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Monday, July 3, 2006

At the Carlton house, Brad talked to Victoria about their new state of the art alarm system. Victoria took Abby to visit Victor. Sharon arrived with some contracts for Brad to sign and she learned that Victoria was at the ranch with Abby. Sharon wondered about all the security signs around the house and Brad told her about the burglary. Brad asked how things were going at home and she told him that she had a special dinner planned for Nick's return, as it was the anniversary of the day Nick proposed to her -- and that preparing the dinner had been therapeutic as it kept her mind off of Nick's cross-country flight with Phyllis. Brad said that Sharon was handling the situation well -- Sharon told him that Nick was doing all the right things -- he had checked in and he sent flowers, but the fact that he got stuck on the plane with Phyllis got her thinking about how fate sometimes brings people together even when they want to stay apart. Sharon realized that she needed to trust Nick, even if that meant trusting Phyllis. Sharon went on to tell Brad that besides Cassie's death, Nick and Phyllis' affair had been the hardest thing she ever had to deal with, but she realized that Phyllis was not out to get her -- just that Nick and Phyllis had created their own little fantasy world and Sharon knew what that was like -- it was about finding the one person who can fulfill one's needs. She went on to tell Brad that she would be working with Phyllis on NVP. She said she wasn't certain she wouldn't relapse, but that everyone involved needed a clean slate.

At the Newman ranch, Nikki was playing a melancholy piece of classical music on the piano, and off to the side Victor was conducting. When Victor said that the piece was melancholy, Nikki said she was in a melancholy mood because she felt that the neurologist had not given him a clean bill of health, and that he needed more tests. Victor disagreed and said he looked and felt great. Nikki couldn't dispute the fact that he did look great, but reminded him that the doctor said there might be some hidden problems.

Abby, Noah, and Victoria showed up at the ranch to Victor's delight. Abby told Nikki and Victor about the burglary at her house, and Victor and Nikki were shocked. Abby and Noah left to find Zapato. Victoria told her parents that Brad thought the burglary was random, but she wasn't so sure -- after all, the Newmans are high profile. When Victor and Nikki suggested that she, Brad, and Abby stay at the ranch, Victoria declined, saying that would be giving the burglars too much power over their lives. Victor told Victoria he was going to get his security people to check out the alarm system and he got on the phone. Nikki told Victoria that Victor had passed out. Victor rejoined them and told them that what the doctor said was nonsense. Victoria agreed with Nikki that he should get more tests, but he said he wasn't going to spend time arguing with them, that he wanted to spend time with the children, and he left.

Later, Victor returned with Abby and Noah and there was a picnic spread set up on the floor of the living room. Victoria's phone rang -- it was an annoyed Brad telling her that there was a Newman security guy there checking out the alarm system. Victoria said her father had insisted upon it and he was very sweet to put up with it. Brad asked if he had a choice before he hung up. Rejoining the "picnic," Nikki and Victoria were startled to find Victor teaching Abby and Noah how to spit watermelon seeds into a cup. Nikki told Victoria that it must be true what they say about going through a second childhood -- she asked Victoria if she could imagine what it would have been like if he had done this when she was a child. She said she wished he had.

Victor started telling the kids a story about fishing as a child -- that his mother told him there was a monster in a lake. During the story, Nikki kept reminiscing about the "tyrant" Victor used to be -- Victor telling her that he would no longer back NVP because of Phyllis, Victor telling Victoria and Nick that he was becoming CEO of Newman Enterprises again, and Victor telling her that anyone who crossed him -- including her and his children -- would have a heavy price to pay. As Nikki came back to the present, the fishing story came to an end.

Later, with everyone gone, Victor and Nikki were cleaning up the living room -- Nikki mentioned that she had never heard the fishing story before. She brought up the doctor again, telling Victor she was concerned. Victor assured her there was nothing to worry about. Victor put on some romantic music and they began dancing, Victor passed out, and Nikki screamed for help!

Back at the Carltons', as the security guy left, Brad told Sharon that he was insulted that Victor felt he couldn't take care of his own family. Sharon defended Victor, saying that he was concerned about the people he loved. They discussed how incredibly close they were, and how they could trust each other completely. Sharon asked him if he could talk to Victoria about stuff he couldn't share with others. When Brad asked why she was asking, Sharon said that every person needed a confidante, and that was usually one's spouse. When Brad said he and Victoria communicated well, Sharon said she hoped he had the same trust in Victoria as he had in her.

After Sharon left, Brad opened his laptop computer and looked at a newspaper article with the headline, "Family Slaughtered in Parma." Just then Victoria and Abby arrived home and Brad closed the computer. After Abby went upstairs to play, Victoria asked him what he was doing on the computer. He said he was checking out the police blotter to see if any other homes had been burglarized. He said he loved his home and the people in it, and he wanted to make sure that no strangers threatened all that.

On the Newman corporate jet returning to Genoa City, Nick asked Phyllis why she told him that she's pregnant. She said that she would have started showing soon, and it lifted a great weight off of her shoulders. Nick said the weight landed on his chest. Phyllis said she felt safe up there in the plane, but that sooner or later other people would find out, and that telling Daniel would be difficult, especially since she hadn't used birth control. She asked Nick if he thought Sharon would kick him out again when she found out about her pregnancy. He said they could worry about it when the time came. Phyllis said that in some ways she didn't want to know who the father was -- because right now she and the baby were a simple little family. She didn't want her child to have a part-time father, and that the child might be happier if it were just the two of them. When Nick said if the child was his he would do anything to support her she asked him, "What? Write a check every month?" She said she wanted her child to have a happy childhood, the kind she didn't have -- the kind you only see on TV. When Nick said there are many ways to show a child love, Phyllis told him not to worry about her, that his marriage should be his top priority. When Nick asked Phyllis what she would do if Jack turned out to be the father, she said she thought he would want to be a big part of the child's life (as he hadn't been with Kyle) and she was concerned he might try to take the child away. Nick reminded her that Jack wasn't cruel, and that maybe it would bring the two of them closer together if Jack were the father. Phyllis said that one of two things was going to happen -- either the father of her child would be married to another woman; or wouldn't want anything to do with her. Nick kept pressing her as to who she wanted the father to be. The phone from the cockpit rang telling them to prepare for landing. When Nick pressed her again, she said it is what it is -- no matter what she wanted. Nick said he wanted to know if the baby was his and that he would like to take a DNA test right away.

Later, at Newman Enterprises, Nick asked her if she was hungry and she asked him not to treat her like a delicate flower because it would make people suspicious. Sharon joined them and welcomed them back. Phyllis immediately became defensive and wanted to make sure that Sharon knew that she didn't manipulate the situation so that she and Nick would be traveling together. Sharon said she understood -- that it was because of a storm. Phyllis made sure she got in the fact that their rooms were in opposite ends of the motel, but Sharon told her there was no need to explain. After Phyllis left, Sharon and Nick kissed, and Sharon told him about her special dinner plans. When Nick asked what the occasion was, she reminded him that it was the anniversary of the day he proposed to her. As the two of them reminisced, Phyllis was outside the door, listening and looking dejected.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

At Newman, Carmen asked Neil if they could start working on a public relations proposal that was due. Neil said he couldn't, as he had promised Devon he would cook tonight. Carmen said that the proposal was important, but that she was impressed by Neil's devotion to his family. When Neil asked Carmen what her dinner plans were, she pulled a protein bar out of her purse. Neil told her to forget that and to come on over and join them. At first Carmen declined, saying she had a ton of work, but Neil convinced her by telling her that they could work on the proposal after dinner.

They arrived at Neil's apartment Devon was not yet home. Neil told Carmen that he was going to make the best pasta primavera she ever had. Carmen admitted to having very little skill in the kitchen, but they had a really fun, friendly chat as they made the preparations for cooking getting the ingredients and the cookware out, etc. Devon listed to them laughing from outside the apartment door, then went in. Neil introduced the two of them. Devon eyed them suspiciously.

Later, as they were eating, the phone rang. Neil got it and was somewhat cold to the person calling, and handed the phone off to Devon. The person on the other end of the line turned out to be Dru. While Devon spoke to her, Carmen told Neil what a great kid Devon was. Neil explained that Devon was his foster son that Dru had seen potential in him even though he initially didn't, but now he couldn't imagine life without him.

After Carmen and Neil finished working, she offered to help clean up, but Neil called Devon to help. Carmen said good night to Devon and then to Neil. Devon looked preoccupied and told Neil about his conversation with Dru that she was thinking about coming home soon. He told Neil that it looked like he and Carmen were having a good time, and Neil said she was easy to get along with. Devon said that she was all about checking him out, but Neil doubted that.

Later, Neil was on the phone with Dru, telling her he didn't want to discuss work and that they could talk tomorrow. As the call ended there was a knock on the door Carmen returned, as she had left her cell phone there. They found it on the couch, and Carmen left again leaving Neil smiling and obviously thinking about her.

At Newman, Sharon popped into Nick's office and asked if he was ready for their special evening the celebration of the night he proposed to her. He said he couldn't wait and Sharon left. Nick reminisced about Phyllis telling him that she was pregnant and also about the fact that the baby might be Jack's.

At Newman, Jack and Phyllis talked about her trip, and the fact that she made all her meetings in spite of the weather problems. Phyllis told Jack she knew that Victor had sold his shares in NVP and wondered how Jack had pulled that off. He told her that it was Victor's idea not his. Phyllis found it hard to be believe that they were "playing together," but Jack told her that Victor had helped him a lot when he was down that selling him NVP was like throwing him a lifeline, and that Victor was looking at Jack not as a rival but as a good businessman. Jack said he wanted to take NVP to the stars, and he agreed that things had to change between the two of them. She intimated she agreed, and wished him a happy belated birthday. A really upbeat Sharon popped in and told them about her special dinner with Nick. Sharon asked Jack if he had told Phyllis the news that she was going to be the NVP spokesperson. Phyllis said she was looking forward to that. After Sharon left, Jack asked Phyllis if that bothered her. She said it didn't. Jack said he wanted to hear more about her trip over dinner and Phyllis agreed.

Later, Nick, Sharon, Phyllis, and Jack ran into each other at the elevator. Nick told Jack he heard that he had bought NVP up. When Jack asked Sharon if she told him, she said that Phyllis must have told them on their trip. Jack also mentioned that Sharon was going to be the new NVP spokesperson and Sharon told a surprised Nick that she was going to tell him tonight. As they all got on the elevator, Jack remarked that if someone saw them together, they would appear to be one happy family.

At the ranch, Nikki revived an unconscious Victor, who had fainted, although Victor insisted he had just been "napping." Nikki called Dr. Morse, Victor's neurologist (against Victor's protestations.) He showed up and Victor wondered why they were making a big deal out of him fainting a few times. The doctor wrote Victor a prescription and Victor asked if the medication would take care of the problem. The doctor said the prescription was part of the process of elimination to find out what was wrong with him. He told Victor that it might not stop the fainting episodes, so that it was important that Victor not drive, or watch a child at the pool, etc. Victor said that he didn't have people taking care of him, and left to shower. When Nikki told the doctor that she was terrified seeing Victor like that, he told her to keep an eye on him for symptoms like nausea, a heightened sense of smell, or reactions to light or noise. He told her they need to schedule more tests for Victor. Victor came downstairs and told Nikki they were going out to dinner. When Nikki said that she would drive, Victor absolutely flipped out and said, "Don't EVER tell me you'll drive for me I do what the hell I want to do now and always!!" Nikki was shocked.

At the Athletic Club, Jack told Phyllis that the dinner wasn't really about business he had thought she might turn him down if he said it was for personal reasons. He asked her whether she had ever had a "hindsight exam" and reviewed incidents in her life. He said that people change, grow, and heal. When she asked who he was talking about, he said that what happened at the Baldwin wedding shouldn't have happened and that he wasn't talking about her and Nick he was talking about the way he acted and he apologized for his part in pushing her away. He asked her whether she had been expecting a fight tonight. She said she did, especially after he learned that she was in New Mexico with Nick. He said the question was: was she with Nick in New Mexico? Phyllis said that she wasn't, and then asked Jack if he was going to dump her from NVP. He said no that she was the reason someone would want to purchase the company. Phyllis liked what he was saying. Jack said he couldn't sleep on his birthday because he was thinking that she was an incredibly unique person and they had both good and bad times but that it would be crazy for him to cut her out of his life because of a bruised ego. He wondered if there was any chance they could be friends.

Nikki and Victor entered the Athletic Club, with Victor seemingly calmed down from his earlier outburst. Jack motioned them over and the foursome had dinner together. Phyllis thanked Victor, telling him that his attitude of putting life before work had rubbed off on Jack. Victor said he sold out to Jack because of the fire in Jack's belly. When Jack asked if Victor had any plans now that he was semi-retired, he said he wanted to go on a trip to Africa the birthplace of mankind. Victor suggested to Nikki that they take the whole family, though Nikki thought that might be pushing it. Jack inquired about Victor's health, remembering that he had just been in the hospital a couple of nights ago. Victor said that they just ran tests and found nothing wrong. Phyllis said that this whole situation was surreal that not too long ago Jack and Victor were ready to face off in court. Victor and Jack agreed that they liked this arrangement better. Jack said he was grateful for Victor's rebirth and hoped that it lasted a long time. Victor agreed. After Nikki nixed Jack's invitation for Victor to play basketball with him, Jack said maybe next time and picked up the tab. Nikki and Victor left the table. On their way out, Nikki reminded Victor that they needed to stop at the pharmacy to pick up his prescription. Like a little boy, Victor said, "Ohhhh." Back at the table, Phyllis asked Jack what was wrong with Victor, but Jack said he seemed fine to him. He then asked Phyllis if they could put the negative stuff behind them that they needed to trust each other. They left the restaurant.

At Crimson Lights, there was a sign on the door that said "Closed for Private Party." Sharon assured Nick that they wouldn't be having coffee and muffins for dinner that the Colonnade Room would be catering. Nick looked around and said that the place hadn't changed much. Sharon asked if they had and then pulled out some old pictures, and they reminisced. Nick said when those pictures were taken they loved each other so much, wanted to be together so much, and were so hot! But he added that she was so much more now that back then she was cute, but now she was beautiful and she was a talented professional as well as a full-time mother. They hugged.

Later, they talked over dinner and remembered how angry Victor was when they bought the coffeehouse. Sharon asked if he missed owning it and he said that life was simpler then but that he couldn't look back. Sharon put on some music and told him that she wanted to make sure he remembered what it was like to dance with the woman he proposed to 11 years ago. Sharon had tears in her eyes as they danced.

Later, Sharon gave Nick a neck rub and said they should go because she wanted to say good night to Noah. Nick agreed. Sharon asked Nick if he thought it would be great if Noah had someone to share things with all the time. Nick saw where this was going and said, "what?!" When Sharon told Nick it would bring them joy too, Nick asked her what she was talking about. Sharon told Nick they should have another baby!!

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Neil ran into Carmen at the athletic club and they talked business over breakfast. Later, Neil tried to make lunch plans with her. When Devon overheard, he asked Neil if they could have lunch together to discuss a problem of Devon's. Neil agreed. Then, at lunch, Devon was regretful that Neil and Dru hadn't been able to talk when she'd last called from Europe. Neil told Devon that he'd called Dru later. Devon was relieved, until he saw Neil and Carmen leaving Newman for a spur-of-the-moment afternoon off.

Brad and Neil talked early in the day, and Neil was surprised but happy to be included in a business meeting that Brad was planning. Later, however, Brad came down hard on Neil for Neil's continued involvement in Granville Global business. Brad insisted that anything to do with that project should go through him. When Neil told Carmen that he sometimes didn't look forward to going to work, she said everyone had bad days, even her. She was sure things would get better for Neil.

Ashley chided Jack for working at the breakfast table and wondered if he was spending more time with Phyllis. Jack said they seemed to be getting along better in their working relationship. Both the Abbott children were less than pleased when Michael and Gloria came to breakfast and Gloria couldn't stop herself from taunting them about Kevin's new job. After the Fishers were gone, Jack told Ashley that if Kevin's presence bothered her so much at Jabot, she could figure out something to do about it.

Sharon came to Nick's office with pictures from their romantic night together. Nick told her that it wasn't fair that he hadn't answered her question about having another baby. He just wanted to be sure that if they decided to do it, it was for the right reasons. Sharon agreed, but urged Nick to think about it. Later, the two of them discovered a very nauseated Phyllis in the break room. Phyllis said something she ate must have disagreed with her. Sharon took Phyllis to her office because she had some ginger ale that might help settle Phyllis's stomach. Nick realized that Phyllis was having morning sickness and sympathized with her.

Jack and Sharon talked about her new position as NVP's spokesperson. Jack asked Sharon if she'd be able to handle traveling with Phyllis. Sharon said they were getting along better, so she didn't think it would be a problem. Later, Sharon met with Brad and told him Jack's suggestion. Brad was reluctant to comment on that, but he was more forthcoming when Sharon told him that she and Nick might try to get pregnant. Brad warned her that she could be rushing things, since only a few weeks before she hadn't thought they'd stay married. Sharon wanted Brad to tell her how he personally felt about the possibility.

Nick tried to talk to Phyllis about a possible DNA test, but they were interrupted by Brad. Later, Nick ordered flowers for Phyllis with a card urging her to feel better. Then he reconsidered and canceled the order. He was surprised to hear Jack's plans for Sharon and Phyllis to travel together on work that combined NVP and web design. But he said if the women had no problem with it, then neither did he.

Kevin's attempt to finish a project on a tight deadline from Jill was roadblocked, possibly by efforts Ashley had made to make things more difficult for him. When Gloria found out, she confronted Jill and Ashley. Although Jill was cautious about speaking in front of Gloria, once Gloria left, Jill wondered if Ashley was being less than supportive of Kevin. Ashley assured Jill that she'd never do anything to hurt Jabot. Jill had no choice but to believe her. After she left Ashley alone in the lab, Ashley made a call to IT and seemed to be interfering with Kevin's ability to do his work.

When Gloria went back to Kevin's office, she found him frustrated because along with all the IT forms he had to fill out, he also needed a security clearance. Gloria was miffed when Kevin didn't want her help but was willing to explain his predicament to Michael. When Jill checked on Kevin, he had to tell her that he might be unable to finish his assignment on time. Jill told him that he just needed to learn to speak the language of the people who worked in IT.

Michael and Phyllis met at the coffee house. He was surprised that she'd told Nick, but not Jack, about her pregnancy. Michael was sure that meant she wanted the baby to be Nick's. Phyllis insisted that she was just afraid of Jack's overly enthusiastic reaction about the possibility that the baby might be his. She needed to know the baby's paternity before she told Jack that she was pregnant. She planned to persuade Nick to get a DNA test, but they couldn't talk about any of this at work. Michael agreed to let Phyllis and Nick use his apartment for their discussion. Michael then told Phyllis the problems Kevin was having at work, and she agreed to help his brother. Later, she called Nick, and the two of them arranged to meet at Michael and Lauren's apartment. In the meantime, without telling Phyllis, Nick called someone about arranging a DNA paternity test.

After talking to Phyllis, Kevin was able to deliver the report to Jill right under Ashley's nose. Jill was impressed that Kevin had been only a few minutes late. After Kevin left, Jill again questioned Ashley's actions toward her stepbrother. Ashley reminded Jill once more that she'd never do anything to hurt Jabot. When Kevin ran into Michael in the elevator, Michael was happy to see his brother looking so pleased. Kevin agreed that after a shaky start, he was having a good first day thanks to Phyllis's assistance.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Michael wonders why Lauren has come home so early. Lauren says that she wanted to meet Michael for lunch. Michael apologizes, but says that he's promised to let Phyllis and Nick come over to their place to discuss Phyllis' baby. Lauren is upset that Michael didn't ask her about it. After all, she feels that Sharon is also a friend. When Nick knocks on the door, Lauren leaves.

At the Boutique, Lauren almost drops hangers on the floor when Sharon shows up. Sharon is looking for clothes for Noah. She ends up buying something for Nick and Noah. Sharon finds some new baby clothes and asks Lauren to ring it up as a gift for her and Michael. Sharon admits that maybe someday Lauren can repay the favor. Sharon tells Lauren that she's thinking of having another baby with Nick when the timing is right.

Phyllis and Nick discuss making an appointment to get a paternity test. Phyllis says that she hopes for Nick's sake that the baby is Jack's, it would make a lot of things easier for everyone involved. Nick tells her that no matter what, he will be there for her. Nick admits to Phyllis that Sharon has been considering having another baby.

Michael talks to Gloria about his father. He was upset that all the letters he wrote had been returned. He was angry with Gloria that she lied about where his father really was. Michael asks Gloria to give him the letters. He gets especially upset when he reads a letter about Tom. Gloria tells Michael that remembering his father isn't going to change anything. Michael vows to find his father again.

Nikki worries when she can't find Victor. Victor comes home from a drive. Nikki isn't happy. Victor gets upset that Nikki keeps worrying about him. He says she should give him a quarter for every time she nags at him. Nikki gives Victor a twenty dollar bill and says that he better take his medicine. Nikki calls Katherine over to discuss Victor. She is worried about his behavior, especially because of his recent collapses. Victor happily comes out and says hello to Katherine. He says he will be going out in the garden. He comes back with some tomatoes and says he will He says he will be going in the Victor watches Nikki play the piano. She is covered in a ray of light.

Friday, July 7, 2006

When Brad presented Neil with an assignment that would have involved working late, Neil told him no. He planned to leave work on time, go home, and cook dinner for his son. In fact, he thought Brad should go home and spend time with his new bride. Work wasn't everything. Brad was annoyed by Neil's attitude, and later, he handed off the assignment to Carmen to finish, since Neil had refused.

Neil ran into Carmen later and found out she was working on the project he should have been doing. He told her that if she'd leave to have dinner with him and Devon, he'd help her do the work afterward. With two of them, they could finish it that night. After they got to Neil's place and finished cooking dinner, Devon called because he was spending the evening out at a movie with friends. Neil later told Carmen that she was a workaholic. When she found out the project was one he should have been doing, Neil promised her that they'd get it finished that night or early the next morning.

Sharon pressured Nick to leave work with her and go home for dinner. Nick had made an appointment to get his DNA tested to determine if he was the father of Phyllis's baby. When he told Sharon that he needed to finish up some work and she should go home without him, Sharon said that she'd just wait for him. Overhearing their conversation, Phyllis came to the rescue. She arranged for Sharon to have a latex mask made of her face as part of NVP's promotions. When Sharon balked, wanting to reschedule, Phyllis told her this was the artist's only opportunity to do it before leaving town. Sharon finally agreed to go with Phyllis and told Nick she'd see him at home later.

Nick privately thanked Phyllis for making it possible for him to get away for the DNA test. Later, Brad walked up as Phyllis, Sharon, and Nick were standing next to the elevator. Brad was surprised to realize that Sharon and Phyllis were going somewhere together. After they left, Nick went back into his office. When he was sure Brad was gone, Nick left the building to get to his appointment.

Brad was curious that someone had been checking into his credit. He called a service to cancel all of his credit cards and arranged to have a phone line dedicated to his use only installed in his office. He then began to investigate the financial services company that had been doing a credit check on him. When there was no listing for such a company in Wisconsin, Brad checked out their phone number. Whatever he found out made him swear in anger.

Nikki was amused to find Victor putting together a bookcase. She teased him and told him that next she wanted a new gazebo and a third story on the house. Victor suggested that she help him with the bookcase, so Nikki sat down with him. The two of them were enjoying themselves, and Nikki left to make them some lemonade. While she was gone, Victor began seeing white lights and a mysterious figure surrounded by light. Nikki came in to find him reaching for something that wasn't there. Concerned, she called the doctor, who came immediately. He asked Victor some questions and determined that he might be having hallucinations. Thinking it could be a side effect of Victor's medicine, he wrote him a prescription for a different drug and urged Victor to let him know if there were any further side effects or symptoms.

Nick arrived at his parents' house just as the doctor was leaving. Nikki told him the doctor was there to change Victor's medication. Nick and Victor sat down and began working on the bookcase together. Victor apologized to Nick because they hadn't done anything like that while Nick was a boy. Nick reminded his father that they'd done other things, like riding horses and boxing. He could see that his father was upset, so Nick suggested that Nikki go ahead to bed. Once his mother was gone, Nick grew concerned when an emotional Victor confessed to his son that he wasn't sure what was wrong with him and it was beginning to scare him.

Phyllis deliberately flubbed the directions to the artist's studio to delay Sharon from going home. As they were driving around, everything Phyllis did or said got on Sharon's nerves. When they began talking about Michael and Lauren's baby, the two women disagreed on the best way to raise children. Phyllis told Sharon not to talk to her like she was an idiot. Sharon just wanted to get to their appointment and get it over with so she could get away from Phyllis. When the two of them began fighting over a map, Phyllis realized that Sharon was about to wreck the car and screamed.

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