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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 18, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, September 18, 2006

Michael tells Kevin that he wishes he could understand exactly what Jack is planning on doing with Jabot if he acquires it. Kevin installs software on his computer that gives him access to the Newman Enterprises software, and through the NVP site, would allow them to see of all Jack's email correspondence. Jack manipulates Billy to ask Katherine if she would consider selling Jabot to a third party. Kay tells Billy that she would probably say yes to sell. Jack invites Jeff Graham, his banker, to his house to discuss a highly private matter. Jack explains what he wants to do, calling this project E.F.O. International. Jeff says that he'll get back to him and make sure that no one can prove that Jack is behind this. Colleen, Lily, Devon, and Daniel gather at the coffeehouse before the first day of the new semester at G.C.U. Colleen orders a drink but is ticked off when the guy behind her in line grabs her drink off the counter for himself. Later, Colleen goes to her medieval art class only to find that the rude guy in the coffeehouse is her new professor. After class she is the last person to be assigned her T.A. group, and tells the professor that she can't do that time because that's the day she works. The professor tells her to take it or leave it, and Colleen is infuriated that he is being such a jerk to her. Nikki, Nick, and Victoria greet Victor as he wakes up after his successful surgery. The doctor tells Victor that he will try to get a court hearing ASAP so that his court order can be terminated. The judge releases him of his involuntary stay at the psych ward. At home, Victor acts fine in front of Nikki but when she leaves the room, he rubs his head in pain, and Zapato winces.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Brad leaves a voice message for Paul about his mother and flashes back to killing the two men in the church. Victoria walks in and startles him and they talk about what happened in Cleveland and their relationship. He worries about his mother and Victoria tries to reassure him. Victoria tells him that she sees him differently since Cleveland and it bothers her that he doesn't open up to her. He tells her he's a private person but she thinks he doesn't have a problem opening up to Sharon and their bond bothers her. She doesn't understand how he could just kill two people and act like nothing happened. She goes to the Athletic Club and meets Nick, and they talk about Victor and Brad. Nick asks if Brad is spending time with Sharon and he tells her he doesn't trust him. He warns Vicki to get out of that marriage now.

Victor and Nikki talk about him getting better and how they'll get through it together. Nick comes home and Victor asks him to fix a lamp with him. When he goes to get tools, Nick comforts Nikki. Victor asks about Phyllis and Nick tells him he's planning a surprise party. Victor thinks it's good because they haven't had anything to celebrate lately. Victor gets tired and goes to take a nap. Nick and Nikki talk about Victor's struggles and depression and Victor overhears. He comes back downstairs and when Nikki goes to get something, he has another seizure.

Colleen complains about her first day of school to Lily and they overhear two girls talking about Dru. Lily tells them off and Colleen comes in to break it up and one of them calls Colleen fat. She gets really upset and starts questioning her image. The girls who said it are in the sorority that Colleen wants to pledge. Daniel and J.T. come in and Lily tells them what happened, but Colleen leaves out the part about her weight. J.T. presses her about what's wrong, but she won't talk about it. He drives her to work and tells her she's beautiful.

Dru goes to pick up takeout and hears two women talking about her. She goes to the coffee house and talks to Lily about school. Lily tells her she's worried about her and asks about therapy. Dru says she has no choice, but she doesn't need therapy. She still blames Carmen. Dru goes back to the Athletic Club and pays the check for the women who were talking about her. At the hideaway, Daniel and Lily talk about her mom and Daniel tells her it's good that she's concerned, unlike before when she was so angry at Dru.

Paul calls Brad and tells him to meet him at Brad's house, and when he gets there, he finds Paul with his mother. She tells him she moved around a lot because she thought someone was following her, and Brad tells her he's glad she's okay.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Victor had a seizure after coming home from the hospital. Nikki stayed with him and talked him through it. Afterward, Victor called the doctor, who increased the dosage of his anti-seizure medication. Victor was worried about the effect all of this was having on Nikki, and she reassured him. No matter what, they would get through it together.

A business meeting between Nick and Neil took a more personal turn when Neil asked Nick questions about the breakup of the Newmans' marriage. Nick surmised that Neil was worried about his relationship with Dru. Nick admitted that it hadn't been easy for him and Sharon to let go, but staying together would only have been for Noah's sake. In the long run, that wouldn't have been healthy for anyone. Neil didn't tell Nick about what Dru had done to Carmen, but he did say that he hadn't yet crossed any lines with Carmen. He was still faithful to Dru.

Nick, Carmen, Sharon, and Phyllis had a business meeting to discuss NVP. Phyllis intercepted several meaningful looks between Jack and Sharon. However, concerns that she'd expressed to Nick about Jack's difficult mood seemed unfounded, as the meeting went smoothly. After the others left, Jack and Sharon talked. He had a business meeting in the Caribbean and invited Sharon to accompany him. It would be part business, part pleasure for both of them. Sharon promised to see if she could rearrange her schedule and get Nick to take care of Noah for a few days.

Phyllis and Carmen also talked after the meeting. Phyllis assured Carmen that Dru's antics at the NVP opening had only made Dru, not Carmen, look bad. Then Phyllis was surprised to hear that it hadn't stopped there. Carmen shared the information about Dru getting into her room and cutting up all her clothes, then her subsequent arrest. Although Phyllis didn't think Dru would be a physical danger to Carmen, she did think Dru had finally snapped.

Sharon went home to find Dru still in her pajamas. She'd called in sick because she was unable to sleep the night before. After Noah left for ball practice, Sharon urged Dru to start living her life again. Dru was cheered by Sharon's pep talk. She went upstairs and got dressed while Sharon made arrangements for Nick to take Noah. Sharon's conversation with Nick was a positive one. She was also encouraged when Dru came back downstairs looking like a knockout. The two of them agreed that they didn't need a man to validate them. Before they could leave for their dinner date, however, Neil showed up. Sharon left to give Dru and Neil some alone time.

Having talked to Carmen earlier to tell her that Drucilla was home sick, Neil was surprised to find her looking so well. Dru said she'd felt bad earlier, but now she felt better. She was touched that Neil had come by to check on her. Neil wanted to give her encouragement about her therapy sessions that would start the next day. Although Dru hoped to spend more time with Neil, after he left to go back to the office, Dru went to join Sharon at the club.

While Sharon and Dru waited to order their dinner, Dru regretted that Neil's visit had been such a hurried one. Sharon pointed out that several men across the room were checking Dru out. This cheered Dru up for a few moments, but then Carmen walked into the restaurant. Although Sharon tried to stop her, Dru walked over to Carmen. Carmen reminded Dru that she wasn't supposed to come near her except at work. But Dru only wanted to give her a check for the damages to her clothes. Sharon thought perhaps Carmen could make an exception just this once. Carmen said no. Dru should mail the check. She then warned Dru not to come near her again and walked out. Sharon seemed to be as put off as Dru was by the way Carmen acted.

Phyllis overhead part of Nick's phone call in which he was making arrangements for a surprise engagement party for her. When she tried to figure out what was going on, Nick evaded her questions. She told him about the interplay between Sharon and Jack in the business meeting, and Nick agreed that it was creepy. Then he said he had no right to comment, and Phyllis agreed. He told her that he would miss her while she was away. Phyllis was gratified by the way Nick was getting used to waking up with her and spending all his time with her. Although she was willing to postpone her trip while Nick and Nikki were dealing with Victor's health problems, Nick thought it was more important to both Phyllis and the baby that she enjoy some time away at one of the NVP retreats.

Jack came by to check on Victor. Nikki returned from picking up Victor's prescription in time to hear Jack tell Victor that Katherine still wasn't willing to sell Jabot. After Jack left, Nikki wondered where Jack had gotten the money to buy his family's company back. Victor told her that he'd loaned Jack the money.

Nikki went to Newman Enterprises and confronted Jack. She couldn't believe that he'd taken advantage of Victor's poor health to get a loan from him. Jack said it was no different from any business deal that he and Victor had handled together. Nikki didn't agree. She'd come to believe that Victor's feelings for Jack had genuinely mellowed. She was sure that Jack, on the other hand, was only pretending to care for Victor because of his own selfish interests. Jack denied it, but Nikki's mind was made up.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gloria tells Jill that everyone will be pleased with what she came back with on her trip. Gloria tells Katherine and Jill that everyone she mingled with on the trip was very interested in her new line of perfume and charms. When Gloria shows them her prototype, they raise their glasses to toast. Jack and Ashley watch them. When Gloria announces her good news, even Ashley has to admit Gloria did a good job this time.

Victor tells Nick that he wants to take matters into his own hands concerning his medication. Victor has looked into using natural products. Nick warned Victor that the natural herbs could have an effect on the medication that he got from the doctor. Victor says if Nick is looking after him, he will be okay.

Carmen can't believe Neil could be so understanding about what Drucilla did to her. Carmen says that she tossed and turned all night wondering why she didn't call the police. Neil apologizes and thanks Carmen again for not pressing charges.

Drucilla worries when she has to go to court ordered therapy. In therapy, Dru breaks down. She can't believe Neil can't forgive her after all this time.

Sharon tells Drucilla that she is going away on a business trip with Jack to the Caribbean. Dru tells her to have fun, but to be wary of Dr. Strangelove. When Sharon and Jack get ready to leave, Nick watches them.

Neil asks Victor about his idea to run a nightclub. Neil says he's been thinking about selling the jet. Victor gives Neil his blessing, and says that he knows that Neil will indeed succeed.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Brad went by the athletic club to talk to Colleen. Since it was the Jewish new year, he wondered if Colleen was going to come by the Carlton house to see her grandmother later. Colleen said that she was. Later, she invited J.T. to go with her. J.T. teased her about celebrating all the holidays, then they got more serious. After J.T.'s questions, Colleen wasn't really sure what parts of her Jewish heritage she wanted to recognize.

When Nikki showed up at the Carlton house, she was surprised to be introduced to Brad's mother by Victoria. She called Victor and asked him to join her. Victor listened with sympathy to the story that Brad and Rebecca shared about their past. Although they gave many pertinent details, Brad left out the truth about the real Brad Carlton as well as their most recent ordeal, which ended when he killed two men. When Colleen and J.T. arrived to celebrate Rosh Hashanah, Victor and Nikki decided to leave, since Victor was feeling a little tired.

Later, at home, Victor listened as Nikki discussed her concern about Brad's true identity and his ability to keep such a huge secret. Victor was inclined to accept Brad's story at face value. Nikki said that if a man would lie about some things, he would lie about anything. She clearly had lost her trust in Brad.

Brad expressed his anxiety to Victoria that her parents might once again have something they couldn't forgive him for. He'd worked hard to make them trust him, and now he could see that Nikki had reservations about him. Victoria insisted that her family could accept Brad for who he was. However, even though Victoria had defended Brad to Nikki, she was a little overwhelmed by all the new information she was getting about her husband, including his ethnic background.

Gloria and Kevin sat in the conference room at Jabot and crowed about Gloria's successful trip to China. Ashley overheard them and continued to pile work onto Gloria, hoping that Gloria would feel overwhelmed. At one point, Gloria was alone and working on Kevin's computer when an email Jack was sending appeared on the screen. Gloria stared at it with puzzlement until Kevin returned. She then asked if Kevin had hacked into Jack's computer account. Kevin confessed that he had, and even admitted that Michael knew about it. Gloria was thrilled by the electronic spying that Kevin could do on Jack or Ashley.

In Antigua, Sharon joked that Jack had tricked her to get her there. Instead of having a vacation lounging by the pool, he had work for her to do. In spite of her teasing, it was obvious that Sharon was beginning to like Jack more as she discovered new things about him. After Sharon left, Jack took care of a business meeting involving his planned secret acquisition of Jabot. He had no idea that anyone was spying on his business emails and might be able to head him off. When Sharon came back, Jack was ready to take time off and celebrate a holiday in an exotic location with her.

When Neil found out that Dru didn't want to go to her court-ordered therapy, he pretended that he was interested in going with her. However, once they were inside the doctor's office, Neil admitted that he'd tricked her to get her there. The doctor talked to them both, however, getting them to admit the ambiguous feelings they had about their marriage. The couple talked about what had first drawn them together, and Neil was forced to acknowledge that he wasn't sure if he wanted his marriage to continue. He couldn't forget Dru's betrayal with Malcolm. Dru refused to continue to apologize for one mistake, and told Neil either to work on their marriage or to let her go. The therapist made them agree to spending two weeks without contact other than the minimal communication they had to have at work.

After Dru and Neil got back to the office, she was alone when a courier arrived with an envelope for Neil. Dru signed for it, and started to take it to him, then her curiosity got the best of her. She opened the envelope and found information about a commercial property inside. Unaware of Neil's plan to open a jazz club, she called Devon and asked to see him immediately.

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