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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 21, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, August 21, 2006

Brad informed Sharon that John passed away, and then said what's going on between them has to end. "I'm committed to my marriage," he announced. When he left, Sharon was rattled by noises outside.

Nick and Phyllis learned they're having a girl. They went back to her apartment and acted all lovey-dovey. "I've always wanted a little girl," cooed Phyllis. Nick asked if he should move in. "Oh. Well, you're over here a lot..." noted Phyllis. "I want to tie your shoelaces when you can't see your feet anymore," Nick gushed. Phyllis was touched.

The Winters family had dinner together to celebrate Lily's graduation. Lily asked Daniel to join them. Sharon showed up and joined them for dessert. Devon gave Lily a stuffed bear; Daniel felt badly he didn't get her anything. When the waiter brought the dessert menu, Sharon hallucinated and saw the well-dressed man, then excused herself to go order a gin and tonic a double.

The nurse accidentally wheeled John's body by the entire family. Gloria broke down. The Abbotts went home to an empty house, while J.T. took Colleen back to the loft. Gloria lashed out at Jack, claiming he rushed to pull the plug. Jack broke down in Ashley's arms (sniff, sniff!). Glo apologized, although "I guess we'll never really know for sure," she added, over whether they made the right decision to discontinue life support. Michael and Lauren offered to take care of the funeral arrangements, but Jack and Ashley wanted to handle it; they wanted it small and intimate. Gloria balked, but Jack wouldn't back down.

Brad reiterated to Victoria that he is committed to their marriage and wanted to make a baby. "Why stop at one kid we can create a dynasty," he said.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

At Phyllis's apartment, she and Nick talk about John as they read an article about him. She says their bringing a new baby into the world while Jack is mourning his father.

At the ranch, Dru holds the article about John and she and Sharon talk about him. At Newman, Nick asks Phyllis to have lunch, but Sharon calls and lets Nick know that Noah is coming home. She suggests the three of them have lunch, and Nick says he'll meet them at the ranch with food. He has to cancel lunch with Phyllis since Noah got home sooner than expected; she understands and tells him to spend as much time with Noah as he needs to. Nick shows up at the ranch to meet Noah and Sharon. They have lunch together and when Sharon leaves, Noah tells him Sharon is being weird and asks Nick to come home. Noah unpacks his suitcase and Sharon notices that he has an MP3 player. After questioning him about it, she finds out he took it from his Aunt Casey. She tells Noah he's grounded. Nick is at Newman talking to Phyllis about the situation being difficult for Noah and she says she understands. He gets a call from Noah saying Sharon is being mean to him.

Phyllis tells Nikki that Jack wants to come back to work right after the funeral Nikki's surprised. She changes the subject to her new grandchild and asks Phyllis about her plans. Phyllis tells her she and Nick plan to raise the baby together.

At the Abbott residence, Ashley reads the article about John out loud. Jack says John never cared about fame or publicity and is upset to find out that Gloria made funeral arrangements at the Colonnade Room without telling anyone. Jack says he will make the arrangements and John's service will be private. Gloria says she just wants to celebrate his life a lot of people admired him and they should have the chance to pay their respects. Michael thinks they can come to a compromise. Jack and Gloria agree on the location, but Gloria wants to invite the press. Jack, Ashley, and Billy are against this, and Jack tells Gloria that if she, Kevin or Michael have a problem with that, they don't have to go. Kay and Jill arrive at the Abbotts. Kay agrees with Jack about the small service and reasons with Gloria. Billy tells his family that he's leaving after the service. Phyllis calls Jack to see how he is and to tell him not to worry about coming back to work until he's ready. He tells her he's coming back right after the service; he needs to work.

Michael gets angry with Jack for being hostile towards Gloria, and Jack tells him that Gloria never belonged in the family. Michael asks Jack to be respectful of Gloria's feelings and Jack tells him that she's setting her self up for disappointment by assuming she's a bigger part of the family than she is. Gloria accuses Jack of wanting to get rid of her. Michael tells Gloria to pick her battles with Jack because there's a lot at stake. She goes and tells Jack, Ashley and Billy that John would have wanted them to get along and so she'll along with whatever funeral plans they want to make.

At the loft, J.T. admires Colleen for being strong when Brad calls. He checks on Colleen and asks to talk to J.T. Brad asks J.T. to meet him at the office and he leaves as Lily shows up. Colleen tells Lily she and J.T. had sex. Lily tells her that she graduated and she invited Daniel to her celebration dinner. She asks if Lily's forgiven him, and she says she doesn't know. J.T. comes back and Lily leaves. Colleen tells him she told Lily that they had sex. J.T. tells her that Brad hired him, but doesn't give her the details.

Victoria tells Nick she and Brad are planning to start a family; Nick tells her it's a horrible idea. Brad wants to hire J.T. to investigate the men that kidnapped Sharon, as well as the Reliquary and asks him not to tell Colleen. Brad goes to leave and sees Nick in the hall. Nick tells him not to bring a child into the world unless he can commit to it, and warns him not to hurt Victoria. Nikki questions Brad about the problems between he and Victoria, and Brad assures her they're just fine and tells her they're starting a family. She asks Victoria about it and tells her it won't solve her problems. She tells Nikki that her marriage is fine and to stay out of it.

Neil and Carmen have lunch in the break room. Dru comes in and leaves without saying anything. Brad comes in and yells at Carmen for a press kit he isn't happy with. She tells him she won't be talked to that way and he comes back later and apologizes. Victoria overhears and tells him she's proud of him.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dru had another run-in with Neil about Carmen. Although Dru was correctly picking up their signals, Neil insisted that his wife was wrong and there was nothing going on between Carmen and him. Later, Dru tried to call him to apologize, but Neil was at Yves and didn't take her call. Then Dru overheard Carmen having a conversation with Neil and agreeing to meet him at Yves. Dru followed her and watched them from a distance. When they decided to go back to Neil's for a cup of tea, Dru also followed them there. Neil told Carmen that he was considering opening a jazz supper club.

Lurking outside her apartment, where Neil was with Carmen, Dru finally called Devon and told him there was an emergency and he needed to come home. A few minutes later, Devon burst through the door wondering if everything was okay. Carmen made a hasty exit. Neil found out that Dru had called Devon and told him that she thought she'd left the stove on. Neil knew instantly that Dru had known about and hoped to break up his evening with Carmen.

Ashley and Jack met with Christine to take a look at their father's will. Jack said everything was as he'd discussed with his father, but Ashley was upset to see that Gloria got half of John's financial holdings and the other half would be split between his four children. She didn't think that was fair. Jack wondered if an invalid marriage would mean Gloria was disinherited. Christine said his father had been very specific about naming Gloria as his heir so even if their marriage hadn't been legal, his intentions were clear. Jack appeared to accept that. After Christine had gone, Ashley questioned her brother's new and improved attitude toward Gloria. Jack said that things might not go the way either Ashley or Gloria expected them to.

Lauren had the restored copy of Michael's grandmother's diary for the two of them to look at. It was at least a diversion for Michael from his mother's problems. He felt like Gloria deserved better treatment from the Abbotts. As he and Lauren read the diary, Michael didn't really get his questions answered about his family history. But he did admit that his interest in finding out what happened to his grandmother was more important to him now. He just dreaded what he might learn about his father.

Sharon was still upset about Noah's theft of the MP3 player from his Aunt Casey and the way he'd tried to lie about it. So she wasn't thrilled when Nikki showed up, but she tried to be polite. She did tell Nikki that she wanted to handle recovering from her kidnapping ordeal in her own time and her own way. When Nick called, Sharon didn't pick up the phone, even though Nikki knew it was her son calling. Noah ran downstairs, thinking his father was there. Then Noah began to play Nikki against Sharon because he was mad at his mother for grounding him for his misbehavior.

Nick and Phyllis spent the evening watching a movie. He was a little concerned when Sharon didn't answer his call. Later, when Phyllis went to take a shower, Nick called Sharon again. Since Nikki was putting Noah to bed, Sharon answered. Nick told her that Noah had left a message for him. Their son was obviously upset with Sharon. Sharon said she wasn't surprised, since she'd been left to be the bad guy now that Nick was gone. She told Nick to please leave her alone and let her deal with things in her own way. After they hung up, Nick told Phyllis that Sharon didn't seem to be handling things well. Phyllis thought that was understandable, considering what Sharon had been through, and suggested that Noah might stay with them for the weekend.

Sharon went to Yves for a drink. When a man tried to flirt with her, she jerked away from him and told him to leave her alone. She kept seeing the face of her kidnapper when she looked at him and other men. As she was leaving, she ran into Jack and Ashley. She understood how upset they were about John's death. She said that when Cassie had died, she'd learned that funerals weren't for the person who'd died as much as for the living. Although she understood Ashley's pain and frustration with Gloria, she assured her that things would get better.

Nikki stayed with Noah while Sharon went out. She was thrilled when she received a phone call from Victor. He told her that he was coming home. Nikki assured him that nothing could make her happier than that news.

Kevin was at the Abbott house with Gloria when John's effects from the prison were brought to her. Gloria went through them, trying to deal with the loss of her husband. She was equally concerned about the way she was being treated by the Abbott children. Kevin reminded her that they were grieving, too. Although Gloria understood that, she said they'd all like to just exclude her from everything. She didn't intend to lose any of the status she'd gotten when she became Mrs. John Abbott.

When Jack and Ashley got home, Gloria brought a suit downstairs that she wanted John to be buried in. At first Jack and Ashley agreed, then Ashley took another look at the suit. She told Gloria that John hated that suit. Gloria was sure that Ashley was just trying to keep her from making any decisions about John's funeral. Ashley insisted that between the two of them, they could find a more appropriate suit. She didn't understand why Gloria had to turn everything into a contest. When Gloria began another of her tirades, Jack stepped in. He assured her that she was a part of the family and he would treat her that way from now on. Gloria and Ashley looked equally shocked when Jack hugged Gloria.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Jack looks at a picture of his father. Ashley wonders why Jack made peace with Gloria. Jack says that things are bad right now, and he doesn't want to make things worse.

Kevin asks Gloria if he thinks Jack was sincere when he was nice to Gloria. Gloria says she's glad Jack was nice to her; John would have wanted the family to be civil to each other. Gloria thanks God for her family, saying if she didn't have them, she wouldn't know how to get through this. As Michael is getting ready, Gloria asks if he wear a brighter tie than a black one. She wants this to be a celebration for John.

Billy tells Colleen that he's not going to the service. Billy wants to remember John when he saw him last, in a most peaceful state.

At the funeral, Jill thinks about her life with John. As tears well up in her eyes, Katherine takes her hand. Traci wishes she would have come for Fourth of July to spend time with John. Katherine says that John would just be happy they are all together now. The funeral is about to begin, but Gloria still hasn't shown up. Ashley and Jack immediately assume that Gloria is ditching the funeral. Katherine is the only person that tries to call Gloria.

When Gloria shows up at the funeral with Michael, Lauren, and Kevin; they find out that the funeral has already been held. Michael asks Gloria who told her the time. Gloria admits it was Jack. The Fisher family can't believe Jack would sink so low. Gloria, determined not to let this ruin her saying goodbye to John, decides to give a heartfelt speech.

When the Fisher's show up at the Abbott home, Gloria can't believe Jack would be so selfish. Jack says that Gloria is selfish for ruining John's life and putting him in jail. Lauren is disgusted that Jack would do this to them. Michael says that he can't believe Jack would ruin Gloria's last chance to say goodbye to John. Things get really ugly and Jack tells Gloria that she's not John's wife, and she's not a part of their family anymore.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Nikki was thrilled when Victor arrived home earlier than expected. Victor wanted to go immediately to the Abbott house to express his condolences. The Newmans found the Abbotts and the Fishers still fighting. Gloria accused Jack of deliberately lying to her about the time of John's funeral so she'd miss it. Jack warned her that he wasn't going to put up with any more of her games and dramatics. Gloria told Victor her suspicions about Jack's scheme, but Victor, still in the mellow state caused by his disease, wouldn't take either side. As Victor was leaving, he told Jack that he was sure John had provided for Gloria. Jack replied that Gloria would get everything that was coming to her.

After Victor and Nikki left, Jack received a call from Christine. She said she could find no proof that John and Gloria's second marriage had ever been filed with the court, so they probably weren't legally married. After Jack conveyed that news to Gloria, Lauren suggested that they leave and take Gloria to Michael's place. As they were walking out, Michael warned Jack that he would fight him on his mother's behalf.

Once the Abbott children were alone, Traci questioned the things Jack had done. Jack assured her that she didn't realize the full extent of the trouble Gloria had brought to the Abbotts. After Traci left to run errands, Ashley urged Jack to back off of Gloria for a while so they could mourn in peace. Later, Jack got a call from the prison chaplain and told him it was okay to drop by. When the chaplain arrived, Jack summoned Ashley downstairs. But when told the chaplain had John's new will, Jack refused to take it. He told Ashley he'd give Gloria no opportunity to say they'd tampered with the document. It should go straight to a judge.

Christine went to Michael's apartment after he called her. She confirmed what she'd told Jack earlier. John's attorney had been in failing health and had let a few things fall through the cracks. One of those was filing the paperwork for John's and Gloria's marriage. But it didn't matter whether or not Gloria was married to John. He'd still left her half of everything he owned. Gloria perked up at that news, and Christine expressed surprise that Jack and Ashley hadn't told her.

Drucilla and Neil had another run-in at work. He told her he knew she'd faked an excuse to get Devon home to interrupt Neil's evening with Carmen. He couldn't believe she'd use their son that way. Dru apologized for that, but she still had her suspicions about the "friendship" between her husband and Carmen. Neil walked out on her to avoid another fight.

Later, Carmen and Dru came face to face at work and Dru again accused Carmen of having designs on Neil. Carmen expressed weariness with Drucilla's accusations and apologies, and the two almost came to physical blows before Neil ran in and separated them. Dru was upset when Neil walked out with Carmen instead of staying with her. Neil then took Carmen out to eat to make up for Dru's behavior, while Dru was stuck working late.

After dinner, Neil and Carmen went to Carmen's to watch a scary movie. When Carmen offered to make them coffee, Neil caught her on her way past him. The two of them kissed. When Neil tried to apologize, Carmen told him not to. They then kissed again before Neil said he should go. Neither of them was aware that Drucilla was on the street outside and could see them kissing through the windows.

The Newman family planned a surprise coming home party for Victor. Sharon was shocked to see a visibly pregnant Phyllis show up with Nick, as was Noah. When Sharon got Noah out of the room for a few minutes, she asked Nick why he'd thought it was a good idea to bring his pregnant mistress there. Nick hadn't realized that Noah's night away at camp had been canceled due to storm damage. Later, Phyllis offered to leave, but Nick said no. Sooner or later, he would have a talk with Noah about what was going on. But all of them needed to get used to Phyllis's presence in their lives.

Victor told them all that he'd been in India. While there, the people at the monastery had become concerned about his health and insisted that he seek medical help. Nikki correctly surmised that Victor hadn't been taking his medication. Victor said the side effects were too great, but he was going to try other treatment options now that he was home.

Sharon was having a miserable night. Not only was Noah taking his anger out on her, but she had to deal with Phyllis and a publicly affectionate Victoria and Brad. Phyllis noticed the tension between Brad and Nick and questioned it. Brad wanted to know what Nick had told Phyllis about Brad's past. Nick assured him that he hadn't told Phyllis anything, but he also made it clear that he was disgusted by Brad and his influence over Victoria.

Victor was concerned about Sharon's behavior. When he asked questions about the kidnapping, Sharon said she'd rather they all didn't talk about it. Later, Noah and Abby got into a fight over the dog. Noah was clearly acting out because of his anger at his parents. Sharon took him upstairs for a time out. Nikki and Victor were surprised to hear that their new grandchild was going to be a daughter. They cautioned Nick about how he presented this news to Sharon, who was sure to be reminded of Cassie.

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