Nikki called Phyllis on the jet to tell her the shocking news.

Jack saw Sharon rehearsing her Beauty of Nature videoconference and asked if she would be interested in being the NVP spokesperson. Sharon said that it had been discussed before, but she didn't think Phyllis would be thrilled. Jack told her not to worry about Phyllis as he had bought out Victor's share -- he wanted Sharon to say yes.

Nikki was complaining to Brad about Victor selling his NVP stock to Jack and wondered if there was any way to get the deal voided. Brad said only if she could prove that Victor was under some kind of duress.

Jack told Victor that once Nikki got over the initial shock, that she would realize that he did this for her. Victor agreed, saying they had wonderful plans. Jack said they could spend more time together when he stepped back from Newman and from NVP. Victor vehemently agreed, and wondered how he could have spent his life so consumed by business.

Sharon finished her videoconference and Nikki dropped by, asking how it went. Brad told her that Sharon was fantastic as usual. Sharon asked Nikki if she had heard from Nick -- she told Sharon that was what she was going to ask her. Brad left and Sharon told Nikki that she was going to be the spokesperson for NVP. When Nikki asked her what changed her mind, she said that she figured if Jack and Victor could work together, then so could she and Phyllis.

Later, Nikki ran into Victor in the hall and she apologized for her earlier outburst -- though she told him she wasn't happy with this change right now. Victor told her he was going to celebrate and invited her along. When she told him there was nothing to celebrate, he kissed her and told her that in case she changed her mind he would love it if she joined him at the club.

At the Athletic Club, Ashley congratulated Jack on his acquisition of NVP. Jack saw Carmen entering and excused himself. Gina walked over to Ashley and told her she heard that champagne was in order as Ashley eyed Jack and Carmen. Later, Ashley, Carmen, and Jack were seated at a table when Victor entered and Gina escorted him to a seat at the bar. Jack went over to talk to him and when he realized that Victor was going to be dining alone, he invited him to join him, Carmen, and Ashley. He accepted. Jack ordered champagne, and as they began toasting to new beginnings, Nikki came and was shocked watching them toast!

At the Abbott House, Kevin prepared for his interview with Ashley and Jill. Kevin expected to have problems with Ashley, but Gloria said not to give Ash a second thought -- that John wanted Kevin in the family business and she wouldn't do anything to disappoint him.

At Jabot, Ashley was yelling at Jill, saying that it was typical Gloria to be forcing Kevin on them. Jill said the only reason she didn't like Kevin was because he was Gloria's son, and that he was enthusiastic and talented. When Jill reminded Ashley of her promise to John to consider bringing Kevin on board, Ashley said she had enough of the Fishers at home, and that work was her only refuge from them. When Jill asked Ashley to go into the interview with an open mind, Ash said it was times like these that she really missed Jack.

Kevin was in the conference room going over some of his ideas for the Jabot website when a sarcastic Ashley finally showed up. Kevin went on to show Jill (and a bored Ashley) some of his suggestions on how buyers could better keep track of their orders. Jill liked his ideas, but Ashley asked him how many of his ideas he had gotten from Phyllis. Kevin told Ash he knew she didn't like him, but that he just wanted an opportunity -- a second chance -- and told them how hard it was to start over from scratch. Jill thanked him for coming and he left. Ashley and Jill argued after he was gone -- Ashley said she didn't trust him and didn't want him in the family business. Ashley ended the discussion by simply saying "I'm not giving any more time to this" and walked out.

At the Athletic Club, Gloria told Gina she was waiting for Kevin, as he was interviewing at Jabot for an important position. When Gina asked about the coffeehouse, Gloria gave her a smug look and told her that Kevin was too smart to spend his life in a restaurant. Kevin came in and asked Gloria asked him if it went well -- Kevin said it sure had for Ashley! Gloria was ready to call John when Kevin asked her not to.

Back at the Abbott House, Jill came by and told Kevin the job was his if he wanted it -- that she knew what it was like to scramble to get a chance from someone. She extended her hand and welcomed him to Jabot!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

At the Abbott House, breakfast was being eaten by Kevin, Gloria, Jack, and Ashley. Kevin and Gloria discussed his getting the Jabot job while Jack and Ashley discussed Jack's buying Victor out. Kevin told Ashley he wasn't in this for prestige – that he just wanted them all to get along. Gloria asked her to give Kevin a chance and that he would surprise her. Jack wanted to make sure that Kevin knew that the job was limited to the Jabot website – that it wouldn't give the Fishers any more power. When Gloria reminded Jack that he had no power at Jabot, they exchanged some words. The phone rang and Ashley went to answer it – it was Victor (calling from the ranch) asking her to do a favor in the NVP meeting scheduled for later today. Nikki inadvertently eavesdropped on the call, where Victor asked her to treat Nikki especially kindly today. Ash said she would see what she could do. Victor rushed off the phone when he realized Nikki was there. Nikki was livid and said that not only did he sell her company to Jack but he was asking Ashley to coddle her. Victor thought it would make Nikki feel better knowing that he wasn't working with Ashley. Nikki said that now she had to work with Ash – and that didn't make her feel much better.

Later, Nikki asked Victor where everyone was – she hadn't seen Miguel, the gardener, the stable hands, etc. Victor said he gave everyone the beautiful day off to spend with their families. This upset Nikki, but Victor couldn't even understand why Nikki would want to go to work – after all, they were set for life financially. He told her to forget her meeting – that he didn't want to spend the morning alone. As a dog barked, Nikki said that thanks to Zapato he wouldn't have to – and left.

Back at the Abbotts, Michael stopped by to help negotiate Kevin's job offer. When Michael started mentioning Jill working up a deal memo for Kevin, Ashley and Jack wondered if that wasn't premature – after all they wanted to see if Kevin could do the job first. When Jack mentioned a probationary period, Gloria said she was sure that Phyllis didn't have one when she came to Jabot. When Jack said the situations were not comparable, Michael told Jack that he wasn't his enemy – after all, he had done the paperwork for Jack to purchase NVP – and Kevin wasn't his enemy either. Kevin said that he didn't need Michael and Gloria defending him – that Ashley and Jack's doubts would only serve to make him work harder.

At the Athletic Club, Katherine questioned Jill's decision to hire Kevin. Jill was defending her position when Will Bardwell came in and she told Katherine that Will was her Internet date. Will came over to the table, where Katherine voiced her approval, embarrassing Jill. He told them that he was in Genoa City because Glenn Richards was on assignment – but that he was finding the city more interesting all the time. He left, and Jill thought she might have scared him off – and that he was the first man she had chemistry with in a long time. Later, Will ran into Ashley at the Athletic Club, and he asked her out for Thursday, but Ashley was busy, and they agreed they would try another time. As soon as Ashley left, Will pulled out his cellphone, called Jill, and asked if she was free on Thursday. Jill was happy to accept Will's invitation – he said he would make some plans and get back to her.

In the boardroom at Jabot, Kevin, Michael, and Jill were reviewing Kevin's contract when Gloria came in to give Kevin moral support, followed quickly by Katherine who allowed Gloria to stay provided she kept quiet. Gloria quickly looked at the contract and said that it seemed fine, but Michael said the contract was unacceptable as they paid Phyllis twice what they were proposing to pay Kevin. Katherine said if they expected Jabot to pay Kevin what they paid Phyllis the conversation should end now. Gloria proposed that they pay Kevin what was in the contract for 6 months, then review his job performance, and if he did well, give him a raise. Jill thought that was fine. Katherine called the legal department to draw up the contract while Jill welcomed Kevin aboard.

Later, at the Athletic Club, Kevin, Michael and Gloria were having a laugh over their "plan" to make Gloria the good guy and Michael the bad guy (to throw Katherine and Jill off guard) – although Michael said their offer was so good he had almost abandoned the plan. Back at the Abbott house, Gloria said they needed to find some way to bring Michael into Jabot. When Kevin said she was dreaming, Gloria said this was only the beginning. When Michael stopped by to pick up Kevin's contract from Katherine, she (seemingly on to the charade being played earlier) told Michael she was surprised that it was him, and not Gloria, who objected to the contract – and that if she ever needed a lawyer in the future she would call on him.

In the Newman Enterprises break room, Neil asked Brad if there were going to be any strategy sessions about Granville Global. Carmen eavesdropped outside the door as Brad informed Neil that he and Victoria decided Neil no longer was to be part of the Granville Global division. Neil was upset and thought that he and Victoria were trying to force him out of the company. Brad said that was ridiculous, and Neil said that was good, because he was there to stay. When Brad left, Carmen walked into the break room and said she had heard him arguing with Brad. When Neil said that he was upset because he wasn't expecting it, Carmen told him that she was surprised as it was discussed at several of "our" planning sessions. She told him that Brad, Nicholas, and Victoria had been at those sessions. Neil realized those were all the senior executives but him.

Neil confronted Brad about being left out of the planning sessions and Brad said that was because he was no longer on the Granville Global project. Brad told Neil he saw him as a "stabilizing" force at Newman – Neil replied in that case he should have been included. Later, Brad called in Carmen and raked her over the coals for telling Neil about the planning sessions – he went as far as telling her that she was lucky she was keeping her job, and she was being taken off the Granville Global project. Neil found Carmen in the break room, very upset, as she wasn't used to being lectured at her job. Neil suggested they brighten their day – and they ended up at the Athletic Club having ice cream sodas and commiserating about their roles at Newman. Back at Newman, Neil confronted Brad and told him Victor would not be pleased by what was going on. When Brad said he didn't think Victor would be interested, Neil asked him if he wanted to test that theory. Alone, Brad starting nervously thinking about earlier conversations with Victor, where Victor told him that he didn't trust Brad – for instance Victor telling him that he didn't want Victoria to marry him, Victor telling him he saw through his game plan, etc. Brad saw Jack in the hall and called him into the office – he asked Jack how he got Victor to sell him his NVP shares. He told Jack that Nikki wasn't happy and that Nick and Victoria would back her. When Jack asked where he stood, Brad reminded him of who he was married to. Jack snidely told Brad that when he was married to Ashley he voted with the Abbotts, but now that he was married to Victoria he voted with the Newmans. When Brad asked Jack if he was insinuating that he didn't have a mind of his own, Jack said that he didn't even know Brad – and that he always wondered what Brad was up to under the faηade of the perfect husband. Later, Carmen found Neil to tell him that Brad had reinstated her to the Granville Global project, and as Neil fantasized about kissing her, told him she owed him one.

Victoria and Abby decided to play hooky and visited Victor at the ranch. Victor and Zapato greeted them, and Victor said that he was playing hooky too – on a larger scale. When Abby and Zapato left to play, Victoria asked him what he meant by "on a larger scale," and Victor told her that he sold his shares of NVP to Jack. Victoria was shocked, and asked how Nikki felt – Victor told her that Nikki was angry, which was the opposite effect of what he wanted. He asked her to help him convince Nikki that selling NVP was a good thing, but Victoria said she couldn't as she thought selling to Jack was a big mistake. Victor commented on how well Victoria and Abby were getting along, and she agreed that they had gotten close. Victor suggested that she and Brad consider having a child, and she assured him that one day she would, but now the time wasn't right. As Victoria left with Abby, Victor reminded her of what he said about her having children and to discuss it with Brad – she might be surprised at his answer. Victoria and Abby arrived home, and when Victoria opened the door they were both shocked to see the house in shambles! Victoria picked up Abby and they left!

Back at Newman, Nikki told Jack that she was initially upset about Jack taking over at NVP, but she knew he sunk a lot of money into it – he said he wanted it to succeed. They talked a little about public relations until Ashley arrived. Jack then informed Nikki that they wanted to tie the entire Jabot Classics line into NVP. Nikki was livid, as she already planned on similar displays for Newman products, and that the public still probably had the GloAgain scandal fresh in their minds. Ash told her that Jabot sales continued to grow. Jack told Nikki she was sorry she felt that way, but the more she talked to Ashley, the more he thought it was a good idea. Nikki said everything sure turned out conveniently – she said she no longer felt like a partner but that Ashley probably did.

Later, Nikki told Jill that Ashley had been making deals behind her back. When Jill asked her to be more specific, Ash told Jill that Jack proposed that they expand the NVP tie-in to include the Jabot Classics line – and that Ashley approved. Jill initially acted angry, but then said she thought it was a brilliant idea. When Nikki looked to Jill for more support, Jill told her that if she had a problem she should talk to Ashley, who was the liaison for the project.

Ashley told Nikki not to be sad – that there were plenty of profits to be made all around, as the Jabot Classics line was their best seller. Nikki turned it personal and accused Ashley of interfering in her life for years. They started arguing. At the ranch, Victor started having a dizzy spell with double vision. He collapsed on the floor, but pulled out his cellphone. Back at Newman, Ashley and Nikki continued arguing – Ashley's cellphone rang during the argument but she doesn't answer it. Back at the ranch, Ashley's voicemail message was coming through an unconscious Victor's phone. At Newman, Ashley told Nikki that she let Victor go a long time ago. Nikki said that it must have galled her that Victor was with her. Ashley suddenly stared at her cellphone, and Nikki asked what was going on. Ashley told her that Victor called – she dialed her voicemail but told Nikki all she heard was a dog whimpering! Nikki immediately phoned the ranch, but the phone rang and rang, and Victor was passed out on the floor, with Zapato licking him.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Sharon finds Victor unconscious on the floor and calls an ambulance. Victor comes to, and says that he is okay, but wonders how he got on the floor. The paramedics come to take Victor to the hospital but he refuses. He is eventually persuaded to go. At the hospital, Victor tells Dr. Walker to only tell him the results of his test, not his wife. Nick picks Phyllis up on the plane, and Phyllis tells him that last night Victor sold his share of N.V.P. to Jack. Phyllis gets a bottle of water just as turbulence strikes, which pushes her into Nick's seat. They begin to flirt until a bolt of lightning hits the plane. More lightning hits and bumps them both around in their seats. The pilot tells Nick that he's going to have to land the plane in Los Alamos, New Mexico. Victoria takes Abby out of the house and calls 911 and then Brad, saying that the house has been burgled. Victoria tells Brad that they are lucky that they only lost a few possessions. The police search Brad's house and find that the locks were jimmied and the alarm wire to the phone was cut. When Brad is putting some things back in a closet, he comes across a photo of his childhood baseball team. He has a flashback of being young in a wooded forest. He is standing over the ‘real' Brad Carlton, who is dead in a pool of blood. He reaches out and takes the real Brad's I.D. and runs off.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Nikki paces back and forth at the hospital. She is irritated by Ashley's presence. Nikki tells Ashley that she doesn't have to stay. Ashley is worried that Victor's collapse may be due to something more serious. The doctor comes out and tells Nikki that the first tests have come back fine, but he still wants Victor to see a Neurologist. Nikki tells Ashley that she is free to go now. Nikki takes Victor in her arms and tells him that she will take him home to get some rest. Victor says that he's fine; he doesn't need anybody taking care of him. He tells Nikki not to even bother worrying their son while he's away on business. At home, Victor makes a phone call to the Neurologist. He says that he won't be able to make his appointment. Nikki overhears and is shocked. Victor tells her that he doesn't want anyone worrying about him. Nikki tells Victor that even if nothing is wrong, she still wants him to go to the Neurologist to be sure. She calls the doctor and reschedules his appointment. Victor doesn't seem very happy about it.

Nick tells Phyllis that the storms are so bad that they won't be able to take off again until tomorrow. They decide to find some dinner and a room to stay overnight. When Phyllis sits down at an old country wEsthern taco bar, she is immediately welcomed by a lovely singer who introduces himself as Jake. When Nick appears, Jake apologizes and leaves them alone. Nick asks Phyllis how things are going working with Jack. Phyllis says that it's really bad; Jack is playing the game his way. Nick mentions that this is supposed to be a special night; it is the anniversary of the day he proposed to Sharon. Another guy comes up to the table. He apologizes for interrupting, but says that he just has to ask the lovely redhead to dance. Nick laughs as he watches Phyllis do the two-step. When the song is over, Phyllis asks Nick if he wants to dance. Nick takes her in his arms and they are immediately aware of their closeness. As they dance together, they think about the stolen moments they shared. Nick looks into Phyllis's eyes and begins to kiss her. Suddenly they are passionately kissing on the dance floor. Phyllis finally steps back and says that they better cool off. Nick says that he will get the check and walk Phyllis back to her room. In her effort to be strong, Phyllis tells Nick that she can manage it herself. She says goodnight and turns away.

Gina says that Jack must have a lot to celebrate; he's had a champagne party for two nights in a row now. Jack says that it's his birthday and he wanted to do something special. Paul shows up and wonders where Ashley is.

Neil is sitting at the bar at Gina's when Carmen appears. She thanks Neil for sticking up for her in front of Brad. Carmen invites Neil to sit with them at Jack's table. Neil agrees to do so and wishes Jack a happy birthday. Jack introduces Paul to Carmen.

Jill decides to go on another date with Jim Bardwell. He is very polite, and Jill has a wonderful time. He risks sneaking in a kiss.

When Ashley shows up, she apologizes for being late, saying that Victor collapsed and that she waited in the hospital to make sure he was okay. Ashley and Jack talk about some embarrassing moments Jack had on previous birthdays. When they all go their separate ways, Ashley asks Paul why he's being so quiet. Paul says that maybe they will talk about it at another time. Ashley insists, so Paul explains that he really doesn't know what's going on with them. They go to the movies and dinner, but if something were going to happen between them, Paul feels that it already would have. Ashley isn't too happy about the decision, but understands where Paul is coming from. They agree to still be friends.

Carmen and Neil sit at the bar and talk about business. Carmen asks Neil what he's doing for the night. Neil says that Devon will be gone for awhile. Carmen asks if it will be at his office or hers.

Jack tries to go to the office but retreats to Gina's in a depressed state. Ashley is there too, and explains to Jack that she got the old "just friends" line from Paul. Jack knows that Ashley could never feel for Paul in the same way she felt about Victor. Jack tells Ashley that there are some people that can never be replaced. He is reminded that only a couple of months ago, he had decided to propose to Phyllis on his birthday as a birthday gift to himself.

Friday, July 30, 2006

Brad and Victoria meet with a security team to revamp the security around their house. Victoria suggests hiring Paul to investigate who broke into their house. A cop comes to the door with Victoria's purse and jewelry, saying he found it in a trash cal in an alley. He says that a coffeehouse waitress named Jana Hawkes found it. Victoria calls Jana and invites her to lunch as a way to thank her for finding her jewelry. After Victoria leaves, Brad takes the photo of his childhood baseball team and burns it in the fireplace. Colleen confides to Lily that something is funny with her dad's background, and that his name isn't Brad Carlton since he stole someone's identity. When Colleen reveals that J.T. is investigating her dad, Lily wonders how Colleen can trust either one of them. Victor tries to get out of going to the doctor, and Nikki replies that she can't believe her big, strong husband is afraid to get checked out. They go to the doctor and after testing, the doctor says that nothing came up on the tests, but that doesn't mean that Victor didn't have a seizure earlier. Victor refuses to take any more tests. Nikki becomes emotional thinking about all the happy times of late that Victor has given to her and her family, but now realizes that it may be because of his illness. At breakfast, Nick can tell that Phyllis had been crying. They eat breakfast, get on the plane, and Nick asks her again what is wrong. Phyllis blurts out that she is pregnant. Nick is stunned, asking her why she didn't tell him sooner, but she said that she was nervous that he'd hate her. Nick says that he would never hate her, and is sorry that she had to go through this alone. Phyllis reveals that she slept with Jack one time while their relationship was going on, so she's not sure who the baby's father is. Nick promises to be there for her every step of the way.

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