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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 7, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, August 7, 2006

Hope entered the farmhouse and found Victor having a major seizure on the floor. As Hope asked what was going on, Victor started coming out of the seizure and told her that he slipped and fell. She wanted to call an ambulance but he insisted that she didn't. Hope felt that there was more to all this than Victor has told her. As Hope spoke to Victor, he had a minor seizure -- he experienced visions of light and the sound of a single guitar playing a beautiful melody. He told Hope about the melody, but Hope hadn't heard it. She thought perhaps the music was meant only for him. When Hope said it sounded like a religious experience, Victor said he had several of these experiences. She said perhaps his quest was to learn what it was like to live spiritually. He asked Hope to help him. Later, they were outside Hope's and Victor was leaving -- Victor said he would be gone for however long it took. She told Victor how glad she was to see him. Victor told her that seeing her made him realize that he had to continue looking. She wished him luck in finding what he was looking for. They hugged and Victor left.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria expressed her appreciation to Jana for helping with her and Kevin's scheme to get rid of Alex (again telling Jana that Alex had nude photos of her in her younger days.) Jana said she was glad Alex got what he deserved, and that she felt like she had been in an action movie. Gloria promised to pay her back with a full treatment at the NVP spa. Jana was suddenly quick to want to leave. Gloria noticed Jana's necklace and saw that she kept the keys to the Crimson Lights cash register on it. She quickly left, and Gloria had a suspicious look on her face.

Outside the Winters' apartment door, Kevin was worried that Lily was spilling the beans to the policeman inside, and wondered why Daniel felt the need to tell Lily about what had happened with Alex. Daniel said it was eating him up inside and he couldn't keep lying to Lily. Inside the apartment, the policeman asked Lily if she would recognize Alex. Daniel and Kevin snuck back in as Lily told him she would never forget his face. When the policeman asked Lily if there was anything more, she said yes (which made Daniel and Kevin nervous) -- that the police should check Crimson Lights as Alex often hung out there. Dru came home and was shocked to see Kevin and the policeman there. Dru hugged Lily and told her she wished she had come to them sooner. The policeman told Neil that if they saw or heard from Alex to contact them, and he left. Dru said she hoped they found him and locked him up for good. Kevin left, and Neil suspiciously told Daniel that he thought he and Kevin didn't hang out any more. Daniel said they just saw each other once in a while. Neil felt that Lily was holding something back from them. When Neil told Daniel to go over to the Abbotts and get some of their stuff so they could spend the night at the Winters, Daniel said that wouldn't work, and that the reason Lily wanted to stay with them wasn't because she was scared -- then he confessed his part in Lily's rape -- though he said it wasn't supposed to happen like that -- Lily was never supposed to get hurt. Neil told Daniel he was calling the cops, but Lily took the phone from him. When Daniel assured Neil that he would protect Lily from Alex now, Neil threw Daniel out, telling him his days of protecting Lily were over -- that he would be protecting her now.

With Daniel gone, Neil said he still wanted to call the police and have him arrested, but Lily said she couldn't handle that now. When Lily wondered aloud how Daniel could have done this, Dru said that he might be as crazy as his mother. They didn't think Alex would be stupid enough to try anything again, with the cops looking for him. When Dru suggested that Lily was in pain, Lily said she wanted things to be the way they used to be. Dru and Neil told Lily to get a quickie divorce, but she said she didn't want one yet. Neil told her that once trust was gone in a relationship, there was nothing left. The look on Dru's face showed that the remark was directed at her as well.

Jack visited John in prison, and told John how exciting it was to be running NVP -- that he thought his career was over and now he was heading up a company again. When Jack started blaming himself for selling part of Jabot to Chancellor, and for the GloAgain debacle, John assured him these were not his mistakes alone. Jack told him that NVP was only the beginning of getting Jabot back -- and building it into a powerhouse to rival Newman Enterprises!

Kevin went to Crimson Lights and found Gloria, who at first was scared that their plan to get rid of Alex didn't work. Kevin assured her it did, but that he was upset because Daniel told Lily everything and the cops knew that Alex had been back in town -- although Lily didn't mention Kevin or Daniel's name. Gloria was relieved, and Kevin said now Daniel would have to suffer for telling Lily everything, because she probably would never forgive him. Kevin told Gloria how thankful he was for her role in the scheme, and Gloria reassured him that she would do anything for him.

Gloria arrived at the prison to visit John, teasing him that she should try to bribe the guard for a conjugal visit. When John noticed how upbeat she was, she told him that she had helped Kevin solve a problem, and how grateful Kevin was. John mentioned that he had a wonderful conversation with Jack earlier and that he was pleased that Jack had taken his advice and was making plans for his future. Gloria wanted to know what the plans were, and he told her that Jack planned to take over the reins at Jabot again. When Gloria said that was a nice dream, John told her that when Jack set his mind to something, there was no end to what he could accomplish. Gloria looked concerned.

In the break room at Newman, Jack ran into a glum-looking Daniel, who told him that it was over between him and Lily. Jack assured Daniel that he wasn't a bad guy -- that he had just done something stupid, and that eventually Lily would come around. He gave Daniel a project to do -- Internet research on what people in his age group would want from a spa -- to keep him occupied and to show Lily that although he was down, he was not out.

At Newman, Daniel told Phyllis that he told Dru and Neil everything about his role in Lily's rape. Phyllis was worried that they would call the police or that Alex would come after him. Daniel told her that Alex probably left town already. He told Phyllis about the project Jack gave him to keep him busy. She scooted Daniel off to work, and then found Jack to thank him for keeping Daniel busy. Jack said that he would do anything for Daniel -- they hugged and Jack said he couldn't believe it had been 2 years since they divorced.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Daniel told Kevin he had told Dru and Neil everything, but hadn't mentioned Kevin's name. He told Kevin that it was the right thing to do and that he hoped Lily would forgive him one day.

Outside Nick and Sharon's, Nikki asked if there was any word on Sharon, and Nick told her there wasn't. She told him she had sent Noah to spend a few days with her sister Casey. Nikki was worried about Victor as well, as she hadn't had any luck reaching him on his cell. She left to see if he left any messages on the main house answering machine.

Nick went into the house and yelled at Brad for telling them getting the reliquary was the only way to save Sharon. Victoria was angry at him for lying to her as well. Brad said it was urgent that the kidnappers believed they were tracking the reliquary. Brad wanted them to continue to search for the reliquary. Nick wanted to know who put Brad in charge, as Sharon was his wife and her life was in danger. They started to argue as Nikki entered and told them to stop. Nick complained that they had been spending their time working on computers instead of looking for Sharon. When Brad asked where they should look, Nick said she had to be somewhere. Nikki told them that there were no messages from Victor at the main house -- she couldn't understand why he wasn't with them when the family was in crisis.

Nikki went to Newman and called hotels, hoping to find Victor. Her secretary gave her some paperwork having to do with the NVP Grand Opening, but Nikki told her to have Phyllis or Jack deal with it. Nick called Nikki and told her to go to Casey's as well, but Nikki refused. Jack came into the office and told Nikki he heard she wasn't attending the NVP meeting. She asked him if he heard from Victor -- he said he hadn't and didn't expect to. Jack thought Nikki was upset about something else as well, but she said it was Victor -- that the idea of a retreat was ridiculous. When Jack said it was possible that Victor didn't want to be found, she said she didn't care -- that he had to come home now -- that he left town too quickly after his epilepsy diagnosis. While Nikki listed all the reasons Victor shouldn't have gone, Jack played devil's advocate and listed all the reasons he should. Jack said she needed a diversion and that she should help him and Phyllis with the Grand Opening. Nikki again voiced her suspicion about Victor and Jack's sudden friendship, but later joined Jack and Phyllis for the NVP meeting.

At Nick and Sharon's, Nick asked Phyllis to leave, but she didn't want to. Brad talked to Victoria and he insisted he knew what he was doing. He couldn't find his cell phone and she told him to use the phone in the kitchen. When he left, Nick told Victoria that Brad was handling this all wrong -- that they had to find the reliquary. Victoria said that Brad knew what he was doing, but Nick didn't think they could trust him, and for all they knew he may not even want to help Sharon now. Victoria said that Brad probably would go to greater lengths to help Sharon than to help her. Brad overheard this remark. Nick told Brad that if anything happened to Sharon it would be his fault, and he left. Phyllis followed him outside and she said that "we" have to do something to find Sharon, but Nick said that he had to do this alone so no one else's life would be at risk. She told him to be careful, as their baby needed a father. They hugged and Phyllis left.

Brad told Victoria he overheard her remark that he would rather save Sharon than her. He assured her that wasn't so, and that he didn't want to see Sharon, J.T., or Nick dead because of him. He told her that Nick needed to keep a cool head, or else he might do something drastic. Victoria said she would talk to Nick but for right now she wanted to be alone to work. Brad said he needed to check his text messages but he still couldn't find his cell phone.

Outside, Nick was finishing one phone call when another cell phone rang. It was Brad's, and the kidnappers were on the line! Nick told them not to hang up -- that he was Nick Newman and they had his wife -- not Brad's. He said that Carlton had been running from them for 20 years -- but that Nick would get what they wanted in order to save Sharon. He begged them not to hurt her!

Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Nick was at Newman Enterprises getting a lot of cash and his passport from the office safe. Brad's cell phone (which Nick had taken) rang and Nick answered it -- Brad wanted his phone back, but Nick told him to concentrate on Victoria and the rest of his family and he would save the kidnapped Sharon. Brad told him he just signed Sharon's death warrant. Nick called Nikki and asked her to join Noah at Casey's, but Nikki refused. Neil and Carmen came to see Nick and he informed them that he was going to be leaving town for a while. When Neil expressed curiosity about what was going on, Nick just said he would be unreachable, and that Nick should handle any important pending company business.

At the Winters' apartment, Dru was on the phone with Devon, wanting to speak to Lily. Lily (lying sadly on the couch) didn't want to speak with her, even though Devon told her Dru was just trying to help. Lily told Devon she wasn't afraid of Alex anymore. She said she was sad about what was going on between her and Daniel. Lily filled Devon in on Daniel's role in Alex's trying to rape her. Devon was extremely angry, and as Lily tried to defend Daniel, Devon told her to face facts -- that it was a stupid mistake for her to marry Daniel.

At Newman Enterprises, Carmen returned Neil's sunglasses to him -- he had left them at her apartment the night they had dinner together. Dru overheard the conversation. Later, Dru asked Neil what he and Carmen were discussing and he said that he didn't remember. When Dru confronts him about the sunglasses left at her apartment, Neil told her that he had had dinner there -- but he had dinner with many friends while Dru was out of town. Neil coldly asked Dru if there was anything else, and she snidely said there was nothing else before she walked out. Later, at home, Dru found a despondent Lily and they talked a little bit about the situation with Daniel. Dru suggested that the two of them (Dru and Lily) have dinner together tonight, but she told Dru that she was going to the movies with Sierra. As Lily left, Dru asked her where Devon was and Lily said he left to take care of some "business."

Devon went to Newman Enterprises to confront Daniel. They started getting into it, but Neil heard and broke it up. Phyllis also heard and saw the end of it. Devon and Daniel, both angry, left the break room. Phyllis told Neil she knew there was no excuse for what Daniel did -- Neil agreed. She then made a case for Lily and Daniel staying together -- that their marriage had worked so far against all odds -- then she told Neil that he had stayed with Dru in spite of what she did to him. She said that people screw up, but sometimes it was worth fighting to keep the relationship.

Neil arrived home and told Dru about Daniel and Devon getting into a fight. Dru then apologized for the way she acted earlier and jumping to conclusions about him and Carmen -- she asked Neil to pretend that it didn't happen. After dinner, Neil complimented Dru on how delicious the meal was. A sleepy Neil was going to get ready for bed, and Dru said she would be in shortly. Later, in bed, Dru made romantic overtures to Neil, but he rebuffed them, which left Dru upset.

Lily went to the Abbott gardening shed to pack some more of her things. Devon called her to join him and Sierra at the movies, but Lily said she didn't feel like going. She sat down and reminisced about all the good times she and Daniel had.

At Crimson Lights, Kevin and Daniel were talking about the Lily situation and whether or not Dru or Neil would call the police. Daniel said that Dru and Neil knew that Kevin was involved and never called the police -- so that he was the one who might be in trouble now. Phyllis came over and talked to Daniel about the problems with Lily -- she thought that Lily might want to hear from him. She got a text message from Nick asking her to meet him at the office -- since Daniel had to get back to work they left together. Jana came in and was amazed at how quiet it was in the coffeehouse. She wondered what Kevin was up to. Later, they played some basketball on the Athletic Club court. After they were done, Kevin said that they had done something he liked -- now it was time to do something she liked. They returned to Crimson Lights later -- they had climbed a water tower, even though both of them were afraid of heights! Jana said she climbs it for the challenge. After they closed the coffeehouse, they kissed passionately and left.

Phyllis went to Nick's office and he told her that he was leaving town, but was very secretive about where he was going. He did tell her that he made a deal with the kidnappers, and Brad was not going with him because he didn't trust Brad. Phyllis said it sounded dangerous and said that he should at least take Paul with him. Nick said he was going alone, and he wanted her to leave town as well, as the situation was starting to hit close to home. After some coaxing, she agreed to take care of some business at the site of a future NVP spa in California. She asked Nick what to do about Daniel -- he said Daniel should be okay, but he could accompany her to California if he wanted to. After Phyllis left, Nick stared at a picture of himself and Sharon, then made a phone call and told the person on the other end that it was Nick Newman -- and he wanted to know if the person was in possession of antiquities -- as he was interested in buying them.

Phyllis talked with Daniel and invited him to join her on the trip to California but Daniel declined, saying it would be like running away again, and he wanted to be in Genoa City in case Lily wanted to talk with him or reconcile. He wished Phyllis a good trip. Later, he went to the Abbott gardening shed where he found Lily, but as soon as he came in, she left, leaving a depressed Daniel.

Brad and Victoria were at home, where he told her how Nick's actions would put Sharon's life in more danger. Victoria said that she couldn't blame Nick, and wondered if, like him, Abby and Colleen were going to have to spend their lives in hiding. Brad promised to find a way out, but Victoria told him not to make promises he couldn't keep. Brad again told her that what Nick was doing was wrong -- that these people didn't want Nick's money -- they wanted the reliquary.

Later, there was a knock at the door, and Brad, with his gun drawn, opened it to find a beaten-up J.T.! Victoria and Brad brought him into the living room, where he expressed his concern about Colleen's safety. Brad told him that Colleen was safe and that he should trust him. J.T. said he didn't. J.T. told them that "they" have Sharon -- that he was at his motel, some guys knocked him out, tied him up at a construction site, brought Sharon in later, and then injected him with something that knocked him out. He was then put in a car trunk and dropped off just down the road from Brad's. Brad told J.T. he was lucky to be alive, and J.T. asked what these people wanted. Brad told him they were after the Grugeon Reliquary, and Victoria explained what a reliquary is. J.T. asked Brad what that had to do with him being George Kaplan. Brad asked J.T. how much he knew -- and then told J.T. that it was complicated, but the people who murdered his family now wanted the Grugeon Reliquary. Brad told J.T. he was not a murderer, and then continued to tell him the full story of what his mother did while in the concentration camp, and why the people were after Rebecca and him now. Victoria told J.T. that none of this would have happened if he didn't dig into Brad's background, but J.T. said that Victor hired him to do that. J.T. said he was trying to protect Victoria and Colleen from Brad, but Victoria thought that perhaps J.T. was just trying to smear Brad.

The mystery man called Brad and (while constantly calling him "George") told him that he no longer had any use for J.T. -- but Sharon Newman was another matter -- that her husband had called and promised him the Grugeon Reliquary -- yet he was still empty-handed. Brad said they were doing everything they could to locate it. When the man asked what really was going on, Brad said they were tracking it down. The man said that either they had no idea where the reliquary was, or that Rebecca told him and he was lying. Brad told the man if he wanted the reliquary not to hurt Sharon. The man told Brad that time was slipping away -- and that he wanted the reliquary or his wife and children would be next!!

Wednesday, August 9, 2006

J.T. told Victoria and Brad that if he could do things over, he'd do them differently. Brad said that J.T. should have just come to him when he started getting information. Paul came in with an object in a suitcase for Victoria and Brad. Although Brad insisted that Victoria stay there, she told him that she was going to be part of whatever plan he put in place. Brad said they had to go. They needed to stop Nick before he made things worse.

J.T. was concerned because he hadn't been able to talk to Colleen. Later, Colleen called Brad's house and was surprised when J.T. answered the phone. She was relieved to hear that he was safe, but upset to know that the kidnappers still had Sharon. She assured J.T. that she was fine, even though she couldn't tell him where she was. She was happy to be spending time with the grandmother she didn't know she'd had. She also was glad that it turned out that her father wasn't a terrible person.

Later, J.T. and Paul slowly went over every frame of the videotape of a bound and gagged Sharon. Paul hoped they might find a clue they'd overlooked. J.T. remembered that he could hear trucks wherever they were being held. Then he and Paul saw what they thought might be writing on the floor where Sharon was lying.

Sharon regained consciousness and was able to remove her gag. She then saw something sharp on the floor and began sawing at the ties on her wrist. She finally broke them and untied her arms and legs. But as she stood up, trying to keep her balance, the door opened and her kidnapper came in.

After leaving a message for Phyllis to let her know he was okay, Nick had just set up a meeting with an art dealer when Brad and Victoria arrived. Although he didn't want either of them there, it was too late to send them away when the dealer showed up. By showing the dealer another piece from the collection that they'd obtained through Paul, they convinced him that they were serious buyers with no questions asked. But the dealer had no information on the piece they were looking for. Victoria offered to buy two other reliquaries and negotiated with him, giving him more than market value. After the dealer left and Brad demanded to know why she'd done that, Victoria said word would get out in the art world that the Newmans were willing to pay for pieces from the collection for more than they were worth. It was possible that whoever had the reliquary would contact them.

While Brad argued with Nick and Victoria about their plans, his cell phone rang. Nick still had it in his pocket and answered it. It was the kidnapper, who told Nick that time was running out. Nick said he didn't have the reliquary, but he was sure he could get it soon. The kidnapper let Nick hear Sharon calling his name, then he said it was too late. While Nick gripped the phone, he heard the sound of a gun going off.

Lily and Daniel saw each other at Crimson Lights. Lily asked him to stay away from the Abbott house because she was starting to move her stuff back to her parents'. Daniel apologized again, then they went their separate ways. Having left several messages for Colleen, Lily finally went home alone to cry. Colleen called her, but she couldn't tell Lily where she was. She assured her that she was safe, and she'd found out her father wasn't one of the bad guys. She was upset to hear what Lily had found out about the Alex setup. Colleen blamed Kevin for everything. Lily said her parents wanted her to get out of her marriage, but she wasn't sure what she wanted to do.

After having been rejected by Neil the night before, Dru apologized to her husband for accusing him of getting too close to Carmen. Later, Dru and Neil both ran into Daniel separately at the office. Neil told Daniel to steer clear of him; in fact, to walk the other way when he saw Neil coming. Daniel said he was trying to make things right, but Neil wasn't interested in what Daniel had to say. Dru later told Daniel that he was to stay away from Lily. Nothing would make Dru happier than to see Daniel rotting in jail.

Dru ran into Carmen when she was looking for Neil. She apologized for her behavior from the day before, and even asked Carmen to lunch. Carmen said she had a conference call and couldn't make it. So Dru made another lunch appointment. When she found out that Neil had been willing to have lunch with her, Dru wanted to cancel, but Neil said they could do it another time. He then left for Crimson Lights, and Drucilla called and canceled her lunch date.

Carmen went into Crimson Lights to get a salad to go, but Neil talked her into sitting down and eating a meal without trying to take care of business at the same time. They were enjoying each other's company when Dru came in. Carmen made a quick exit, and Neil got annoyed when Drucilla once again became suspicious of Carmen and him. Dru demanded that he stay away from Carmen, because she could tell the two of them were flirting. Neil warned Dru to back off.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Jack and Ashley prepare for a visit with John. Today is John's birthday, and Ashley tries to get John a special gift. Gloria comes in and is happy that they haven't left yet. Jack asks if Gloria could see John at a later time. Gloria says that it would be better if they could all go to show John that they all can get along. Jack asks why he should lie. Michael comes in and announces that he may have found a way to get John out of jail. The Abbots are overjoyed, Jack shakes Michael's hand.

Katherine visits John in jail for his birthday. John is depressed; he tells her how hard it is to be in jail on his birthday. Gloria shows up and tells John the good news. John's sad demeanor is instantly changed. He hugs Gloria with joy. Katherine tells John that now he can come back to work for Jabot.

Gloria and Katherine gush about how happy they are that John will be getting out of jail soon. Katherine notices a necklace that Gloria is wearing, and Gloria says that she made it as a prototype for the Jabot perfume line, Charmed. Katherine thinks that making charms to go with the perfume is a wonderful idea. Jill hears the idea and agrees. Ashley doesn't want them rushing into anything before John returns.

When Ashley and Jack visit John, they are all happy. John can't believe what a wonderful present this news is. When Jack is alone with John, he suggests that maybe John not get back into working so quickly. He also tells John that he wouldn't be happy if Gloria was working there. John tells Jack that he better get used to it. When Jack says goodbye and happy birthday to his father, John sits alone and suddenly feels strange. He can't see anything out of his right eye.

Michael visits Lauren at Crimson Lights and tells her to kiss him in public. He tells her the good news about John. Lauren tells Michael that she has some information about the whereabouts of his grandmother. They also decide to find out the sex of the baby. But, when Michael calls, Lauren changes her mind. Gloria shows up, and isn't pleased with the news that Michael is searching for his father.

Nick begs Sharon's kidnapper for more time to find the reliquary. He hears a shot over the phone and thinks that Sharon has been killed. Nick freaks out, thinking he has failed Sharon. Brad asks Nick to put their differences aside for Sharon's safety. Brad receives a call from the kidnapper, asking Brad if he got the message. He says that he will give Brad a little more time to find the reliquary, but if he doesn't find it, it will be the end of Sharon. Victoria, Brad and Nick get together to purchase the shape reliquaries and Victoria tries to make the real reliquary the kidnapper/killer is looking for.

Paul and J.T. try to figure out what the note Sharon left for them means. They find out that it's not a license plate, but a shipping hub for Gerald trucking in Cleveland. Paul discovers that the hub isn't too far away from where J.T. and Sharon were last held.


Friday, August 11, 2006

Kevin talked to Daniel at Crimson Lights about the situation between Daniel and Lily. He thought Daniel shouldn't have told her the truth, but Daniel said he'd been wrong not to tell her sooner. He'd broken Lily's trust. Kevin reminded him that Lily wasn't perfect. She, too, had lied about things and deceived people. Daniel didn't want to hear anything negative about his wife, who he was sure he'd lost forever.

Gloria was planning John's homecoming and Jack and Ashley told her that she should keep it small and intimate. It was a special occasion, but it should be just family. While they were talking, Jack received a call. John had been rushed to Genoa City Memorial Hospital.

When the Abbotts arrived at the hospital, Katherine joined them. Later, John's doctor said he'd suffered a mild stroke. He was stable and had been brought in early, so the doctor was hoping for a positive outcome. Gloria called Kevin and asked him to come to the hospital to be with her. Kevin asked Daniel to watch over Crimson Lights while he was gone, and Daniel agreed.

Gloria was allowed to see John, who seemed very upbeat. He promised Gloria that he'd be well soon and coming home to her. While Gloria was with John, Kevin arrived at the hospital. Ashley and Jack told him that Michael had been working quietly with the governor to get John's prison sentence commuted to time served. Kevin was delighted to hear that John might be home soon.

Katherine assured the Abbotts that John was a strong man. He'd weathered many difficulties in his life, and he'd come through this one, too. Ashley got to see her father for a few minutes, and he told her that he had everything he needed. When Jack came in, he urged his children to be kind to Gloria, because she was very upset about everything. He hugged them both and told them that he loved them. The nurse asked Ashley to leave, and Jack assured his father he was going to see to it that he didn't go back to prison. John began having difficulty breathing, and the nurse asked Jack to step out of the room.

When Jack joined the others in the waiting room, they were alarmed to hear that John's condition seemed to have worsened. When they heard a code called and saw heart equipment being wheeled through the hall, they realized that something was going on in John's room. Gloria had been feeling a sense of foreboding in the pit of her stomach and now it looked as if her worst fears were coming true.

Dru and Neil tried to get Lily to eat, but she wasn't hungry. Dru wondered what she could do to make her daughter feel better, but Lily just wanted to be left alone. Neil then told her that it was time for her to move on with her life. He'd spoken to an attorney, who said Lily didn't have to get a divorce. Since she'd been underage when she got married, and had forged the consent forms, Neil would be able to petition the court for an annulment on Lily's behalf. Upset, Lily said that she would make her own decisions from now on, about what she did and where she lived. She left the apartment because she said it felt like her parents were smothering her.

After Lily left, Dru and Neil raged at each other. Dru accused Neil of pushing for an annulment too soon. He was going to drive Lily back into Daniel's arms. Neil said all of this really had started with Dru and her lies about Lily's paternity. Lily felt like she couldn't trust anyone anymore. Dru said she was tired of being crucified for her past mistakes. She'd made those decisions to protect her family. Neil told Dru that he was as tired of everything as Lily was. It was time for all of them to move on. Then he walked out on a surprised and angry Dru.

Lily went to Crimson Lights and was upset to see Daniel behind the counter. When he offered her something to drink, she walked out to the patio. Daniel followed and asked what else was wrong. Lily said her parents were driving her crazy. Once again, they were trying to make her decisions for her. She couldn't live there, but she had nowhere else to go. There was no one she could trust anymore. She felt alone. Daniel didn't try to persuade Lily to do anything, he just walked over to her, and Lily let him hold her.

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