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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 25, 2006 on Y&R
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Monday, September 25, 2006

At the office, Neil and Carmen discussed Neil's purchase of the jazz club. Carmen also told Neil that she still fears Dru, and Neil told Carmen about that the counselor's recommendation that he and Dru stay away from one another for two weeks. Meanwhile, during lunch at the Genoa City Athletic Club, Dru told Devon about the two-week separation from Neil. When Dru questioned Devon about Neil's real-estate contract, Devon told Dru about Neil's plan to open the jazz club. Attempting to force a face-to-face meeting with Neil, Dru sent part of a file to Neil via Devon, but purposely kept a few file papers. Dru then called to tell Neil's secretary that Neil should meet Dru at the GCAC to get the papers. When Devon arrived at Neil's office with the partial file, however, he overheard part of the conversation between Neil and Carmen that led Devon to believe that they were discussing their love affair when Neil was actually telling Carmen that Dru had keenly picked up on the vibe of his and Carmen's attraction to one another. Carmen left Neil's office abruptly when she spied Devon, but Devon questioned Neil about the depth of his relationship with Carmen. Neil explained to Devon that he only kissed Carmen. Devon, who stated that he was not feeling well, expressed his displeasure about Neil's treatment of Dru, and then he hurriedly left Neil's office. At the elevator, Devon bumped into Carmen. Devon angrily told Carmen to leave Neil alone. When Carmen later returned to Neil's office after her encounter with Devon, she told Neil that she no longer wanted to know anything about his family because everyone considered her to be a home wrecker. Later, when Neil met Dru at the GCAC to get the file papers, she asked him about the jazz club. Neil angrily told her that he was working on a project during their separation while she was working on crazy schemes to meet him. When Devon returned to the GCAC to tell Dru about his conversation with Neil, Dru realized that Devon was burning up with fever.

Over lunch, Abby let the news slip to a surprised Ashley about Abby's "new" grandmother. Later, Ashley arrived unannounced at Brad and Victoria's with Abby, where Ashley meets a very gracious Rebecca. However, Ashley grilled Brad about his forcing Abby to keep her grandmother a secret and threatened to petition for sole custody because of Brad's deception. Brad apologized to Ashley and explained that he had meant to tell her about his mother and the truth about himself but didn't because of the danger to his mother. Ashley was terribly upset that Brad let Abby believe that it was okay to keep a secret from a parent. Later, Brad invited his mom to move in with him and Victoria. Although Victoria looked shocked, she agreed to the idea. Victoria later told Brad that she wonders lately about Brad's judgment, especially since he told his mother about his and Victoria's plans to have a baby, and he invited his mom to live with them without consulting her first. When Brad told his mother that he messed up by telling her about his and Victoria's plans to have a baby and asking her to move in without consulting Victoria, Rebecca said she while she would no longer be the invisible grandmother, she thought it best not to move in with the couple. Rebecca urged Brad to rebuild Victoria's trust. Brad apologized to Victoria, and then he told Victoria that his mother would not move in after all. Victoria told Brad that she understood why he lied, but explained that it would take time for her to come to terms with the fact that the "man she married" is not the man she married. Brad pledged his love to Victoria, told her that he wished to spend his life with her and promised that their child would not grow up with lies. Later, however, a still-confused Victoria called Dr. Thompson and requested birth-control pills.

Colleen and J.T. discussed the possibility of marriage, and to show their devotion to one another, J.T. suggested they get matching tattoos. However, Colleen became defensive about getting a tattoo because she is self-conscious about her body. Colleen worried that she's overweight. J. T. attempted to cheer Colleen by giving her flowers and told her that she is beautiful, but Colleen worried that she could have a weight problem in the future if she gained more weight. Colleen later told J.T. that they should each get tattoos on their ring fingers, but then Colleen remembered that she could never get another tattoo because her grandmother had been imprisoned in a concentration camp.

Nikki told Victor that because she distrusts Brad, she's worried about Victoria. Later, Victoria, Abby and Ashley visited Nikki and Victor at the ranch. Abby excitedly recalled her version of celebrating the Jewish New Year with her new grandmother. Alone together, Victoria confided in Nikki that she may not ever be able to trust Brad because of the lies and deception. Nikki told Victoria that she must be able to trust her spouse. Nikki and Victoria secretly overheard Victor comforting Ashley about Brad's mistakes. However, when Victoria attempted to defend Brad, Ashley explained that she could no longer trust him with her child and that Victoria would better understand Ashley's fear when Victoria has a child of her own. After receiving several phone calls about problems with the new spas, Nikki finally agreed to go out of town after Victor insisted that he would be all right.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In Antigua, Jack and Sharon plan to meet later and go snorkeling. Sharon leaves and Jack meets the fake owner of Raaz Cosmetics and he calls Katherine about buying Jabot. The man leaves, and John appears to Jack, continuing to torment him over his poor decisions. Jack tries to brush him off, but John confronts him. He asks him who all he is willing to deceive to get what he wants. Jack denies that he's deceiving anyone. John says he doesn't want Jack to get the company back this way; it's not the way he became successful. Jack argues that sometimes you have to play dirty in business. He says Gloria got what she deserved, and John asks if John got what he deserved, because Jack used him too. Sharon comes back and they go to the beach and come back and agree to shower together, but John appears again and says Jack will never be half the man that John is. Jack says John can torment him all he wants and he'll never change his mind. John breaks a vase, and Jack tells Sharon that he broke it.

Kay and Jill discuss Raaz Cosmetics intriguing offer to buy Jabot. They agree it came out of nowhere. Jill suggests Kay talk to Michael about it, and they do.

Michael and Gloria talk at the Athletic Club about Will Bardwell being a billionaire. Gloria claims she's concerned about Jill because they have developed a friendship. Gloria sees Will at the bar and she and Jill talk to him. Michael and Gloria talk about Kay possibly selling Jabot, and Gloria urges Michael not to let it happen.

Billy, Lily, and Daniel talk at the coffeehouse when Neil comes in. Neil tells Lily that Devon is sick and staying at the ranch with Dru. He gets three phone calls from Dru and doesn't answer them or listen to the messages. Dru calls Lily and tells her to get to the hospital right away, its Devon. Colleen invites J.T. to her class, but Professor Korbel refuses to let him stay. During the lecture, Colleen contradicts him and he embarrasses her. At the coffeehouse, Billy suggests that the professor's attitude has to do with her last name. Colleen confronts him about his attitude towards her, saying that just because she's an Abbott doesn't mean she doesn't want to work hard. He asks her to prove it by being his research assistant.

Devon comes downstairs at the ranch, still feeling bad. Dru wants to take him to the doctor, but he insists on going to school. As he's leaving, he collapses. Dru calls an ambulance. She calls Neil and he doesn't answer; she finally gets a hold of Lily, and they meet at the hospital. Neil throws Dru putting Devon between them in her face, and later he apologizes, saying it wasn't the time. The doctor tells them that Devon has meningitis; he doesn't know if it's viral or bacterial, but meningitis can be fatal.

Nikki asks Nick to look after Victor while she's away. She tells Victor about a medical alert bracelet she got him, so he can get help anytime. He refuses, and Nikki calls the doctor. She tells Nikki about a necklace instead, and Victor agrees to that. She also makes him promise to keep Zapato with him because he can sense oncoming seizures. Nikki tells Victor that Nick is going to stay with him and Victor argues, but Nick says it's not a big deal since Phyllis is out of town. Nikki and Victor say goodbye as she heads off to Jackson Hole. Victor calls and requests several days of newspaper business sections.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

At the hospital, Lily, Daniel, Neil, and Dru hovered as Devon's condition worsened. The meningitis was now causing optical swelling, and although the doctors were taking measures to bring it under control, his condition was critical. Neil overheard Drucilla praying to God to take her in Devon's place if someone had to die. Later, the two of them sat across from each other at Devon's bedside, planning for Devon's return home. But as they watched with horror, his monitor flatlined and Neil jumped up to get help.

Ashley overheard Michael and Katherine talking about selling Jabot to Raaz Cosmetics. She went to Jack's office at Newman to find out if he knew anything about this deal. Jack evaded Ashley's questions and wondered if maybe she was behind it. He told her that if she were, he'd rather know after the deal was finalized that the company was back in family hands. Ashley wondered if they were just being sentimental. They had enough resources to let Jabot go and open another company that would bear their father's name. Jack said their father's last words to him were that he was proud of Jack. This only intensified Jack's guilt over having lost the company and made him more determined to get it back. When Jack changed the subject to Ashley's relationship with Will Bardwell, Ashley said he got around a little too much for her taste. She didn't see their relationship going anywhere.

Before Ashley left Jabot, she had a conversation with Billy, who was surprised to hear of Raaz's offer. He went to confront Michael and Katherine in the conference room. He reminded Katherine of how much the company meant to the Abbotts as their father's legacy. Katherine warned Billy that she would never make a business decision based on memories of her friendship with John. She then had to ask Billy to leave because Mr. Nair was there to discuss the possible purchase.

Kevin told Gloria that her desire to hold on to Jabot was really a manifestation of her need to cling to John. He suggested that she move past it. When Kevin went to a meeting, Gloria sat at his computer and began researching Will Bardwell to find out what his interests were. Later, she went to a grief support group that Will belonged to. Will had lost his wife two years earlier. When he talked about what he missed most about her, Gloria broke down in tears because it reminded her of losing John. She said that maybe her son was right. Holding on to Jabot wouldn't return John's spirit to her. It was just a thing without any meaning. Will embraced her, saying that finding someone supportive to talk to always helped, and Gloria tearfully thanked him.

While delivering mail, Billy walked into Kevin's office. He sat behind the desk and looked around. When Kevin came in, Billy told him he liked the office. Kevin asked him to leave because he was busy. Billy reminded Kevin of the five-minute rule: Never keep more personal things in your office than you can remove in five minutes. Companies downsized, fired, or laid off all the time, and Kevin should always be prepared to leave. Kevin understood Billy's subtle threat that if the Abbotts were in charge again, Kevin would be fired.

Kevin was troubled by the name Raaz Cosmetics. He was sure he'd heard of it before. Then it struck him and he went back and checked his computer files. He tried to call Michael, who was sitting in on the initial negotiations between Katherine and Mr. Nair. After their meeting was over, with Katherine promising to seriously consider the offer, Michael told Katherine the deal looked okay, but he was worried about his mother's job. Katherine said she would try to protect Gloria, but she couldn't guarantee anything.

Michael finally answered Kevin's repeated phone calls. Kevin told him that he thought Jack might be connected to Raaz Cosmetics. As Michael left the conference room to look at Kevin's evidence, he and Katherine saw Jack get off the elevator and stop to shake hands with and speak to Mr. Nair. Across the lobby, Billy also saw the two men meet.

Nick assembled all the materials to help his father build a new dog house for Zapato, but Victor was more interested in going into the office. Nick wasn't sure that was a good idea, but before Victor could argue about it, Noah came in. He wanted Victor to ride horses with him, and Victor said he didn't have permission. That gave him the opportunity to explain his illness of epilepsy to Noah. He warned Noah that this was information he shouldn't tell other people, who might not understand.

Later, Noah went to do something, and Nick admitted to his father that he missed being able to walk into his office and get his advice on business. Victor was looking over some papers he'd had messengered to him and told Nick that he and Victoria were doing a great job with the company. When Noah came back, he had a pail of snacks for the horses. Even though his grandfather couldn't ride, they could still feed the horses together. Nick looked on with a smile as Noah and Victor left together.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Devon goes into cardiac arrest. Drucilla runs by his side. Neil goes to Drucilla and holds her hand. He admits to her that this made him realize how much having a family is important for their children. He says that Lily and Devon, although they might not be biological, are his children.

Lily worries that she hasn't been a good sister to Devon. Daniel tells her about the times that Devon and Lily watched scary movies together. He says that although he and Devon don't always see eye to eye, Devon and Lily have a special bond.

Michael wonders why Jack is shaking the hands of the man at the realm of Raaz cosmetics. Jack tries to say that Raaz cosmetics went to him for questions about Jabot. Jack tries once again to talk to Katherine about selling Jabot. Billy tells Katherine that he is on Jack's side. He asks Katherine to sell Jabot to him. Katherine says that she won't do it for Billy's sake. She is surprised at Billy's alliance with Jack.

Michael talks to Kay about the potential issue of Jack having something to do with Raaz cosmetics. Katherine says that Michael can research the company, but he'd better come up with some information soon.

Kevin tells Michael that he found out that Jack has been emailing with people involved in Raaz cosmetics. Michael doesn't want to make a move until they are sure. He tells Kevin to keep investigating.

Michael goes to Sharon to ask her about her trip. Her finds out the different places they stayed. Later, when Jack asks Sharon to have a drink with him, she tells him about Michael's inquires on her trip.

When Michael goes to see Kevin, they discover that the location Jack went to is the headquarters of Raaz cosmetics.

Brad is upset when he finds out that Victoria is considering taking birth control pills. He goes to Sharon to talk about it. Sharon tells him that Victoria needs some time to trust him again. Brad says that Sharon is the only one he can talk to. Sharon suggests he try talking to Victoria.

J.T. sees Victoria looking upset at the bar and tries to make her laugh. Brad appears and asks to speak to Victoria alone. He apologizes to her, and agrees that now may not be the right time for them to try to have children.

Friday, September 29, 2006

The next morning at the hospital, Drucilla brought in things from home for Devon to see when he woke up. Since Neil had spent the night there, she asked him if he knew any more about Devon's condition. Neil said that meningitis patients who recovered could have other health problems, including blindness or muscular difficulties. But Dru was sure that Devon was a fighter who would recover completely. Lily sat by Devon's bed talking to him about all the people who were asking about him while Daniel looked on. Later, the entire family was together when the doctors began to bring Devon out of his sedation. But when a nurse dropped a tray of instruments, Devon didn't react to the crashing noise. Neil began to wonder if Devon was able to hear anything at all, since he also wasn't responding to his family.

Billy apologized to Katherine for the way he'd spoken to her the day before. He was just concerned about what was going to happen to his family's company. Katherine accepted his apology and let him stay while she talked to Michael. She had just received another offer for Jabot from a company called House of Kim. She wanted Michael to look into the company to see if it was legitimate. Billy could see that she wasn't entirely trusting of Raaz Cosmetics, but when he asked why, Katherine said that she didn't intend to discuss that part of the negotiations with him, only with Michael.

Will Bardwell stopped to say hello to Gloria when he saw her at Jabot. He was holding flowers and explained that he was planning to take Jill to lunch because it was her birthday. Meanwhile, Jill walked into her office to find it full of balloons, flowers, and cards. She was happy as she opened a card from Billy, who'd sent her flowers. When Will came in, she agreed to go to lunch with him.

Gloria began to put more pressure on Kevin to find evidence against Jack after she read some of Jack's emails. They included an old email from John about his feelings for her and his desire for Jack to treat Gloria like a member of the family. She wondered if they could present that to the judge as proof that John had loved her and wanted to provide for her. Kevin reminded her that all the emails were being obtained illegally, plus that one had been written before John even went to prison, got sick, or wrote his second will. When Michael came in, he tried to communicate the urgency of their investigation to Kevin without revealing any more information to Gloria. She was upset by that. When the two of them began arguing, Kevin got sick of it and left over their objections to get some lunch.

Billy called Jack to warn him that another company was interested in buying Jabot. Then he ran into Kevin as Kevin was leaving and the two of them exchanged hostile words. As Jill and Will were leaving, they saw the confrontation, and Jill questioned Billy about it after Kevin walked out. Billy told her it was nothing for her to worry about. Kevin was just in a foul mood.

Gloria went to the club and found Kevin eating at the bar. He ignored a call from Michael, who was unable to get into Kevin's computer without a password. Gloria said she wasn't surprised that Jack would win again. After all, they were Fishers, who always lost because they couldn't stick together when times were hard. Kevin gave up and said he'd go back to work to help Michael. Gloria then walked over to Jill and Will's table. She gave Jill a birthday gift and accepted Jill's reluctant invitation to sit down to share a glass of champagne with them. Jill was surprised to hear that Gloria knew there were multiple bids to buy Jabot, but Gloria said it was all over the office grapevine.

Jack called Mr. Nair and told him to up the offer so they could outbid House of Kim for Jabot. Mr. Nair called Katherine and told her that he knew she'd received another offer. He was willing to increase his amount by twenty-five million. Katherine called Jill at the club and asked her to return to Jabot. Jill apologized to Will for cutting their lunch short. After she left, Will insisted that Gloria stay and have lunch with him.

At Newman, Jack gave Victor a gift he'd brought him from Antigua. Victor said that since Katherine had refused to sell Jabot to Jack, maybe he should return the 250 million Victor had loaned him. Jack said he'd used the money to invest in NVP properties. Victor said he wished that Jack had informed him. When Sharon came in, Victor could sense that something was going on between Jack and Sharon. He talked to both of them separately. Sharon admitted that she was seeing Jack but assured Victor that she was aware that they were both rebounding from other relationships. Later, Jack told Victor that he wouldn't do anything to hurt Sharon. Victor was just concerned that Jack wasn't respecting their friendship by confiding in him. Although Victor was willing to give the two of them his blessing, Jack was uneasy about Victor's growing interest in everything that Jack was doing.

Later, Sharon and Jack talked about Victor's curiosity. Sharon wondered if they really knew what they were doing, and Jack reassured her that they were fine. When Billy came in, he could see the attraction between the two of them as Sharon agreed to a date with Jack. After Sharon left, Billy questioned Jack about Raaz Cosmetics. He was starting to think his brother might be a secret partner in all these negotiations with Jabot.

Jill went back to work and talked about the two bids for Jabot that Katherine had received. Katherine made her decision and called Mr. Nair. She thought Raaz was a solid company making a good offer, so she was ready to sit down and talk about his new bid and come to an agreement. Meanwhile, Michael and Kevin continued to search Jack's email files. Kevin finally found a trail between Jack and EFO, the new parent company of Raaz Cosmetics. And Michael noted that the bank where EFO's holdings were located happened to be in the same island location where Jack had just been in the last week. Kevin wanted to take the information to Katherine, but Michael reminded his brother that they couldn't because it had all been illegally obtained.

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